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If the West Point class of 1915 is called 'the class th

If the West Point class of 1915 is called ‘the class the stars fell on’ for the number of World War II generals it produced, my junior-high class of 1950 is the class a ton of bricks fell on from Hollywood‘s gut-wrenching portrayals of mother-love in ’40s-era movies.
Neither Rainer Werner, nor any of us could have succeeded, or produced the number of films that we did, just on our own. We showed our films to each other, discussed them vigorously and rarely agreed.
Opportunity ideas do not lie around waiting to be discovered. Such ideas need to be produced.
The conceptual artist Ai WeiWei illustrates the schizoid society that rapid change has produced – sometimes by reassembling Ming-style furniture into absurd and useless arrangements, or by carefully painting and antiquing a Coca-Cola logo on an ancient Chinese pot.
We’ve been a city that, for many decades, has produced talent that we’ve lost to bigger cities. That’s something we want to recapture.
After ‘Return Of The Bumpasaurus’ in ’96, I just got away from music for, like, a year. Literally, I think I produced two songs in a year. I was totally kicking it, running around.
Film isn’t a meritocracy; there’s no system ensuring the best screenplays get produced. It’s a hustle.
I am one of the best singer-songwriters this country has produced. Ever.
Years ago when DNA was going on, I produced a record in Italy but I didn’t think I’d do another one.
Arto Lindsay
After an extensive investigation, the office produced a report that addressed the many questions that confronted the difficult issues, it laid out new evidence, and it reached a definitive conclusion.
Ken Starr
No American ambassador has produced more Security Council Resolutions on the issue of Iran than John Bolton.
I really think the acoustics that Gibson‘s been making for the last ten years or so are as good as any the company has ever produced and that’s saying a lot.
When we talk about emotion, we really talk about a collection of behaviors that are produced by the brain. You can look at a person in the throes of an emotion and observe changes in the face, in the body posture, in the coloration of the skin and so on.
I use Lina Hanson Global Face Serum every night. It’s a blend of 100 per cent natural essential oils from all over the world, many of which are produced by women‘s cooperatives.
I was sick of waiting for people to jump on hooks for songs I produced. So I tried singing myself, and I haven‘t looked back.
There’s a perennial debate about whether the propagandistic tripe produced by establishment media outlets is shaped more by evil or by stupidity. Personally, I think it’s both: a healthy dose of each is needed. The system design is malicious, while those who serve as its public face are generally vacant.
American presidential elections usually amount to a series of overcorrections: Clinton begat Bush, who produced Obama, whose lax border policies fueled the rise of Trump.
No great work has ever been produced except after a long interval of still and musing meditation.
Bengal has always produced good cinema, be it Satyajit Ray or Ritwik Ghatak.
The people who fund the arts, provide the arts, and research the arts have all produced a consensus about the value of what they do, which hardly anyone challenges. But do the numbers add up? For all the claims made about the arts, how accurate are they?
The years of space flight since the orbiting of Sputnik I back in 1957 had produced many fascinating results, but they had also brought a realization of the many problems that surrounded the use of rockets for space flight.
Donald A. Wollheim
The very first television ad targeted to women was produced by the EisenhowerNixon campaign in 1956. It includes footage of a woman supervising her children doing their homework at the kitchen table.
While the surfeit of cheap calories that the U.S. food system has produced since the late 1970s may have taken food prices off the political agenda, this has come at a steep cost to public health.
The USMCA is certainly a historic bipartisan achievement by Trump, whose determination produced a trade deal supported by both labor unions and business along with Democrats and Republicans.
Now, the external work of man is of the most varied kind as regards the force or ease, the form and rapidity, of the motions used on it, and the kind of work produced.
Hermann von Helmholtz
The trick to my writing, it turned out, was doing so exclusively in bed. The minute I even dared to discipline myself and write at the desk, I produced mounds of nonsense. Yet, sitting in bed, I wrote easily, effortlessly, fluidly. I became the master of perfect indiscipline.
Great art is never produced for its own sake. It is too difficult to be worth the effort.
Robert Quillen
All of our early hits, ‘Danke Schoen’ and ‘Red Roses,’ were produced by Bobby Darin.
Wayne Newton
The reality of nostalgia is nowhere better invoked than at the end of Tarkovsky’s ‘Solaris.’ When the camera pans away from Kelvin embracing his father on the rain-soaked steps of his dacha, we realise that the scene is yet another of the simulations produced by the inscrutable planet.
I have a lot of milestones that I’m proud of when it comes to music, ‘Amerikkka’s Most Wanted,’ I’m extremely proud of that. Just because of what I had to go through to get that music produced, that album produced.
The Americans love Carl Froch. He has brought nothing but excitement to these shores in those Super Six victories he produced.
We went to London, did our first video, 'Girl You Know

We went to London, did our first video, ‘Girl You Know It’s True.’ We produced it for $50,000 – our producer put up the money. And we said to the people in Germany, ‘I am from New York, he is from Miami. We are Americans.’ And I hide it that I’m born in Munich, that I’m German.
I never was a liner note junkie. I didn’t know who produced records or there was such a thing as a straight songwriter. I always assumed that everybody that was singing a song wrote it or made it up.
I’ve produced my own films for twenty years now – it means I have to talk to less people.
It occurs to me that, after the huge output of writing I’ve produced over the years, there is a close link between my twin careers as investment executive and financial writer: The power of the word and the power of the book have played a major role in turning my vision… into reality.
I’m aware that I have a career. But, if I was the hottest in the game, songs all over the radio – let’s say whoever produced made me super big. Like, that would be cool, but there would be something in me that goes, ‘You only wrote the raps. You didn’t make the beats. You didn’t direct. You didn’t do all that.’
Substantially fewer films will be produced over the next year or two. And a significant portion of the production costs of the reduced slate will be borne by hedge funds and other investment groups.
Peter Bart
Farmers, merchants, manufacturers, and the traveling public have all had their troubles with the transportation lines, and the difficulties to which these struggles have given rise have produced that problem which is even now apparently far from solution.
People want to see something authentic. If it’s too polished and highly produced, people might not trust it as much. If it’s grainy, if it’s coming from a webcam, if it’s someone standing there and talking their mind or sharing their thoughts, people trust it much more.
If you‘re playing against someone, you always want them playing flat out and at their best – so when you are successful you know you’ve produced a really good performance.
I actually really like DJ Assault – a Detroit a ghetto tech DJ, who’s produced good music that’s influenced me a bit.
Color is a plastic means of creating intervals… color harmonics produced by special relationships, or tensions. We differentiate now between formal tensions and color tensions, just as we differentiate in music between counterpoint and harmony.
Hans Hofmann
I’ve been in, like, kidsclubs… I’ve been in the Boom Boom Room in New York, and the kids are going, ‘Oh my God, you produced ‘Arrested Development?” They aren’t talking about ‘A Beautiful Mind’ or ’24.’ It’s like the only thing in my whole career was ‘Arrested Development,’ literally.
Legislating morality doesn’t work (see: Prohibition). It produced the Mafia.
When antibiotics became industrially produced following World War II, our quality of life and our longevity improved enormously. No one thought bacteria were going to become resistant.
Back in 1990, there were fewer than 20 wineries in and around Paso Robles, a farming community midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Most of the wines produced there were rustic, highly tannic and alcoholic, with little charm or finesse.
The last four or five hundred years of European contact with Africa produced a body of literature that presented Africa in a very bad light and Africans in very lurid terms. The reason for this had to do with the need to justify the slave trade and slavery.
