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I really do see that anywhere I am, whether it's doing

I really do see that anywhere I am, whether it’s doing interviews a hundred in a row, that every situation I’m in, I’m at choice in the matter.
It’s nothing, really, for me to be able to say it’s overwhelming or anything. It’s just – you do the interviews, you interact with everybody, and you make sure that, at the end of the day, you focus on why you’re here, and that’s to play football and make sure I can contribute as a teammate.
I know he’s not an MMA fighter, but can we just talk about how great Deontay Wilder is? He’s must-see TV. Not since Mike Tyson has boxing had an American heavyweight who could hit like him… and talk like him, too. I love his interviews, his demeanor, his fighting style… the whole package.
I’ve realized why I don’t tell the truth in interviews. It’s because they’re printed months later, and you change so quickly – you have new thoughts, new everything – so people are reading an old version of you.
People in San Francisco and the East Bay have shown interest, done interviews, and have come to shows. I guess that the news travels fast out of this island that we are on.
You do 1,000 interviews, 20 percent of every one is not what you said, or is twisted a little. If you multiply 20 by 1,000 you’ve got a lot of inaccuracies out there.
The most frequent thing people said to me about Princess Diana when I was conducting interviews for my biography was that she could create a circle of intimacy in the middle of a crowd.
I don’t do interviews.
I’m not really good at asking people questions in interviews. I just try to have fun, to talk.
Privacy is big for me. To do interviews even, I have a very love/hate with it.
We were delighted to have Nigel as a producer. The only problem is that Nigel is so famous that he seems to dominate most interviews without being there.
People down on their luck deserve the best: beautiful surroundings and well-paid professional staff to help them out of their difficulties. Why not train thousands more social workers and let them sit in on claimants’ interviews?
I think people are used to seeing actors be wide open and desperately giving of themselves, and while I do that on a movie set as much as I can, it’s so unnatural for me to do it on television, in interviews, in anything like that. I also don’t find that my process as an actor is really anyone else‘s business.
Back in the early days of WWE, I remember doing 20 interviews every Tuesday, one right after the other on different topics.
People come to me to say I don’t sell; Brazilian media say I don’t give interviews. Nobody is obligated to do anything.
I also think there’s too many players who say the same boring answers, they don’t even have to turn up to interviews because journalists answer their own questions the way they ask them. Unfortunately the way it is now players are so afraid to say anything, but I’d like them to be honest.
When I’m doing interviews, I’m doing interviews, and when I am writing, I’m writing. I sit there with a musician and I write. It’s the same process since I started writing in my twenties. I like to come in and leave with a finished song.
I never got into this business to do interviews. It was always about the music.
I can’t keep my trap shut in interviews – I’m not very good at dissembling.
Describing someone as quirky is a way of erasing them. What does it even mean? In so many interviews over the years, that’s how I’m described. It doesn’t sit comfortably with me.
I still don’t like doing interviews. I hardly do any… I hope this will be the last one for a long while.
Beth Gibbons
Snoop Dogg is hilarious. T.I. is really funny. Who else? 50 Cent is hilarious. Jay-Z is funny. I’ve met him, but he’s funny in interviews. He was funny when I saw him, too. Ludacris is funny. Everybody is. Rappers are funny, a lot of them.
We’ve heard so much about introducing the Rooney Rule but I don’t hear enough conversations about putting in place things so that females can get interviews.
Do people ever ask me to say ‘Wow?’ Never in interviews, but a few times on the street. I don’t do it. I try to get away from them as quickly as possible and explain that I’m not a performing seal.
I would love to get Chief Justice John Roberts for an interview. I think that would be fascinating, I think that Supreme Court nominees should do more interviews.
In an email… like I did 100 interviews, and I never repeated one story. That’s impossible to do when you do face-to-face interviews, because your brain locks and you say the same thing over and over again.
The day I left baseball, I became smart. When I was in baseball, I played for the love of the game. I’d sign any contract they gave me. But then I stopped playing and began doing interviews with the players at the ball park. I began to see the light.
Chuck Connors
People ask me, ‘Isn’t it scary living on your own?’ but in this industry, being at events, doing interviews, and doing promotion and constantly chatting about yourself, sometimes it’s really nice to just sit in silence or take a day where you can sleep in until 3 P.M. and then stay up as late as you like.
Poppy doesn’t really like interviews.
In Israel, I don’t do any interviews at all. I don’t want to be a celebrity in Israel.
People think I don’t like interviews but I don’t mind speaking about proper and interesting stuff. When it’s stupid stuff to build your image and you are told to mention this and mention that, I hate it.
Ronnie O’Sullivan
Ah, I don't do interviews, really.

Ah, I don’t do interviews, really.
Joe Pesci
I tend to avoid interviews, I don’t have a publicist and fear of failure is still very much alive in my personal life.
I’ll tell something, a lot of times I’d listen to Charlie and some of the interviews he had and he said, ‘Well, yeah, I was a garbage goal collector.’ But he knew the timing. I knew where he was.
Marcel Dionne
I accepted the interviews and encounters that had to be held with the media, but I would have preferred to work in peace.
Even in my neighborhood, the kids come to me for interviews for their term papers. I ask them later what grades they got, and they’re always A-pluses.
Stephanie Kwolek
You can count my interviews this season on one hand, so maybe when I do speak, people want to turn it into something sensational.
By late 1953, going to New York on vacation, I had lined up several Time Inc. interviews – and what they did was give me a lifelong appreciation of the importance of luck in getting a job.
I eat raw vegetables. But my 30 for 30 documentary better include sit-down interviews with Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders and Little Debbie.
When I read my interviews, I feel, is it me? I constantly wonder if someone will get hurt if I say this or that. It is unfortunate that I am scared to say what I feel.
The only thing I’m nervous about is talking to guests like human beings, because all of my interviews so far have been attacking people. I have a genuine concern about sitting across from an actor whose movies I obviously haven‘t seen.
I’m one of those people who fiercely guards their privacy, so I hate doing interviews.
Megan Fox
I want to do interviews in English, but I want to sing in Spanish. I think it could work.
Vicente Fernandez
My problem with interviews, one day I’ll think one thing, and the next day I’ll think the exact opposite.
I don’t see myself as a Larry King or somebody. When you do interviews, sometimes it turns to interrogations. I’m more of a conversationalist, not throwing hardball questions.
Joe Morgan
We’re bringing a focus on wrestling. We’re bringing an emphasis on wrestling matches and action taking place in or around the ring. We’ll do great interviews too, but in these segments, we can do it all in the arena and around the ring. We can do some stuff backstage; we just don’t spend half the show backstage.
I listen to WTF with Marc Maron, although I’m getting annoyed with him, he’s a bit too intrusive and fawning. But he’s done some great interviews in the past, like with David Simon, the writer of The Wire, and Bruce Springsteen. He gets fantastic guests. I just wish he let them talk more.
