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Environment does shape you. My environment, in a pit fa

Environment does shape you. My environment, in a pit family, in a pit village, with nine kids in total.
I don’t see a lot of movies that portray the East Village as well as I think they can.
I wanted to restore an ancient house in Kent, and that’s what I did. It was a heap – this Tudor building with the beams painted lime green, so hideous. And I had this idea that I’d love the small village life, with the Range Rover and the dogs and baking cookies for the Y.W.C.A. But then it got so boring.
Acting happened to me by chance. Even I’m surprised how a man from a small village, Belsand, in Gopalganj district has reached Bollywood.
South Africa has all the tools to compete in the new global village – an eager workforce, ready to take on any challenge.
I like places where you can dance to crazy music, like Bedlam or Eastern Bloc in the East Village.
Yes, in my books I do edit myself to keep from becoming the Village Explainer.
The Pawnee chief had left the village the day after the doctor arrived, with 50 or 60 horses and many people, and had taken his course to the north of our route.
I was born and raised in a small village, and I didn’t even think I was especially pretty.
I was born in a mining village, and you either played football or played football. If you didn’t play, there was something wrong with you.
Its not a global village, but we’re in a highly interconnected globe.
It takes a damn village to get a show on Broadway!
People often ask me what I consider my goal to be at TOMS. The truth is that it’s changed over the years. When we first began, the goal was to create a for-profit company to help the children that I met in a small village in Argentina.
A long time ago, I thought, as a writer in the Caribbean, ‘I don’t ever want to have to write ‘It was great in Paris.” Because I don’t think, proportionately speaking, that one’s experience in a city as opposed to, say, a village in St. Lucia, is superior to the other.
The difference that a drama group or a cinema club can make to a small village or a town. It opens people up to ideas, potential about themselves that really, in a way, education often fails to. It’s a way of drawing a community together.
We didn’t have any books at home. Not even children’s books or fairy tales. The only ‘fantastic‘ stories came from religion class. And I took them all very literally, that God sees everything, and so I felt I was always being watched. Or that dead people were in Heaven right over our village.
I started running because my neighbour, Patrick Sang, was an athlete and I wanted to be just like him. Patrick came from the same village as I do and my mother used to be his teacher. I was so inspired by his success.
Super early-stage companies have a village that form around them for support.
Panchayat’ is set in a village and is the story of an urban man coming to the village.
I grew up in a small village in the west of Ireland.
The place where I hail from – a village in Gopalganj in North Bihar – people only know two professions: an engineer or a doctor.
Indeed, it was largely the clubbiness of the Washington village press corps that let Nixon get away with Watergate and still win his landslide in 1972.
Even if you live in a tiny village, there’s an Internet site. It’s quite easy to find clothes, but sometimes women don’t know how to mix them.
Ines de La Fressange
I am restless. I don’t mind leaving this comfortable, static life. I could live a year on my own in a remote village.
I’ve known the poet Eileen Myles since the 1990s, when I first moved to New York, and I remember seeing her walking her Pit Bull Rosie around the East Village. She had these beautiful arms and David Cassidy hair and the sort of swagger so many of the gay boys I knew wished we had. We all had crushes on her.
There was a time when craft used to mean anything but the considered, stylish or academic. It was a term of derision. The ‘craft fair’ on the village green was to be avoided.
You know, Greenwich Village was the traditional bohemia of New York. I wish I could say that was entirely true now. It’s, uh… changed. It’s now got, God help us, investment bankers and journalists, but it’s still a very beautiful part of New York.
I was privileged because my father was a policeman, and we lived in town. Many people in Malawi are from typical villages. My grandmother insisted I should be in both worlds, and so I needed to be acquainted with village life.
When my elder sister decided to pursue sports, she faced a lot of music at home. We didn’t have a TV in our village, so no one understood the value of sports. But my sister convinced my parents that participating in sports would mean a secure job in the government.
I also have a soft spot for spicy chicken wings. They are always best eaten at dives and sports bars, like Wogie’s in the West Village, New York City, near my house.
I know a lot of people in the retirement village that I

I know a lot of people in the retirement village that I have a house in in Florida that are on the Internet and are reading the paper on the Internet, and they’re communicating on the Internet.
My wife gone, my mum gone, ostracised by my village. I was left all alone in life.
You’re an idealist, and I pity you as I would the village idiot.
I grew up in the West Village and went to the New York City Lab School for junior high.
I was brought up telling stories, when I was a kid, in the tiny village where I grew up. Storytelling was a tradition.
I love the village in my computer. There’s little validation in the day-to-day life of a writer; sometimes we ache for a connection.
Lisa Unger
In the 16th and 17th centuries, most people in Britain lived in small village communities. They knew all their neighbours. They dressed alike, and almost all were white. The vast majority belonged to the same religion and spoke much the same language.
I ran for political office in the Hamptons once in a war I was having with the village. I came in, there were four people running, and I came in around third. It was over my food market – they arrested me. I just wanted to go for office because I thought it would be an interesting to do.
At ‘The Village Voice,’ there were all these fevers inside the offices, that would break out into full-scale rumbles between writers.
The beauty of soaps is that it takes a village to make it work, and you get to work with really hardworking people.
Kassie DePaiva
So I played the acoustic guitar and harmonica and stomped my foot and I think I was right in assuming that Greenwich Village would be the best place to perform my own material and possibly get some attention, move on to making records and all.
I grew up in a little village in the west of Ireland.
I was born in Paris, and it’s a beautiful place, but London feels like home. I like the village feeling, I like running in the parks – even the food isn’t as bad as it used to be.
I grew up in Ditchling. It was an idyllic village at the foot of the South Downs. In those days, the village was full of artists and sculptors.
Donald Sinden
I grew up in Greenwich Village. Dad was friends with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
Yancy Butler
Being famous as a writer is like being famous in a village. It’s not really any very heady fame.
Culture survives in smaller spaces – not in the history books that erect monuments to the nation‘s grand history but in cafes and cinema houses, village squares, and half-forgotten libraries.
I was born in India, and we came from a poor family and lived in a rural village. My dad came over to Canada as a refugee, and years later, we were able to join him.
I’m from a little village in the south of Holland where there was nothing to do but watch American movies and television – I grew up with The ‘A-Team,’ ‘Charlie‘s Angels,’ and ‘Edward Scissorhands.’
I’m from a very small village in the middle of nowhere, four hours by airplane from Moscow. Yemanzhelinsk – you wouldn’t find it on the map. Don’t even try it. It’s super, super tiny.
In my village, people believed that women should stay in their homes. However, I followed my heart and showed them that I’ll not succumb to their regressive ideals.
The magic kit we developed with Idea Village is an extraordinary success in 40,000 stores across America. The TV commercial we shot for it has produced amazing resultsunbelievable.
The nearest village was a place called Pauperhaugh which was a village in the sense that it had a phone box and a bridge. By the time I got down south I had decades to catch up on. We only got colour television in 1978.
I remember going into a bookshop, and the only book I saw with a black child on the cover was ‘A Thief in the Village’ by James Berry, and I thought, ‘Is this still the state of publishing?’ Then I thought, ‘Either I can whine about it or try to do something about it.’
I am a simple man who comes from a village, and villagers like us speak our mind. Now, in the process, if unknowingly my words came across as disrespectful or insulting, then I am deeply sorry. I don’t want to hurt anyone.
