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I just kind of try to go out and focus on what I've got

I just kind of try to go out and focus on what I’ve got to do to get myself better.
I just kind of go on with what I’m doing.
‘Ludacris’ is something that I made up. It just kind of describes me. Sometimes I have like a split personality. Sometimes I’m cool, calm, and collected, and other times I’m beyond crazy.
A friend of mine told me a bunch of stuff on Buddhism and about Avicii being the lowest level of Buddhist hell, and it just sort of got stuck in my head. Later on when I went to setup a MySpace, I tried a bunch of names and they were all taken so I just kind of ended up with Avicii and then I got really attached to it.
I don’t have a real recipe with measurements for my chicken stew. I just kind of make it up as I go. I made it for the first time one Christmas when I came home from college. It’s guaranteed to cure a cold.
I did a year at Columbia, and I just kind of floundered. Maybe it wasn’t the right place for me.
I’ve got this inflatable Darth Vader that I stole off the roof of a Burger King. I went in and asked the girl at the counter if I could have it, and she said she didn’t care, but she wasn’t going to get me a ladder or anything like that. So I just kind of pulled myself up there, cut it loose and took off.
I do smaller films, I’m not getting big paydays. I feel like we’re just kind of scraping together here.
Writing your own jokes, you just kind of keep working on something until you think it might work, and then you try it out and hope for the best.
I have felt that there’s a lot of receptiveness to female stories now. I think some of it has a little bit – a lot of it is economically driven and driven by, just, kind of studios wanting to check that box because now they know they have a woman problem that they need to solve.
When I moved to New York I started to do a lot of TV commercials. It just kind of naturally evolved from still photography to commercials.
For each person, they live their life and their truth and how it works for them, and that’s just kind of how it works for me. I’m not good at doing whatever the other way is – it wouldn’t work for me.
I’m not really one of those people who goes and writes some big back story and agonizes over characters. I think you kind of can get it. For me personally, it’s just kind of more instinctive. But I don’t have kind of an acting background. I fell into it accidentally.
Imagination is a pretty powerful thing, and when you’re in the moment and you’re riding a train and you’re asked to look scared, I don’t know, it just kind of works out. And in those moments where you’re actually doing some of the stunts, then it’s not so hard at all, because there’s an actual fear there.
I’ve always been a late bloomer. My body developed late. From ninth to 10th grade, I grew like 3 inches. Just kind of stretched out. I was like 6-1, grew to 6-4 in 10th grade.
If you can remain true to the people who know you the best and not be sidetracked by the flashing lights and glimmering of the cameras, it’s like, just being down-to-earth and just kind of staying real.
Summer Altice
Katie Otto goes after stuff she doesn’t feel is right, and she stands up for it. I do that too, just kind of in a slightly kinder way because I’m from the South.
I wanted to write something from a child’s viewpoint… Five of the characters I have played in movies have either been abused or became abusers, themselves, and I just kind of felt like there was a need.
Meg Tilly
I’m just kind of laidback and reserved.
I buy a lot of cookbooks. Some of them you just kind of read, and you try one recipe, and it doesn’t really work. So then you don’t go back to it. The new Ina Garten cookbook, which is called ‘Back to Basics,’ I have not had a failure with. It is the most fantastic cookbook. I think I bought 20 copies of it for friends.
I just kind of, like, know who I am. I think that comes from having an incredibly strong sense of purpose for a very long time.
When things get rough you just kind of do it yourself.
In theater, you’re allowed to take your time and sit in a role for a month before you have to share it with anybody. In film and TV, you have to just kind of show up and be ready to do that, which, to me, is very strange and crazy.
Cory Michael Smith
I’m just kind of taking what I get and making the best out of it, honestly.
I just kind of understood it, and I threw my love for others and love for life into the character, and was having a blast. I loved playing Dharma. I loved it!
I’ve always been a fan of those guys. My dad was in military school and I have a bunch of buddies that are Marines, and I just kind of want to give back to those guys that gave more than enough for us.
I had a corporate job and wore a suit to work every day, and I just kind of felt like I wasn’t living my authentic self or doing what I was passionate about.
My parents are very even-keeled. You know, just kind of steady as she goes.
Tom Glavine
When I do a 30-minute meal, for instance, on Food Network, that’s my food you see at the end of the show and it’s not perfect. And if sometimes things break or drop or the pasta hits the wall when I’m draining it, they never stop tape. They just kind of let me go with it.
Fortunately for me, I’m in this unique business of not singing, not dancing, not performing – just kind of being there.
Sometimes you don’t realize how unhappy you are in a situation until you are out of it, because it’s just kind of day-to-day life.
For me, it's just kind of a chase for self-improvement

For me, it’s just kind of a chase for self-improvement in and out of the water. That’s why I do enjoy the sport.
I never did drama in high school or anything like that. I just kind of fell into it after college, and I pursued it on my own.
Ki Hong Lee
You just have your teammates and yourself out there to pick you up, so just kind of shows you how strong you really can be.
Patrick Reed
I often play characters on TV shows that are more sweet and naive and just kind of puppy-dog eyes, and I don’t think I am like that as a person.
I don’t think I’m a great songwriter, but I think I’ve learned a lot about it, and I don’t think there’s any one way to do it. I don’t think I can control it at all. I can just kind of hope that it happens.
We could spend time together during the day and just kind of talk and enjoy each other and enjoy the moment. But it was interesting we both knew that once you walk through the gates of that stadium, then it was on, the game was on.
Ralph Boston
I think I fall into a lot of cracks in terms of I’m too something. I’m too this, I’m too that. And my music has never really had a home. I’ve been this floating alternative. I’m too mainstream for alternative. I’m too alternative for mainstream. And I’m just kind of wandering.
That was just kind of a surprise when the doctor said, ‘We did a biopsy on your appendix, and you have cancer.’
When I have a bad game, I watch the film and just kind of remember everything.
I’m very confident in my point of view. ‘Cause I think that that’s all you can really have. I’m never really going to know what anybody else is going through, so it’s just kind of your job to be expressive with your point of view.
I love a good worst-case scenario. My brain just kind of works that way. I like that idea of how much a person can get away with, and why.
I just felt drawn towards the kind of music that really needed a strong female presence female writers, female producers, female figures and that just kind of unfolded on its own.
Very early on, I met this one comic who said if you’re not doing stand-up every night, you’re not doing it. And so I just kind of believed that and worked off that.
This sport definitely saved my life. I was messing up and headed in the wrong direction. I was never a bad kid or anything like that. I just, you know, like many people, just kind of wanted to rebel and to do something different.
Acting is kind of difficult to intellectualize – it’s a far more visceral experience. It’s really hard to be able to think about and then employ these kind of esoteric notions of this person’s backstory and try to weave it in somehow. It’s just kind of impossible.
It just kind of puts you in awe a lot of times. To see fans, and especially kids, really want a bobblehead or really want your jersey, that’s something you only dream of. Sometimes we take it for granted, don’t understand the importance of it, how a little bobblehead can make somebody‘s day.