I pitched my last children’s show presentation in the mid 1980’s. The era of locally produced children’s shows was over and the networks were not and are not interested in children’s television.
William Jackson
What is wine? It is the grape present in another form; its essence is there, though the fruit which produced it grew thousands of miles away, and perished years ago. So the object of many a tender thought may be spiritually present, in defiance of space – and fond recollections cherished in defiance of time.
Samuel Lover
I was India‘s youngest producer. I was 21 when I produced my first film. I’ve continued to produce films because of the people who have worked with me and supported me.
Peter threw my coat at me and said we were taking the dog for a walk. He went down on one knee in the downpour and produced this ring! I looked horrible in my wellies with wet hair.
Autumn Phillips
‘Mean Girls’ stands the test of time as one of the greatest comedies ever produced. I’ve seen it way too many times, and I just think it’s the most brilliant thing ever written. I love it so much.
We originally developed ‘The Client List’ along with Lifetime as a TV movie – my manager and I became partners on the project. Then, we brought in Howard Braunstein on the project and produced it along with Lifetime.
The federal government has sponsored research that has produced a tomato that is perfect in every respect, except that you can’t eat it. We should make every effort to make sure this disease, often referred to as ‘progress‘, doesn’t spread.
IT is mere coincidence that Cooper was born in the year which produced The Power of Sympathy and that when he died Uncle Tom’s Cabin was passing through its serial stage, and yet the limits of his life mark almost exactly the first great period of American fiction.
Carl Clinton Van Doren
I’m no Robert Christgau or Chuck Klosterman, but I would say that Landlady is like if Harry Nilsson was produced by Brian Eno. Or, if David Byrne fronted Wilco. Those are my two hoity-toity musical epigrams.
A gentleman opposed to their enfranchisement once said to me, women have never produced anything of any value to the world. I told him the chief product of the women had been the men, and left it to him to decide whether the product was of any value.
Anna Howard Shaw
I know that many writers have had to write under censorship and yet produced good novels; for instance, Cervantes wrote Don Quixote under Catholic censorship.
I got my first laptop, what I learned to do everything on, when I was 17 or 18, and I had no idea what I was doing. I’d only ever produced on an 8-track before. When I was about 13 and writing songs, I would write on that. It would literally be eight tracks, and that’s all I had.
I’ve been listening to this group called the Veils, which I kind of discovered late. I’ve been really obsessed with this album that they have called ‘Nux Vomica,’ and I just think it’s a brilliantly produced and written rock record.
It’s funny because, when I was younger, my body was ‘better,’ but I was more insecure about it. Then, in my 30s, I had children, so I loved my body because of what it had produced.
You can’t tell yourself that your stress is produced in your head and feel better. You still need to learn how to create a change.
I'm afraid for all those who'll have the bread snatched

I’m afraid for all those who’ll have the bread snatched from their mouths by these machines. What business has science and capitalism got, bringing all these new inventions into the works, before society has produced a generation educated up to using them!
Henrik Ibsen
We are the most amazing creatures that this world has ever produced, but we seem to also have this herd mentality; we seem to be the most stupid, also.
My first company produced ‘Silicon Alley Reporter‘ magazine, where I held the dual titles of CEO and Editor.
The irrepressible conflict propounded by abolitionism has produced now its legitimate fruits – disunion.
John H. Reagan
My favorite Galaxie 500 album is the first one, ‘Today,’ recorded in three days at Noise New York and produced by Kramer. It contains my favorite Galaxie 500 songs: ‘Temperature‘s Rising,’ ‘Tugboat,’ and our interpretation of Jonathan Richman’s ‘Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste.’
Australia has produced amazing costume designers that are unheralded.
I thought that, post-apartheid, there would be absolutely no interest in South Africa. That has been both true and untrue. The major writers like Gordimer and Coetzee have produced major books. But some of the more minor writers have drifted away.
When a coil is operated with currents of very high frequency, beautiful brush effects may be produced, even if the coil be of comparatively small dimensions. The experimenter may vary them in many ways, and, if it were nothing else, they afford a pleasing sight.
My casting in ‘Halo‘ produced by Steven Spielberg, which I am doing, is just color-blind casting; Asians have been questioning why best roles should not come to them and I am so happy about this color-blind casting. I am going to be just what I am in that film.
Argentina have always produced very good players, and mine is just another name on the list.
If you look at NBC, two of their most successful shows – ’30 Rock’ and ‘Parks And Rec’ – are written by women, produced by women, and I think that’s the future. Women are the new men.
As well might it be said that, because we are ignorant of the laws by which metals are produced and trees developed, we cannot know anything of the origin of steamships and railways.
So much of the downstream revenue is linked to that initial excitement, to how much revenue is produced in the domestic box office. For example, what we pay for a film three years later is highly correlated to how well it did in the box office.
Any father whose son raises his hand against him is guilty of having produced a son who raised his hand against him.
Charles Peguy
Years of science fiction have produced a mindset that it is human destiny to expand from Earth, to the Moon, to Mars, to the stars.
Barney Oliver
As I started to study old blues recordings and really pay attention to my favorites, it really started to come to me that all of my favorite pieces of music weren’t produced, they were performed. The producer is nearly invisible: no thumbprint other than the composition and the performers.
They who assert that a blind fatality produced the various effects we behold in this world talk very absurdly; for can anything be more unreasonable than to pretend that a blind fatality could be productive of intelligent beings?
The call for diversity is about recognizing that in order to be in the conversation come awards season, it goes back to the content that is being produced.
The only person I’ve worked with on my album was Kanye. And between the stuff that I’ve done and the stuff that he’s assisted on and produced for me for this album, I don’t even need anything else.
When I started off in journalism, you knew there was an audience out there and that you wanted people to read what you produced. But it also felt like you had a limited ability to shape the audience, or to acquire an audience, for what you were doing. So you didn’t really think too much about that.
For me, I’ve written and produced for pop singers, but, like, female pop – I love that. I think it’s putting me in the game that I love girl pop. All my writing is inspired by it.
Using static scoring, tax cuts are broadly assumed to ‘cost’ a raw amount of reduced revenue. With dynamic scoring, the new revenue likely to flow from increased economic activity produced by a tax cut is considered, improving the accuracy of the projection.
I produced some very good work at ‘New York’ magazine.
Michael Wolf
We daily witness the beneficial effect produced to the community by the institution of premiums, held out to encourage the inventions of ingenious mechanics.
We see that every external motion, act, gesture, whether voluntary or mechanical, organic or mental, is produced and preceded by internal feeling or emotion, will or volition, and thought or mind.
Helena Blavatsky
The Church of England hasn’t often produced great men in modern times. But I have long believed that George Bell, Bishop of Chichester from 1929 to 1958, was such a man.
In speaking, for convenience, of devices and expedients, I did not intend to imply that Shakespeare always deliberately aimed at the effects which he produced.
That one plant should be sown and another be produced cannot happen; whatever seed is sown, a plant of that kind even comes forth.
Funnily enough, the Federal Reserve produced comics about monetary policy, and there is a good comic book guide to microeconomics and macroeconomics out there. But it is not really appropriate for younger readers; it is really aimed at economics students.
I created, wrote, produced, and starred in my first-ever acting gig!
Greg Poehler
In every age in which books have been produced, the governing class, the respectable, have been opposed to the works of real genius.
Our social model means economic growth all too often in

Our social model means economic growth all too often involves concentrating wealth produced by the many into the bank accounts of the few, without improving the lives of the majority.
