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My writing style is very sensual, as in sensory detail.

My writing style is very sensual, as in sensory detail.
Visits to crowded Indian urban centers unleash sensory assaults: colorful dress and lilting chatter provide a backdrop to every manner of commerce, from small shops to peddlers to beggars.
The identification of a population of olfactory sensory neurons innervating a single glomerulus that mediates robust avoidance to a naturally occurring odorant provides insight in the neural circuitry that underlies this innate behavior.
Richard Axel
The silent movie is an emotional cinema: it’s sensory; the fact that you don’t go through a text brings you back to a basic way of telling a story predicated on the feelings you have created.
In examining witnesses, I learned to ask general questions so as to elicit details with powerful sensory associations: the colors, the sounds, the smells that lodge an image in the mind and put the listener in the burning house.
The way I miss my daughter Esme is to worry about her. It is not a pleasurable longing. It contorts my body and scrambles my brain, makes me stop breathing, clench my jaw and my fists, it makes me frown, and makes me blind and deaf, in fact entirely without sensory perception.
Olivia Williams
Some children may need a behavioral approach, whereas other children may need a sensory approach.
There are many ways for organisms to probe the external world. Some smell it, others listen to it, many see it. Each species, therefore, lives in its own unique sensory world of which other species may be partially or totally unaware.
Richard Axel
As soon as you enter Rajasthan, you are hit with colors. It’s such a sensory experience. You see women in bright pink and yellow saris, camels pulling carts, historic forts – history on each and every corner.
All animals exhibit innate behaviors in response to specific sensory stimuli that are likely to result from the activation of developmentally programmed circuits.
Richard Axel
You don’t need to be a performer in order to dive into the sensory experience of music. Simply get as close as you can to the source of the music.
I’ve played in bands myself, and sat on the floor photographing some of the greatest bands in the world while they rehearse. What’s always struck me is how different the sensory, especially auditory, experience is when you’re in the middle of the music with the musicians playing off each other around you.
Magic‘s about understanding – and then manipulating – how viewers digest the sensory information.
Going to the Oscars is always the most sensory overload and a huge amount of fun.
Certainly, when you’re dealing with more deep, emotional work and sensory work, for me, it helps me to just stay in it.
I was a student of Stella Adler and then later Lee Strasberg, and they were into sensory work. At its best, acting is not about words – even when the words are important.
Mark Margolis
I want to prove that Holst’s ‘The Planets‘ can be as much of a sensory overload as a concert by the Grateful Dead, and just as exciting.
New Orleans is unlike any city in America. Its cultural diversity is woven into the food, the music, the architecture – even the local superstitions. It’s a sensory experience on all levels and there’s a story lurking around every corner.
Ruta Sepetys
When you unbox a My Little Pony or a Strawberry Shortcake doll, you were hit with a sweet, impossibly perfect fragrance of fresh, machine-made plastic oftentimes infused with floral and fruity notes to bring the toy to life. That third dimension of sensory experience made the toy so real to me.
Heads are a good deal, and I think they would be a common feature. It’s hard to think of species that don’t have heads, although there are some. It’s good to have a head because it puts some of the sensory organseyes, ears, whiskers or whatevernext to the CPU, the brain.
Filming in India was very special. The chaos, the noise, and the sensory overload was all really wonderful. It was a new world to me, and being able to capture that was incredible.
The limits of sensory evolution in fish are defined very largely by their habitat. Water is physically supportive, carries some kinds of odour well, and is kind to soundletting it travel several times faster than air will allow, but it inhibits other more personal kinds of communication.
Lyall Watson
The concept and vision of ‘Electronic Nature‘ is to give my fans a fully immersive sensory experience of music, visuals and more.
There’s this kind of robust confidence that I had as a teenager that became really constricted and slowly, like, weighted down by sensory experience by the time I was in my mid-20s.
You can mark in desire the rising of the tide, as the appetite more and more invades the personality, appealing, as it does, not merely to the sensory side of the self, but to its ideal components as well.
Chez Panisse is a sensory temple – you might have to be made of stone not to fall for it.
I did go on safari in Kenya when I was 17, with my mother, stepfather and little brother, and I kept a careful journal of the experience that was very helpful in terms of my sensory impressions of Africa. I have traveled quite a bit at distinct times in my life, though now that I have kids I’ve settled down.
I think we love bacon because it has all the qualities of an amazing sensory experience. When we cook it, the sizzling sound is so appetizing, the aroma is maddening, the crunch of the texture is so gratifying and the taste delivers every time.
I think when I listen to old records, it puts me back in the atmosphere of what it felt like to make the record and who was there and what the room looked like. It’s more a sensory memory.
I try to describe how I feel about this, about being closer and closer to the top of WWE, things like Madison Square Garden and to share a beer with ‘Stone ColdSteve Austin and to get a win over AJ Styles it’s almost like sensory overload, everything is happening so fast.
Cedric Alexander
One of the things about live music that's so incredibly

One of the things about live music that’s so incredibly important and can’t be replaced and automated is the common focus of a room full of people having that human contact and being immersed in the sensory overload of a rock concert.
One thing that’s nice about writing a book about food is – unless it’s from a specific place – you can revisit things easily by preparing the dish. The sensory detail that comes from interacting with that is something that can be recreated pretty easily.
There are children playing in the streets who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago.
Our brain is mapping the world. Often that map is distorted, but it’s a map with constant immediate sensory input.
Anyone who reads ’33 Men’ will be brought into a world that was practically a textbook case of sensory deprivation and torture.
The first time I heard rock’n’roll on a big sound system would have been at a fairground at the seaside. That’s a hell of a sensory experience right there.
At 86, I can easily look back to the last eight decades. Though memory often fails me now, so many images of the past are still clearly polished, and I can yet recall not just an abiding sense of place, but the keen smells, the sensory responses to the events of that past.
In the dream state, the only essential difference from waking is the relative absence of sensory input, which makes dreaming a special case of perception without sensory input.
Stephen LaBerge
I have, like, sensory overload problems.