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Growing up in Silicon Valley, during my time at Morgan

Growing up in Silicon Valley, during my time at Morgan Stanley and as a member of Stanford‘s Board, I’ve had the opportunity to experience firsthand how tech companies can help people in their daily lives.
While shooting ‘Selma,’ I would train on my off time with the assistant men’s track and field coach at Georgia Tech.
Technology does more than delight, entertain and make our lives more convenient, it’s also an agent for social good. That is why it’s important for tech startups to stay informed about, and make a mark on, policies that impact them.
High tech is for a short time. But art is forever. People still admire a Picasso or a Van Gogh. But they don’t admire the steam locomotive anymore.
Barry Lam
You can’t be in the tech communitywithout realizing there’s a big shortage of talent.
I’m ambivalent about tech.
Lego for many parents is the antithesis of the high tech world. We are desperate to wean our little ones away from the tablets and into the bricks.
My best advice to young women looking to get into both travel and tech is to put yourself out there, get out of your comfort zone, and be persistent.
Silicon Valley is the best place to start a tech company in so many ways.
The tech rehearsal for Brits is so different. They have little glasses of wine and walk around saying, ‘Lovely, darling, lovely.’
Tech stocks are trading at a 30-year-low when compared to the multiples of industrials (companies). It’s the weirdest bubble when everyone hates everything.
I remember when New Labour got in. I was at Salford Tech studying drama, and everyone was jumping up and down, and I was so upset, I went to a phone box and called my granddad.
NBA players, we’re directly involved in the tech world whether we know it or not. Media content and wearables directly influence us every day.
I think tech lives inside of a society that still has a lot of systemic racism and doesn’t stop at the boundaries of the tech industry. But neither is it especially exacerbated by being around technology. But it is maybe exacerbated by the irrational decision making of people who are trying to make money.
I think if you‘re out there trying to raise capital, and you’re a woman, and you’re in tech, I think what you need to do is find people to work with who know you and believe in you.
Growth is always essential. Running any tech company, you want to make sure you’re growing. Putting in place all of the right structure to be able to ensure growth.
The way we’ll get more jobs is by creating new industries, new companies, businesses that are higher tech and therefore can compete.
There is a lot of risk in the tech sector.
Lou Jiwei
My background is in tech. I studied computer science, and was working on TechTV, so the first thing I wanted to do was see my favorite motherboard stories hit the front page; you know, like, really geeky stuff.
Kevin Rose
My job is to be tech entrepreneur-in-residence at the White House.
With the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, and iMac, Apple is the most powerful tech company in the world. It’s also the No. 1 music retailer in the U.S. and among the top sellers of online movies, too.
When a handful of tech giants are gatekeepers to the world’s data, it’s no surprise that the debate about balancing progress against privacy is framed as ‘pro-data and, therefore, innovation’ versusstuck in the Dark Ages‘.
My mom was a teacher. In the 1960s and ’70s, she taught history at two largely African American public high schools in Washington, D.C. – McKinley Tech and H.D. Woodson. Her example taught me the importance of equality for all Americans.
Slack spread through businesses like wildfire, initially in the tech and media sectors, but now much more widely. At its public launch in February 2014, it had 17,000 users. As of April 1st, 2016, that number had rocketed to 2.7 million daily active users.
There tends to be a lot of autism around the tech centers… when you concentrate the geeks, you’re concentrating the autism genetics.
I read Google News and use NetNewsWire to keep up with general and tech news.
OK, my funniest tech I ever got in the NBA was for looking at a ref.
If I look at a ref funny, I’m getting a tech. If I say anything wrong on the street, it’s on Worldstar or TMZ.
What I learned with tech companies is I gotta give people room to experiment, and also to make what might later on be a mistake. This is the attitude I want to build within San Francisco – give some time to the tech community.
Ed Lee
Tech people like to stick to their knitting, and they measure their accomplishments by the growth of their company. Now the tech community is popping up and saying, ‘We do need to be involved in our surroundings.’
I think fashion is actually very good training for being in the tech world, because it’s all about moving on to the next thing, looking for the next thing, not getting stuck in the past.
I moved back home after graduating from Virginia Tech.

I moved back home after graduating from Virginia Tech. And that’s when reality hit. I knew I had to do something. I guess it doesn’t click when you’re that young. I was 19 and had finished college. I got home and had to figure out what I was going to do.
It isn’t citizens, or Congress, who decide how our information network regulates itself. We don’t get to decide how information companies collect data, and we don’t get to decide how transparent they should be. The tech companies do that all by themselves.
I’m a strong proponent of green tech for anyone who can afford it, having spent the last 40 years working toward achieving a smaller and smaller eco-impact for myself.
Twitter‘s been interesting. I’m kind of a tech geek, but I’ve never been a Facebook or Twitter guy. Surprisingly, I’ve really enjoyed Twitter because I get to connect with fans.
In the tech world, you can reel off great products in several ways. You can have the once-in-a-lifetime gut instincts of a Steve Jobs. You can have the brainiac coding skills of a Bill Gates, Larry Page, or Sergey Brin. Or, I learned, you can have the deep intellectual curiosity and stubbornness of a Jeff Bezos.
I think ‘Shark Tank‘ is targeting companies that are really trying to raise their very first dollar. A lot of them aren’t really tech focused. We’re definitely going after companies that are building real technology, either software or hardware, they probably have raised a couple hundred thousand already.
Most buildings, whether they’re Gothic cathedrals or Romanesque ones, were high tech for their time.
As someone who’s been lucky to have a great career in tech, I know how creative and fulfilling a career in this industry can be for women. And I want to make sure we continue to recruit and retain great female hires.
The tech world is not a new phenomenon; it’s a new era.
Shutterstock has the tech ethos. Rex has the relationships, packaging, and merchandising know-how.
When you come to a place like Kauai, you don’t go for a high tech world.
Long story short: I didn’t start out thinking I’d be a tech entrepreneur.
Because we’re in a small town and somewhat isolated from the fast lane of high tech, we’ve been able to grow and concentrate on our work instead of being distracted by the competition and getting caught up in the soap opera of Silicon Valley.