I love the game and everything that goes with actually playing. What I don’t like so much are the interviews, the controversy, and all the external stuff.
You know, there’s that temptation in interviews to make yourself sound – well, to give yourself a bit of mystery.
I think half the battle is just being comfortable in front of the camera – and I already am, doing so many videos and interviews, so then it just takes that extra step of trying to get into character.
Believe me, I’ve had interviews where the person says, ‘So when did you start and why? What about your parents?’ I say to them, ‘Please, have you heard of the word ‘Google?’
I am utterly bored by celebrity interviews. Most celebrities are devoid of interest.
I think as soon as you’re a woman, or any minority doing something, you automatically become a representative for it, and I think a lot of brilliant women‘s interviews are being wasted on talking about what it’s like being a woman.
Interviews are fun, but I get nervous at red carpets.
The only time we actually even think about our music is in interviews. We have to explain why we do what we do, even though it seems pointless to us to explain it. The rest of the time we just do what we do and don’t worry about it.
Any actor who says that they don’t want the attention, and that they’re tired of all the interviews and photoshoots, are just pretending.
Marketing is what gets you noticed, and that side of it something – this side of it, if you like, doing interviews – is the side of it that I least enjoy, and yet is 50% of the project.
This is a very superficial job. I sit in a chair for two hours and get hair and makeup done and talk about myself in interviews. That’s a very vain thing to do. And I do get caught up in it sometimes.
My mother kept the house clean and we ate good. I didn’t know we were poor until I started giving interviews.
Being an entrepreneur is a mindset. You have to see things as opportunities all the time. I like to do interviews. I like to push people on certain topics. I like to dig into the stories where there’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer.
We had so many of our fans tell us how worthless they felt before they found out about us and watched our interviews and listened to our music.
I learn something in the interviews from time to time.
Samantha Bee
I probably shouldn't treat interviews as therapy sessio

I probably shouldn’t treat interviews as therapy sessions, but I don’t keep a diary, so these end up being my way of keeping track of where I’m at and letting it all out.
There are some players who lacked respect for me. There were some things said in public that should not have been said, not in interviews.
Honestly we never lied to people about who we were. Usually the wackier interviews came to pass because the interview subjects, aware that we were Comedy Central, just wanted to get their stories out.
I think interviews should happen after a journalist sees a film. You have a lot to talk about then.
I actually did a lot of interviews with Benjamin Bratt, and I learned a lot about him in all of those 60 something interviews that we did, because it was a junket. He speaks very well, and I learned that from him.
If you look at my career and you look at the span of my work and the things I have done, as far as to garner fame, you’ll see that I have turned down more interviews than I do. Or I turn down more things than I do.
When I was leaving college, getting ready to graduate with a degree in finance, I had job interviews for months and months – and nothing really was moving like a real opportunity. Meanwhile, a lot of my wrestling teammates at Oklahoma had started getting into MMA training.
You need that marketing power. You need to go do the interviews. You need to put yourself out there and risk and be open to the fact that people are going to not like you, and they are just going to rip you apart, and whatever you say in an interview can get quoted out of context.
I’ve been surprised at how much an unknown like myself can accomplish just by reaching out to people and pleading my case. Quotes for the book cover, reviews and interviews, readings and radio appearances – all this by simply moving ahead and making contact with folks I thought might enjoy the writing.
When I look back at my journey, it gives me a sense of confidence. I have been through an odd journey from Delhi to Mumbai, struggling, not having a job, shifting houses… Today, I am giving interviews. So it does give me gratitude and confidence. The fear is gone.
I have decided not to give interviews and not to hold conversations with journalists who deal with the political activity of my wife rather than my activity as university teacher and researcher.
Joachim Sauer
They can argue whatever they want. The problem is, when you interview every passenger, during the interviews you are looking for – you profile – you do profiling, to find the suspicious ones and put them out from the rest of the passengers.
Isaac Yeffet
Sometimes if I do radio interviews or certain kinds of interviews or things that would require me to travel, then I’ll get a nice car ride. Someone will take me, drive me to that place, and I’ll actually get to see around.
Insecurity is very common among actors. When I started giving interviews and talking to people that I didn’t know, it was a nightmare. I’ve learned how to deal with interviews and insecurity; I’ve gotten used to it.
I never liked the idea of giving interviews. One says many things, but when they are published, they become shortened, condensed. The ideas lose their meaning.
Raul Castro
I am repeatedly asked in interviews exactly ‘what’s wrong’ with me, and I always give them the same answer; I don’t identify the name of my condition in an interview unless it’s relevant to the context of the story.
I love Madonna! If you want to see the Madonna I know, just go on YouTube and you’ll see those early interviews before the record came out. She was giddy and wonderful and giggly and happy and so excited looking towards the future.
Our dream is, of course, to win everything, but we all know that football is a difficult sport and that you don’t win trophies by giving interviews.
I’ve never understood musicians who don’t enjoy doing promotional interviews. I just can’t believe it. I always think, ‘Your life must have been so brilliant before you were in a band.’
I’ve spent days in cinemas answering questions from the audience, in interviews, travelling abroad, and all they do is thank me nicely.
I’m not good at interviews, I’m not good at dancing, I’m not good at looking like I’m having fun. I never will be, I don’t think. Unless I go to a life coach.
I am a very shy and closed person. I stay in my house. The only time I go out is for award functions and maybe interviews. Because, this is part of my profession and I have to do it. Otherwise, I stay in my house or attend some classes.
I can’t go into a mob scene and sense the mood and the attitude of the crowd. I can’t conduct man-on-the-street interviews or even get reactions that I can be sure are honest, because they know who I am.
I can’t control how high my song goes on the charts, you know what I mean. I mean, I can sway it a little bit by working as hard as I can, hopefully being a decent person and giving good interviews and working hard on the road and being nice to people and shaking hands and doing everything you can do.
Casey James
Yeah, Kubrick‘s a big influence. In something like ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ he is trying to use the practical light – I mean, at least he says that in his interviews, like they’re not using traditionally Hollywood lights. In ‘Elephant‘ we basically used no lights; we never really adjusted.
It used to be that you could have fun with interviews with the foreign press, knowing that nothing you said would make it back to any voters until long after the election was over, if ever.
Upon graduation, believe it or not, I had no job. I had no interviews. I had no prospects. I had no worries. What I did have, I had passion. I had enormous passion. I had passion for financial markets. I had fallen in love with financial markets.
All I do is talk to people, email people, take meetings with people, and do interviews. Then I work at maintaining relationships with my investors because the trust people place in me is my business model.
As I’ve conducted my interviews with crowdsourcing entrepreneurs and experts, it’s constantly hit me that your ability to do something big and bold is really a function of the size and quality of your crowd.
Every night, I don’t care if I’m doing interviews that day or photo shoots that day, what’s most important is that I’m making sure I’m right and tight for the show. These people all come out to see me, so I have to perform and make sure that they never forget it.
