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The great thing about rock-n-roll is you realize the to

The great thing about rock-n-roll is you realize the top of the mountain is big enough for more than one band.
Acting’s not particularly complicated. But the great thing is you can step into somebody else’s shoes without dealing with the consequences. It’s very therapeutic in that way.
Nick Robinson
Unfortunately, celebrity is a powerful thing. It can influence people, but if it can influence people in a good way, then that’s a great thing.
The great thing about a short story is that it doesn’t have to trawl through someone‘s whole life; it can come in glancingly from the side.
The great thing about comedy is that the longer you’ve been alive, the more you have to talk about and the better you get. I’ve got some miles and some road savviness that some other guys don’t have.
I think the great thing about social media is it gives people access to you on a totally personal level that they didn’t have before, so it’s really important, and it’s a great way to get people involved and excited about what you’re doing.
I think that Hollywood is a very liberal community, and the great thing about that is that it tends to be relatively open to letting people think and believe what they want to think and believe.
The Internet was crucial for our success. It is a great thing. It is a big democracy because people can choose what they like.
Stjepan Hauser
The great thing about the public is that they’re quite capable of believing two absolutely contrary views at the same time.
There’s a great thing about amateur sport: it is purer. And the athletes are not open to so much pressure with amateur sport.
The great thing about being an actor is things happen to you very quickly. I like to put myself in the way of surprise.
That’s the great thing about ‘Corrie’: it is an ensemble cast, and it didn’t rest on one person‘s shoulders by any means.
The great thing about the Alice Cooper camp is that its a true family and there’s definitely a reason why he’s had such a long and successful career spanning over 50 years. You don’t get that far by not keeping good people around you.
That’s the great thing about G.I. Joe: it’s essentially superheroes, but it’s military based – and it’s based in reality.
D. J. Cotrona
I always thought of indie-rock as being rock music by bands that were on independent labels, and that’s a great thing.
Britt Daniel
Being typecast is a great thing for an actor. I was considered one of the New York mob actors.
Kids don’t read as much as you’d like them to, just in terms of seeing the world from different perspectives. I mean, that’s the great thing about books, still. Here’s television, here are the movies, and it’s pretty limited in terms of the perspectives.
When I was on Broadway, I got really sick with walking pneumonia. I decided not to take my health for granted anymore and make it a priority. The great thing is, the pounds just started to fall off.
The great thing about New York is that you don’t have to set out to do anything. Whenever I go without the kids, I walk all day and see the most interesting stuff. There’s always some kind of drama playing out.
The great thing about dancing is it’s a way to get close to a beautiful woman you have never met.
The great thing about being a novelist is that you organize your own day.
The great thing about fashion is that you can create a very unique version of yourself to display to the world.
The great thing with comedy is that I don’t memorize ahead of time like I did on ‘Breaking Bad.’ With ‘Breaking Bad,’ I wanted to know those words inside and out, really have my lines down so I could say them verbatim. But with comedy, you keep it a lot more loose.
It’s a great thing to play a final in your capital city.
People can do more than they ever believe they can do. Physically, mentally, academically. You have to be pushed. It hurts. But it’s worth it, and it’s a great thing.
That’s the great thing about sports – nothing‘s guaranteed.
The great thing about stage is that you have more control. The stage is yours. The time is yours. Film is really the editor‘s medium.
Kenneth Cranham
The great thing about Starz is that there’s not a lot of restrictions.
That’s the great thing about the Tour. There’s always next year and the chance to rectify everything.
That’s the great thing about the NFL: A team can get hot and win a championship.
I was mostly self-taught on guitar and that had its benefits. It’s a great thing to work through problems on your own.
The great thing about computer animation is that all of

The great thing about computer animation is that all of those environments exist as three-dimensional worlds, so these VR worlds already exist.
I’m not a go-in-for-the-kill kind of interviewer. It’s a great thing to me, that kind of interviewer, but I’m not it. It doesn’t play to my strengths at all. I like to interview people who are interested in telling their story and tell it as truthfully as they can.
The great thing about scenes that involve nervous breakdowns – in the little experience I have doing them – is that there’s no way to craft it. You just have to do it, and it sort of crafts itself in just being incredibly messy.
The great thing with Usain Bolt is he fell into great coaching, so his talent was exceptional from Day 1. You can coach technique and structure, but not talent.
What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
That’s the great thing about art. Anybody can do it if you just believe. With practice, you can make great paintings.
The great thing about stage is that you have a live audience.
I think that’s the great thing for us – we’re a band full of songwriters, and we’re capable of writing all kinds of songs.
That’s one great thing about my profession, traveling to locations.
Dean Stockwell
To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater.
The great thing about having spent all this time on film sets is that I’ve been able to watch directors and how they work. I now know that this is what I want to do as well: to tell stories visually. But it’s definitely my vision that I want to put across, nobody else‘s.
Catherine McCormack
One great thing about my mom, about the business, is that she has a really great head on her shoulders about everything and always has been 100 percent about the music and not about the other junk.
That’s the great thing about being an actor: Stuff shows up that you never thought was going to go down. You get to play or experience an area of the world that – you know, I live a pretty simple life, I’m not much of an adventurer. I like my couch and my television. So when stuff comes up in the job, it’s a good deal.
The great thing about James Baldwin and his writing is that it’s still fresh every time you pick it up. That’s also the sad thing about his writing sometimes, too.
The great thing about being a print journalist is that you are permitted to duck. Cameramen get killed while the writers are flat on the floor. A war correspondent for the BBC dedicated his memoir to 50 fallen colleagues, and I guarantee you they were all taking pictures. I am only alive because I am such a chicken.
The great thing about science fiction is that it transcends national boundaries.
The great thing about Adele is if you put her on top volume, you actually sound like her while you’re singing.
I think streaming technology is definitely coming, and it’s gonna make people’s access to games infinitely easier. You’ve seen it happen to music and movies, and I think it’s a great thing.
That’s the great thing for coaches… we’ll find more things where we can get better.