After I returned from Oxford, I spent 5-6 years in a village in Madhya Pradesh – 25 km. outside Bhopal – along with a group of people working with the communities. But, over time, we realised that there were just too many constraints, and for ordinary citizens to be the change agent was not that easy.
I was keen to earn my own money from an early age. I had a job as a paper girl in my local village when I was about 11 – and when I was a bit older, around 15, I was a waitress.
A tradition I remember from my childhood was that when there was a wedding in any one family, the entire village shared the responsibility and contributed. Regardless of the caste or community, the bride became the daughter of not just a single family but of the entire village.
When I was 18, I lived in Greenwich Village, New York, for nine months. At that time, I wanted to change the world, not through architecture, but through painting. I lived the artist‘s life, mingling with poets and writers, and working as a waiter. I was intrigued by the aliveness of the city.
Christian de Portzamparc
When we say, even in a global village, that all politics is local, we mean that national sovereignties are the only reliable source of political authority.
I wanted to give everything that I lacked in my childhood to young children of my village. I had only talent but no scientific training, facilities or infrastructure to help.
It was only against my mother's will that I attended th

It was only against my mother’s will that I attended the preparatory high school in the city. She wanted me to become a seamstress in the village. She knew that if I moved to the city, I would become corrupted. And I was. I started to read books.
When I was in college, my whole goal was to write for the ‘Village Voice,’ and I think I was doing that by the time I was twenty-one or twenty, so everything else has kind of been gravy, you know?
Twenty years ago, I wrote a book called ‘It Takes a Village.’ And a lot of people looked at the title and asked, ‘What the heck do you mean by that?’ This is what I mean. None of us can raise a family, build a business, heal a community or lift a country totally alone.
There was a village watercolour society and they’d come and paint in my field. I watched them from the window, the way they would struggle this way and that to find the perfect moment. God has made every angle on that beautiful, and I felt that tremendously.
My father took me back home, back to Greenwich Village, and he thought by taking me out of the orphanage he’d be out of the World War too. But no way – they got him anyway. He went in the Navy and then I lived on the streets.
Gregory Corso
I refuse to be held up as some kind of superwoman because, in my mind, the superwomen are the ones who do it on their own. I have my partner, who will be a stay-at-home father. I will do as much as I can, but I will have a village around me, and there’s lots of people who don’t have that.
Now, twenty years old, I come out and I go back to Greenwich Village. Now, of course, I’m a wealthy man.
Gregory Corso
There are 10,000 local governments in the state of New York. Ten thousand! Town, village, lighting district, water district, sewer district, a special district to count the other districts in case you missed a district.
I have covered wars, before the epidemic began and since. They are all ugly and painful and unjust, but for me, nothing has matched the dread I felt while walking through the Castro, the Village, or Dupont Circle at the height of the AIDS epidemic.
I reached the point where I was getting arrested all the time in London. I couldn’t walk down the street. London becomes a very small village, eventually. You run out of places. It was inescapable.
When you truly accept that those children in some far off place in the global village have the same value as you in God’s eyes or even in just your eyes, then your life is forever changed; you see something that you can’t un-see.
It was a village where I come from, obviously a lot smaller than London, so the support was unreal and close by. To come away to a new challenge, a new level, knowing that I was going to have to step up massively – not having those people around me was a test.
Kids go crazy for the Krampus tradition and dress up as little monsters – they have beautiful masks, handmade from wood. Our village in Austria puts on a special play in which the creature tells an old beggar to repent his sins; when he refuses, he’s beaten up by lots of Krampuses at once.
I grew up in a village after the war, and in the village, there were almost only women.
I suppose I’m a cultural Anglican, and I see evensong in a country church through much the same eyes as I see a village cricket match on the village green. I have a certain love for it.
I come from a small village in Sicily. For all Italian people, family is very important. We don’t fight with our families.
Faculty met, and after the usual business, some conversation was had about certain students being addicted to drinking, and it was reported that a citizen of the village had informed a member of the Faculty that there was a good deal of drinking this term among the students.
Daniel H. Hill
I think the presence of caste in India, how the villages are geographically structured on caste lines, is very different from China. The presence of an egalitarian culture is striking in a Chinese village.
I live in a Swiss village so small, if you sneeze everyone knows.
Geraldine Chaplin
I grew up in the mining village of Dudley in Northumberland. My father, who was also called Robson Green, worked down the pits.
We were fortunate that most of the ‘1666’ stuff we did shoot all together. We were filming out in Hampton, Georgia. It was so amazing. They built a village for us to shoot in. It made our job as actors so much easier.
For instance, some early ideas for Florida were done only recently. The idea of a little village was there from the beginning and now we have this ‘Celebration‘ village. Same thing for the Disney Institute. Walt talked about this idea in the very first.
It takes a village to run the Big Man – a village of doctors.
Coca-Cola is the only business in the world where no matter which country or town or village you are in, if someone asks what do you do, and you say you work for Coca-Cola, you never have to answer the question, ‘What is that?’
Muhtar Kent
Photographer James Nachtwey has spent his professional life in the places people most want to avoid: war zones and refugee camps, the city flattened by an earthquake, the village swallowed by a flood, the farm hollowed out by famine.
So often at home in the West Village, I’m like, ‘Why aren’t I allowed a horse?’ I would keep a horse in a stable in my apartment, and I would fit him with rubber shoes, and we’d just roll him out. If I needed to go to a meeting somewhere, I’d just get on my horse and go across town.
Dave Van Ronk, for those who don’t know him – probably most don’t know – was a folk singer. He’s kind of the biggest person on the scene in 1961 in the folk revival in Greenwich Village, biggest person on the scene until Bob Dylan showed up.
People listen to The Beatles, but while they were muscially influential, they weren’t culturally influential in quite the same way. You can go into the back of beyond in a little Indian village, and they will listen to Bob Marley. But they’re not going to be listening to The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.
Rajasthan is a place I visit very often. My grandparents live in the village called Kulhariyon Ka Baas, and I am originally from Rajasthan.
I have an older brother and younger sister and for the first few years I was quite a tomboy. We lived in a small village in Hampshire and my brother and I would climb trees and make dens.
My father came to Chennai at the age of 16 from a village in Coimbatore. He was an artist and was clear he wanted to do something, so he came to Chennai and joined an art course for eight years before he came into films.
On 11 September, I was living in Greenwich Village, New

On 11 September, I was living in Greenwich Village, New York; my children learned to tell south from north by looking at the World Trade Center.
Yochai Benkler
Al Qaeda has overplayed their hand. What the al Qaeda do when they go into a town or village or a neighborhood inside a major city is they get a stranglehold on the people themselves. They force the men to wear beards and the women to be properly costumed and essentially completely covered up.
In 1965, I went to what was called the worst Bihar famine in India, and I saw starvation, death, people dying of hunger, for the first time. It changed my life. I came back home, told my mother, ‘I’d like to live and work in a village.’ Mother went into a coma.
Bunker Roy
I did not have a mobile phone in 1993. No one did, except the occasional banker or Hollywood star seeming smart, or the main character in ‘American Psycho.’ In 1993, every day was ‘let’s get lost.’ I could walk Greenwich Village for hours and not be found.
Rising living standardswhether in a village, a region, a nation, or the world – depend first on specialization: on letting people concentrate on what they do best and trade with others who specialize in other things.
When you do ‘Mad Fat Diary’ or ‘The Village,’ you always learn about the particular time period, and that’s always nice for an actor.
