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Choreographers tend to treat ballet dancers like kids t

Choreographers tend to treat ballet dancers like kids they can manipulate.
I had 10 wonderful years in Spandau Ballet. It was an incredible way to grow up, to hang out with your best mates, discovering the world, discovering who you are.
Sometimes during a ballet I’ll look around and see all these rows of intent faces, concentrating on this beautiful thing up on the stage.
I wanted to open the dialogue about race in ballet and bring more people in. It’s just beautiful to see the interest that has exploded for such an incredible art form that I will forever be grateful to!
I want the type of career where I can come back to theater. Theater is my home. Theater, to me, is like ballet for dancers. It’s my foundation.
I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I was bad – I’m not very coordinated. But I always wished I could have been a dancer.
I was ballet dancing at four, playing piano by six, and doing commercials by 12. When I was 21, I was on the number one live comedy show in Puerto Rico. I told my parents, ‘I’m going to New York to become a performer.’ And I left.
Roselyn Sanchez
Ballet is a healthy world despite what people might think. There’s a perception that ballet dancers are skinny and unhealthy, but that’s rubbish. You have to be strong, so eating regularly and healthily is essential.
I’ve been practicing ballet since I was three years old.
Ballet dancers are among the greatest living athletes.
Ballet is like any other art form in that we all start out knowing nothing about it.
I skate about 15 to 20 hours a week and also incorporate a lot of off-ice training. I take ballet and Pilates classes and lift weights with my physical therapist when I’m not on the ice.
My parents were ballet dancers, and I did a lot of ballet, too, so I think I learned quite early on how to hold my body. Although I do recall desperately wishing I was shorter at school.
I think American Ballet Theatre is setting that standard now for classical ballet, that you can dream big, and it doesn’t matter what you look like, where you come from, what your background is.
My mother always said to carry yourself with dignity and pride, and I just think Audrey Hepburn totally epitomizes that, you know? From such a young age, she was dancing ballet. There was a lot going on in her life… that was during the time of the Nazis.
I had seen the ballet of ‘Swan Lake‘ as a child but it was as an adult, when I saw a production featuring Erik Bruhn, that I first noticed how significant a part the ever-present threat of violence played. This juxtaposition of great beauty and grace with a backdrop of pure evil stayed with me for years.
The first good player I watched as a kid was Joe DiMaggio, and that was like ballet. Since then, I played sandlot and college ball and came to understand how difficult it can be.
Mum, who had been a dancer with a small ballet company before she got married, was full of encouragement. She didn’t say, ‘This is really good, you should do this’, She just encouraged us to do whatever we liked.
Dannii Minogue
I came out of the punk era in the late Seventies. There were the Stray Cats, Matchbox and myself. I was able to hang on and it makes you think how I fitted in with your Spandau Ballets and Kraftwerk.
I still love to see the ballet. And I love to boogie.
I grew up learning ballet, and then I took up contemporary as I got older. I probably thought I was going to be a ballet dancer when I was younger, but at a certain age, I really was more interested in acting.
My parents have always given me whatever I wanted. Took me to the ballet, the opera, museum exhibitions. I was always surrounded by art. It’s their fault I’ve become an actress.
Bar Paly
I started dancing when I was 5 years old. Ballet. Flamenco.
For ballet dancers, style is about melding personal expression with physical form.
I always knew I wanted to dance. I started ballet when I was three years old, and I just knew it was something that I loved and that I wanted to do.
Bianca Marroquin
The ballet embodies the notes of music. And sometimes you almost feel like you can see the notes dance up there on the stage.
I loved gymnastics, and my gymnastics teacher said ballet was essential to help my dance routines in competitions. I only really went because my friends were going as well. It wasn’t this kind of hidden love. Then, slowly, my friends stopped going and I thought, ‘I like this. I am going to stay.’
I was a dancer for long time. And you always hear that ballet is the core of dance, and that – once you have that down – you can do everything else. For me, jazz is like that for music.
I did tap dancing and stuff like that at drama school. I did ballet as well. My dance teacher and I didn’t necessarily get along all that well sometimes. She’s brilliant… but it’s just because I don’t like wearing tights that I put up a bit of a fight there, I think.
In the world of classical ballet there are only a handful of story ballets, so getting a new one is cause for excitement.
Karen Kain
As a professional ballet dancer, I have to accept that weekends are about work. The notion of a leisurely break with all the buzz and excitement of a Friday night simply doesn’t exist for me.
I love seeing New York City Ballet from the fourth ring

I love seeing New York City Ballet from the fourth ring, just seeing the architecture of how these bodies move from above.
‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is one of George Balanchine’s greatest creations – and one of the greatest of all story ballets.
I was probably around 14 or 15 when I became really conscious of those girls who were going on to the Royal Ballet school, and that I was not Royal Ballet school material, not by a long stretch.
In ballet, it doesn’t matter who you are. If you’re good, it’s such a rare thing, so unusual, that the talent will go wherever you want it to go.
When I was a child, I went to stage school three times a week in the evenings – singing, ballet, tap, modern and acting, and I loved it.
When I started thinking seriously about learning the rules of narrative, I thought, ‘You’ve learned the rules of dancing from the ballet; what’s the matter with learning the laws of theater from the people who know how to do it?’
Kids are always told that they can be anything that they want. But what if you want to be a ballerina, and you’re terrible at ballet? Or what if you’re gifted at ballet, but you don’t like doing it?
Lisa Graff
I joined the Royal Ballet School when I was 13. Before then, I’d done ballet twice a week after school. The rest of my class had started aged 11, so I’d missed two years and was really far behind.
My philosophy on choreography is that the making of a ballet is a team effort, and we’re in this together. It’s not me hammering on them. It’s more about how we can elevate this piece collectively to something great.
What ‘War and Peace‘ is to the novel and ‘Hamlet‘ is to the theater, Swan Lake’ is to ballet – that is, the name which to many people stands for and sums up an art form.
Degas was obsessed by the art of classical ballet, because to him it said something about the human condition. He was not a balletomane looking for an alternative world to escape into. Dance offered him a display in which he could find, after much searching, certain human secrets.
God comes to us in theater in the way we communicate with each other, whether it be a symphony orchestra, or a wonderful ballet, or a beautiful painting, or a play. It’s a way of expressing our humanity.
I was a ballet dancer and that kind of bled into musical theater. I was constantly in rehearsal for one thing or another.
I’ve been dancing all my life and studied at Joffrey Ballet when I was 13 and singing all my life.
Melora Hardin
My parents have always been open to me trying new things, whether it’s yoga or ballet or tap or jazz or piano or horse riding.
Sofia Vassilieva
I grew up going to see my sister dance, both at the ballet and later as a modern dancer, and have always been a big fan of the ballet. So I have had a long relationship with dance.
