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I am a peace supporting Jew.

I am a peace supporting Jew.
I am so honoured to be supporting the Elton John AIDS Foundation and their mission making London and our global cities AIDS-free.
Supporting and publicising the campaigns of smaller unions pressures bosses to accept workersdemands.
All the Formula 1 teams that Dare To Be Different has come into contact with – Ferrari, McLaren, Force India, Williams – they’re all very proactive in supporting us. They allow us to contact their female staff members and they’re very conscious of wanting to help increase their percentage of women in the industry.
No matter where you are on the political spectrum, libraries make sense. It’s such a small investment. Every dollar supporting a library system returns five dollars to the community.
Consumers of meat, eggs and dairy products might well ask what they are supporting. Do farmers care about anyone but themselves? Can’t anyone see the cow for the cheese?
We need to ask elected officials supporting Keystone XL whether they’re willing to put their constituents and our environment at risk so that foreign oil tycoons get a better return on their tar sands investments. Keystone XL backers will keep trying to sell us a sucker‘s deal; it’s up to us to say no.
Take responsibility about what you have on your TV, and about what you are out there supporting.
Expanded outdoor dining has created a vibrancy in many of our neighborhoods in ways that we haven‘t seen before, all while supporting locally owned, small businesses.
I didn’t realize that so many people watch ‘Bigg Boss’ and are actually supporting Samir.
I don’t think the BBC supporting digital switchover is top slicing. Top slicing is putting the license fee up for grabs for other broadcasters to bid for.
Building on our strong track record of supporting developing countries, including in areas like climate justice, human rights, gender and education, Ireland recognises that vulnerable communities need very considerable assistance in adapting to climate change.
It didn’t really sink in for me when I first heard that we would be supporting RHCP. But when I heard people around us commenting on how incredible it is to be on tour with such a celebrated band, that’s when it finally sunk in and realised what a remarkable honour it is to tour with RHCP.
The real kudos need to go to my family, who have supported my crazy filmmaking dreams – from Melbourne, to L.A., England and the wider world – by supporting my projects and passions over the past years.
I always love playing in front of fans; when you run on the court and there are 20,000 people supporting you, there’s nothing like it and it’s an amazing feeling.
According to me, all Congress leaders are supporting me. MLAs and leaders are happy with me.
Having followed the wireless industry long enough, I can tell you that building and supporting an application for different platforms is as tough as climbing a straight wall of rock.
My inbox is now bulging with touching emails from young women scientists who have been kind enough to write and thank me for inspiring them and helping them on their way. It has also been of great comfort to me to see many women at the top of science testifying for my record in supporting women scientists.
Young people in college – many living away from their parents for the first time in their lives – are particularly vulnerable to the leftist propaganda campaign designed to turn them away from supporting president Trump and turning them away from believing in American exceptionalism.
I want to thank all the fans for their support over the years. Keep supporting the Knicks, we’re moving in the right direction here and we will be exciting to watch and competing against the best in the NBA. Come back to the Garden for those exciting games.
John Starks
Supporting and investing in local economic projects has always been a significant part of my agenda.
Venezuela is supporting tens of thousands of poor families in the United States with heating oil.
Supporting iconic, growth-oriented industries, combined with tax policies that encourage small business growth and investment, represents a potent combination and is the basis of our entire administration.
I’m into fashion and design and clothing, but I’m not into supporting brands if I don’t know what their message is, and how the people that work for them are treated.
My parents have truly gone above and beyond in not only supporting me but also encouraging me to follow my dreams. My dad‘s only wish was that I made sure to go to college for theatre and study my craft.
Mikaela Hoover
I realised that the political context had got worse since the 2010 World Cup. I tried to ignore it but I wanted, as a national coach – you may call this Utopia – to make Catalans and Basques feel good about supporting a Spanish side… to unite even the most sectarian and nationalist.
Vicente del Bosque
Actions aimed at supporting deleveraging and balance-sheet repair – such as recognizing losses, writing down assets, and recapitalizing bankscarry longer-term benefits but short-term costs.
It’s just so frustrating when you’re in a supporting role because you only get to express a part of yourself.
Every show I play, I try and make it unique. I don’t pre-plan my sets and always try and drop new music from my label or artists I am supporting. Equally, I spend countless hours making edits and adding my own touch to the music I want to play.
Even when I was doing supporting roles, I always had this belief that one day the opportunity to play a lead would come my way.
In reality, it is the waste collectors, the nurses, and the cleaners whose shoulders are supporting the apex of the pyramid. They are the true mechanism of social solidarity.
We are focused on Main Street, on supporting economic c

We are focused on Main Street, on supporting economic conditionsplentiful jobs and stable prices – that help all Americans.
Vaccines are extremely cost-effective, giving kids a healthy start in life and supporting the economic and educational foundations of entire communities. They directly lead to a healthy workforce, which is so critical to long-term development and prosperity in all countries.
The Revolutionary Guard Corps is the official protector of Iran’s revolution, with 100,000 troops divided into air, naval and ground divisions. It plays a large role in Iran’s economy. Its international paramilitary arm, the Quds Force, is Tehran‘s main vehicle for supporting Shiite proxy forces.
I like the idea of playing with a bit more tactical freedom, either in a deeper role or supporting the strikers more often.
In Hollywood you’ll see a lot of big stars supporting non-profits which is so great but Paul really wanted to be a physical force behind really getting down and dirty and helping others.
Cody Walker
Oftentimes, as women and women of color, we are put as supporting characters in other people’s narratives. With ‘Jessica James‘, she is the star of her own narrative.
Well, I don’t think any of the Republicans have expressed any interest in supporting the vision of Robert Kennedy at all. At least I haven’t seen that.
Like many of my friends and associates, I am a life-long Democrat. We have a rock-solid commitment to supporting the political party that we so strongly believe offers the most promising vision of America: one that recognizes the proper role of government, the importance of compassion, and the value of diversity.
If someone is supporting Sharia, that is doing something wrong.
Give us a chance to show you that those so-called protective laws to aid women – however well intentioned originally – have become in fact restraints, which keep wife, abandoned wife, and widow alike from supporting her family.
Martha Griffiths
I do my research, and if I’m supporting something, then it’s because it aligns with me morally and ethically.
One of the matters that must be addressed is that Rwanda and Uganda have to leave the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We’re also supporting processes to ensure that the political dialogue among the Congolese themselves takes place so that the people there can decide their future.
I always had acting work when I needed it. I think that is why, when I watch films or TV series in America, I find in small roles or in supporting roles really amazing faces, where I have the feeling these people have actually had a life outside of acting. I find it almost a pity that I’ve never done anything else.
I love supporting female-owned companies and women who are awesome.
I think life is hard at the combat outposts, and anything that distracts us from supporting them, in my mind, is something that we shouldn’t do.
Our leaders pay lip service to the freedoms that democracy provides while actually supporting an economic structure that imprisons its citizens under more and more debt.
It’s always a lot easier when you have people around you supporting you.