In general, I get nervous when I do print interviews because I know that whatever I say is going to be shown through the lens of whomever I’m talking to.
People think that I can just walk into a room and get a

People think that I can just walk into a room and get a job, but of the 200 interviews and auditions I go through a year, I may get three yeses. I just have to use my sense of humour to get me through.
Oona Chaplin
Cloud 9′ is an action/romantic comedy that focuses on the competitive world of snowboarding. We have glamorised it to so that all the players are on the cover of magazines, have all the interviews, and be on the television: so it is very high stakes.
I’ve been giving interviews for the last 25 or 30 years, more often than not answering the same questions over and over again, ad nauseum.
Boyd Rice
A lot of times you do interviews and people twist your words. TMZ said something like I hate my male fans. I never said that, I said I wish I had more female fans, never said I hate male fans.
It’s like pulling teeth to get me to do photo shoots. And I don’t mind doing interviews if they’re by phone, but I hate to go sit down and have to meet somebody somewhere, you know what I mean.
When my wife passed, I stopped doing interviews and I stopped doing meet-and-greets, mostly because I sort of became this suicide ambassador. Everybody wanted to tell me their story.
Interviews are vital, but you cannot allow an interviewer to take your life and disturb it.
In our comic cons and interviews, they’re always asking him questions, of course, because people love Jean-Luc Picard. They love Sir Patrick Stewart. But he always likes to stop everyone and go, Wait, but these new characters, I can’t wait for you to meet these new people.’ He very much always tries to make space for us.
Interviews and public opinion about me never mattered. I know exactly who I am.
News channels have always had interview shows, but we need different kinds of interviews with different kinds of interviewers – interviewers who bring different life experiences to the table.
George Stroumboulopoulos
I treat the photograph as a work of great complexity in which you can find drama. Add to that a careful composition of landscapes, live photography, the right music and interviews with people, and it becomes a style.
I’m really not comfortable doing interviews in a group, in press conferences. One-on-one, I’m all right, but those press conferences at the All-Star Game, I just don’t… I feel better when I’m by myself.
Several of the actors I’ve had the good fortune of working with stand out in my mind as ‘ultimate‘. I guess the obvious would be Tom Hanks, because he really is as fun and as genuine as he comes across in his films and interviews.
Barry Pepper
I think there are just a million interviews in anthologies with famous musicians that are about the music, and they’re really boring to read.
I almost never give interviews. It’s not because I want to play hard to get. It’s just that I never seem to have anything interesting to say.
Privacy is big for me. To do interviews even, I have a very love/hate with it.
My job in the Senate is not just to give speeches and do interviews, it’s to solve problems.
We had decided to totally disappear from the media, to not do any interviews and photo shoots. Tom and I just needed time to ourselves.
As a guerrilla journalist, I participate in the news by holding individuals who are in the news accountable through personal interactions. That involves confronting people in ambush interviews, secretly recording them, or engaging in a conversation with them when they are caught off guard.
I want you to understand, when I do these interviews, I say a lot of goofy things because that’s what people expect me to say. But I never said ever that I was trying to prove the flat Earth with this rocket. It’s to raise awareness, to inspire people, to dream – which is what we used to do in this country.
I’m not used to doing press conferences, and I don’t like giving interviews.
Like I said before in my earlier interviews when I was just starting, I’m not a CM Punk. Like, I’m not here to jump in, take whoopings, and cash checks.
Always let your work talk for yourself. No matter how much you give interviews or how much you are written about, it is always the performance which counts.
Actors should never give interviews.
I’m not really a big fan of doing interviews.
The thing I love about political interviews is, if you’re really prepared, you can make great headway because these are the people for whom, theoretically at least, the buck stops.
I don’t give interviews.
Beny Steinmetz
I guess the best advice I ever got or anyone could get for doing a talk show, though it has not been easy very often, was from Jack Paar, who said, ‘Kid, don’t make it an interview. Interviews have clipboards, and you’re like David Frost. Make it a conversation.’
Really, I’m incredibly disjointed and not candid. Just in general, my thoughts tend to come out in little spurts that don’t necessarily connect. If you hang around long enough, you can find the linear path. But it will take a second. That is why these interviews never go well for me.
Trump‘s Fox News fixation was a major theme of his presidency. He hired people from Fox, fired people because of Fox, and gave most of his national TV interviews to Fox. Sometimes it was hard to tell where Trump ended and Fox began.
What people consider my worst interviews were kind of the best, as well, in a way, because they were so surreal, like J Mascis.
I started to speak about my acne struggles on social me

I started to speak about my acne struggles on social media and in interviews, and people responded really well to it.
I think people forget that to be on the A list you first had to go through the original graded Parliamentary Selection Board. I did that and then like everyone else had the further interviews to get onto the A list.
I always refer to Bharatanatyam as the ‘now prevalent form of Bharatanatyam’ in my interviews. The style changes from generation to generation.
Interviews, when they are just simply an exercise in hearing what you want to hear, are of no interest.
I’ve always felt like there’s a certain amount of doing what I do, and performing and making records and doing interviews and photo shoots and that, that are kind of a necessary evil of getting my music to people’s ears to hear. Over the years, I’ve just become more tolerant of that.
My mother told me never explain, never complain. Even as a young actress, I determined I would never give personal interviews, since they made me so uncomfortable.
Jennifer Jones
I’ve had some pretty rough interviews. And it’s funny when people are interviewing you, and they sort of don’t really understand what you do, and they kind of insult you.
I knew nothing about film at all. I suppose the biggest surprise is all these things. In the theatre we sort of do, I might do two or three key interviews and that would be it.
My stuff always starts with interviews. I start interviewing people, and then slowly but surely, a movie insinuates itself.
It’s cool to express myself, but I’ve had to learn that doing interviews isn’t completely therapy – spilling everything about yourself isn’t healthy all the time. But I’ve been through things that have made me a stronger person, and if I can help some people, I will.
I’ve done so many interviews that I’ve gotten past the ego and the personality.
Promotions can be seen in two ways – either you hate them, and they’re a burden, and you are getting through with it, or you can enjoy them. I decided early on that I was going to enjoy them. I did 43 interviews in a day for ‘Kahaani.’
My interviews are very pointed. I’m an active participant; I will kindly interrupt people. But I’ve learned there is nothing people won’t tell you if you ask in a compassionate and legitimately interested way.
I think interviews are good when you are an actual fan of the person you are interviewing.
I like to talk on the cell when I do interviews. That way, I double my chances of getting brain cancer: from the cell phone, and from the questions.
I’m constantly struggling in interviews to engage and finish sentences, because I am being asked personal questions from somebody I don’t know.
Jonny doesn’t want to do TV interviews because he thinks that he comes across as an idiot.
I read a magazine called ‘Cinefantastique’ that had just come out with a making of ‘Star Warsissue. They had some very long and detailed interviews with a whole bunch of people at ILM. I think I memorized that whole magazine.