A UKAustralia trade deal won’t just be a good thing, it’ll be a great thing, for our businesses, for our consumers, for our workers and for our two great countries.
The great thing about being the son of Maya Angelou is that I had the good fortune to grow up around some of the greatest black artists, dancers, singers, musicians, and actors of our time.
Guy Johnson
The great thing about gurus is not that they make you feel everybody‘s love. It’s that they make you feel that you can love everybody.
Larry Brilliant
There’s certain key dance crazes that are just so much fun – wouldn’t that be a great thing to do, to invent a dance?
A great thing can only be done by a great person; and they do it without effort.
That’s the great thing about being an actor: getting the opportunity to do something that really speaks to you.
The great thing about doing a series about the Broadway community is that the possibilities are endless.
For some, being involved in a scene is a great thing because the social element can drive creativity. For me, though, it’s never really been like that. It’s the opposite. I’ve always had this instinct to escape.
I liked being on stage because it gave me a reason to be around people. The other great thing about acting is it allows you to imagine circumstances different from your own. I was a poor Bay Area kid getting to pretend to be a Russian aristocrat.
Every painting I do blends time frames. The great thing about being an artist is I can make the past join the present in some reality of the future.
I always thought it would be a great thing to do an art carwash. So you can actually go and get your car washed, but while you’re sitting around waiting you can walk in that hallway where you look at the cars going through the window, and that could be changing exhibitions.
Kenny Scharf
The great thing about having money is that you can actually just get on with your life and not have to think about paying the bills or crouch over ‘The Wall Street Journal’ or the ‘Financial Times’ and look at the stock figures and things like that. That bores me rigid.
Peter Mayle
But, there was a time when we all had a great thing goi

But, there was a time when we all had a great thing going but one person just became very uncomfortable with it and he had to try to change it around to suit him more and then it suited no one else but him.
That’s the great thing about how ‘SVU’ works. They work with so many Broadway actors, they are very used to getting us out in time for the show.
My dad is my hero. We have a strong relationship around sport. It has been such a big part of his life and now mine, and for him to be one of my coaches is a great thing.
Keith Moon was amazing as a drummer, but he was also a nut, and it reflected in his drumming. And the great thing about Who records is that you can almost get hold of the vinyl and feel his heart.
I read recently of the advent of a completely wireless house. Having just moved house and being drowned in billions of cords and cables, that sounds like a great thing to have.
Julian Ovenden
Obviously I know if you’re putting yourself out there, saying, ‘Hey! Listen to my music!,’ with pictures of yourself in the magazines, then people are going to judge you. ‘I hate her music. I hate her hair. I hate her production. I hate her videos.’ Fine: don’t care. That’s the great thing about art: it’s not for everyone.
That’s the great thing about Apple: it’s very focused on the things that we know how to do very well and not try to extend ourselves to areas that we know very little about or don’t have a lot of expertise in.
Eddy Cue
My life has changed for the better. It’s just amazing. I have to catch myself sometimes. It’s like a dream. It’s a great thing.
People have got to let their bodies breathe a little bit more. That’s the great thing about being a pompous, jumped-up rock god. There’s plenty of air around you.
It’s iconic, it’s Wembley. When I go running up Primrose Hill you can see the arch. It’s a great thing and it’s a proud spot for London.
The great thing about musicals is that they transcend race.
There’s no such thing as too much. If there’s too much, then that’s a great thing.
My parents taught me a great thing when I was a little kid to not read newspapers or follow the media.
The great thing about running is that so often you wake up and you think: ‘I really don’t feel like this.’ And even when you’re up and out, that first kilometre is tough. But then once you get to 3km and you’re getting to the end of the run, it’s really fantastic.
The great thing about being a writer is that you are always recreating yourself.
Martin Cruz Smith
Being known for musicals is a great thing.
It’s such a great thing to work with people and not have a plan.
Thomas Lennon
The great thing about Santa Monica civic auditorium was it was a place you could ride your bike to. In this case, my dad dropped me and my friends off, and we’d go see Ronnie James Dio or Jean-Luc Ponty or Weather Report or the Pretenders.
The great thing about a record is it frees your imagination; it gives your eyes a rest and lets your mind wander. There’s the special thing that each record can mean a different thing to every person listening to it.
The best messages in any given negotiation are really implied indirectly, come to the other person based on thinking that you’re getting them to do – getting them to get some really solid thought behind their answers. And so a great thing to send someone in an email is, ‘Have you given up on this project?’
The great thing about a name like ‘Cougar Town’ is that you hear it once and you remember it forever. It’s a very ‘loudtitle. But there’s a connection to the word ‘cougar’ that means a lot of people are going to be turned off right away by the title alone without even giving the show a chance.
Dan Byrd
A lot of the early Washed Out material was done on a couple of synthesizers that did most of the work, but that’s the great thing about synths – you can recreate sounds or make an entire record with just one piece of gear.
That’s the great thing about having your friends around you. I’ve known these guys forever. I really enjoy their company just as people. You couldn’t ask for a better work environment.
That’s the great thing about golf is you never know who is going to win. On good, tough golf courses, it brings it back to the best players. But it’s always the best player that week is going to win. I mean, so it could be anybody.
I was shooting in the low 70s and 60s by the time I was 12. That’s the great thing about golf. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. If you’re 90 and can shoot a good score, people will want to play with you.
Bubba Watson
The great thing about being an actor in a film is that you’re able to start knowing exactly where you’re going to finish and really paint something in between. You can work to know the arc you need to build. Whereas in television, it is open-ended, and you’re constantly guessing. There are pros and cons to both.
A TV show is constant work, which is the great thing about it.
A feminist is a person who believes in the power of women just as much as they believe in the power of anyone else. It’s equality, it’s fairness, and I think it’s a great thing to be a part of.
I’ve been writing an ongoing letter to my children since they were born, full of recollections of their childhoods. I’ve filled two journals. It’s a great thing to do as a mother – you forget a lot as you go along, but reading over what you’ve written brings all the memories back.
