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So many people have to struggle for years, very few ban

So many people have to struggle for years, very few bands get success with their first record, but I was instantly successful and famous on a very large scale, which was scary.
The scale of time for a politician runs between one primary and the next, and in Israel, this means two to three years because elections almost never take place once every four years as stipulated by law. The timetable for a system of research is completely different.
No two people who make a movie on a certain budget scale are going to achieve the same thing because it just depends on what sort of favors you can call, and what sort of dynamics you can pull in the play.
The genesis of the Thinking Talent app came from wanting to create a way to scale self-discovery with a framework that we, personally, inside of the company, have used really successfully.
In the U.S., we didn’t have scale, and without scale, it’s difficult to operate.
When we started, we thought about the scale of the Internet – if everyone was using the service at the same time, what would that look like?
The thing that has always interested me – amidst the scale, the historical spectacle, or the social significance or the political resonance – has been the relationships.
The scale is the most important part of Roblox. We’ll be the biggest VR community in the world.
Classical heroes are usually much larger than life. They’re not quite human beings. They’re somehow larger than human scale.
That was the most exciting period, I think: at first, when you get the success on that really large scale.
Phil Collen
The breadth and scale of the capabilities we provide end-to-end across strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations are absolutely unique in the marketplace. And this is why Accenture remains the partner of choice for the world’s leading companies in executing large-scale transformation programs.
The only choice that leads small business owners to real success in their endeavors is the one that requires real thought. Understanding and building the systems they need within their company to afford them a framework of organization that can scale the business from a company of one to a company of one thousand.
The Why’s of suffering keep us shrouded in a seemingly bottomless void of abstraction where God is reduced to a finite ethical agent, a limited psychological personality, whose purposes measure on the same scale as ours.
I’m not under any illusion that I’m an A-lister; I don’t think I’m even on the alphabet scale. But I’m in people’s houses every day – I’m there when they wake up and there when they go to bed. So people think they know who I am. And, to a certain extent, they do.
I feel like, on a more macro scale, there’s started to be a relationship between filmmakers and people who watch their films – you know, on Twitter and on the Internet.
I always wanted to make cinema which will entertain the masses, cinema that could be called escapist but is mounted on a realistic scale with high production values.
Yet, in spite of this world-wide system of linkages, there is, at this very moment, a general feeling that communication is breaking down everywhere, on an unparalleled scale.
We all wake up in the morning wanting to live our lives the way we know we should. But we usually don’t, in small ways. That’s what makes a character like Batman so fascinating. He plays out our conflicts on a much larger scale.
If you take away scale, the nature of the story changes. I made a joke the other day: if I were to try to make ‘Glory‘ now, rather than be about a regiment, it would be about a platoon. It would be seven men in the woods rather than all the men on the beach.
The amazing thing about IBM is that it’s a company where I have had 10 different careerslocal jobs, global jobs, technology jobs, industry jobs, financial services, insurance, start-ups, big scale. The network of talent around you is phenomenal.
The best bounce rapper ain’t gonna be able to compete with Jay-Z, not on a major scale.
The amount of start-ups that are being generated from Israel, and it’s such a small state, they’re looking for markets to really take those businesses in scale. We really, I think, have done a good job of indicating how Iowa is a good place for that.
More often than not, the most effective leaders have been shaped by teaching successfully in high needs classrooms. Because of their experience, they know that it is possible for low-income children to achieve on an absolute scale and understand what we need to do to allow them to fulfill their potential.
The United States is the only civilized country in the world to class its teachers at the bottom of the social scale.
Because of recent improvements in the accuracy of theoretical predictions based on large scale ab initio quantum mechanical calculations, meaningful comparisons between theoretical and experimental findings have become possible.
Yuan T. Lee
I think every year we get better at running BlizzCon. The scale of the event is so large and I think people appreciate the logistics involved in putting on such an event.
One should see the world, and see himself as a scale with an equal balance of good and evil. When he does one good deed the scale is tipped to the good – he and the world is saved. When he does one evil deed the scale is tipped to the bad – he and the world is destroyed.
Yellow fever outbreaks are not uncommon. But, as with other infectious diseases, when they occur in urban areas, they can play out very differently – not least in terms of the speed and scale at which they can spread.
Many entrepreneurs that made their fortunes by founding successful technology companies want to give back and solve the world’s biggest problems on a grand scale. There is tremendous opportunity in this approach.
Our understanding of the human brain can be dramatically accelerated if we collect and share research data on an exponentially wider scale.
Tan Le
Given the scale of issues like global warming and epidemic disease, we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a can-do attitude to science rather than a can’t-afford-it attitude.
The problem of illegal migrants into India, particularl

The problem of illegal migrants into India, particularly from Bangladesh has been a longstanding and vexed political and legal problem, particularly since 1971 when there was a large scale influx of Bangladeshi refugees into India.
Leaders at Oyo aspire for ambitious targets which act as directional north stars for building for scale.
The Internet has introduced an enormously accessible and egalitarian platform for creating, sharing and obtaining information on a global scale. As a result, we have new ways to allow people to exercise their human and civil rights.
It seems there’s a sliding scale between the money they spend on a movie and its creativity.
Like many Americans, I am still haunted by images from the last days of the United Stateswithdrawal from Vietnam in 1975. Newscasts showed South Vietnamese desperately trying to scale the walls of our embassy in Saigon to board the last helicopter flights out of the country. The fear in their eyes was chilling.
Should I be the happy mortal destined to turn the scale of war, will you not rejoice, O my father?
When air conditioning, escalators, and advertising appeared, shopping expanded its scale, but also limited its spontaneity. And it became much more predictable, almost scientific. What had once been the most surprising became the most manipulated.
It’s a lot easier to figure out how to scale something that doesn’t feel like it would scale than it is to figure out what is actually gonna work. You’re much better off going after something that will work that doesn’t scale, then trying to figure how to scale it up, than you are trying to figure it all out.
Here at home, we’re in a world of right angles and human construct, so whether it’s cement or plastic or steel, everything is at an angle. But nature is chaos theory in full play. So having that uniqueness of what nature is gives me a sense of rejuvenation and scale.
If someone makes an inroad into a new territory, a new market, people will follow their success. That way, I think we will be getting more pan-India films and not restricted to a region or a language. More and more films will come out on a bigger budget, on a larger-than-life scale.
I went to the Grand Canyon with my family when I was about 8 years old, and I had a very blah experience. I think the scale of it is too huge – you don’t appreciate it.
David Roberts
For Europe to play a part in the world on the scale of its wealth and its population and its capacities, Europe has to be united in some way, and Europe is not united.
What works at scale may be different from scaling what works. Pilots often succeed, while scale-up often fails when the context changes.
As we scale, we will be able to drive the business with more efficiency, which will allow us to pass on more benefits to the consumers.
Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.
I never had any big dreams about doing something on a huge scale.
What we can do as individuals may not be very much on the global scale, but we have to start the change by living as we are teaching.
I spent my whole career in the technology business, and I was convinced of the importance, at a grand scale, of the development of global connectivity.
John Morgridge
When I was younger and I did West End shows like ‘Les Mis,’ ‘Mary Poppins’ and ‘Chitty,’ I was blissfully ignorant – it was amazing to be a part of, but I didn’t realise the scale of it all and how important a role it would play in my life when I grew up. It was just a fun thing I’d do every couple of days.
I’ve had challenges in my life that have been very public, but I don’t think that’s any more difficult than someone who has a struggle in a small town where everyone knows everyone else‘s business. It’s just on a more publicized scale.
I try to find the human element in the character’s problem. And often, it is; even if the struggle is grand and on a worldwide scale, the problem is very personal.
Kai-Fu’s Innovation Works is the top very-early-stage fund in China. We are proud to be an investor, and hope that IW will help to produce in China companies on the scale of Facebook, Zynga, or Groupon.
Attacks on health facilities, health workers, ambulances, is now a reality that we observe on the ground – not on a monthly but on a daily or weekly scale in most of the conflicts in which we are engaged.
