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Ever since I watched 'Roots,' I've dreamed of tracing m

Ever since I watched ‘Roots,’ I’ve dreamed of tracing my African ancestry and helping other people do the same.
It is worthwhile for anyone to have behind him a few generations of honest, hard-working ancestry.
John Phillips Marquand
My grandmother, my mother and my aunts and their friends were all of southern Chinese ancestry, and they were all strong figures. Though if you asked them who was the head of their families, they would have said their husbands; and yet it was the women who ran everything.
Laurence Yep
I’m crazy about Dublin. If you went back 3,000 years in my ancestry you wouldn’t find a drop of Irish blood in the veins, but I love the place.
People like to trace their ancestry.
When you start about family, about lineage and ancestry, you are talking about every person on earth.
I’ve got German, Cornish and Scottish ancestry. It might help explain my affinity for forests, the sea, and fatty foods.
When I’m in England, I know I’m a visitor, but being a white man in England with ancestry that’s German and Italian, I have a history with the Romans and the Saxons. I feel some connection and ancestry here, as weird as that sounds.
I see myself as part English and part American, with a dash of Irish thrown in, and a pinch of Italian from my mother’s ancestry.
Allegra Huston
The man who has nothing to boast of but his illustrious ancestry is like the potato – the best part under ground.
Thomas Overbury
I wasn’t trying to work out my own ancestry. I was trying to get people to feel slavery. I was trying to get across the kind of emotional and psychological stones that slavery threw at people.
‘Cullum’ is Scottish, but I’m nowhere near Scottish. My mother is Burmese, and my father is of German, Jewish, English ancestry.
In America one drop of black ancestry makes you black.
We must be sure that Canadians realize that our political differences with the Communist government in China has nothing to do with the country of China, or its people. The millions of Canadians with Chinese ancestry are not connected to our diplomatic differences with Beijing.
For me, ancestry is just one thing that connects us to people, and feeling connected to other people is generally a good thing, as long as one kind of connection does not have primacy over all the others. Heredity, race and nationhood are not the best criteria by which to judge our fellow humans.
Women are outperforming men in almost every sphere of life in our society and the women of East Indian ancestry are no exception to this rule. They have broken the cultural mould.
Kamla Persad-Bissessar
Part of my ancestry is Cherokee. And in that tradition, you become an adult when you’re 52.
I’ve always been fascinated by family ancestry.
I get anxious. That lovely Jewish guilt that comes with ancestry.
Maya Rudolph
I really wasn’t raised with much religion. I mean we practice kind of the basic tradition, but for me it was always more of a cultural thing and that’s a part of me and my ancestry that I always loved. I mean, I think that a lot of my humor is ‘Jewish humor’ at its root. And so culturally I love that part of myself.
I discovered that there is Indian blood in my ancestry on my father’s side – a fact that had not been talked about in my family. No wonder I’ve often been cast in exotic roles – Indian princesses, Russian revolutionaries, Algerians, Gypsies and Greeks.
You notice patterns. White guests often are mortified – that word again – when they learn their ancestors owned slaves. But I’ve never had a black guest who was upset to learn about white ancestry that probably involved forced sexual relations.
Some men by ancestry are only the shadow of a mighty name.
I always understood my ancestry, like that of so many others in the Gulf Coast, to be a tangle of African slaves, free men of color, French and Spanish immigrants, British colonists, Native Americans – but in what proportion, and what might that proportion tell me about who I thought I was?
If we remind ourselves of the fact that every fifth American today rightly points and perhaps also with a certain degree of pride to his German ancestry or her German ancestry, we can safely say that we, indeed, share common roots.
And, you know, the fact is, if you believe in evolution, we all have a common ancestor, and we all have a common ancestry with the plant in the lobby. This is what evolution tells us. And, it’s true. It’s kind of unbelievable.
Jeff Hawkins
A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbours.
The Trail of Tears has a great deal of meaning for every person of American Indian ancestry, whether they are Cherokee or not. For me, it has always stood for what is best and worst about the history of the United States.
Trump is more performance artist than zealot. But he’s finding enemies everywhere, whether they are judges of Mexican ancestry, parents of those killed in war, the current president, or children of immigrants. Whether or not he has a sense of decency, he is in grave danger of losing it.
I do feel Scottish in some way. Maybe it’s to do with visiting my grandparents here every summer as a child, but I am aware of my Scottish ancestry. It’s there all right, but it would be pushing it to label me a Scottish painter. Or, indeed, an anywhere painter.
Peter Doig
My knowledge of my ancestry, like a lot of black people

My knowledge of my ancestry, like a lot of black people not living in Africa today, is very vague.
The secret to a long-lasting relationship is perpetually imagining the worst. It’s a world view tracing back to my Eastern European ancestry and one I draw upon regularly.
Zoe Lister-Jones
I know my father and my mother, but beyond that I cannot go. My ancestry is blurred.
My father’s family didn’t really know much about our ancestry. I mean, they had the story that I think a lot of white Americans have, which is, well, we came from Europe. And we arrived here.
By ancestry, I was born to rule.
Maybe if I go far enough back into my ancestry, I have African roots or something. I’ve got no idea.
My family is Abenaki Indian on my mother’s side. My father’s side of the family is Slovak, and we also have some English ancestry.
My ancestry is really weird, because my great grandfather was from the Cayman Islands, and then his father was from England. But I lose track at that point.
All scientists agree that evolution has occurred – that all life comes from a common ancestry, that there has been extinction, and that new taxa, new biological groups, have arisen. The question is, is natural selection enough to explain evolution? Is it the driver of evolution?
I’m so proud of my Chinese ancestry, but I was born and raised in America, and I really believe in American values, our American system, our freedom, our liberties.
Any nobody from the folk blues world could avoid being influenced by Woody Guthrie, who is actually of Scottish-Irish ancestry.
People are always asking me where I come from, and they’re expecting me to say India, and they’re absolutely right insofar as 100 percent of my blood and ancestry does come from India. Except, I’ve never lived one day of my life there. I can’t speak even one word of its more than 22,000 dialects.
I knew my mother was – well, her ancestry dated back to John Quincy Adams, so she was totally not Latina. She was definitely whatever you call it – white bread, shall we say?