Because I’d grown up with this singular focus on sports, I just kind of did that with acting. That became an obsession. How am I going to make it? How am I going to figure that out?
Frankie Shaw
I think the ’60s was a great time for music, especially for rock and roll. It was the era of The Beatles, of The Stones, and then later on The Who and Zeppelin. But at one point in the ’70s, it just kind of became… mellow.
I can play guitar – but I can’t really. I wouldn’t say I’m talented at it. I just kind of watch videos on YouTube, and I follow the instructions… OK, yeah, my hidden talent: I’m good at following instructions!
I would love to get a Moonman! I’d put it next to my other awards. I don’t have a cabinet right now; they’re just kind of all around my flat, one next to the TV, one in the bedroom. So, I’d have to build a cabinet.
I’d retired for about six or seven years. Coming back to the business, I found that I was sort of not quite a has-been, and it wasn’t a new career, it was just kind of difficult to crack the nut, so to speak.
Julie London
As we play, I just kind of make the best decision and try to move the chains.
There are two ways of knowing if something ends badly: If you’re honest with yourself, you just kind of know it. And then there’s other people’s reaction to it.
I’m a British intern going in. I’m hoping that John will just kind of tackle it from who this person is and what she’s about rather than trying to go in on her culture. We need to move a step forward than that.
But I don’t know. Pee-wee just kind of popped out one day, pretty much fully fleshed-out and fully formed.
Paul Reubens
I just kind of went from being a standup, one-man band, to then kind of breezing back and working with other people. And now I’m just trying to be a legitimate guy who pays the rent, you know.
I have a really good idea for a novel and would like to just kind of try my hand at fiction. I’m starting to kind of get a really good body of work going from a literary standpoint. As long as the audience is there, man, I’ll keep cranking them out.
I have a theory that there are still parts of our mental worlds that are still based around the age of between five and eight, and we just kind of pretend to be grown-up.
The topics just kind of come to me. If they are relevant, it’s because they’re happening in the world around me, and it’s affecting me. Poetry is my way of dealing with it.
I’m not super easy to talk to a lot of the time. I’m just kind of weird.
My hair – it’s baby thin and feathery and drives me crazy no matter what I do with it. It’s weird because you see people with thicker hair that just kind of stays put, but if I’m in any sort of weather, I look like Bill Murray in ‘Kingpin’ when it starts to all come unleashed.
The 'Room 93' EP was just kind of picking apart the sen

The ‘Room 93’ EP was just kind of picking apart the sense of voyeurism and the sense of isolation and turning it into, essentially, a little black book and reflecting on – at that time – 19 years of me forming relationships with people.
I just don’t understand the Big 12 not wanting to own Houston, Texas, which is soon to be the third-largest populous in the United States. To me, it’s a no-brainer. I’m just kind of disappointed and shocked it’s not an automatic.
I work pretty quickly. I’d probably draw somebody once or twice in pencil, then just go to ink. Not really care too much about it, and it just kind of worked out.
Box Brown
I was a huge fan of ’90s hip-hop, and a lot of what they got their music from was funk and soul records. They just, like, take a clip of that and rap over it because, you know, that was just kind of what was up.
Not every year is going to be the same and you just kind of have to just roll with the punches.
Women’s humor seems to be a little more supportive. It’s just kind of trying to make the other one laugh through funny voices and kind of talking about other people. I respond to that. I feel less like I’m going to get beat up in a room full of women than I do in a room full of guys.
I’ve always been able to just concoct a melody quite easily – it’s just kind of instinct, really. You’ve got to channel your subconscious.
I’ve always just kind of been a single-minded person.
I just kind of do my own thing. I’m not trying to be like nobody else or nothing like that. Like when I travel, everybody’s like, go to Dubai, it’s a new thing. I can go to Dubai, but I’m not going to just because I’m not trying to go where everybody is going.
If I was on the air and was just kind of a plain-vanilla personality that took the safe road and the safe way trying to please all of the people all of the time, I’d been gone in two weeks.
I’m not a great sleeper. I try and do too many things every day. I think that I get very obsessive about parts and projects. I do let them kind of consume me, and when there’s something on the horizon that I want to be involved in, I just kind of hurtle myself towards it.
Oh, I do a tremendous amount of rewriting. I just obsessively rewrite. Although sometimes there are sections, sometimes you’re just lucky and a paragraph will just kind of come out. And that’s great. But that’s not ordinary in a day’s work.
When you look at the… atmosphere on the limb of the Earth, I wouldn’t say it looks unhealthy, but it definitely looks very, very fragile and just kind of like this thin film, so it looks like something that we definitely need to take care of.
When people recognise me they just kind of go ‘Hi how are you,’ really kind of cool you know.
And that’s what’s beautiful to me, is he did not become a victim of it, and he didn’t become a statistic, he just kind of kept on marching through, no matter what people threw at him.
Mary Stuart Masterson
Immediately after ‘Idol,’ I was getting pulling in so many different directions… I was just an 18-year-old thinking he’s on top of the world, that kind of thing, and I just kind of fell flat.
After I quit the U.S. Ski Team, there was a fair amount of, you know, grief that follows that, and I just wanted to take a year off. And I had a friend that lived in Los Angeles, said I could crash on his couch. And so I just kind of did the first really spontaneous thing I’d done in my young adult life.
I followed wrestling, but I had just kind of made peace with, like, that was my career. I’m now a mom, and I’m going to find other things to do with my life.
When my YouTube videos started to get really big, I was like, ‘Man, this is pretty sweet.’ It started as my hobby, and then I started traveling and learning how to play different instruments, and then it just kind of became my life.
I don’t have a type. I don’t have a specific kind of human being. It’s just kind of an X-factor of sorts. Everybody I’ve ever dated has been a case-by-case situation.
I think ‘Macbeth‘ was a play that I’ve always gotten so much out of. My wife played Lady Macbeth in a play, and I designed it. There are things in there that are just kind of extraordinary.
Justin Kurzel
I think that a lot of people don’t understand how much discrimination transgender people actually face. They think that we’re just kind of saying it to put it out there and get sympathy, but that’s not true at all.
I just kind of lived my life naturally and did what I wanted to do.
Couples in their 30s are having trouble having kids. And you just kind of extrapolate that and say, ‘What if it happened to everybody? What kind of society would it be like if all of a sudden we knew that this was the end of the line – we couldn’t have kids?’
David Alpay
I don’t really plan anything in my life, to be honest. I just kind of go with it: whatever comes comes.
It’s not that I’m trying to write another ‘7 Years’ or a new version of ‘Mama Said.’ Songs just kind of come out of nowhere, and you need to catch them when they do.
In dealing with athletes or celebrities or people in general, I think there’s a tendency to get on their pedestal or their platform and just kind of blow the ink.
My career is just kind of crazy.