Even within K-pop, there should be more representation. It’s not just groups, and it’s not just incredibly produced, highly choreographed pieces. There are vocalists, there’s R&B, there’s hip-hop, there are other types of people and voices. There’s space for all of that to be shared and to be appreciated.
Title IX, whether voluntarily or via court cases, opened gymnasiums to women, produced uniforms and schedules and buses.
My favorite record was the one I produced with Clark Kent.
It’s doubtful that any fiction worth reading has been produced on a computer running Windows Vista.
At Appassionata we produced relatively small amounts of our very own, premier-class, deliciously peppery olive oil. Olive farming wasn’t my trade, but it had become a passion.
The newly decorated theatres produced things like car parks and restaurants, so you could have a good night out, quite cheaply without all that bother of having to go somewhere else.
Timothy West
What I really can’t stand about the feminist revolution is that it produced some of the smuggest, most unselfcritical people the world has ever seen. They are horrible.
The entire time I was up shootingSuits,’ I was running back to my trailer to help get ‘Nine Circles‘ produced. It’s a no-brainer for me to keep that part of life alive.
I here ask pardon of all my compatriots for everything of which I have been guilty towards them. I know that, by my ill-considered and immature works, I have brought distress to many and that I have even provoked others to attack me openly and, in general, have produced displeasure in many.
I remember a moment when the Prince went back to his old school, Grammar School in Melbourne, and slightly to his horror his old music teacher produced a cello.
The Bible app is designed to make absorbing the Word as frictionless as possible. For example, to make the Bible app habit easier to adopt, a user who prefers to not read at all can simply tap a small icon, which plays a professionally produced audio track, read with all the dramatic bravado of Charlton Heston himself.
If you are handed something, it’s a blessing and a curse. Look at hip hop artists, they produced everything themselves. Even people like Robert De Niro are getting into production. Again, it’s art vs. marketing. Not everyone can take the risk. You have to break a few eggs to make a good omelet.
Michael Winslow
I have very much been a guy who’s acknowledged how many women have directed me, have produced… it’s been unbelievable.
September 11th has produced only miniature heroes because our culture has freed itself from many of the old, dangerous, elitist fantasies of heroism… But in so doing, we have not only tamed and diminished heroes. We have risked taming and diminishing ourselves.
Los Angeles produced the Beach Boys. Dusseldorf produced Kraftwerk. New York produced Chic. Manchester produced Joy Division.
Tragedy is formed ’round ideas it does not expound, and to understand its history is, in some part, to understand those ideas and their place in the society that produced it.
I’m a control freak, and anytime I direct something, I try to make it as homemade and handmade as possible. I feel like that’s my favorite type of filmmaking, where you can see the seams, and it doesn’t feel like a swiftly produced, whole seeky-eyed event.
If you watch kids looking at something on television, even something that’s produced for them and is supposed to be funny, what you’ll notice is that they don’t laugh.
Bill Cosby
I learned a lot from the various artists I produced. Either you see them doing something that you do want to do it, or you see them doing something the way you don’t want to do it.
You have not just weekly ratings, but minutes where they say during a show, ‘This guy’s boring, get him off.’ This has produced a thing in our society where we have no shame and the worst offense is to be boring.
I’m making a record that’s half stripped down acoustic which is the way I perform a lot and half of it is very produced. It’s really hard to keep music simple but I was trying to keep it simple and focus on one or two instruments and vocals.
The English playwrights of the ’50s and ’60s didn’t really keep writing or getting produced, while the Irish did. There’s encouragement for the younger ones also in the fact that Ireland is exceptional in its ability to make theater part of the national dialogue, and it reaches to all four corners of the country.
Garry Hynes
With ‘Ilustrado,’ I set out to change the way we read literature, and I think I failed spectacularly. In fact, I know I failed. In reaching further than I could, I may not have produced a life- or literature-changing book, but I did produce one I am proud of.
I remember when we first bought Teleflora, I made a very expensive mistake when I produced a brochure with the slogan, ‘The way America sends love.’ The bouquets and prices I pictured could not be duplicated by the florist – they were too expensive. I had relied on people I thought were in touch with the marketplace.
I found that our Soviet espionage efforts had virtually never, or had very seldom, produced any worthwhile political or economic intelligence on the Soviet Union.
I was about 10 when I got into nuclear science. That was when that spark hit me. It took a few years of research, but when I was 14, I produced my first nuclear-fusion reaction.
Taylor Wilson
When the object that is produced, the photographic image has the ability to make tears come to your eyes; to inspire you to the point where you have to catch your breath, then nothing else matters.
I grew up watching American films, listening to American music, and it’s a big contribution to the rest of the world. I mean, American jazz, for me, is the best thing culturally that America has produced.
It was at the beginning of 1934 while working on the emission of these positive electrons that we noticed a fundamental difference between that transmutation and all the others so far produced; all the reactions of nuclear chemistry induced were instantaneous phenomena, explosions.
Irene Joliot-Curie
Ninety-five percent of the eggs produced in America come from factory-farmed birds. Even if free-range farms were hugely more humane, the sheer number of animals raised to satisfy people’s desire for eggs, meat, and milk makes it impossible for us to raise them all on small, free-range farms.
I feel nowadays a lot of bands can be too overly produc

I feel nowadays a lot of bands can be too overly produced. There’s something about the leather pants and bare bodies and Axl Rose running back and forth on a stage and going crazy. I love all that.
I was in school with Dweezil Zappa, Frank Zappa’s son, and we had a band. Only in L.A. could stuff like that happen. We would hang out in Frank Zappa’s studio, and we released a single in 1982 on his label. I was 12, and that was the first recording experience I had. To top it off, Eddie Van Halen produced it.
Havin’ fun while freedom fightin’ must be one of those lunatic Texas traits we get from the water – which is known to have lithium in it – because it goes all the way back to Sam Houston, surely the most lovable, the most human, and the funniest of all the great men this country has ever produced.
But heat can also be produced by the friction of liquids, in which there could be no question of changes in structure, or of the liberation of latent heat.
Hermann von Helmholtz
I was on mad platinum albums… I produced and wrote on them.
I started my first novel when I was 10, and have produced thousands of pages of juvenilia since.
Ned Beauman
‘Side A’ was a project that I wanted to do, stuff that I produced completely, and it was just stuff that I was dealing with.
Although Darwin was able to persuade much of the world that a modern eye could be produced gradually from a much simpler structure, he did not even attempt to explain how the simple light sensitive spot that was his starting point actually worked.
There are a huge amount of people who sell a TV pilot every year, but most of them never get produced. It’s very easy to make a living and never get anything produced.
My mum was the most wonderful cook and our house was always full of delicious food and interesting people. I remember dad entertaining the likes of Des O’Connor and Bruce Forsyth. But what really shaped my childhood were the amazing Jamaican dishes that mum produced so effortlessly.
Lennon and McCartney have the best catalogue of songs ever produced. It will never be surpassed.
If there’s flat tires or bad food or rough lodging or zany people that we meet, we throw them up all on screen so that the viewer doesn’t feel like they’re watching a kind of sanitized, produced effort.
High mandated minimum wages will throw people out of work and onto the welfare rolls in cases where unemployment benefits exist. When it comes to welfare payments, they obey the laws of economics, too. Indeed, if something – like unemployment – is subsidized, more of it will be produced.
The moral virtues, then, are produced in us neither by nature nor against nature. Nature, indeed, prepares in us the ground for their reception, but their complete formation is the product of habit.
The No. 1 best-selling Christmas album of all time is from Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, the Jewish smooth-jazz legend Kenny G. American Jews have always produced a lot of holiday music, just not Hanukkah music.
