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For the men, they are more of a risk taker, and for the

For the men, they are more of a risk taker, and for the women, they are more nurturing and more details. So the combination of the men and women is very good for business.
Teresita Sy-Coson
It’s the details and the human element that makesRecountentertaining. Even though we know how the election ends, it plays like a thriller. It’s also funny.
Only by a frank discussion of the very details of dying can we best deal with those aspects that frighten us the most. It is by knowing the truth… that we rid ourselves of that fear of the terra incognita of death.
Writing in public gives you that access to a junkyard of details all around you.
I have always thought that the place where you sleep or the place you share with your partner should be separate from the place where you write. The domestic rituals and details somehow kill the imagination. They kill the demon in me.
I was born in Allied-controlled Pola. At the end of World War II, the victorious wartime Allied powers negotiated the details of peace treaties and borders with Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Finland. The Paris Treaty was signed on February 10, 1947. I was born a few days later.
Besides all those whaling details, Moby Dick is about someone who’s looking for something so huge, something they’ve wanted all their life, yet they know when they find it, it will kill them.
We’re going to break a story that there are people on the staff on the 9-11 Commission that didn’t want the 9-11 Commissioners to know the details of Able Danger because of the potential to embarrass those commissioners.
Spalletti made a difference for me. He gives great importance to the details and, at minimum, wants the goalkeeper to know how to play with the ball at his feet.
I worry about technical details – did I mix the cello half a decibel too high? Things like that.
Steven Price
Thanks in part to the Patriot Act, the federal government has been able to demand some details of your online activities from service providers – and not to tell you about it.
In F1 everything involves money, but there are other details to work on.
I’m not a perfectionist. I don’t have enough patience to go over the same details over and over trying to get it perfect.
I don’t much enjoy travelling, but I have always longed to take a slow train to Russia. I’d like to go alone – like writers do – with only a pencil and piece of paper as company. I’d take my sketchbook and note down all the wonderful details of other travellers.
I struggle with arrangements. I take forever doing them. It gets to a point where I’ve been playing around with things on loops for days. I always paint in broad strokes – very quickly, I’ll feel out the larger structure – but it’s putting the details in that I find the hardest part.
I just love details; I love trying to make the reader smell what I was smelling at the time and see what I was seeing. Textures, too – all that kind of stuff is probably my strong suit as far as my writing goes, I would say.
The biggest pieces of my business are not public. Maybe I’ll tell all the details when I’m 50 or 60.
I am obsessed with planning travel! Not just traveling, which I love, but the whole planning process and all the details that go into it. I subscribe to all these travel blogs and airline forums and research hotels and activities and destinations for hours on end, and I volunteer to plan trips for everyone I know.
I compare it to being in a car accident. There’s so much adrenaline rushing through you that you remember being in the accident but you don’t remember any of the details.
Brooke Langton
For me, ‘risky‘ is revealing what really happened in my life through music. Risky is writing confessional songs and telling the true story about a person with enough details so everyone knows who that person is.
Leon Theremin’s original designs are elegant, ingenious and effective. As electronics goes, the theremin is very simple. But there are so many subtleties hidden in the details of the design. It’s like a great sonnet, or a painting, or a speech, that is perfectly done on more than one level.
Robert Moog
An artist’s initial broad stroke is always most impactful, and obsessively adding layer upon layer of paint to fill in details often diminishes the painting’s aura. When an aura is lost, it is impossible to get back.
I think the biggest lesson that I take from ‘Avatar‘ on any set that I go to is just work ethic. Working with Jim Cameron, you’re used to working very, very long days and you’re very meticulous about details. He’s very, very picky about little details, little character-isms and things.
With my somewhat vague aspiring mind, to be imprisoned in the rude details of a most material life was often irksome.
Edward Carpenter
The full name of string theory is really superstring theory. The ‘super’ stands for this feature called supersymmetry, which, without getting into any details, predicts that for every known particle in the world, there should be a partner particle, the so-called supersymmetric partner.
I like books steeped in the quotidian – details about work and place. You can learn how to run a chicken-and-waffle restaurant by reading ‘Mildred Pierce.’ And I like fiction about money.
I don’t find myself interesting as a person and the details I find boring, quite frankly. You could sum it up in a few words or sentences really: came from nothing. Self-educated. Luck. Energy. Curiosity. Ambition. That’s it. Nothing at all can illuminate the work as far as I can tell.
I’m not too comfortable going into the details, but yes, my love story with Andrei is beautiful and magical. We first met while I had gone diving in the Maldives. He didn’t even know who I was when we first met. It was only later that he found out I’m an actress.
I do write long, long character notesfamily background, history, details of appearance – much more than will ever appear in the novel. I think this is what lifts a book from that early calculated, artificial stage.
In daily or everyday life, I am so impressed with tiny details, like when I look up at a street lamp falling on the street, it seems to have meaning or so much information in it.
I realized going back and writing and explaining in details the difficulties I had lived actually became emotional again. It’s like therapy but sometimes therapy can be painful. But it’s part of life and part of the autobiography so I’ll have to finish it sooner or later.
One must be entirely sensitive to the structure of the

One must be entirely sensitive to the structure of the material that one is handling. One must yield to it in tiny details of execution, perhaps the handling of the surface or grain, and one must master it as a whole.
Barbara Hepworth
I think it’s the small things, the smaller episodes and details that I linger on and try to draw meaning from, just personally.
Don’t worry about the little factual details. Get to the heart of it.
For me, there’s a fine line between telling a story that’s fictional with lots of details and then removing yourself too much from it, so it’s bloodless, a little too fictional.
Aimee Mann
The soles of the best writers, a professor once told me, are worn down to holes. This is an incomplete measure, but the image of a writer grinding his or her shoes against curbs and cobblestones stuck with me. The story is always out there, the details around the corner or down the alley.
The only thing that’s different between high profile or celebrity divorces is that you have to do all you can to keep your client and the details out of the media.
His ambition for victory sets Mourinho apart. He wants to win every game, so he prepares all the smallest details; in training, at the game, everything. I loved to work with him.
There is definitely a ‘red carpet moment’ to a bride‘s wedding day, but when designing for bridal, it is important to focus on the details that will captivate and capture the imagination of the bride – she has to fall in love with the gown.
It has taken a long time for me to really dress as the artist that I am: I’m an indie girl, I like experimental, I like things to be subverted. Details are the fun part.
I did a guest appearance on ‘Entourage.’ That was horrible, because I’m used to analysing the characters, working with all the details… and they said, ‘No no no, walk and talk, walk and talk! It’s energy energy energy!’ – so it didn’t quite suit me.
I’m no different from anyone else but I don’t trust giving my details online, so any betting I do, I go into a bookies.
In the split-second before someone prepares to answer a question, he will consciously or subconsciously evaluate what the best possible answer might be. For a truthful person, the best possible answer might omit some information. It might have a few extraneous details. But it will still offer the information requested.
Jurgen Klopp is more the emotional one and someone who can motivate really well. Pep Guardiola is more tactical, who always takes care of details and wants to show you how to do everything. Both are world-class managers and both have their own qualities. Both are amazing personalities.
I’ve always been inspired by small details that make me wander. My mother would ask me, ‘What are you looking at so intensely?’ I would answer, ‘Everything and nothing.’ She really supported my wanderings, called me Marco Polo.
While claiming advocacy, what hoaxers really exhibit is self-interest. Often, this is because there is only the self to support their false claims; any revelations merely provide further opportunities for details and forgery.
Luxury lives in the finer details. It’s a cloth napkin at a dinner table. It’s a mint on your pillow before bed.
I always wanted to write something illustrated, and the Details strip finally gave me the opportunity.
I make my music to express everything I feel is necessary to communicate at a given time. Through music, I can express myself with statements that are more nuanced and more contradictory than factual details.