Fortunately, I’ve done so many interviews that I’ve become very good at detecting when someone is giving a less-than-candid reply.
Radical transparency has an enormous impact on our personal lives. We can no longer share thoughts, quips, photos or personal opinions anywhere on the web without being mindful that they may turn up where we least expect it (notably job interviews, divorce proceedings or public media).
I learn a lot in interviews, I learn about how careers differ.
I love doing photo shoots and interviews. I never feel like I’m wasting my time or I never feel tired. It’s all just been fun.
My mother is really the person I learned to curse from. She discourages me from saying that in interviews. But it’s true.
From ‘Embracing the Wide Sky’, I went to the States, to Canada and to different parts of Europe as well. I gave interviews in several languages.
I often hear actors say during their interviews: ‘I want to play a crazy person, a murderer, or someone who’s on edge.’ But that question scares me. I mean, of course there are characters I’d like to play, but I can’t really say specifically who they are. It’s much too hard to play a convincing normal person as it is.
Li Bingbing
Whatever I say is so honest when I’m doing interviews.
Fifteen years ago, while I was temporarily chairing meetings of pro-life leaders, I pleaded with the angry males to say no to interviews, and instead let beautiful pro-life women become the face for the movement.
There are all sorts of despicable people who journalists have done interviews with, and it’s been useful. Isn’t more information better than less information?
One of the things I’ve done on my shows is tell stories and do interviews.
I would watch a lot of old tapes of David Letterman doing his talk show and a lot of interviews. I never had a mentor in my career because my approach has always been so different. Letterman stayed true to who he was, and his staff was always fantastic, so for me, that was always important.
I’m not that great of a speaker. I don’t like watching my own interviews. I think I suck at talking, but one thing I can do is move my pen, and if that’s how I gotta speak to my daughter, then let me do that.
Singing is just another outlet to express what I feel a

Singing is just another outlet to express what I feel and to show everyone who I really am. I really don’t talk about my personal life that much in interviews because that’s my life, but with music, the way I write explains who I am.
I did, but I’m not real fond of giving interviews.
I’ve been doing interviews for years, and in all that time, I’ve virtually never read one and gone, ‘Yep, factually and tonally that’s exactly what happened.’ Pretty much never.
‘Entertainment Tonight‘ would send me out to do interviews with musicians like Sting and Coldplay, and I was able to watch how they plan their shows. The late Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead always had a game plan, but he also was flexible if he had to change something at the last minute.
I prefer to do in-person interviews, but it’s all a part of the job, and I love talking about these movies so much.
One thing that’s always helped quell my writerly anxieties is seeking out interviews with writers I admire.
The interviews themselves last a couple of hours and are cut down, so you can take your time lulling someone into a false sense of security before you hit them with the really weird questions.
Diane Morgan
I like the performing. And interviews, even. And the stuff that’s not sitting in a room by yourself with empty paper. But I never loved writing, to tell you the truth.
When we do interviews and we get asked the same questions over and over, I’m like, ‘I wish we’d get asked something different.’ But when we do, I have no idea. I’m not prepared. Because it’s hard to remember your own life!
People say to me, ‘You don’t seem that interested in interviews.’ Well, you know, I’m not, often. I’m not going to talk tactics with the press, so you are left with talking about how you are feeling; for me, it is not the most interesting thing to be doing.
Sometimes, all the interviews, those are the toughest thing for me, but once you really start to do it a lot and start to get used to it, I can find some fun in those parts, too. Because playing golf is the easiest thing for me, and that’s something I’m so used to; that’s why it was always easy.
Inbee Park
I think it takes a lot of trickery to keep up with the media and its perception of you. I don’t know if I have it in me most of the time to care. The music is made first, and the interviews or photos to keep it alive come later as a necessary evil, I suppose.
I used to do a lot of interviews in the early ’80s, when my career started, but it came to a point when I decided I didn’t want to talk anymore, and people kind of understood that and left me alone.
I’ve done a lot of interviews of the last few years, and I’ve actually started a list of questions that it would be fun to ask an author, but no respectable interviewer would ever ask. Since I’m not respectable, I’m going to start doing interviews with some authors I know, just for fun.
Reading about myself on public platforms makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like it. I read other people’s interviews or articles, but when it comes to myself, if I see something about myself then I immediately turn over the page.
One of my first interviews was Robert Downey Jr. for ‘Iron Man.’
I don’t do interviews without a collared shirt.
I had a lot of time to think, and that is not good for your mind. And when it actually happened, it was not so much a celebration but the relief. It was an exorcism anxiety. After each race there is a procedure in which you get taken off to the podium and the TV interviews.
I don’t do many interviews. But when I do, I try to make it clear, ‘The Shining‘ was a good experience.
Danny Lloyd
I’ve never really done any interviews as myself.
Sacha Baron Cohen
You should never rely on interviews with musicians as being factual. Most of them are mangled and even have made up stuff in them, that is to say, made up stuff by the writer or editor.
I never turn down requests for interviews. I’m just rarely asked.
Bob Ross
One of the best things about my job is that I get to meet a lot of great children‘s and YA authors at events all over the country. So I figured it might be fun to interview some of them and turn the interviews into short online comics.
Steve Sheinkin
I have had some great interviews and some not.
Interviews don’t go to the core of my life. Everybody knows my life – it’s an open book.
So I went out and bought myself a copy of the Writer and Artist Yearbook, bought lots of magazines and got on the phone and talked to editors about ideas for stories. Pretty soon I found myself hired to do interviews and articles and went off and did them.
I don’t really have a blueprint to follow besides watching interviews. Well, I guess the blueprint I do follow is Def Jam, in a way, just because it started in a small space, which is so similar to how we started.
I wasn’t naive, but at the end of my Miss America year, when two different executives attacked me during what I thought were informational interviews about jobs, I was shocked. I didn’t see it coming, and the worst thing about it was the shame I felt, as if I’d done something wrong.
I’ve had two instances when I’ve met journalists face to face and we’ve had good interviews and I’ve said, ‘We don’t have children, by the way,’ and then they’ve written it. I’m not sure what that’s about. As misleading facts go, it’s not a terrible one but it isn’t true – we don’t have kids.
Gina McKee
I’m not good at entertainment. I don’t give myself to all the interviews, game shows, or talk shows.
I’ve had people ask me in interviews what it’s like to have money, but that’s not how it is. I have a middle-class life. I have a room in London but not a house, nor a BMW.
I think sometimes people get distracted in interviews.

I think sometimes people get distracted in interviews.
Trump might think that Fox needs his star power, and on the margins it’s true that Trump appearances and interviews are right-wing ratings boosters. But the network was No. 1 long before he became a politician.
When I was younger, I would set up Grammy parties at my house where I would invite all of my friends over, and my whole family would sit in the living room glued to the TV. But I would just dream of someday going there, and I would watch the red carpet interviews over and over and study what was happening.