Nico Mirallegro
I don’t need to move to the States; I love our little village, Ibstock.
Stephen Graham
Benteen, come on, big village, be quick. Bring packs.
George Armstrong Custer
I was raised in a sort of village. I have a huge family, and I think there is strength in that. It helped me to deal with some of the complications of living in the South because I always felt like I belonged, no matter what.
I once lost a role because I was told I am fair. They were looking for a village woman who is darker.
I think everyone around me played a part in raising me; there isn’t one individual I could pick out – it was more a case of it taking the whole village to raise the child.
One of my earliest memories is walking up a muddy road into the mountains. It was raining. Behind me, my village was burning. When there was school, it was under a tree. Then the United Nations came. They fed me, my family, my community.
Village cricket spread fast through the land.
G. M. Trevelyan
As a young boy growing up in rural India, most of what I knew of the world was what I could see around me. But each night, I would look at the Moon – it was impossibly far away, yet it held a special attraction because it allowed me to dream beyond my village and country, and think about the rest of the world and space.
Greenwich Village always had its share of mind readers, but there are many more these days, and they seem to have moved closer to the mainstream of life in the city. What was crazy 10 years ago is now respectable, even among the best-educated New Yorkers.
Every rustic who delivers in the village alehouse his slow, infrequent sentences, may help to kill or keep alive the fatal superstitions which clog his race.
The second child of a small farmer with six children, I come from a village in Bihar on the border of Nepal called Belwa. I was there till the age of 17 and studied in a Hindi-speaking boarding school run by Catholics in a nearby district town.
I grew up playing with kids from Hurt Village, playing with kids from other housing projects, Lamar Terrace, because my grandmother lived in that particular area. So, I always wondered how I would have turned out if I would have lived in that particular given circumstance.
As a child growing up in a grey-skied Yorkshire village, I would occasionally happen upon a Bollywood movie on the television. After a few minutes watching a bunch of sari-clad dancers cavorting on a Swiss mountain to tuneless music, I would switch over to some proper drama about housing estates and single mothers.
People think New York is this big city where no one knows each other, but when you live in the Village, it’s the opposite.
My parents hail from a village near Mysore.
Yesterday I was walking past cows in my village and today I am at Barca, coaching the best players in the world. This is the pinnacle for me.
It is always the village women who drive these things.
Stephen Lewis
The notion of the world as a village is becoming a reality.
Even a small village in the middle of Africa with a 3D printer will have access to any good it can download. The world of the ‘Star Trek‘ replicator is not far away.
When I become the village idiot, or at least, it starts to become a joke, you can’t do that much longer.
Joan Van Ark
The destruction of India’s village system was the greatest of England‘s blunders.
This is unexposed film of Greenwich Village because nothing ever happens there.
I began my career as a medical doctor in Ama Keng, a poor village in Lim Chu Kang. The people I cared for were ordinary Singaporeans. They were simple people who despite their hard work, had barely enough for themselves.
Under pressure, people admit to murder, setting fire to the village church or robbing a bank, but never to being bores.
Elsa Maxwell
There were no good schools in my village. So my family moved so that my siblings and I would get a better education.
Emigration, forced or chosen, across national frontiers

Emigration, forced or chosen, across national frontiers or from village to metropolis, is the quintessential experience of our time.
When I was in high school I moved from the big city to a tiny village of 500 people in Vermont. It was like The Waltons!
Daphne Zuniga
I’m telling you I was from such a small village I didn’t even know what wrestling was until I came to America.
I was born into an upper-middle class family in a village in the South of Sweden in April 1899. It was a large family with seven children, a large house, and a home which was very hospitable and open to friends and relatives.
Bertil Ohlin
My family is my little village. I really do feel like my fairy tale came true.
There’s an assumption in many of these cultures that these children are mentally retarded, when in fact they’re not at all. I saw how the operation affects the child, as well as the child’s family and often the village.
I come from Nigeria, and we live by the idea that it takes a village. So my entire team. I live by my team: my friends, my neighbors, my teachers – they’re the people who taught me how to be a free actor.
One of my friends called me up and said kids in our village are playing hockey with PVC pipes. This is the change I wanted to see. Hopefully, we will be able to inspire the next generation.
Being a teenager in a small Austrian village was not fabulous. I tried to fit in and changed myself to be part of the game. I now realise I can create the game.
I have always wanted to play the role of a village girl.
The lucky village of Sodeto, in the kingdom of Aragon, is a cluster of sensible houses spackled together off the main road, curtained behind a pine copse.
So, we just kind of created our own thing and that’s part of the beauty of Athens: is that it’s so off the map and there’s no way you could ever be the East Village or an L.A. scene or a San Francisco scene, that it just became its own thing.
On my show ‘One on One’, I interview leaders from around the world – in politics, business, art. My other show, ‘Her Village’, is more like ‘The View’.
Yang Lan
When you truly accept that those children in some far off place in the global village have the same value as you in God’s eyes or even in just your eyes, then your life is forever changed; you see something that you can’t un-see.
I can’t think of a specific meal, but my favourite country for food has got to be France. I love those restaurants in the middle of the village squares.
Giles Foden
When I met my designs in the market of a remote village in the West Indies, or in the airport restaurant in Zurich, I felt like the mother of many well-behaved children.
Eva Zeisel
I was born in Paris, and it’s a beautiful place, but London feels like home. I like the village feeling, I like running in the parks – even the food isn’t as bad as it used to be.
It used to happen in villages and towns in China that they would have – I guess you’d call them beauty contests – where all of the women of a particular village or town would be seated behind these screens or curtains with only their feet showing.
Lisa See
Until I was four years old I lived in the house of my paternal grandfather, about two miles from the pretty little village of Wallace, at the mouth of the river of that name.
Even when I went to the Lion’s Head in the Village, where all you journalists would hang out, I was always peripheral. I was never really part of anything except the classroom. That’s where I belonged.
Indeed, we’re strongest when the face of America isn’t only a soldier carrying a gun but also a diplomat negotiating peace, a Peace Corps volunteer bringing clean water to a village, or a relief worker stepping off a cargo plane as floodwaters rise.
I did not become an actor to earn money – that I could have done it in my village by becoming a farmer. I wanted to show my craft, which I am so passionate about.
I guess my earliest football memories are of playing in the street and also the little pitches at school. I joined the local football team in my village when I was small, but we would play only once or twice a week. I honed my skills just by playing for fun with friends after school.
My elder brother wants to build a girls’ college in Shahjanpur in U.P. We don’t have good education system and the security for girls in school and colleges in our village is dismal. So I am going to fully support my brother in whatever he is doing.
My dad was in the RAF, so we travelled quite a lot. My memory‘s not the best – I remember we lived in Belgium for a bit – but I grew up in a village called Compton in Newbury.
There are quite some interesting roles. Just take my career for instance. I played a vivacious aerobics instructor in Porki.’ In my Telugu debut Bava,’ I played a lively girl from a village. In Udayan,’ my Tamil debut, I played a soft spoken Brahmin girl.
During the engagement I tried to throw a strong force through the canon, but I was obliged to use it elsewhere before it had gotten to the supposed location of the village.
George Crook
I don’t really know the story of the Pied Piper. I don’t read stories, first of all. I just remember either a rabbit or a rat leading people out of the village with a flute. That’s all I can tell you.