We have allowed a situation to develop in which it is legal for a multibillion dollar industry to own, wholly and in perpetuity, the intimate and personal details of children.
As a journalist, the details always tell the story.
I have the idea that when you put yourself through hard, detailed training, and you put a lot of attention into all the little details – the analysis of the opposition, the movement and understanding of the game, the way your opponent plays – then you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes.
Just small things are going to hopefully lead to a bigger surplus in the end. Obviously, you might not see it every single game, every single detail, but those small things and those small details add up so much, and that’s what creates winning.
The details are details. They make the product. The connections, the connections, the connections. It will in the end be these details that give the product its life.
Charles Eames
It’s the little details I love. How to fletch your arrows with owl feathers, because owls fly silently, so maybe your arrows will, too. How to carry fire in a piece of smouldering fungus wrapped in birchbark. These are the things which help a world come alive.
Science is about filling in the details.
Graham Hawkes
When people ask a question that is based on a false premise or a question that skips over some details… what we try to do, on our best days, is be informative, explain how a process works.
I think you find universal truth when you get really honest with yourself and you can reach people. If you go deep enough, you have that core feeling, and that feeling can transcend the details of your experience.
I would like ‘Dark Souls‘ to be a broad exploration game filled with so many veiled things and details.
I will confess that in general decisiveness worries me; it is often an excuse for being impatient with the details or insufficiently sensitive to other people’s concerns.
It is the lone worker who makes the first advance in a subject; the details may be worked out by a team, but the prime idea is due to enterprise, thought, and perception of an individual.
Alexander Fleming
The detail adds an element of unexpected something. All fiction is false; what makes it convincing is that it runs alongside the truth. The real world has lots of incidental details, so a painting also has to have that element of imperfection and irregularity, those incidental details.
The tantalizing discomfort of perplexity is what inspir

The tantalizing discomfort of perplexity is what inspires otherwise ordinary men and women to extraordinary feats of ingenuity and creativity; nothing quite focuses the mind like dissonant details awaiting harmonious resolution.
If you write a story based on a real person, you’re trapped by the details of the real person and his life. It gets in the way of writing your own story.
Caroline B. Cooney
If you’ve experienced cheating in a new marriage, the real work is not obsessively combing through all the details of what happened, but rather figuring out if your relationship is worth saving.
I’m not sure I could write a straight urban fantasy any more than I could write a straight contemporary story. I would end up being intimidated by all the small details.
Anne Bishop
Art’s power of persuasion resides in the small personal details of one’s own story, and if it weren’t for my struggle with dyslexia, I doubt I’d ever have become a writer or known how to teach others to write.
The first guitar I ever picked up was an acoustic black Fender, so it makes perfect sense that Elias plays Fender guitars. As far as details, it’s simple; Elias and Fender have a great relationship.
The seaman tells stories of winds, the ploughman of bulls; the soldier details his wounds, the shepherd his sheep.
Even though you’re filming something and it’s all scripted, there’s still a sense of ritual about it because you’re filming a ritual. It has all these little details that you want to capture, and a very specific mood and tone.
Men have got more of a discerning eye. They appreciate cut and details, things that aren’t so obvious. They like things that have cachet and gentlemanliness.
John Galliano
I hope that people will be inspired by Madam Walker‘s story. I hope that they will see her as a complex human being, and that they will want to dig more deeply, that they will want to know the details of her life.
I do look into the details, but I think all women are like that, they like to look into minute details, isn’t it?
Part of the reason I wanted to write a novel was that in fiction I could do something that’s difficult to do in real life, which is to dwell on the stark details of the experience without really needing to create that narrative of redemption.
Don’t be so familiar and so much into the details. Keep people dreaming. Close the window, and make them wonder.
I need to know how the clock is made after you tell me what time it is. I want to know all the details so I can understand how it works.
If there is a gay uniform, the differences are in how each man coordinates the details: the brand and cut of the jeans, the design of belts and boots, the haircut, the number and size of earrings.
Basically, all anyone has to do is ask me for fun details or tell me to be creative, and my mind turns to mud. I am instantly the most boring person you’ve ever met.
Melissa Bank
Socialism and Communism are extremely attractive to a superficial observer. It is not until you get into the details, or actually experience it, that it becomes apparent that it does not work.
My wardrobe reflects my long-standing belief that great style lives in the details.
Before we shot the pilot, I knew what ‘Dallas‘ was, but I actually was too young to remember the details of the show. I didn’t have my hands on the DVDs, so I YouTubed everything I could of J.R.
Josh Henderson
In Italy, the coaches are very attentive to the details. They really study things, and that is a big difference here. They look at your movement, your positioning. They study you and work out how to stop you.
Success is the sum of details.
Harvey S. Firestone
To be a good researcher is to be a good detective, and I enjoy ferreting out tidbits of information. For a diary book like ‘A Coal Miner‘s Bride,’ newspapers come in handy for small everyday details such as weather reports.
Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Chip is the risk-taker. He’s all about the big picture but with a get-it-done attitude, and sometimes I’d rather play it safe and really focus my energy on the details.
The most important thing is that you find a way to bring your thoughts into the hearts of the players. The tactical details are important because they can make a big difference.
Honest talk about the deficit is risky. Voters are more enthusiastic about the abstract notion of deficit reduction than about the painful details of accomplishing it.
My idea is to play with the people who you know want to get it right. Then it’s fun and easy to record, and you can get down to details, like taking out cymbals so the verse doesn’t dwarf the chorus, something like that.
If I spend all of my day in the details as a CEO of a company like Wal-Mart, I think it would be trouble, because I wouldn’t really be prepared to speak to the big issues that the country or the world should face.
Mike Duke
I am not up there by chance. I am there by choice. And I know the wire. And I know my limits. And I am a madman of details.
Furnishing a home is no different than going into the studio and making music. You want to make sure you’ve pared down all the extra details so that in the end, every stitch has a context uniquely yours.
Composing is like driving down a foggy road toward a house. Slowly you see more details of the house-the color of the slates and bricks, the shape of the windows. The notes are the bricks and the mortar of the house.
Benjamin Britten
I like design, I like details, to me it is just another form of self-expression.
She may hide it, but Clinton is a policy nerd. Ask abou

She may hide it, but Clinton is a policy nerd. Ask about microfinance, and she’ll talk your ear off. Mention early childhood interventions, and she will gush about obscure details of a home visitation experiment in Elmira, N.Y., that dramatically improved child outcomes.
The hardest thing is to tell the truth about oneself. One doesn’t like to remember unpleasant details, but forgetting them makes one’s life seem disorganized.
Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Well, it’s because I gladly acknowledge some ideas that are part of process theology, but which I think are not tied to all the details of process thought, and are very illuminating and helpful.
When I am experiencing a complex story or novel, the broader planes, and also details, tend to fall away.
One of the interesting things about ‘Saw‘ is that you don’t find out about things in sequential or linear order. One of the things that fans have liked a lot is, we don’t forget about details. They come back and reveal themselves as the story evolves.
Don’t get bored with little things – little completions here and there. They are all valuable, because I know that’s a trap to fall into. You start feeling pretty good, and you think ‘Oh, I want to try and throw this, or throw that.’ And you’ve got to reel yourself in and hone in on the details.
Any form of media is an opportunity to be a mirror and reflection of what we are experiencing more in the details of our life. What makes it fun and unique in a lot of ways is how that journey is changing just by the mere fact of the current time.
For me, I’m just too bad at remembering the details of lengths of parts of songs, so if we had backing tracks, it would be a recipe for disaster.
I use a little brush only for really small details. Over the years, I’ve started to use a much larger brush.
I study orbital dynamics as a hobby. My idea of a good time is sitting down and drawing on that knowledge to imagine a space mission from beginning to end, getting as many details right as I can.
I generally leave the details of fiscal programs to the Administration and Congress. That’s really their area of authority and responsibility, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to second guess.