Science has produced such powerful weapons that in a war between great powers there would be neither victor nor vanquished. Both would be overwhelmed in destruction.
When money and hype recede from the art world, one thing I won’t miss will be what curator Francesco Bonami calls the ‘Eventocracy.’ All this flashy ‘art-fair art’ and those highly produced space-eating spectacles and installations wow you for a minute until you move on to the next adrenaline event.
But a rise in the wages of labour would not equally affect commodities produced with machinery quickly consumed, and commodities produced with machinery slowly consumed.
I actually don’t know how magazines are produced, I’ll be honest with you. I have no idea.
I was told that, when ‘Betrayal‘ was being produced by one of the provincial companies in England, the two actors playing those roles actually went into a pub one day and played that scene as if it were really happening to them. The people around them became very uncomfortable.
Brian Eno is an iconic and omnipresent pioneer in the world of ambient music, but he’s gained real staying power while working behind the boards. He’s produced albums for some of modern music’s most influential artists, including Devo, David Bowie, U2, Coldplay, Peter Gabriel and Talking Heads.
One of the things that I loved about working on that first album was working with Billy Mann, who produced the album, and all the people who worked to finish it. Just seeing how they did things and learning.
Persecution produced its natural effect on them. It found them a sect; it made them a faction.
A comparison between the triplets tentatively deduced by these methods with the changes in amino acid sequence produced by mutation shows a fair measure of agreement.
For many years, when I was starring on ‘Touched by an Angel,’ I produced on a number of television movies for CBS. I have always enjoyed the aspect of bringing something together and multitasking in that way.
Unlike fiction, which you create before you go into production, with reality you kind of create it after everything is produced. The drama and the storytelling is really done in post.
There is neither spirit nor matter in the world. The stuff of the universe is spirit-matter. No other substance but this could have produced the human molecule.
Conventional agriculture has never succeeded in feeding the world, and it’s never produced anything good to eat. For the future, we need to look toward alternatives.
Dan Barber
Between 1939 and 1945 you produced weapons and war equipment valued at thirteen billion dollars, 70 per cent of which you shipped to your allies. The same process is going on today in Canada‘s much larger and growing industry.
Arthur Hays Sulzberger
There is no doubt that, since 1977 and the launch of Apple II – the first computer it produced for the mass market – many things which used to be done on paper, or on the telephone, have been done easier and faster on a screen.
Even during negotiation with HAL, Dassault felt that the cost with which the HAL will produce will be far higher than the aircraft produced in France. That was the reality.
I've actually spent a lot of time researching beauty pr

I’ve actually spent a lot of time researching beauty products, how they are produced and how they are sold.
Peace is produced by war.
I love doing films, action films, anything I can get into that is produced at a high level, really use my skills.
To make flexibility work, it is not only necessary to change our attitude about who is a good worker and who is not, but we have to train managers at all levels to recognize the difference between the number of hours worked and the quality of work produced.
Have I learned something from making records? Yeah, I’ve learned a lot, because I’ve not only made eleven of my own records, I’ve also probably produced that many records for other artists, and then I’ve probably played on, or been a large part of another eleven records with other people.
Jesse Harris
My story sort of sounds ridiculous because the first movie I produced was ‘E.T.’
I’ve never been able to arouse any interest in myself for digitally produced sound, and so the computer turns me off.
David Tudor
Thus it seemed to Haeckel that such simple life could easily be produced from inanimate material.
Locally produced foodsdefined as those harvested within a 100-mile radius of one’s home – have a lesser impact on the environment because of the decreased need for transportation from source to consumer.
Tyler Florence
Everything is produced by the workers, and the minute they try to get something by their unions they meet all the opposition that can be mustered by those who now get what they produce.
Harry Bridges
Several technological and political forces have converged, and that has produced a global, Web-enabled playing field that allows for multiple forms of collaboration without regard to geography or distance – or soon, even language.
Duh! So, we’re asking you now, what are some of your favorite lines that this warlock brain produced?
I say that democracy can never prove itself beyond cavil, until it founds and luxuriantly grows its own forms of art, poems, schools, theology, displacing all that exists, or that has been produced anywhere in the past, under opposite influences.
Education… has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading.
G. M. Trevelyan
All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else.
To date, embryonic stem cell research has not produced a single medical treatment, where ethical, adult stem cell research has produced some 67 medical miracles.
Cezanne produced precarious little worlds that almost, almost, almost lose their balance but somehow hold themselves together, creating tension, beauty and danger all at once.
Robert Krulwich
A lot of my friends who I wrote or produced songs for came back and helped me make ‘Pages.’ It’s better than I ever could have imagined.
We hold that the most wonderful and splendid proof of genius is a great poem produced in a civilized age.
I’ve always known that writing plays is very difficult, because I’ve written three or four that have never been produced.
My sister is one of the best netball players England’s ever produced, and she is now England manager. Almost every day, we sit round the table; we talk about what she’s done in her job, how she’s dealt with players. I’ve followed her pathway.
I came to feel that, in addition to Imre Kertesz, Hungary has produced at least three contemporary novelists who deserve the Nobel: Peter Nadas, Peter Esterhazy and Laszlo Krasznahorkai.
The responsibility of a writer is to excavate the experience of the people who produced him.
My company, Cinema Gypsy, produced a podcast, ‘Bronzeville,’ in conjunction with Larenz Tate and his brothers that we’re developing into a television show. It deals with a very tight-knit African-American community in Chicago in 1947 and people who run a numbers wheel.
If on the one side we do not harbor the illusion that the entire proletariat must be enlightened before it can be called into battle, so on the other we do not doubt that as much enlightenment as possible must be produced with oral and printed agitation.
Johann Most
Our Soviet espionage efforts had virtually never, or had very seldom, produced any worthwhile political or economic intelligence on the Soviet Union.
I’ve produced a couple of films and really enjoyed starting it from the very beginning and seeing it all the way through to the end; that was very gratifying.
Chinese leaders are walking a tightrope in terms of maintaining internal stability so that the solid platform that has produced amazing results can continue to improve the quality of life for more of its citizens.
Doubtless, reading good books benefited me during the months and years of writing, yet I remained skeptical of any tight correlation to what I produced. That was naive.
When I came up in L.A., a lot of comics produced their own shows, and so if you wanted to have a show in the city, you produced it yourself.
When you’re doing a play that’s fully produced, you have the benefit of rehearsing for four or five weeks, so you really get to live in the skin of the character for much longer than when you first start doing a character on TV.
Goldberg was as close to a cultural icon as WCW ever pr

Goldberg was as close to a cultural icon as WCW ever produced.
They tell me I produced songs. I just stood in the back, wore a good suit and said, Yeah, that’s happening.
Nick Lowe
When it came to the music that we produced, I am pretty happy with what we did.
Dave Blood
A creation of importance can only be produced when its author isolates himself, it is a child of solitude.
The irony of environmental opposition to the Keystone XL project is that stopping the pipeline to the U.S. will not stop production in the oil sands of Canada. Instead of coming to the United States, the oil will still be produced and shipped by rail or a pipeline similar to the Keystone XL to Canada’s Pacific Coast.
The whole world, it’s a problem that there’s too much stuff being produced. We don’t have time to reflect on the important things in life.
The more shows that are produced, the more writers are hired, producers are hired, actors are hired, directors are hired, it means the more people will get employed. It’s better for the economy. It’s a fantastic thing.
The Revolution did not assume a socialist nature because of support from the U.S.S.R.; it was the other way around: support from the U.S.S.R. was produced by the socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution. To such a degree, that when the U.S.S.R. disappears, Cuba keeps on being socialist.