Figure skating has been a great influence for me. I took dance at the School of American Ballet, which helped my own skating. And whether you are a skater or a dancer, without sounding narcissistic, it is all about looking in the mirror.
The ballet world, it’s a crazy world.
I grew up in San Francisco, and I trained as a ballet dancer until college.
The ballet is a purely female thing; it is a woman, a garden of beautiful flowers, and man is the gardener.
George Balanchine
I grew up doing tap, jazz, and ballet, so I understand rhythm and movement and performing.
My sister was in ballet growing up. I spent almost the entirety of 7 through 12 backstage at Lincoln Center, just running around, waiting for ‘The Nutcracker’ to end.
The music industry is so easy compared to the ballet world.
I do piano, violin, guitar, basketball, gymnastics, ballet.
I like dramatic ballets, particularly if they’re ballets in which I have a chance to go from one extreme of style or characterization to another.
I think that ballet is very good for the body. It’s very similar to yoga, because you have to hold a position.
I grew up in the theater and danced ballet atrociously.
I think it’s really important to mix cardio with toning, so I love boxing and then add in Pilates or ballet to keep me long and lean and avoid bulking up.
I think it’s particularly stupid that filmmakers have traditionally said, ‘Yeah, I like baseball, but the movie’s not going to be about the intricacies of the game.’ I mean, you wouldn’t cast an overweight guy with stubble if you were doing a ballet film.
I’m always ballet ready.
Once you become a professional, to get through a ballet like ‘Swan Lake’ – four acts as the lead, changing character – the perseverance is incredible. It takes a lot to make it through and keep the same energy throughout the entire performance.
Most ballet teachers in the United States are terrible.

Most ballet teachers in the United States are terrible. If they were in medicine, everyone would be poisoned.
George Balanchine
I am trained, and I did do ‘The Nutcracker’ in its right form, but at the time, they told me I was black and I’d never be in ‘Swan Lake.’ I went through all those prejudices in the ballet community, and I still emerged wonderfully trained and found my way to Alvin Ailey where there were familiar faces.
I loved doing ballet. I trained for two years.
The first time I took a plane to dance in front of an audience outside France was when I was in the Paris Opera Ballet School, and we flew to Japan.
The problems I had with the Paris Opera Ballet are a thing of the past.
So I’m studying ballet every day and really training so people will see me as a ballet dancer, which no one’s seen before.
In the ballet studio, it was such an organized and disciplined environment, like I’d never had in my life. Seeing myself in the mirror, surrounded by the classical music, that’s when I started to fall in love with dance.
I do as many fun activities as possible. A lot of hiking, beach bike riding and walking. And cardio barre, which is a dance-based workout at a ballet barre. It’s a full-body workout for one hour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in a studio.
Jillian Rose Reed
Sports men and women need hip replacements. It was all those years of classical ballet and forcing turn-outs. It can be quite detrimental to your body.
Ballet companies have their ups and downs, just like the rest of us.
I’m the first one out on the dance floor. In college I had to take jazz, ballet and tap dancing, but, before that, it was just social.
I love all of the ballets that have a really strong story in them where I get to play a character. I don’t enjoy the ones that are more technical without a story line and it’s just me on stage dancing.
I cherish the ballets made for myself by Mr. Balanchine. He never lost his temper. He was quiet, humble, the genius of the 20th century.
I know that dancers, especially ballet dancers, can’t do it forever.
Kelli Berglund
My parents were passionate about the ballet. They always played ballet music at home.
I think that having a platform and having a voice to be seen by people beyond the classical ballet world has really been my power, I feel.
A lot of people have a lot of faith in Karole Armitage. They see her as bold, inventive, indefatigable. ‘America isn’t working out? There’s always Europe. Ballet? No? Go modern. Keep going! Show ’em!’
I was always given the comedy role, even in the ballet. I was the one who fell off her points, you know? I love doing comedy, and I love being in things that make people laugh.
After I finished ‘Center Stage,’ I went back to San Francisco, and I danced for seven seasons with the San Francisco Ballet.
When you’re a child, you take things for granted. For instance, my mum didn’t have a lot of money, but I went to piano, ballet and gymnastics lessons, and tae kwon do.
I think all dancers are control freaks a bit. We just want to be in control of ourselves and our bodies. That’s just what the ballet structure, I think, kind of puts inside of you.
I deliberately made an effort not to become an expert on the ballet.
I’m not fond of the idea of doing ballet for ballet’s sake, because dancers get exploited and they’re not paid well. They do it for the love.
Not only are most of our citizens fathomlessly ignorant of the glories of American literature, a fast-growing percentage of our students are no longer taught much about any works of American art, be they novels, paintings, symphonies or ballets.
Up until I was about 12, I was a ballet dancer and a basketball player.
Kids see cooking as a creative outlet now, like soccer and ballet. It gives me hope that things like fast food, childhood obesity and the horrible state of school lunches can be addressed by kids and their parents.
Ballet found me, I guess you could say. I was discovered by a teacher in middle school. I always danced my whole life. I never had any training, never was exposed to seeing dance, but I always had something inside of me. I would love to choreograph and dance around.
I’ve always been a bit of a poser. I was chucked out of ballet lessons for looking in the mirror.
My background is somewhat unusual, as I trained to be a ballet dancer. I worked in the theatre for eight or nine years as a contemporary dancer. But as an actor one does read Shakespeare and does try to learn the classics.
William Kempe
I had never picked up a basketball before. I went through a grueling audition process. It was almost as if I was learning to walk. It would be like teaching somebody to dance ballet for a role.
I love street and I love ballet and I love to convey what I can.
I remember my dreams when I was a junior soloist. 'Oh,

I remember my dreams when I was a junior soloist. ‘Oh, I hope I don’t end here,’ I thought. ‘I want to do the ballerina in ‘Scotch Symphony.’ I don’t want to be the little Scotch girl.’ And I actually went beyond my wildest dreams. I worked with Balanchine. I had ballets choreographed for me.
I started taking ballet lessons when I was 4, and I was performing in ballet companies when I was 10, and I did summer stock in Miami Beach when I was 12, and finally I said, ‘I gotta go to Broadway.’
My mum said she remembers me asking her if she’d take me to ballet lessons when I was about two and a half. She said I could barely speak, and yet was asking for ballet lessons.
Tap was against everything I had learned to do. I was pulled up as a ballet dancer, and I wasn’t used to pounding the floor with bent knees.
Being one of the few African American women to make it to this level in a classical ballet company, the level of American Ballet Theatre, takes a lot of perseverance.
I always feel that the mark of a good ballet is that when you see it more than once, you get more out of it.
The real beauty of it – key to my life was playing key chords on a banjo. For somebody else it may be a golf club that mom and dad put in their hands or a baseball or ballet lessons. Real gift to give to me and put it in writing.