I have been subjected to unwarranted and invasive scrutiny of the most intimate and private details of my being.
We want to let you use a Mac, or Windows PC, or iPad, or Android, without having to think about any of the technical details.
Arash Ferdowsi
Congress is hiding the details of their party president Rahul Gandhi‘s citizenship. Rahul Gandhi’s real name is Rahul Vincy. They are cheating people by hiding the real names of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.
If we got writing assignments in English class to make up a story, that was when the glimmer of creativity popped out. That was way more interesting to me than writing down my life details.
I will have a one-hour program called the Mission Watch, where I will describe details of the mission and give additional information about the lessons from space.
My Chinese side comes out in my dancing. There’s a certain in-the-moment sentimentality, an appreciation for the smallest details.
Yuan Yuan Tan
I can write with authority only about what I know well, which means that I end up using surface details of my own life in my fiction.
It’s the details that make people distinct, that make them individuals.
I see ‘Hansel and Gretel’ as a breakthrough book for me, and one of the reasons is because I started to apply meaning to the hidden details.
I don’t think there’s any better education than learning the intimate details of the lives of people who you most admire.
I think its very easy to try to launch things too quickly and do things too quickly and not pay attention to the details along the way.
‘The Weeds‘ is a timely podcast from the news and opinion website Vox. It leaves the coverage of the Punch and Judy politics to others and confines itself to the details of policy.
Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull is now a good friend, and the thing that strikes you about him is that he’s all about details.
Mostly, I worked so quickly, I didn’t see the details of a photograph until it was printed.
Harold Feinstein
Recently though, our State Governments have discussed instigating a carbon trading scheme – the details are still to be decided – and that’s an encouraging sign.
When you are ‘world building,’ people will oftentimes judge how well you built your world. They want to know: Is the culture believable? Does it feel like it has a history? I try very hard to pay attention to details.
The sexiest thing that a woman can do, wear, and say all fall under one word to me: subtlety. To be subtle in the things that she does and the things she says and the things she wears – I appreciate the details.
‘Dreamsongs’ allows me to show the scope of my writing – with personal commentary that puts the works in context and includes some autobiographical details intended to reveal how each piece came to be, what it represents, and how it has formed, or been informed by, my philosophy of writing.
I realized that I loved using computers to create something, but being an architect just wasn’t going to keep me interested. The idea of a life spent obsessing over bathroom details for an Upper East Side penthouse was pretty depressing.
Joseph Kosinski
This is what customers pay us for – to sweat all these details so it’s easy and pleasant for them to use our computers. We’re supposed to be really good at this. That doesn’t mean we don’t listen to customers, but it’s hard for them to tell you what they want when they’ve never seen anything remotely like it.
The great thing about Stephen is that he sees the movie

The great thing about Stephen is that he sees the movie as a separate thing, I think. He wants it to capture the essence of the book, and if he feels that’s been done, then he’s not too particular about the details. I think that’s why he’s happy.
I came from a background of photography so I look at details and visuals, and I see things in pictures or signs.
We’re still working out the details, but I’d be delighted to do the film. The problem at the moment is my busy schedule. Shooting on this film has been extended by a month, but I need to be in the U.S. by Dec. 20.
This time all the historical details and things were right. But I’d written it again in third person, and people found it dry. I decided to throw that one away.
Arthur Golden
The lack of closure in an unsolved case seems to have a sharpening effect on those left behind; the details remain vivid to them even years later, possibly because they’ve gone over them looking for answers so many times.
Michelle McNamara
Normally I work out a general summary of what I mean to do, then start writing, and the details can be different from my anticipation. So there is considerable flow, but always within channels.
I think, as a writer, you see the big picture, and as an actor, you’re thinking of all the minutiae, all the very small details.
Richard Dormer
Sportswriting is fascinatingdescriptions of the opponents and the details of an event in which someone is going to win and someone is going to lose. Life is much longer and more complicated, and the outcomes are less clear-cut.
All fiction relies on the real world in the sense that we all take in the world through our five senses and we accumulate details, consciously or subconsciously. This accumulation of detail can be drawn on when you write fiction.
Rohinton Mistry
All of us want to see the details of any legislative plan if there’s going to be a legislative response, but Congress, I believe, is in the mood to do whatever it takes to win this war against terrorism.
I don’t know why people are so keen to put the details of their private life in public; they forget that invisibility is a superpower.
Society has to get a grip and put a tax on carbon. Of course, there is much that flows from that, and it is a complex situation. The small details of something such as climate change are political and social, and they are a lot about fairness and how we rebalance towards a fairer society.
I believe God is in the details.
I have always got my computer or phone nearby so that I can find out extra details about a certain subject.
I’m very into details, so I watch movies just for the details.
I’m not such a fan of imagination. If you’re alive to details, they oftentimes suggest a richer or deeper imaginative line than you would have imagined.
Dropbox sweats the user experience details as commendably as it masters the considerable engineering challenges required to reliably sync files everywhere a user may need them.
The advantage of writing from experience is that it often provides you with details that you would never think of yourself, no matter how rich your imagination. And specificity in description is something every writer should strive for.
Christopher Paolini
The more I spend at one position, the more I can dive into those details.
Details matter. They create depth, and depth creates authenticity.
All the details of the life and the quirks and the friendships can be laid out for us, but the mystery of the writing will remain. No amount of documentation, however fascinating, can take us there.
Zenefits is basically a service that manages all of your payroll, benefits, and associated HR details that come along with those. Dealing with new employee onboarding, offer letters, and managing that – and we do it for free.
I was in high school when Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about his relationship with Lewinsky. We didn’t have social media back then – hell, we didn’t have a computer with the Internet in our home – so the details of it all escaped me.
Babies choose to lackadaisically notice the quirkiest of details – unlike us grown ups, who choose instead to focus on what we believe is most essential to us. As a result, babies have a greater expanded consciousness than us grown-ups!
The average husband enjoys the total effect of his home but is usually unable to contribute any of the details of work and organisation that make it enjoyable.
I couldn’t resist hiding some historical details and a few clues relevant to the plot and characters of ‘A Discovery of Witchesthroughout the pages of the novel.
Gradually I became aware of details: a company of French soldiers was marching through the streets of the town. They broke formation, and went in single file along the communication trench leading to the front line. Another group followed them.
Ernst Toller
Things live and die, and then someone processes them into edible portions. This is a complete telling of the story, ‘Food.’ The basic plot hasn’t changed for centuries. I shouldn’t need to know any more details, any more history, in order to decide if my food tastes good or not.
It’s a lot harder to find fault with the mundane details of daily existence when you really, really know on a cellular level that you’re going to go, and that this moment, right now, is life. Life isn’t what happens to you in 20 years. This moment, right now, is your life.
Writing in other voices is almost Japanese in the sense that there’s a certain formality there which allows me to sidestep the embarrassment of directly expressing to complete strangers the most intimate details of my life.
Suzanne Vega
Passion isn’t something that lives way up in the sky, in abstract dreams and hopes. It lives at ground level, in the specific details of what you’re actually doing every day.
I get worked up over an 'idea' or the ethos of an idea.

I get worked up over an ‘idea’ or the ethos of an idea. I follow dreams, take notes on travels, and engage in research often – if I need names, details, facts that enhance the project.
Anne Waldman
I quickly learned that as a fiction writer, you need the sort of details a historian or a biographer would find extraneous or useful to provide context via a footnote.
So this was the big secret historians keep to themselves: historical research is wildly seductive and fun. There’s a thrill in the process of digging, then piecing together details like a puzzle.
Nancy Horan
I love pairing bright details with simple looks or casual materials like denim or cotton.
What she did was to open our eyes to details of country life such as teaching us names of wild flowers and getting us to draw and paint and learn poetry.
Laurie Lee
What I have learnt from my time at Barcelona is the invisible work that goes on off the pitch. It’s about the fine details.
