Top 40 Vet Quotes

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Our pets rely on us entirely for their nutrition. So if

Our pets rely on us entirely for their nutrition. So if you‘re making your own judgments, that could lead to a mistake. At the same time, we have more control over our pet’s diet than we do with our children or with ourselves, so your vet can tell you what is appropriate for your dog and you can assign them that.
Watching Eagles games with my dad, whether at the vet or in our house, was a big part of my childhood.
It’s one thing to talk to a vet about something, but when you’re talking to a fellow rookie going through the same struggles you are, you kind of understand it – and you grow together like that.
If your neighbor is doing something wrong, let’s call it. Let’s say this person is doing wrong, and let’s notify our law enforcement so we can actually vet that individual.
I spent a week in Wensleydale with a real vet called Jack Watkinson, living with him and going out on calls at 4 A. M. Sticking my hand up cowsbums became second nature. I got really good at it.
Try to be one of the first people in here, work your butt off in the weight room, asking questions, try to prepare yourself like a pro, like a vet. Stuff like that is what sits well with your team.
I’m an avid animal lover. When I was 16, I wanted to be a vet or a zookeeper. I grew up with animals. At one time we had between five and eight dogs in the house, with four cats. We’re menagerie people.
I went to UC Davis because I wanted to be a vet. It’s a great profession if it’s right for you, but it’s memorizing the bones and the muscles, and I am terrible at stuff like that. Also, there’s a lot of blood and gore involved.
When I was really little, I wanted to be a vet. My four older siblings and I grew up on my dad’s beef farm near Bolton, and I loved all our animals.
Once you’ve reached the point where you can pay rent, you can go to the vet and you can go to the grocery store, after that point it’s all the same. I don’t have the appetite for a decadent lifestyle.
Renee Zellweger
I wanted to be a vet when I was little, so it never really dawned on me that acting was my career, it sort of chose me more than I chose it.
I would have loved to have been science-minded enough to be in the caring profession – either as a doctor or nurse or vet.
Your credit score affects the interest rates you’re offered on credit cards and loans, can be used to vet your job application, and in some states may influence your insurance premiums.
I was sure I wanted to grow up to be either a veterinarian or a writer. In fact, I worked for a vet during high school, doing everything from cleaning cages to assisting in surgery.
If I could stomach the awful part of being a veterinarian, which involves sticking your hand up animals’ behinds, I would be a vet.
Steve Blake is a great vet, but when I’m sitting behind him it’s just like, c’mon, guys.’
Publishers vet books, and they do a good job keeping out the low quality. But they also miss some good quality.
In my early teen years, I wanted to become a vet. That was my plan. I worked as a veterinarian’s assistant for a couple of summers.
The great players always have that one older player, that one vet they competed against who was older.
I’m a vet. I know the game and know how to play the game.
I have vet status. I’ll try to take over that role a little bit.
I take my dog to the vet a lot because he’s old and sick, and I always step on the scale when I’m there. Let’s just say shirts that were once button-able are no longer. I’m constantly being roasted by my wife.
I went home one night and told my dad that an older kid was picking on me. My Dad, a Korean War vet and a Chicago cop for 30 years, told me, ‘You better pick up a brick and hit him in the head.’ That’s when I thought, ‘Wow, I’m going to have to start dealing with things in a different way.’
Steve Wilkos
My father was a taxidermist, not a run-of-the-mill profession for a West Indian immigrant. Having given up on becoming a vet, he settled for working with dead animals rather than live ones. Dad was a true craftsman, an artist.
I am more into the old school guy than I am with the new school guys. I came in young and I had to pay my dues to be considered a vet. To be able to play for over 10 years at wide receiver, that’s why I like looking at the older guys like Larry Fitzgerald, Teddy Ginn Jr., Brian Hartline. That’s what I’m about.
I remember once going to see my agent and going up the stairs to his office to hear him screaming down the phone, He’s not a vet, he’s an actor!’ and that confirmed all my worst fears.
I wanted to be a veterinarian until I saw a video of a vet performing surgery on a dog. Then I decided I wanted to be a pianist.
As an actor, you blindly put your trust in experts – and if they tell you something’s safe, you don’t fully vet it yourself. If you’re young and inexperienced, that’s just what you’re taught to do.
In America, they have specialist mystery book stores with whole sections devoted to cat mysteries, golf mysteries, quilting mysteries. It’s a hugely broad genre from the darkest noir to tales of a 19th-century vet who solves crimes, thanks to his talking cat.
In my day, there were no vet video games.
If you've got information about an opponent running aga

If you’ve got information about an opponent running against you, wouldn’t you want that information – to vet it, to see if it’s real information, and to use it accordingly?
I want to be an entrepreneur too; I like the business side of things. When I was younger I wanted to be a vet or a tightrope walker. But I have no sense of balance and I can’t bear animals dying, so I abandoned both ideas.
I love to take care of people, so I think I’d be a good vet. I always wanted to be a vet when I was little.
I’m very caring with animals. I think patience is a big deal, because animals are always jumping around. I love to take care of people, so I think I’d be a good vet. I always wanted to be a vet when I was little.
Honestly, if they were Christian refugees coming in, I think the Obama administration would vet them a little more toughly.
Jesse Watters
I’m the son of a vet and grew up with golden retrievers. Dogs have always loomed large in our lives but labradors have the nicest personalities: kind, loyal and caring.
No dog means no disgusting surprises on carpets – thank goodness for those irrigating vacuums they sell at Canadian Tire – no hefty vet bills, no destruction of everything from eyeglasses to baseboards to legs of furniture, and no responsibility.
There are horses people use for competition, and if they don’t perform well or go lame, then people ask the vet to put them down to get the insurance money. And my vet knows I love horses, so he gives them to me.
Harden throws his body around a lot and is a master at drawing fouls. It could be considered borderline flopping sometimes, but he’s a vet who knows how to get to the line.