Top 35 Unify Quotes

In this post, you will find great Unify Quotes from famous people, such as Thomas Kail, Bibi Bourelly, David Droga, Marc Morial, Deontay Wilder. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

Fundamentally, what you're trying to do when you're dir

Fundamentally, what you‘re trying to do when you’re directing is get a group of people who most likely have never met, unify them, and make sure that we’re all clear on what we’re marching towards.
I just want to unify people. A crowd full of people singing one song… that doesn’t derive from anything dishonest… It’s someone‘s truth.
The chaos of two cultures merging is the best time to forge a new identity to unify people, because everyone is looking for answers and everybody‘s looking for leadership. That’s when there’s an opportunity to say, ‘OK, this is what we stand for.’ People aren’t set in their ways because everything is up for grabs.
Because you basically won a close re-election, your first task is to unify the city. And it’s done not with words but with actions, by reaching out, to the supporters of your opponent as well as to reassure your own supporters.
Marc Morial
My goal is to unify the division. Whoever‘s got those belts, that’s who I want.
Sports can unify the Iraqi people – no Sunnis, no Shiites, just sport for the country.
Dana Hussein
I really believe deep in my soul that we’re going to have to step up and face these challenges and be tough and pull together and unify and be creative and be willing to sacrifice.
And just as the terrorist seeks to divide humanity in hate, so we have to unify it around an idea. And that idea is liberty.
General relativity is the cornerstone of cosmology and astrophysics. It has also provided the conceptual basis for string theory and other attempts to unify all the forces of nature in terms of geometrical structures.
This is the time to pull together as a Nation, as different people from all over the States with different perspectives and different social statuses and different income brackets, to unify into one and help those on the ground who need our help the most.
There is no one leader that’s going to unify all of Syria that suddenly everyone is going to go, ‘Yes, that’s a logical place.’ They’re not unified. They don’t have a setup succession like we do in the United States.
I would like to unify and test myself against other champions.
There was a near-universal set of editorial endorsements of Clinton. Trump used this disparity to his advantage, to claim media bias and unify his base of supporters.
I still have to unify my division and basically become the undefeated welterweight champion of the world. I can’t lose. It is more added pressure, but it does make me work harder and keeps me more focused.
Like ministers of information, consultants condense the message, smooth out the dissonances, unify the rhetoric, and then repeat and amplify it ad nauseam through the client‘s rank and file.
If I could unify my second weight division, that would be huge.
One of the main successes of string theory is that it has been able to unify the general theory of relativity, which describes gravity, and quantum mechanics.
Ashoke Sen
Obama‘s only attempt to unify the country was to unify people who believe that his enemies need to be eliminated.
The top two goals of every presidential nominating convention are to unify the party and to define the candidate for the grueling weeks ahead.
The great secret is that an orchestra can actually play without a conductor at all. Of course, a great conductor will have a concept and will help them play together and unify them. But there are conductors that actually inhibit the players from playing with each other properly.
The world is a complicated place, and there’s a lot of division between people. The performing arts tend to unify people in a way nothing else does.
Through the outreach that I have done, through platforms, I hope to unify Singaporeans because at the end of the day, Singapore is our home. We share a common destiny, and I think all of us work together for the benefit of our country.
If freedom‘s best friends cannot unify around a realistic, actionable program of fundamental change, one that attracts and persuades a broad majority of our fellow citizens, big change will not come.
With a Hyperloop One system in place, there is ability to further unify the alliance of the GCC, socially, culturally, and economically.
It is unfortunate that there is not a government in Iraq that has been able to unify the Shiites and the Sunnis sufficiently. They are not currently fighting together.
I mean, we are tribal by nature, and sometimes success and material wealth can divide and separate – it’s not a new philosophy I’m sharing – more than hardship, hardship tends to unify.
Until we recognize the essential role of biology, our attempts to truly unify the universe will remain a train to nowhere.
If Canelo wants to unify the division, he can fight me.
I’m in this effort to unify my life and to live day to day in a disciplined way, to be real at all times, not just in front of people, or not just in a synagogue.
My whole life and my whole career, even through my music, I tell people: let’s unify; let’s show more love.
I can't do everything alone. I need all Filipinos to un

I can’t do everything alone. I need all Filipinos to unify.
If knowledge and foresight are too penetrating and deep, unify them with ease and sincerity.
I do hope President Trump‘s calls for bipartisanship are genuine, and I also hope he takes the actions needed to unify the country.
If the artists would just keep hammering away – unify, stick together – then music will become the king again, which is what it should be.