I produced ‘Highway‘ and ‘Chhichhore’ for creative satisfaction.
It’s through engagement with the world, and not separation from it, that something with meaning gets produced.
On ‘Platinum Flame,’ I engineered the beats myself, so I produced and engineered them. So this is getting even truer to myself, how I truly feel.
I have said many times: We have self-esteem or don’t, based on how we were raised! Self-esteem is normally produced in your first 7-8 years of life.
Rob Zombie was White Zombie and I was Static-X. I wrote and produced everything.
I co-wrote and produced ‘Sticky Fingers‘ with Catlin Adams, who directed it. I learned a lot writing and producing with Cat. I spent as much time as I could in the cutting room with her. All the producing experience that I had helped.
Melanie Mayron
Education has always produced an incredible amount of data; that’s always been obvious to me. But technology had to catch up.
I never liked the glossiness of highly produced standup specials in general – I like it where it has more of a feel of the type of places I usually perform. It seems kind of weird when you do a special to go perform in a place unlike the place where you perform 95% of the time.
Beauty is produced by the pleasing appearance and good taste of the whole, and by the dimensions of all the parts being duly proportioned to each other.
Prior to that I produced a couple of TV movies for CBS, but the truth of the matter is that I burned out for a couple of years. I didn’t do anything for a while, apart from taking up golf, for which I got a four handicap.
Even before it opened its retail arm, Beigh was renowned among pashmina cognoscenti for the quality and complexity of the work produced in its workshop, a large, airy, sunlit rectangle of a room directly across from its second-floor shop.
The human tendency to regard little things as important has produced very many great things.
When I went to Japan, I was with Kashima Antlers. Very good results were produced with that team as I aimed to develop Japanese football.
I don’t know the secret of ‘Mission: Impossible”s success. If I did, I’d have probably produced a couple of TV series, made myself rich, and retired!
Peter Graves
Other countries, such as Israel, successfully employ behavior detection techniques at their airports, but the bloated, ineffective bureaucracy of TSA has produced another security failure for U.S. transportation systems.
The highest-caliber dramatic work produced for TV – not just in cable but something like ‘The Good Wife‘ at network – is consistently great.
A lot of people don’t know a lot of records that I’ve written or produced, so that’s a highlight for me as a woman.
A writer can’t subtract or excise any of his/her past because doing so would erase the work produced during that time.
If offered a good role, I would like to work in a good Punjabi film. This land has produced great writers, poets and actors.
I did a severe amount of plays in high school. I was in every single show that my drama club produced. Then in the summer I would do plays, and I was also playing sports. I was probably a hellish kid, come to think of it, for my parents‘ schedule. But then I went to college in North Carolina.
I fell in love with Norman Mailer’s ‘Of a Fire on the Moon’, a description of the 1969 moon landing and the society that had produced NASA – and was inspired by him to begin a kind of anthropology of modern life.
If any philosopher had been asked for a definition of infinity, he might have produced some unintelligible rigmarole, but he would certainly not have been able to give a definition that had any meaning at all.
Steve produced Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys and one more. Then he and I wrote a few songs together and became good friends. He was a talented producer.
Jimmy Griffin
Almost all new ideas have a certain aspect of foolishne

Almost all new ideas have a certain aspect of foolishness when they are first produced.
Shale gas has provided the United States the opportunity to have 100 years of supply that is domestically produced. If we are going to develop natural gas from shale, it has to be done in a safe and responsible manner.
Nineteen-eighty-two is a vintage of legendary proportions for all levels of the Bordeaux hierarchy. In short, it is a vintage which has produced the most perfect wines in the post-World War II era.
More than four thousand programs produced and consumed. Some of them were pretty good, a great many of them were forgettable; but a handful may even be worth a book.
Ted Koppel
We think there are better solutions to fighting poverty because we see what the War on Poverty has produced. It produced tens of trillions of dollars in spending. It has been a 51-year exercise, and yet the poverty rates in America today are not much better than when we started the War on Poverty.
I remember being home alone when I was about 13 and making a souffle from a recipe in one of my mother’s old cookbooks. I approached it in a very unafraid way, and produced a rather beautiful one.
Well, we have certainly produced great art before we did this. In my view, there are any number of areas of government which tax money should not be spent.
‘Banshee’ was kind of a lark. I was getting paid pretty well to write movies no one was making – and so I decided to try my hand at TV and get paid much less to actually get something produced.
Jonathan Tropper
If an employee can demonstrate results produced in a way that the company didn’t think possible, then a new way forward can begin to take shape.
A knowledge of the forces that rule society, of the causes that have produced its upheavals, and of society’s resources for promoting healthy progress has become of vital concern to our civilization.
Wilhelm Dilthey
I sang with a voice that was natural, and I liked the way I produced that sound. I thought of my other friends, that they were singing and dancing, but they didn’t have this. I was special.
Ideological purity does not now, nor has it ever, produced results.
There’s been people who’ve rapped and produced – like Kanye – but I don’t feel like on the rapping side there’s ever been a producer who can rap as good as I think I can rap.
‘Tammy,’ the new movie starring, produced, and co-written by Melissa McCarthy, could be an artifact from some alternate universe: the creatures there resemble Earthlings but have an entirely different and debased idea of what’s funny.
It has occurred to me that the superhero really only originates in America. That seems to be the only country that has produced this phenomenon.
It is somewhat remarkable that Cornwall has produced no musical genius of any note, and yet the Cornishman is akin to the Welshman and the Irishman.
I couldn’t get my first film on the air. The first film I did was called ‘The Race For Space,’ about the U.S.-Soviet space race. The networks had a policy that I found out about the hard way. I even had a sponsor for my program, but the networks wouldn’t put it on because it was independently produced.
’21 Jump Street‘ is great. I just made that, and produced it and was a writer on it. It’s starring myself and Channing Tatum, and maybe some surprise guests.
I produce the way I would love to be produced: In ways to create the best conditions to make your movie, but also to create a space in which the director calls the shots.
Every show I’ve ever, you know, produced, essentially it’s the show I want to watch myself.
Climate neutrality means a situation where the world can naturally absorb the emissions that will continue to be produced in our societies.
People tend to dwell more on negative things than on good things. So the mind then becomes obsessed with negative things, with judgments, guilt and anxiety produced by thoughts about the future and so on.
I bowled in tandem with Brett Lee, who produced some fast, fiery spells. When you’ve got someone bowling up above 90mph, it has a fear factor that not many people really enjoy.
What guides Marxism, then, is a different model of society, and a different conception of the function of the knowledge that can be produced by society and acquired from it.
Jean-Francois Lyotard
Nitrogen fertilizer is used on all crops produced in this country, but it is a key plant nutrient to produce corn a critical crop to Illinois farmers.
It’s totally produced now. It’s almost like a conveyor belt of what metal’s supposed to be like these days. It’s not music to me.
Geezer Butler
The job of the director is to make certain that the film has one voice and a sense of a single vision, even though it’s produced by a large number of people making contributions – to turn all those contributions from individual voices into one coherent one.
Nas is truly one of the greatest lyricists to ever come out of Queens, which has produced more great MCs than any other borough. He’s one of the greatest MCs of my lifetime and in the world. He’s also a friend.
The young Steve Jobs had a hard time articulating something that didn’t exist. He could see it, taste it, knew what it felt like, but he didn’t have all the language because it hadn’t been invented yet. People didn’t fathom the personal computer on a mass produced level.