It’s been fun doing interviews with the other astronauts, getting to hear: ‘Oh, that’s how he explains it’ or ‘That’s how she thinks about it.’ We work together, but we don’t necessarily share all those thoughts or ideas.
I think if you do a lot of interviews, you’re laying yourself open. If you put yourself out, accept every invitation to every premiere, then you can’t really complain when people knock on your front door and photograph you in the street.
For all the interviews Pelosi does, she doesn’t talk often about her struggles and challenges as a woman.
I will continue to be open in my music and in interviews and keep those conversations going about the issues we face as an LGBT+ community until those conversations no longer need to be had.
When choosing between two similar applicants, hiring managers are increasingly turning to social media outlets to supplement information they are unable to glean from applications or interviews.
I’ve become wary of interviews in which you’re forced to go back over the reasons why you made certain decisions. You tend to rationalize what you’ve done, to intellectually review a process that is often intuitive.
Peter Weir
I have a theory that I’m always hungry when I do interviews, as I always talk about food.
I rarely give interviews. I am against doing television interviews or chatting on the Net, even to promote my films. This is my personal decision, and it is not to hurt or embarrass anybody.
I’ve said in many interviews that I like my fiction to be unpredictable. I like there to be considerable suspense.
I’ve been fascinated by the world ever since I read ‘Kitchen Confidential‘ by Anthony Bourdain. I’ve watched ‘Top Chef‘ and watched interviews with chefs on ‘Charlie Rose‘… I thought they’re really intriguing characters, and they really encapsulate that tension between vision and commerce, art and commerce.
We all put on faces, as Walter White does. We put on faces when we meet our friends, when we meet new people, when we present ourselves in interviews. We try to be who the people we meet want us to be, or who we want to truly be.
I usually just go on Google and spend my hours just Googling Jennifer Beals. I think it’s possible that I have a slightly unordinary obsession with her. YouTube videos. Interviews with her. Pictures I put on my desktop and my phone.
Adhir Kalyan
Young people need the hands-on training that comes with a summer job. They need to know how to dress for success and nail job interviews. But most of all, they need mentorship, guidance, and inspiration.
Hilda Solis
I love doing interviews but yeah, I hope to have a long career like Wendy Williams, like Angie Martinez has or just a lot of people in radio that I look up to. Howard Stern has had a really long career.
I’ve always said in interviews that I am a man I’ve never claimed to be anything but. Other than for performances, the women’s clothing is in a box.
I guess I am actually quite shy, and I’ve always felt very self-conscious during interviews.
Jose Gonzalez
Ariel Pink never really existed because he was always Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, but then people started doing interviews with Ariel Pink as if Ariel Pink existed.
I’d perform in the mirror; I’d pretend to do interviews. I’d practice my autograph for hours.
This to me is the secret comedy of all author interviews, down through the ages, even the good ones in the ‘Paris Review’ and places. They’re all acting. It’s like watching a person in a play.
John Jeremiah Sullivan
I’ve been doing a few interviews since the loss of the SpaceX Dragon on its way to the Space Station. Each one very quickly questions the viability of what they call commercial space in light of the failure. I tell them space is hard: this is what happens early in a program with new technology.
I can’t watch myself in interviews. I feel like I look like a wreck. My mom is always calling me and going, ‘Stop fidgeting,’ and it’s like, ‘You have no idea what it’s like, Mom.’
People ask me in Europe, when they do interviews… they ask me, ‘Well, how does it feel to be a cook in a country that doesn’t know how to eat?’ It always touches a nerve, because Europe and the world think that America is no more than bad hot dogs and bad burgers.
In case anyone needs reminding, it was the relentless drive of the tourism industry and kowtowing State Department bureaucrats that led to the Bush-era Visa Express Program, which relaxed visa policies, eliminated in-person consulate interviews and opened the door to the 9/11 hijackers.
I have occasionally – if ever I do interviews that are difficult or nerve-wracking – I take my wife’s dog tags and have them in my pocket because it’s a very quick way to realize that what I’m doing is not that important. It’s not really worth getting stressed about because it’s not, you know, war.
I could do interviews all day.
I remember when ‘A League of Their Own’ was coming out in ’92, when I was doing interviews, it seemed like every interviewer at some point would say, ‘So… would you consider this a feminist movie?’ People are worried that it’s a taboo thing, so I took great relish in saying, ‘Yes, I would. Write that, yes.’
You have to be aware of your own shortcomings. The main thing I try not to do is lose my temper. Doing live interviews on television, you learn not to say the first thing that comes into your head.
I’ve been drawing authors and politicians for newspapers for many years. I try to read up on the person; in the case of authors, read one of their books. I watch interviews via YouTube and collect pictures via the Internet.
Siegfried Woldhek
I'm trying to get an internship at the ESPYS. I'd like

I’m trying to get an internship at the ESPYS. I’d like to do interviews on the red carpet.
Live interviews are more difficult to distort.
One day I’m lugging walls back and forth in Louisville, and the next day I’m at Cannes giving interviews next to Ben Kingsley. I’m nowhere near cynical or jaded enough not to be incredibly thrilled by that.
Traditional technical interviews are terrible for everyone. They’re a bad way for companies to evaluate candidates. They’re a bad way for candidates to evaluate companies. They waste time and generate stress on both sides.
Jon Evans
I used to be mouthy. It was all to do with being a northerner and from Manchester, which was suddenly a big deal when I was in my 20s. When I read some of the interviews I did back then, I cringe.
John Simm
I can be the same Kiana that I am at home, on set, in interviews, everywhere that I go. And I think that it’s such a relief when you accept that and acknowledge that about yourself.
The point is the ‘me’ that you see before you is not the ‘me’ in my private little space, shape-shifting into the writing role, nor is it the ‘me’ that works with the actors. Here, at the end of the film doing interviews, I feel like I’m in disguise.
The Nobel prize is a fairytale for a week and a nightmare for a year. You can’t imagine the pressure to give interviews, to go to book fairs.
We all put on faces, as Walter White does. We put on faces when we meet our friends, when we meet new people, when we present ourselves in interviews. We try to be who the people we meet want us to be, or who we want to truly be.
All I do is give interviews and spend time being photographed.
I get mad at people who talk about traumatic job interviews, about going on one and getting rejected. I get rejected all the time and not only do I get rejected, but people have no problem being really specific about why I was rejected.
Julia Sweeney
I tend to approach giving interviews with the same sense of circumspection and restraint as I approach my writing. That is to say, virtually none. When asked what I made of blogs like my own, blogs written by parents about their children, I said, ‘A blog like this is narcissism in its most obscene flowering.’
In the NBA, you can’t run from guys. I think a lot of teams were surprised by my interviews, how nice and well-spoken I am as a player and as a person. I’m a guy who wants to learn.
Shabazz Muhammad
I like to just be humble. The more interviews, the more embarrassed I kind of get.
I’m very quiet. I can go a whole week without talking, so doing interviews is really awkward for me!