Dance has been a driving force in my life for 25 years. From music videos and hip hop, to jazz and musical theater, to ballet and classic modern dance, I have had extensive exposure to a variety of techniques that inspire my own electric style.
I think that ballet and skating definitely go hand in hand, especially growing up at Ballet West, which is an incredible academy.
Everything seems to be going faster and faster. It’s really harder to create something that endures. The New York City Ballet has succeeded in doing that.
‘The Sleeping Beauty’ is the greatest, most challenging and most vulnerable of classical ballets. Everything can go wrong with it, and all too often, everything does.
When I was 8, I began to study ballet. In seventh grade, my mother took me into New York to study at the School of American Ballet. I loved ballet – its precision, the escape from uncertainty, and the music.
My first mentor and inspiration was my Irish Dancing teacher Patricia Mulholland. She created her own form of dance known as Irish ballet and created stage productions of old Irish myths and legends. They were my first experiences on stage. She told my mum I was destined for the stage, and I took that as my cue.
The idea for ‘Ballet Baby‘ started when I was going through my own pregnancy.
For Russians, to whom Pushkin’s poem ‘Eugene Onegin’ is sacred text, the ballet’s story and personae are as familiar and filled with meaning as, for instance, ‘Romeo‘ and ‘Hamlet’ are for us. Russians know whole stretches of it by heart, the way we know Shakespeare and Italians know Dante.
Pilates is my favorite core strengthener. I do it three or four times a week. With all the strengthening and lengthening, it’s like ballet. Plus, you get to do it lying down!
Emily VanCamp
I didn’t just swim when I was younger. I did ballet, horse riding, everything. I was very active.
I have a personal trainer. But I tried boxing; I tried ballet. I tried everything to see what works best for my body.
Until I was in 6th grade, I took ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop.
Ballet is an incredible art, but it can be a bit elitist, which is a really big turn off to me.
I’d say the only time I ever get nervous is around great ballet dancers or people I really admire.
My mom was a dance teacher, so she put me in dance school when I was a kid. I did everything. I used to take ballet.
We do ballet dancing, Irish dancing, Scottish, jazz, tap – whatever country we’re in or whatever culture that we’d like to present to the children.
My mother and my father always had me in ballet and dance, and I sang in a girl’s group.
I want to have daughter, and if I do, I want to make sure she learns ballet.
I did ballet at the Menlo Park Academy of Dance from age 4 to 11, but then I switched to ballroom, and I’ve been doing that ever since.
I trained as a ballet dancer – well, I started when I was two and a half, and was serious about it from when I was eight until I was 18.
I loved being at the Royal Ballet. Those choreographers, MacMillan and Ashton, they knew how to translate complicated life into choreography.
I highly recommend ClassPass. I spend a fortune on Barry‘s Bootcamp, Cycle House, SoulCycle, Flywheel, Ballet Barre, SLT Pilates, YogaWorks… I do everything, and I’m always trying different workouts, and I was like, ‘Finally, 99 bucks!’
When you’re really serious about ballet, it’s a job – even if you’re 15 years old. You’re doing it six to eight hours a day.
I remember once saying in a television interview that the only things I hadn’t been in were the opera and the ballet. Two days later, I got a call from Lord Harewood, of the English National Opera, saying “Would you like to be in ‘Ariadne auf Naxos?'”
Donald Sinden
I think that taking ballet is one of the best things a

I think that taking ballet is one of the best things a girl can do. Period.
The New York City Ballet is always about the realm of possibilities, the realm of what the human body can do, what the human spirit can do. And it’s about listening, it’s about listening to remarkable music and how we respond to that.
I love ballet. Ballet is its own being. It has its own vocabulary. I feel as if I am in a different world when I am in the ballet studio.
I always knew I wanted to dance and when I was eight, I started ballet lessons at a church hall. They all wore pink ballet shoes but I wore green, as they were cheap, and I remember everyone staring at me.
There was never really a moment that I decided that I wanted to be a ballet dancer. It’s always just felt like it’s what I was meant to do.
I love musicals; I love the ballet, opera, the circus. It’s all performance to me.
In fact, ballet companies did not exist in the Midwest when I was a child.
I push myself hard. I don’t like pain, exactly, but as a ballerina, I lived in constant pain. At ballet school in Stockholm, I remember we had a locker where if someone had been to the doctor and gotten painkillers, we divided them among us. In a sense, we were all addicted.
As a kid, I had a lot of energy; but the ballet lessons made me calm – this pleased my mother.
I was kind of a loser at ballet school. It’s all rich kids, and I was not a wealthy kid. I didn’t have the Chanel butterfly clip everyone else did.
It’s going to take a while before we see a real shift in the students and the dancers that are going into professional companies because it takes so many years of training, but I do think that there’s a new crop of dancers, of minority dancers that are entering into the ballet world.
I wake up every morning, and I go to ballet class no matter what’s going on the night before. That’s my priority, and that’s what makes me feel sane and not removed from the realities of my world.
I didn’t choose ballet, it was my mum’s choice.
There’s the tradition of the 19th-century ballets, and the 20th century has had a difficult time with that tradition. And it’s had a difficult time with many components of the Romantic imagination because of modernism.
My mother danced; she loved the ballet.
Stefanie Powers
At the ballet classes I took when I first came to New York, I would see great dancers like Cynthia Gregory and Lupe Serrano. I would look at them and study what they could do, and what I couldn’t do. And then I’d think maybe they should try what I could do.
I love ballet because you can see how beautiful the body is.
My favorite workouts are the ones that don’t feel like I’m working out! So, dance is a big one. Another is any kind of isolated moves, like ballet moves. Anything that works the glutes and legssign me up! And I like to blast the music. I have to get lost in the music. That helps.
In England, ballet is kind of closed. They are opening up a little bit, but it was always something not for the general public. So you don’t get fame, like a football star or a film star. And if you don’t get fame, you can’t do other stuff.
When I was 3 years old, my parents put me in ballet and I really thought I was gonna be a ballet dancer for a long time.
I definitely have been nervous, but often I get more nervous performing with the corps de ballet than doing a solo. There’s so much pressure doing a group number because if you muck it up, you’ve ruined it for everyone.
For every dancer, no matter how amazing your career, there’s more to life than ballet. Being adored by your audience, it’s only part of the story.
Some of my friends were going to dancing school and, when one of them was auditioning for a ballet school in Kiev, my mother saw an opportunity for me to do that, so we could move to a bigger, better city.
In authoritarian societies, cultural institutions tend to become ideological proxies – think of the National Ballet in Cuba or the East German gymnastics team.
I wanted to give people – which is fairly bizarre considering my whole life is contemporary dance really – I wanted to give people a really fulfilling sense that they had seen a white classical ballet – in a very pure form.