Being able to make work – if it’s on your terms, and it’s a good fit with the people who are supporting it – can be a very interesting exercise. When it doesn’t work is when an artist just connects with a brand, and they try to take advantage of each other.
Marco Brambilla
There are so many people supporting me and so many good people on my side.
Arafat is hosting, training, supporting, sponsoring terrorist organizations.
I’m a woman, and I see women get put through an awful lot of grief and be subjected to the kind of criticism, remarks, and suggestions that no woman should ever have to tolerate. And I think we should be helping each other and supporting each other.
In the drag community it’s mostly women in the audience, even for burlesque. I think people look at strippping as a male gaze thing and I think the actual neo-classical burlesque community is more about women supporting women and their creativity, along with freedom of expression.
I’m awkward at these things. Just being nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Karate Kid was a real surprise and I was a little uncomfortable.
Pat Morita
Military hardliners called me a ‘security threat‘ for promoting peace in South Asia and for supporting a broad-based government in Afghanistan.
If you look at attitudes today and where they are headed, it’s clear to me that supporting equal rights, including the rights to civil marriage, is a net positive for winning elections, as well as the right thing to do.
Ken Mehlman
The people are going to be able to judge for themselves who is supporting corruption and who is against it.
I won’t call it UMNO anymore; this is Najib’s party. I feel embarrassed that I am associated with a party that is seen as supporting corruption – it had caused me to feel ashamed.
We need to do a better job of supporting diversity and inclusion within all sectors of our economy, including agriculture.
Being able to provide kindness to people putting their lives at risk in hospitals and supporting Philadelphia families in dire need of help is an important responsibility for me.
The only thing is we didn’t have the supporting cast.
Marcel Dionne
I do believe that supporting our First Amendment rights and supporting local law enforcement are not mutually exclusive.
Steve Clevenger
If you're looking for the safe choice, you shouldn't be

If you’re looking for the safe choice, you shouldn’t be supporting a black guy named Barack Obama to be the next leader of the free world.
It’s great when women support women. We need more women out there supporting women.
An abortion is expensive. Its cost includes pay for the doctor, supporting medical staff, their health benefits packages, and malpractice insurance.
Every white liberal straight man needs to take action and work at unifying all peoples of our sides and stop making women and people of color and the LGBT community fight it out themselves and just pat them on the back. We have to take active roles in supporting them, defending them, and hiring them.
I developed an interest in supporting independent journalists in a way that leverages their work to the greatest extent possible, all in support of the public interest.
England has a long history of supporting alternative medicinemaybe it’s because they don’t have such a strong pharmaceutical industry in England, and homeopathy has been taught and promoted there for hundreds of years.
The first movie that I ever said was my favorite movie – and I’ve said for the longest – is ‘The Producers,’ Mel Brooks‘ original ‘Producers.’ The two lead performances from Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder are both unstoppable performances and then supported by amazing supporting characters throughout.
Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
Once you come up with a premise, you have to work out how it all happened. It’s a bit like coming up with a spectacular roof design first. Before you can get it up there, you need to build a solid foundation and supporting structure.
Building a country that worked for everyone was supposed to be about supporting ordinary working class families, which is exactly what Labour‘s plan to bring back the maintenance grant would do.
We should be therefore supporting a larger Europe, and in so doing we should strive to expand the zone of peace and prosperity in the world which is the necessary foundation for a stable international system in which our leadership could be fruitfully exercised.
There is a lot I need to thank God for, everyday. But I think I am blessed because I have a very loving, understanding and supporting family.
Some investors may grumble about entrepreneurs wanting ‘unicorn valuations.’ But let’s be honest: most investors want them, too, and are supporting the massive capitalization of these companies.
Getting a family into work, supporting strong relationships, getting parents off drugs and out of debt – all this can do more for a child’s well-being than any amount of money in out-of-work benefits.
The art music of the West has developed through out its history by means of individual geniuses, and out of the soil supporting them; non-Western musicians were born, and grew like the grasses of the field.
Toru Takemitsu
We’ve done a terrible job of hiring, supporting, and retaining the people tasked with the difficult responsibility of teaching our children.
I spent a lot of time with President Mandela supporting his efforts in the peace process in Burundi. The thing that impressed me the most was his humility.
Although I am proud of all supporters, especially those legislators who have had the guts to buck the party and support me, there are some supporters who risk more than their political careers. They risk the wrath of extremists and even their livelihood for publicly supporting me.
Supporting the troops has got to mean more than bumper stickers on pickup trucks, my friends. We need to give them what they need.
The people who are supporting Herman Cain are the type of people that show up and vote in the primary.
Windows is probably the most important product in the entire PC industry. Everything we do in terms of supporting touch, new hardware, accessibility has incredible impact.
I’m used to being a supporting player in the background. All I ever wanted, at the very most, was to have a small part in something where people were like, ‘Oh, right, that one guy, whoever he is, was pretty good in that.’ That’s all I ever really strived for or expected.
Robin Lord Taylor
I did a short film called ‘Disco’ and won an award for Best Supporting Actor at an indie film festival, and that was nice. Hopefully there’s lots more to come.
Charlie Rowe
There is an imperative need for the creator in every supporting actor to be able to perceive the gravity of these roles.
Thambi Ramaiah
I grew up in Evanston and lived in Chicago for a long time, in Old Town and Wrigleyville. I did three films when I was in high school. The first was ‘Class,’ with Rob Lowe. I had a supporting role in that.
I love supporting British companies, especially British fashion, and Ted Baker just encapsulates our heritage.
John Quincy Adams ranks with Jimmy Carter on the roster of ex-presidential redemption. Instead of completing a biography of his father, he let himself be elected to the House, where he spent nine terms in Whiggish opposition to the Democrats, supporting a national bank and a protective tariff and internal improvements.
There’s a fine line between lead actor and supporting actor.
It had run as a column – I had worked at the paper since 1976, but the column had been running for 13 years, and I think it was a strong column, criticizing the war when the paper was supporting it.
I want to leave UMNO because it is no longer UMNO. It is a party dedicated to supporting Mr. Najib, to protecting Mr. Najib, to upholding whatever it is that he does, including some of the wrong things that he has done. I cannot be a member of such a party.
I was at this model search with a friend, supporting her, and next thing you know I ended up in it.
Kim Smith
Employee-owned companies play an important role in our

Employee-owned companies play an important role in our economy, bringing stability, increasing productivity and supporting local economies.
You want to represent it accurately, and the accurate representation of quarantine is not that it’s sad all the time or that people are struggling constantly, it’s that there are these moments of hardship and then there are intense moments of levity and kinship and people supporting each other.
I’m not going to go to a producer that’s going to take me in a studio and charge me my whole budget and give me a fake head nod. I’m just trying to make good music. I appreciate everybody that’s supporting me.
The U.S. has spent billions of dollars on educating and supporting teachers or developing curricula but no resources are applied to ‘improving the brain’ that a student brings to the classroom.
I’ve always been a workhorse, and I’ve been supporting myself since I was 15.
It becomes dangerous for somebody who doesn’t want their boss to know their sexual preference to use online networks to push for laws supporting gay marriage or same-sex partner rights if they can’t do so with a pseudonym.