Katie Leung
I think the good ones, the interviews and the promos people remember, those are improv.
I don’t do many interviews.
Death will be a great relief. No more interviews.
I hope girls read what I say in interviews – they should just be themselves.
In terms of, like, interviews, I used to struggle a lot with interviews; I never knew what to say.
I’m not saying Michael Moore‘s smarter than Sean Hannity, but Michael Moore is better at running interviews than Hannity, even though Hannity’s running the interview!
I always like the idea of doing interviews with somebody but completely seriously not ever mentioning what that person is generally known for.
I don’t do gossipy interviews because I don’t think that helps; I think that’s a distraction.
George Stroumboulopoulos
People, who accused me of practising a monopoly were wrong. The media fuelled rumours about my ‘monopoly.’ The first question I was always asked during interviews was about my supposed monopoly.
I sort of played with the bad-boy thing, and I gave a couple of interviews where I said stupid things.
I’m doing TV interviews, I’m doing many, many print interviews.
Stephanie Grisham
My women students openly admit that they dress for interviews like dates, hoping to look their best: makeup, high heels, a well-fitting suit that shows off their figure. And I always tell them to make sure to wear a shirt under the suit jacket. Form fitting, yes. Cleavage, no.
I sometimes find that in interviews you learn more about yourself than the person learned about you.
I hate giving interviews.
It’s very strange: I watch a lot of interviews with other actors that I know saying, ‘Oh we had a great time; we’re best buddies,’ and I know for a fact that they didn’t, and they actually hated each other.
Doing interviews after a game, you can’t give your true emotions. You can’t tap into them. So when you do that for so long, you go into acting and it can be difficult to suddenly just be open and vulnerable.
I've probably done more than a thousand interviews, and

I’ve probably done more than a thousand interviews, and I can’t remember what people asked me two months ago or two days ago.
I don’t do many interviews.
I’ve said in earlier interviews maybe I should have stayed one or two more years in Holland.
I’ve probably done 1,000 interviews about the ‘Monday Night Wars’ and how ‘Nitro’ was made.
I never say too much about that in public interviews, because it disappoints the public to tell them you’re not that crazy about a property you did that possibly they liked.
Jackie Cooper
I never live in the present. I’d do interviews and people will say, ‘Isn’t this great?’ or ‘Can you believe?’ And I would react, like, ‘No, I can’t believe it because I’m not living in this moment.’
Interviews aren’t hard to do, just time consuming that’s all.
I do interviews because it’s a chance to be myself. I sometimes wonder what I could have to say that would be of any interest. I don’t have any great wisdom.
If you follow my MMA career, I’ve always been the pro wrestler of women’s MMA, coming out with a guitar, saying crazy things on interviews, promos and such.
I’ve loved Basquiat since I was 13. From his artwork to his interviews to the way he thought about things, I’ve always been excited by him.
I listen a lot to Howard Stern. Not the show, the interviews. He has a separate podcast of just interviews. They’re fantastic.
I love getting on You Tube to look at the old comics. I am in my element seeing guys like Jack Benny and Phil Silvers give interviews.
My personality has gotten me some really good job interviews in New York.
I have to be natural and not doing anything fake, not lying on social media, in interviews and life.
This to me is the secret comedy of all author interviews, down through the ages, even the good ones in the ‘Paris Review’ and places. They’re all acting. It’s like watching a person in a play.
John Jeremiah Sullivan
With my own son, my style of mothering has been to bring him everywhere. He’s sitting on my lap during interviews. When I went to the White House to meet President Obama, he was there.
Sometimes interviews are fun and good conversations, but stuff like photo shoots and appearances at places where you have to meet a lot of people – I was never really made for this kind of stuff.
I love doing interviews that are about work that I do, films that I make. I am not very interested in the rest. I think I have always been quite reserved and a bit frightened of that whole thing.
Over the last 20 years, everyone who interviews me feels compelled to ask at least one question about ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau.’
Richard Stanley
Stanley Kubrick, I had been told, hates interviews. It’s hard to know what to expect of the man if you’ve only seen his films. One senses in those films painstaking craftsmanship, a furious intellect at work, a single-minded devotion.
My site has the whole thing – blogs, information, video interviews.
‘Trumbo’ is conventional in its structure, mixing interviews with archival footage. What I enjoyed most about the film was its liberal use of his own personal letters to friends and family, performed dramatically by well-known actors.
Reading interviews with other people, I see them say, ‘All I want is for our band to be massive‘, but it was never an ambition of ours to be in a band that’s this big. That’s so far from how my mind works that I find it puzzling. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious, but we’re not.
I think a guitar solo is how my emotion is most freely released, because verbal articulation isn’t my strongest communication strength. My wife thinks that I should do interviews by listening to the questions and playing the answer on guitar.
I decided I would never do interviews again.
Barry seems to be more flamboyant merely because he gets more interviews to talk about it.
I was frightened. I hadn’t really had any experience, and then all of a sudden I was thrown straight into doing interviews. Most people have build-up. I had none.
Post Malone is one of my biggest inspirations. I just love his songs and his writing. He’s a genius. Then person-wise, I’m a huge fan of Zendaya. I love her. I watch her interviews and everything she does all the time because I think she’s just such a crazy good human being.
That’s the principal guiding feature of all interviews today is money.
I read interviews saying women can bring a femininity to a song, a delicacy, but some women make really aggressive music.
I love radio interviews; it’s all about multitasking and, like all good women, I can do that.
I don't do interviews under false pretenses.

I don’t do interviews under false pretenses.
I say really stupid things sometimes. When I go back and watch some of my old interviews from when I was younger, I just cringe.
I’ll watch movies I like to see, Steve Jobs interviews, something that’s going to make me smart and then go to sleep.
I like when I do interviews with an artist and they may not have liked an artist at first but after they see my interview they’ll like them better.
You know it was really hard to do a set, or even to do interviews in English, because in Europe, we always had a translator with us.
I’m pretty interested in documentary film, and I’d watch almost anything. At some point, I stumbled upon ‘shoot interviews’ and found out that wrestlers were now talking openly about things that were going on in wrestling that we as viewers were not privy to. This fascinated me.
Box Brown
I wrote ‘Ain’t It Cool? Hollywood’s Redheaded Stepchild Speaks Out,’ because in doing hundreds and hundreds of interviews over the past six and a half years, I was tired of the story being half told or a third told or erroneously told.
Harry Knowles
With ‘Philharmonics,’ I had to do a lot of interviews, and it was like I was corrupting something. In many ways, I’ve said everything in the song. And either I can’t go back to what it was because it’s changing when I play it, or I still haven’t figured out what the song is about.
My fan following is intact. They only like to see me in movies, which I am still doing for them. I do not need to do any long interviews or chat shows.
Mithun Chakraborty
I give thousands of interviews, and I’m probably about as open as anybody in Washington as far as access goes, so I’ll continue to do that.