The great thing about Stephen is that he sees the movie as a separate thing, I think. He wants it to capture the essence of the book, and if he feels that’s been done, then he’s not too particular about the details. I think that’s why he’s happy.
The great thing about ‘Stand Up for Cancer’ is it doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is out there, we’re going to help sort it out, and we’re going to have a laugh while we do it.
Democracy can tie your hands in a rock 'n' roll band, y

Democracy can tie your hands in a rock ‘n’ roll band, you know? It can be a great thing, but if you’ve got a certain amount of vision and you write a lot of songs, it’s sometimes better to have your own band and make your own decisions.
The great thing about doing theater is that you get to do it better the next night.
My generation produced some terrific writers from all over, and the great thing about it is that they were all mixed in race.
I made my money the old-fashioned way; I inherited it. I think that’s a great thing to do.
John Raese
I think it’s a great thing to have failed in life and then pulled yourself up by the boot straps and actually done something, because then you appreciate it more.
I think the great thing about characters is the ways that they can be surprising. I mean, sometimes you think you’ve got a lock on a personality, even just in life, and then they’ll shock you by their behavior.
The great thing about making picture books is that you can make absolutely anything you want happen. It’s a bit like making a film, but you don’t need lots of money for actors and costumes – you just need pens, paper, and your imagination.
Mini Grey
The great thing about film is you start and finish. It’s a journey that lasts so long, TV lasts a long time.
Melissa George
I jokingly say if there was one great thing about, you know, the Lebanese Civil War was that it forced me to read.
If the great thing about the Internet is that it throws wide the doors of discussion to everyone, the bad thing about the Internet is that it throws wide the doors of discussion to everyone.
I kind of cheer the presence of any gay characters at all – I think the more we can saturate television with any gay character or lesbian character or transgender character, I think that’s a really great thing. We’re kind of getting past the fact that they’re the punchline or that they’re the novelty.
The learning curve on soaps is through the roof because it’s a three-camera setup. There’s a master and then there’s two singles. And the great thing about soaps, and soap actors will tell you, is that when you get your line wrong, they don’t re-shoot it. They just cut to the person listening.
The great thing about kids is the immediate gratification. As soon as I get home from touring, my wife and kids become my life. There is nothing sweeter.
Usually, the great thing about cycling is that anybody can watch it; it’s very accessible.
The great thing about being a woman is the power of reinvention.
In the show, the whole point of the fast food – the fact that SpongeBob loves being part of the fast-food chain and that being a manager is his ultimate dream – it’s ironic. It’s something that most people don’t think is a great thing to try to achieve.
That’s the great thing about university: you’ve got people around you who are taking a risk and trying things out themselves. It gives you the confidence to try and take it to the next step, which was drama school.
Adam Rayner
The great thing about America, what I’ve loved about it, is how sports-friendly it is. In America, sports are respected and loved.
The great thing about Cairo is the vast majority of women wear some kind of head scarf, but they are also very fashion-conscious. They love bright colors.
The great thing about making a film on a submarine is that it’s kind of like making a play. You’ve got this limited environment.
The great thing about fiction is you can talk about things without being didactic about them, but hopefully forge a connection with people and an understanding about a shared humanity that tells its own story.
I think that’s the great thing about all ‘Black Mirror’ episodes – it really leaves you with this feeling of not knowing how to feel.
The great thing about writing is that it has to work without that invisible layer of the reader‘s added knowledge.
The great thing about the stage is that you have a structured month-long rehearsal period where you’re going in every day. You have to have lots of run-throughs with theater because there are no second takes in front of a live audience.
I think the great thing about a television set is that it can be turned on and off, and you don’t have to watch it if you think it’s going to be something that you’re not going to like or learn from.
This is the great thing about TV is that when you discover certain strengths in an actor, you can then begin to exploit them in really fun ways.
The great thing about letting people be true to themselves is they often do very good things indeed.
The great thing about baseball is there’s a crisis every day.
Gabe Paul
The great thing about Roald Dahl is he tackled the big questions of life without any fear of being shocking or brutal, because he knew the kids could take it.
The great thing about capitalism is that it’s a system that works.
I have nothing against getting married. It’s a great thing.
'Invisible Man' holds such an honored place in African-

‘Invisible Man’ holds such an honored place in African-American literature that Ralph Ellison didn’t have to write anything else to break bread with the remembered dead. But he did try to go on, because if a writer has done one great thing, then the pressures to do another are intense.
I think it’s a great thing that players have to go to school for at least a year. I think it definitely helps you in the long run.
Often, we need to ignore the words people say and attend to their underlying, urgent, life or death questions: Am I valuable? Am I loved? The great thing is that the answer is easy: Yes! The answer is always yes. We don’t have to think too hard.
People root for me in such a way that when they come to a show, the experience of not knowing what’s about to happen is a great thing.
That’s the great thing about sports: You play to win, and I don’t care if you don’t have any wins. You go play to win. When you start telling me it doesn’t matter, then retire. Get out. ‘Cause it matters.
That’s the great thing about being an actor, you get to try out lots of things for your roles.
Bruce Boxleitner
The great thing about being a broadcaster is you have this incredible responsibility to the people that make it all happen, the people that turn on the television set.
The great thing about fiscal policy is that it has a direct impact and doesn’t require you to bind the hands of future policymakers.
Paul Krugman
We certainly had our moments when I was growing up. But the great thing was, if Mom was working on a night shoot, she’d be up making breakfast before school.
Your physicality is this great thing, but it is also the thing that makes you clumsy and limits you in the world, so to speak.
Amy Ray
I think Linux is a great thing, in the big picture. It’s a great hacker‘s tool, and it has a lot of potential to become something more.
Jamie Zawinski
It would be a great thing for my legacy to get in the ring with an all-time great.
I never even dreamt of being a writer because I didn’t feel allowed. When I was a child I was terribly ambitious, but I didn’t know at all what this great thing would become.
Amelie Nothomb
To stay in one time zone and play in a great conference – a great all-around conference, but, specifically, a great basketball conference – is a great thing.