Graeme Murphy
You can imagine me as a kid growing up in redneck Texas with ballet shoes, tucking the violin under my arm. I had to fight my way up.
I think the leotard for me became, after I retired, a sort of a symbol of the confines of still fitting into the ballet world in mind and body.
The first year with ABT I learned 13 new roles. Most were lengthy ballets, more complicated than I was used to. I have suffered from tendinitis since I was 13, and it flared up again until the pain was paralyzing. There were times I prayed I’d be sick so I wouldn’t have to go on.
Gelsey Kirkland
Yeah I had the poof thing before the acting because I did ballet.
My mom devised a plan to get me out of the house and gave me the choice between ballet or skating. She knew both of those sports were time-consuming and would keep me busy with hours of practice.
I remember playing with some friends and being aware that I was acting as I was playing with them – I would think of a character and pretend to be someone else. My parents also took me to ballet school, and there I think I was able to start communicating those feelings or emotions – I danced for so many years.
I really developed an early love for ballet. Like most

I really developed an early love for ballet. Like most dancers, I am still ‘first’ a dancer. I’m very proud of it. Once you are a dancer, the physicality never leaves you, nor does the strength. Hopefully, it keeps you like an athlete.
I wanted to be a ballet teacher.
Yeah, I shoot. I shot with my dad a little bit when I was little. He was a Marine, so it wasn’t like he would take me to the ballet. We would go to a shooting range. It was the only thing he knew to teach his little girl how to do.
Jill Wagner
How can you live the high life if you do not wear high heels? I don’t understand why women wear these ballet pumps. They are only good if you walk like a ballet dancer, and only ballet dancers do that.
What I find funny are peoples’ blind spots. That’s the funniest thing about anybody – when they just don’t realize who they are. What’s funny about seeing a hippo do ballet is it thinks it’s a swan.
I originally wanted to be a ballet dancer and trained for years, but when I was around 18, I realized I wasn’t going to be as good a ballet dancer as I’d hoped I’d be and decided to become an actress instead.
Ballet is a closed world and very rigid; MGM was a fairyland. You’d walk down the lot, seeing all these fabulous movies being made with the greatest talent in the world sitting there. It was a dream to walk through that lot.
Nothing is harder to create than brilliant comic ballets, except maybe brilliant full-evening comic ballets.
I feel that while my body’s able and I’m young, I’d have so many regrets if I didn’t go for it now with the ballet, because that’s everything I’ve always wanted to do.
I’ve always loved dancing. As soon as there is good music, I’ve got to get up and dance. I was passionate about ballet as a little girl.
It’s very difficult for me to do fund raising for my own organization if I’m working for other companies because sponsors will say, ‘Well, hey, man, if she’s doing a ballet for Ballet Theatre, we’ll give money to Ballet Theatre.’
I definitely don’t feel like I’m watching ballet during ‘Raze.’
I’d love to look like my mum when I am her age. She taught ballet for years, and my attitude to exercise and fitness has definitely been influenced by her. She’s 84 now, and I’ve watched how well she has aged, and a lot of that is to do with her fantastic posture.
American Ballet Theatre’s rehearsal studios are at 890 Broadway, an old building where exposed pipes clank and hiss in uneven accompaniment to piano music. The high ceilings wear a toupee of dust. The wall paint peels like a newbie ballerina’s toes.
I didn’t care how much work it would take, and I didn’t see the time invested as a waste or like I was missing out on anything. Ballet became my ultimate passion.
I gave up ballet when I was four because I was so shy.
I started with ballet and then my cousin Sarah introduced me to her tap teachers.
Adam Garcia
There’s only a certain amount of space in every ballet company. You’re basically on a team. You want to succeed as a group but all want to have the same roles.
I think ballet has influenced my personality a lot in the sense that I am very disciplined in all of my endeavours. I am always on time; I take things very seriously. I’ve built up my inner strength and self-esteem over time as I’ve improved as a dancer.
Yuan Yuan Tan
I did ballet, piano and all that – my brother did martial arts, my passion.
I want the ballet world to be given the respect that it deserves and to be seen by more people – for so many to experience the beauty that I’ve received from the ballet world.
Dancing for the length of time that I did, it centered me in such a way to be really in tune with my body, and I just feel like I’m physically able to do things because of my ballet background. Without ballet, I don’t think I’d look graceful at all on screen.
I used to do ballet all the time, and I do this ballet workout: it is an amazing thing called Barrecore. It is like pulsing. It turns your legs into, like, jelly, and you feel like a Bambi; you lose so much control over your body because you’re pulsing so much.
I started with ballet, and once I started to really like it, I got into more – I did jazz and tap, and then kept going.
Cincinnatians support a symphony, an opera, a ballet, museums, many galleries and theater groups.
Ballet is something for which you need so much control and composure. And there’s an element to acting that is the complete opposite. You have to be able to completely let go and reveal everything about yourself. It’s about being very vulnerable.
If they opened things up and I could build a luxury condominium in Vedado, I would sell them in two hours here in Miami. Cubans in Miami would be the first to buy. In Miami, 80 percent of the people we sell to are foreigners. Havana is a city very similar to Miami… There’s good music, good theater, good ballet.
Me in high school, I was kind of a loner. I had a handful of friends. I’d eat my lunch in my car every day in my senior year. I went to ballet. I was a ballerina, so I was very focused on that. You kind of have to be. That was two-thirds of my week, going to ballet class.
Olesya Rulin
Ballet dancers really know how to enter a room.
Ballet is a finite art – your body won’t let you do it forever, so I wanted to do it while I could.
Acting is a sense of wonder and magic and mystery for me and when life takes me on a new journey, I simply remember the smile my first ballet recital put on my face and I move forward.
Andrea Thompson
The highest heels I do are six-inch heels - but mostly

The highest heels I do are six-inch heels – but mostly only dancers can wear them, since they are used to being on point in ballet shoes.
My mum was a costume designer and costume supervisor in the theater and, especially, the ballet. But that was before I was born.
George MacKay
I’ve been dancing my entire life. Jazz, hip hop, ballet. And then there’s tap dancing. I love to tap.
Emily VanCamp
I grew up without any money, but the one thing that we did was sit up in the gods to watch the ballet.
I’ve always been a figure skater and ballet dancer. I love physical comedy, and any chance that I get to do that… that is so me.
As a dancer, I know couples that have stayed married but separated to dance on different continents. Dance in general, but ballet in particular, is such a finite career. You can’t do it later in life, and it’s something that I think a dancer has to have some selfishness to fulfill.
I got kicked out of ballet class because I pulled a groin muscle. It wasn’t mine.
I had been a ballet dancer and never could make a living, and just being so excited that I got to, all of a sudden, live as an actor.
We moved from the suburbs to L.A. and I picked up break dancing when I was 10. I joined a dance crew in high school and I was battling. I also took ballet most of my life until high school.