With ‘Red Sonja’, it’s a single character leading a book although there’s a supporting cast, whereasSecret Six’ is basically six characters who have equal time and equal place in the book, so it’s got a team dynamic that ‘Red Sonja’ doesn’t have.
I have given to Democrats in the past. I’ve always believed in supporting the best candidate at the time.
Only through loving and supporting one another, even in the face of unbearable pain and suffering, will this cycle of violence end.
Dad used to reminisce about the good old days when Everton won the old first division championship and the FA Cup back in the 1970s and 80s but they weren’t quite so good when I started supporting them.
Supporting actors are the support. You can’t make a building without support. You can’t buy dinner without support.
I mean, I enjoy my work as an actor. But to make a difference in people’s lives through advocacy and through supporting research – that’s the kind of privilege that few people will get, and it’s certainly bigger than being on TV every Thursday for half an hour.
We Filipinos have to exercise the necessary pressure on Marcos. But it would certainly help our cause if the Americans would stop supporting Mr. Marcos.
One of the most exciting things about supporting West Bromwich Albion was watching Johnny Giles play in the late ’70s.
Growing our economy means supporting our small businesses, and one straightforward way to do this is to help business owners with the cost of health insurance for their workers.
AIADMK is committed to supporting an Indian for the Prime Minister‘s post.
SiriusXM has had my back ever since day one when I was making remixes in my dorm room at university, and it means a lot that they’re supporting my music as I prepare to release my debut album, ‘Cloud Nine.’
I grew up in a really small town. I had a great friend group and an amazing community of people who were supporting and loving and moving out to L.A. it was really hard to find that. Especially just starting off my teen years.
I think about my mum staying up all night with me when I was cramming for exams, and supporting me through all of life’s ups and downs.
I haven’t agreed with every one of my Republican colleagues or Democratic colleagues on every issue. But I’m supporting Donald Trump because we need change in this country.
Because terms limits are so popular, the interest of a member of Congress in staying in office would be congruent with supporting my term limits joint resolution.
I support DACA, which prevents the deportation of undocumented immigrants who came to America as children. Congress should cement this program into law by supporting the DREAM Act, which has overwhelming bipartisan support.
I feel like the more we speak for and support others, the less we’ll have to worry about speaking for and supporting ourselves.
For me, it has been very important to grow up knowing about my mom’s work and that she was always, at every moment, supporting me and teaching me to have this strength.
Yalitza Aparicio
Recycling more plastics can help local businesses and expand jobs while supporting the goals of sustainability.
If you can get in trouble for supporting a friend you’ve known for almost 50 years, I don’t want to live in that country.
It was very hard to go through life as a small boy supporting Atletico.
I actually have a movie that I was a supporting role in that I’m really proud of called ‘Sun Dogs.’
J. R. Ramirez
I’ve read crime fiction all my life. A thing that’s bothered me about crime fiction is that it’s generally about one or two people, but there’s not much about society. I want to get away from that particular pattern: a lead, a supporting role and backdrop characters.
Stieg Larsson
I’m not supporting any companies that cause harm to animals.
I feel like the fans are the best at the slams. Everyone is coming, they’re supporting you. It’s really special, makes it really special for us to play in front of them.
If you have a good community behind you and a good fami

If you have a good community behind you and a good family supporting you, then, when the buck stops with you, there is the strength of that community and that family to draw upon.
Incongruous information is discarded, and supporting information is eagerly retained. Our memory actually ends up skewed: we are better able to process and recall the facts that we are motivated to process and recall, while conveniently forgetting those that we would prefer weren’t true.
One of the biggest challenges for the MENA region is unemployment coupled with high population growth rates. The World Bank is committed to supporting infrastructure projects that will help with job creation across the region.
Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair
In 1911, Edgar Rice Burroughs, having failed at everything else, decided to write a novel. He was then in his mid-thirties, married with two children, barely supporting his family as the agent for a pencil-sharpener business.
Some of the supporting roles that I’ve done as an actor, I took them because I knew that I would get to watch some of the leading guys in the movies, and also I’d get to work with them.
Respect? The people supporting illegals don’t know the meaning of the word.
I don’t like dressing up, and I don’t like putting on make-up or doing the red carpet. The only red carpet events I go to are if I’m supporting a friend.
We are not a typical family that goes for a movie on Sunday or has dinner together every night. But we are strong as the Great Wall of China. Nothing can stop us from supporting one another and enduring each other’s pain as well.
The nature of an ensemble means when you’re a supporting character and not the lead character, you get little tidbits here and there, but you’re usually there to provide bits of comic relief and little bits of action or something.
Owain Yeoman
When I started supporting Man United, Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole were my heroes growing up.
Odion Ighalo
The Teenage Cancer Trust does incredible work supporting and caring for teenagers and young adults with cancer, and it’s a cause that is really close to me and my family.
Mr. Speaker, the Delaware River deepening project is important for my constituents, for our region and for the entire nation. I trust that, when they examine the facts about it, every one of my colleagues will join me in supporting it.
Robert Brady
One in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a wage.
Supporting drama for young people is close to my heart.
Thankfully, President Obama has stood firmly behind women’s health care issues by supporting coverage for contraception and reaffirming commitment to organizations like Planned Parenthood.
Many Android users aren’t aware of some the things that Android can already do such as supporting the enforcement of companywide security policies, encrypting phone data and providing e-mail and calendar widgets that update in real-time. Our job is to help people and businesses discover and use these features.
I’m black, and he’s said some controversial stuff about black people. When it comes to me not supporting Donald Trump, it’s correlated to the things he has said. I have a gay uncle. All the things he said in his campaign are things I can’t associate myself with.
I cannot with a clear conscience move forward supporting and promoting the Miss Universe Organization when I no longer believe in it.
Industry now should become a full partner of government in supporting longrange basic research.
Kenneth G. Wilson
The idea that just because you are a woman you should be supporting Hillary Clinton I think is false. There is a broad base of political views.
We call on the P.R.C. to remain focused on supporting international efforts to combat the global pandemic and to stop exploiting the distraction or vulnerability of other states to expand its unlawful claims in the South China Sea.
I think we take our friends for granted a lot in high school. We’re so busy worrying about our own problems that we ignore the fact that we have these people who are supporting us and taking care of us like all the time.
I have already seen death, and I know that death is supporting me in my cause of education. Death does not want to kill me.
The English season will be over; I’m a Brazilian who loves my country, so of course I will be following and supporting the side as much as any fan.
Media is not supporting me. They’re saying that I want to marry Imran Khan, but I’m already married. This is wrong. What about my self-worth? My identity? I am a social media sensation. I am a fashion icon.
Disneyland is the star, everything else is in the supporting role.
I probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the gay community supporting me. I wouldn’t be the artist I was today if it wasn’t for that because that was the only community that let me try, let me perform without knowing who I was.
I am honoured to join education innovators like Ms. Vicky Colbert, Dr. Madhav Chavan, and Sir Fazle Hasan Abed as the fourth WISE Prize for Education Laureate. I accept this prize on behalf of the million girls Camfed is committed to supporting through secondary education.