The great thing about a painter is that he or she lives on – I mean, Andrew Wyeth is more in his paintings than he was walking around.
The great thing about training/exercise is it is non-bias. It changes from person to person, but everyone can still enjoy the benefits.
I worked on ‘Line of Duty‘ with Vicky McClure after she’d just finished the last series of ‘This Is EnglandI think the great thing about ‘Ashes To Ashes’ is that it is very much its own show. and I kept nagging her to find out how it ended.
You become an expert by working hard. We’ve got fantastic museums, collections and antique shows. You can go and just start looking. That’s the great thing about knowledge. If you collect Doulton figures, you know about the rare ones.
Judith Miller
I think it’s a great thing to support fashion and support designers.
Delphine Arnault
The ability to communicate with everybody, regardless of who are you are, is a great thing.
Bobby Bonilla
Continuity is a great thing; staying the course and being patient, those are important virtues. But also there is virtue in being realistic enough to know you have to make serious changes sometimes.
It is a great thing to have a big brain, a fertile imagination, grand ideals, but the man with these, bereft of a good backbone, is sure to serve no useful end.
A lot of time, I’d spell things in standard English instead of phonetically because I want people to understand what’s going on. It’s also very lyrical, and the great thing about lyrical prose is even when you’re not totally sure of the words, you can be swayed by the musicality of it.
No great thing is created suddenly.
The great thing as an actor is that I don’t know what my agent is going to call me with next.
I think the idea of participation trophies has gotta be a really, really great thing. Kids are under enough pressure as it is without encouraging them to be the best too early.
I wasn’t that great in sports. I started doing children’s theater and loved it. I thought I had a great thing going with musicals. I thought, ‘I can do this. It’s fun.’ I wanted to go for it, and I thought I’d like to make a living doing this.
After ‘Prom Night’ I did two movies where I was playing a prostitute. I gravitate towards characters that have some sort of inner turmoil or some sort of character arc. That’s the great thing about acting, so many different things and being really diverse in your choices.
The great thing about all my siblings is we all agree we had a horrendous childhood. It’s not like it doesn’t affect us now; it affects us every day, in everything we do.
The great thing about performance capture is you can go off, and then, without changing costume, you can become another character.
The great thing about being young and dumb is that you don’t know what you can’t do.
That's the great thing about a tractor. You can't reall

That’s the great thing about a tractor. You can’t really hear the phone ring.
When ‘Blade Runner‘ came out, and especially, even actually when ‘Alien‘ came out, it kind of changed how all science fiction movies were designed after that. And that was a really great thing. Now we’re watching a lot of movies that are Xeroxes of Xeroxes of Xeroxes of Xeroxes of ‘Blade Runner.’
The great thing about costume jewelry is that there’s something for everyone – there are very humorous pieces and very extravagant and outrageous pieces.
Judith Miller
Every great thing has to come to an end at some point. It’s the way that it goes.
The great thing about being a lead is getting to go to work every day and have fun.
The great thing about theatre is that the performance develops over the run – it changes each time.
The great thing about ‘World Of Warcraft‘ is that you can sit down in your lunch hour and do a couple of quests and still feel like you’ve had a meaningful experience, rather than it feeling like you’ve got a second career.
I read so many things because a colleague or a friend will post something, and I’ll be able to learn a tremendous amount only because they drew attention to it. So I try to do that for others, and that’s the great thing about social media. It’s not always a narcissistic cesspool or waste of time.
The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.
Madeleine L’Engle
Being a geek is a great thing. I think we’re all geeks. Being a geek means you’re passionate about something and that defines your uniqueness. I would rather be passionate about something than be apathetic about everything.
The great thing I like about the sci-fi genre is there’s a lot of different latitude for a lot of different kinds of behavior. You can be a very larger-than-life villain, or a very naturalistic villain, and all of it seems to fit.
The great thing about ageing is that your eyesight deteriorates at the same rate as your face. So I can’t see how bad things are getting.
It’s a great thing that the NBA has done in Africa to develop the game.
To walk around with an ego is a bad thing. To have confidence in yourself is a great thing.
The Jewish culture has a wonderful thing about education. It has a great thing about family; it has a great thing about unity, hard work, dedication. I would like to say the African-American community should emulate that.
The great thing about acting is you don’t have to worry about yourself at all. I tend to just get out of the way of me and let something come through.
The great thing for me, now, is that writing has become more and more interesting. Not just as a craft but as a way into things that are not described. It’s a thing of discovering. That’s when writing is really working. You’re on the trail of something, and you don’t quite know what it is.
Driverless cars are a great thing.
The great thing about show business is that there’s no mandatory retirement age.
Being back home is a great thing for me, being with my family, being with friends, being with people that have got your back no matter what.
I love my complexion, but like so many of us, in the early years at primary school, I grew up thinking that my dark skin wasn’t a great thing. I’ve found freedom in music and songwriting, which has given me a freedom in how I present myself. I’m glad I’ve got makeup to celebrate that with.
I’m just more into playing golf. It’s a great thing.
It’s a great thing to live in a digital age. It’s convenient; it’s fast.
I always try and find a place for Guy Pearce. The great thing about him is he’s so versatile, and I wouldn’t work with an actor that much if it weren’t for the fact that he had so much versatility.
The great thing about this town hall format is that it allows us to hear what’s on the minds of Americans. Tonight, it was clear – voters have quite a few questions about the direction in which the current administration is headed.
The great thing about my two lives is I love them both. I’m very ambitious and nothing gets in the way of me practising and concentrating on winning golf tournaments. But then I come home and get back to normality.
The great thing about acting is that, until you’re dead, you can do it. There are aspects to it that as time goes on you hope you get better at, and there are a lot of things that I’m excited to explore.
Gil Bellows
The great thing about stand up is you get to do other things. You get to do your stand up tours but you also get to do ‘Have I Got News For You.’ You get to do a sitcom, but you also get to do the ‘Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice.’ I’m easily bored, so I like the variety.