David Spade
A lot of girls ask for advice on how to get into acting, and I’m kind of the worst person to ask, because it just kind of fell in my lap… I was just in the right place at the right time.
But most scripts are terrible. Most projects are bad, that’s just kind of the way it is. And I’m not really attracted to those.
I think traveling made me who I am. When I was 16, I was an exchange student in England, and that was the year that I kind of feel like I was on the road going one direction in life, and it just kind of shifted me over, and I finished high school, and I went traveling for three more years instead of going to college.
If you have guys where they don't know what their job i

If you have guys where they don’t know what their job is every night, then you start seeing guys, they don’t give each other high-fives. They don’t communicate when there are miscues. They just kind of look at each other and try to blame each other.
I think if something’s wrong with me, I just kind of work through it. That’s my mentality.
I think it’s not just me. I think there is a lot of guys in the NBA that – just kind of big men in the NBA that can affect the game in so many ways.
I just kind of went into the blue-collar workforce at a really young age and discovered music, in terms of being a musician, around the same time. The good news is, I was probably 17 when I knew that’s what I was going to do with the rest of my life, no matter what that meant.
I wouldn’t have been born if my parents had stayed in China. Which is kind of funny. But it also just kind of fills me with this existential dread.
I just kind of live in that world that everyone‘s upset with me. That’s OK; I’ll just go out and try and do what I do.
Patrick Reed
I really just love reading. It’s my favorite thing, performing my poems live. Reading by reading, I just kind of follow my nose.
When it comes time to where the new album gets closer, I start singing the song a cappella; I’ll preview it on my Snapchat and get creative with it – just kind of bringing everybody into more than just listening to the record on album.
Things just kind of stick with me, and writing, for me, is always an investigation into my own feelings about them. I wonder why things stick to me, and I try to synthesize those into a dramatic experience in some ways.
United Artists wanted to do records with me. I had no idea, what a rare thing that was… to make an album. And they put a guy with me working on songs, and I got busy with films. I just kind of let it slide. Isn’t that amazing?
I went to really good New York City public schools that had arts programs. So in junior high, I got into the drama department. From there, I went to a performing arts high school in New York City called Laguardia and I just kind of fell into the professional side by happenstance.
Merritt Wever
There’s always a dinner to go to. There’re always loads of people around. I was having fun working with my friends. For a while it all just kind of rolled together in a great way.
So I always respected the guys who were trying to do it on their own without taking a handout from a big organization. They were trying to create their own thing, the DIY style, which is sort of always been my style, kind of a makeshift survival mode and really just kind of forging your own path.
Your body – or my body – is just kind of stupid. Like, your body doesn’t know whether you’re acting something because it’s happening or whether you’re acting it because it’s in the script.
You just kind of have faith. If that sounds kind of mystical, it’s because I really don’t know how it works, but I trust that it does. I try to write the way I read, in order to find out what happens next.
‘The Muthaship’ was an experiment. All my friends are working at Endemol, so they just kind of pushed me into it to see if we could shoot a little web series on an iPhone – and that’s what we did: we shot it on an iPhone. So it’s so experiential and so silly.
Drea De Matteo
We just kind of did our own thing and got made fun of by the popular kids. It was kind of like a badge of honor to be an outcast.
I think that you can sort of have your own personal journey and you know, you can just kind of apply that to whatever characters you’re playing.
I think every great show has that kind of romance that people just kind of yearn for.
I’m just kind of trying to make the best stuff I can make.
For some music, lyrically, the best move is to keep it simple in what it is that you are saying, and just kind of come across in your rhythm and the way that you lock in on the music.
Law enforcement has seen an unprecedented use of social media by ISIL. They’re just kind of flooding the airwaves.
Dana Boente
The first ATM in Hong Kong was actually at the foot of the bank. I remember my father using it. And I find it absolutely terrifying that – something about the way the machine just kind of coughed up money with no difficulty.
There’s a certain kind of motion and pacing that our music has, and this just doesn’t have that. We just kind of rushed to the conclusion of most of the songs. I just would’ve preferred to done them over.
When you have a different name, people just kind of take the liberty to spell it how they want.
Actually, I don’t hate cats, I’m just kind of afraid of them.
I lived a normal life for a number of years. I had kids. I lived up on a farm in Gloucestershire in rural England, and just kind of got back to reality again.
Roger Andrew Taylor
Remember travel agents? Remember how they just kind of vanished one day? Well, that’s where all the other jobs that once made us middle class are going, to that same magical, class-killing, job-sucking wormhole into which travel agency jobs vanished, never to return.
I think the people get that I’m just kind of an anomaly in a certain way.
My mother and father always supported my passion for acting. I think they just kind of expected me to move to New York and become an actress and have all these adventures.
I always hated when the studios just kind of said that anybody can act. You look at people like Spencer Tracy, Henry Fonda – and I’m just talking about the male actors – there aren’t a lot who can act. It’s a very special talent, and I wish it were recognized as a very special talent.
I made my way in this league playing special teams and

I made my way in this league playing special teams and then kind of worked my way into playing receiver. It was always just kind of doing whatever I could do and taking advantage of all the opportunities that I got.
Acting goes back a little ways for me. I supposed I started with theater growing up. It was mainly a social outlet and it was just kind of something I did for fun. I met a lot of good friends through it, so it really kept me involved.
David Lambert
I’ve always kind of had a deal with my wife where, in the off-season, I’m kind of clean-shaven, and during the season just kind of let it go.
The way Apatow works, you do it scripted a couple times, and then he just kind of lets you go and improvise.
Everyone in our family just kind of leans on my mum.
My biggest benching was before the 2012 Olympics. It kind of came out of nowhere. I just kind of had one bad half, 45 minutes, and it pretty much cost me my starting spot.
Bonfire‘ was kicking around for a very long time. It was an idea I wanted to explore for a television show. Then I was given this weird gift of time when ‘Jessica Jones’ finished season one. I got really organized and just kind of banged it out, but it took a long time. It took two years to even have a first draft.
After a couple losses, I normally wouldn’t say anything to my wife in the morning, just kind of grunt and grumble and grab my coffee and get on my way out.
When I’m in certain moods, a conversation will start up in my head, and suddenly I’ll realize that the language has reached a very high and interesting level, and then lines and stanzas will just kind of appear, full-blown.
Franz Wright
It’s not that I set out to say, ‘I’m going be the first assistant coach in the NBA.’ That really – it was never my intent. It just kind of happened very naturally.
So many times I’ve encountered people who are just kind of like, ‘Yeah, Nigeria,’ and, you know, thump their chest and seem very sure of, like, being Nigerian. And I’m just kind of, like, I wish I could be that sure.
For like everyday, just kind of hanging out, I love flannels. Part of my closet, there’s a whole section of flannels because I love them so much. Slouchy, oversized hats and fedoras. I just got these 2 amazing hats that I really love, blue and gold trim with woven material by D&Y. I love D&Y hats.