Dad is a skilled athlete and runs his own football school for kids. While football is his entire life and he encouraged us to play, he still found time to take me to ballet and tennis lessons.
When life takes me on a new journey, I simply remember the smile my first ballet recital put on my face and I move forward.
Andrea Thompson
I think my mom put me in tap classes when I was three, which I never pursued. I don’t know how to tap. Then we moved to Portugal when I was five, and, I think, she put me in ballet classes immediately. Then I was expelled for being too restless – I am too high energy – and was told I could go do rhythm gymnastics.
My world was a community ballet school, a marching band, my two sisters and my girlfriends. I played saxophone in the band and was a bit nerdy.
I didn’t study dance. I had some ballet lessons because I needed it for posture and for my arms, mostly. My skating coach said I really needed it, from the belly button up, as opposed to the footwork. In skating, the shoes don’t move.
I actually hated dancing. My mum used to have to bribe me to go by buying me things. A year before I stopped going, I was going to go for an audition with the Royal Ballet. It turned out I was a year too young. Because I was tall, they thought I was older. But before I had the chance to go back, I quit.
I wanted so badly to study ballet, but it was really all about wearing the tutu.
Ballet is one form which I really want Indians to practice it.
I began to fear that the Graham work was not in lots of ways sufficient for me. I suppose it came about from looking at other dancing and being involved with the ballet – something about the air and the way she thought about dancing.
The ballet needs to tell its own story in such a way it can be received without having to be translated into language.
When I was still a student, I came out of a performing arts high school, and the female students who were doing traditional dance and ballet were so beautiful. They were beautiful, starting from their postures.
What is true of ballet is no less true of the other lively arts. Change is built into their natures. You watch a performance, and then… it’s gone.
The Kirov is a great ballet company because it has so many terrific dancers, but it doesn’t always know what to do with them.
I danced in corps de ballet for 11 hours a day. That was the hardest work I have ever done in my life. I haven‘t seen anybody else work more.
Before founding Ballet Beautiful, I was a ballerina with the New York City Ballet.
I was a daughterless mother. I had nowhere to put the things a mother places on her daughter. The nail polish I used to paint our toenails hardened. Our favorite videos gathered dust. Her small apron was in a box in the attic. Her shoes – the sparkly ones, the leopard rain boots, the ballet slippersstood in a corner.
When I found out that I was going be Juliet, it felt much more real than ‘Manon,’ because ‘Manon’ is one of those ballets that you probably do after Juliet, so that never really sunk in to be honest.
All of our lives are enriched by our culture, from blockbuster films, best-selling video games, independent music, and internationally-renowned museums and art collections, to theatre, opera, ballet, literary festivals and performance poetry.
Look at a football field. It looks like a big movie screen. This is theatre. Football combines the strategy of chess. It’s part ballet. It’s part battleground, part playground. We clarify, amplify and glorify the game with our footage, the narration and that music, and in the end create an inspirational piece of footage.
I was in a ballet company, and I auditioned for Bob Alton, a top choreographer at MGM. He sent me to see Arthur Freed, who offered me a seven-year contract.
Classical ballet will never die.
Ninette de Valois
I’ve always been in love with Melbourne. When I was 12, I was taken into the city by my grandmother to go to the ballet for the first time.
One of the few things in dance to match the Royal Balle

One of the few things in dance to match the Royal Ballet’s curtain calls is the Royal Ballet’s dancing.
Clive Barnes
There are no taking days off. There are no distractions. If I had that, I physically wouldn’t be capable of going onstage and performing live theater. It’s extremely demanding. I have to be in ballet class every day.
The first show I did was ‘The Nutcracker’ ballet. I was one of the kids who comes out in the beginning.
It’s weird for minorities even just to buy tickets to the ballet. We feel like it’s not a part of our lives and we’re not a part of that world.
I trained as a ballet dancer till I was 18, so I would really like to get back to it. I’d love it if there was a part that meant I could do both acting and ballet, as they’re both so close to my heart.
I have always been very conscious of my way of dressing. During my years as a ballet and flamenco dancer, I outshone everybody with my embellished and beautiful clothes. The designers who created my clothing loved making outfits that were extravagant and out of this world.
A simple ballet wrap sweater heats the back muscles but is easy to put on or take off without disturbing a dancer’s makeup or hair before a performance or during a workout.
What’s always interested me the most about ballet is it’s this great opportunity for many different artistic mediums to come together to create a cohesive experience.
I don’t feel like my life is that of a superstar! Every day I wake up, I take the train, I go to my ballet class. My everyday life is pretty normal.
City Ballet remains a great company in perpetual artistic crisis.
When somebody takes themselves seriously that’s fodder for comedy. I think every musician goes through certain periods of their career where they’re all guilty of that – Spandau Ballet included.
Twyla Tharp set her sights on ballet, and ballet, hungry for major talent, succumbed.
Don’t hold on to the barre like, ‘I might die.’ It’s just ballet.
I did ballet, jazz, and all that, but I think hip-hop is really where I learned rhythm and groove, which has helped me in music.
At Moscow‘s Bolshoi Ballet Academy, I studied under a brilliant and fiery teacher. This tiny, stuttering old man flew into a rage if his students’ white socks failed to reach mid-calf level. Nor could he tolerate floppy hair. We wore hairnets to class – an athletic brigade of short order cooks.
One of my sisters was doing dance, and I’d watch from the back of the classroom in my trainers. Slowly, I started integrating myself into the fraught south Oxford ballet culture.
Each morning I do my ballet class for one hour; after that, it means one hour less to get ready.
‘Swan Lake’ is the most difficult thing to portray for a female ballet dancer; it really requires such specific qualities of articulation, agility, strength, and the arm work is something that takes a lot of training.
Benjamin Millepied
My childhood was a mix of ballet classes and debating society. I liked arguing. As a teenager, I wanted to be an author. Later on, inspired by Young Enterprise and the Body Shop founder Anita Roddick, I decided I wanted to go into business.
When working with classical musicians, it is important to be clear as possible in the score about what my intentions are. Because there isn’t a lot of rehearsal time, especially at the ballet, it’s best if everything is written in the score.
I didn’t grow up on dance class. I was always natural. I’ve been in the industry since I was eight and I’ve always had a choreographer since then. But I never really took ballet or anything like that.
Marques Houston
I was in a competing company and have been dancing since I was four – ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop – so it’s a huge part of my life and my music.
You can go see ballet in its purity; you can go to a recital to hear music by itself. But what the American musical does so thrillingly is bastardize these forms into something that is exhilarating and compelling and deeply moving.
I was from Washington, D.C., and then I came to New York and got the scholarship for the ballet.
Maybe people have no idea how much work is behind a picture. It can seem very effortless, but there is a lot of work. It’s exactly like doing ballet. It’s hours and hours, but when you go onstage, it’s just the pleasure of dancing.