The great thing about fiction is you can fix things and make things better.
The great thing for me about ‘The Resurrection of Gavin Stone‘ is it’s a throwback to the old fashioned Hollywood movie that you can watch with your family, has a message, and is funny and entertaining. They didn’t call them faith-based movies; they just called them good movies.
The great thing about cake is it doesn’t feel like work. You forget about work. Kids, adults, they all get the same look in their eye when they’re decorating cakes… That’s the magic right there.
Duff Goldman
The great thing about having a bunch of kids is they ju

The great thing about having a bunch of kids is they just remind you that you’re the person who takes them to go poop!
It is a great thing to be a child of God, and joint-heir with Jesus Christ. If this is your privilege, you will know the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings.
The great thing about films is that you have access to this whole world of experts who teach you the skills your character’s supposed to have.
It’s a great thing that yoga is so popular.
Polo is a great thing to do with your kids and your family – it is a great day out. And to me, horses are amazing creatures that give you this cable to Earth and put you in contact with nature.
Nacho Figueras
The great thing about ‘Vera Stark‘ is that my research was watching movies, screwball comedies, so I could literally sit back and relax.
The great thing is that the funny side of getting old is fuel for my comedy.
That more women are getting involved in politicseither by running for office, managing campaigns or voting – is a great thing.
It’s a great thing not trying to make music for a label but just for the love of music again.
There is that great thing of D.C. being Hollywood for ugly people. There’s very distinct crossover behaviors.
A great thing happening now in art is that artists are using the figure, the body, clothing, life.
The great thing about journalism is that there is so much exposure to all kinds of people who can turn up later as characters, whether you intend it or not.
Tananarive Due
I hold a lot of things in. I’m always making sure everybody is okay. I usually don’t rage; I usually don’t curse. So for me, it’s a great thing to be able to scream and say whatever I want.
The great thing about America is that people take its history and mythologise it.
I like second chances. I’ve given people second chances. You have fall-outs with friends, and forgiveness is a great thing to have. It’s not easy to forgive. I definitely don’t forget, but I do forgive.
The great thing about books is that you can end with a question mark.
Going out hanging out with the troops, and you know it’s kind of all summed up in the TV show, I don’t what else I can say about it. It’s a great thing to do, something I’m definitely proud of.
The great thing about using the past is that it gives you the most colossal freedom to invent. The research is necessary, of course, but no one writes a novel to dramatically illustrate what everybody already knows.
I think globalization is a great thing. And now a lot of people complain about globalization; a lot of people don’t like, you know, the globalize of the concept, the idea of the results. I think the globalization is a great idea and to create a lot of jobs.
Getting people to come play my ‘Darius and Friends Show’ was so easy because it’s for St. Jude, and that’s a great thing.
I’m kind of spoiled, but the great thing about life is that you never know what’s around the corner.
Stockard Channing
The great thing about Snapchat is your fans can get a detailed experience of what your life is like behind the scenes.
I think now that the great thing is not so much the formulation of an answer for myself, for the theater, or the play-but rather the most accurate possible statement of the problem.
The great thing about Batman and Superman, in truth, is that they are literally transcendent. They are better than most of the stories they are in.
The great thing about the story of ‘Twilight‘, or the story of ‘I Am Number Four‘ is that you get to deal with real issues of identity and what people are going through and the choice of who you’re going to be, but it’s all large.
The great thing about working with NPR – and, really, there’s like a million of ’em – is all the cool stuff I get to do for the public. Meet the president. Hang out at the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas. Drink a $10,000 martini.
‘How’ is a great thing to know. ‘Why’ is the ultimate. I’m the ‘why’ coach. Why are we doing this? Why are we not doing that? Why is this not working? Those are the things I want to know.
I used to think that each phase of life was the end. But now that my view on life is more or less fixed, I believe that change is a great thing. In fact, it’s the only real absolute in the world.
And that’s the great thing about living the Christian life and trying to live by faith, is you’re trying to get better every day. You’re trying to improve.
The great thing about being married to somebody like Christina is that we both are on the same page. We’re both energetic, we’re both busy, we’re both 100 miles an hour.
That is the great thing about Hawaii. We’re so culturally diverse and we inner-marry and appreciate each other’s cultures.
It drove me mad not being able to know more about Pink

It drove me mad not being able to know more about Pink Floyd when I was a little kid. But that’s the great thing – there was this mystery behind it, and we couldn’t find out enough. It made your mind work, it made you seek after it or try to interpret it. It made you envision or imagine what they were doing.
Trapped In The Closet‘ lives in a place on the earth on its own. It pays its own rent, it’s its own landlord, it owns the building, it’s everything. And it’s so separate from what R. Kelly does; that’s the great thing about it.
I can manage it if I don’t make it in Hollywood. I’ve got nothing to lose, which is the great thing. There’s no pressure.
The great thing is that young talent isn’t tied to a how-to model for starting a line; we get to find new ways to go about doing things. And don’t let people tell you you can’t. Go find a way to show that you can.
The great thing about pastry is there are so many avenues – it’s very hard to get bored doing this.
No, I think marriage is a great thing.
We think the government should be pushing for more encryption. That it’s a great thing. You know, it’s like the sun and the air and the water.
A great thing, which I don’t do enough, is to take a break from producing and try to just take stuff in, like go to the theater.
The great thing that guys like Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg and the Google guys have in common is they treat their technology like it’s art, and I suppose in the hands of virtuosos like them, it is.
Harvey Weinstein
It’s a great thing that the United States has given the rest of the world – no other country has given such great popular music to the Far East and Europe. When I play those great countries, a lot of times, the audience starts singing the songs with me. They know them. They love them.
Feeling really safe as an actor is not a great thing because you’re not learning or growing.
All my career, I’ve played in great teams – Marseille was a great team, Arsenal was a great thing, but we never won a trophy. With Manchester City, first year, it happened, and it was just a big relief.