People in tech love to see their work as embodying the ‘hacker ethos’: a desire to break systems down in order to change them. But this pride can often be conveyed rather clumsily.
As the tech industry continues to grow and sprout successful startups across the country, it is important that we understand our responsibility to affect positive change in our communities.
My products and magic are free, but on the commercial side of what I do, the big tech companies are impressed with somebody like me who can emotionalize a piece of technology.
Marco Tempest
If you think having a tech job is the answer to all your problems, think again.
Film has lost something in the translation to high tech. It’s become so super-real. It’s with digital this and stereo that, and everything’s like a CD.
Perhaps the most damaging aspect of the Obamacare tech nightmare is how wholly predictable it all was. Anyone who has been involved in building the most rudimentary of web operations knows nothing ever works as it’s supposed to. Even awesome Apple, mighty Microsoft, and gargantuan Google miss deadlines.
Ever since me and the brothers no longer make music together, I stepped aside, and I’ve been doubling down here in the tech world.
David Lander and I met in September of 1965. We were both students at Carnegie Tech, as it was then known. Before the Mellon money came in.
Starting a company in San Francisco when we did usually meant it was destined to be a data-driven tech company. But that didn’t seem to fully encompass what we wanted with Airbnb. When we tried looking through a tech lens, it didn’t work. The humanity was missing.
Securing and attracting the best talent is an obsession in the tech industry for good reason. It’s your main asset; it’s your edge.
I guess for me, I keep saying the wordsconsumer electronics,’ ‘consumer tech’ – the biggest purchase decisions people make a lot of times are the phones they buy and the tech they buy. To be able to influence other people’s decisions on that front is pretty game changing.
The fact is that our business is fundamentally really strong. We have a platform and a depth that no one in the tech industry has. This means we have competitors at every layer.
We’ve seen historically how marginalized communities or historically marginalized communities particularly suffer from tech companies unchecked data collection and use.
One thing I learned about Tech N9ne is just hard work. That dude don’t sleep. I ain’t ever seen this dude really sleep.
Apple, of all the global tech companies, was the one that understood why artists make things.
So, 50 films, 3 National Awards, 74 plays and serials later, here I am playing Professor Das in JL50,’ who understands time travel. When in reality, I’m not tech savvy at all.
I was a child of a tech family. My grandfather was a nuclear physicist and was always a gadget guy.
The Chinese market is very different. One of the things that I believe is that the biggest, hottest tech trend in China right now is O2O, or online-to-offline.
Competition in the American tech sector is being gobble

Competition in the American tech sector is being gobbled up by the largest players, and it’s threatening our entire industry.
There are some people that are trying to cure death, this tech immortality… That seems mentally ill.
I think I’ve done a good job in the industry from the standpoint of employee morale and customer satisfaction, and as an innovative thinker in tech.
David Duffield
Anyone who thinks restaurants are hard should try working at a tech company.
The ‘indistinguishable from magic’ thing is highly dependent on where a viewer is looking from and not something intrinsic to any particular sort of tech.
San Francisco is a wonderful city, but you do have housing issues. If tech companies don’t do the right thing, they can dislocate a lot of what makes San Francisco special. At Workday, we want to be on the right side of that.
I am not a tech savvy person at all.
Even in the business department of a magazine, tech was a backwater.
One of the consistent characteristics of the tech industry is an endless labelling of technology and approaches.
We can’t have tech just for the sake of it. To maximise the potential of technology solutions you have to understand how to use them.
Tech is a key driver of social and economic change, and around the world, women like me are transforming businesses, industries, and communities.
HubSpot’s offices occupy several floors of a 19th-century furniture factory that has been transformed into the cliche of what the home of a tech startup should look like: exposed beams, frosted glass, a big atrium, modern art hanging in the lobby.
Claims of anti-conservative bias in the tech industry are baseless.
Tech executives have historically been owners of significant portions of their companies’ stock so there is a propensity for them to diversify as a rule.
David Coleman
In the developing world, people often use quite basic technology. Many of the most imaginative schemes are using what we’d count as old tech.
Charles Leadbeater
Given my venture capital background, I know the tech sector well.
Food tech has been kind of an area that we have been making a number of investments in. Kind of a big boring industry, but a lot of people eat.
For Israel to retain its amazing position as the largest concentration of high tech after Silicon Valley, we need more engineers and mathematicians. We have too many lawyers.
History suggests the 2010s will give rise to a super-unicorn or two that reflect the key tech wave of the decade, the mobile web.
I prefer unplugged forms of music any day to tech sounds.
I plan on suing all of the Left wing terrorists and tech tyrants who are trying to shut me down simply because I am a Conservative Jewish woman who speaks truth about Islam.
St. Louis is a customer- and partner-rich environment for any financial tech startup.
Jim McKelvey
I love listening to old school stuff. I listen to some new cats out here, but I’m really into, like, Tech N9ne and his clique; I really like Eminem and those guys – cats that got real flow: I really connect with that. But I do love rock. I love a lot of electronica because I love programming synthesizers.
I’ve always loved tech. Loved Apple. That’s what I started vlogging about.
I see tech as… a force that is changing pretty much all parts of our society. It’s really sad for me that we don’t have enough women that are part of that.
In many ways I just did not fit the mold of a 1970s high tech innovator. I was not white, I was not working for the military or for a defense contractor, and I must have seemed too young and too naive to stand up for the truth.
I remember flying in, driving down 101 in a cab, and passing by all these tech companies like Yahoo! I remember thinking, ‘Maybe someday we’ll build a company. This probably isn’t it, but one day we will.’
Luckily for both the tech industry and Hollywood, there is only one thing that counts – use of the Internet is still growing exponentially, as consumers shift to digital everything from analog.
We have some material on spying by a major government on the tech industry. Industrial espionage.
The tech genie is out of the bottle; you can’t put it back in.
We will hear more regrets from founders of tech companies about the addictive technologies they have launched.
If we can figure out how to give more Americans a shot

If we can figure out how to give more Americans a shot in tech, a shot at the ordinary jobs that don’t necessarily afford rock star status or come with generous stock options but that can sustain middle-class life, then we might just take a step toward stitching our nation back together.
Cities like Miami, we’re trying to attract tech town. It’s part of a larger play if you will to position Miami as one of the most tech-forward cities in the country.