If you lived in 18th-century England, you probably lived in a village, worked on the land, and your greatest fears were probably dying in a famine or of disease or in a war.
Our parents faced more hardship than us. They didn’t stop us from training despite hearing the taunts from the people in the village. We were fortunate to have parents like them.
I learnt since I was a child growing up in a small village in the Czech Republic that I had to be like that to compete, to be the best and then to compete against the best. There has not been a second, a minute, an hour, a day that I have missed because I always wanted to improve.
Pavel Nedved
Much of reality TV has been like the worst nightmares o

Much of reality TV has been like the worst nightmares of Theodor Adorno and Jean Baudrillard come true, its seductive allure turning us into gossips in the global village.
This is going to make me sound ancient, but I remember Juhu Beach when there weren’t any buildings on it. You’d go through countryside and arrive at this amazing beach. I remember driving from Delhi to the Qutab Minar through countryside. Mehrauli was a little village – that’s all gone.
We have to convince our youth that the nation does not need the white-collared class only. We have to find work for the rural young people in the village itself and stop the exodus to the cities.
Sanjay Gandhi
In my village, Kharkara, 20 km from Rohtak, I would work in our fields of sugarcane, wheat and paddy while dreaming of the day I would join the army, and receive a hero‘s welcome every time I came home on leave. In our part of the world, a soldier is a star.
Britain can sometimes feel like a very small village, and you’re this, I dunno, scarlet woman they’re all gossiping about.
I believe that in a great city, or even in a small city or a village, a great theater is the outward and visible sign of an inward and probable culture.
I know Juffure was a British trading post and my portrait of the village bears no resemblance to the way it was. But the portrait I gave was true of nearly all the other villages in Gambia. I, we, need a place called Eden. My people need Pilgrim‘s Rock.
I grew up in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, a small village near Barcelona. My house was near the countryside, so there was a lot of nature, and at the same time my village is surrounded by factories. That conditioned me a little bit.
I want to defend my throne. All my fans know. They love me. I want to defend this; I want to be a champ and keep defending. Come try to take over my village.
One of the lessons I learned was that there are good people everywhere. That village, Sabray, saved my life.
I never even went to Jekyll & Hyde’s restaurant. I loved the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, though.
You can criticize any news staff in some ways, but the one thing that you couldn’t call the Village Voice staff was a staff of stenographers, taking notes from public figures and just passing them on.
Sydney Schanberg
I used to work at Cafe Mogador in the East Village. I love Mogador, but I feel like working almost anywhere will kind of ruin it for you. There was a lot of panicking while being a waitress there. I don’t like to think about that. But I love the food.
It truly takes a village to become a professional athlete.
In my childhood dreams, I pictured Italy as paradise. I longed to be the next Sophia Loren, living in a village with winding cobbled streets where washing hung from windows and everybody gesticulated and shouted amicably. Ah, but life surprises.
I wish it was possible to do the work and not have to talk about it, but it is traditional in the theater to go into the village square and bang the drum and say, ‘Come see this show, come see this show.’
I grew up in a quiet suburb in South Texas, and loved the in-your-faceness of the East Village. In the early days, when I was still unemployed, I’d lie on a bench in Tompkins Square Park perusing the listings in the ‘Village Voice’ for a place to live.
The Village Voice gave me an outlet. They encouraged writers to publish idiosyncratic, intellectually ambitious journalism in voices that ranged from demonic to highfalutin. And they paid me well once the magazine was unionized. Getting paid is motivational.
I was born in a village where there had never been a footballer who’d made it in the major championships.
Franz Kline, who became known for his black and white paintings, did a whole series of gorgeous landscapes and wonderful portraits that may still hang in Greenwich Village.
We were from a village that’s now in Pakistan‘s Muzaffargarh district, in Kot Addu tehsil. Our village was 10 km away from the city. The boys had to walk barefoot for 10 km from the village to the school in Kot Addu.
I come from a village, Changa Bangyaal. It is a very beautiful village. I am from a poor family. Right from the beginning, I always had a great deal of love for cricket.
I came from a remote village, I didn’t know what running was, or the Olympics.
Pop was a devout Roman Catholic; I’m a lapsed Catholic. I’m not the village atheist, but I exert my right not to believe, and I doubt I would have been very public about that were he still alive, simply just so as not to hurt his feelings.
Because by the time I went to the village school in Switzerland, we’re talking about September 1965, she was finishing ‘Wait Until Dark’ which was released in ’66. That’s when she gave up being an actress to be a full-time mom – in a farmhouse with fruit trees.
Why will I not give free service to my customers to get them used to mobile Internet, and to get every small town and village to use it? Everybody does promotions. In the internet world, free is normal.
I thought I was going to write fiction but I fell backwards into non-fiction. It started when I got locked out of two apartments in one day and I told the story to some friends, one of whom worked in the ‘Village Voice’ and asked me to turn it into an essay.
It is indeed fitting for me to make a comment to the effect that it takes a village to raise a child because I have lived in many villages down in deep south, and everyone there who played a part in my stewardship as a young man growing up and as a professional, they have given me unstinting support.
The life of the village became more and more affected by strikes and lock-outs.
John Grierson
I began when I was a child, because I was born and grew up in a little village. And many people ride the horses. So, it was a big – it has been a big passion for me.
In my village, girls have limited opportunities. If they get admission in a college, only a few households would allow them to go for further studies.
I was very shy as a kid, but films fascinated me a lot.

I was very shy as a kid, but films fascinated me a lot. I think every North Indian kid wants to grow up to become an actor at some point. I hail from a small village in Punjab.
I was going to become a youth worker because I do voluntary work with the kids in the little village where I live. I make little films with them and stuff when I’m not working. I thought, I’ll pack it in then, and go and do something I love doing, and get a regular job because I’ve got two kids and a mortgage.
Stephen Graham
We had been reading about these beatniks who hung out or lived in Greenwich Village, and we wanted to find out what a ‘beatnik’ was, and so a friend and I went right to the source. What we learned, of course, was that beatniks were mostly artists.
But to me, Broadway has always had more a ‘village’ feeling than London’s West End. The theaters here are clustered together, the staff and many people in the business know each other – it’s like a little village all to itself, whereas in London everything is more spread out.
Rosemary Harris
My parents, Mary Agnes Smith and Rowland Smith, both had to work since their early teens, she in the holiday boarding house of her mother and he in his father’s market garden in Marton Moss, a village on the south side of Blackpool, just north of Saint Anne’s-on-Sea.
Michael Smith
I was born in an Ilokano village called Cabugawan. Most of the houses in it were roofed with thatch, pan-aw, a species of wild grass.
As soon as I was old enough to drive, I got a job at a local newspaper. There was someone who influenced me. He wrote a column for The Guardian from this tiny village in India.
I don’t stay in my trailer. I like to sit in video village, probably to the annoyance of some producers and directors, because they really love to talk about actors, and they can’t in front of me.
I have nothing against romance. I believe that we must hold on to the right to dream and to be romantic. But an Indian village is not something that I would romanticize that easily.
Schooling should not be left to the whim or wealth of village elders. I believe that we should fund all schools in the U.S. with our national resources. All these kids are being educated to be Americans, not citizens of Minneapolis or San Francisco.
My tenth-ever gig was in an arena, which is mad… I remember being backstage with multiple artists there and someone had had their teeth done – like veneers – and I come from a very small village where people are lucky to even have all their teeth.