I never really planned on making action films. It just kind of happened.
I’m not someone who seeks out stories of people who are suffering. I think they just kind of find me.
It feels so weird to be able to just kind of buy things when I want them or need them.
Amanda Hocking
We just kind of relied on written scouting reports through the eighties and even the early nineties. I’ve really been amazed by some of the data that’s out there, especially with regards to tendencies of hitters, and certainly tendencies of pitchers as well. I would have loved to have gotten that data when I played.
I’m obsessed with great endings and crazy intros and stuff like that. I think we all are from what we’ve listened to and stuff, so I’ve always focused on great bridge melodies that just kind of naturally fit, or like a crazy ending at the end of ‘Seize the Day,’ something like that.
Escape‘ really helped launch my career as a writer/director, so from there I just kind of took off on my own.
Nick Castle
Patrick is vey modest about using the Sir thing and I just inherited it by marriage, so more than anything it’s just kind of a funny little thing that we call one another from time to time. He calls me ‘His Ladyship’, which is just hilarious.
Sunny Ozell
You want to give the person as much freedom as you can within the boundaries of being a responsible producer with a contract to a studio. It’s about giving as much freedom as you can, and the more the filmmaker proves he or she is on the track that you feel good about, then you just kind of watch dailies.
I try not to think of myself in any category, and I don’t ever really try to imagine myself competing with another actor. I just know I want to do the things that I would want to see, and I know the things that turn me on, whether it’s on the stage, or it’s a play or a film. I just kind of want to keep doing my own thing.
My life is spontaneous and things just kind of happen.
I’ve always been able to just kind of run around, do stuff whether I was hurt or not.
Donte DiVincenzo
Being a Chicano in Hollywood, my experience is that you’re not given credit for any sophistication… You’re just kind of some guy that just crossed the border, you know, on the back of a truck and that’s it.
Growing up, I cooked in the house, and when I cooked, everyone would sit down and eat, and it was just kind of the way I connected with my family.
When I signed with the Rockets, I just kind of felt like that was my calling card.
No matter what you do in the offseason, you can’t simulate putting spikes on and standing in the grass and being around your teammates. When you’re around your teammates, you step it up a notch. It’s just kind of instinctive you do that.
The way it works in commercials is they come to you with the script, and then you do the visual, you do the storyboards, and you give your vision of it, but it’s very much their baby. You just kind of put your polish and sheen on it and your interpretation of it, but it’s very much the agency’s idea.
When I get on the World Cup tour, I’m kind of disconnected from the world. I just kind of get wrapped up in my world and wrapped up in trying to ski fast every day, and I forget about everything else.
There were bars that began to have acoustic musicians play, it was 1970: Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, America, The Eagles, all that kind of stuff was popular. It was very easy for me to just kind of move in and be noticed.
Hard rock will always be hard rock, but you don’t really know what is rock – and what isn’t – anymore. I don’t consider a lot of the pop things I hear on the radio to be rock n’ roll. It’s just kind of fragmented.
Everybody loves superheroes, and so to be associated wi

Everybody loves superheroes, and so to be associated with a superhero forever is just kind of like, that’s where the goalposts are. That’s kind of, ‘Bam, you’re immortalized!’
The whole idea of ‘Death Line’ was to kind of highlight class distinctions in England more than to make a scary movie, and I just kind of wrapped my political treatise of the class distinctions in England in this movie.
Gary Sherman
As my mom says, I was a little bit of a slacker in high school. I really was just kind of unmotivated, a little bit lazy, so my grades weren’t that good.
Savannah Guthrie
Honestly, I just kind of play ball. I guess I’m pretty good in the state of Florida.
I feel like what I say on Twitter has actually a lower rate of misinterpretation than what I say on interviews because I’m just kind of rambling on interviews, and I’m just talking, talking and talking.
I have settled on just kind of what I always settle on: To keep getting better and try and affect people positively sometimes. Don’t be so negative all the time.
I’ve always liked the competitive games. It’s hard for me to play games that are just kind of casual. It gives me another outlet for competition, and that’s what ‘Fortnite‘ does.
I’m not intentionally dirty. It just kind of happens. It’s not like I’m a shock comic who’s looking to walk people.
I’m just kind of focused on playing the game and try to get better at certain things and wipe the slate clean every night.
Fifteen is such a weird age to be. Nobody treats you like an adult, but you desperately want to be one. You still have these childlike aspects, but you’re just kind of coming into the world.
Nick Robinson
I took piano lessons when I was really young, like five years old, and I didn’t really enjoy that very much. It was kind of too strict. So when I was probably 11 or 12, I started playing guitar and just kind of taught myself.
I would write songs, inspired by my baby, but then I could tell that my baby was also responding to the music. It was just kind of an amazing musical experience.
Getting through these camps, sometimes you’re held together with paper clips and bubble gum and tape. You just kind of get in there and you make it work because if you pull out of a fight, you don’t get paid.
I’ve just kind of been used to carrying movies. I look back and I’m just used to being in every single scene in a lot of pictures.
I feel like something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time, in a feature film or anything, is playing a rocker. Somewhere where I can be on a stage and have a guitar or a microphone and just kind of jam out.
I think you are going through so many ‘firsts’ as a teenager, and it’s a charged time because of that. You don’t have much autonomy in life. Everything is just kind of crazy, and there are so many huge decisions to be made, like where are you going to college or who you date. These things can really affect your whole life.
So the first thing that I thought about was, ‘How is this car going to handle?’ But then after I’d been driving with it and practicing with it and I accomplished that, then I just kind of sat back.
People are hysterical about the death of newspapers, and I would say, ‘They’re not dying; they’re just kind of reinventing themselves.’
I just kind of figured that the marine biology would be a career, and the art would be something I did for my own self-expression.
I never had any technical training. I never considered that, one day, I’m going to be Beyonce like a lot of girls aspire to be. It just kind of happened.
I did, one time, over the past couple years look into maybe doing a little something in a Royal Rumble, just kind of as that, so that could be my last chapter, so the last time you see me is, y’know, this little thing, and it didn’t work out.
I have no boyfriend. No time. None send me over the moon, so I just kind of do my thing.
I’m naturally athletic, and I think playing strong, female roles just kind of happened.
Adrianne Palicki
I immediately understood the general air of humiliation that comes with trying to do something as ridiculous as be an actor in Hollywood. It’s just kind of an embarrassing endeavor.
You just kind of deal with it. Manage it. Do what you can do, but when it hit my hamstring, it was something I couldn’t control and something I couldn’t play through.
The way I work is I’ll basically become kind of fixated on a very stripped-down genre, like revenge or something like that, and just start layering on top of that and entering in thoughts and ideas, and then the story just kind of builds up that way.
Some friends of mine bothered me for a long time about getting on the social networking pages. They were close friends that I liked to mess with, and I think that I kind of enjoyed for a while that it bothered them so much. Now they’ve just kind of given up.
I didn’t really intend on having a music career. It just kind of happened.