I’ve seen so many photographers rush to do books the minute they start shooting, but one great thing about photography is that the images don’t go away, so the more I sit with these images, the more I learn which ones have had the most impact.
The great thing about animation is it’s like the radio. I used to do lots of radio when I was a kid, and you get to play parts you would never get to play ordinarily.
That’s the great thing about being an all-rounder. You can impose yourself on the game with bat and ball.
A great thing is happening on cable TV. You see characters change in stories over years, like in Tolstoy. That’s a whole, thrilling new form that I really enjoy. They are Tolstoy-an in their endless character development and narrative changes… a show like ‘Breaking Bad’ is astonishing.
It’s always a great thing getting to play in the last game of the year.
I remember when I was 33 or 34, it was devastating because I realized I wasn’t a kid anymore. The great thing about 40 was that I really felt like I had life experience and knew what I was doing now.
Making important medicine more available and affordable is a great thing for the country, and Netmeds is one the mainstays in the space. They have a long legacy in the pharma business, and they are making it easier for people to stay healthy.
Fear of failure is a great thing. It pushes you past your comfort levels.
That was the great, great thing about ‘Star Trek,’ that it was a show that people could tune into at all sorts of different levels.
The great thing about baseball is when you’re done, you’ll only tell your grandchildren the good things. If they ask me about 1989, I’ll tell them I had amnesia.
Sparky Anderson
With couture, the great thing is that each piece has its own character, and you have space to explore and continue themes season after season.
When you get up in the morning and know you’re doing something you love, feel fit and look after yourself, it’s just a great thing to do.
One quality of a good songwriter is to be vague. A vague notion, a vague image, but enough to give the listener the opportunity to make more out of what’s being said than is there. That’s the great thing about Bob Dylan‘s songs: We the listeners have made more out of them than he ever intended.
The great thing about catchers is that they do a lot of different things, and they’re basically overlooked.
Roger Angell
The great thing about ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ is it shoots in Los Angeles where my home is, so I got to live at home and wake up in my own bed.
Claire Holt
It may be a cliche, but cliche or not, I fear the day when the only marsh harriers or peregrines I can look at are in paintings by Joseph Wolf or Bruno Liljefors – and no matter how beautiful those works may be, life is the great thing: life, life, life.
I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.
Marjorie Holmes
We do the best we can and the great thing about this sport is every two weeks you know whether it is good enough or not.
Brexit has energised millions of people, young and old, to take part in our democracy and that’s a great thing.
I don't care what anybody says: Nothing is better than

I don’t care what anybody says: Nothing is better than a tomato you grow. There’s something about it that’s different than a tomato you can buy. It’s a great thing.
The great thing about being a writer is that you have a long, perhaps frighteningly long time in which to do your work.
I think the great thing about the Jack Ryan films is that the plot and the story always take center stage. If you’ve done your job as the actor portraying Jack Ryan, you are present enough to make an impact, but you let the story shine.
The great thing about this country is that everyone has the chance to voice their own opinion.
That’s the great thing about music. You can find some ’60s pop record and feel completely invigorated by it, even though it’s so old.
For me, the great thing about music is that anybody can do it.
The great thing about a trilogy is that it feels like you’ve got a beginning, a middle, and an end.
Emma Thomas
I lost my moorings. But you know the great thing about acting? It’s all part of the gig. You get to put it in your work.
The great thing about women directors is that they’re not only involved in the performances – they can gauge where we all are personally and know how to direct us better because of that.
I knew nothing about wrestling! Sometimes that’s a great thing, and sometimes that really annoys people in this industry but that’s the truth. I had no clue how to wrestle. I had to learn everything, absolutely everything. To start from the bottom.
I think that’s the great thing about zombies, is, you know, going back to even ‘Night of the Living Dead,’ they’ve always been a tool for kind of holding up a mirror to us and showing us something about ourselves that we might not otherwise know.
That’s the great thing about this sport: it’s always different.
The great thing about fiction is that everything you care about ends up going into the book.
The great thing about movies is that they’re collaborative. And the worst thing is that they’re collaborative.
The great thing about football is that it’s so fast, there are so few interruptions.
The great thing about football is that it’s a game that involves so many people.
In today‘s world, where everybody is so anticipating the next great thing and everyone is so ready to shut the door on people, I don’t really care what the world says.
I really like the mission at SurveyMonkey, which is, we help people make better decisions. It’s just a great thing.
It’s a great thing when you feel that you recognize yourself, deeply and movingly, in a work of literature.
I just thought that I had had my fill for a while and wanted to have a family. My husband was moving to Chicago for his job. And so I went along. And it was a great thing that I did.
Lauren Holly
Don may yawn at the idea, which he often does, but the great thing about Don, he has confidence in me and Mike and Ed and Leslie and Steve, that we’re not going go out and do stories that will put people to sleep.
I think that’s the great thing, ya‘ know, that women can do anything that they want now.
The great thing about ‘Coco’ is that for anybody who hears it, it just sticks.
O. T. Genasis
I think the FA Cup has great memories and I think there have been Nigerian legends that have played in it as well, like Jay-Jay Okocha and Nwankwo Kanu. They’ve played in it, so it’s a great thing to play in the FA Cup.
The great thing about people in the ’80s is there was a great zest for life. It was a really exciting era and the people who were around then are growing up very slowly. They almost don’t want to!
The great thing about a sitcom is that you’re in front of a live audience, so you really get in touch with what audience reaction is, but also there are lots of elements of film that you’re dealing with, and there’s kind of a great boot camp or graduate school mentality to it, because you’re going to suck.
Some people are cool with the fact that their bodies bear witness to this great thing they produced, their children, and I understand that. But on a personal level, it makes me feel better that my breasts are not down to my knees when I’m undressed in front of my husband.
The great thing about doing art shows is you get to meet the people who are interested in your art, and I think that when you’re purchasing a piece of art it’s a tremendous bonus to get to meet the artist because you get a chance to pick their brain a bit and find out first hand what the piece is about for the artist.
The great thing about America is I’ve never felt like an outsider. I’m just a different piece of the puzzle.