Joshua Michael Stern
Toomp produced ‘White House‘ on my first record, and we made magic.
Maybe some people may have thought or imagined that Islam drains all creativity. In fact, when you look at history, you discover that the golden age of Spain is what actually produced what we call the guitar.
That was the producer who produced a couple of my solo

That was the producer who produced a couple of my solo albums. He produced my second, third and fourth solo albums. It was his project and I just joined him on it. I sang on one and played bass on another one.
John Entwistle
I saw the Kino print of ‘The Man From Beyond,’ but apparently a superior new print has been produced by Restored Serials. Maybe a few snippets of missing footage will close up some of the plot holes, but I have my doubts.
Investors have been too willing to buy stocks with strong reported earnings, even if they do not understand how the earnings are produced.
I don’t know any writer of fiction who enjoys trying to point out or dissect whatever they produced with strangers and let them go through it and pick apart what’s real and what isn’t.
The battle over genetically modified crops is rife with business interests and political opportunism. When GMOs were first produced in laboratories around the world, they were rightly heralded as a tremendous leap forward in our ability to supplement nature by providing high-nutrient foods.
The information age has made Thiel rich, but it has also been a disappointment to him. It hasn’t created enough jobs, and it hasn’t produced revolutionary improvements in manufacturing and productivity. The creation of virtual worlds turns out to be no substitute for advances in the physical world.
My guiltiest pleasure is Harry Stephen Keeler. He may have been the greatest bad writer America has ever produced. Or perhaps the worst great writer. I do not know. There are few faults you can accuse him of that he is not guilty of. But I love him.
Somebody said something funny to me the other day. They said, ‘Wolper, until two weeks ago, your tombstone was going to say, ‘David Wolper, the man who produced ‘Roots.’ I think the tombstone now has a new inscription. It’s going to be ‘David Wolper, the man who produced the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympics.’
I really, really love new work, and that’s why, you know, I produced a concert series supporting new musicals and stuff like that. I hope to do more things like that.
Josh Young
We are living in an era of anxiety produced by computer and communications technology.
The crisis of the old order in Europe produced nearly 80 years of often bloody conflict between democracy and its foes from 1914 to 1991.
In primitive society, man produced directly for the satisfaction of his own wants, but with the development of society came differentiation of function; exchange and barter arose, various trades sprang up, and with the necessity of commercial intercourse came the invention of money.
It is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced.
At Performa in New York, there are a lot of commissions, but Manchester Festival is the only festival where everything is fully produced by the festival.
During my life, I have had a few nightmares which happened to me while I was wide awake. One of them was the National Republican Convention in San Francisco, which produced the greatest disaster the Republican Party has ever known – Nominee Barry Goldwater.
I just produced Criminal, this remake of Nine Queens, and one of the things that appealed to me about Nine Queens is that it was a performance piece, and that’s the most fun.
I produced and starred in ‘Wake the Riderless Horse,’ a short film that my buddy wrote and directed.
My sense was that most of the elected officials in Washington – in their heart of hearts – really believe that the system can’t be too bad because it produced them.
DeForest Soaries
Well, clearly Apple is a role model of the American innovation whereby it produced all these products – iPod, iPhone, iPad – that are really now dominating all the technology arena in the world.
When you mix wheat flour and water together, the proteins in the flour combine to form a gluten network. This structure is what gives bread dough the strength and elasticity to capture all the bubbles and burbles produced by yeast in order to grow fluffy, chewy, and light when baked.
While we’ve taken seeds into space, and astronauts on the International Space Station have eaten lettuce they’ve grown, we haven’t produced fruit in space, so we can’t pollinate something.
Puffy produced four of the tracks on the album. Those are the four songs that are collaborations between Puffy and me. And he gives me my space to work even when we work together, like with my producer and my vocal coach.
There is no pleasure to me without communication: there is not so much as a sprightly thought comes into my mind that it does not grieve me to have produced alone, and that I have no one to tell it to.
I have a generally optimistic temperament and am thrilled by what I see as a rapidly growing food movement, especially among young people who care about how food is produced and what it does to their health and the environment.
Marion Nestle
All too often, when people think about art in the U.K., they think London. There’s some really great work being produced outside of the capital city and I think it is important to stop and acknowledge that.
I have great respect for Jaypee Greens as a company that has produced a truly world class, 24-carat, championship golf course. I am happy to be associated with a company with such outstanding qualities.
Americans have been tremendously fortunate in poetry, regarding both the quantity and quality of poetry produced. Unfortunately, it remains in schools and universities; it is not widely distributed.
In the United States alone, 450 billion square feet of glass facade is produced every year. What if we could take this chance to use the glass to harness solar energy and allow the architecture to respond to the light and heat of the sun, to create photosynthesis and generate solar energy?
I’m not a twentieth-century novelist, I’m not modern, and certainly not postmodern. I follow the form of the nineteenth-century novel; that was the century that produced the models of the form. I’m old-fashioned, a storyteller. I’m not an analyst, and I’m not an intellectual.
Perhaps not unusually for a popular film produced over three decades ago, there have been a dizzying parade of corporate characters trading rights to ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ through the years. Yet our requests for timely statements of the film’s income have been met with a series of slammed doors.
I love music, I love all kinds of music, particularly jazz. Jazz is an extension of America. There’s no other country in the world that could have produced jazz.
In the U.S., society and the environment have to pick u

In the U.S., society and the environment have to pick up the tab produced by capitalist activity.
Just as the blurring between childhood and adulthood has produced the kidult, so the stretching of middle into old age has fostered another peculiar chimera: septuagenarians with apoptosis sporting the depeche mode.
Globalization has produced a new of level of interdependence among us. The economy and multinational supply chains do not abide by political boundaries. A computer ordered in Brazil is designed in California and assembled in several other countries. Economic integration was the first strong evidence of a new era.
I tell my audiences today that I served 10 years in Nashville! That’s a joke, of course; I was grateful for the work. Bob Ferguson, who produced Connie Smith, Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton, started calling me in.
Johnny Gimble
It would be disingenuous of me to blanket-ly love everything a woman has produced simply to make a statement that we’re all in this together. No. We’re in Hollywood trying to be competitive, and get numbers, have our eyes on the Nielsens and things like that.
After I’d produced about two dozen pen and ink drawings, one evening I decided that they needed poems to accompany them. I still have no idea where that notion came from, but it took me about two hours to produce verses for these creatures.
Jack Prelutsky
My Dad has been on board for the entire project. He has produced Hello‘ and made sure that everything is just right this time.
Jay-Z called me onstage during my song that I produced for ‘Watch the Throne?’ That was surreal, man. One of those situations I’ll never forget. I’ll be able to show my kids the footage of when Jay-Z brought me onstage.
Meat production is one of the leading causes of climate change because of the destruction of the rainforest for grazing lands, the massive amounts of methane produced by farm animals and the huge amounts of water, grain and other resources required to feed animals.
Streptomycin belongs to a group of compounds, known as antibiotics, which are produced by microorganisms and which possess the property of inhibiting the growth and even of destroying other microorganisms.
Selman Waksman
If every effect of any new products or methods were required to be known before they could be produced and marketed, they would not be true innovations – and thus not represent new knowledge of what people would like, if offered.
Of all the things that the digital revolution has produced, once of the coolest, simplest ones is you can now contact people who write books that you read. You used to have to write a letter to the publisher and hope they passed it along, which they never did.
The consequences of things are not always proportionate to the apparent magnitude of those events that have produced them. Thus the American Revolution, from which little was expected, produced much; but the French Revolution, from which much was expected, produced little.