In my personal belief, the big problem with climate change is getting people to understand the magnitude and scale that we’re dealing with. If you buy a vehicle that gets 35 miles to the gallon, that means nothing; it’s not enough. We need to make changes across society and in every piece of the energy pie.
As a small business owner myself, I understand what it is like to scale up a business in the early years.
The best seat in the house often depends on the ballet. For instance, much of the first act of ‘The Nutcracker’ is domestic and small scale, so it’s great to sit up close. But the second act features elaborate scenery and choreography, which are better to observe from a distance.
I don’t really do scales… I mean, I play parts of them, but then I bail and start playing parts of other things. The term ‘scale’ feels very scripted to me because I’m an improv player.
When you run a platform on scale, you have to make sure it’s truly open. That way, not only do you do well, so do others.
What I mean by that is that the point of life, as I see it, is not to write books or scale mountains or sail oceans, but to achieve happiness, and preferably an unselfish happiness.
Bernard Cornwell
In America, it was decided to attempt the production of atomic bombs with an effort that would constitute a large part of the collective American war effort. In Germany, an effort one thousandth the scale of the American was applied to the problem of producing atomic energy that would drive engines.
I’m very lucky to work at bitly, with a data set that allows us to explore human social behavior at the scale of human social behavior.
Of course, every actor wants to play as many roles on t

Of course, every actor wants to play as many roles on the Richter scale as they can, and Rachel Koresh certainly is very different from Supergirl, but she shares a lot of the strength that Supergirl has.
The thing that struck me most about the Mount St. Helens project was not the devastation of the eruption, but the logging industry – the earth transformed on that scale by humans.
David Maisel
Georgian architecture respected the scale of both the individual and the community.
If youre serious about cooking, baking, or life in general, then you need a scale.
This would be a distortion of their meaning, since the pictures are intimate and intense, and are the opposite of what is decorative; and have been painted in a scale of normal living rather than an institutional scale.
Mark Rothko
On a scale of one to 10, I’d rate my body confidence as a good seven. Everyone has their hang-ups, but I see my body as a training tool and I feel good about it.
I never weigh myself. That’s the best advice I can give – never step on a scale. You know if you’re being healthy, if you’re exercising. You don’t need to be undermined by some crazy number.
Elaine Irwin
Color is a big part of what I do. It’s like music. There are only so many notes in the scale, but there are endless permutations; there’s no limit to the number. Color on the walls or furniture can reflect back and distort the reality of the true colors of lipsticks and eye shadow.
Evelyn Lauder
The cost to do business in Australia is higher, and the lack of scale is a part of that – Australia is a very small market compared to the U.S.
Don’t take for granted that the worthiness of your cause will win you allies; bring it down to a scale that people can relate to.
It’s great when you see things on a massive scale and you see these huge sets, but it’s not the be-all and end-all – it can be about characters as well.
For decades, I’ve spoken of McDonald‘s as one of the premier examples of how to build a company, scale it, and ultimately sell it.
Seven years ago, when I started free soloing long, hard routes in Yosemiteclimbing without a rope, gear or a partner – I did it because it seemed like the purest, most elegant way to scale big walls. Climbing, especially soloing, felt like a grand adventure, but I never dreamed it could be a profession.
Today’s restaurant is theater on a grand scale.
Marian Burros
People often ask me how I feel about my invention being used to kill people every day and the AK being a common weapon of ethnic conflicts. I want to make it clear that I created my assault rifle to protect my country. You can blame politicians for its spreading out of control on a global scale.
Mikhail Kalashnikov
You think looting is bad in Egypt, look at Peru, India, China. I’ve been told in China there are over a quarter-million archaeological sites, and most have been looted. This is a global problem of massive proportions, and we don’t know the scale.
I really feel that we need to scale back and get to what is important on so many levels.
In addition to dealing with call spoofing and robocalls with acts like the Robocall Enforcement Enhancement Act, the American people require a larger scale approach.
I had four combat tours, and I never saw death on a scale like I saw in Haiti. A quarter-million people lost their lives.
Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility… in the final analysis, the one quality that all successful people have… is the ability to take on responsibility.
Wireless technology is creating entrepreneurship on a small scale that allows a single woman to set up a business in a small village or a single farmer or fisherman to access and disseminate market information in order to get the best price for their products.
Places that have become agricultural deserts, trashed by giant corporations, could be reforested, drawing carbon dioxide from the air on a vast scale. The ecosystems of land and sea could recover, not just in pockets but across great tracts of the planet.
When I heard of the ‘garden bridge’ idea, it seemed so clear and powerful, the notion of using nature to scale down an enormous piece of potentially wind-swept exposed link. That’s what struck me – not treating the bridge just as a link, but as a place.
As the books grew bigger and more ambitious, the situations in question sometimes became political ones, and so it became necessary to start painting in the social background on a scale which eventually became panoramic.
In the Digital Age, recorders also tend to be oversharers, and with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, they can do so on a grand scale.
While planting woodlands along rivers has been shown to work in small areas, it has been unclear whether it would be effective on a larger scale. But computer modelling indicates that restoring forests on floodplains could slow floodwaters and reduce the height of the flood downstream.
I’ve written books for awhile, but always on a pretty small scale and always pretty self-indulgent. I chose projects that I thought would be really fun to work on and found friends to work on them with me, and it was all about the process.
Suprisingly, one of the most complex pieces of code is the code to determine where a note is in the staff. Finale stores notes as relative scale positions in the current key.
Robert Patterson
Native people – about two-thirds of the uranium in the United States is on indigenous lands. On a worldwide scale, about 70 percent of the uranium is either in Aboriginal lands in Australia or up in the Subarctic of Canada, where native people are still fighting uranium mining.
China has some cities, traditional cities, with a long history. They are so beautiful, and they were planned so smartly. I call them gardens on the city scale. For example, Beijing has mountains, waters, lakes, bridges, towers. It was a very poetic city.
I’m heartened that, for the first time, we’re seeing some of the Internet Service Providers and the social media sites taking action against the Islamic State. That’s the kind of initiative that can very, very much augment on an industrial scale what the government is trying to do.
The existence is a tremendous curiosity, with in the co

The existence is a tremendous curiosity, with in the course of the years, the discovery of yourself in your inmost evolutions. With the age you feel better than you are, what you represent. Which means a little at the planet’s scale.
Jacky Ickx
Dementia resembles delirium in the same way an ultra-marathon resembles a dash across the street. Same basic components, vastly different scale. If you’ve run delirium’s course once or twice in your life, try to imagine a version that never ends.
A lot of people don’t know this, but I started out as a blues-based player, and then, when I realized after playing 18 hours a day that there’s more than five notes per scale, that’s when my stuff became what it was. I started listening to violinists and flautists, and that’s how my style evolved.
When Boston harnesses the collective energy, activism, and joy of all our communities, we will make the change we need and deserve – at scale and at street level.
Everything around us is scale dependent. It’s woven into the fabric of the universe.
My biggest frustration is the lack of scale in the music industry. The fact that no one has sold 100 million copies of an album is frustrating.
Snooker’s got bigger over the last ten years, but obviously it’s still on a really small scale.
Kurt Maflin
Things on a very small scale behave like nothing that you have any direct experience about. They do not behave like waves, they do not behave like particles, they do not behave like clouds, or billiard balls, or weights on springs, or like anything that you have ever seen.
China – if you think about what is the character of China, it’s enormous scale. It’s bigness.
Zhang Xin
The Olympics will be great for the growth of golf on a global scale, but my focus right now is on being the best player I can be, trying to win Major Championships and contributing to what will hopefully be a victorious European side at the forthcoming Ryder Cup Matches against the USA.
One of the marked characteristics of the U.K. security industry as compared with defence is the lack of company scale. This can put our firms at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to big contracts.
While everyone knows that London is both big and overprivileged when it comes to spending, the scale of its dominance is poorly understood. London is not just the biggest city in the UK, it is the biggest city in western Europe. It is also the richest region.