For the first time, individual hackers could afford to have home machines comparable in power and storage capacity to the minicomputers of ten years earlier – Unix engines capable of supporting a full development environment and talking to the Internet.
Eric S. Raymond
I reject the notion that supporting our dedicated classroom teachers is at odds with improving the education our children receive.
I don’t like talking about myself. I’m not really interested in myself. One of the good things about being a supporting actor is that you get to talk about other people.
Government should support - and benefits from - economi

Government should support – and benefits from – economic development and settlement. The oft-used analogy of building highways and supporting infrastructure – not driving the vehicles or the industry – fits.
People sometimes say, ‘Oh, you were a movie star,’ and I’m like, ‘No, I was a supporting actress.’ I wasn’t an A-list actress, and I’m fine with that. I’m proud of what I did in film.
When you show up at a rally supporting a bill, you are supporting the bill.
Charlie Dent
No Christians I know who are supporting Trump are under the illusion that The Donald is a seasoned student of Scripture.
The fans in Dallas were hard on me my first year, but after having a great year last year they are now supporting me. It feels great to have my hard work pay off, especially when the fans made it hard for me.
I said, even when I was left out, ‘I am an England fan, and I’ll be supporting the boys.’ It’s in my blood; it’s too hard not to.
Back of every creation, supporting it like an arch, is faith. Enthusiasm is nothing: it comes and goes. But if one believes, then miracles occur.
Our choice of a reform framework dictated that we looked at the fundamental assumptions that had driven Nigeria‘s economy, society and policy hitherto and to seek ways of either abandoning or transcending those assumptions and their supporting institutions.
I didn’t inherit any great success and the problems that came with it, and yet I was able to keep working and supporting myself and later a family. I’m crazy fortunate.
The cause is very close to my heart, and I’m proud to be supporting NDCS in helping deaf children overcome the challenges they face in everyday life.
As this long and difficult war ends, I would like to address a few special words to the American people: Your steadfastness in supporting our insistence on peace with honor has made peace with honor possible.
If President Obama really means what he has said repeatedly about supporting the aspirations of the Egyptian people, then he will have to recognize that in Egypt today, as in America in 1963, that can mean opposing government policy.
Cynthia P. Schneider
Growing our economy and protecting our environment by supporting cleaner and more affordable energy and transportation choices can go together.
A family is a group of people who are committed to loving and supporting one another. It’s just that simple.
Sherri Saum
President Bush is supporting Arnold but a lot of Republicans are not, because he is actually quite liberal. Karl Rove said if his father wasn’t a Nazi, he wouldn’t have any credibility with conservatives at all.
Rarely was a distinction deserves as the Oscar for best supporting actor, who went to the late Heath Ledger. His ‘Joker‘ is really incredible.
In Europe, there is no television filmmaking legislation that could assist film production because private broadcasters are not interested in supporting Polish film.
FreshWorld is in line with my vision of supporting sustainable technologies in solving problems. I feel this is the next-level disruption in the fruits and vegetables industry.
Kris Gopalakrishnan
It’s what actors call a big, juicy part, when you’re a leading man. I don’t get a lot of those. I get a lot of supporting things.
The whole banking sector in Mexico was literally bankrupt. For whatever reason, instead of intervening in the sector or supporting the banks, the government expropriated them. We went through the very laborious period of selling the failing banks to the wealthy people of Mexico.
I call upon governments to start supporting companies to use more sustainable materials in their products instead of continuing with antiquated incentives, such as import duties on synthetic materials that are in principle much higher compared with those placed on leather goods regardless of the environmental footprint.
It’s coaches. It’s people that are involved in kids’ lives at every level, and it’s supporting their parents. Their parents need better jobs. So that they can help them with their homework and don’t have to work two jobs.
I have made it clear that I am supporting Modi for his work. This does not mean that I am supporting BJP.
Axilor Ventures helps startups to improve their odds of success, and I look forward to supporting the executive management of Axilor with this vision.
Kris Gopalakrishnan
I am greatly honoured to become Patron of The Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre. I have benefited hugely from their work, and I am looking forward to supporting them in giving a chance to others to benefit from their experience and teaching.
Princess Beatrice of York
The work that I engage with, whether it’s self-generated or collaborative, is uplifting and supporting historically marginalized and disenfranchised people, because when I uplift up those groups, I’m uplifting myself and supporting myself – it works out in that way.
Supporting workforce development is critical to growing our economy and creating greater opportunity for Vermonters, making this grant program tremendously valuable for Vermont workers and our businesses.
The challenges military families face from frequent relocations and deployments are themselves patches of service, and that’s why supporting our military families is one of my top priorities in Congress.
Let us recommit to supporting every girl to develop her skills, enter the workforce on equal terms, and reach her full potential.
I enjoy supporting projects involving disadvantaged young people and people with disabilities.
The lead singer is such a prominent thing, where drums are more of a supporting instrument.
Some people put down all presidents. If you say anythin

Some people put down all presidents. If you say anything good about any of them, they think you’re supporting everything they do.
Universities should be supporting Teach First, actively promoting it among their students and financially supporting them to join the scheme, using a small fraction of their income from higher fees for this purpose.
To get our passengers where they want to go safely and happily requires thousands of us working together with a shared purpose of supporting each other in serving our customers.
I’d say my happiest moment as an actress came when I learned I’d won the Look Magazine Best Supporting Actress Award for 1956 in The Killing.
Marie Windsor
I don’t consider myself a very interesting person. I have the mentality of a supporting actor.
While monetary policy can contribute to growth by supporting a durable expansion in a context of price stability, it cannot reliably affect the long-run sustainable level of the economy’s growth.
Psychological factors are critical in supporting immune function. If you suppress this psychological support by telling someone he’s condemned to die, your words alone will have condemned him.
Securing a sustainable, safe food supply and supporting the agriculture industry at home and abroad enables the United States to serve as a global leader in national security.
Hospitals feel like they need to increase prices to make up for treating patients that don’t pay their bills or that are not having insurance supporting them.
Having loving and supporting parents didn’t make me feel any better about the possibility of seeing my personal life splashed across newspapers and tabloids.
Mary Cheney
When you have 20 nominations – 20 names on the nomination list of best actor, supporting actor and actress, etc., and there’s absolutely no representation of color whatsoever, I think that’s a subset of perhaps a bigger problem.
Republicans turned against organized workers and abandoned the idea of promoting equality at the bottom of the economic scale. They turned their idea of economic harmony into a justification for supporting industrialists, who were the nation’s job creators.
Over the years, if you look at the films of people like Billy Wilder, Preston Sturges, Frank Capra, their supporting characters, even if it’s a doorman with two lines, always seem three-dimensional. To me, that’s a sign of good storytelling.
As an author, you’re really grateful for the people who are supporting you, but on some other level, that can be a dangerous echo chamber.
My first movie role was a supporting performance in a Canadian film called ‘Final Lady.’ It was a great opportunity for me at the time.