If I could get better on the field, I could get better in my interviews. I took that approach: if there’s something I’m deficient in, whether it be in relationships, whether it be talking to people, just that self-reflection to seek people out who can help me.
Now that I’m older, I like almost anything that’s done well, even surf music and instrumentals; I really enjoyed the interviews with the Ventures in your magazine.
You turn on the TV, and you see very bland interviews. Journalists in the United States are very cozy with power, very close to those in power.
I’m crap at interviews. I’m just not very good at sentences.
Rupert Graves
My job was to build, and that’s still my job – and I like that better than interviews.
A. James Clark
Kate Moss, for example – she’s never given a lot of interviews. She stays so mysterious. Nobody knows who she is, really.
Anna Ewers
I don’t do interviews at home any more because my wife doesn’t like having her taste in interiors put through the mill. And I get annoyed when journalists make snide remarks about the annoyingly pretentious shops in the neighbourhood – because I hate them just as much.
I listen to my early Gang Starr interviews, I’m like, damn I was really trying to sound like a New Yorker then.
In most job interviews, people say they are looking for people skills and emotional intelligence. That’s reasonable, but the question is, how do you define what that looks like?
For a lot of people, most of their exposure to politics and politicians involves events on the campaign trail, interviews on cable news, or seeing a viral tweet here or there. But day to day, there’s so much more than anyone sees.
Some are pre-taped interviews because maybe we can’t get that person live or maybe we’re not sure it’s going to work out right so we tape it an hour in advance.
A lot of times, I feel like people come up to me because they think I’m like my character in ‘Easy A’, or because they’ve seen me in interviews, but really what they’re a fan of is a movie or a character.
Interviews are usually a follow-up, like a press junket or a publicity junket, or something like that, and I’m not doing any of that right now. I don’t have any axes to grind.
The thing about interviews is that if someone interviews you, and they’re an idiot, then they make you sound like an idiot, too. They ask you stupid questions, and they bring you down to their level. It’s tempting to not ever want to talk to anybody, but you can’t do that.
Maybe the press in Spain do not like me because I do not give interviews.
When my father, Ronald Reagan, was running for president in 1980, my mother, Nancy, traveled with him on the campaign trail, but she did not give speeches or even many interviews. She never stood in front of a group of reporters and expounded on her views and opinions.
My favorite thing about being famous… it’s not really as big of a deal as everybody says it is. Being on the road is tough, doing interviews, and all the stuff. It’s still pretty tough.
Aaron Carter
Personal questions, or accusations about delivering flops or not doing good films end up being accusatory sessions where I have to defend myself. That’s why I prefer not to do interviews.
Ozzy Osbourne is one of my favorite interviews, he’s so good.
I share personal things about myself in the context of my interviews and in ‘It’s Messy‘ – but that’s 20 percent of my life.
I’m trying to find new ways to entertain myself because, if my whole world is doing interviews, I might as well put them in places I’ve wanted to see.
You will find that every successful entrepreneur has su

You will find that every successful entrepreneur has suffered many setbacks. These entrepreneurs just forget to mention these when they are doing interviews with the ‘Wall Street Journal’ or Bloomberg TV.
We’re controlled more than any other professional sport. We’re told what to wear, when to wear it, what we’re allowed to say in our interviews.
In interviews with dozens of black advisers, friends, donors and allies, few said they had ever heard Mr. Obama muse on the experience of being the first black president of the United States, a role in which every day he renders what was once extraordinary almost ordinary.
When I work out, I wear two in-the-ear hearing aids for comfort, and then I wear the behind-the-ears for my day-to-day non-physical activities, when I need maximum hearing and to communicate with people and do interviews!
I have had interviews and got close to taking a managerial job. I would consider going back into football.
Alan Shearer
I think magazines and interviews make celebrities into this bigger-than-life thing, but I’ve gotten bullied over trying different things with my makeup.
The government has completed the entire process to do away with interviews for lower rank jobs. There will be no requirement of interview for Group D,C and B non-gazetted posts in central government.
I think the fact that I have a solid head on my shoulders and a brain inside that head gives me an edge over my competitors. It helps when I am giving interviews, charting out strategy for my career and choosing scripts.
Ever since I was younger, I would make table reads at home where I would give fake interviews.
Odeya Rush
The only work I’ve done the last two years is interviews. I’m very good at it.
Syd Barrett
When I read interviews with people like Kevin Barry or Colin Barrett, who I hugely admire, they don’t really seem to come up against the question of likeability even though their characters, in some instances, are really horrible.
I use Jane Iredale SPF foundation and bronzer, along with the brand‘s brushes. Her stuff keeps my face all glowy and looking good for interviews and moments when I want to feel like a million bucks.
Through process and preparation and going through all of the interviews, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my skills.
I feel like what I say on Twitter has actually a lower rate of misinterpretation than what I say on interviews because I’m just kind of rambling on interviews, and I’m just talking, talking and talking.
Every legislative meeting on how to pass health care, the communications director or someone from the communications team would be a part of because we did a lot of press interviews when we were trying to pass the Affordable Care Act specifically designed to help pass the bill.
I recognize that I’m in a band, and part of being in a band is doing interviews, and I do have a platform so I want to use that platform to talk about things that are real.
My sisters are my best friends and my most staunch supporters. They’re always there to help me through every audition, through interviews, and through everything. Hopefully, I find some guy that I love as much as them some day. They are the best things in my life, and I would be completely lost without them.
Madeline Zima
I am fine if videos and pictures are clicked when there are legit events and interviews. If I am sitting and having a private dinner with my son, my family or my girlfriend, then I do not want it to be filmed.
If you watch Olivier’s interviews, he has this reptilian tongue; it seems too big for his mouth. My pursuit of that became distracting, so I let it go. The thrill was finding the right pair of glasses.
Julian Sands
I don’t care how someone lives or how good their spoken English is. I do all of my interviews on Skype text chat – all that matters is their work.
But unfortunately, I have to say, one out of every 100 interviews I do, I get a real journalist.
People always think I hate doing interviews. I don’t. I wouldn’t do them if I didn’t like them.
Victoria Wood
It’s strange for my friends when they see me on TV and in magazines, because the person that they see doing interviews and pictures on the red carpet is not the person that they know.
Young adults living with a stutter is hard work. How do they handle job interviews? What do they do when the phone rings? How do they ‘chat someone up’? All these things the average person takes for granted prove to be a stammerer’s biggest challenge.
We know all about actors and singers because they do interviews, but with the royals, everything’s so tightly controlled. They live this strange reality behind closed doors.
You don’t just win an Oscar because you’re a great actor. You campaign for that Oscar: you engage with it; you go on the David Letterman show, and you do the interviews, and that’s how you get out there.
I used to chop up C-Span soundbites or interviews with politicians like John Kerry or Bill Clinton into a radio-esque show hosted by Awkwafina and her producer, Mookie. I would pitch down my vocals to have male guests and would send them to a small circle of friends after they were done.