If we want little girls and young women and people of color to see they have a place in the tech world, it’s up to us to make that place for them.
I’ve had the opportunity to experience firsthand how tech companies can help people in their daily lives.
I am always interested in helping and growing new tech start-ups and ideas.
I went to high school in Columbia. I met my first wife, Richards, whom I married while I was working on a B.S. in chemistry at Georgia Tech. She bore Louise, and I studied. I learned most of the useful technical things – math, physics, chemistry – that I now use during those four years.
Industries with rapid change are the enemy of the investor. Tech businesses, particularly biotech, is a problem from that point of view. All industries work with change, but you should ideally be investing in businesses with a low rate of change, not a high rate of change.
If someone is not tech savvy, I have no time for them. I’ve always been a big believer in looking forward.
The perception in Silicon Valley is that if you dress well, you couldn’t possibly be smart, or you’re in P.R. but couldn’t possibly run a company. I remember briefly attempting the Adidas and jeans and sweatshirt over T-shirt look, but I realized I was trying to dress like a young tech geek, and that just wasn’t me.
For a long time I think journalists and society at large really did drink that Kool-Aid. They bought the message that the tech industry is good and they can do no wrong.
I don’t want a tech. I don’t want to get one.
Don’t be afraid to learn on the job. No matter how much preparation you’ve done, the tech industry is changing so fast that we’re all learning every day.
The paradox is that Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and all the tech giants are bigger fans of music than some of the executives working at major record companies.
I’ve spent a career working in tech as a software engineer. And I believe regulated markets are the best way to build and deliver innovative products.
Integrating breakthrough technology into everyday products is always a challenge; at the same time, this is exactly how design makes tech products easily adoptable in life.
Oakland‘s time is coming. In fact, Oakland’s time is already here. Tech is coming to Oakland, and it’s terribly exciting.
There were definitely auditions and even bookings and jobs where I played your typical Asian model minority: an IT tech guy or something of that nature. It’s tough sometimes, especially when you’re starting out, because they make these roles sound as if they won’t be a typical nerd.
Manny Jacinto
Immigrants play a huge role in the founding and value creation of today‘s tech companies. We wonder how much more value could be created if it were easier to get a work visa.
We’re going to need a new social contract with the tech world one that asks for consent, and one with transparent goals. Right now, the goals of technology are not aligned with our goals as humans. We need technology that empowers us to make the life choices we want to make.
The funny thing was, with IT, I was never really a tech type of person: I was better with people, good at dealing with people. I had technical experience; I knew the nitty gritty. I could never be a programmer or anything, but I knew my way around.
No one in tech has ever been as sexist toward me as teachers and rabbis before I was 12 years old.
I am a Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech.
I was doing music tech as a subject and learned how to use Logic Pro and that’s when I kind of had a platform to put my ideas on. It all just went from there.
Tom Misch
If a tech journalist needs financial security before doing what their conscience dictates, I’m not sure they should be calling themselves journalists at all.
We’re very tech light in our house.
The one thing that I know from the personal experiences that I’ve had with hackers and from people in tech who are brilliant at this thing, is there’s a lot of angst.
I was extremely curious growing up. I taught myself how to sew, French braid, and cook. When I wasn’t creating things with my hands, I was learning more about tech. I was experimenting with email at nine, had my first cell phone at 13, and was truly obsessed with the Internet as a teenager.
If you go back to the ’50s and ’60s… there was zero tech in S.F. It was all in the Valley… and it crept northward in early 2000s.
We want to teach girls of color the skills they need and create a diversity of voices into the tech community.
You see 6,000 times more tech companies in San Francisco than you see in Seattle. All the money is in San Francisco when you look at the venture fund maps. The PR is in San Francisco. The centricity of the industry is in San Francisco.
The reality is that in a tech environment that is 90 percent to 100 percent male, it’s not super-encouraging for females to be successful. It’s just a lot of things that contribute to that: things that people do or things that people say that they may not realize have unintended consequences.
I have been able to enjoy the strides that others have

I have been able to enjoy the strides that others have made before me. I don’t want to scoff at the idea that there was sexism, but I don’t wake up in the morning and think, ‘I am a woman in tech.’ I just go to work, and my work is in technology.
I used to have friends come on tour and work as my drum tech, but they get bummed out when I have to tell them what to do. This time I’m just going to fly them out and let them hang. It’s all good.
Daniel Ek, the C.E.O. of Spotify, is a rock star of the tech world, but he is not long on charisma.
John Seabrook
The truth is, you cannot run a political campaign like a tech startup. Technology is a field that fetishizes disruption. The old ways are suspect, and we place an almost irrational trust on new tools. That’s fine for developing games, but it was a failing playbook for politics.
Padmasree Warrior has been on all the lists. The most powerful women in tech. The most powerful women in the world.
Minorities often feel like they are on the outside looking in when it comes to the Valley and tech start-ups in general.
What people don’t consider is that tech is a really personal purchase. You spend so much time using it.
I have on my wall right now a front page of the ‘Journal’ from January 1991, when I co-wrote a front-page story about Iraq firing missiles at Israel. By October, I was writing about tech products.
The fashion sector is very hot in New York, especially the fashion tech sector, and a lot of women have been the leaders in the industry.
The textile industry became a huge deal in 19th century America, kind of like the tech industry is today. And that immigrant tradition continues, especially in tech, America’s most dominant and dynamic industry today.
State funds, private equity, venture capital, and institutional lending all have their role in the lifecycle of a high tech startup, but angel capital is crucial for first-time entrepreneurs. Angel investors provide more than just cash; they bring years of expertise as both founders of businesses and as seasoned investors.
At the end of the day, tech workers are not robots: they feel, they think, they have values.
Ed Lee
Tech companies approach you to hold something in a picture and then say, ‘This is what I want you to write on your Twitter.’ There are people who get away with that and look really cool doing it, but I’m just not one of them.
The only thing that scares me in the tech area is that it moves so fast that you have to be ready to invest in 20 things. Because if you just invest in one, next week, somebody has a better mousetrap, and you get taken to the cleaners.
We’re excited about how tech can be used to get tech out of the way.