My favourite hotel is the Hilton Hawaiian Village beach resort in Honolulu.
I’m every woman. It takes a village to make me who I am.
We’re not designed to know hundreds of people – we’re designed to know four people in our village. So the only way we can know hundreds of people is by reducing them to a stamp of their identity.
Born in the Village. My mom still lives on Bleeker Street. I went to the performing arts high school.
Hale Appleman
I have been keeping myself busy with events, live events, promotions, and of course, you have a child to raise and it takes an entire village to raise one, and I am a single parent.
In our village women are left to clean the house and milk the cattle so when I first entered the ring, I had to hear the criticism of people.
It was my dream to have a beauty parlour in our village and to live near my family in Sinjar.
Hillary Clinton famously talked about how raising a child takes a village. Except our society isn’t set up that way. We’re organized in nuclear units, and a single mom can ask her friends only so many times for help picking up the kids.
Katharine Weymouth
My secondary schooling was at Marlborough College, Wiltshire, so I’m fond of that part of the world. It’s quintessentially English, with village greens, pubs and cricket pitches, and resonates strongly with me.
I like to think about the biblical story of the woman at the well and how out of order her life was. Jesus pointed out she’d had five husbands and was living with a sixth. But Jesus chose her to be the one who would take the good news of the Messiah‘s arrival to her village.
Terri Blackstock
I come from a very common family background in a small village, and getting an opportunity from home state to represent the state for an important and sensitive work is an honour for me and my family.
Western influences have turned the world into a small global village, particularly through television and other mediums.
Even though I hated doing farming and wanted to just get out of the village, I would work from 5 in the morning till 5 in the evening.
We just were saying no more police brutality. And we had enough of police harassment in the Village and other places.
I have asked the village blacksmith to forge golden chains to tie our ankles together. I have gathered all the gay ribbons in the world to wind around and around and around and around and around and around again around our two waists.
Harry Crosby
What I particularly like about Broadway is the camaraderie and the friendship of other people in other shows. Everybody knows you’re opening and cares about you. There’s a real village atmosphere.
My family moved out of London’s East End to a tiny village. The school I went to was supposed to be mixed gender, but there were hardly any boys born that year. So, yes, joining a youth theatre was a fun way to meet the opposite sex!
Growth in village economies is often ignored. It should not be.
I had a year off, so my wife and I were heading to Italy to study Italian. We found a little house in a village called Atrani. I discovered that Gore Vidal lived right above us in a big house, so I sent him a note.
Democracy cannot be a plaything for the capital cities. It has to infiltrate every nook and cranny in the country, including the village.
I think winning at Wimbledon's huge. This is the bigges

I think winning at Wimbledon‘s huge. This is the biggest tournament in tennis for so many different reasons. You can see the history around the grounds. The Village around you, everyone lives for it.
The new electronic independence re-creates the world in the image of a global village.
Moving into an unoccupied village when there’s no opposition, I don’t call that a military victory.
I guess I am in handsome – in certain parts of the world. If I was, like, in Mongolia, living on a mountain and in my village, I could be the hottest guy. In L.A., I’m… average?
Bobby Lee
My parents grew up in a village where they didn’t even have running water. They are first generation immigrants who are proof that arranged marriages can work, although I wouldn’t want one.
We are aware that globalization doesn’t mean global friendship but global competition and, therefore, conflict. That doesn’t mean we will all destroy each other, but it is no happy global village, either.
My mother is very funny. She is from a village; she has a typical village kind of humour. Often she says a lot of things she herself isn’t aware is a punch line.
The only people who live in Brooklyn are people who can’t afford the East Village.
Gavin McInnes
I’ve been going to Bicester Village since I was young. My mum and dad really loved that place, and I always used to stock up on clothes. I love the fact that it supports great British designers.
I think more of the little kids from a school in a little village in Niger who get teaching two hours a day, sharing one chair for three of them, and who are very keen to get an education. I have them in my mind all the time. Because I think they need even more help than the people in Athens.
We lived in a farm village, and no one could afford to buy a car or to fly. We were envious. We couldn’t afford any toys. I couldn’t imagine making a real car.
Li Shufu
I think if I hadn’t been born in a pit village I’d have been part of a dramatic society.
Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level. It’s all athletes! In the mountain village, it’s all athletes. It’s hilarious.
I remember my father making many things. Once we made a shed, and a man in the village came along to help. After a couple of glasses of beer, he said, ‘Give me a tape measure and I’ll make it by eye,’ and the result was so beautiful.
I’ve given up my Ferrari – the idea of going through my village in a 488… You can’t drive them on English roads.
My father grew up quite poor actually in a small farming village in South India. His grandfather was a farmer, his father was a farmer, and he was expected to be a farmer as well – his life took a different path.
I was introduced to cinema by C-grade films that played in my village, Budhana, in UP. Only films by Dada Kondke, Mahendra Sandhu, and Kanti Shah were available.
I like to give pennies to children, but unfortunately, a man cannot do these things if he lives in a small village or town where his face is known and seen every day. For children take advantage, as I know to my cost, and would gather round him like hens around a farmer when he scatters grain.
I could never muster the courage to speak to girls in my college in Pune. Most of them were Parsis and spoke English. I came from a village and could barely converse in English.
So you start one person at a time. Change one person, you can change a village.
Robin Quivers
I was described as a dreamer, a fantasist, even as the village idiot. I didn’t care. What I cared about was convincing people to allow me to go on with my work.
Once you achieve success, you are consumed by the fear of living up to it. Which is why many directors stick to tried and tested fare. But, I made films on village subjects, love stories, movies with students as focus, crime thrillers… it was very satisfying.
The AON Training Complex is not a training ground now: it’s a village. It is difficult for anyone to keep tabs on everything.
I grew up in a mud house, in a small village.
The computer is my favourite invention. I feel lucky to be part of the global village. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m so fast with technology. People think it all seems too much, but we’ll get used to it. I’m sure it all seemed too much when we were learning to walk.
There had so lately been a large force of Spanish cavalry at the village, which had made a great impression on the minds of the young men, as to their power, consequence, which my appearance with 20 infantry was by no means calculated to remove.
‘Call Me by Your Name’ does not have a political agenda. It is not a ’cause’ film. It is a simple and beautifully shot story about a same-sex relationship that exists in a very tiny Italian village.
A rebel. That was me when I was younger. What was a rebel from New Jersey? A rebel was moving to the Village, not sleeping with top sheets, not eating a hot breakfast in the morning, not having 20 rolls of toilet paper and 10 boxes of Kleenex.
In the old days, people shared music; they didn’t care who made it. A song would be owned by a village, and anyone could sing it, change the words, whatever. That is how humans treated music until the late 19th century. Now, with the Internet, we are going back to having tribal attitudes towards music.
As an Elizabeth native, I believe it is my duty to give back to my community. Our youth is our future, and it truly takes a village to raise a child.
Maybe there’s less oppression growing up in a small village, and fewer rules, and less danger.
Luke Treadaway
I was born in Clinton, Mississippi, which had 1,500-2,5

I was born in Clinton, Mississippi, which had 1,500-2,500 people when I was growing up – a village.
Here, like everywhere else, laughing and singing, dancing and dreaming are not exactly the whole of reality; and for one ray of sun shining on the hut, the rest of the village remains in the dark.
Simone Schwarz-Bart
I was always into comic books and horror stories and a huge consumer of pop culture. And then I worked for awhile for ‘The Village Voice’.