I did, but I’m not real fond of giving interviews.
It took me a while to want to do interviews.
For business, government, and education, the lesson is clear: People ought to be relying far more on objective information and far less on interviews. They might even want to think about scaling back or cancelling interviews altogether. They’ll save a lot of time – and make better decisions.
If people want to really know what’s up with me then they can read one of my interviews.
Ed Westwick
I have spent a long time being asked questions in inter

I have spent a long time being asked questions in interviews, so I’ve experienced it on the other side but I’m really not afraid to ask any question myself.
To many, Courtney Love smells like rock hype. Reviewers may be excited about her, but the rock audience may be skeptical of the credentials of someone who is more famous for her interviews and her spouse than for her music.
Ultimately I think clubs, boards, associations have to do more to provide an equal platform for women to get interviews for jobs.
I welcome all interviews with ‘Rolling Stone‘ magazine, and I’m sure people will talk to me in the future.
When we began Daft Punk, by the albums we made, by the interviews we did and by every opportunity we had we tried to break all the boundaries between musical genres.
I wasn’t the only one that saw Sarah Palin vacillate between glorious highs on the campaign trail – and, you know, while she was speaking and at the convention – to really troubling lows when she seemed stumped in interviews.
When you start giving interviews like the CEO of an established company, it’s just wrong.
I’m asked all the time in interviews about who I am, and I know a few people my age who have a strong sense of self, but I couldn’t say I know myself and sum it up and give it to you in a little package. I don’t know myself at all yet.
It’s funny: now we’re starting to do interviews, we’ve just begun to understand what we’re doing, whereas before, without doing interviews, we never really thought about motives.
But for every hour and a half on stage, you have a five hour long bus ride, waiting for five hours at the airport, five hours of interviews… I know, it’s part of the job, but that doesn’t imply I have to like it.
Andrew Eldritch
I realize that I’m not going to be doing interviews for the cover of ‘GQ’ for the rest of my life, know what I mean? I’m on TV because I play basketball really well.
I remember when I first started modeling, and I would read interviews with people. Then I would see them, and they would always say something entirely different to a crowd of people than they would say privately. I always found that really offensive.
I used to do interviews – I still do – interviews every day, all day. And you go from maybe doing a couple of professional interviews, where you can hear the sound right, to everyone else sounds like they’re at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
I’ve been blessed over the years and I want to help guys to feel good about themselves when they’re going for job interviews. You walk in for a job interview, you feel good about yourself, you look the part, you get that confidence going.
The best interviews like the best biographies should sing the strangeness and variety of the human race.
Lynn Barber
I went to art school, wanting to be a painter and then I got into photography. Then it was movies, and I liked the images. One of the things that interested me in film was that I was communicating in images. That was something I did intuitively and could not even talk about until I started having to do interviews.
Age focuses you. You are much better concentrated. There’s more time when you travel less, don’t do book tours, avoid interviews or public appearances. You walk the dogs, fish, hunt, cook and write.
I’ve never acted, but I’m an entertainer. So I kind of used what I know from being onstage. I’ve done a thousand and two interviews, and I’ve been on camera a million times, so I’m not uncomfortable on camera, but it was interesting for me to be someone else.
It’s difficult to be the spokesperson for something that internally is falling apart. That’s a tremendous amount of pressure to put on one person, to be the guy who gives all the quotes, all the interviews.
I just try to be myself in interviews, you do get a lot of people that change, put a front on to try and be something they’re not.
I am quite a shy person. You say that to people, and they say, ‘You do interviews, speeches. How can you be shy?’ But, fundamentally, I am.
I tell my students that if you have enough preparation, you can handle the big interviews. You won’t be intimidated.
Lowell Bergman
The idea for ‘Lifestyles’ began to take shape in my mind as I became more and more frustrated with the type of celebrity interviews I was doing for television.
I totally can relate to guys going in for job interviews, and not having a tie, not having a white shirt, and that type of thing to wear. That’s why I think as coaches we can do things to help. We have plenty, we as NBA coaches and players are all very blessed to be in a profession so that we can provide for.
I don’t have a Facebook page because I have little interest in hearing myself talk about myself any further than I already do in interviews or putting any more about myself online than there already is.
What’s so crazy is when you give interviews to reporters that don’t really care too much for you, basically what they’re going to do is write what they want to write and discredit you. They’re going to write and say what they want to say, no matter what you tell them.
I went from never doing interviews to doing 10 in one day and standing in front of 60,000 fans. Now people look up to me, and I’m seeing little girls wearing my jersey.
Famous people I’ve interviewed – powerful people, brilliant people, people whom you look at and think, ‘Seriously, do you not have pores?’ – have turned to me after interviews and asked, ‘Was I okay? I hope I was okay.’
I knew nothing about film at all. I suppose the biggest surprise is all these things. In the theatre we sort of do, I might do two or three key interviews and that would be it.
I always feel like I’m not very impressive in interviews when I talk about what I watch on television.
Much is written about the Batman because he is publicly exposed in print. Very little is known personally about his creator, because I haven’t given out that many interviews.
Bob Kane
I used to watch old clips of Muhammad Ali, where he'd b

I used to watch old clips of Muhammad Ali, where he’d be talking the jive during interviews, you know, ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, rumble, man, rumble.’
I don’t wear a lot of makeup ever, even when I do interviews or when I’m on TV. I just keep it me, and I think it’s important to show people I’m a regular person and regular people are beautiful, too.
I don’t really like doing interviews.
Sean Young
I stopped doing interviews for a long time because the words were mine, but they were in the wrong order. Context is a very important thing – a lot of the things I say aren’t serious, and so to remove the laughter does me no favours.
I feel like I’m really honest in my interviews, to a fault. I’ve lost friends over it. Major friends. And I’m heartbroken about that.
All I wanted to do was to perform my music, so I never really thought about photo shoots or music video shoots or interviews. You can’t anticipate those things – you just can’t plan this as a job.
At the height of our fame, we didn’t see anything. We didn’t leave the hotel because we were doing interviews all day. We may have traveled the world, but we saw nothing.
The goal of my shows, my interviews, my business, my philanthropy, all of it, whatever ventures I might pursue, would be to make clear that what unites us is ultimately far more redeeming and compelling than anything that separates me.
God, why do I give interviews to ‘the Guardian‘? They always try to dissect you, and I don’t really think about stuff in the way that you’re asking me these questions.
Being a rapper as a woman is not a good thing in Afghanistan. I kind of put my life in danger whenever I go somewhere to talk about women’s rights or make music, rap, or have interviews.
I’ve been watching a lot of Joan Didion interviews on YouTube. I love her. My drummer has gotten me into looking at Terence McKenna interviews.
I remember when I was in ‘Matilda,’ we would have interviews in the day, and then we’d go to a show, and it’s just, like, absolutely insane.
Milly Shapiro
People that plan interviews are really boring. I just say what I want when it comes into my head.