Mother Earth is very talented. She has produced Buddhas, bodhisattvas, great beings.
Putting even one thing in your shopping basket that’s locally produced or organic makes all the difference. It’s a vote for the future, for animal welfare, for the environment, for your children’s children.
Heat can also be produced by the impact of imperfectly elastic bodies as well as by friction. This is the case, for instance, when we produce fire by striking flint against steel, or when an iron bar is worked for some time by powerful blows of the hammer.
Hermann von Helmholtz
I was like a wonder kid at Uptown. The first record I produced sold two million copies – and I’d only produced it because the producer didn’t show up.
I spent, as you know, a year and a half in a clergyman’s family and heard almost every Tuesday the very best, most earnest and most impressive preacher it has ever been my fortune to meet with, but it produced no effect whatever on my mind.
You never know in a movie if it’s going to be a sequel, but right now I’m proud of what we produced.
Jeff Goldblum
After Land I wanted to continue exploring the theme but I needed a new challenge so turned to colour. I explored Bradford and produced a series of urban landscapes that I liked, but because Land had made such an impact on the general public my colour work wasn’t reviewed.
Fay Godwin
The twentieth century had produced a literature in Ireland that kept a tense distance from the sources of faith – and for good reason. Irish writing had suffered a terrible censorship in the twentieth century.
The ’50s were so lame they produced the ’60s!
The American Civil War produced carnage that has often been thought reserved for the combination of technological proficiency and inhumanity characteristic of a later time.
I think that in an increasingly virtual world, lovingly produced artefacts are at a premium.
I want to make films with a broad scope; produced in Italy but looking at the world.
Ginevra Elkann
It is no longer acceptable to ignore the suffering, and designers must take responsibility for the way that their fur is produced.
The music and movie business has been consistently wrong in its claims that new platforms and channels would be the end of its businesses. In each case, the new technology produced a new market far larger than the impact it had on the existing market.
Brownsville breeds the best fighters in the world. What other neighborhood has produced so many champions?
The basic architecture of Dodd-Frank makes sense. At the same time, as a number of regulators and legislators have observed, the act was a complex effort that produced thousands of pages of rules.
We hide so well. This is the bottom line: how hidden is male subjectivity? Name five books where male subjectivity is produced in an honest way.
I read every draft of every episode of every series produced at FX.
The baby boomers are the most spoiled, most self-center

The baby boomers are the most spoiled, most self-centered, most narcissistic generation the country’s ever produced.
For as long as this nation has known war, we have embraced the heroes it has produced. Americans have rightfully noted the honor and nobility of courage under hostile fire and thanked those who perished in their defense.
James T. Walsh
I have always respected how Bobby Bowden would go out and challenge any opponent, and he produced some legendary games against the University of Miami and Notre Dame.
In the U.S.A., technical innovations come out of universities and the research produced by Ph.D. students. We don’t have that happening in India.
If we had improved materials that could be produced cheaply and in large quantities, certainly the thermoelectrics industry could move forward more quickly.
There were musicians that influenced me, but they weren’t all women. Teena Marie was a big influence because she wrote and produced her own music, which let me know that women could write and produce their own music, which was an empowering moment for me.
Billy Connolly is probably the greatest stand-up this country has ever produced and he swears all the time.
If an American audience is given a serious musical theater piece that is well produced, dramatically gripping and wonderfully acted, they’ll respond to it.
It’s rare to get a really truly wonderfully written, acted and produced sci-fi show, period.
Richard Hatch
Boygenius’ was the first time I produced without a producer-producer in the room. It’s been crazy.
I’ve produced before, and sometimes it’s by default. In the indie level, you can’t just come to set and be like, ‘Oh, I’m an actor.’ You have to be willing to help out, make the project happen.
Sung Kang
The most difficult part of Brexit will be to figure out the trade regime between the U.K. and the rest of the E.U. because the level of trade integration between the members of the E.U. is the deepest in the world and integrates regulations that govern how products and services are produced and sold within the E.U.
I mean, people have created great shows, produced wonderful television, and nobody tunes in. For whatever reason, it just doesn’t resonate with the masses. And vice versa, people have produced some really crappy television and mediocre stuff, and for some reason it hits. And there’s no rhyme or reason.
Housewives‘ is real, yes. We say what we’re thinking at the time. But filming our real lives is a huge production that takes a long time. Sometimes you have to sit there for hours and hours while the show is being produced.
Killer Joe‘ was originally written in 1991 and first produced in ’93 at the Next Theater’s Lab – a 40 seat black box theater in Evanston, Illinois – back when I was getting started. I was just 25 and I had been acting for awhile, but it was my first play and the one that really got me noticed, especially by Steppenwolf.
Any seeming deception in a statement is costly, not only in the expense of the advertising but in the detrimental effect produced upon the customer, who believes she has been misled.
John Wanamaker
Well, the infrastructure part of the stimulus has worked. There’s absolutely no question about it. We can demonstrate in Pennsylvania and other states around the union how it’s produced good, paying jobs both on the construction sites and back in American factories. It has worked.
Because we believe ourselves to be better parents than our parents, we expect to produce better children than they produced.
In the U.S., the ’50s and ’60s marked the documentary‘s golden age, especially at CBS, where pioneering television journalist Edward R. Murrow, immortalised in George Clooney’s ‘Good Night, and Good Luck,’ produced such landmark investigations as the CBS Reports programmeHunger in America.’
Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that most of the good horror films made in the U.S. are indie films. You might get ‘The Ring’ or ‘The Others,’ but most are independently produced.
All of my records, I produced, put together completely. All of them. Maybe Drake might come with an idea, and I might finish it. You gotta remember what a producer is. Quincy Jones is a producer.
The close of my studies with a degree of a Dr. Ing. in 1929 coincided with the great economic crisis, and I was not able to find an academic position. I was therefore very grateful for a position in the newly created laboratory of G.J. Driza in Prague where rare chemicals were produced on small scale.
Vladimir Prelog
Hollywood has successfully produced many films framed by anti-racist or pro-integrationist story lines. I’m going to guess that since ‘Gone With The Wind,’ Hollywood realized films about racism and segregation pull at the heartstrings of everyone and hopefully serve to purge a sense of guilt.
Shania Twain brought a whole other fan base to country music with her sound, the way the videos were produced.
When NDTV produced its programmes on 24 hours with leaders on the campaign trail, its biggest draw was the exposure of what the leader is like in their home and at their dining table.
I think it is about time that equipped women began to take on some of the ethical questions which a male-dominated culture has produced and dissect and analyze them quite to pieces in a serious fashion. It is time that ‘half the human race‘ had something to say about the nature of its existence.
The physical characteristics of the child Jesus will always remain a point of discussion. No artist has ever produced a type, nor ever will, that has in it all that the varying minds of all time will acknowledge as complete.
Henry Ossawa Tanner
Because, if we understand how a building is to be produced and we find a way that it can be more simply produced, then obviously we are contributing to building better buildings more easily.
The Democrats’ agenda isn’t working for women. Their vision has produced big government and limited opportunity. Our vision is for limited government and opportunity for all. Women deserve better than what President Obama has delivered.
After a few years of intensive research, we found a way to use a pulsed laser directed into a nozzle to vaporize any material, allowing for the first time the atoms of any element in the periodic table to be produced cold in a supersonic beam.
We started all this research way back in the early 1990s, developing a technique that allows us to record the electrical signals produced by neurons simultaneously.
When you read the psychedelic literature, there is a di

When you read the psychedelic literature, there is a distinction between the so-called natural psychedelics and synthetic psychedelics that are artificially produced.