John Candy
I have some friends who love to perform and wish they were getting the attention I am getting. But that doesn’t stop them from supporting me.
Airbnb is dedicated to empowering people and communities through healthy tourism, and we have a long tradition of supporting local projects in Asia-Pacific.
CDC is supporting community efforts by establishing competitive grants to support local programs to help individuals and families to get healthy and stay healthy.
Football has given me so many opportunities in life and now I want to play my role in supporting others through the game.
Women must do a better job of supporting each other. However, real change will happen when both men and women unite to demand diversity.
I’m not supporting Jeremy Corbyn. If we are to have an election I would fight as Lib Dem leader as the party of remain that hasn’t equivocated on this like Jeremy Corbyn.
Our immigration system is fundamentally broken, and ICE’s role in supporting the existing system – including separating families seeking refuge in the United States and conducting indiscriminate deportation raids in our communities – is creating an atmosphere of toxic fear and mistrust in immigrant communities.
The science supporting the relationship between carbohydrates and dementia is quite exciting, as it paves the way for lifestyle changes that can profoundly affect a person’s chances of remaining intact, at least from a brain perspective.
I know this government is running in a three-wheeler like an autorickshaw, but for the poor people the steering is in my hand and the other two are sitting behind supporting.
Yet there is disappointment in Washington and in the United States that Canada is not supporting us fully.
My first choice had always been my father. He’s still my first pick. Now that the nominating process is over, tonight, I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be supporting Governor Romney.
In ‘The Grandmaster,’ I had a supporting role, but my character in ‘The Crossing‘ is much more central to the plot.
Many of us saw religion as harmless nonsense. Beliefs might lack all supporting evidence but, we thought, if people needed a crutch for consolation, where’s the harm? September 11th changed all that.
I am excited to join Combate Americas on NBC UNIVERSO, and look forward to building this incredible MMA sports brand and supporting the extremely talented athletes on its growing roster.
Wellcome Trust focuses on supporting outstanding researchers, accelerating the application of research, and exploring medicine in historical and cultural contexts. We believe passionately that breakthroughs emerge when the most talented researchers are given the resources and freedom they need to pursue their goals.
I thought it was a terrible idea being a supporting character on a football show.
I have played lead roles, supporting roles and also min

I have played lead roles, supporting roles and also miniscule roles in my career so far, and have never been image conscious.
When you’re a big money earner and your husband isn’t, it makes you question how feminine you are. I felt I was less feminine than if I was a supporting wife, or a second fiddle, or ‘Mrs. Higgins.’
The fact that a New Hampshire legislator‘s position is not seen as a career or a way of supporting a family has meant that it draws women. At times, I think men who might be looking for a paid career have known that they couldn’t make one out of serving in the legislature. So there’s a little more space for women.
Difficult times require difficult decisions. But supporting this bill shouldn’t be a difficult decision.
Jim Bunning
Saudi Arabia is a crucial ally in the Middle East, supporting U.S. efforts to fight terrorism and halt the ambitions of a hostile and increasingly aggressive Iran.
What you would call a ‘lead,’ I’ve always considered a supporting part, and what people would call ‘supporting parts,’ I’ve considered leads. In a way, I look at it in reverse, because supporting parts – when they’re done correctly – are the ones that are progenitors for storylines, to move forward.
I was pleased Melissa Leo won Best Supporting Actress for ‘The Fighter’ at the Oscars. I hope that her outfits are maintained in some cinema museum.
Her pupils were at once her salvation and her despair. They gave her the means of supporting life, but they made life hardly worth supporting.
P. G. Wodehouse
Alibaba model is the model that I am supporting in China, in India, and even in Japan.
If we look at ‘Black Panther,’ it did so well. There were a bunch of supporting black characters in the movies for years and then it took a long time, but finally they did make that.
I’m not a wealthy person because I was never a star. I was a working actor and a supporting actor.
I give away something up to $500 million a year throughout the world promoting Open Society. My foundations support people in the country who care about an open society. It’s their work that I’m supporting. So it’s not me doing it.
I would say keep supporting space flight, keep telling the public and the politicians why it’s important to advance science and explore the galaxy. I encourage the Japanese to keep doing what they’re doing.
Jon Tester needs to be held accountable for his extreme partisan liberal record of supporting President Obama’s judicial nominees 99% of the time but then opposing President Trump‘s nominees.
I think that the jazzy approach that I have is based on the way that I hear music and in the way I play a supporting role to the other people in the band.
We want to do something important in the World Cup, and hopefully I have the chance. If not, well, life goes on, I’ll keep working the same way and supporting my teammates.
I cannot ignore the will of my constituents by supporting a bill that allows President Obama’s executive amnesty plan to continue unchecked.
For years, I have been criticized for supporting the military because I have no military experience. It’s one of the craziest complaints I’ve ever experienced in over 30 years as a radio talk show host.
It’s always liberating to feel like I’m changing my hair and know that my fans are supporting that. I like to feel like I’m really expressing myself, and when people embrace it, it feels like an authentic connection.
The West sees liberation movements as terrorist movements, and that is why I am accused of supporting terrorism: because I support liberation movements.
Beyond combating global warming and supporting domestic business interests, remaining a part of the Paris Agreement has clear benefits to the U.S. at large. Nations such as China and India are already eyeing an opportunity to take over America’s role as the world leader on this issue.
The biggest advice I can give loved ones who are supporting someone navigating a newly diagnosed mental illness is patience, patience, and patience.
I think the country is ready for supporting an openly gay basketball player.
It doesn’t matter how good you are as a band or how good your music may be; if the fans aren’t supporting it and buying your music, it’s hard to make it.
Architects create spaces that accommodate human activity. As opposed to many of its contemporary counterparts, Dune‘is not so much focused on the styling of that activity, as on the supporting of it.
Magnus Larsson
When someone builds a bridge, he uses engineers who have been certified as knowing what they are doing. Yet when someone builds you a software program, he has no similar certification, even though your safety may be just as dependent upon that software working as it is upon the bridge supporting your weight.
Dave Parnas
I believe strongly in ‘giving while living.’ I see little reason to delay giving when so much good can be achieved through supporting worthwhile causes today. Besides, it’s a lot more fun to give while you live than to give while you are dead.
In the urban community, the church doesn’t just take people to Heaven; it feeds, clothes, and houses them. It teaches them how to read and gets them jobs. The church should be doing all that. What the government should be doing is freeing up the church and supporting the church, as long as it is providing social services.
Nobody aspires to be a backup. And although I take great pride in the supporting roles I’ve played in both Philadelphia and Kansas City, part of me still cringes every time I hear myself described that way. Not only is it limiting and one-dimensional, it doesn’t come close to describing who I really am.
In real life, every person is the leading man or woman. We don’t think of ourselves as supporting or character actors.
We are committed to supporting the economic growth of India and this includes providing a resource to local partners and taking ‘Made in India’ products global.
For every big American movie I've done where I was the

For every big American movie I’ve done where I was the supporting guy, I’ve gone back home to Canada to do supporting movies where I was the lead.
