Top 35 Shameless Quotes

In this post, you will find great Shameless Quotes from famous people, such as Reshma Saujani, Marc Jacobs, Hugo Chavez, Miranda Raison, Aeschylus. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

Part of the success of Girls Who Code is that I am a hu

Part of the success of Girls Who Code is that I am a hustler. When people ask what my biggest strength is, it’s that I’m shameless. I will ask people for help even when I don’t know them.
I have the word ‘Shameless’ tattooed on my chest.
Don’t be shameless, Mr Blair. Don’t be immoral, Mr Blair. You are one of those who have no morals. You are not one who has the right to criticise anyone about the rules of the international community.
I do read on holiday, but it tends to be very lowbrow. I’m into really camp biographies, and I’m a shameless fan of Jilly Cooper.
Miranda Raison
Unions in wedlock are perverted by the victory of shameless passion that masters the female among men and beasts.
‘Shameless’ is just such a realistic show.
The shameless criminality of Lenin, Stalin, and the Cheka cast a long shadow, but I don’t see their kind returning anytime soon.
The days when the wordsHollywood actorframed Ronald Reagan like bunny fingers as an ID tag and an implied insult seem far-off and quaint: nearly everybody in politicscandidate, consultant, pundit, and Tea Party crowd extra alike – is an actor now, a shameless ham in a hoked-up reality series that never stops.
I am a hopeless, shameless flirt.
I was once a shameless, full-time dope fiend.
I really got into ‘The Walking Dead.’ That was genius. And I have to say, my husband is on ‘Shameless,’ and I think it’s a brilliant show.
Over the generations, black leaders have ranged from noble souls to shameless charlatans.
I don’t really go into labels or an in-depth discussion of different value systems because for me, it’s sort of the truth of the situation in D.C. Certainly, in my fictional depiction of it, there are decent, shameless people on both sides at every level.
I was into ‘Skins,’ ‘Shameless’ – I was really into ‘Shameless’ for a bit.
I think what ‘Shameless’ does well is highlight real relationships. And in any real relationship, there are ups and downs and elements that change the dynamics of the relationship.
I’ve had so much fun working on ‘Shameless.’
Robert Knepper
I believe an actor should be shameless.
I’m shameless, and I love a pun. There’s a lot of Beth puns.
That’s the thing – you do a job like ‘Shameless,’ and suddenly that’s why you can get a job like ‘The Virgin Queen‘, not because of all the classical theatre you’ve done. But we can be very snippy about television. It’s absolutely the most potent and powerful form of storytelling we have.
Men are shameless in selling their story. Women are often reserved. So we do need to encourage women to know their story and then tell it strategically as to how they can add value.
If I give myself a chore, for instance, when I was writing the songs for Shameless, I said to myself, Now, every day for 90 days you have to write a song; good, bad or indifferent. So that was really helpful.
I like ‘Shameless.’ The first season I just watched it straight through. I literally didn’t get up. I just had to finish it.
Navid Negahban
I own a shameless number of ethnic necklaces acquired at local markets in developing countries or inherited from my grandmother. These have seen me through meetings in Davos and visits to refugee camps.
It is publication week for my new novel ‘The Sunshine Cruise Company.’ Go me! Anyway, I may as well get the shameless plug over with right awaybuy it. You’ll like it. It’s about a bunch of old ladies who rob a bank.
While countless Americans are pulling together to lend a helping hand, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are pointing fingers in a shameless effort to tear us apart.
Ken Mehlman
One thing I have learned in my time in politics is that if one of the parties is shameless, the other party cannot afford to be spineless.
Frank Lautenberg
If you’re shameless enough, you can sell anything.
I think people expect me to dress a bit like Veronica from ‘Shameless,’ in vest tops and denim skirts.
I love that I have no inhibitions. I like to be shameless in front of the camera.
I’ve got this weird thing where I wake up and put lotion all over, and when I go to sleep, I put lotion all over. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, but it’s shameless.
Frankly, Indian women inherit this collective cultural

Frankly, Indian women inherit this collective cultural unconscious – this sense of guilt, shame, and dishonour. I think Indian girls need to become shameless and a little selfish, too.
My wife and I have our date nights. We love the Showtime shows like ‘Shameless,’ ‘Homeland‘ and ‘House of Lies.’ And of course, ‘Scandal‘ is high on the list; you’ve got to do ‘Scandal.’
Glynn Turman
I am leaving the town to the invaders: increasingly numerous, mediocre, dirty, badly behaved, shameless tourists.
Shameless self-publicity works, of course: living your life as a soap opera.