I guess I lean toward being an optimist, as far as improving tech being good for people, but that’s not to say there are not potential downsides, and you have to stay aware of those downsides.
Tech stuff, I will always do. They’ve been good to me.
Few industries have the ability to transform society like tech, yet too few companies are asking the questions or working on the problems that would create meaningful social change.
We have a huge tech following that do nothing but Digg tech stories, and then there’s another pool of users that remove the tech section from their view of Digg, because you can go on and customize your own experience and remove sections you don’t like.
Kevin Rose
I was lucky. I got university degrees and had a successful tech and finance career. But many of my generation weren’t.
Tech innovation is something societies have to pursue as vigorously as they can. We have to innovate civically and socially at the same rate; otherwise, you create unfortunate disruptions, and that’s where you have people opposing technological innovations.
Startupfest is a very positive conference. I think a lot of it has to do with how different culturally it is from other startup or tech conferences.
Managing directors at top-tier investment banks may pocket a million a year and be worth tens of millions after a long career. Early employees at tech firms like Uber, Airbnb, and Snapchat can make many times that amount of money in a matter of years.
As far as tech videos go, we try to present things as realistically as possible.
My goal was to be the starting quarterback at Texas Tech and I didn’t reach that goal.
Girls are being left out of the conversation when it comes to technology, led to think of tech as insular and antisocial without ever being given a chance to correct those perceptions.
The tech industry’s love for scrappy, accessible founders adds to the pressure. You’re expected to lead by example, to roll up your sleeves, to know everything going on.
From my point of view, we have the two communities: the tech community on one side and the rather social-scientific, philosophical community on the other side. We have, from my impression, a disconnect between the two sides.
In September of 2001, I was living in the West Village of Manhattan, working from my home for a tech start-up.
The idea that either individuals or organisations are ‘too big to fail’ or that the tech and start-up sector is somehow different is wrong.
People in the tech community may not like politics because it seems less interesting or less pure than what they’re doing. But you see the result of not caring about politics. This is no longer an abstract problem.
I think it's a competitive advantage that both Amazon a

I think it’s a competitive advantage that both Amazon and Google and other tech companies have over a lot of their counterparts. They take big risks and are pioneering new markets with the promise of big rewards. It’s why Amazon is kind of reliably starting new businesses and opening kind of new frontiers.
We’re all vulnerable to social approval. The need to belong, to be approved or appreciated by our peers is among the highest human motivations. But now our social approval is in the hands of tech companies.
I first started in tech when one of my friends and I decided it was a good opportunity to start a company while we were in school because we had almost no opportunity cost. Our opportunity cost was playing ‘World of Warcraft‘ and drinking beer. We thought it was a good time to try something.
Net neutrality rules ensure an equal playing field on the web for everyone, from the start-up to the tech giant.
In tech communities, we consider disruption the way to lead to innovation.
If we want to prevent another Cambridge Analytica from happening… that starts with regulating big tech beyond just data protection issues, but also looking at whether or not we want as a society to tolerate manipulative design.
Back when I was a student, I had Steve Jobs over to my house for a fireside chat with the GSB High Tech Club.
It was supposed to be a year or two just to refresh my batteries, but I moved to Silicon Valley in the early 90’s, and one thing let to another, got very involved in high tech, and formed a company and it ended up doing pretty well.
Thomas Dolby
Although the tech industry is very open to change, many people still have a closed-off mentality where, in the interest of protecting their ideas, they keep them hidden in dark caves.
In tech entrepreneurship, even a lot of hack events tend to be overly commercial in that they’re designed to produce companies.
I’m not one of those playwrights who says, ‘Show up, hit your marks, and don’t talk to me!’ I always want to hear from the other artists involved, whether it’s the director, the lighting tech, or the actors.
Pearl Cleage
I immediately felt the need, back when I was a managing tech engineer, to attach myself to Nat Turner. And to research him and learn about him and try to find ways into his life that I could apply to my life.
What happens to boys in tech is in many ways different than what happens to girls in tech. it’s not that they’re facing sexism per se: it’s that they don’t think it’s cool. So I think we really have to change the way we present technology.
The best tech companies are led by founders with entrepreneurial zeal and strong egos. They consistently deliver what we want and what we need, at prices that decrease over time. The Wall Street firm is a long-standing institution with a more established hierarchy.
When I was a young man in the 1970s, tech firms were scattered across the developed world. Since then, America has come to dominate tech almost totally.
I started using Twitter about year after its very early adoption and ended up investing in it around that same time. I’m involved with the Tech scene and companies ranging from Facebook, Stumbleupon and Twitter.
With most tech guys, it’s the same outfit every day – they wear their company logo.
Jazz musicians don’t make any money, so I might as well make some on the market. I pick my own stocks – Microsoft, Dell – the tech stocks, the breadwinners.
Georgia Tech beat us and Mississippi Southern tied us last year, and Texas beat us after we had the game won. We only played about five games the way we were capable of playing and lost one of those.
The reason why I’m sending my super-intellectual 12-year old kid to tech school is because I don’t believe he would succeed in this world unless he first learned to work with his hands.
I got lucky because my dad moved us to Silicon Valley before it really was known worldwide as an important tech hub.
Tech companies tend to do tech best.
I started working with brain sensing tech in labs over a decade ago and was immediately fascinated by the potential to help people peer into the workings and behaviors of their own minds.
Ariel Garten
There’s always a booming market somewhere in tech – you just have to find a good idea for that market.
The tech titans and the tech guys who I most admire are the ones behind the scenes.
While nations protect their physical borders, tech platforms leave digital borders wide open.
In tech in particular, everyone is so serious all the time and has these grand visions.
In August of 2011, Steve Jobs, the tech icon who disrupted a string of traditional industries, called me and told me he thought he’d figured out a way to revolutionize TV. He invited me to come see it at Apple in a few months, but he died just six weeks later, and that meeting never came to pass.
It’s weird; my fascination with tech was kind of combined with the fact that my parents would never pay for anything. It got me more involved because I would have to find clever ways to get things for free.
What the tech industry often forgets is that with age comes wisdom. Older workers are usually better at following direction, mentoring, and leading.
