Top 35 Tracking Quotes

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A number of the major terrorist captures we have made,

A number of the major terrorist captures we have made, the terrorist operations designed for the United States that we have interrupted, were enabled by the terrorist tracking program.
Land tenure is key to protecting land rights. The Central and State governments should have accessible systems for registering, tracking and protecting land rights, including customary rights and common property resources.
I remember one winter, when I was about five or six, I spent three days with another boy, tracking a bobcat that had been sighted in another county fifty miles away, but which I was sure had come into our neighborhood.
Zero Dark Thirty‘ is a great piece of filmmaking and does a valuable public service by raising difficult questions most Hollywood movies shy away from, but as of this writing, it seems that one of its central themes – that torture was instrumental to tracking down bin Laden – is not supported by the facts.
Unfortunately, my system for tracking down funny female writers isn’t methodical. It’s mainly based on word-of-mouth, which can cast a limited net.
One of the things I’ve started doing lately is tracking my dreams. I feel like there’s a lot of information there and you can really bring those emotions to the situations that may feel mundane or familiar. That gives them new life and gives you a new relationship with it – if that makes any sort of sense.
Ghostery lets you spy on the spies in your computer. For each web page you visit, this extension uncloaks some – but not all – of the invisible tracking software that is working behind the scenes.
Secret bank accounts are for laundering dirty money. Heads of state at the UN should put an end them. That would be the best way of tracking down the drug traffickers.
Actually, in this instance we do have probably a better tracking system than was the instance in Canada. Because this is a dairy cow, they’re all individually tagged.
Over at Barb Bowman, she‘s arguing that we should turn off Facebook‘s tracking of ads. I totally disagree; those trackers make newsfeed filtering work better and potentially could help bring me better ads, which improves my life.
Producing is getting the performances, tracking it, making sure all the parts are there. Mixing is when you take the finished work, and you make sure all the levels are right. It’s putting all the parts together.
What is the government doing or not doing in terms of tracking you, following you, investigating you? And if you’re suspicionless, it should be none of the above.
Getting comfortable again and being in a vocal booth on the opposite end of the spectrum, when you’re normally the one tracking the vocals, is kind of scary.
I like my flight sims because I can set up a very robust joystick setup and my head tracking software.
You could watch entire villages and see what everyone was doing. I watched NSA tracking people‘s Internet activities as they typed. I became aware of just how invasive U.S. surveillance capabilities had become. I realized the true breadth of this system. And almost nobody knew it was happening.
The moment I walk into a room, I have kind of like the Terminator’s tracking system for where the food is, and I can get there immediately.
Tracking down people who did not want to be found was vital to what I did for a living, and I was good at it.
If I made a musical in the beginning of my career, it would have been crane shots and tracking shots and people coming out of cakes and whatever, but these techniques are something that I’ve left behind me.
With technology tracking us everywhere we go, ‘cosplay’ might become our best defense against surveillance.
People are literally tracking everything. People are becoming more empowered and knowing what’s going into their body.
The dedication of the United States Air Force, Special Forces, and others involved in the mission to tracking down terrorists can not be matched. We express our gratitude to these men and women who defend the freedom America represents.
Tim Murphy
If you’re not clipping coupons before going to the grocery store, you’re overspending. If you’re ordering in or going out to dinner because you don’t feel like cooking, you’re overspending. If you’re not tracking where your money is going, you’re very likely overspending.
Every few years, the feds and the courts change direction or fail to answer important questions. And every day, the Internet becomes more of a platform for lousy ads, for increasing the power of a few rich companies, and for intrusive tracking. It’s too important to leave unprotected.
With some of the samples that I chose to use, tracking down the person that owns the publishing has become a task.
The idea of aerial military surveillance dates back to the Civil War, when both the Union and the Confederacy used hot-air balloons to spy on the other side, tracking troop movements and helping to direct artillery fire.
The task of tracking deaths for the federal bureaucracy is an enormous one; about 2.5 million Americans die each year. Federal officials say the vast majority of these cases are handled correctly: The death is recorded. Government money is no longer sent to that person. But not always.
Our first product was Quicken, which is personal financial management on a PC. It had a tough start, and we ran some tracking surveys to understand who was using it. Half the users claimed to use it in some sort of office environment. We ignored that. I thought it was meaningless.
When I was a journalist at Wired, I convinced a doctor to implant an RFID tracking device in my arm.
A lot of the work at Oculus has gone into working out better position tracking.
It was the ‘Gaucho’ album that finished us off. We had pursued an idea beyond the point where it was practical. That album took about two years, and we were working on it all of that time – all these endless tracking sessions involving different musicians. It took forever, and it was a very painful process.
Cities are ripe for redesign, and many are already well

Cities are ripe for redesign, and many are already well on that path. Cloud-based networks that provide easy and inexpensive access to and tracking of services like transportation, energy, waste management, bill pay, citizen engagement and more are testing and enriching their services.
The archetypal No. 10 is a skillful player who is more interested in being in possession than tracking to get the ball back.
Tracking action without cutting is the least jarring method of placing the audience into a real-time experience where they are the ones making the subtle choices of where and when to look.
I love the idea of Pro Tools, but it doesn’t seem as attractive to me in terms of the music-making side. It’s great for recording, but with Logic you get the best of both worlds, the ability to do great tracking and producing something that sounds great as well.