Jay Baruchel
When you put gas in your car you are making a political statement, because you are supporting the empires that control and continue the destruction of some countries.
Your money is power, so be aware of the products you’re buying and the companies you’re supporting to make sure you’re helping the companies that are leading the way in sustainability.
The Romans were not inventors of the supporting arch, but its extended use in vaults and intersecting barrel shapes and domes is theirs.
Harry Seidler
It’s nice to go and be a guest on a television sitcom. It pays well; it’s easy because generally it’s a supporting role, so you go, you do two or three things, you’re in touch with people there. They’re widely popular, so they’re seen by many people.
I would probably choose supporting roles if I had to make a choice. It’s actually a really hard thing to say. It’s all on a role-by-role basis, ultimately. I shouldn’t be so quick to say that. I feel like you’re given greater license to be colorful and eccentric in supporting roles, and that’s interesting to me.
Part of the reason why I’m supporting Trump is that I think we need a more radical, new approach to government – at least in the U.S. – from what we’ve had before.
When the size of the group supporting your cause reaches a critical mass, any legislator or elected official has to pay attention.
Mark Shields
Latinos finally have a genre of music that represents them, and they’re supporting reggaeton in such huge numbers that people can’t help but notice there’s a revolution going on.
I’m really proud that the LGBT community has gotten behind me because, as I said, I am part of the community, so I do as much as I possibly can for our community and for our rights, so it’s nice that everyone is supporting me as well.
I’ve been, for want of a better phrase, a supporting actress so much of my life.
I look at some of the old villains in the Disney movies. If you really listen, you can hear some of the villains or some of the supporting characters, they use the voices over and over because they were so versatile in the way that they performed on voiceovers.
Jennifer Stone
The support of my mother has made such a difference in my life, sacrificing everything to make sure that we went to school, did our homework, got an education. That was one person supporting me, and it takes more than one person in our community to help raise our children.
A relationship always feels good when you have your man supporting you.
We have been supporting GIS in schools for more than 25 years.
I thought a director was like a pillow who sat under the writer, supporting them and submitting to their vision. It took me a long time to realise that what a writer really wants is a production that matches the play and the writing. It is the only way the play can achieve its full potential.
Basketball is like life and life is like basketball. It’s just a game. So lets play the best we can while we are still here with love, compassion, selflessness fairplay and supporting each other to be bigger and better human beings.
Mel Gibson is losing it. I don’t know how people still supporting this dude‘s movies like it’s all good. That dude is nuts. All you gotta do is shut him down and don’t support any of his movies.
Putin has made a habit of supporting far-right candidates who undermine his foes in Europe; perhaps he never could have imagined such a character taking root on American soil. Trump’s reasons for aligning with Putin have been more innocent, if no less dangerous.
I’m just out there supporting my teammates, but when I’m out there, I’m going to lay it out on the line.
As governor, one of my top priorities is supporting our children from cradle to career.
Honestly, I never wanted to be more than a good supporting actor. Really, I enjoy it.
Disrespect is tired. Shade is old. Sipping ‘tea’ isn’t cute. But loving, supporting, giving, being grateful and perpetuating light, is.
We would be there for Canada, part of our family. That is why so many in the United States are disappointed and upset that Canada is not fully supporting us now.
While supporting human rights in another country is important, fighting for our own safety is crucial.
My focus is supporting my family and children and whatever way that comes, in a healthy way, I’m gonna do it.
There would be no supporting life were we to feel quite as poignantly for others as we do for ourselves.
That’s what this industry is all about – supporting artists and supporting storytellers and hearing the audience for what they want and need. There still is a lack of value for what black women want, yet we have proven to be one of the strongest consumers in the marketplace.
I never, never supporting any violence and everybody that know me, and all the countries here they know well that is no one, nowhere that the former prime minister will become terrorist to hurt their own country. No way.
Those of us who actually were working in the region at the time will point out how strongly committed we were to supporting the democratic process and encouraging elections, in spite of the fact that a war was going on in several of these countries.
John Negroponte
I always keep in mind that being Twice, we will of course be in the spotlight, but that attention is amazing because it means people are supporting us.
You know, I think I'm more of a micro-person, so to me,

You know, I think I’m more of a micro-person, so to me, the context and the framework of trying to do what you love and feel passionate about, in supporting your family in that way, is the most important thing to me.
I never saw a consistent through-line of employment for black actresses. I was like, ‘How are they supporting themselves?’
Khandi Alexander
As the member of a firefighter family myself, supporting the widowed families of rescue workers is an important, personal cause of mine.
London was the Olympics that I was most nervous about. From coming into the venue and stepping on to the mat, people were supporting with ‘Saori’ banners and waving the Japanese flag, so even though it was London, I felt much more like fighting at home that way, which was really inspiring.
Saori Yoshida
When you see the fans supporting you even more passionately, arriving early to cheer you on the bus, it definitely gives you an extra boost.
At the constitutional level where we work, 90 percent of any decision is emotional. The rational part of us supplies the reasons for supporting our predilections.
William O. Douglas
I read up a lot about ceramics and collect them, but when you make something, it’s very difficult to like it. I quite like appreciating and supporting what someone else does.
I know to win a championship, you’re not going to do it alone. You’re going to have to have a great supporting cast.
Klay Thompson
The Iraq War. No one took to the streets over it. It certainly would have been appropriate. If anybody even hinted we should… you were called un-American and not supporting the troops.
The State Film Authority will be there for film as industry only, as is the case in all the other states, except Victoria. Victoria is moving more now into supporting non-commercial films.
It goes to extremes – from people saying I’m the best of all-time to people saying, ‘I hate that white boy.’ Who cares? At the end of the day, if people don’t like you, they’re not your friends anyway. They’re not going to be supporting you by buying your tickets and CDs and clothes.
I don’t believe in terminologies like ‘lead role‘ or ‘supporting role’ or ‘cameo role,’ etc.
Once elected, I made supporting and improving the lives of veterans in NC-11 one of my top priorities.
I think typically you’d start in a supporting role or an ensemble role, or maybe even an off-Broadway role. So to come into a lead role on Broadway, especially taking over a role that has been played by two phenomenal actors in the past, that is some large shoes to fill.
I think if you buy from people who are taking care of the land, you’re supporting the future of this country.
Being on a movie set when you have a great strong people there supporting you can be very nurturing. You get to explore these creative parts of yourself as a child that most people don’t explore until they’re in college.
Supporting people to stay in their homes is surely a better method of reducing homelessness than acting after the fact.
For people to even think that I’d be considered or a good candidate for a supporting actress nomination is mind blowing to me.
Naya Rivera
Being First Lady is playing supporting act. I am not seeking notoriety and I am not seeking to grab the limelight.
Valerie Trierweiler
The mission we are about is something that truly energises me. I feel that at Lockheed Martin we have the opportunity to make a difference… supporting men and women fighting for our peace and freedom.
Since the World Cup in 2015, we’ve all experienced an increase in the interest in women’s football, which has led to more and more fans supporting the team.
My senior year I was basically supporting myself, so it was like, Do you want to eat and pay the rent, or do you want to go to school? I wanted to eat and pay the rent.