In a well-run tech company, small, elite groups who have ownership in the company are given the freedom to define and achieve their tasks in line with a broader mission that they have internalized as their own.
Arizona should be to the Sharing Economy what Texas is

Arizona should be to the Sharing Economy what Texas is to Oil and what Silicon Valley used to be to the tech industry.
I believe GamerGate is at its core a positive movement that fights against obvious corruption in journalism and the tech industry.
With ‘Rage,’ it was a little bit different because this was going to be the public’s first interaction with the ‘Rage’ IP. Early on, right after the tech demo, there was some marked concern internally how much of a bad thing it would be if the game went out and it wasn’t well released and people got a bad taste off it.
When things were really rolling at Texas Tech, I was a part of something bigger than myself, bigger than football.
We are looking for a technology partner, as India is way behind the world as far as tech goes.
Producing fuel cells and solar panels requires high tech facilities and produces high paying jobs. The industry is booming in Arizona. The state already has about 100 firms in the solar industry and has grown 20% since 2003.
Wearable tech is really exploding, and I feel like five years down the road tech is going to be totally in our clothing. It’s the next frontier for tech to conquer in our lives.
Mark Rober
Many tech companies experience steep growth curves that require them to build their teams at breakneck speeds.
Recognizing that female participation in technology is lower than it should be, we are committed to bolstering female tech talent, eliminating obstacles and challenges they face, and fostering diversity.
Space investing looks a lot like tech investing.
Sunil Nagaraj
It’s important to dabble in things that interest you, and for me, I’m interested in the tech space that is here in Silicon Valley, fashion and golf.
Tech companies don’t exist in a bubble; they draw from and feed into a larger community. Ideally, the relationship is symbiotic.
When I was at Tech, no public school was ahead of us in graduation rates. We got our guys to compete in the classroom, and if they’re competing in class and in football, that’s an attitude they take into life.
I’ve never thought of myself as a female engineer or founder or a woman in tech. I just think of myself as someone who’s passionate.
Skype is easy enough to use so that people don’t need to be tech savvy – a lot of users just want to communicate with their friends and family, and they find this is the easiest, cheapest way.
Even when the nation’s leaders acknowledge tech issues, details are lacking.
I believe that sexism in tech is a real problem.
I’m interested in technology for the masses. Good tech design should not just be for enthusiasts but for the general public. It should be something that touches everyone.
Let the tech firms and consulting firms build your skills, but be sure to ask yourself, ‘Am I maximizing my impact?’ ‘Am I living up to my values?’
I spent most of my career in hi tech, not in politics.
After graduating in International Relations in 2011, I turned down safe, corporate job offers and instead accepted a position at an ‘incubator‘ in L.A. – a tech word for a team of people who are funded by investors to create apps. I knew the future was digital and that I had to take a risk.
One day, people in China may be able to see the records of conversations between multinational tech companies and the Chinese authorities.
The future of the world is in the palm of the tech community.
I’m kind of a tech geek. With the camera work, I chose to shoot super 16, which has a real tactile feel. I feel it’s as authentic as possible; I love the way the grain feels.
Everything is so tech now; everyone is so connected that way.
In tech, people want an object for what’s inside it, what it does. You need to make a defensive design that people won’t walk away from. A chair is aggressive – you want a customer to choose it from many others.
I’m a rock star at the WeWorks and tech centers of New York.
The media people need to have real tech people, and the tech people need media people. Otherwise, you have the ‘Star Warsbar on Tatooine with everyone fighting.
People in startup-land live inside it. They see themselves as really good people even when they’re doing something that’s very bad. There’s a huge disconnect from reality in the tech world.
The truth is that you can’t really tell how anybody‘s doing in the tech business for at least five or 10 years.
Other people will say different, but I’m the best Georgia Tech wide receiver.
As a tech optimist, I believe productivity woes can be

As a tech optimist, I believe productivity woes can be solved through cleverly imagined and implemented technology.
With tech companies, whoever‘s the leader is always questioned, you know. They say, ‘Is this the end of them?’ And – there’s more – more times people think that’s the case than it really is the case.
My partner, Nik, is a full-time dad and I am working on Phenomenal full time. Nik was in tech forever, but he decided to take some time to think about his next steps after we had our second child.
I went to Salford Tech. They did a two-year performing arts course. I went there singing and dancing – I had a terrible time. I turned up in green dungarees and German power boots. I was into prog rock at the time – Gong and Hawkwind – and I was clumping around.
I shifted my career when I was 44 to quit the Washington beats. I had a great Washington beat, a series of them, and I quit to start my tech column, which was a different kind of tech column.
We all remember the tech bubble of the late ’90s, but companies like Amazon survived. Wherever there’s strong, enduring value, it can last through that kind of turmoil.
I believe tech should be a core skill of a tech company.
I challenge anybody to claim that clean tech done right is a disaster.
So evidently music was a killer app and is a killer app for computer and the Internet; it just took the tech industry a long time to hear that message.
Thomas Dolby
We’re creating this new breed of techies who are going to be the ones starting the tech companies of the future.
There is a misperception among job seekers that opportunities for women in tech exist only for those with coding or engineering experience. To be sure, technology firms do need women with these skills, but they also need women with expertise in other areas, like marketing and finance.
There’s tonnes of room for more people in the tech market, and there are lots of content gaps that have still not yet been tapped into.
It’s no secret that in our society, and many before, people are trend followers. For some reason, they feel better about themselves if they are dressed in the latest fashion or have the newest tech gadget.
Feedie creates a wonderful symmetry between tech and philanthropy. It also nourishes the users of the app by giving them the opportunity do something incredibly positive.
Topaz Page-Green
Georgia Tech definitely helped me a lot. I don’t know about coming out of high school. But Georgia Tech was good for me. I got a lot stronger, a lot more used to not having the ball in my hands all the time, moving without the ball, setting screens.
It’s relatively easy to set up a tech company, join an accelerator, and progress down a pathway towards success. It’s more complex to do that with food.
I’m terrible with tech. But I’m good with jargon. I can sound like I know what I’m doing.
I’m a tech geek. Whenever I read about something new, I think to myself, How can I take this and make it black?