I think when you’ve travelled around a lot in Africa, you understand something that many people here don’t recognize: the extraordinary power that is Africa at village level – at community level.
Stephen Lewis
I was the youngest girl among my siblings, a simple village girl, who perhaps was luckier than other siblings as I have the chance to go to school.
I state in no uncertain terms: An order to uproot an Arab village or a Jewish settlement violates the most basic of human rights… It’s a difficult dilemma.
Finally, ‘Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu’ happened. The director had doubts if a city-bred, fair-looking boy would fit the role of a village kabbadi player.
Vishnu Vishal
Obviously, you would give your life for your children, or give them the last biscuit on the plate. But to me, the trick in life is to take that sense of generosity between kin, make it apply to the extended family and to your neighbour, your village and beyond.
I was born and brought up near a village in Nottinghamshire and in my childhood enjoyed the freedom of the rather isolated country life. After the First World War, my father had bought a small farm, which became a marvelous playground for his five children.
Godfrey Hounsfield
I think part of picking where you live in New York is accepting who you are. Really looking at yourself and going, ‘Yeah, I’m not cool enough for the West Village.’
I live in the Village, and the way it’s been, people sort of drop in on me and my husband. My husband is Robert Nemiroff, and he, too, is a writer.
I think there’s something weird about how we always say, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ but when it comes to our relationships, we believe in only one person to do everything. When you put it like that, that’s mad.
Like so many poor Ilokanos, my grandparents left their village, for it could no longer sustain them. The Ilocos is a narrow coastal plain where, so often, the mountain drops to the sea. Land hunger had always afflicted the Ilokanos and made them migratory.
When I was in south Sudan, people used to rap in my village. But the rapping was more in the mother tongue, Nuer.
People in my village had this mindset that in big cities like New York, if you are lost or without directions, no one will help you. The first time I came here, I tried to make sure not to walk by myself, because it would be difficult for me if I got lost. But people will help you.
William Kamkwamba
I grew up in a small village on the border of Hampshire and Surrey. When people ask, I tend to say that I’m from Haslemere.
I never had posters on my walls, and I didn’t have any icons, either. I come from a small village in Wirral, and my family didn’t watch TV. I wasn’t exposed to people with icon status. David Bowie popped up, but I had already shaved my eyebrows off by the time I saw his.
I come from a village where traditionally girls don’t go out and play sport so I struggled a lot to come this far and to get to this position where I am at the Olympics.
Access to quality education has enabled me to reach far beyond the Bangladeshi village I grew up in.
During the session of the Supreme Court, in the village of -, about three weeks ago, when a number of people were collected in the principal street of the village, I observed a young man riding up and down the street, as I supposed, in a violent passion.
Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
As the years passed in my village, I witnessed poorly educated young men leaving to seek the greater comforts and liberations of big cities. I would see them on my visits to Delhi.
I went to this tattoo parlor in the East Village and I got an outline of a violin on my lower back. They call them tramp stamps now.
I think the most surprising thing about the Olympics would be the amount of interaction and partying that goes on behind the scenes. They have nightclubs at the Olympic Village. It’s like college all over again.
Sometimes it takes a child to raise a village – or to take down an injustice.
Until the end of elementary school, I lived in a suburban area, so the type of village I used to live in is borderline between village and the city, so I’m familiar with the rustic environment.
My father spoke with something very similar to a 1920s newscaster type of English, and I learnt that accent of power in post-colonial Zimbabwe. So I learnt that, and I learnt how to copy it, and I learnt how to shift in and out of it, but also talk like my mother’s relatives in the village.
There weren’t any schools in my village, so I learnt to read and write from my mother. I played in the fields, sowing seeds, working with animals, jumping in the river, climbing trees.
When I listen to hip-hop, it’s like no big difference how people sing in my village, ’cause bling would be their cow.
When I walked to school in the mornings I would start out alone but would pick up four other boys along the way. We would set out together after school across the village green.
If you go to most third world countries, the older woman dispenses advice to the arguing couple while other members of the family, or even the village, sit around and listen. It is no big deal.
Trisha Goddard
All of Africa’s resources should be declared resources of the state and managed by the nation. Our experience in Bolivia shows that when you take control of natural resources for the people of the town and village, major world change is possible.
I chose to document the lives of people living in a rem

I chose to document the lives of people living in a remote village in Alaska called Shishmaref because there we can literally see how climate change is affecting their homes, livelihoods and ultimately their lives.
Amy J. Berg
Science is international: the best scientists can come from anywhere; they can come from next door, or they can come from a small village in a country anywhere in the world – we need to make it easier.
John O’Keefe
My first gold was in the 2002 cadet national. I realized I was good enough even outside my village and my district.
When ‘The Road To Hell‘ happened, I didn’t know what I was doing. Your diary fills up, and you have no objectivity. At home, you’re trying your best to fit in. Sometimes I’d race from Heathrow to find myself sitting in a village hall watching my kids. It felt really weird. I didn’t enjoy it.
Although I was good at my studies, I also thought to myself that I should play cricket as well. And when the cricket team that consisted of the boys from our village used to play, I was able to play with the team that had older players.
The village I come from is the most ruthless, lawless land one can encounter.
I was shooting for ‘Kahaani’ and ‘GOW’ back to back. I was in a village on work, where a man extended a paper to me. For a minute I thought he wanted another actor’s autograph. I looked back and forth, but there was no one. That was quite an experience.
I grew up in Sierra Leone, in a small village where as a boy my imagination was sparked by the oral tradition of storytelling. At a very young age I learned the importance of telling stories – I saw that stories are the most potent way of seeing anything we encounter in our lives, and how we can deal with living.
It is not difficult to come up with a long list of cricketers who like to have a good time – from the village green to the Test arena, it is a sociable sport.
I’d spent my first 12 years in New York in an East Village walk-up. The upstairs neighbor was the cowboy from the Village People.
Now in the 1980s, I happened to notice that if you look at an aerial photograph of an African village, you see fractals. And I thought, ‘This is fabulous! I wonder why?’ And of course I had to go to Africa and ask folks why.
Ron Eglash
Cancer doesn’t just happen to me; it happens to my best friend; it happens to everyone who means something in my life… The truth is, it does take a village to take care of somebody who’s sick, and so we just, at all times, tried to be authentic to the actual experience we had.
Rules about public sanitation are a simple and familiar example. Without them, a city can’t be a healthy place to live; but these rules don’t just happen. The rules for a city are different from the ones for a village, but as a village slowly gets bigger, a city may be stuck with the rules of the village.
New Zealand is not a small country but a large village.
My mother comes from a small village on the Lac de Neuchatel where there is one bakery, one butcher and one grocery store. Even after decades in New York, she prefers home cooking to ordering in.
Some of the parts of Burma, we met people who’d never, ever gone out of their village. And they were brutally poor; incredibly poor. And yet they enjoy their lives.
Even when I was working at The Village Voice, I only put in about 20 hours at the office.
I was working as a volunteer in a village, 25 km. from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, in 2012 when India Against Corruption movement started. I had realized that change needs to come from top downward, so I decided to join the movement as a volunteer and started policy research for the same.
I keep a very low profile in Switzerland. There are only about 2,000 people in the village I live in, so it’s a quiet town.