We’re very focused on making News Feed really good, making our photos experience really good, making messaging really good, and creating great location apps. That’s the nature of a platform business of our scale. Most companies that are relevant to us will have some overlaps in some competitive way.
In time, we will have to recognise that it is not ‘nature’ that we need to protect, but ourselves, and we can only do this by abandoning the old, grandiose, profit-seeking schemes so beloved of our masters and learning to till the soil, live to scale, and live within our means.
What emerged, of course, was that the magnitude scale presupposed that all earthquakes were alike except for a constant scaling factor. And this proved to be closer to the truth than we expected.
I don’t own a scale, and Tao banned the word ‘fat’ from our house. If we eat too much, we say, ‘I feel clogged up.’
The IMAX cameras are big and heavy. And they’re loud. So you have to be mindful of whether or not they’re worth it; I’d say the image quality is incredible and the scale is amazing.
Plenty of entrepreneurs can start a company. What is more rare is to evolve it and to scale with it over time.
When you’re on a scale like we are in 170 countries and hundreds of thousands of people, you have a single point of view.
Even tax breaks that are supposed to help the middle class too often skew toward the wealthy. Consider the mortgage interest deduction. While political leaders in both parties have long considered it untouchable, it actually helps those at the top of the income scale far more than those at the bottom.
No matter what, I still was gonna make music, even if it was on a small scale. Even if it was just for me.
It’s not enough to have a value-adding product in a big market. You also need the right conditions. Will you be able to scale revenues within a 5-10 year time frame? Is the timing right? YouTube wouldn’t have worked pre-broadband.
Because America leads the world by example, it’s no surprise that some might seek to imitate our domestic rules and regulations on a global scale.
I go to the Natural History Museum and look at the cage of stuffed starlings there. But my favourite thing is the big blue whale. The scale of it is unbelievable, and makes you feel how insignificant you are as a human being.
Arthur Darvill
On my parents‘ scale of values, the more Western something was, the more cultured it was considered.
The pace of global warming is accelerating and the scale of the impact is devastating. The time for action is limited – we are approaching a tipping point beyond which the opportunity to reverse the damage of CO2 emissions will disappear.
Unless progress with agricultural yields remains very strong, the next century will experience sheer human misery that, on a numerical scale, will exceed the worst of everything that has come before.
It’s fun to gossip and stuff. But once it’s millions of people – the scale of that, I think, is more damaging to the health of the people that are getting speculated about.
KIND has gone through many iterations as it deepens its social impact. When you’re selling a million dollars a year, the impact you can have is very different than when you are selling over a billion dollars a year. Scale has allowed us to do things we never thought possible.
I’ve always wanted to play a role as a producer and a curator and to help make drag really have an epic scale and a large audience and a lot of interest.
I refuse to let something as insignificant as a size or number on a scale determine how I feel about myself. I am grateful for my body, my health, and the life that I have, and no arbitrary number should have any impact on that.
If you wait to see how much money you have left at the

If you wait to see how much money you have left at the end of the month to put toward savings, the answer may be zero. So, set up an automated monthly transfer from your checking to savings account. Once you lock into that commitment, you’ll be forced to scale back spending to make ends meet.
Man knows that the world is not made on a human scale; and he wishes that it were.
Andre Malraux
Space, time, matter, energy and biological life may be the result of a Source Field that is conscious and alive in its own unique way – on a scale far too vast for the finite mind to fathom.
David Wilcock
There’s been a great development with scale on TV, but my approach is always the same across projects, whether it’s a video game, a movie, or a TV show: I always try to set up my sounds and my themes. I really try to stay with the characters and do the storytelling through the music.
If the scale of gas is anything like the claims made by its advocates, it has major implications for the economy and British society. Besides its worrying environmental aspects, it could have adverse effects on income distribution.
If private-sector capital can be harnessed for social good, the potential to scale humanitarian solutions is vast.
Whether you agree with Julian Assange or what he’s doing, there’s no question of the impact and scale of WikiLeaks. It’s a whole different level.
I was this little kid writing songs. I look back at having that dream, and it’s weird. Being able to do it and live out your dream on any scale is amazing. I don’t take any of it for granted at all.
I can’t deny that the thought of being governor, the thought of being president, is alluring. And beyond that, it would be an opportunity to make a real impact on people’s lives on a global scale. But there are a lot of other things I want to do first.
When you are honest in your comedy, you have to acknowledge the world that you’re in. Through a comedic voice, you’re talking about what needs to be talked about, whether it’s race relations or politics or anything that’s happening on a global or an American scale.
Breaking Bad‘… the beauty of it is, some people are always going to love ‘Breaking Bad’ more. But I run into people every day now who say ‘Better Call Saul’ is their favorite of the two. I love hearing that. I don’t know where I fall personally on that scale, that continuum – I try not to choose.
On a very local scale, a refrigerator is the center of the universe. On the inside is food essential to life, and on the outside of the door is a summary of the life events of the household.
Call it holistic or holographic thinking, it’s been quite effective imagining the world’s problems are all right in front of you on a smaller scale with your band. You deal with those relationships, and that’s where real major change begins.
I’ve yet to see an example of somebody standing up to Donald Trump and suggesting policy initiatives and him embracing them yet. It’s not happening at scale.
We have a problem with dealing with race in our country. We have a problem with dealing with marriage equality and equality in general. These are complex, divisive issues in our society, and I think that the only way we further this conversation is to take them down to a very human scale.
The truly privileged theories are not the ones referring to any particular scale of size or complexity, nor the ones situated at any particular level of the predictive hierarchy, but the ones that contain the deepest explanations.
David Deutsch
We’re excited by the success of WhatsApp on top of Android. Amazon brings services like Kindle on top of Android. It’s a competitive world and a lot more complex than people realize. When you run a platform on scale, you have to make sure it’s truly open. That way, not only do you do well, so do others.
Once the image was in the digital environment, one of the problems was, we had no means to reproduce the color spectrum, grey scale, and contrast that film produces, without converting the digital file to film, evaluating it, then going back and changing the digital image.
John Dykstra
Rather than turning away from the staggering scale and depth of misery caused by war, we must strive to develop our capacity to empathize and feel the sufferings of others.
Any time you give the average person the opportunity to explain themselves on a national scale, they’re always going to sound like a fool.
On the small scale, ‘Ico,’ I think, actually delivered a small new thing: holding a character’s hand and really feeling like your job is to rescue this person, and establishing a personal connection.
How many women does one need to sing the scale of love all the way up and down?
Georg Buchner
Holocaust denial, once the preserve of fringe conspiracy theorists, has mutated into Holocaust obfuscation, equivocation, and specious comparison on a larger scale than ever.
I feel like we always kept our core philosophy of making content that we would wanna watch, and there’s definitely a different scale we are offering that at today.
I had absolutely no idea of the scale of its following and the globalness of ‘Bond‘.
When I became commander of the Joint Special Operations Task Force, I was leading thousands of individuals, from Special Forces to the broader interagency effort. I quickly realized that while we had the most best and most effective operators and small teams in the world, we were unable to scale.
Every mom in a minivan, every person commutinganytime they are on the road, they should be able to go into driver mode and give a ride to a neighbor. That’s how we achieve scale.
Chicago is a city built on architecture, and there are plenty of buildings to scale.
When we look at our justice system, we have this image of a balancing scale: truth and justice, right and wrong. But for years, our system has been lopsided, where it’s not about truth and justice or balance. It’s about being tough on crime, and sometimes that means you’re putting the wrong person behind bars.
After I met my partner, Mr. Protherow, we decided to start a banking project, and at the same time we started to think already about a business on a bigger scale. At the very beginning we thought more about gaining money, to have a normal life with our families, etc.
Vladimir Potanin
Technology has made it easier for different firms to coordinate their activities with one another, and they don’t have to be part of one company. They can get the benefits of scale without the inertia of scale.
Erik Brynjolfsson
These are the multinationals, like General Motors and N

These are the multinationals, like General Motors and Nestle; these are the big industrial groups that weigh, on the monetary scale, much more than big countries like Egypt.