An Easterly wind drew me this way, and I just kind of found myself on the set of Cruella.’
Joel Fry
I know that I’m not the fastest or the strongest or the best in the air, so from a very early age, I had to be positionally sound, or I was going to get beat. So you just kind of learn as you grow.
If my parents are at the meet, I’ll try to look and just kind of spot them out in the stands.
I don't really prepare for roles. I just kind of do the

I don’t really prepare for roles. I just kind of do them!
Heather Matarazzo
It’s funny, because I have periods where I just kind of go dark. I don’t tweet, I don’t talk, I don’t interview, and then I have times where I do.
I’m just kind of fascinated by how we can deny that we are animals and what our impact on the other animals is like, and how quixotic we can be in trying to assess what we’ve done in trying to correct it.
How do you play ‘righteous‘? Do you just kind of stand up straighter? What does that mean as an actor? You don’t really play a quality.
As it turns out, one of the biggest choices we have doing the show is deciding the tangents we are allowed to take, the stuff that we see along the way. We’re allowed to explore the world at large on these things; the urban-legend aspect of it is just kind of an excuse.
Obviously, I don’t want to be too emotional. I just kind of want to use my energy on the court so I can just be able to be effective on both ends of the floor.
I think it’s always very important to be comfortable and just kind of expressive; if you take fashion too seriously, then you lose the fun of it. I think you should always take the risk.
It’s easy to show terrible people’s behavior on screen, and we all just kind of nod and go, ‘Isn’t that terrible.’ It’s more interesting when you can show terrible behavior in the interest of something good.
My movies just kind of sneak up on you. I don’t have to worry too much about what everybody is going to say. Anyway, I really don’t pay attention to what the world says about my movies. I just care about what my buddies think.
I’m blessed with a good pair of ears. That’s how I fooled my piano teacher. I’d watch his fingers and I’d listen to it, and I just kind of basically learned it by myself.
I can remember standing in the middle of the field after the race and seeing the American flag raised and hearing ‘The Star Spangled Banner‘ and all the people singing it. Then I walked off the field and just kind of enjoyed the feeling.
Elizabeth Robinson Schwartz
I just really post what I’m feeling, especially when it comes to Vine and music. For a long time, I just kind of posted six-second original thoughts, and people really gravitated towards that.
Some people go to acting classes to learn. I just kind of went for the dates.
Alex Rocco
I feel like every time I start up, it’s like a truck you have to get into 15th gear, so you very solely crank into that mental space where you feel really immersed in the world of the book and then you can just kind of go. But there’s just that few days of frustration to get to that point.
All the in-depth scouting reports we have on the opposing pitchers – just kind of learning how to study that, it’s huge.
I love the unknown. I love the discovery of what will be happening and just kind of sitting back and not knowing.
Mel Brooks is an interesting one because he started out making films about stuff that he was totally affectionate about, like musicals, westerns, horror films, Hitchcock films. And then, as they get further on, and you get to ‘Spaceballs,’ then it’s just kind of contrived.
I think it’s still kind of weird to memorize a line, because you’re supposed to ‘be’ this person, you know? So then its like, if I’m really this person, how can I be in the moment if I know there’s just one line I’m supposed to say? It doesn’t feel natural. I always just kind of want to say whatever comes up.
The U.S. Open just takes so much discipline. You have got to be a great putter and just kind of let things roll off your back.
So, we just kind of created our own thing and that’s part of the beauty of Athens: is that it’s so off the map and there’s no way you could ever be the East Village or an L.A. scene or a San Francisco scene, that it just became its own thing.
I’ve always been just kind of consumed by my own thoughts.
My records are not informed by whether the music is going to work live. I just kind of make the music I want to make and worry about how to deconstruct it for a band after.
For some reason I did something where I realized I could get a reaction. That was when I broke out of my shell at school, because I really didn’t have any friends or anything like that and I just kind of was going along, and then finally I did this zany thing, and all of a sudden I had tons of friends.
It’s just kind of known in the music industry that a farewell tour means ‘for now.’
I’m just kind of a hard-nosed, don’t say a lot and go to work kind of guy.
I run around a lot. I shoot a lot of threes. And that’s just kind of what I’ve done since I was really young.
I have bad days, days when I just don’t want to do anything. Just kind of want to lay in bed.
I think it was like, ‘I don’t look like you, Mom. I don’t look like you, Dad. Like, what’s going on here?’ They just kind of told me I was adopted. I was like, ‘OK, that’s fine with me.’
For me, all my negative thoughts that I have about, ‘How did you miss that pitch? Why did you miss that pitch? You shouldn’t have missed that pitch.’ I just kind of sit there and kind of crush it up, and once I’m done doing that… I just kind of toss it aside.
Well, I wasn’t just kind of standing in a queue at McDonald‘s and someone sat down and said, ‘You’re the director of a $100 million Hollywood movie.’ I’ve been working in commercials for ten years.
Rupert Sanders
That’s a problem I have a lot of the time with humor in music, where it just kind of stops at the obvious level of: ‘Hey, isn’t it something that’s in bad taste?’
I trained and trained and went up against Kurt, then be

I trained and trained and went up against Kurt, then being a world champion in ’94, and after that I did Tommy‘s tour and then my tour and all this stuff and just trying to deal with it all. And now, I’ve just kind of backed off a little.
Elvis Stojko
If we’re at a lunch table, I’m going to always sit with the girls. That’s just kind of how I am. I always gravitate towards women. I know how to communicate with women.
I’ve always loved basketball. When you’re playing pick-up basketball, you just kind of get used to being one of the guys.
I’m a video game enthusiast. I love video games! They were a huge part of my upbringing in their early form, when I was all about ‘Dig Dug‘ and ‘River Raid.’ As they evolved, so did my music-making, and we just kind of grew up together like cool friends.
I watch a lot of ESPN. I just kind of keep it on for long periods of time and watch guys yell at each other about sports things.
When I came into the Perry family, it was just kind of one of those deals where they were the only family I had.
You know, sometimes I get moments of inspiration when I’m writing something and then the task seems so daunting that it just kind of scares me away.
Adam Pascal
For me, good films and good books are irreducible to a lesson. You can’t just kind of translate them into one statement. On the contrary, the more you do that, the less wisdom in art there is.
Catwoman has an awesome, iconic personality. It’s a blast to write her. You get her; she’s an archetype. You can just kind of put on the cat-suit.
Convictions, in the end, they can be dangerous, but a world without them is just kind of an awful kind of gray, amorphous mass.
Writing’s another expression of art, really, that I’m just kind of discovering as I go.
When I was younger, I had a much better connection between words and music. Somewhere along the way, I had kind of an aspiration to disconnect them, to just kind of go into a totally musical world.
Edgar Meyer
I just kind of like to feel myself into stuff by writing scenes and seeing what characters end up saying.
Yeah, strikeouts just kind of happen. It’s not something I’m trying to do, I’m just trying to get outs as fast as possible.