Clea Duvall
You have to be realistic. I’d love to be more famous, have lots of people supporting me, people knowing my name, but I need a tennis racket or a golf club or to play football. Being a female, I don’t stand a chance.
I have been accused of being a traitor, and I have been accused of not supporting the military. Nothing could be further from the truth.
As full lines of battle could not be handled through the thick wood, I ordered the advance of the six brigades by heavy skirmish lines, to be followed by stronger supporting lines.
James Longstreet
Supporting the war on terror is not an anti-Palestinian act. It is anti-terror.
I don’t have any problem playing second lead, or doing supporting roles. I am fine with it.
I’m all in favor of supporting fancy museums and elite schools, but face it: These aren’t really charities as most people understand the term.
There are a lot worse things you can do with all your bucks than giving them to even a mediocre mutual fund – such as, for example, giving them to a mediocre hedge fund. If supporting the lifestyle of a mediocre fund manager is your favorite charity, who am I to stop you?
Just knowing that people are going to the game or something with your jersey on and supporting you is really exciting and was a dream of mine. Every time I see it at Dortmund, at games, it’s still exciting and gets you really excited to play.
I became interested in educating people in the variety of ways in which women can express their emotion. Which is much easier to do in a large role than in a supporting role to a male protagonist. In general, the women in a supporting role to a male protagonist – cry a lot.
My parents were really, really cool about supporting wh

My parents were really, really cool about supporting what I wanted to do at a really young age. I think I was about 10 when I caught the bug. They would drive me down to New York if there were auditions. When I was 12, I did this show on Broadway called ‘High Society,’ so we moved to New York for the run of that.
A tragedy‘s first act is crowded with supporting players, policeman scribbling in pads and making radio calls, witnesses crimping their faces, EMS guys folding equipment.
I have been a scrappy actor for 10-plus years, and when you’re playing supporting roles, your relationship with the costume designer is very different.
I was always a supporting actor. It is nice to know one has the equipment to be a leading actor.
If you’re a lead actor, people are just waiting to say ‘you’re too old’ or ‘you’re too unhip.’ If you’re a supporting actor, you can just work forever.
No matter who or what you support, I believe in supporting fairness first.
I really, really love new work, and that’s why, you know, I produced a concert series supporting new musicals and stuff like that. I hope to do more things like that.
Josh Young
I have strong interests in supporting sport, primarily football, and also in developing cultural relationships within national communities and their diasporas, with special reference to Ethiopia.
Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi
I remember my dad supporting everyone on the local and national level. I was pretty much born into it. I saw the importance of politics firsthand. It gave you a chance to be at the table.
Nicole Avant
ArcGIS Online is the complete hosted GIS in the cloud, supporting mapping and apps. Additions to this component have included smart mapping, formal metadata, better administration, and high-performance geocoding.
The Dallas rap scene is growing, and hopefully we get to a level like Houston – everybody supporting each other, building each other up to be great.
There are many people around me, supporting me. There are always ups and downs, and you can really see the true support quite easily.
Things can change only through strong personalities. I am not very good at supporting ignorance and mediocrity, so maybe this leads to arrogant gestures and arrogant responses. So, nobody’s perfect.
Edi Rama
In effect, I was asking that if Russia mobilized against Austria, the German Government, who had been supporting the Austrian demand on Serbia, should ask Austria to consider some modification of her demands, under the threat of Russian mobilization.
Edward Grey
Behind every successful enterprise, there is a supporting wife and surprised in-laws.
Supporting Celtic, waving a tricolour because your parents are Irish – that’s a valid culture.
I had already played a lead on Broadway before I ever did a film. I had had three, four seasons of stock with good, fat parts, good supporting and leading parts. And I had done, oh, God, over 400 live TV shows.
The Iraqi regime was supporting terrorist cells all over the world. We had to expel three Iraqi diplomats from the Philippines because of evidence that they were either in touch with Abu Sayyaf or doing their own espionage.
We haven’t shed our engineering pragmatism, so we accomplish things in the simplest manner possible. It helps with budget, obviously. We’re not getting rich off web video, and we’re supporting two families with our income, so we need to keep as much of the budget to ourselves.
Rhett McLaughlin
I don’t apologize for supporting Trump. He said all the right things, and nobody else would even say it. I suppose it’s possible that another politician who really meant it would come along. There’s Kris Kobach, Tom Cotton, Jeff Sessions… there are probably a handful of politicians.
I don’t want to be just considered a breakout comedic supporting actor. I want to be a breakout actor in anything that’s a lead.
Donald Faison
A lot of people like to justify women’s supporting role in sports media by saying, ‘Well, they’ve never played the game, so they just aren’t qualified to speak about it.’
I have the mentality of a supporting actor.
The government doesn’t really prosecute for polygamy anymore, but a lot of the arrests are of groups supporting themselves through welfare scams or for child abuse. So that was all I’d really heard about polygamists.
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Thank you to all my fans. Keep supporting me, and I’ll fight for you.
Online business models are still evolving. New and different products and services pop up every day. This gives rise to supporting products and services. A business can make substantial profit by helping others execute their plans for making money.
Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.
I worked full time jobs, basically doing manual labor until I could make enough money supporting myself as a musician.
My life is devoted to business and supporting my family.
Colonel Sanders
I see everybody arguing about what the value of music should be instead of what I think the bigger conversation is, which is that music has value, it’s subjective and we’re moving to a new era where the audience is taking more responsibility for supporting artists at whatever level.
If a local market is supporting the team strongly, you’re not going to have a lot of support for a team leaving that market.
A strong sense of confidence can often divide opinions

A strong sense of confidence can often divide opinions so when I came out of the Love Islandvilla it was great to see women supporting me with some of the topics I had been open about.
I went from a guy, kind of a working actor, a supporting player, to magazine covers and being offered the studio pictures really quickly. Nobody was comfortable with it. I wasn’t really comfortable with it.
David Caruso
I have been accused of allegedly giving up my free-market principles in supporting some of Donald Trump’s proposed policies.
I’ll keep supporting. I’ll be an England fan no matter what, and I’ll stay true to my word.
I’m a registered independent. I don’t really believe in political parties. Bottom line: Mitt Romney’s tax policy helps me. But I can’t stomach seeing somebody go hungry or somebody not being able to get an education because I want more. So, I’m supporting Barack Obama.
What a crazy coincidence that the teaching of Christ sees to be so compatible with late-era capitalism, suburban isolation, rampant consumerism. And so I am not ever surprised when I see evangelicals contort themselves to justify supporting Donald Trump.
The Iranians had to come to the forefront of supporting and helping Iraq fight Daesh with advisers, with other help, logistical support for our armed forces, and we very much welcomed that.
I’ve been supporting Planned Parenthood all my life. I’ve even used it myself, back when I had no money. It’s where I got my birth control. During college, every one of us got support from them.
Sometimes supporting is difficult because a lot of people go to a gig to see the main act and to have a beer and a chat with their mates, so a lot of the time, even if you were John Lennon, would not listen to you.