Adam Derek Scott
I grew up in the small German village of Bosingen, which is located between Black Forest and the state capital of Stuttgart. And when I say small, I mean small. In our village, there were no more than 1,700 people. And we all loved football, but there weren’t a lot of places for us boys around town to play in.
When I have a chance to go back to my village, I always remind myself where I came from.
As anyone knows who has ever had to set up a military encampment or build a village from the ground up, occupations pose staggering logistical problems.
The more you participate in our common endeavors, the more successful your work in the factory, mine, wharf or village, in an economic institute or in the arts, in commerce or administration, the sooner we will be where we all want to be.
Walter Ulbricht
When my friends talk about childhood, I’ve never heard of any cartoons or TV they remember. The only thing we share is Michael Jackson. That’s how far his music travelled – to a remote village on the other side of the world.
In Shyam Benegal’s ‘Welcome To Sajjanpur,’ I’m an illiterate village girl.
I like a kind of quiet place – Wimbledon Village, for example.
The whole world is global. With the Internet, it’s like we’re all living in a small village. We’re starting more and more to realize there is no difference, we can work together, we can put aside our differences and work on our similarities and be successful in that way.
Shohreh Aghdashloo
The East Village is where I cut my teeth as a kid. I ran around here on a skateboard.
There was electricity in our village only for 2-3 hours a day, so all my life, I studied under a lamp.
What had brought me to New York in the autumn of 1972 was a letter of recommendation written by Norman Mailer, the author of ‘The Naked and the Dead’ and American literature‘s leading heavyweight contender, to Dan Wolf, the delphic editor of ‘The Village Voice.’
You go to Holland, France, Germany, every community, the tiniest village, they have magnificent, pristine sports facilities.
Graham Taylor
There were 15 people in the village, including five of

There were 15 people in the village, including five of us. If my father arrested somebody in the winter, he’d have to wait until the thaw to turn him in.
I am the granddaughter of a Welsh coal miner who was determined that his kids get out of the mines. My dad got his first job when he was six years old, in a little village in Wales called Nantyffyllon, cleaning bottles at the Colliers Arms.
I come from a small village called Murud Janjira near Alibaug. I started doing theatre right from school days and later joined the Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, after which I joined an advertising agency.
I had a world of people raising me; it was like a little village.
You get some directors, and I can never understand it – there’s a thing they call the ‘video village’ where all the monitors are, and you’ve probably seen it on set visits – I hate that! I never, ever like sitting in video village. I get either my own monitor or a hand held monitor, and I stand right by the camera.
If people are able to run the affairs of a village well, eventually they’ll be able to run a township, and a county.
Wen Jiabao
My life was made easy – I lived in a village, and by writing for some newspapers and magazines, had enough to live on. I was happy to be there and write.
Most summers we went to Bangladesh and stayed in Grandad’s village, filled with relatives. I’m one of 67 grandchildren.
Not long ago, in an excruciatingly remote village in the Australian Outback, I was startled to see a bartender in a cowboy hat measuring out a classically proportioned French 75 – something he’d picked up on the Internet, he told me.
Until the NineteenEighties, when Deng Xiaoping designated the area as China’s first special economic zone, Shenzhen had been a tiny fishing village. Suddenly, eleven million people appeared, seemingly out of nowhere; factories sprang up, often housed in hastily constructed tower blocks.
Giving women education, work, the ability to control their own income, inherit and own property, benefits the society. If a woman is empowered, her children and her family will be better off. If families prosper, the village prospers, and eventually so does the whole country.
After River was born, I remember being in the bedroom by myself, overwhelmed because he wasn’t latching well, and I yelled, ‘Dave, I need help! Can you get in here?’ Suddenly my husband, my mom, and my in-laws were all in the doorway. I just melted into tears. It really does take a village.
My father was the church organist; the village curate was my mother’s brother, a former monk from the order of Pijar, a very well-educated and ascetic man who loved nothing but solitude.
Wladyslaw Reymont
I was born in New York but grew up between Switzerland, where my mom is from, and Tunisia, where my dad is from. Now I live in the East Village in New York, in the same building where my parents lived when I was born, so I’ve come full circle in my life.
My parents were simpletons. Everyday living was a big thing in that small village where I was born. They had no clue about music.
When I first worked in Zimbabwe, I was a complete novice. I was doing a study, and I continued to learn more and more through the years. And where I have learned most is in the village, from the communities.
In September of 2001, I was living in the West Village of Manhattan, working from my home for a tech start-up.
I wanted to open up a stand to sell dried fruit and beef jerky where we lived in Greenwich Village. I was 8 years old. I had been flipping through TV channels and got mesmerized by this infomercial for a food dehydrator.
Soon after joining the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia, I was called upon as part of team to respond to a malaria outbreak. My team was dispatched to a village in southwestern Ethiopia, where I not only observed the malaria epidemic’s shocking effects on adults and children but also experienced it first-hand.
Obviously, you would give your life for your children, or give them the last biscuit on the plate. But to me, the trick in life is to take that sense of generosity between kin, make it apply to the extended family and to your neighbour, your village and beyond.
I come from a small village.
My daughters all have aunties who help out. It takes a village.
I grew up in a small, strictly-Catholic fishing village on the coast of Wales. The people there have a different attitude to life than those in Hollywood – people stick together more.
I grew up in a village of 12 houses. We had a well and a cow.
Olesya Rulin
The village where my father lives is, like, 300 people.
My own life values were shaped in great part by my mother, who instigated women’s clubs in my village. Women were able to organize and stand together. What inspired me most about their work was the power it gave them to assert their rights and the rights of their daughters, be it education or property inheritance.
I was a child, and in 1942, I was evacuated to the Cotswolds with my mother, who was a teacher – she went with her school. I lived in one house in the village, and my mother was in the vicarage.
I truly have a village supporting me. My son has godmothers, godfathers, grandparents and so many others in his life who love him as much as I do. They’re there for both of us. I may not have a mate or husband, but I’m definitely not a single parent.
My mum knows people in the village who died or were affected by Agent Orange who had kids who are disabled. I could have been an orphan. So many things could have gone wrong but here I am… I realise how lucky I am to be here.
I live in a little suburb close to Kansas City called Prairie Village, where there’s a feeling of everybody knowing everybody else. I think the same thing is true of New York City, by the way.
Nancy Pickard
When I saw the rough cuts of ‘The Village of Peace,’ I was immediately intrigued and wanted to share this story on the global stage.
We need to become good citizens in the global village,

We need to become good citizens in the global village, instead of competing. What are we competing for – to drive more cars, eat more steaks? That will destroy the world.
Yuan T. Lee
When Edna O’Brien’s first novel, ‘The Country Girls,’ was published in 1960, her family and neighbors in the small Irish village where she was born tossed copies into a bonfire expressly set for that horrifying purpose.
Alan Cheuse
I know I am in a band that is famous, and my private life is famous. I get it, and it’s fine. Even when I grew up in a village, people wanted to know who was going to the dance with whom, and I understand, but I think if I engage with it too much, it won’t be that healthy.
A great day in New York would be to wake up, get a cup of coffee and head up to Central Park for a nice walk. Then I’d go down to the East Village and stroll around. After that, maybe I’d go check out a museum or catch an indie film at the Angelika.
The movie Gul Makai’ will showcase the earlier life of Malala and how she was forced and stopped from going to school. It’s a proud story of a girl fighting for her own and other girl child rights to education in her village in Swat Valley. I am glad I was chosen to play this role in Gul Makai.’