Figuring out how to scale the very human art of personalization is difficult, but I believe that it is also the key to building a lasting connection with customers for the long term.
We get talent and scale from mergers.
Angela Braly
Yahoo! is the only company with both scale and leadership in branded and search advertising.
Terry Semel
This idea that we can take hundreds of thousands, which we’ve done so far, and scale it to millions and move them into a new workforce, this is really critical because Salesforce is a platform.
Large companies are not going to disappear. Multinational companies with tens of thousands of employees are not going to disappear. In fact, many of them are getting larger because they can benefit from economies of scale.
I’ve been through my highs, I’ve been through my lows; I’ve been through the gamut of all things in this business. Being too thin. Being bigger. I’ve been criticized for being on both sides of the scale. It’s noise I block out automatically. I love my body.
If you are a plumber, you can work on a shed, or you can work on a mansion. It’s just scale.
Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.
I feel that business leaders with their ability to create businesses, with their ability to scale, need to play an important role in social service.
Numbers can’t speak for themselves, and data sets – no matter their scale – are still objects of human design.
If you look at any Muslim society and you make a scale of how developed they are, and how successful the economy is, it’s a straight line. It depends on how much they emancipate their women.
I was never obese, but I felt ‘less than’ because I wasn’t as thin as other actresses. I totally fell for that low-fat craze. My goal was to be X jeans size or a specific number on the scale.
Blitzscaling is always managerially inefficient – and it burns through a lot of capital quickly. But you have to be willing to take on these inefficiencies in order to scale up. That’s the opposite of what large organizations optimize for.
I loved doing ‘Rock of Ages’ in N.Y. and that, but its such a large scale, and so many things go into it.
Tom Lenk
It may sound amazing to people today, but Rodgers and Hammerstein were considered by – how can I put it? – the sort of opinion-making tastemakers and everything to be ‘off the scale as sentimental.’
I’m a working travelling musician, but just on a bigger scale.
TV is a writer‘s medium, the writer is in charge effectively. So what you write is what gets shot, so in that sense I prefer it. But in terms of the scale of it, features are fantastic.
As you build muscle, remember that the scale may stay the same, but you won’t.
We as humans, we’re not solitary people, we’re like dogs, we like to live in packs and know about one another. And, if anything, fame is people trying to attain community on a mass scale, because when you become famous wherever you go people know about what you’ve done and what you’re about to do.
The very idea of a bird is a symbol and a suggestion to the poet. A bird seems to be at the top of the scale, so vehement and intense is his life, large-brained, large-lunged, hot, ecstatic, his frame charged with buoyancy and his heart with song.
If there were an exact and universal scale of punishments and crimes, we would have a fairly reliable and shared instrument to measure the degree of tyranny and liberty, of the basic humanity or malice of the different nations.
I think I was the only kid on the block who knew about furniture scale by the time I was 8.
By linking with friends and ultimately strangers and building those relationships, social media is reweaving the social fabric that can then be used to scale your non-profit efforts.
I’m out here trying to promote positivity on a global scale.
Space and time may have a structure as intricate as the fauna of a rich ecosystem, but on a scale far larger than the horizon of our observations.
Just like any other job, you want a raise you’ve got to put in the work and you’ve got to show that you’re deserving and what you bring to the table and all kinds of other stuff to show that you’re worthy of so and so pay scale.
Age is not really the biggest factor, whichever end of the scale you are at. It’s how you perform, how you respond to the challenge of having good players around you competing for your place.
Facebook is massive in scale and scope. Twitter is a public communication forum, but if I’m following you, you’re not necessarily following me. LinkedIn is, simply, a professional network.
Jeff Weiner
What if life is not carbon-based? Can life exist as a gas or a plasma? Could planets or stars in some sense be alive? What about an interstellar cloud? Could life exist on such a small or large scale, or move so fast or so slowly that we wouldn’t recognize it? Could you have an intelligent virus?
I dreamed of doing stuff like Will Smith and films on a big scale.
As digital communications have multiplied, and NSA capa

As digital communications have multiplied, and NSA capabilities with them, the agency has shifted resources from surveillance of individual targets to the acquisition of communications on a planetary scale.
To make three films out of one shortish book, they have to turn it into an epic, just as ‘Lord of the Rings’ is an epic. But ‘The Hobbit‘ isn’t an epic: its tone is intimate and personal, and although it’s full of adventures and excitement, they’re on a different scale to those of the bigger book.
I’m 25, so I’ve already gone through what my character Ged goes through, though it’s on a general scale because I haven‘t studied at a wizard‘s school.
I don’t like being locked in a cage on the creative scale. I need an outlet.
Prosperity is no just scale; adversity is the only balance to weigh friends.
But the prospects of designing chemical plants for industrial scale chemical processes seemed far less interesting than the chemical events that occur in biological systems.
Paul Berg
Scale is not just something that a director wants so as to play with all the toys. Scale also lends verisimilitude, to put together a real world.
The sun doesn’t always shine; the wind doesn’t always blow. This is why, if we want to rely on renewables, we need intelligent systems that integrate and coordinate different sources of energy at scale so that when one is scarce or unavailable, the others can automatically compensate.
As a Virginian, I am proud of Dominion and SunEnergy1 for bringing utility scale solar to the state.
There are really two things that have to occur in order for a new technology to be affordable to the mass market. One is you need economies of scale. The other is you need to iterate on the design. You need to go through a few versions.
War is a form of really bad manners, in a strange way. Invading a country I think is just the worst possible manners. ‘You’re not invited!’ Gate crashing on a large scale!
Both Springsteen and Michael Jackson, who had these huge productions, could always scale them back down to just a song and a melody. All of that influences me. I also try to be a fictional writer, and sometimes I get close, but the things that resonate the most with me – and with everyone else – is what’s real.
When you have a crime against humanity that is so awesome in scale and death, it is more than permissible to look around and say, who recently has been declaring war on the United States? Of course, the compass points straight to bin Laden.
As we thought about how to help portfolio companies grow and scale while simultaneously supporting corporate discovery and experimentation, it became clear that we would need to collaborate with a technology infrastructure provider like AWS to help us build a platform for experimentation.
Meltem Demirors
It’s always a balance, and sometimes I’m on the good side of that scale, and sometimes I’m on the bad side.
In America, mixed-race identity tends to invite both curiosity and suspicion, largely because few have found a way to interrogate it without centering whiteness as the scale by which to evaluate blackness.
Coming to Korea and becoming a singer, I always had two big goals personally. One was to be able to make it at some point so that I could do good things – I was always raised with an interest in social impact, philanthropy. The other thing was to be able to take my music and do it on a global scale.
Pluto is still active four and a half billion years into its history. It was expected that small planets like Pluto would cool off long ago and not still be showing geological activity. Pluto is, in fact, showing numerous examples of geological activity on a massive scale across the planet.
With ‘AGT’ I was allowed more freedom to be myself. It was also quite a different scale.
Courtney Hadwin
I stated that Hiroshima and Nagasaki are ‘among the most unspeakable crimes in history.’ I took no position on just where they stand on the scale of horrors relative to Auschwitz, the bombing of Chungking, Lidice, and so on.
I was very impressed with the scope and scale and impact that came from originally one person making ‘Minecraft.’ It’s inspiring for me to think how our team can do more with less.
Movement of people is taking place on an immense scale, and from a European perspective, the number of potential future immigrants seems limitless.
Very, very few podcasts have made it to scale, and to me, that says this business will never be big.
Users and entrepreneurs building new business models off the blockchain means that there are competing interests on how best to scale the network. Linux, also an open source software project, had similar growing pains.
With things that I’m going through, whether they be on a small scale or a large scale, I’m thinking, ‘Who else is going through this? And how can I address it and bring it to light to help someone else?’
Hyperloop One has accomplished what no one has done before by successfully testing the first full scale Hyperloop system. By achieving full vacuum, we essentially invented our own sky in a tube, as if you’re flying at 200,000 feet in the air.
I joined the board of Chipotle because no company has ever been able to scale fresh, properly sourced food in the history of America.