My parents always had a Christmas tree in the house and I was put in ballet at a very young age. So every year I would be in ‘The Nutcracker.’
I had to quit ballet because it felt like a part of me was dying inside.
If I had to reflect on the finest classical male ballet dancers of my time, Vladimir Vasiliev of the Bolshoi and the Danish dancer Eric Bruhn were, I feel, without peer.
Jacques d’Amboise
I always liked dancing and you’d go to class and find you had an hour acting and an hour of ballet.
I thought ‘Out of Africa’ would be a beautiful ballet.
It was something I was more interested in myself. When I went to see my sister dance at ballet, I was really into costumes and the arts, and my family was also supportive of whatever me and my sister wanted to do. I would say I pushed myself the most to be into design.
Ballet targets smaller muscles that you don't often use

Ballet targets smaller muscles that you don’t often use – instead of working your quads, it works the inside and the back of your leg.
I was always the kid down the street who got the other kids to put on a show. But it was only when I was 19, and discovered ballet and contemporary dance, that I got interested in the fact that you could have a whole evening of dance – rather than just waiting for the dancers in a musical.
I taught and studied dance in college, and for over a decade, I thought that would be my career: tap dancer, ballet dancer, modern dancer. I still find myself doing some tumbling or interpretive dancing in the grocery store every now and then.
I’d like to be able to get more girls to play guitar. I think with a girl playing electric guitar, sometimes it’s seen a bit like a guy doing ballet. All the people I learned guitar from have been guys. There are some great female players, like Bonnie Raitt and Jennifer Batten, but very few.
I was sent to ballet classes when I was a little girl. I wasn’t very good, but it’s that thing where little girls always try ballet, or whatever.
From the age of four, I loved ballet and tap. I was in the school band, the choir, and all my school plays.
The eternal and uneasy relationship between ballet and modern dance endures, but radically altered in tone and intensity.
When I was a kid, I’d always wanted to take karate, but my parents wouldn’t let me because I did a lot of other things, including ballet.
I have never felt oppressed by women or that feminism is a problem. I do think boys find it hard to like things seen as feminine. I want my son not to feel self-conscious he likes ballet and my daughter to carry on playing Han Solo; that’s all.
A lot of people insisted on a wall between modern dance and ballet. I’m beginning to think that walls are very unhealthy things.
You can’t drink on an eight hour flight, pass out, and then go onstage… well you can, but then you’re Spandau Ballet.
The heart of the classical repertory is the Tchaikovsky-Petipa ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ and no ballet is harder to get right.
My dance skills are reliant on me being a bit pickled in a nightclub, if I try to do a dance move sober it doesn’t go very well, but I used to do ballet and tap so I have to be shown what do, so if I watch things I pick things up quite quickly.
I didn’t really know anything about Margot Fonteyn. I’d never really been a ballet child, so I had no idea what an incredibly huge icon she was, not just in terms of a creative icon – she was also a style icon. I had no idea she was up there with Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Onassis in terms of that kind of image.
I liked the structure of ballet.
I love dancing and practiced ballet for ten years until I realized I wouldn’t make it professionally – then I started taking salsa classes. I learned to dance samba in Rio and Salvador when I lived in Brazil.
I went to art school when I was little. I took ballet lessons. I played a little kick ball. I was sort of into everything because I had too much energy and I didn’t know where to put it. When I was a preteen, I got into singing, and became really obsessed with it.
American ballet… is ultimately an evolutionary art form, requiring many voices to creatively carry forward.
All of the vintage photos of Ballets Russes are so inspiring.
I took ballet dancing forever, and there was a natural transition into acting.
What really matters is that ‘Black Swan’ deploys and exaggerates all the cliches of earlier ballet movies, especially ‘The Red Shoes,’ another tale of a ballerina driven mad and suicidal.
I’ve learned ballet for seven years and Kathak and belly dancing for some time.
When I was doing gymnastics, I was playing. It was fun. The ballet was not fun at all. Yes, I agree you must have discipline, but you don’t need to be a witch. You can’t teach a child like that. Three times a week, I went back to train as a gymnast. Then I was happy.
Whether it was ‘The Krays’ or ‘EastEnders’ or the songs in Spandau Ballet, if you do a good job or make something that people enjoy, that’s not something you want to move away from. I was never in a rush to get away from what people enjoyed.
I remember vividly seeing ‘Tarzan‘ and Fred Astaire, the Chaplin films, Fred Astaire musicals, MGM, because of my mother. She was just interested in everything and she took me to opera and ballet, and then ballet got me hooked.
Oh, I could have done more. I refused a lot of ballets. I said, ‘No way, no way I’m going to do that.’
I was a weird teenager. My mother was actually worried because I didn’t have any interest in dating in my teenage years. I had all this desire to pursue my passions like ballet, then sailing, then music, so I didn’t have any emptiness to fill.
One of the eternal mysteries of ballet is how untalented choreographers find backers for their work, and then find good dancers to perform in it. Is it irresistible charm? Chutzpah? Pure determination? Blackmail? Or are so many supposedly knowledgeable people just plain blind?
The Royal Ballet School looked after me very well, they were like my family, and the company gave me everything. But I was unhappy and I didn’t know how to express it.
I eat healthily, I do ballet and exercise, and I’m toned and tight, but I take up space, and I don’t aspire to anorexia.
I copied my brother. He was a natural dancer. Graceful. People always asked did we study ballet. We never did.
Harold Nicholas
What I fell in love with as a child was 'My Fair Lady,'

What I fell in love with as a child was ‘My Fair Lady,’ ‘Funny Face,’ ‘American in Paris,’ and ‘Singin’ in the Rain.’ Just perfect movies to me and I was dancing. I started ballet when I was three. And I fell in love with those movies and fell in love with Audrey Hepburn and Leslie Caron.
Writing used to be my hobby, but now that it’s my job, I have no hobby – except watching TV and laying around the pool reading ‘U.S. Weekly.’ I have tried many hobbies, such as knitting, Pilates, ballet, yoga, and guitar, but none of them have taken.
Too often, it is presumed that young people will only like art that they can immediately relate to. Working-class students may be steered towards popular culture like hip-hop, new media and film on the basis that they will find older art forms such as opera or ballet irrelevant.
I took ballet when I was eight, like a lot of other people.
Most ballerinas take their first ballet class when they are 5 or 6 years old. I was 13 when I took mine on the basketball court of the San Pedro Boys & Girls Club in California.
Ballet can be hard on your joints, and when you’re on a movie set doing take after take, it can become really repetitive.
My first ballet class was on a basketball court. I’m in my gym clothes and my socks trying to do this thing called ballet. I didn’t know anything about it.
I went to my mum at about seven or eight and said I want to start acting, but the week before, I had said I wanted to do ballet. She said if I took acting classes for a full year, she would look further into it, and that’s how it started.