Hong Kong never had prestige. It’s gone from fishing village to where it is today.
There’s nothing nicer than coming back to your village, where people like my mum’s friends take the mick out of me. I prefer that to the craziness of Hollywood.
Jeremy Irvine
I stay in France. Better to be the queen of a village than a servant in a kingdom.
I’ll be prime minister and a mum, and Clarke will be ‘first man of fishing’ and stay-at-home dad. I think it’s fair to say that this will be a wee one that a village will raise, but we couldn’t be more excited.
Yes, I was a parish priest for five years. I was a curate in a large working class parish in Bristol and the Vicar of a village in Kent.
I used to play everything, but people in my village said football is in my blood because my father has been a footballer.
I grew up in a village just outside Le Mans, so nature and fresh air are among the things I love the most.
Very much like that, and very much a loner, do you know and I didn’t fit really into sport or all kind of group activities as a kid, I couldn’t find a niche. And music was not really part of the kind of village curriculum it would, you know.
When I first walked in to London, I was so overwhelmed by the village, the sheer volume of people. I was just so excited. You don’t know what to expect. So the level of excitement was almost draining, just taking everything in. I was so exhausted after I swam because of all the excitement in the build-up.
Aimee Willmott
I try to find some time for my horses. I began when I was a child, because I was born and grew up in a little village. And many people ride the horses. So, it was a big – it has been a big passion for me.
Since my residence at Tippecanoe, we have endeavored to level all distinctions, to destroy village chiefs, by whom all mischiefs are done. It is they who sell the land to the Americans.
Wireless technology is creating entrepreneurship on a small scale that allows a single woman to set up a business in a small village or a single farmer or fisherman to access and disseminate market information in order to get the best price for their products.
If you’re the village blacksmith and a model T comes along, you better become a mechanic. People’s lives are better when they get news online versus having to wait for the morning paper. It’s a lot more efficient, a lot more real time, a lot less waste.
It is no accident that I made Cartoon Town a simple little village – in many ways it mirrored my home town. And, yes, many of my puppet characters took on some of the more eccentric characteristics of people I knew there.
William Jackson
I grew up in a miniature village in the middle of the countryside in England, quite secluded from the outside world. I was always enamored by the fashion industry.
I encourage people to get a village so that there will always be someone who’s like family looking out for your child.
My dad worked so hard. He slept in his own bed maybe half the nights of the year because of road assignments, but even when he was home, he was covering games. It put a lot of pressure on my mom. She brought in her parents to help out, and it took a village to raise us. I was lucky.
I live in Tuxedo Park, N.Y. and spend time in the West Village, where my wife Elizabeth Cotnoir, a writer-producer and documentary filmmaker, has an office.
I had rather be first in a village than second at Rome.
Julius Caesar
Even if you live in a big city, everybody lives in a small town. We identify ourselves by our neighborhoods – ‘I live in the Village, or in Chelsea.’
Jeff Sachs has the Millennium Villages. He spends $2.5 million in one village. It’s an absolutely ridiculous model, because I’ve said that if you gave me $2.5 million, I can train 100 grandmothers, solar electrify 100 villages – 10,000 houses – and save you 100,000 litres of kerosene.
Bunker Roy
It was so much fun being in the Olympic Village and meeting all the athletes.
Jordyn Wieber
All the guys called the Olympic Village a high-class Boy Scout camp.
Johnny Weissmuller
I knew that no matter what door you knock on in a Cretan village, it will be opened for you. A meal will be served in your honor, and you will sleep between the best sheets in the house. In Crete, the stranger is still the unknown god. Before him, all doors and all hearts are opened.
The first time I walked into the Olympic athlete village seeing the Visa ATM machine with my picture on it and the Chinese characters saying ‘Destiny.’ For some reason, it just boosted my confidence and it was before I had even worked out or had my first training or competed.
Nastia Liukin
My look was even more solidified when I started singing in Greenwich Village with my sister Lucy. We wore matching dresses as the Simon Sisters.
About five years ago, I was offered a contract by the C

About five years ago, I was offered a contract by the Clifton Village Cricket Club in Nottingham, England. I was staying with one of my teammates there and everything was new for me.
Where I lived, it was a cold mining place, a village called Dunston. The only time you saw a Rolls-Royce was when somebody died.
Brian Johnson
Life in a Chinese village is much more organised because the Chinese Communist Party has a presence even in the remotest Chinese village – a presence of the kind that no governmental or non-governmental organisation has in Indian villages.
I was a real East Village girl.
Drea De Matteo
I just love Fortitude Valley, I love all of it. It is such a progressive hub, it feels like the East Village of New York.
I was born in a small village in Kerala. From there, I went on to play for the Kerala state team and international test cricket for India, and now I am working in TV shows and cinema… Any miracle can happen.
Working on a film, you don’t get time to develop rivalries, but the theatre is like a little village, and the differences between me, Lionel and Georgia grew.
There’s actually an incredible amount of parallels between working in central Congo in a remote, isolated village and doing research aboard the space station.
In Uttar Pradesh there is a district called Shahjahanpur. Fifty kilometers from Shahjahanpur, there is a small, cosy village called Kulra, where my entire family lives.
I grew up in a small Austrian village, a quite conservative one, and I was the weird little boy always dressing as a girl.
I grew up on the South Island of New Zealand, in a city chosen and beloved by my parents for its proximity to the mountains – Christchurch is two hours distant from the worn saddle of Arthur‘s Pass, the mountain village that was and is my father’s spiritual touchstone, his chapel and cathedral in the wild.
There’s an African proverb that I always quote as I think it’s incredible which is, ‘if the children are not initiated into the village, then they’ll burn it down just to feel its warmth.’
Even now I stay in a small village called Nanmangalam near Pallavaram. The place is so calm and beautiful and it is close to the city too. So I have no problems in living there.
I come from a small village called Murud Janjira near Alibaug. I started doing theatre right from school days and later joined the Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, after which I joined an advertising agency.
I always got a kick out of it when they called it the California Sound because it really came out of Liverpool and Greenwich Village.
I grew up in a little pit village on the outskirts of Durham.
My background did not start with the East Side; it started with Greenwich Village, which is West Side.
Gregory Corso
I grew up Windlesham in Surrey, which is a beautiful and quaint village.
Kirsty Gallacher
I was still 15 when I met John Lennon at a village fete in Woolton, in Liverpool.
Stick a camera up in an Indian village, and thousands of people come to watch.
The Moon Village concept has a nice property in that it basically just says, ‘Look, everybody builds their own lunar outpost, but let’s do it close to each other.’ That way… you can go over to the European Union lunar outpost and say, ‘I’m out of eggs. What have you got?’
I went to all the shops in the village looking for work. I didn’t have any qualifications. I ended up working in a grocery shop for about a year and then went to a confectioner, where I earned three pounds 10 shillings. I gave the money to my mother and father, but I also managed to save five shillings a week.
I come from a small village and have had no formal training in music or any classes from the masters of Indian classical music.
They film ‘Midsomer Murders’ near our village, so we joke that if ever there was a murder we’d call for DCI Barnaby.
Thanks to my training in Balali village, I am rough and tough.
I was the middle child of three boys and grew up in the village of Barton Seagrave near Kettering, Northamptonshire. My father, Nigel, followed his father, Keith, into shoe manufacturing.
If I am ever forced to cover guys playing video games, I will retire and move to a rural fishing village and sell bait.