The widespread assumption is that somehow, the brain produces the mind; somehow millions of neurons fire signals at one another create or produce consciousness… but we have no idea how or why this happens. I’m afraid that in many cases, people in the tech world fail to understand that.
If you look at how much information you put out, even just on your phone, on Facebook, on Google, whatever, you essentially create a clone of yourself online. And that’s at the disposal of these large American tech companies.
Internet-centric companies have already begun changing the rules with binge-watching, flexible running times, fewer commercials, and crowd-sourced content. The brainpower – and just plain power – of the most valued tech firms will change things even more.
There is an often-told story that Silicon Valley is filled with women looking to cash in by marrying wealthy tech moguls. Whether there really is a significant number of such women is debatable.
While I’m a venture capitalist who invests in early-stage tech companies, I often feel like a professional emailer and conference call maker.
IT is now reaching out to fuels and chemicals, energy and clean tech, rockets, all kinds of bizarre industries that formerly didn’t face much competition.
I usually float between the tech and the business sides of the office.
Kids and adults pay a price for too much tech, and it’s not wholesale.
For tech, I like the ‘DailySearchCast’, ‘TWiT’ and anything Veronica Belmont does on CNET. I think Perez Hilton is a riot, and the rest of my consumption is by people: Folks like Dave Winer, Fred Wilson, Mark Cuban, Brian Alvey, Jeff Jarvis, Xeni Jardin, etc.
As I’ve traveled the country, we visit tech incubators all the time where women are going into their second or third act in their career and learning how to be software programmers, or how to work at startup companies, and learning a completely different skill set. I think it’s never too late.
The tech industry has a strong bias towards technical solutions to social problems.
I listen to tech podcasts and read tech news everyday. So I am not unfamiliar with Amazon’s practices. I’m not surprised that they bought Comixology.
I’m consumed with tech – medical, computational, impossible tech. So, I don’t know exactly what I’ll wind up doing, where I’ll go with all this schooling, but I’m willing that it be better than my dogmatic vision of it all.
Sequoia is a firm that a lot of people across tech and

Sequoia is a firm that a lot of people across tech and the Valley look to, and I think they’re setting an important example in adding new diversity to their team.
Most of the tech CEOs I know used to think that moving to the Midwest or the South was beneath us, a good tactic for the Boeings of the world who don’t need the kind of rare skills we depend on, who have to grub for profits when we reach for growth. But if Amazon can’t afford to keep growing in Seattle, who can?
Libraries have a PR problem – or at least that’s what they call it when no one under the age of 40 walks through the door. To bring in a younger crowd, the paper pushers have turned to tech to bring in the public. DVDs, CDs and, yes, even videogames are hitting the shelves of your local library.
It’s an absurd world – you know, billionaires in Birkenstocks. But I’d rather have nerdy tech guys as the next Carnegie than oil tycoons.
Whether you have a barbershop or you’re a local restaurant owner, there’s lots of tech for you to understand your business.
Don’t get me wrong – it’s amazing playing basketball. But being 19 years old, playing and interacting with grown men with families wasn’t fun all the time, especially during a grueling 82-game season. That, mixed with Toronto‘s freezing winter climate, made me miss my buddies back at Tech even more.
I think, particularly in our tech industry, this is an industry that has violent innovation and then commoditization, and it’s a cycle of innovation/commoditization.
Tech Jacket shares the same tone as Invincible, but the subject matter is very different. Where Invincible is about perfection, Tech Jacket is about flaws.
Robert Kirkman
More than stock prices or product launches, Silicon Valley’s legacy will be defined by whether tech leaders step up to contribute to the larger American experiment.
Digital is a different world because you are sitting at home and a hi tech piece of equipment today is within reach of most people, so they are watching a pretty hi tech version of whatever you’ve done.
I’m not as tech savvy as some YouTubers, but I’m a lot better than my grandparents. Whenever I have a technical question, or something isn’t working, I ask Google, and that usually throws up the answer.
I think like a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Failure is a great teacher. At the same time, you must remember, success will never last… Whether it’s tech or fashion, it must be for the customer.
I went into the Verizon store the other day, and the salesman was pretty excited. He was like, ‘Hey Dierks, what can I show you?’ I said, ‘The cheapest, lowest tech phone you have.’ I think he was disappointed. Everybody else was running out for the new iPhone 6, but I got a flip phone.
Clearly communicate your project: Imagine explaining it to someone not familiar with tech.
Sunil Nagaraj
Emotion AI will be ingrained in the technologies we use every day, running in the background, making our tech interactions more personalized, relevant, authentic, and interactive.
It’s easy to lose the humanity when you start showcasing tech.
When technological advancement can go up so exponentially, I do think there’s a risk of losing sight of the fact that tech should serve humanity, not the other way around.
My family know not to get me any tech for Christmas. I can never get it to work, and it all becomes very tearful and pressurised.
I walked around the music industry for a bunch of years, right? I saw a lot of rich people. I didn’t see wealthy. I got into the tech industry, I see wealthy every day.
I want to be the best quarterback at Texas Tech, the best quarterback in the Big 12.
One phrase we use at Stripe is, ‘Most tech companies are building cars. Stripe is building roads.’
I’ve always been really interested in fashion, culture and visual arts in general: when I was growing up my parents half-expected me to go to art school, but I ended up working in Parliament, and then working in tech and data.
I like video games, I like tech, I like being positive.
I built a lot of stuff as a kid. But I was not interested in tech, I thought it wasn’t really for me.
While there should be collective efforts to increase tech inclusion overall, the industry must work to specifically attract and retain women of color.
Why is UCLA and Georgia Tech in China to play a basketball game? Missing all that school, and then force-feeding their fans the idea of ‘student-athletes.’
My daughter was 10 years old when she told me she hated computers. As someone who has spent her career helping build one of the largest tech companies in the world, I was in shock. Suddenly an issue I faced repeatedly at work – the lack of women in tech – hit squarely at home.
People on Twitter can follow tech if they’re interested in tech, or business if they’re interested in business, or they can follow celebrities that they’re fans of.
Jonah Peretti
The tech company needs to win in the war for talent. This means much greater focus on the employee, not simply as cog in the machine, but vital member of a programming team in a race against time and competitors. Wall Street is up-or-out, dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest.