I came to New York to study ballet and English.
There would never have been a British Ballet without Diaghilev. He had a wonderful influence.
Ninette de Valois
I was very much a tomboy. I just couldn’t do the pink ballet tutus.
I really wanted to make it as a ballet dancer to make my mom proud. But it didn’t happen.
Tracy Anderson
When I was younger, people would always say, ‘Are you a ballet dancer?’ I had that look – one of those skinny kids with my hair in a bun.
I was afraid when I came to the Royal Ballet that it would be easy to have everyone walking all over me if I didn’t stick up for myself.
Ballet was just something that I always wanted to do.
Before a show, I usually give myself two-and-a-half hours to get ready. I prepare my shoes first. New ballet pumps can sound like tap shoes. You have to take the noise out of them by hitting them against stone. It takes half an hour to do each pair, and I can go through three pairs in one night.
Ballet is incestuous. This world is smaller than small.
I want to be a lawyer, a dancer, an actress, a mother, a wife, a children’s author, a distance runner, a poet, a pianist, a pet store owner, an astronaut, an environmental and humanitarian activist, a psychiatrist, a ballet teacher, and the first woman president.
Rachel Corrie
Since I was a child I’ve loved going to the opera, theatre and ballet.
Christian Lacroix
I’m very flower-like. I love classical music. I go to ballet and I cry. There’s nothing so beautiful.
Ballet is completely unnatural to the body, just being turned-out… it’s not the way your body is supposed to function, so you actually train your body to be a different structure than you were born with.
I was in ballet classes, I took singing lessons, I started taking acting classes as a hobby. When I was younger, I had my mind set on dancing or singing.
I love going to see the theatre whether it’s a Broadway play or a Russian ballet company.
I think ‘Ballet Shoes’ was a very pivotal role for me. I was about 14 then, and it was an incredible cast: Eileen Atkins, Victoria Wood, Emilia Fox, Harriet Walters. All these incredible women.
As ye sow, so shall ye reap. When a ballet company spends a lot of money on gimmicky pieces, it’s stuck with them for a while – they have to earn their keep.
I know that I’m talented, and I know that I’m not in American Ballet Theater because I’m black – I’m here because I’m a gifted dancer.
Ballet opens up the chest and the arms and elongates the body, so you carry yourself straighter. That’s so important for a model. But also every woman.
My grandmother had a Miss Margaret‘s School of Dance to teach tap and ballet to kids, but I never studied it. I was raised a Mormon and they’re dancing fools. It’s the only vice they have – dancing.
Michelle Shocked
I think it’s interesting for people to be exposed to ballet in areas they wouldn’t necessarily expect to see it.
There are some ballets you can do for a long time. With others, you have to know when to stop. Some are very destructive. Forsythe’s choreography pushes dancers to the extreme. That’s why it’s best to vary. That way, you break your body a little bit in different places, but not a lot in one place.
‘The Nutcracker’ is the ballet that keeps on giving.
David H. Koch
I took several years of dance lessons that included bal

I took several years of dance lessons that included ballet, tap and jazz. They helped a great deal with body control, balance, a sense of rhythm, and timing.
Lynn Swann
It’s hard with ballet because your aesthetic really is important. It’s different from acting and from film. Nobody wants to watch somebody who is sickly thin. And it’s interesting because I have danced with people who are ill, have eating disorders, and a light goes off within them.
In terms of withstanding incredible amounts of pain – both physical and emotional – I don’t think there’s any better training than ballet.
Julia Jones
I’ve never danced professionally as a ballet dancer, but all of my training is ballet, and I am a Fosse dancer.
I love New York. I was in New York at the age of 13, at the School of American Ballet, walking around the subways in my little bunhead and thinking I was so cool.
Teri Polo
I frequently go to the ballet, but I don’t miss it in the sense that I wish I were still dancing.
Ballet Hispanico is far from Irish, and, though it has strong dancers, its Spanishness has always left me unconvinced.
I like new ballets because they’re totally new. As you get older, new experiences are harder and harder to come by, so it’s pretty great to have a new experience.
I love acting, but that’s also kind of what I love about ballet – the acting. So, obviously, film is like an extension of that, which is amazing, but it’s also something I can do a bit later on as well.
We dance to difference genres such as krumping, ballet and hip-hop, together with invited foreign choreographers who are well-known internationally.
Peaky’ has attracted a lot of attention from different disciplines in the arts. It was originally going to be a ballet, which is Ballet Rambert, and there is also a lot of music artists who offer their music to the show to be used on the soundtrack.
Dancing is a tough career, but I’m glad I spent it at the Royal Ballet.
Deborah Bull
I’ve been very physical my whole life. I’ve done a lot of ballet, fencing and karate, and everything.
Ashley Bell
I just don’t do much social media. No, it is more important to strike a balance between ballet and real life.
Yuan Yuan Tan
If I didn’t have kids, I would be at the theater or the ballet every single night of my life.
I was real into theater, and then I tried soccer, acting and ballet. Both my parents didn’t want a child-star model, so I didn’t get into modeling until I was 14.
I’ve spent a lot of time playing Bach partitas. One of my first jobs was to play for ballet and modern classes, so the music in ‘Partita’ is kind of like choreography for me.
Caroline Shaw
I started as a hoofer and all-round chorus girl. I did my first ballet lesson when I was three, then trained as a dancer and went into pantomimes and summer seasons. Acting came later.
I have a ballet barre in my gym. I turn the music up so loud that the walls are pulsating, and I go for it for an hour.
You increase muscle bulk by training against resistance. For example, weights. And in ballet, this isn’t the case.
Deborah Bull
With both acting and ballet, often you can’t just choose when you do it, whereas a painter can go at his own pace.
I come from a magnetic field of Catholicism. I was baptised by my mother’s family, who were all traditional Catholics. But my mother was the black sheep of the family – she ran away to the ballet at 17.
I was embarrassed that I even wanted to become an actress because coming from L.A., with two older sisters in the business and a mom who had been a ballet dancer, it was such a cliche.
At aged eleven, you’re learning taking criticism every day and making it a positive thing – otherwise you will never make it in ballet.
I used to dance for seventeen years -classical ballet, which was very disciplined. I like yoga and Pilates, but I don’t have the discipline to go to the gym.
The world of women fascinates me, probably because my sister and I were always together as children in our mother’s salon after school and after ballet classes. We used to talk about what we saw: the different ladies who would come in, all with their distinctive personalities.
Monica Cruz
I announced at the dinner table when I was 11 that I wanted to be a ballet dancer. But my goal changed to musical theater after the choreographer Robert Joffrey saw me perform while I was on scholarship at the San Francisco Ballet School.
I wear Jordans when I’m in the ring, alright? This isn’t ballet, you know?