I don’t work with a lot of pressure, you know? I don’t think, ‘Oh, this one has gotta work or I’m finished.’ I just kind of get onto the next one.
I just feel like if I start opening the door to talking about my university experience, then people just kind of… own everything. There was a lot of stuff a couple of years ago saying that I was bullied at Brown and awful things like that, none of which were true.
I’m kind of like a horse: I just kind of eat throughout the day, so I’m not ever hungry.
I actually just keep things very professional. I don’t need acceptance from anyone but God, so that’s just kind of where I focus it all.
I don’t really outline. I just kind of know where I’m going in my head, so I’ll write and discover it for myself. Or I’ll just write an entire episode and throw it out because I land on an idea and realize that’s where I should jump off from.
I tried snowboarding at 14, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I snowboarded every day off I had, every weekend I had off of school, every holiday we had off from school, and it became a huge part of my life, not just what I love to do, but really just kind of who I was.
All these Lil’ rappers, I’m just kind of getting real irritated by it. I said, ‘You know what? Drop the Lil’. Forget it. I’m Bow Wow.
As you get going in the game you just kind of go along and you play the game.
When you’re young, you don’t feel iconoclastic – you’re just kind of doing what seems natural, what moves you.
We always wanted to have this big show. So we just kind of started doing little things, like building our own little props, and starting to put on a show. And we just started seeing the response, and it felt amazing to us, and then I fell in love with it.
I’m social and I meet people and talk to people but I’m not looking for the ideal person to fit my mold and to raise my family with yet. I’m just kind of doing my thing and learning from the people I’m around and who I cross paths with.
If I’m with my dad, yeah, he’s going to talk a good bit about the business. He just kind of mentors me and tells me what he’s thinking about my stuff.
I think I started to have thoughts to really want to be serious about my work when I was about twenty-five, and I just kind of started to look into that direction and moved into it.
Maggie Cheung
I want to go to college, obviously go to London and just kind of figure out the rest of my life.
As an artist, you don’t think about the parabola or the arc you’re describing or where you’re going to ultimately end up, you’re just kind of crawling around, seeing what’s out there.
Our first two weeks at SpaceX, we’ve got about 3,000 pages of academic material dropped on us, and it was just kind of death by PowerPoint, over and over, until you absorb it all.
I’ve always been a singer. I never really decided I was gonna be a singer. It just kind of – I just sung a lot.
I don't mean to look scary, it's just kind of what I ha

I don’t mean to look scary, it’s just kind of what I have to work with. Maybe that’s why my tattoos are literally the first thing people Google about me.
I’m just kind of in love with Kathy Bates. And Sarah Paulson.
I don’t think I set out to have a career in female groups, but it’s just kind of happened, and by nature of having worked with my sistergrowing up with a sister who also plays, and being in communication with other female musicians.
Emily Robison
I think when I was pretty young I got really into the tone of my instrument and I remember just playing one note for an hour to just kind of feel the resonance of the violin.
I just kind of fell into acting.
Steven Ford
I’ve loved hip-hop all of my life, but there came a time in my life when my entire life had a shift: where, before, I was just kind of going to church every now and then; then, there was an actual change, where I actually understood who Jesus was, actually understood the message of the Gospel, and my entire life changed.
We didn’t understand irony yet in the ’80s; we just kind of existed at face value, so there was no nerd cool yet because the digital revolution was still in its infancy.
You know, Billy Corgan has a big vision. He has a great idea for what he wants to do and how he wants to distribute it and I have always liked Billy and Dave Lagana’s platform as far as being more character-driven and just kind of let us do our own thing and let the talent be talented.
I was going to college. But to be, like, a psychologist, wanting to help people but also just kind of not being my parents.
I think every model has times when they get obnoxious and crazy. You all of a sudden realize you are young and beautiful and you have money, and you just kind of go nutty for awhile.
I think I take my job seriously, but I enjoy my life and I enjoy my friends, and I never really allowed myself to do that before. So I just kind of want to party with everyone.
In group lesson number six I think we learned how to turn backwards and then just kind of wiggle. That wasn’t really skating backward, but I guess I was going in the right direction.
I had some friends that tried it down there, and I went to a couple of open mics, and I just kind of got this… this sick urge to try it instead of just watching it.
I’m normally late, so I just kind of throw on the sort of thing that’s at hand. And then I’ll go through phases of wearing the same thing again and again and again – and my wardrobe is mainly about black and white, so it goes together. I’ll play with certain elements, but I don’t really think about it too much.
I could give you a long list of things I like about Britain, but essentially what it comes down to is that I feel about Britain the same way I feel about my wife. I’m crazy about my wife – we just kind of suit each other. I wouldn’t say that she’s the most fantastic human being that’s ever lived, but she is for me.
The ‘Hercules‘ role just kind of came to me, but I had a lot of fun trying something new.
It was not until Web comics that I saw stories about women and stories by women and things that were aimed specifically at female readership. It was just kind of this free-for-all that was achieving something amazing with creativity. That was where I got my start.
Television is much more of a producer’s writer’s medium, so a lot of the time, when you’re directing a television show, they have a color palette on set or a visual style and dynamic that’s already been predetermined, and you just kind of have to follow the rules.
There’s just a feeling you get from certain things you do in life that just kind of feel pure and independent of what’s actually, physically, going on.
For me, honestly, one of the first movies I did I was always pounding coffee, and I crashed so horribly. So I’ve kind of weaned myself off. You keep getting second and third winds. But for me, I’ve stopped doing energy drinks or any kind of stimulant. I just kind of go natural.
Nick Swardson
I got a lot of problems, but I’m really good at intuiting what I need to do to be happy with whatever I create. I know when to stop myself, I know when to start, I know when to leave something alone. I guess I just kind of indulge that completely, and so I just take my time.
I’ve always tried to create music the way Kubrick makes film, just kind of mimicking consciousness. He has a way of mimicking this greater power.
Creating a little bit of chaos is just kind of what I try to do.
My goal has always been to just kind of show how my family, we might be a different culture, but we’re completely like everybody else.
When you put on the glasses in a 3-D movie they just kind of sit there and you forget about them.
Rio was a period of my life, and then, poof, I’m gone. I was very young living here, just kind of floating. New York was a foundation for everything I do today. Rio was the bridge.
I think – you know, I want to intimidate people when I’m on the field. I want people to be scared of me. That’s just kind of the nature of who I am as a person and player. But I also know that you have to be emotional. You have to be in touch with your feelings. I think that’s important.
I’m super grateful that there wasn’t social media when I was a kid, but that sort of self-doubt crept in at a young age. It’s bullying. It’s the comments here and there, and maybe somebody says something to you that they don’t even mean to be a mean-spirited comment, but they’ll just kind of say it to you in passing.
It’s just crazy to have a dream – have a plan – and then it all just kind of comes true. To me, that proves that you have to have a vision first.