The great thing about online comics is that this happens naturally, even if you don’t advertise.
That’s the great thing about being a director. You have your list of things you have to worry about and things you don’t have to worry about. If you can hire someone or cast someone who equates to not having to worry about, it’s great!
The great thing about adventure, when told correctly, i

The great thing about adventure, when told correctly, is it is one of the few genres that everybody in the family can watch together.
I don’t know the law, the kind of law of quantity and quality, but I think the opportunity of people being able to express themselves and to have the means of production is a great thing. It’s also changing how we’re telling stories.
That’s the great thing with Lyon: we are such a competitive group of players, but we know each other so well, so what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch.
The great thing about sports is you constantly have to prove yourself. You constantly have to go out there and do it, day in and day out.
Grant Hill
I always knew writing a novel was a great thing.
The great thing about American women is their energy and the way they love to dress. French women don’t really dress; they are too conservative, as it’s always a question of money. In America, women are powerful and strong, determined. If they want to be an object, they choose to be in control.
The great thing about writing jokes for President Obama is that he is not afraid to tell jokes that are actually funny – and not just funny for a politician.
That’s the great thing about being a teenager. You think you’re a genius.
Yoga is a great thing to do because you can just practice it by yourself in your hotel.
I’ve had filmmakers, I even had Bono come and talk to me about having a sequel to ‘E.T.’ help with an environmental message – I listened. I can certainly understand. I mean, the great thing about Bono is that everything he does is in service to a greater cause.
The great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward.
Oscar de la Renta
People will love something very much or hate something very much. But the great thing about a sketch show is that if something comes along that you don’t like, something else will come along in a minute that hopefully you might like that.
Matt Lucas
The great thing about Gospel is that you don’t have to have an album every year in order to keep working.
The great thing about social media was how it gave a voice to voiceless people.
Thats the great thing about the Dirty Knobs over the years. Wed play these relatively small places and we wouldnt have any hits. Wed try to win them over in the moment.
To be filled with God is a great thing, to be filled with the fullness of God is still greater; to be filled with all the fullness of God is greatest of all.
I don’t think if you asked any of my childhood friends they would say that I had a weird childhood; they might say there weren’t a lot of regular rules, the conversations in the house were always very open, dreams were a great thing to talk about, everybody was making something all the time.
Jennifer Lynch
The great thing about ‘The Exorcist‘ is it’s dead serious horror. No comedy, no self-reference, it’s a documentary style.
The great thing about going to Malawi is I have no contact for at least a week with anything that’s happening back in Washington.
I have never been a major fashionista, but I love a suit, and I did have one made for me by the tailor Stephen Williams. The great thing about a bespoke suit is that it covers up my pot belly. When I buy a suit, I’ll pick shoes, belt, tie, shirt and socks, and that will be what I always wear with it.
The great thing about being on a television show is that it usually provides you with fairly steady income so you can go and do things.
We should teach kids, whether you’re on the varsity team or not, that movement is a great thing in your life.
The great thing about Glasgow is that if there’s a nuclear attack it’ll look exactly the same afterwards.
The great thing about living in New York is the constant change of things. It inspires me to keep moving, push forward, question ideas.
Anytime I’m given scripts where I’m sort of the fantasy girl, it’s hard for me because that’s not real and I don’t think it’s a great thing to put out there consistently.
The great thing that I appreciate – the fact that my godfather, WilliamStickyJackson, was a Tuskegee Airman because my father was first born in Ozark, Alabama. The sacrifices and the commitment of those men made it possible for myself and many others.
Doing is the great thing, for if people resolutely do what is right, they come in time to like doing it.
Never, and I mean never, allow anyone else’s ideas of who you can or can’t become sully your dream or pollute your imagination. This is your territory, and a ‘Keep Out’ sign is a great thing to erect at all entrances to your imagination.
The really great thing about having two TV shows going on at the same time is that I can go to one and say that I have to go and visit the other, and then I can just go home, and they don’t know.
It’s a great thing because I’ve said to my lad, ‘What do you want to do today – football, shopping, playing a game?’ and he says, ‘I want to bake with you, Dad.’ And he loves it, baking with me.
There’s that great thing about acting – you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve, and you’re speaking off the cuff. You know, you’re fearless about it, and – and it’s great. And I love it.
That's the great thing about incubating something on th

That’s the great thing about incubating something on the web: you have the potential to go to other platforms. Every single platform has a different audience that you find.
That’s the great thing about social media: you can make one move, and everybody knows about it, and I kind of like that.
Any time you can be voted a captain by your peers is always a great thing.
The great thing about Little League was that anyone could play it.
The great thing about irony is that it splits things apart, gets up above them so we can see the flaws and hypocrisies and duplicates.
It’s a great thing about this Internet thing we’ve got going. I have the luxury of not going through filters or network execs to do my art.
That’s the great thing about being an actor, you know, you can just jump to different jobs.
The great thing about the United States and the historically magnetic effect it has had on a lot of people like me is its generosity, to put it simply.
The great thing about working in cable is that, since the season is truncated – we only do 12 shows – the writers are more at ease in terms of mapping out the trajectory of the story and the characters.
If you can allow yourself to do more good with your creativity by being successful, then that’s a great thing.
That’s the great thing with the WWE. They want you to be like John Cena, they want you to be like The Rock, and they definitely give you that platform.
It’s always just a great thing to see your kids connecting and you see the different stages.
Christine Taylor
The responsibility I have is a great thing, from helping tennis grow in Canada, but also in the future, being able to do stuff through my foundation, helping kids, and helping everyone I can, and really trying to make a difference. It would be a shame to be in the spotlight, have a voice and not do much with it.
The great thing is that I’m getting my revenge on everybody who treated me badly in high school. The bad thing is I had to go back to high school to do it.
Anne Beatts
You never know who will win and I think that is the great thing about this league (as a player) because it gives you a lot of hope that this could be your year.
The great thing in life is efficiency. If you amount to anything in the world, your time is valuable, your energy precious. They are your success capital, and you cannot afford to heedlessly throw them away or trifle with them.