Obviously, something like ballet, you have music, you dance with the music and it’s a very direct connection. With visual art, when there’s no music that accompanies the art, such as great masterworks in a museum, you wind up interpreting what the artist is doing, how the artist made that work and what they’re conveying.
I went to ‘The Nutcracker’ every year with my grandma and aunt. Then, in my early teen years, I thought I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I went real gung-ho in that direction, and I started performing in ‘The Nutcracker.’
On the other hand, I think it is wonderful for everyone to take ballet classes, at any age. It gives you a discipline, it gives you a place to go. It gives you some control in your life.
I went to Westside School of Ballet in L.A. and I was c

I went to Westside School of Ballet in L.A. and I was climbing through the ranks. Then I got to pointe shoes and I was like, ‘This is not cool, you guys. This is gonna be in textbooks, someday, along with Chinese foot-binding.’ Anyway, it’s not for me, so I got into doing different kinds of dance.
My earliest memory is of sitting at Mum’s dance school, watching her teach a ballet class.
It’s no good running a pig farm badly for 30 years while saying, ‘Really, I was meant to be a ballet dancer.’ By then, pigs will be your style.
I spent a whole year in New York without going back to France. And I always came back because my mother was living in New York since I was 13. So I went to summer camps, hang out at the Roxy, go to class for ballet, so I always had part of my life in New York.
The highest heels I do are six-inch heels – but mostly only dancers can wear them, since they are used to being on point in ballet shoes. Their feet are arched.
Anything that’s outdoorsy and fun, like hiking, biking, running, paddleboarding, swimming in the ocean… and then I’ll mix in Pilates, yoga, spin, ballet.
Dance is very, very old. With Louis XIV at Versailles is where ballet started.
A young girl reached out to me to be her mentor one day, which I didn’t really know anything about. What I did remember was what it was to be alone as an African-American dancer in the ballet world and wanting to connect with someone who looks like me.
I was so comfortable with my ballet power, my dancer power, that to have a voice, the comfort with having a voice, is slower to come to me.
I am passionate about ballet.
Benjamin Millepied
Ballet can be grueling, for sure, but it gives you a certain discipline.
I have been very lucky to work in so many new ballets, but that is what a dancer’s work is.
The ballets you do make you into the final product you are. And I had extraordinary partners.
I grew up listening to hipster jazz and classical records… we went and watched ballet and orchestras – lots of cool stuff. Which I’m really grateful for – it’s pretty nice being introduced to that when you’re little.
My years of ballet and jazz dance lessons didn’t make me any more graceful – they just helped keep me from bumping into the furniture on stage.
Toni Tennille
Coco Chanel was always doing things with ballet, so it is a tradition clashing fashion and ballet.
As a little girl, I didn’t dream of being a ballet dancer; I dreamt of being a movie star like Ginger Rogers and dancing with Fred Astaire. I used to watch the Sunday double-bills on TV and Iong to be part of what seemed a perfect Disneyland world. Astaire was a genius.
Sometimes I feel as if sections of my ballets were done for me – that I didn’t do them myself.
Antony Tudor
Everything has come to me without my having to look for it. I signed with Metro because someone thought I had talent, and it was the same thing with the ballet.
I always wanted to act and sing, but my first love was ballet.
I didn’t know if I could act, but I knew I could be a great ballet dancer, and Balanchine put out the carpet for me.
Jacques d’Amboise
When I was at the Royal Ballet School, I remember receiving my first eyeshadow palette from Marks & Spencer as a gift. It sparked my interest in beauty, which peaked when I became more involved in theatre and got to experience so many stunning image transformations to suit different productions.
Being in ballet class, being on the stage, being surrounded by my peers at American Ballet Theater every day, keeps me so humble and grounded. Being in ballet class, I feel, is like this meditation for me every morning.
I’m trying to create ballets that I would enjoy seeing.
The particular ballet was not so important as the fact that I was physically healthy, and capable of getting out there and dancing as often as possible.
The ballet makes us look at those bodies, it makes us listen to that music, it makes us wonder at the geometry, of the way they come together. The way that extraordinary space is controlled and given such emotional force.
I never thought of myself as special or particularly good at anything. But once I started ballet, suddenly I had a new identity: prodigy.
I will say a lot of dancers do such beautiful things for their body and then they smoke a cigarette. I’ve never been a smoker, but I realized after taking yoga . . . in ballet you’re not encouraged to do a lot of breathing. I think in a weird way, a lot of dancers find relief in actually breathing.
I do ballet and pointe work. I also do tap, commercial jazz and technical jazz, freestyle street dancing.
‘Petrushka’ was not conceived as a children’s ballet, even though it involves puppets. We’re on the outer limits of what’s child-appropriate here.
I had danced with Janet Jackson and P. Diddy so I had done a bunch of hip hop. Really and truly my roots are in modern and ballet but, professionally, that’s not really out there any more, unfortunately, so these artists aren’t really having a lot of ballet dancers behind them so I had to learn hip hop really quick.
There is something about Dior that reminds me of New Yo

There is something about Dior that reminds me of New York City Ballet. They both have a classic, glamorous basis but are trying to evolve the arts in new and innovative ways.
I don’t force myself to exercise; I find going to gyms really boring. I find it easier to go for a fast walk or a jog in Central Park. I wear sensible shoes because my ballet dancing left me with a bunion on one foot after all the pointe exercises.
Ballet is a classically based art form, so it comes with a certain set of rules, at least to start with; then it’s about how far you want to push from there.
To me, dance and ballet are not so accessible.
I’m so happy that I ventured out beyond the Royal Ballet – which is my home, and I love it – but I would never have pushed myself outside of my comfort zone.
Ballet Beautiful is about finding balance and making fitness a part of your life in a happy, healthy, rewarding way where you get to feel pretty and look beautiful. It’s not about beating yourself up in the gym and locking yourself in a dark room with blasting music.
When I became a principal at the Royal Ballet it was my childhood goal, a dream and I became it at 19. And then I said ‘what’s next?’ and I set myself a different goal at 19 to become an actor.
There’s no agents or managers to represent them. Dancers don’t have any voice. They have nothing. Nobody can afford a flat to live in. They have to share to be able to survive. In a place like the Royal Ballet, that shouldn’t happen.
I knew I wanted to be a ballet dancer, but what kind, I wasn’t sure. My two dream companies had been New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theater.
I was really creative. I started to dance very young. I loved to dance. I begged my mother to put me into dance classes, and finally, in third grade, she did. Tap and jazz, but not ballet.
Laverne Cox
I always knew I was a bit different from my friends, had too much energy, and suddenly I could get it all out with ballet.
It’s amazing what a resource modern technology is now for making ballets, and I film my rehearsals almost every day.
Bob’s work gleaned from hoofing, from vaudeville, from ballet.