The world has proved enough times that it can scale cruelty and violence. Compassion and kindness can and must be scaled to create a world of justice for children.
I think that size is not the key to innovation. Scale doesn’t confirm an innovation advantage.
On a scale of the United States, the Hollywood influence on what comes out, that’s not the majority views of across the country. What we read in Us Weekly or People magazine, or Entertainment Tonight, it’s not what the majority of the country is thinking.
What I have appreciated about the ‘Call of Dutygames is the scale of production. It’s not an indie game. It’s not trying to be an indie game. But I’ve genuinely been pretty consistently blown away by, wow, what an effort has gone into this.
In general, a lot of content creators find that their s

In general, a lot of content creators find that their success is unable to support any sort of organization of scale. It’s pretty difficult to support even three or four employees.
I think if we’re going to be serious as a city, as a country, about addressing climate change, addressing inequality and racial disparities, we have to start taking action at the scale that matches the urgency of the problems.
There is a huge need and a huge opportunity to get everyone in the world connected, to give everyone a voice and to help transform society for the future. The scale of the technology and infrastructure that must be built is unprecedented, and we believe this is the most important problem we can focus on.
Business has the unique ability to make things happen fast and at scale.
If you eat foie gras, I would really urge you to look at the practice that goes in to producing it. It is totally barbaric and involves force-feeding on the most horrific scale imaginable.
Star Trekscared me a lot more than ‘White Jazz.’ It terrified me, really. Because of the scale, the responsibility, the fact that it was this iconic character. It was the bigger challenge, so I had to take it.
I’ve been offeredCelebrity Fit Club’, where you have to take off your shirt and get on a scale. I got kids, man. I’m not going to humiliate myself. I’d rather drive a cab.
Steve Schirripa
On a scale of 1-10, I would consider myself an 8.5 rowdy. I prefer being rowdy in the day. I’m a 10 day rowdy, 7 night rowdy.
I’m a leftie, and I’ve always believed in doing things on a modest scale.
Those carrying a credit card balance should scale back to making the minimum payment each month so they have more money to put into savings.
I don’t look at comedy as a sliding scale of offensiveness.
The cloud scalability is just amazing. So if you are, as an example, an NGO, a social enterprise, if you really want to scale the world, the cloud is just amazing.
If I step on a scale, I won’t eat for five months.
During the pandemic in our fulfillment centers, we had a system and a process around people being able to request short and long term leave and the process just didn’t scale.
Impact sourcing, a new initiative piloted by the Rockefeller Foundation and several key partners, including my company Samasource, promises to connect poor and marginalized people to digital jobs on a massive scale.
A cloud is made of billows upon billows upon billows that look like clouds. As you come closer to a cloud you don’t get something smooth, but irregularities at a smaller scale.
I’m grasping with how you do something on a large scale with multiple operations and not have quality decrease.
Go out there and see where the world needs your touch. That kind of meaning not only makes you feel more connected to your environment on a local scale, but also to yourself – whether you can operate from something beyond the definition that others might place on you.
Sharon Lawrence
People who are passionate about Warby Parker are passionate about creating a company that can scale, be profitable, and do good in the world – without charging a premium for it.
The main ideas for us are scale, stability, and audience.
Whenever I sing on a different scale, I sound very different. However, I have learned that I can experiment with my tone.
To most people in the U.K., indeed throughout Western Europe, space exploration is primarily perceived as ‘what NASA does’. This perception is – in many respects – a valid one. Superpower rivalry during the Cold War ramped up U.S. and Soviet space efforts to a scale that Western Europe had no motive to match.
On average, it takes as much as $100 million in paid media for a brand to be a household name in America. Marketing partnerships are the best form of off-balance sheet financing one can ever find. Smart startups use this technique to scale their companies and build their brand equity.
As cyberweapons and cyberattacks increase in scale and intensity, it will be difficult to defend against them all.
Dharma Productions’ films are mounted on a grand scale; a TV show cannot match it.
Very large scale disasters, especially those that have occurred in the developing world, have very long recovery periods.
In terms of mathematics textbooks, why can’t you have the scale of a national market? Right now, we have a Texas textbook that’s different from a California textbook that’s different from a Massachusetts textbook. That’s very expensive.
I tried hard not to think about the scope or scale of making a record that would be heard by millions and millions of people. I did a pretty good job of tuning that out.
I don’t focus on the scale. I focus on doing my job. The team staff and the program I’ve been working on, they’ve been touching on that, but I don’t focus on the scale.
You can’t scale if you do it alone, you really need to work with others.
Historically, the notes of scale systems anywhere have been based on these pure harmonics.
We have continued to advance our global ambition with a

We have continued to advance our global ambition with acquisitions that fill in the global footprint, such as Dabo in Dubai on the marketing side, Smithfield in the U.K. for financial PR, Ergo in Germany for corporate reputation and public affairs, and Position in Colombia to add scale to our Latin America business.
I remember the kind of teenager I was, the kind of teenager I wanted to be, and then the kind of teenagers that were all around me. Life is lived on such a big scale in those years – and such an embarrassing one as well.
I’m drawn to furniture design as complete architecture on a minor scale.
I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and Non-violence are as old as the hills. All I have done is to try experiments in both on as vast a scale as I could.
We would have been happy if we could have assigned just three categories, large, medium, and small; the point is, we wanted to avoid personal judgments. It actually turned out to be quite a finely tuned scale.
Star Wars has built-in scale. Everybody understands it, we know the scale of the universe.
When I practise scales I will play four notes on one string. If I’m playing a C major scale, starting on F, I’ll play the F, G, A, and B on one string and the C will be on the A string, etc, etc. Because I found not only was it good for my hands but it was really good for interconnecting things.
Frozen‘ is a phenomenon on an entirely new Disney scale.
Edward Kitsis
Passing a beggar who asks for money causes discomfort – and so it should. The act of facing and acknowledging human suffering and hardship on this scale ought to imprint itself on a society that has such glaring divides in income and comfort.
Amazon has reported a loss of nearly $900M in 1999… because, guess what, ecommerce is a business of scale. And, the Internet bubble had burst… which meant that no one was getting funded.
A great scale should be accurate first and foremost, but also easy to clean, intuitively designed, simple to read, and convenient to store. These are the qualities that will have you reaching for a scale every time you portion meat for burgers or whip up a batch of fresh pasta.
One of the tricky things about sort of larger, comic-book action movies is that the scale is so big that they have to save the world at the end of every movie, and so at the end of each of the films, either Chicago or New York end up getting obliterated.
While I pride myself on trying to be creative in all areas of my life, I have occasionally gone overboard, like the time I decided to bring to a party a salad that I constructed, on a huge rattan platter, to look like a miniature scale model of the Gardens of Babylon.
We have a good sense of the pulse of the industry. We know what’s going on out there. We know that deep learning adoption is broad. It’s going into production at scale.
Warcraft‘ by its very nature is epic in scale.
I’m a fan of motorsport and a fan of McLaren and I was lucky to work with the company on a small scale across my career but to be able to race now with that brand on my jersey, it’s pretty special. I still have to rein in my fanboy attitude sometimes.
I am confident that our experience, our scale, our intimate knowledge of the needs of our customers put us on the front line of economic and social progress.
In Africa, we have the bush meat trade, which means that, on a very large scale, animals are being killed in the forests and sold in the cities as a luxury food.
Once you go from 10 people to 100, you already don’t know who everyone is. So at that stage you might as well keep growing, to get the advantages of scale.
We know now that in modern warfare, fought on any considerable scale, there can be no possible economic gain for any side. Win or lose, there is nothing but waste and destruction.
I believe that United really is a very big club on a worldwide scale and even more so in England, where it’s the biggest. They always want to win and to be fighting on all fronts, and that’s the reason I wanted to come here.
You can’t work in a steel mill and think small. Giant converters hundreds of feet high. Every night, the sky looked enormous. It was a torrent of flames – of fire. The place that Pittsburgh used to be had such scale.
Jack Gilbert
I want to concentrate on my career and would like to scale greater heights.