The great thing about making an ensemble show is it becomes modular. It might work on the page to cut from one scene to another, but on the screen, it’s more powerful to take that second scene and move it first or move it later.
I think teen-age love is a great thing. There’s nothing quite like it and never will be for the rest of your life.
The great thing is my dad was OK with whatever I wanted to do. He always supported me, and once I showed I was serious about football, that’s when he really started to get involved and give me pointers.
That’s the great thing about New Year‘s, you get to be a year older. For me, that wasn’t such a joke, because my birthday was always around this time. When I was a kid, my father used to tell me that everybody was celebrating my birthday. That’s what the trees are all about.
Morphe was one of the first makeup brands that I worked with when I was just starting out. The great thing about them is that they were really invested in social media and influencers like me early.
What works about fairy tales is that they endure, and the great thing about fairy tales is that you can explore big, epic things that you can’t really explore in other situations.
You know what, I’m happy to say that everything outside of ‘Dexter’ feels like a vacation, and I don’t mean to say anything negative about the show. It’s just a different kind of work. Emotionally it’s taxing and complicated, and that’s a great thing.
It’s a great thing when you can show that you’ve been successful and that you’ve made a lot of money and that you’ve employed a lot of people.
Donald Trump
Community service has been a great thing for me.
The great thing about Watergate is, is that the system worked. The American system worked. The press did its job. We did what we were supposed to do.
Carl Bernstein
The great thing about Daniel Ricciardo is you can’t not like him, he’s got a big smile, he loves what he does, he’s a great personality.
The great thing about VR is that the input is going to be so drastically better than mouse input or games with touch controls on smartphones. It’ll make it much easier to build stuff and express yourself freely.
The great thing about libertarianism is it really is the American dream: It’s the ability of everybody to live their life and build their life according to what they want, so long as they don’t hurt anybody else.
The great thing about ‘Breaking Bad’ was they were able to write themselves out of anything.
Mel Rodriguez
Nature’s great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing.
John Donne
The great thing about T20 is that it only takes one per

The great thing about T20 is that it only takes one performance. One piece of individual brilliance can win a game and that can change the whole way you approach a tournament.
The U.S.S. George H. W. Bush is a great thing in my life. It’s amazing. A great honor.
The great thing about Pete and Peggy’s storyline is that you barely have to do anything. There’s so much there, so much history, that you can have them exchange a look and it’s so loaded. So you honestly don’t have to do anything.
The great thing about coming from where I come from – Liverpool and my family – is that we’re very close. I have a great relationship with my siblings and their kids.
Well, the great thing for me about poetry is that in good poems the dislocation of words, that is to say, the distance between what they say they’re saying and what they are actually saying is at its greatest.
Fantasy football is not only a good thing, but a great thing.
Jay Mohr
The great thing about ‘The Office’ and it being single-camera and the documentary style is that it’s mostly a comedy, but 10 percent of it is, we get to show the existential angst that exists in the American workplace.
Food is a great thing to be enthusiastic about, its not hurting anybody.
Part of the great thing of looking back on how I went from the cattle ranch to the White House was, I was a country music DJ. I saw Garth Brooks perform for free in 1992 at the Colorado State Fair where I met this person who knew about this graduate school program.
The great thing about ‘Total Divas’ is that it gives people who don’t watch wrestling an avenue to see how empowering we women are.
If you know how to read, you have a complete education about life, then you know how to vote within a democracy. But if you don’t know how to read, you don’t know how to decide. That’s the great thing about our country – we’re a democracy of readers, and we should keep it that way.
Chelsea are a massive family, that is the great thing about the club.
Everything about ‘Adventure Time’ is the purest form of kid’s play. A kid does not live in the Land of Ooo. That is one of the wonderful things about the show; it doesn’t pretend to be real. That was the great thing about ‘Pee Wee’s Playhouse’; it existed in a world completely outside any reality a kid recognized.
Fred Seibert
The great thing about theater is that you have so much time to prepare, and to fail, before presenting it to the public. In film, the high-wire act seems to be that much farther up, and the net seems to be less there.
I love doing action scenes, there’s that great thing when you sort of stop acting because if you’re running, you’re not acting like you’re running, you are just actually running.
Sarah Wayne Callies
Probably the best thing for me to hear from my family is telling me that they are proud. To be able to see them smile is a great thing.
There’s a reason why I do anxious characters – it comes from a lot of personal anxiety. The great thing is, having that history, it’s really fun to bring that into the characters… and play with it.
The great thing about wrestling is that it’s very subjective. They’ll let you know what they like and don’t like.
It was a great thing to be a human being. It was something tremendous. Suddenly I’m conscious of a million sensations buzzing in me like bees in a hive. Gentlemen, it was a great thing.
The great thing about Dallas is there’s no paparazzi.
The great thing is that whether we have faith or not, we are by and large very tolerant of people, whatever their particular view.
The great thing about discovering all the food treasures that Box Hill has to offer is that most of them are packed into an area small enough to wrap your arms around.
The great thing coming from sports is you understand the concept of a team. It leaves no room for being selfish, and that’s something I picked up from home.
The great thing about life – I’d rather not know and just hope I’m happy and healthy and I feel as good about my life as I do now.
Camilla Belle
In hockey, there are no second chances, but the great thing about acting is that there actually are. If you do a scene and you think you can do better – take two!
I really enjoy representing my country and think the principles of what Fed Cup is about and the team environment is a great thing to be a part of.
My goal is people associate November with COPD awareness month as much as they notice October with breast cancer and pink. That’d be a great thing if it happened. The fact that COPD kills more people than breast cancer and diabetes put together should raise some red flags.
I mean, I’m pretty sad that I have to leave all of my home friends and I can’t see them for basically half a year. That’s not a great thing, but we’ll FaceTime and stuff. What I’m excited for is to be on the set with all the ‘Stranger Things’ cast.
Fashion is a great thing, it’s a way to express who you are.