People recommended that I didn’t sing at the school as a jazz major. So I sang and produced on my own time, but I didn’t have a lot of support. I just did it anyway.
I will not promote other people’s songs big time. I will just mention that I produced the song to get the credit I think I deserve.
Branding says a lot about luxury and about exclusion and about the choices that manufacturers make, but I think that what society does with it after it’s produced is something else. And the African-American community has always been expert at taking things and repurposing them toward their own ends.
I always loved and secretly wanted to do ‘Company.’ It was produced on Broadway in 1970, and it’s about a successful 35-year-old guy who’s starting to think he should get married.
Lincoln has been my first love, and as always with first loves, it fixed a standard. So I scaled sunlit heights with Lincoln and produced the colossal marble head in the rotunda of the capitol of the United States.
Because my early music was heavily produced, people assume my voice was also heavily produced.
I just did this movie with Kristin Wiig called ‘The Skeleton Twins.’ That’s a straight drama. We play estranged twins, and I end up moving in with her and her husband, played by Luke Wilson. But it’s a drama, and the Duplass Brothers produced it and this great guy, Craig Johnson, directed it. And that was great, you know?
I started a festival of short films produced for television, and as the secretary of the organisation that ran it I used to work very closely with the state government.
The hardest problems of all in law enforcement are those involving a conflict of law and local customs. History has recorded many occasions when the moral sense of a nation produced judicial decisions, such as the 1954 decision in Brown v. Board of Education, which required difficult local adjustments.
There’s no question ‘Amazing Race’ is a beautifully produced show.
President George W. Bush’s aggressive war on Islamic terrorism produced a 100 percent perfect track record of keeping the United States safe from another attack. The result has been increased security for the American people, who, in turn, have become complacent about the true nature of the threat.
To young people born under the weird planet of the SAT, intelligence was equated with agility, with raw acuity. It produced a certain sort of person of which I was a typical specimen: the mental contortionist, able to rise to almost every challenge placed before him, except the challenge of real self-knowledge.
At 21, right out of college, I had two producers, about my age, who had never produced a show before, and they wanted me to write and produce an hour-long show before I turned 22. Which is a whole lot of work for someone who’s just an ‘airhead.’
That’s why I’m really trying to produce my own stuff. This film was so good, because I produced it myself, and developed it, and made it with New Line, which is a smaller studio, so I was in control of a lot of stuff that I wasn’t in control of for my other films.
Ted Demme
All the evils of France have been produced less by the perversity of the wicked and the violence of fools than by the hesitation of the weak, the compromises of conscience, and the tardiness of patriotism. Let every deputy, every Frenchman show what he feels, what he thinks, and we are saved!
New gene pools are generated in every generation, and evolution takes place because the successful individuals produced by these gene pools give rise to the next generation.
Ernst Mayr
When obedience to the Divine precepts keeps pace with knowledge, in the mind of any man, that man is a Christian; and when the fruits of Christianity are produced, that man is a disciple of our blessed Lord, let his profession of religion be what it may.
The first meal was an object lesson of much variety. My father produced several kinds of food, ready to eat, without any cooking, from little tin cans that had printing all over them.
Mary Antin
I produced six movies with Amy Robinson since the very early ’80s.
Griffin Dunne
One could surely argue that the Buddhist tradition, taken as a whole, represents the richest source of contemplative wisdom that any civilization has produced.
The idea that the country should be led by white men goes back to antebellum slaveholders, who argued that the world was naturally divided between working drudges and elite leaders, who directed their workers and used the wealth the workers produced to promote progress.
I was 16 when I recorded ‘Flashlight.’ I produced it, made the beat, wrote it, recorded it.
I try to support stories that enable us to see the difficulties in our society and the challenges we face, which is why I’ve also produced documentaries like ‘Brick City’ and ‘Serving Life.’
Should slavery be abolished there, (and it is an event, which, from these circumstances, we may reasonably expect to be produced in time) let it be remembered, that the Quakers will have had the merit of its abolition.
Thomas Clarkson
Long before the awakening of thought on earth, manifestations of cosmic energy must have been produced which have no parallel today.
We need American sources of resources, we need American energy, brought to you by American ingenuity and produced by American workers.
Leave America and you’ll find that the consumers in many other countries enjoy watching advertising. Not because the products are better, but because the ads are produced to be entertaining. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes they are dramatic. Sometimes they are just beautiful.
I’ve always thought John Travolta is one of the greatest movie stars Hollywood has ever produced.
There is no war on coal. Period. There are more coal jobs and more coal produced in Ohio than there were five years ago, in spite of the talking points and the yard signs.
There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern.
Traditionally, images have functioned as representation

Traditionally, images have functioned as representations of something in the world, but we are quickly approaching the point where vast majority of images are produced for other machines, and no human being will ever see them.
I have a lot of respect for Martin Luther King. I think he was one of the greatest orators that the country ever produced.
We are importing Russian natural gas which is not produced in an environmentally conscious manner. If the states that are blocking the pipelines were truly concerned about the environment, they would look to where the natural gas would be coming from.
When we produced ‘Highway,’ Imtiaz Ali and I planned it as a quick small experimental film, while we waited for Ranbir Kapoor’s dates later during the year.
Jeremiah Wright is one of the greatest prophetic preachers that black America has produced. What I find striking is that many white brothers and sisters miss the fact that there would be no black church if the white church wasn’t political and racist in refusing to worship with us.
‘Pyrapshere’ began as a sketch for a variety show I produced called ‘A Pretty Good Show.’ My partner, Andersen Gabrych, and I expanded it into a full-fledged faux-religion, including a list of 21 tenets, sacred symbols, testimonials, and even a clothing line. Many people believed it was a real thing and wanted to join.
Maggie Rowe
I was known as a ballad singer who sang melodramatic heavily produced ballads. I’m not known as a mid-tempo singer who does fun songs. I’m not going to do a song like ‘Dancing on the Ceiling.’
My generation produced some terrific writers from all over, and the great thing about it is that they were all mixed in race.
If you look at the Intercontinental Champion, historically, that has always belonged to the best of the best in-ring talent, the best wrestler, whatever you want to call it, that came out night after night, produced night after night – and that will be me.
The agricultural revolution transformed the earth and changed the fate of humanity. It produced an entirely new mode of subsistence, which remains the foundation of the global economy to this day.
Knowledge is and will be produced in order to be sold, it is and will be consumed in order to be valorised in a new production: in both cases, the goal is exchange.
Jean-Francois Lyotard
As soon as we can wrest from Nature the secret of the internal structure of the compounds produced by her, chemical science can then even surpass Nature by producing compounds as variations of the natural ones, which the living cell is unable to construct.
Otto Wallach
Carbon is the stuff of life, and it’s the stuff of everything used by human society. All of our materials are made of carbon or of substances, such as steel or glass, which are produced through the utilization of carbon.
Every one of my regrets has produced a song I’m proud of.
Britain can claim to lead the world in murder because it was a country that industrialized early. Other countries, going through the same process later, caught up and produced their own genres of detective fiction.
Cell-based meat, or ‘clean‘ meat – real meat produced in labs – has not become a commercial product yet. But analysts expect it to hit the shelves in 2021 or soon thereafter, and start-ups in this space, such as Memphis Meats, have raised tens of millions of dollars.
All my films have been larger-than-life. And since I’ve sat on almost all the scripts of the films I’ve produced, I do not compromise on aesthetics and visuals that could add to a scene.
In addition to that, Mono has produced a very large set of extra libraries.
Miguel de Icaza