Once you get the right image the details aren’t that important.
Abbie Hoffman
If a woman comes out saying she has been abused or assaulted, we should not start finding flaws in her character or try to dig up her past for murky details.
I try to keep in touch with the details… I also look at the product daily. That doesn’t mean you interfere, but it’s important occasionally to show the ability to be involved. It shows you understand what’s happening.
Similar to the telescope or the telephone, television enables us to see or hear things we never dreamed of. When you look at the details, a concrete scene between people is really something incredibly unlikely, something subtle that requires extended description.
Alexander Kluge
My past business dealings, my personal life, who I’m dating, the details of my divorce, other business matters that I’ve had – all that should be completely off-limits.
My style is cinematic; it is a touch of French woman of the ’60s and American hippie with a Brooklyn edge. I love wearing wide-brim hats, newsboy caps, mini dresses and sheer blouses with details.
We’re all happier when we know less, because the details are frightening and haven‘t really improved much. The more you pay attention, the more horrifying the world is.
Election campaigns always have to have colour and excitement and interest. People want to know about the details of politicians, what they like doing in their spare time, about their families. I think that’s human.
I always think about the small details because I need to improve more and more.
I think God causes things to happen sometimes to get our attention. But I also know that God loves us and cares for us and knows the details in our lives.
It’s true I didn’t get a fair trial, but the problem is people don’t understand the details. It is important to understand the details of the trial and why I’m not guilty under the charges that were brought against me.
There are so many intricacies to our brain that won’t be understood unless we start to look at the system as a whole. All these different details don’t operate in isolation.
The thing is, I am addicted to social media. I can while away hours scrolling through posts and pictures, wallowing in the details of other people’s lives, catching up on news, giggling at funny videos, all the while oblivious to a sunny afternoon or the washing up.
I like All Saints. They make great leathers. I love Hugo Boss, especially the suits. I like James Perse for T-shirts, and Supra and Radii for sneakers. And God Is in the Details.
A mountain is composed of tiny grains of earth. The ocean is made up of tiny drops of water. Even so, life is but an endless series of little details, actions, speeches, and thoughts. And the consequences whether good or bad of even the least of them are far-reaching.
I probably have the most fun thinking up original vehicles. I usually consider details such as how to get into them and where their engines are. When you draw a real-world car, you have to obtain some references. I’d hate to have someone point out that I’m wrong. But if it’s something I invented, I can have it my way.
Sometimes you go into a film and you have no time to prepare and have to compress the details into a few days and then rely on the instinct and what happens when you’re in a scene with other actors and that chemistry or not.
In a crime story, the details become tremendously important – where the staircase was in relation to the bed, for example.
I try to write short novels and leave details out not because I want to be minimalist, but because I think that it enables the readers‘ creativity and interaction with the book.
I’m not one of those people that goes into details of my personal life on national TV to get attention. Some things are better left unsaid.
Being a rock and roll band is about spending time on the details so that you can hone your own identity.
The details surrounding both my marriage and subsequent filing for divorce are private, and I had hoped to keep them that way for the sake of my family.
A written word gets preserved in so many forms. But movies which comprise of both audio and visuals have to be done with care and a lot more details.
At 93, so deep in dementia that she didn’t remember any details of her life, my mother somehow still knew songs.
I appreciate good tailoring as much as good details of construction.
While Democrats fussed with the details of health care

While Democrats fussed with the details of health care reforms, conservatives spent months telling the nation that the real issue is freedom, that what’s on the line is American liberty itself.
I get extremely detail-oriented. In my most stressed-out days, I get way more focused on those details than anyone should be.
You don’t forget the movies, but you forget the details of them.
The American people want their presidents to articulate big ideas and leave the details to the eggheads.
Architects and food at a construction site equals indigestion. We’re always looking for details that haven’t been executed correctly.
I remember I was changing to one phone from another and going through my old contact details, and so I was having to delete duplicate numbers to make room, and up came the name of someone who died, and… it felt hard to delete the name.
We all know how to play tennis. We all know how to hit the ball. It’s more just about those details – managing all those early rounds and just managing yourself to make sure you’re ready for whatever is coming up next.
I played at RB Leipzig from 2013 to 2015, and my coach was Alexander Zorniger. He was a coach who was very focused on the details. He did a lot of analytics and we were focused at Leipzig on the play against the ball.
Few people outside the Telegram fan community realize that most of the new features in messaging appear on Telegram first, and are then carbon-copied by WhatsApp down to the tiniest details.
The details are the very source of expression in architecture. But we are caught in a vice between art and the bottom line.
I am a magpie. My eye collects details.
We really should be grateful to the people who participate in research and allow certain details to be published about themselves. Because if they didn’t, we wouldn’t have nearly the understanding of the brain that we do.
Something I found while writing ‘Alice & Oliver‘ – a book that is unquestionably a work of fiction, but which also borrows details from my own life – is that writing the truth often requires invention and imagination.
How do you hold on to the idea that you are good and kind and deserving of love when the whole world thinks you’re evil? It’s really disorienting to see this character with your face and your name and your details catch internet wildfire. It really bothered me.
I think the most important thing journalism taught me is to mine for details. The details are key. You can’t try to be funny or strange or poignant; you have to let the details be funny or strange or poignant for you.
Karen Abbott
I’m kind of feeling like I don’t mind being open with the random details of my life, like I’m at a coffee shop or my toe hurts or something, but obviously other more personal areas of life where I will just never really go there.
Kina Grannis
I do not keep up with the details of particle physics.
It’s like, the more you zoom in and focus on the details, the closer to the invisible and immeasurable qualities – like consciousness and energies – you get. And expanding outwards, into the cosmos, you learn more about the invisible or perceptible things.
Because of my capacity for listening to strangers’ tales, or the details of their lives, my patience with their food and their crotchets, my curiosity that borders on nosiness, I am told that anyone traveling with me experiences an unbelievable tedium, and this is why I choose to travel alone.
Balenciaga taught me everything I know. He taught me to care for the details, that it was not necessary to sew on a button where it had no use or to add a flower to make a dress beautiful… no unnecessary detail.
For millennia, human beings have been finding new ways to look at the world through each others’ eyes: from projecting ourselves onto the characters in novels or movies to dressing up in costume to devouring the details of some celebrity’s life in ‘Hello‘ or ‘OK.’
Our youngsters are not aware about the history of our heroes like Hari Singh Nalwa, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, Madan Lal Dhingra, Baba Baghel Singh, the details of Gadar lehar and the heroes involved in this lehar who sacrificed their lives, Kama gata maru movement and much more.
Jerry Seinfeld is amazing in many ways, not the least of them his ability to find humor, and convincing us to find it, too, in the million-and-two details about modern life that under different circumstances might send us into paroxysms of rage.
Garbage can provide important details for hackers: names, telephone numbers, a company’s internal jargon.
For each detail I include, I throw dozens away. So I guess the first trick is to pick the right details, the most revealing details. Then I think one must simply write quick, clean, bright prose. For me, this means rewriting and rewriting: almost never adding, almost always cutting.
Kevin Crossley-Holland
I have never been to an acting school, and on the sets of ‘Karwaan,’ Irrfan was my acting school. By observing him, I learnt to improvise in the scenes along with focusing on the smallest of the details.
The downside to making movies at a gallop like we did with ‘Wish You Were Here’ is that we’re shooting four or five scenes in a day, and it’s very exhilarating, but you worry at the end of the day that you missed some details because you were moving too quick, and you just gotta trust and be ready straightaway.
An autobiography is a book a person writes about his own life and it is usually full of all sorts of boring details.
Weird things happen when strange men run for election. See Donald Trump for details.
I am conscious of my inability to grasp, in all its details and positive developments, any very large portion of human knowledge.
The comic hobbyists world is so passionate about the details and the lore and the more you get into that, the more interesting it is for you.