I love to watch that movie ‘Cinderella Man.’ He comes from the top and he goes to the bottom and he makes it back up to the top. I just kind of see myself as a guy like him.
I’m protective kind of aggressive, a caring personality. I guess it’s just kind of who I am naturally, once I get to really know somebody.
The songs I've written that are the strongest, I'm like

The songs I’ve written that are the strongest, I’m like: ‘I don’t know where that came from. It just kind of popped out.’ You feel you can’t take a whole lot of credit for it. I didn’t purposefully will it into existence.
I was tired of just kind of being on that express train, whatever you want to call it, so to speak. It just sort of shoots forward, and you have no creative autonomy, no control over your time, and there’s not much time for side projects or family and friends.
I was doing those roles on ABC Family late in the year, and at the same time, I was auditioning for ‘Galavant.’ But ‘Galavant’ was quite a wide casting call. I wasn’t recommended or anything. It just kind of happened.
Mallory Jansen
My grandmother and, and her father actually started a scholarship program in our church, you know, obviously, before I was born. And then my mom also owns a preschool, so, you know, education and giving back are just kind of in, in the genes, in a sense.
I felt like for it to really turn into something, you have to jump in with both feet. And it always turns out a little different than you imagined it, but that’s kind of the beauty of it, when you feel musically confident enough to just kind of follow where it goes.
People always talk about ‘Oh, it’s so nice that you give back.’ It just kind of becomes words. When you see it, when you actually put it together and you see the amount of impact you have on a kid, they’re going to remember this for the rest of their life.
It’s important to just kind of get away from your sport until you miss it. It’s about taking time to enjoy other aspects of life or learn new things. It helps rejuvenate.
I was always Missy, never Melissa. I went to college, and I thought it was so much more interesting to go by a different name, and then it just kind of stuck.
If you’re going to do Chuck Berry, you got to, you know, go all out, and the duck walk is just kind of you know, cursory. That’s like standing.
Since I don’t outline my books very much, I feel like sometimes I don’t have a choice in what the characters do; they just kind of take over sometimes.
I just kind of talk about what’s happening in my life and it’s kind of like a therapy session. Usually something good comes out of that. Or sometimes other writers will come to me with ideas and then I’ll put my own spin on it. It’s usually really collaborative and open and it’s very therapeutic for me as well.
Loren Gray
Activism isn’t something you just kind of get involved in and then turn your back on it.
Jerry Springer’ is just kind of the chubby, redneck version of throwing Christians to the lions.
If I improvise vocals at an early stage of the song, I just kind of listen to the roll, and then I kind of have a little vocal hook.
I sang in a group for four years, and you just kind of get used to it. You don’t really think about being by yourself.
I had been in Russia for five years and had a pretty successful run, and I just kind of wanted a change. I wanted to see different things. They’re pretty equal leagues, but there was less travel involved in Turkey.
I never set out to write songs about the world around me… it just kind of came about as a result of paying more attention to things.
Iris Dement
Sometimes when your coach draws something up, you just kind of go with it.
My grandmother wanted my father to be a teacher because she was a teacher. He didn’t go down that road until much later in life; he just kind of retired after almost 20 years as being a visiting lecturer at Stanford, where he got his graduate degree.
John Morgridge
Nothing I ever did I expected to do. It just kind of happened.
I feel like most people know that I’m a vegan, and I’m a pretty vocal animal activist. Everything and anything I do, I just kind of use it as a vehicle to be able to send out the message.
When you’re working in cinema, you often have a very, very compressed schedule – very few weeks to just kind of go through that whole process of reflection and refining – and it has to be done.
The first ‘Star Wars‘ movie had come out in 1977 and had become this huge phenomenon with all the toys and everything – it just kind of swept America. But internationally, it was also a big deal.
I never really thought about pursuing singing because my whole life was about dance and singing just kind of came with it.
‘Be in’ is all about passion. Life is short. There are so many interesting things we can do in our life, and I feel like if someone is just kind of showing up, it’s not worth it for them or for us.
I find that I have to just kind of avoid the Internet as much as possible. And even more so, when I go and look at it, I remember why I should be avoiding it.
The hardest thing about being a kid actor is just kind of separating ‘this is my professional life‘ and ‘this is my kid life.’ That was always the hard part for me.
Unless you’re from Cleveland, northeast Ohio, you really don’t understand. It’s a sense of pride that we have. You just kind of root for the teams in that area.
The whole celebrity thing never is normal and I think the fuller your life is, the more you are able to just kind of call a truce with it on a good day.
Even when I make mistakes and people exploit my mistakes on television or on the Internet, and they use it to make fun of me, it’s just kind of working in my favor at the end. It’s really strange.
Sometimes when my mom finds a fun article and really wants me to read it, I will. But I prefer to just kind of focus on what I want to do and not really what other people are saying, because I don’t want that to affect me too much.
Missy Franklin
In general, men are just kind of slow and dumb. We just

In general, men are just kind of slow and dumb. We just figure things out later.
It’s just kind of ironic with how I came into the NBA with all the expectations. You would’ve thought coming in the way I did that my career would last long. You’d think I’d have my more peak years in the beginning or middle. Mine just came a little later.
This is something that I think has been going on for before I played football – just kind of guys sitting down with some of the younger guys to prepare them for what they’ll be faced with.
I feel like I’m just trying to pave my own lane and just kind of make my own sound.
Acting isn’t that hard, really. I mean, I think that people make a big deal about it, but you just kind of try to say your lines naturally.
I’m just kind of odd. There are dark forces in the world, and if you pay attention to what’s going on around you, you end up incorporating it into the storytelling. Maybe it’s some aspect of myself that’s coming through that people are seeing, that I am in fact a quiet psycho.
I wanna keep people on their toes, and that’s just kind of how we’ve always operated.
I went to the University of Maryland for a year and was considering maybe, you know, being a medical doctor but decided my other interest was maybe flying airplanes in the Navy and just kind of changed my mind and changed schools and changed majors and decided to focus a hundred percent on that.
I think when I was about 12 or 13, my dad started taking me out to the local golf course, and that’s the first time I ever hit a golf ball. I picked it up pretty quickly, just kind of monkey-see, monkey-do. But when I was 12, golf was so slow to me. For me, it was basketball, girls and music.
I spent nearly two decades as a social worker and an educator with kids. So, my whole life has been about helping middle-class families. So it’s just kind of a hollow argument to say I’m not a family person.
When I was a kid, my dad kind of forced me to sing the third harmony for our little family group, and I just kind of hated it. I just felt so uncomfortable on stage, too shy.
But I think what Liam said just kind of hit it spot on, that the people in the capital are brainwashed and such a disconnect with what’s actually happening. They don’t realize what if it was their kids that were being put into the games? They just don’t have the mindset to have that kind of compassion for people.
It is a different world than when I was growing up, and you started to just kind of maintain at thirty-five and just hope you can hope it together. People are a lot more vital than I am and doing all kinds of things and leading really important movements.