Soccer is Europe’s biggest sport and the world’s biggest sport, so as we look to go into Europe, soccer is the way to do it because of the sport’s size and scale, as well as its athletes who know and understand our brand.
‘Game of Thrones’ is the broadest of narratives. I don’t know if anyone in the U.S. has done a story on such a large scale before, both in terms of what George R.R. Martin wrote and what’s on the show.
We are a people trying not only to solve the problems of the present: unemployment, inflation… but we are attempting on a larger scale to fulfill the promise of America.
The Ukrainian nation, as no other nation, understands and is fully aware of the tragedy and its scale of all the lost lives of the Ukrainian Jews during the Second World War.
Give your employees a shot at showing the company a new way, and provide the room for them to chalk up a few small victories. Once they’ve proved that their idea can work on a limited basis, they can begin to scale it up.
I’m convinced that the Great Lakes region will be at the center of an internally-focused North American economy when the hallucination of oil-powered globalism dissolves. Places like Buffalo, Cleveland, and Detroit will have a new life, but not at the scale of the twentieth century.
When my kids were toddlers, they had all these rotomolded plastic things. My life became surrounded by big, hollow plastic toys – from the scale of playhouses down to rocking horses, and everything in between – which we would then take to the secondhand store. But we’d get sentimentally attached and hate to see them go.
Greg Lynn
I’ve always loved clothes, especially handbags and shoes. I’d rather save my money on clothing and wear crap, but have the handbags and shoes. I used to buy a Ferragamo or Louis Vuitton bag every job that I got. Now I have a child, and we pay for private school, so I’ve had to scale back!
Alicia Coppola
We understand how to build and manage businesses that i

We understand how to build and manage businesses that involve technology, engineering, and people at a large scale on a global platform.
Flexible working is not just for women with children. It is necessary at the other end of the scale. If people can move into part-time work, instead of retirement, then that will be a huge help. If people can fit their work around caring responsibilities for the elderly, the disabled, then again that’s very positive.
Economies of scale are a good thing. If we didn’t have them, we’d still be living in tents and eating buffalo.
I went to Everton, and it’s levels – the higher up you get, you are under more and more scrutiny as a football player. You have to learn to deal with it at that scale and gradually progress to be able to deal with it at an even higher scale.
Scales always lie. They don’t make a scale that ever told the truth about value, about worth, about significance.
I got on the scale and I weighed around 203. I’m only 5’7. I was about to turn 30, and I wasn’t active anymore. So I started working with a nutritionist and a trainer. I played basketball twice a week. And soon it all just became a habit for me. I became addicted to something good for a change.
Jerry Ferrara
People used to share things with e-mail on a massive scale. If you remember e-mail forwards from the late ’90s, it was a terrible way to share content.
Jonah Peretti
When you bring the scale and precision of data-driven platforms to the brilliance of great media executions, magic will happen. Delivering on that vision for the Independent Web is the mission of Federated Media Publishing.
In spite of what are unprecedented measures in scale and scope, I can’t stand here and say I can save every single job, protect every single business or indeed every single charity. That’s just simply not possible.
Rishi Sunak
I love Las Vegas, but I never get a chance to play a club like the House of Blues. I guess we’ve graduated to a bigger scale than that. When the Eagles come in and play, that’s on a grand scale.
People at the very top of the income scale also benefited from globalization and automation. But the income of working- and middle-class people in the developed world has stagnated.
Before you can apply chromatic ideas to scales and arpeggios, you have to get the chromatic scale itself under your fingers. You should learn it up and down the neck, and become comfortable with the fingerings.
Nanotechnology is the idea that we can create devices and machines all the way down to the nanometer scale, which is a billionth of a meter, about half the width of a human DNA molecule.
Paul McEuen
This inner strength we have, this desire to evolve and expand and explore, I do love that about humanity. At the same time, it’s scary what it does on a global scale. I’m very much caught between the two.
If you look historically, what creates growth and wealth is innovation and investment, and increase in scale – more customers.
Frederick W. Smith
I suppose subconsciously I was thinking in terms of having the scale of it matching the scale of the images. Hence the sort of string quartet, jazz band and electronic stuff.
If you need to do a movie where you have an army of 10,000 soldiers, that’s a very difficult thing to shoot for real. It’s very expensive, but as computer graphics techniques make that cheaper, it’ll be more possible to make pictures on an epic scale, which we haven’t really seen since the ’50s and ’60s.
I can’t imagine that companies are uninteresting if they don’t have a billion users. But I do believe, to have mass scale, you have to be in the many-hundreds-of-millions-of-users range, and there are not that many companies that get there.
Running on the cloud gives us scale. It also allows us to moderate, watch the chat, keep Roblox family-friendly and safe, and it allows just everyone to kind of push their creations and immediately scale infinitely.
Technology has enabled government to have investigative and situational awareness on a scale and scope that were science fiction when the Stasi shut its doors.
Yochai Benkler
Doctor Who‘ is the best show to write for, because of the actors and the scale of imagination that it demands.
There are a lot of artists in Gowanus, and certain things come into your visual vocabulary from living there – the scale of the subway and the canal, sometimes it almost looks like a de Chirico painting, with the intense angles of the shadows and everything.
Dana Schutz
I think we would find, if you study the conduct of guerilla-type wars, that the Obama Administration has hit more targets on a broader scale than the Nixon Administration ever did.
Banks operate like a man who either wears his trousers round his chest, stifling breathing, as now, or round his ankles, exposing his assets. We want their trousers tied round their middle: steady lending growth; particularly to productive British business, especially small scale enterprise.
Our form of democracy is bribery, on the highest scale.
On the molecular scale, you find it’s reasonable to have a machine that does a million steps per second, a mechanical system that works at computer speeds.
Countries get one chance in history of putting into place a savings retirement scheme on the scale of the Australian superannuation system.
We’re living through a time where we are fighting wars fostered by politics, admittedly not on the same scale as the First World War, but with equally tragic realities for our soldiers and their families.
Like solo sailors venturing into the Southern Ocean, climbers are seduced by risk. The desire to push to a summit or scale a rock face is so strong that they consciously or subconsciously minimize safety precautions drilled into their brains.
It’s hard to get your head around the scale of Australia.
One of the hardest things to do is to get capital. That’s where we, as black business, struggles. And the other place we struggle is scale, and because we don’t have an access to capital, we cannot scale.
I'm from Dallas, so I totally get the whole thing. I un

I’m from Dallas, so I totally get the whole thing. I understand the history and on how big of a scale ‘Dallas’ was and still is.
Josh Henderson
It’s the scale that Yahoo brings – and that user base – that I really want to build products for.
Nick D’Aloisio
In a country like India, we need to solve problems at scale.
With the scale of our traffic, content library and monetization ability, we are confident to see profitable growth in the future.
Investing in management means building communication systems, business processes, feedback, and routines that let you scale the business and team as efficiently as possible.
CO2 is the exhaling breath of our civilization, literally… Changing that pattern requires a scope, a scale, a speed of change that is beyond what we have done in the past.
Our battle over the size of the state overlooks a problem that is just as important and that may be easier to muster the collective will to resolve: how effective government is, regardless of its scale.
We’re so used to financing things on our own that we always have a plan in place to sort of scale our ideas.
I’m very, very focused on not only creating world class schools at scale, but changing the public policy in this country that every day prevents children from getting access to the American dream.
The reason steampunk attracts people is that it is premised on a technology which is visible and pleasing to the naked eye, and whose moving parts are comprehensible on a human scale.
So while most people dealt with the scale every Monday at the Berea training facility nervous about how high the number was going to be, I was the one that was nervous about how low the number was going to be.
Many young and beginning farmers start out in local markets. Some stay there, and some scale up.
You see, the thing about us humans is we overcomplicate things. To eat, our food manufacturing processes work on a huge scale, clearing land, rearing livestock, killing it, packaging it. Go big, only to shrink it all back down to small enough to shove in our mouths.
If you’re in Hollywood, with no track record, it’s pretty odds-on that you can get swamped and overwhelmed by the sheer scale of it all; particularly with the intense commercial push that you feel there.