What I do when I create a character is put in details f

What I do when I create a character is put in details from all the people I know who might be like that person, and then put in a huge amount of myself.
During a big tournament, it is the small details that make big differences.
My own medical history during my hospital stay was readily available to me through literally thousands of pages of medical records that outlined everything from my ‘bowel releasing‘ schedule to the minute details of my brain biopsy procedure.
Becoming a grandmother brought me back to the things I forgot to love. Nature. Playing. Seeing animals. A new way of looking. A rejuvenation. A cycle of life – things come back to you. The details.
When I cast great actors, I try to make extraordinary people ordinary, dealing with these extremely small intimate details of interpersonal relationships against an epic backdrop.
I always like learning the small details about a subject.
I used to be something of an obsessive when it came to research. When I first began writing the Thorne novels, I would drive to a set of traffic lights in the early hours of the morning to make sure you could turn left. I thought it was important to get even the most trivial details right.
The details of the personal expenses that executives put on the company tab often are not known because loopholes in federal disclosure rules let publicly traded companies generally avoid disclosing the perks they give executives along with pay and stock options.
A true leader must strive towards a grand vision of human progress, but remember that the minor details of her everyday life really matter to those who look up to her as a role model.
But Sergio Leone invented totally the way of, you know, the details, the eyes, the hands – fantastic.
Claudia Cardinale
At Ajax, I got an education in how to be confident on the ball, my technique, and then, at Atletico, I learned how to defend. It was about the details, the ruthlessness; be clinical in front of your own goal, win every duel, be clever. I learned so much and, defensively, I grew there so much.
In my first publishable research, I obtained evidence that the replication of polio viral RNA engendered a multi-stranded intermediate, although my description of that intermediate proved flawed in its details.
J. Michael Bishop
Indian filmmakers sometimes twist the details and the mood of the film to give it the Indian masala flavor. This tod-marod in films is a rather big impediment.
I like feminine suits with unexpected details.
Occasionally, I would focus on a particular school project and become obsessed with, what seemed to my mother, to be trivial details instead of apportioning the time I spent on school work in a more efficient way.
Steven Chu
Music and guitar are my favorite things, so it’s fun to get together with other people who share the passion and talk about the details.
The World Cup is a competition in which everything needs to work to your advantage. Players need to be fit, decisions have to go in your favour, and details such as a red card can cost a team dearly.
The function of the politician, therefore, is one of continuous watchfulness and activity, and he must have intimate knowledge of details if he would work out grand results.
John George Nicolay
Pure geometrical regularity gives a certain pleasure to men troubled by the obscurity of outside appearance. The geometrical line is something absolutely distinct from the messiness, the confusion, and the accidental details of existing things.
T. E. Hulme
The same myths are told in every culture, and they might swap out details, but it’s still the same story. It’s the same story, but with a different face.
The president has a right to discuss his national security policies with the public. But that should be done in the light of day without endangering our sources or methods. The public has no need to know details about intelligence assets or special operations units. Such disclosures endanger those who protect us.
I think, when you are writing non-fiction, you feel there’s an obligation to get it absolutely right, so all your factual details have to be, have, you know, to go through a long list of them and tick them. I’m not saying that’s not important in fiction, but I think you have a bit more leeway; you can suit yourself.
Self-reflection is so healthy. Journaling works for me – when I record the details of what I’m going through, whether it’s a relationship issue or negative thoughts, I can look back and see how far I’ve come. It makes me proud to see my progress and how I got through a bad situation.
I never make notes; just a few small details when I’m writing, but nothing much. The plot is never written down. I will tell the story to myself, but I won’t plan it. I’ll speak the narrative in my head for a while.
Whatever I do, whether it’s cooking shows, books or events, the details count and that’s what sets me apart from other food TV personalities. If you take out the details what’s left?
Once you write a book, you hand it over to the readers, and it’s their book then. They’re so involved. They ask questions about details that I haven’t even thought about.
In business, I can get the big picture, thebig ideas, but not the finer details. I am good at delegating, however, and trusting the people to whom I do delegate.
I like writing about places, about people and environments. When I create a world, it lets me go in and define the details of that world.
I grew up reading thrillers. Honestly, I was always drawn to the very detailed ones like Patricia Cornwell. I love details.
Nobody will ever notice that. Filmmaking is not about the tiny details. It’s about the big picture.
Ed Wood
‘Gandhi’ was a well-made film but surely not my best. It had flaws, which I understand two-and-a-half decades after I directed it. I will never call it a propaganda film for the Indian Congress, but it could have been made better had I concentrated on certain minute details.
The truth is, I don't sketch much at all. I have a very

The truth is, I don’t sketch much at all. I have a very visual/spatial brain that retains a lot of information about maps, directions, positioning, and details, so I usually prefer working out those issues on the page itself.
Nate Powell
I’ve always been comfortable thinking things through and doing it, more or less, my way. You can be as creative as you want, but if you’re… unwilling to work on the details, to see those put into action, then creativity is just dreams, or worse, hallucinations.
Aubrey McClendon
We’ve played producers almost our entire lives in everything else we’ve created. But when working on a feature and even dealing with something like Warner Bros. or another production company, or other details that you can worry about – we definitely learned a lot.
It turns out that my memory is just not that great, so for specific scenes with people doing stuff, sometimes I’d have the details all wrong or I couldn’t remember what happened exactly, so I just let that be.
When something happens far back in the past, people often can’t recall exact details. Blame depends upon point of view. There may be a villain, but reality is frustrating because it’s often ambiguous.
Hallie Ephron
At Airbnb, we’re trying to build a culture that supports details, celebrates them, and gives our teams creative license to pursue them.
If I’m writing about a modern-day suburb, there’s going to be details of the home and furniture, and if I’m writing about a historical period, those details, those pieces of the world are going to be there as well, but they’ll be simplified, because I’m cartooning it.
In examining witnesses, I learned to ask general questions so as to elicit details with powerful sensory associations: the colors, the sounds, the smells that lodge an image in the mind and put the listener in the burning house.
When you’re in a place, the details you focus on are different than details you focus on when you’re writing about it.
Tea Obreht
I would have to say that I have to concentrate more when I’m doing comedy. There are so many details that make up any character, but developing a character for a dramatic role seems to come more naturally.
Kaitlyn Dever
There’s nothing I love more than admiring the details and embellishments on the works of art that I wear.
The universal human laws – need, love for the beloved, fear, hunger, periodic exaltation, the kindness that rises up naturally in the absence of hunger/fear/pain – are constant, predictable, reliable, universal, and are merely ornamented with the details of local culture.
I think fiction isn’t so good at being for or against things in general – the rhetorical argument a short story can make is only actualized by the accretion of particular details, and the specificity of these details renders whatever conclusions the story reaches invalid for wider application.
I remember when I was first time in Serie A, we were down the bottom, no one was speaking about Cagliari. And we were safe, one day before the final match. With Parma, we went down, but we were positive right to the end. There are the little details, but you have to continue.
What was once a fringe idea – finding a way to use the record levels of overseas capital to finance new projects in the United States – is now mainstream. The support is there; we just have to work out the details.
Symbolism is such a major thing in ‘The Wheel of Time’. One of the things that Robert Jordan was renowned for was his attention to details.
I love ‘Victoria’s Secret Sport’ because what they do so well is the fit and how it makes you feel. They sculpt all the right parts of your body. Plus, there’s so much to choose from – colors, prints, and cool details. It’s dangerous – you want everything.
One of the gratuities about being a director is that you can volunteer yourself out of difficult details.
As a reader and as a viewer, usually when I watch a movie, I’m caught up enough in the movie that I’m not breaking it down to the details anyway.
I believe that for the audience the best way to give the commentating is to avoid going into the deep, deep details.
By looking into more details of American history, we can make more sense of what’s happening today.