I really don’t consider myself a man or a woman. I just kind of float in between and that’s how I’ve always felt.
When I first started writing songs, I never intended on singing. I didn’t really consider myself a singer at all. I was just kind of recording the demo vocals as a holding place until someone else came and sang.
When people think of someone being prolific, it’s like, ‘He’s got a vault with 5,000 songs in it,’ or something, but I just kind of pick them out of the air when they float by.
I was just kind of sour with the sport. I didn’t want anything to do with it. I went into a period of excessive partying and doing anything that wasn’t figure skating, really. I went and built a house with my brother. I shut the whole world out and shut everything down.
It was more that his career was going down again and he was tired of the songs. He was tired of the routine. And there was a point where he just kind of gave up. He couldn’t face being 40. And he resorted to stimulants. There’s a dark side there, a really dark side.
Music is just kind of an expression of who I am. It’s what I do.
Just kind of finding it, that’s what Spring Training is for, to work on stuff and get ready.
I don’t really premeditate what I write my songs about; you know, they just kind of happen, and I can’t start writing songs to please a certain group of people or propagate a certain message all the time. That’s just not how my songwriting works – it just sort of comes out, and the songs are what they are.
I’m just kind of a regular guy.
I didn’t take music seriously in the beginning. It just kind of a hobby to me. It was something that I love doing for fun.
No one really sees the hours of work you put into that moment that finally happens on television or in the theater; they just kind of see the result.
Lots of shy people dress a bit too much. It’s just kind of an armour. People say the same thing about me.
I’ve always just kind of prided myself on just taking the ball and just trying to give your team a chance to win, and I really don’t try to make it any more complicated than that.
When they watch a movie and they know that you’re in a relationship, you just kind of watch that constantly.
It’s pretty cool just to see the support we have. It’s unmatched, Kansas City and the Chiefs Kingdom, the support they have for us. For me to just kind of be in the community and see those people is always a good thing.
I never really saw my dad around when the Iron Maiden and the AC/DC were playing. But he knew what I was doing. I was just absorbing music. So he just kind of left me to my own devices.
My poems were just kind of all over the place. They had no focus, no location, nothing. Kind of a series of images that could have been set anywhere. A lot of the poems were just exercises for myself.
James Welch
I didn’t grow up, really, in the film business, even though my parents are both artists. I grew up in New York City. They would never put me into acting. I just kind of wanted it, and I told them that.
You have that moment just before you go on - I've had i

You have that moment just before you go on – I’ve had it in every play – where you just kind of want to run away. There’s a whole audience, and they are waiting outside, and you’re like, ‘Why am I doing this again? Why? Why?’
Acting while I’m singing just kind of happened because I’m a hambone at heart, I guess. And I’m a Gemini – I’ve got several personalities to access as an actor.
When you – when someone dies in your family and you think you’re over it, and then you wake up in the morning and it hits you, ‘I won‘t ever see my brother again. I won’t ever see my mom again.’ And it just kind of hits you like that.
Tammy Faye Bakker
I didn’t really have intentions of fighting in MMA; it just kind of fell into place. Once I started fighting, though, I loved it, and I walked away from kickboxing right away.
For Oakley, I’m basically a media vehicle for them to promote the product. For me, it’s both, I get a salary from them, but I also get great products so it just kind of works, continues on.
Craig Kelly
I have a very specific memory of watching ‘Singing in the Rain,’ and looking at myself in the mirror after watching it and perceiving myself as one of those people that I was just watching on T.V. It was just kind of a knowing that this would be the world that I would enter into. And that’s what I did.
Kat Edmonson
I don’t think I think things through like regular people would. I could be a real hateful person, and I also don’t really care about my own well-being, I guess. I just kind of have that knack about me. I just don’t care.
I have little weird things that aren’t really specific but are just kind of odd. I write my 5’s backwards, and I don’t know if anyone would even care, at all.
I just kind of, like, put stuff together. I don’t really try to make it seem like a ‘look.’
Initially I probably didn’t even call it acting, but dressing up or something. As a kid I think you fully imagine the world in which you want to inhabit, so you put some clothes on and just kind of freely imagine this world, and it’s a total imaginary world.
There’s a lot of guys in pro wrestling that just kind of have this MMA fantasy, and they never act on it. I’m acting on it. I don’t want to be one of those guys who sits there and goes, ‘I could have done that or I should have done that.’
Everyone around me does music, so I just kind of knew. It wasn’t some magical moment. There were loads of other things I wanted to do. I wanted to be a lawyer, for example, because I just love arguing, but it wasn’t on the cards.
I do come from theater. I didn’t spend a lot of time there ’cause once I started in television, I just kind of stayed there.
Rekha Sharma
Being a pop-leaning, female artist, you’d think that I’d have my record company breathing down my neck and trying to control everything I’m doing. Actually, they’ve just kind of let me take the wheel.
I’m kind of an animated person. I was given this really big blessing that my voice just kind of carries the emotion.
I never really had the chance to play the kind of music I wanted to play. It was always just classical. It had its limits. I play piano now and again in the new forms of music that I actually want to play, but at the time, it was something that I just kind of moved past.
I just kind of conjured them up out of my subconscious and put them in order of ascending peculiarity.
Edward Gorey
The girlfriend roles that we are usually offered are nearly always just kind and supportive. So it is refreshing for women and for men to see something different.
Emily Beecham
Being from South Louisiana, we’re just kind of rootsy.
Metal is easily my favorite thing – Exodus and Anthrax and Megadeth – so it just kind of organically came through in the standup act.
There have been a few times when I’ve read a script and it’s really cool but the girl character’s just kind of pathetic. It’s not going to do me any favours just being ‘the girl’ in a cool movie.
We just kind saw the images and knew the cliches, so to have the opportunity to go there and learn something about Russian music and about Russian people and to see things apart from being a tourist.
Marc Almond
Ricky Martin just kind of opened a big door, but it’s always been around. Latin artists have always been there, but some of them were never doing it in the U.S.
We started ‘Heaven And Earth’ in 2016. That was probably the heaviest touring year of my whole life. We probably did almost 200 shows in 2016. We went into the studio, and I honestly didn’t know what the album was going to be. So I just kind of started picking songs that I liked.
I have this theory that I hold on to, the theory that everything great in art and in life in general is jazz. It’s just like all these things that just kind of seem to fall into place. You know, like mistakes that somehow turn into something beautiful.
A lot of people just kind of act as if it’s their God-given right to be overpaid and on TV, but it just feels like there has to be a level of like: ‘This is an exciting thing to be doing.’ It’s not just something that we’re owed.
Tattoos are a thing I’ve never really planned out. They just kind of happen spontaneously, on a whim. It’s kind of like curating a watch collection, it just kind of happens. I like it to happen organically.
We’re just kind of dark as humans, generally.
I feel like people want there to be this mystery between film and theater, but I just kind of went where I got jobs, you know?