The technologies that raise the fewest ethical problems are those that work on a human scale, brightening the lives of individual people.
Relative to most of the energy and material flows on Earth, the machinations of humankind are puny. The planet’s powers are much, much bigger than our own. But in a few sensitive places, we’re making an impact on a planetary scale, and that impact is not a good one.
I like to act. I work for scale. I don’t have an acting agent. I’m in the book.
Obviously, Iron Maiden is on a way bigger scale to British Lion, but as a musician playing live, it’s just the adrenaline rush of playing in front of an audience that gives you that rush.
A society that is all self-interest and no comradeship is not a society at all. But a society that is all comradeship and no self-interest is also not a society; it is a sect – or, on the largest scale, totalitarianism.
In the snobbery of science, each branch attempts to rise in the social scale by imitating the methods of the next higher science and by ignoring the methods and phenomena of the sciences beneath.
Gilbert Newton Lewis
I know how coming in as a rookie, on a rookie scale, you don’t really know what you can buy, what you want to buy.
The story of ‘Libra Scale,’ the storyline was created first, and then the music was created around the story line.
From a professional standpoint, our transformation of the labor landscape at scale through technology with Levo is the highest and best direction of my energy.
I think we are moving to that place where we are being celebrated for our character, our inside, our wit. I think that’s the direction we should go because that’s what defines you as a person, not a number on a scale.
At some of the venues, the audience was so loud we could hardly hear what was happening on stage, which kind of threw us back to 1983, when we had very similar reactions on a much bigger scale.
Roger Andrew Taylor
To scale your business, you need to delegate responsibilities to others and establish a strong company culture.
My beef with the alt-fuel people is not the renewable or alt-fuel ideas themselves. Sooner or later, there’s no question we’re going to have to rely on them. For me, it’s an issue of scale.
The Republican party is not perfect, but if you put this party’s record of achievements on one side of a balance scale and the Democrat‘s record on the other, the Republican side would slam the table.
Angela McGlowan
There are very few human beings who receive the truth, complete and staggering, by instant illumination. Most of them acquire it fragment by fragment, on a small scale, by successive developments, cellularly, like a laborious mosaic.
The iPhone is made on a global scale, and it blends computers, the Internet, communications, and artificial intelligence in one blockbuster, game-changing innovation. It reflects so many of the things that our contemporary world is good at – indeed, great at.
I don’t want to compare President Obama and President Trump on these issues, because they’re different, and the scale isn’t even remotely the same. But President Obama said things that weren’t true and got away with it more for a variety of reasons, and one is the media was much more supportive of him.
There's such a want for Indian people to be represented

There’s such a want for Indian people to be represented in large scale movies. Hopefully, it will happen more and more, whether it’s with me or other people. There’s an audience for it.
‘The Dante Club’ was one of America’s most important book clubs, as their Wednesday night meetings ultimately led to our country’s first exposure to Dante’s poetry on a wide scale.
Socialism is nothing more nor less than the social, political and ideological system which breaks the fetters upon economic growth created under capitalism and opens the way to a new period of economic and social expansion on a much larger scale.
Earl Browder
Wanxiang and Ener1 share a vision to help fulfill our country’s strong commitment to electrifying transportation on a mass scale and to deploy lithium-ion technology to improve the effectiveness of the power grid.
Lu Guanqiu
Tesla has humiliated established carmakers with its brilliant vision. But Detroit, Turin, Stuttgart, and so on have understood scale as well as capital allocation for decades. Such gargantuan tasks could yet humiliate Tesla.
With the rapid growth of Internet users in China bringing online video into a new paradigm, the market scale we first envisioned as an online video website back in 2006 has grown significantly.
Growing up in Chicago, I was a theater nerd. That might be very cool on the East Coast, but in Chicago, it’s really the athletes that come in No. 1 on the cool scale. Maybe musicians after that. Community theater? That’s way down the list, my friend.
To me, mass media is when you are able to use a platform to reach an audience on a large, global scale, and I think YouTube has certainly achieved that and is still finding ways to bring a wider range of content to its audience.
I think the Winter Olympics are definitely on a smaller scale than the summer games, but with the inclusion of cool new sports like slope style skiing and snowboarding, it is going to breathe new life into them and attract a whole new crowd.
Nick Goepper
There is one way that architecture is superior to sculpture, and that is scale. You can walk into a building and have it all around you.
We have witnessed Chernobyl, Bhopal, Challenger, Seveso, Amoco Cadiz, Three Mile Island and have still not wakened from our fantasy that large organizations can carry out complex technologies on a huge scale with total perfection.
After working in cities for nearly 40 years, I am telling you that every city can improve its quality of life in less than three years, no matter the scale or the financial conditions.
While studying art and design at Central Saint Martins, I went round supermarkets taking photos of shoppers and their baskets: the game was to match people with their food. For an architectural project, I made a scale model of a shop out of gingerbread rather than foam and added icing and sweets very colourfully.
The most exciting part of what I do is understanding the scale of what we don’t know. There are just countless archaeological sites all over the world, and one of the most important and best ways of finding them is using digital technology.
Technology enables people to improve communication with unprecedented speed, scale and iterative testing. It also allows people to wreak chaos with high leverage.
I have grown up reading Marvel Comics and Marvel movies with their intricately woven storylines. It is fascinating to see how Marvel has created characters and stories that resonate so well with audiences across the globe, making movies at a scale that one had never before imagined.
When you scale up your business there will invariably be small groups of vested interests unwilling to see the new ground reality.
Power doesn’t have to be on such a big scale for powerful things to occur. Within your own home, you can be a powerful woman as a mother, influencing your children’s lives.
In scale, ‘Fortitude‘ is just as big as ‘Game of Thrones.’ It’s equally as epic – it’s just starting out.
Richard Dormer
The ability to scale up is hard. So the best model for us is concentrated India, diversified financial services, and through this, we can get significant scale on an Indian platform.
All I do all day is think of ideas and implement them. That’s an industry, you know. I’m trying to make art on a commercial scale.
Men climb mountains, scale heights, venture into the unexplored to prove to other men it can be done.
When you’re a leader at any level of any scale, leaders are defined at times of crisis.
The reason the art world doesn’t respond to Kinkade is because none – not one – of his ideas about subject-matter, surface, color, composition, touch, scale, form, or skill is remotely original. They’re all cliche and already told.
Now the problem with standardized tests is that it’s based on the mistake that we can simply scale up the education of children like you would scale up making carburetors. And we can’t, because human beings are very different from motorcars, and they have feelings about what they do and motivations in doing it, or not.
Film is the toughest one for me, as there are many fingers in the pot, so it can be disappointing. However, to have your work seen on such a large scale, that’s a very exciting prospect.
I’m the kind of person, if I see something, like a funny video, I want to share it. With Twitter and Tumblr you can do that on a mass scale, and people get to know your personality.
The China Rich seem to be spending on a scale that’s just beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. They are building and buying an insane amount of luxury residences around the world, commissioning huge flying palaces from Boeing, and paying ridiculous amounts for art.
Scalability is this idea of coming up with a blockchain that can scale much larger than existing chains essentially by processing transactions in parallel. And moving away from this paradigm where every single node on the network has to process every single transaction.
We need to differentiate between commercial piracy – where criminal organisations produce illicit DVDs on a huge scale – and domestic, unauthorised filesharing, which may or may not be detrimental to overall sales.
Now it will take a long time to scale biofuels, but I’m the only one in the world forecasting oil dropping in price to $35 a barrel by 2030. I’ll put it on the record: Oil will not be able to compete with cellulosic biofuels. If you do it from food, the food will get so expensive you can’t make fuel out of it.
There was a very difficult time when a female hero was

There was a very difficult time when a female hero was a man in a woman’s body. ‘Hunger Games‘ really changed that: a woman leading a non-woman’s film in the action genre. I think ‘Wonder Woman‘ does that on a very big scale.