I’ve always been a people-watcher, and as an actor, later, I just mined all those little details.
If one of my heroes comes to me and says, ‘Do you want to work on something?’ I just say, ‘Yes.’ I don’t ask for details; I don’t expect to get paid anything. I just love working with my heroes.
In future, migrants desiring to enter our State will need to be registered and their personal details and identification proof will have to be submitted to the police station.
With prose you can incorporate more details, develop scenes, sustain the tension in a special way. Prose has its own speed.
I want to talk to the audience. This is what I’ve been doing in my work in French forever – talking about small things becoming big problems. I notice all the details, all the tiny little things.
I was an athlete growing up and I miss that. I miss hanging out with dudes and making raunchy jokes and telling stories, trading details, you know? There’s something I really miss about that.
Our culture already has a number of well known stories about artificial life and non-human intelligence. In ‘Exegesis,’ I’ve tried to not only tell a new and engaging story but also to comment on those well known stories through the details of my novel.
Among journalists, there is a saying: ‘If it bleeds, it leads.’ This can result in some serious hustling – and some serious sloppiness – whenever a crime occurs. The public’s longing to see and hear salacious details is, basically, endless.
You make art, you make it from what you know, and that’s the best way to make art. You get lost in the details and make something that feels like it’s yours.
Meeting forensic patients for the first time could occasionally be an unnerving experience. They often came across as mild and gentle people, but the details of the crimes were harrowing in the extreme.
Guardiola knows that the little details that can make u

Guardiola knows that the little details that can make us better. He analyses the game instantly – that’s his biggest strength, his best characteristic.
Like the French, Koreans aim for a subtle and effortless look – while actually paying a lot of attention to the details.
Among these temples there is one which far surpasses all the rest, whose grandeur of architectural details no human tongue is able to describe; for within its precincts, surrounded by a lofty wall, there is room enough for a town of five hundred families.
Hernan Cortes
The air of the English is down-to-earth. They care about details; there’s a tradition, but there’s also a counter-culture: the younger generation versus the older generation and so on. But then that’s well blended into a happy balance and crystallised into common sense.
I’ve always been jealous of rappers, because they can fit so many words into a song and tell a story with lots of details. But when you’re a songwriter, you have to fit the words to the melody and you can’t fit as much in. I’m just a big fan of storytelling.
I’m not very good with the numbers and details and the language of contracts. I just want to play football.
I face the camera every day as a student as there is a lot to learn. You become an actor when you put emphasis on smaller details.
The beauty of performance for me is finding details with which to betray character.
Jefferson Mays
When the basic status of a theory is clear, and all that needs to be cleared are details, you can collaborate. But if the main structure of a hypothesis isn’t established, and you want to change the paradigm – like it was the case in the 1960s – it’s better to work alone.
Almost any American can connect on some level to a family background of having come across some ocean. They say, ‘My great-grandparents came from wherever… this is why we have this last name, why we do this thing at Christmas.’ All the details get watered down but don’t quite disappear.
I think it’s the small things, the smaller episodes and details that I linger on and try to draw meaning from, just personally.
One must be entirely sensitive to the structure of the material that one is handling. One must yield to it in tiny details of execution, perhaps the handling of the surface or grain, and one must master it as a whole.
Barbara Hepworth
I’ve been on the show for six years and I don’t even know what her history is. I sort of make things up in my mind, but I think it’s hard for an audience to follow and invest in a character when they don’t have the details.
Crystal Chappell
If you look at my past in the Premier League, without going into too many details, I don’t think I had much of a chance at any of them, for different reasons.
There is a lot of noise and conflict in our political discourse, which is fun to cover, but I’m convinced from my travels that people also thirst for more details as well as insight and context.
John King
As a reporter, I spent a great deal of time in court. During brief breaks in testimony, I would often look at the spouse, usually the wife, of the accused. I began to wonder how listening to the details of a crime purportedly committed by your spouse would affect that person’s view of her husband.
I have spent years as a leadership coach to the very wealthy and have been able to get behind the eyes of some of the world’s best, studying the minute details of what makes a person great.
That is what shooting is. There is no secret sauce, man. You’ve got to find mechanics that you can make the same every time, and you’ve got to do it over and over again, and you can’t just shoot for rhythm. You’ve got to understand what you are doing. You have to focus on those details every day.
Our music is harder to play than it sounds. It’s the small details you don’t realize are there until you try and re-do it.
I guess I’m just a born performer or artist or sharer. I find the intimate details of my life compelling and interesting. I guess that I’m assuming that everyone else does, too.
Even as a coach, sometimes you forget the little intricacies of the offense, the details of the routes, the timing of the footwork, and the timing of the offensive tackles with the different sets that they have.
At WSX the message was loud and clear consistently, even as a rookie signing a contract and kind of talking about things and getting into the nitty-gritty details. I felt like I was always given a lot of respect and in fact sometimes I thought they were almost tooting my own horn too loud I thought it was almost silly.
Even the details of a rifle, which are nothing but mechanical, if they are made carefully, with attention, become beautiful, satisfying.
I do want people to have a sense of just the extreme level of meticulousness and care that goes into everything. I wouldn’t expect anybody to catch all the details of what I’m doing. The level of obsession is so extreme.
On the Internet you can swap GPS details and use tools like Google Maps. It’s amazing.
He surprised me by his familiarity with details of movements and battles which I did not suppose had come to his knowledge. As he kept me talking for over half an hour, I flattered myself that what I had to say interested him.
Henry Villard
My faith and reason tell me that God created the world, and I’m not particularly interested in the details. I’ll find out when I meet my Maker.
We gotta show up and pay attention to details, embracing the process of hard work, and developing our bodies and minds to get ready for the season.
I think the details and the quality are so important that it has to have an emotional tug. Even if it’s the simplest shoe, it has to have something that says, ‘Oh, I have to have you.’
Market design is about understanding the details of markets in sufficient detail so that we can help fix them when they are broken.
Alvin E. Roth
Even tiny children looking at a picture book are using their imaginations, gleaning clues from the images to understand what is happening, and perhaps using the throwaway details which the illustrator includes to add their own elements to the story.
Philip Reeve
The nominee is Mitt Romney. Paul Ryan joins Mitt Romney

The nominee is Mitt Romney. Paul Ryan joins Mitt Romney. The budget plan, the approach on Medicare and all of that is going to be the Romney plan. What he has is a man as his number two who understands the details of budgets, who has demonstrated a willingness to take on tough issues.
I want to know all Gods thoughts; all the rest are just details.
On Amazon, you find retailers that want Amazon to do part of their services. Those, you don’t find to the same degree on Google Shopping. On Google Shopping, you find sort of the bigger brands, those who want to have the customer relationship themselves – the data, the payment details, the search patterns.
There’s nothing more interesting than the details of someone’s life.
On Wall Street, financial crisis destroys jobs. Here in Washington, it creates them. The rest is just details.
Most of my folks back home think Social Security and Medicare are sacred commitments stronger than the strongest contract. And yet if you look at the details here in Washington, they’re not even promises. They’re scheduled benefits. I think we need to do all that we can to make sure those benefits are real.
I think my view is that whenever you project into the future you’re never likely to be accurate in the details, or the paraphernalia and style. It’s in the spirit of it.
To be honest, I don’t mind talking about my experiences in life, but details aren’t for everyone.
If you want to solve very complex problems, you will have to end up letting machines work out a lot of the details for themselves, and in ways that we don’t understand what they are doing.
I have always been surrounded by women with strong personality and feminine: my mother, my sister, my aunts, my friends. I am fascinated by the look they can have – simple details such as a step, a way of speaking, a gesture, a way of wearing a garment.
When you come up with a theory, you fall in love with the beauty the simplicity and elegance of it. But then you have to get a sheet of paper and pencil and crack out all the details. Hundreds and hundreds of pages. Because you have to prove it.