I’ve always had a passion for the tech industry, and I like to help build interesting products.
What many single male 23-year-old entrepreneurs don’t realize is that family tech is a ‘big freaking business’. As in, trillions of dollars.
I don't know anything about tech, but I do know somethi

I don’t know anything about tech, but I do know something about slightly socially crippled and overly cerebral guys.
A lot of the foundational philosophical approaches of tech leaders are actually all about decentralization of power.
So in a strong sense with Java it was a learning process for us – there was some tech learning – but the most important learnings were social or behavioral things.
I’m excited to launch ‘Waveform,’ which will explore everything from tech news and new products to the videos that surround them.
In the last years of the nineteen-eighties, I worked not at startups but at what might be called finish-downs. Tech companies that were dying would hire temps – college students and new graduates – to do what little was left of the work of the employees they’d laid off.
Our public description, a visual bookmarking tool, tends to resonate with people. That’s why we use it. When we talk to the tech press we tend to describe it as a company solving a discovery problem.
I finished tech college with just one A-level, which was an E in English, because I spent most of my time drinking and faffing around. Having one A-level is a bit like having a car with one wheel – pretty useless. So I ended up working on building sites.
High tech companies that focus on research, development and production will learn that they can be the perfect complement to our world-renowned agriculture heritage.
Alan Autry
The tech and tech media world are meritocracies. To fall back to race as the reason why people don’t break out in our wonderful oasis of openness is to do a massive injustice to what we’ve fought so hard to create.
I remember loving food tech because of the precision and the creativity, the weights and measures, the tiny glimpses of flavour.
AIs are only as good as the data they are trained on. And while many of the tech giants working on AI, like Google and Facebook, have open-sourced some of their algorithms, they hold back most of their data.
Silicon Valley isn’t the only game in town. Tech is increasingly decentralized. Around the world, new tech centers with younger companies are able to embrace a different approach to talent: recruit locally, identify homegrown prospects and, in a phrase, bring them along for the ride.
The podcast ‘Note to Self’ is ‘the tech show about being human‘. Human notions of privacy have changed.
I love technology. I have my iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and Mac laptop. Because I love technology, I think if I were not at the NBA, I would try to be part of a tech startup company.
Adam Silver
Political oppositionary activity on the Russian Internet caused the government to pass laws limiting both service operators and users. As a result, the Russian tech environment became much less liberal, losing freedom as one of its competitive advantages.
So many tech companies have embraced a mission that they say is larger than profits. Once you wrap yourself up in a moral flag, you have to carry it to the top of other hills.
Providing better computer science education in public schools to kids, and encouraging girls to participate, is the only way to rewrite stereotypes about tech and really break open the old-boys’ club.
You know, my degrees are in computer engineering. I spent a lot of time in the tech industry. And I like to say that I don’t invest in tech because I spent time in it. And I saw firsthand that the durability of technology moats is many times an oxymoron.
A big part of green tech will be organisms that eat waste.
Technology could benefit or hurt people, so the usage of tech is the responsibility of humanity as a whole, not just the discoverer. I am a person before I’m an AI technologist.
ISIS’ key social media-encrypted platform is Telegram, which is engineered by a Berlin-based tech company that can simply ignore the rulings of American federal judges as well as legislation passed by the U.S. Congress.
If Trump publicly commits to embrace science, stops threatening censorship of the Internet, rejects fake news and denounces hate against our diverse employees, only then it would make sense for tech leaders to visit Trump Tower.
The possibilities that come with thinking about the camera as a portal into the realm of information and services are attractive not only to Snap but also to every other big player in the tech world. Facebook, for instance, has slowly been enhancing the visual capabilities of its Messenger.
I remember bumming rides across town to Georgia Tech, trying to get myself registered, trying to apply for financial aid, trying to get their coaches to watch my film.
Nick Ferguson
In 1999, I was running my first tech start-up and learning the Unreal Engine, the tool that would define my career as a game developer, when news of Columbine ground all work to a standstill.
I think the advice, regardless of gender, is always be open to conversations with people who do things differently than you do. If you’re starting to work in tech, talk to the artists, talk to the lawyers, talk to the people who are interested in other things.
Beth Simone Noveck
Without grounding, it’s easy to embrace the ‘baller’ lifestyle: dropping out of tech, throwing money at cars, boats and real estate, and slipping into a cycle of spending and indulgence.
I had no idea what it would be like to be a bomb tech in Baghdad until I got there so I didn’t know what to expect. It was very eye-opening.
Mark Boal
As a firm believer in the power of songwriting, I feel privileged to be part of a team that continues to help us all understand the true force and impact of lyrics and music around the world. Genius is special – it’s remixing the digital playbook and owning a new space in music and tech.
I think of Wakandan technology as organic technology. Most of their tech mimics nature because it comes from nature.
I want to bring a Big 12 championship to Tech.
We need the best and the brightest thinkers, strategist

We need the best and the brightest thinkers, strategists, coders, surveillance experts, tech geeks, and disruptors to utilize all of the tools we have available to us to build the world that we want to see. A world where black lives matter. A world where all lives matter.
Those companies that don’t see the black and brown communities are missing, out of their closed eye, talent, which leads to money and growth. When baseball, football and basketball couldn’t see the field, they missed talent and growth. The same is true in the tech industry.
At Square, we got our tech up and running in three weeks, but it took us 18 months to get licenses, banking relationships and everything else we needed to be able to move money. We had to partner up with major companies to do it.
Jim McKelvey
I had an Ultimate jersey on in my first video. I get a lot of comments about it, because a lot of tech people don’t know anything about Ultimate.
I am not the enemy of tech – I sleep at night with my iPhone on my heart, I’m just as addicted to my devices as every other human walking down the street through a red light in traffic while texting.
We were in the last generation to grow up without a cell phone being a part of our lives at all, without tech things and having any of that.
The tech industry – and, more specifically, Silicon Valley – continues to stumble forward in earnest about how few women are represented in its top ranks of management and on its boards.
During my 40-year coaching career at West Point, Indiana and Texas Tech, my teams reached the Final Four on five occasions, winning the national championship three times.