People can see that we are part of a tradition of absurd comedy, stretching from Spike Milligan and Peter Cook through to Monty Python and Vic Reeves. We’re not like Ricky Gervais’s hyper-real cringe comedy. We’re at the other end of the scale, but there’s room for the sillier stuff, too.
On the global scale, if there’s a shaky Middle East, there’s a shaky world.
It’s a good thing to remember that hiring will get easier as you scale – but you should also never drop your standards.
The medium is the message. This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium – that is, of any extension of ourselves – result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology.
In high school and college, I’d set a bunch of goals for myself. I wanted to be the lead effects supervisor on one of these really big, innovative visual effects productions, something on the scale of a ‘Star Wars’ movie. And I wanted to work on a project that wins the Academy Award for best visual effects.
The premise and promise of Big Data is that there are no stories, only patterns; that the human preference for story is aligned with the human tendency for error; and that only through dislocations in scale – the scale of sample size and of time – will truth emerge.
On the scale of someone who’s really laid-back about stuff and someone who worries a lot, I fall more towards the latter.
The scale of the ISIS threat is not yet matched by a clarity of approach for securing their defeat.
People behave differently to TV stars and film stars; it’s to do with the scale of the medium. Film stars get hushed awe, TV stars get slapped on the back. Neither is good for you. Famous people don’t hear the word ‘no’ enough.
Over half of the traffic that flows over our networks is coming from video. As you think about a business that is going to be video centric and video focused, you want to have scale on the video programming side to be able to take advantage of this.
Randall L. Stephenson
Every man needs slaves like he needs clean air. To rule is to breathe, is it not? And even the most disenfranchised get to breathe. The lowest on the social scale have their spouses or their children.
Since 1988, I have been writing steadily. I did decide a couple of years or so ago to scale back to writing one book a year – a sort of semi-retirement. But I never did have much success with that plan!
Mary Balogh
Every time they came to power, the Congress engaged in large scale corruption. Even when they were in power, they did nothing to stop the hoarding of black money in offshore havens.
Yes, I’m having a baby. I think it’s so hard as a woman to give yourself a break. It’s great to be healthy but you have to set a good example for your kids and know that it’s not about a number on a scale but how you feel.
The way to really scale a venture firm is with software.
The moment something happens to one you love, it’s twenty times more intense. You experience pain and enlightenment on a much vaster scale.
Analog components don’t ‘scale’ as well as digital components, but integrating them into relatively mature 28 nm platforms will accelerate the connection of everything from watches, personal healthcare, and home appliances to automotive, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, and industrial controls.
Fame freaks me out. Do you just wake up different? I don’t know how to scale it back if it gets too crazy.
Standing on the apex of our planet is humbling. I’m starved of oxygen, depleted of reserves, unable to eat, and bound by anxiety. This is a dangerous place. Yet the symbolism of standing on top of the world gives me a chance to experience time on a cosmic scale.
Thirty, 40 years ago, more than that now, even, the cook was certainly at the bottom of the social scale. And any mother would’ve wanted their child to marry a doctor, a lawyer, an architect, not a cook. Now, we are genius, it’s different.
I love to compare different time frames. Poetry can evoke the time of the subject. By a very careful choice of words you can evoke an era, completely throw the poem into a different time scale.
Marxism, Freudianism, global warming. These are proof – of which history offers so many examples – that people can be suckers on a grand scale. To their fanatical followers they are a substitute for religion. Global warming, in particular, is a creed, a faith, a dogma that has little to do with science.
The best value for money in cooking equipment, in my mind, is first a digital scale and digital thermometer. They’re both about $20. They help you cook so much more accurately that they’re both enormously valuable.
Whenever I heard the song of a bird and the answering call of its mate, I could visualize the notes in scale, all built up within my consciousness as a natural symphony.
William Christopher Handy
It is nice to be out there, amongst contemporaries on a global scale. You meet different people, see different things, meet different producers, eventually grow to collaborate in different ways. The world is getting smaller. It’s nice not to be insular.
Dropbox looks really simple to the end user and is extremely magical and just works. But under the hood, the complexity of the technology is huge. The amount of work it requires to store, scale and move this data is pretty intense.
Ruchi Sanghvi
We need to defend principles like democracy, freedom of speech, gender equality, and the rule of law through exemplifying these on a global scale, not through the same cynical, isolationist policies which have eroded these so-called ‘British’ values across the rest of the world.
The secret of a good life is to have the right loyalties and hold them in the right scale of values.
Norman Thomas
I do love doing action, but if I can balance the scale by doing other kinds of films that satisfy my creative ambitions, that feels really important.
If you only have 10 examples of something, it’s going to be hard to make deep learning work. If you have 100,000 things you care about, records or whatever, that’s the kind of scale where you should really start thinking about these kinds of techniques.
I have seen a lot of now-great companies at their earli

I have seen a lot of now-great companies at their earliest stages, and these early-stage startups are not built by the senior people who know how to run and scale big-company machines.
I am finally getting the chance to build large structures and break preconceptions that my designs are just sculptures for people to be in. But my work always comes down to the human scale.
I realized that filmmaking is an eminently scalable act. No matter how big or how small, there’s joys and stresses that will all scale themselves magnificently to fit the production.
The need for reflection and restraint of power is what led Louis Freeh to order that all new agent classes visit the Holocaust Museum here in Washington so they could see and feel and hear in a palpable way the consequences of abuse of power on a massive, almost unimaginable scale.
I took a very small image and blew it up to enormous scale. What happens when you do that is that the information in the image starts to become indistinct. The image darkens.
I do think entrepreneurs need to be smart, but there’s another scale I never evaluated myself on that is now the source of my deepest strength: Not how much brains I have, but how much love I have.
I’d worked in TV for a number of years before Strictly,’ doing kids’ telly and a couple of Saturday-night shows, but nothing on that scale.
We do expect there will be some big centralised miners that will have a lots of storage and economies of scale. But there will also be a large cloud of small miners all over the world.
Juan Benet
The modern form of things had begun to appeal to me, also (as material for satire) politics, and the lives of the great and little, high up in the social scale.
Needless to say, anybody who can stumble through a C-major scale knows that Art Tatum always gave his audiences 10 times their money’s worth.
It’s a really paradoxical thing. We want to think big, but start small. And then scale fast. People think about trying to build the next Facebook as trying to start where Facebook is today, as a major global presence.
On a scale personal enough to be felt by all, but big enough to be symbolic, the two irreconcilable faiths of our timeCommunism and Freedom – came to grips in the persons of two conscious and resolute men.
Thus I was able to make pioneering measurements of the height and physical scale of plasma clouds in the ionosphere and also to estimate wind speeds in this region.
Antony Hewish
The scale of ‘Independence Day’ is much more than ‘Stargate.’
The president’s very right about one thing: When you have a disaster of that scale, whether it be natural or a terrorist attack, there’s only one part of our entire government, state or local, that is equipped to handle it, and that’s the U.S. military.
Warren Rudman
My MELD score was pretty high. And the worse you get on that scale, the sooner you get a transplant. It’s based on how sick you are. And believe me, I was pretty sick.
Pat Summerall
There is still need to think and plan, but on a different scale, and along different lines.
C. S. Forester
There’s nothing like sitting in a completely quiet room, and then the strings start up. It’s like when you go to the cinema – the first two or three minutes of any film are amazing. Because the screen is so big. The scale. Directors can pretty much do anything for those first few minutes.
I think what a lot of action movies lose these days, especially the ones that deal with fantasy, is you stop caring at some point because you’ve lost human scale.
Almost every way we make electricity today, except for the emerging renewables and nuclear, puts out CO2. And so, what we’re going to have to do at a global scale, is create a new system. And so, we need energy miracles.
Now all we need is to continue to speak the truth fearlessly, and we shall add to our number those who will turn the scale to the side of equal and full justice in all things.
Lucy Stone
I did grow up in France, and even though I didn’t go to the school or dance with the Paris Opera Ballet, I absorbed similar ideas in my training. I understand the scale of a big company. I danced for one for almost 20 years.
Benjamin Millepied