I’m share a lot of details, but 98 percent of my life is still private.
I love ‘Anna Karenina.’ It’s in the top five books on my list. Tolstoy is unsurpassed in combining the grand with the trivial, that is, the small details which make up life.
It makes you observe small details; even if it’s just a kid playing with his dad, if you watch them closely, you can use that in your work. It helps you fully understand people better.
Diogo Morgado
Providence conceals itself in the details of human affairs, but becomes unveiled in the generalities of history.
Alphonse de Lamartine
Discipline is based on pride, on meticulous attention to details, and on mutual respect and confidence. Discipline must be a habit so ingrained that it is stronger than the excitement of the goal or the fear of failure.
Gary Ryan Blair
Concentrate your narrative energy on the point of change. This is especially important for historical fiction. When your character is new to a place, or things alter around them, that’s the point to step back and fill in the details of their world.
The details are not the details. They make the design.
Charles Eames
The best do sweat the small stuff. They get the seemingly insignificant details right. They have the discipline to shine at the baby things which they get gives birth to spectacular giant things.
I knew the Apple II was great when I bought it, but as I dug into the details it just completely blew me away the creative artistic approach that the designers had taken.
My novels are never directly based on a true crime incident, but I want to get the details right. I want to know how homicide detectives think, what a SWAT team might do to prepare.
I dreamed my way into Lincoln and the details that moved me – his lack of education or ‘civilizedmanners and his deep connection to all humankind.
Jerome Charyn
Not enough books focus on how a culture responds to radically new ideas or discovery. Especially in the biography genre, they tend to focus on all the sordid details in the life of the person who made the discovery. I find this path to be voyeuristic but not enlightening.
Details make the difference in football today. It is part of our process.
I read ‘Crime and Punishmentyears ago and don’t recall the details of it, but I do retain a strong sense of the creeping paranoia and panic.
Some people are a natural administrator. They actually enjoy doing it. I find it a chore. I’m not a details person. I go for the big sweep.
Peter Hollingworth
Idealism, unrealistic idealism, is always contrasted with the reality of the people, of the man in the street. The details of daily life are always more convincing than the political fantasies of the earlier generations.
You gotta know the details to paint a really good picture in the reader’s mind on what’s happening.
God is in the details.
I probably make my team crazy with the questions I ask, but you really have to understand the deep details to be able set your strategy.
Jamie S. Miller
For me, being able to engage with the details when necessary, when there’s a challenge, when there’s a particularly important pivot, yes, you have to do that. But in general, a leader needs to trust their commanders, needs to trust the team they’ve assembled, to actually execute in the right way.
If you're still wondering about details - how am I goin

If you’re still wondering about details – how am I going to get these two to meet, or whatever – when you’re writing, you can’t pay proper attention to the sentences themselves.
We pride ourselves on preparing well and genuinely. It’s quite easy to brush over the small details, your recovery, the little one percenters. There are so many little things that add up to the performance.
I was a police reporter, so I got into the worlds that I write about, and I think many of the details in my books come from those days.
I spent a lot of time listening to people. But it’s also true that I liked details and listening to people when I was a bartender and when I was a waitress and probably when I was a babysitter as well. I suspect that’s part of what drew me to psychotherapy rather than the other way around.
Just luxuriate in a certain memory, and the details will come. It’s like a magnet attracting steel filings.
Whenever there’s a shooting and the details are still fuzzy, I am always worried there’s gonna be an 8chan connection.
RuPaul knew details of the ‘Burnett Show’ that even surprised me.
I don’t like sweating the details, and I’m pretty disorganized. To be a better leader, I need to stay on top of these shortcomings, and being reminded really helps.
My faith in humanity leads me to believe that people are looking for something more elevating than the sordid details of the intimate aspects of one’s personal life.
My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.
A still image attracts the viewer with an overall impact, then reveals smaller details upon further study.
Nature is full of drama. I know nothing about biology, about birds, about insects, about the details of politics. I just make movies about human interest stories.
Jacques Perrin
The TV show ‘How It’s Made’ brings the intricate details of assembly lines to numerous North American living rooms. But if the series were to ever branch into exposing the secrets of music production, Colin Stetson’s ‘New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges‘ would make for a mind-bending episode.
It is a labor of love, but there is a lot of labor, especially when you’re trying to build a big, epic world with lots of details and a kind of physics of magic that makes some sense and actually has some rules to it.
Aaron Ehasz
I always work from an outline, so I know all the of the broad events and some of the finer details before I begin writing the book.
Mercedes Lackey
The contracts for ‘Idol‘ are definitely very intimidating at first. There’s lots of fine, fine details that you have to read through.
I think as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the more important details. Yes, you’re going to make money. Yes, you’re going to do all these other things, but playing the game that you love every single day, that’s the most important thing to me.
I am not a retailer – I have never run a store; I have never understood the full details of how you can make a consumer satisfied. To build a company, to do deals, to motivate people: this is what I am able to do.
Stefano Pessina
We have to allow ourselves the freedom to make mistakes, including cultural mistakes, in our first drafts. I believe it’s okay to get cultural details wrong in your first draft. It’s okay if stereotypes emerge. It just means that your experience is limited, that you’re human.
Journalists have so much newsprint to fill, the details are the last of their considerations.
Capra is an old-time movie craftsman, the master of every trick in the bag, and in many ways he is more at home with the medium than any other Hollywood director. But all of his details give the impression of contrived effect.
Manny Farber
Women work and feel like they have to take care of so many details. Sometimes they don’t get much help from their husbands.
I couldn’t sleep for nights on end, as my brain felt like there were thoughts colliding within it; I obsessed over small details, from saving pennies and polishing each one of them to washing my clothing over and over in the washing machine.
The first photograph I ever experienced consciously is a picture of my mother from before she gave birth to me. Unfortunately, it’s a black-and-white photograph, which means that many of the details have been lost, turning into nothing but gray shapes.
Art works because it appeals to certain faculties of the mind. Music depends on details of the auditory system, painting and sculpture on the visual system. Poetry and literature depend on language.
There are a lot of details you have to work out when you’re talking about fighters competing twice in one night.
I am grateful to both Impact Wrestling and the WOW executives for working out the details to allow me to pursue my dream of competing at the highest levels within our industry.
Most of my songs have names of people I’ve met or are dear to me. There are people who have privacy issues and about people knowing about their private life. But for me, I like to include few special names and few details about them to make the song very special to me.
God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.
Art is all in the details.
Christian Marclay
I concentrate, more than I think virtually any comic book artist has in the past, on the so-called mundane details of every day life – quotidian life. What happens to a person during a working day, marital relations, and stuff like that.
I have never done homework and have always left the det

I have never done homework and have always left the details to the director. This holds true from my first film ‘Naache Mayuri’ to ‘Naagin.’
I’d read ‘Paradise Lost’ as an undergrad at university but remembered little about it. No, not true: I remembered few details, but carried with me with the persuasive arguments and pitiable dilemma of its arguable protagonist, Satan.
Andrew Pyper
Work hard and do it right. Very simple; but very effective. They are morals I got from my mum and dad. And within that are the details. Be respectful. Try and smile, try and enjoy it. They are things that I still value.
A good designer has a lot in common with a good researcher. Both hunt for excellence and perfection. And you have to really focus on the details, and you don’t really know what the final result will be before you have it.
May-Britt Moser
Before I write, I like to read obits in ‘The Times’ because they’re well written, and I like the little details. It gets the energy going in the morning. I really like the obits of old Hollywood actors and actresses.
Once I start writing about something, it goes off rather fast, and sometimes details which might be interesting such as what the room looked like or what somebody said that was not exactly on the same subject tend to get lost.
I have clients from 19 to 80 years old, and the way I work means that they can take the same dress and shorten, lengthen it, remove the sleeve, adjust details – and make it their own. They get a piece that is right for them. It’s a clever way of shopping in this economy.