I had never, ever drunk beer in high school, and by the time I got to Tech we were having these parties out in the cotton fields and getting so drunk. I was the champion beer drinker; suddenly I was pouring it down my throatInsane! Insane!
Bob Livingston
There’ve been lots of positive changes in the city since I worked at Salford Tech in the seventies, and I’m pleased to be known as Salford’s Bard and to have helped put it on the map.
Cities like New York have already followed San Francisco and have started similar organizations like sfCiti; New York has TECH NYC.
I wonder if, as the tech to deliver content continues to evolve, we will start seeing the one season / 6-8 hour show that ends at a peak moment rather than is cancelled because it sucks.
Twitter has always been that refreshing place where I can quickly find out what is going on in my tech world. I follow mostly entrepreneurs and VCs – some who I know and some who I don’t know. I have a few companies in my feed. But no newspapers, no magazines, and no mainstream media.
I felt that I didn’t get a fair chance at Texas Tech to compete, for an assortment of reasons, but reasons I couldn’t really control.
I work in the tech industry and my husband works in biotech. He’s head of IP for a company listed on the NASDAQ. And we have a lot of discussions in tech and biotech about the role of unionization in our industries.
I want people to understand and embrace that the art that inspires our technological dreams is just as important as the tech it helps us create.
Engineering talent is the most precious resource for any technology company – Palantir and Addepar are successful first and foremost because of their top tech cultures, and the same is true for our best portfolio companies at 8VC.
Paul Otellini, the former CEO of Intel, I worked with while I was still with VMware. I knew Ram Shriram through the tech industry.
Most tech companies do one trick and die. If you can do two or three or four, that’s where wealth gets created.
A chart that weighs some ad-supported streams the same as a pay stream… encourages artists to promote free tiers to have a No. 1 record. That’s great for the tech companies, but not for artists.
I’ve been reading a lot about Silicon Valley history recently and was struck by just how core the lack of unions has been to the American tech industry’s evolution. It’s enabled the constant creative destruction that keeps Silicon Valley relevant and thriving in a rapidly changing world.
I don’t think objectively we are in a tech bubble when tech stocks are at a 30 year low.
I’m a bit of a tech geek myself.
William Landay
The office-as-playground trend was made famous by Google and has spread like an infection across the tech industry. Work can’t just be work; work has to be fun.
I am often asked what the future holds for Emotion AI, and my answer is simple: it will be ubiquitous, engrained in the technologies we use every day, running in the background, making our tech interactions more personalized, relevant, authentic and interactive.
I’ve actually found the image of Silicon Valley as a hotbed of money-grubbing tech people to be pretty false, but maybe that’s because the people I hang out with are all really engineers.
Seattle was hardly a tech magnet before Amazon, Microsoft, and then a host of once-fledgling technology firms set up operations there.
We are putting a lot of investments behind building customer loyalty. We need to make sure we keep investing in the right tech that will help customers. If we keep doing that well, we will keep progressing.
History is replete with examples of tech firms that were marginalized by new companies and technologies.
In 2012, the city of Austin erected an eight-foot-tall bronze statue of Willie Nelson in the heart of the business district. Schoolchildren, churchgoers, tourists, slackers, conventioneers, tech geeks – everybody, it seems – now congregate around this ponytailed shrine to outlaw country.
I’ve enjoyed my time at Georgia Tech and feel my year here has helped my development as a player.
It's strange that we create tech and then we apply it t

It’s strange that we create tech and then we apply it to machines, when we could apply it to ourselves. Cars can now detect if something is behind them, but we don’t have this ability. Why are we applying such a simple sense to a car when we could apply it to ourselves?
Neil Harbisson
The N.Y.C. tech scene is vibrant, and Betabeat will be a great vehicle to cover it in depth.
With tech startups, it’s all loose-goosie. You raise money as you go, often from friends, family and investors.
I have no people reporting to me and don’t expect to. My competency is in the tech realm.
Anders Hejlsberg
The game in beauty is changing so much, if your product isn’t high tech or can’t make a unique performance claim – plump your lips, reduce your lines, look glossy, and stay on for 24 hours – you can’t go to market today. I’m not just talking about a $20 lipstick, but a $5 lipstick!
You don’t need to be an engineer or a tech person to benefit from technology. You can hire them.
The end of the ‘tech bubble’ in the year 2000 is, of course, widely recognized, as the NASDAQ stock index erased three-quarters of its value between 2000 and 2003.
The tech community is a closely knit group, which is why it’s so powerful. All of these companies have an affinity for each other, even if they compete with each other.
What we wouldn’t want to see is just a piece of legislation on border security and high tech immigration without focusing on the path to citizenship for the 11 million people who are here, and other provisions.
I love throwing down the gauntlet and trying our hand at that new tech.
I have seen women who are very interested in tech finish their graduate or undergraduate degrees, but then choose not to pursue a career in tech because they’re not sure they want to spend the next 20-30 years in an industry that’s very male dominated.
Tech gives people more opportunities to be themselves in front of other people. Sometimes that’s great; sometimes it’s bad.
The secret is not to make a film that causes something like Virginia Tech to happen. The secret is to make a film that stops it happening.
What made the days leading up to the iPhone launch even crazier was that Apple had pulled off the greatest disappearing act in tech promotion history. In January 2007, Jobs announced the long-awaited iPhone. But somewhere that winter, the iPhone vanished.
I went to Louisiana Tech, which is just down the road from where we lived. It was an easy college to get into.
Jeff Mangum
Being a tech company has to be about a pattern of repetitive innovation.
Obama will win the 2012 election, thanks in part to the tech community rallying behind him due to issues like SOPA, visas, and free speech.
None of most powerful tech companies answer to what’s best for people, only to what’s best for them.
New Mexico should be a tech jobs leader and a haven for innovation, a place where the best and the brightest come to bring their products to market.
Once my ears were open to hearing mentions of ‘Shark Tank’, I was surprised by how many people in our world, even in our industry, tech and finance, loved the show.
So here we are today with a new conversation. When University of Georgia plays Georgia Tech, it’s uniform color versus skin color. We have – we’ve overcome that level of racial fear.
I actually really like DJ Assault – a Detroit a ghetto tech DJ, who’s produced good music that’s influenced me a bit.