One side of me is very busy paying attention to the details of life, the humanity of people, catching the street voices, the middle-class, upper-middle-class secret lives of Turks. The other side is interested in history and class and gender, trying to get all of society in a very realistic way.
For those who turn to literary biography for salacious details, ‘Flannery’ will disappoint. It is the biography of someone who had very little chance to live in the conventional sense, to experience events.
I write narrative nonfiction, creating lively scenes through action and the use of quotes from firsthand accounts, all based on rigorous research. If I say a character leaned against a fence on a windy day, than I have at least two sources to back up these details.
Jim Murphy
When working on a period, it is the finer details that evoke imagery that helps in cinematic adaptations.
There are so many details in a movie that it’s amazing how much work you’ll do to change what adds up to not that much material.
What you need to learn how to do is analyze situations and do differential diagnoses and understand the principle and the concepts rather than learn all the details, and medical school doesn’t begin to do that.
Really good writing, from my perspective, runs a lot like a visual on the screen. You need to create that kind of detail and have credibility with the reader, so the reader knows that you were really there, that you really experienced it, that you know the details. That comes out of seeing.
When you admit that you are married, people try to get skeletons out of your closet. They dig into your personal lives and link you with strangers, which could be detrimental. They also want to know details about your marriage, children, and so on. I wanted to keep it private because I only want my work to speak.
I don’t map out my future to the minute details.
I treat all my characters as if they were real, and I am scrupulous about the details of their lives.
The fictive structure, my work, my imagination, my books are about the details, the huge construction about culture, Islamic culture or modern Turkey. They’re all intertwined.
I’m very detail-oriented, which is good and bad. Because I will wake up in the middle of the night thinking about something or seeing a mistake, thinking about it, and I immediately send an email – I’m very focused on details.
It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.
Podcasting is a personal medium, and I savour those moments where details of the podcasters’ lives glint through.
I don’t inflict horrors on readers. In my research, I’ve uncovered truly terrible documentations of cruelty and torture, but I leave that offstage. I always pull back and let the reader imagine the details. We all know to one degree or another the horrors of war.
As you try to tweak your sleep one way or the other, you might be, you might be doing great – you might do better at remembering details of an event, but you might end up being poorer at abstracting the gist or the rules associated with it.
In captivity, one loses every way of acting over little details which satisfy the essentials of life. Everything has to be asked for: permission to go to the toilet, permission to ask a guard something, permission to talk to another hostage – to brush your teeth, use toilet paper, everything is a negotiation.
True Detective‘ is a densely layered work with resonant details and symbology and rich characterization under the guise of one of the forms of this mystery genre. That’s what we shoot for.
SERE is a classified program, but every person informed of it is ‘read in’ to the details of the program. Even the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency, which administers SERE, starts its PowerPoint presentation with a slide outlining the agency‘s origins.
I like to be a little different. I like details. Whatever I wear, I always have a say.
When I need to get into details, I like French. But when I want to do something stronger, English is better. The swear words are stronger in English. And on the court, ‘Allez!’ is light. ‘Come on!’ That’s strong.
Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.
Because ‘The Boy With The Topknot’ is a true story there are so many specific details that are true, current, accurate and haven’t been made up.
One of the most interesting things that I’m seeing of the Trump picks is such a heavy business and financial focus. I can’t help but feel like this is going to throw a lot of policy weight and details back to Congress, because these are not people who have a lot of experience drafting legislation.
Doing studio shows... you don't get the details of the

Doing studio shows… you don’t get the details of the league.
To be really great in little things, to be truly noble and heroic in the insipid details of everyday life, is a virtue so rare as to be worthy of canonization.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
I did go to the Alamo. Fascinating. A lot of details and nuances to the Alamo that are impressive.
As the installments in the ‘Immortals After Dark’ series span simultaneous timelines, making sure the details remained accurate was a hair-raising/losing exercise.
Kresley Cole
One of the most revealing details about my parents is that they only got together three months before my dad’s arrest.
Marriage is all about knowing the ins and outs and the intimate details, and your wife is supposed to be the person you know best. But my brother and I think alike, know everything about one another, and when we get together, we block everything else out. Nothing exists in our world except for us.
Jon Heder
The degree of intelligence that a man or a machine can show depends on many qualities of the ways that knowledge, goals, and problem-solving techniques are represented and put together, and not so much on the fine details.
I never get into the details regarding my own personal situation.
Modern scientific knowledge appeared piecemeal. Historians wrote about human history; physicists tackled the material world; and biologists studied the world of living organisms. But there were few links between these disciplines, as researchers focused on getting the details right.
I guess I have an aversion to writing about big events and heroic actions. The everyday has always seemed most important to me in writing, probably because I believe people reveal themselves in how they deal with small details.
I remember everything, even the dates. But I don’t want others to remember the details, just the image.
Gloria Grahame
I pick up the details that drive the organization insane. But sweating the details is more important than anything else.
The Macorinos and me – there’s a big space between our generations. The people I was used to work with, we will do everything faster. And the Macorinos were more, like, calm. They were patient with music, and they were paying a lot of attention to the details.
It was my first day at work – and beginning my training on the job, I was given the job of writing cheques and entering their details. The branch was surrounded by hordes of people… soon, they had to close the gates to manage the crowds, and they started pushing in.
What I liked of Mourinho is his work ethic and the way he organizes his team against the opponent. He knows the strength and weakness of the opponent, and he will give the details for what he wants. And for me, that was impressive.
I won’t divulge the details, but there’s a way to call somebody’s phone and have whatever number you want appear on the caller I.D. so that the call you’re making appears to be coming from someone else.
Little details about young footballers catch your eye when you have been around a big club for a long time. At first, it can be minor things, like the way certain young players stand out from the group when the academy lads cross paths with the senior team on their way to training in the morning.
I honestly think the reason I’ve been able to improve year by year is work. Work with the team, work with my ability, focus on all the single details.
One of the things I’ve always loved is collecting telling little details.
The less you know about the person, the more you fill in the rosiest details.
The Telephone Tour with Noname was a beautiful experience. Because this was only my second tour, I was not quite prepared for the small details that touring entails. I quickly realized how imperative it is to to sleep, eat healthily, and rest my voice.
I laughed when Steven Spielberg said that cloning extinct animals was inevitable. But I’m not laughing anymore, at least about mammoths. This is going to happen. It’s just a matter of working out the details.
Hendrik Poinar
The details of what the Fed did were kept secret until a provision in the Dodd-Frank Act that I sponsored required the Government Accountability Office to audit the Fed’s lending programs during the financial crisis.
While the story about the hunt for bin Laden has been exhaustively reported and the key sources and witnesses are in agreement about the main points of the narrative, of course, it’s still possible that we could learn new details about the story that would add to the narrative.
When I meet people, I relay things I see and feel. And in a reading when I interact with a person, I’ll pick up on sensations and feelings and piece them together to make a coherent thought. My goal is to always get specific information and relay details that people will connect to.
I knew that the Hague Convention prohibited the use of poison in war. I didn’t know the details of the terms of the Convention, but I did know of that prohibition.
Otto Hahn
I enjoy the process of adding elaboration into games and like to communicate with users through the details I create.
I take a lot of notes. Maybe it’s a product of me taking so many notes, but I have a pretty good memory for episodes, and some of the other actors will ask me questions about things, so I have this sense of responsibility that I have to be the one to remember some of the details.
In Portland, I am more involved in the details of trade discussions because I’ve been around that sport longer and can watch tape and can give some input to the drafting process. In football, not at all. It’s so specialized.
The issue of prohibiting pardons shouldn’t be a political one, but a legal and moral one that relates to the details of the specific case before the court.
Why should I go into details, we have nothing that is not perishable except what our hearts and our intellects endows us with.