I think that if I was a white male people would get me more. I do. I think that. I think a lot of things would make more sense if I was a guy and if I had people supporting me and saying this is the greatest thing in the world.
From education to broadband, from building roads and bridges to supporting the military, Barack Obama is delivering for North Carolina. And he is delivering for America. A growing middle class is the foundation for a strong America.
Bev Perdue
We’re just very lucky to have all these fans supporting us.
My run cannot be touched. If you want to talk about longevity, you can speak the name Hogan. If you want to talk about white-hot, selling tickets, and taking the business to a height it’s never been – and, with a hell of a supporting cast, I might add – you’re talking about Stone Cold Steve Austin.
I want to focus on the importance of supporting marriage. I always speak about the need to respect everyone’s human dignity – regardless of their sexual orientation. I think strengthening marriage is something that benefits everyone.
Salvatore J. Cordileone
Procedurals are interesting to watch, but they’re not as interesting to play because there isn’t an opportunity to delve into any backstories. You’re instead supporting the story week by week.
As governor of Washington, I’ve seen firsthand what’s possible when you invest in clean energy – reducing carbon pollution and supporting family-wage jobs that are growing twice as fast as those in any other industry.
My view is the core engine supporting India’s growth aspiration will be the financial sector, which will have to get more efficient.
For the first time in 23 years I’m enjoying the process of supporting it, of going out and doing shows, and doing the interviews, and doing everything.
We seriously have to question the motivation of those people referred to as climate change sceptics, who are denying the evidence of human-caused climate change and preventing us from moving forward by spreading disinformation and supporting unchecked carbon pollution.
Practical European socialists have embraced the idea that the government has a role in healthcare and in supporting strong transportation systems that do not depend entirely on individual motor vehicles. And it turns out we’re all socialists now, and there are very few Americans who understand that.
I’m not averse to being a supporting character. I try to pick parts where I can add something.
Starting out, when I was on pirate radio, or even around 2005 when I was supporting Mike Skinner at Brixton Academy, I never really saw myself being able to play my own show there.
I work for the Global Fund for Women, an organization that is actively supporting women’s rights groups in 160 countries around the world.
Kavita Ramdas
We’ve seen how the power of supporting women in media can deeply affect culture and inspire a new generation of courageous trailblazers and for the past 70 years, The Alliance for Women in Media has been doing just that.
In a universe that’s an intelligent system with a divine creative force supporting it, there simply can be no accidents. As tough as it is to acknowledge, you had to go through what you went through in order to get to where you are today, and the evidence is that you did.
Supporting black professional athletes was taken seriously in my home.
Whatever the reason, we are not doing a good enough job getting to women early enough in their careers, supporting them, and enabling them to pursue careers in directing.
Donna Langley
Thank you Arsenal. For me, I could not be happier to leave through the front door with the Arsenal fanbase supporting me and the club supporting me.
I know I was very unstable and unhappy all through my life. I lost my mother and then my father. Losing Dad was like losing the bearings of my life. My sisters took it badly, but I took it worse. Throughout my lean phases, Dad was like a solid rock, supporting me, whether it was work, or my jail term.
First off, it’s wonderful how much people are supporting me and felt I should have stayed in the competition.
Being a humanitarian, supporting animal rights activists, human rights activists, it’s all the same.
By putting downward pressure on interest rates, the Fed

By putting downward pressure on interest rates, the Fed is trying to make financial conditions more accommodative – supporting asset values and lower borrowing costs for households and businesses and thus encouraging the spending that spurs job creation and a stronger recovery.
I think IT projects are about supporting social systems – about communications between people and machines. They tend to fail due to cultural issues.
My principal motivation is supporting my family, which is not a bad reason for getting up in the morning. That’s always been my motivation – to take care of the people who rely on me.
I think supporting casts in comics are missing. I think a lot of the time in comics, all we have are people in costumes talking to other people in costumes, superheroes talking to superheroes and supervillains, and that’s it.
I’m the journeyman actor that you saw in one scene here, two scenes there. I’ve been eking out a living doing theater – Broadway, Off Broadway – film supporting roles, that I’m just excited to be a part of the conversation.
If Donald Trump is the candidate against Hillary Clinton, then I will be supporting Donald Trump.
You’re either on team Republican or team Democrat, and it’s the idea that one of these sides has a perfect record of being correct and is worth supporting on 100% of the causes. I find that kind of thinking extremely dangerous and very intellectually dishonest.
Jonathan Hickman
I think there is a difference between connecting with a character and supporting and believing their policies.
Supporting Rangers, being in an Orange Lodge, that whole life – that’s a valid culture.
There is definitely a balance that I have to strike both in terms of supporting the Police Bureau – making sure they have the tools and the resources they need to do their jobs effectively. But I also have an important role to play when it comes to oversight and accountability.
It’s reassuring knowing that people are supporting me and want to know more about me. It comes with being the national champion and making the Olympic team. I think that it’s telling me I’m on the right path.
Look, you’ve got a generation of people coming along who are going to form their own new relationship with the idea of supporting the causes that they care about or changing the world. And these people are not going to do it the way our parents do it.
That’s what supporting the troops is really all about – making sure American grunts get the right stuff!
David Hackworth
I never thought I’d be traveling the world supporting my music. Everybody seems to really enjoy the music because it comes from me, and I’m proud of it.
It’s nice to look out and see your family supporting you.
Challenges are what inspire me. I therefore accept whatever comes my way, be it supporting roles or character roles.
If you have the right kind of guys who are pushing each other and at the same time supporting each other, it’s pretty cool.
Networking technology is at the heart of the Internet, connecting devices and local networks with the global public Internet. Planning, designing, building, managing, and supporting IP networks all require dedicated networking skills.
Fundamentally, legislation that is historic, that is comprehensive, that has a large number of senators supporting it is more durable.
Personally, I find looking at all of the supporting materials and bring it all back to me – the people I worked with, the experience of working on a project – makes it come alive again. So, I try to put those experiences into my commentary for the viewers.
I think, so often, women play supporting roles or girlfriends or wives – they’re there to support a man’s journey.
The government is supporting the injured athletes for their recovery in every aspect, but I feel if we have a world-class rehab facility in India, then there is no need to go abroad.
All too often, government’s response to social breakdown has been a classic case of ‘patching’ – a case of handing money out, containing problems and limiting the damage but, in doing so, supporting – even reinforcing – dysfunctional behaviour.
I have worked every day since the age of fifteen, supporting not only myself, but also helping a sizable family when needed.
I keep my head straight by having the right people around me, from my friends and family to my management and my team. They all keep me in my place. If I didn’t have them supporting all the work that I do, I wouldn’t be in such a solid place.
A lot of the evangelicals supporting Donald Trump aren’t expecting that he’s going to start holding Bible studies in the Oval Office. They just want somebody who’s going to solve problems.
There is a proud and patriotic tradition on the centre left of supporting our armed forces; being tough on crime as well as its causes; that expects people to pay their fair share of taxes as the price for a civilised society and that spends money wisely.
I just don’t want to miss anything in the lives of my children while they are still young. It’s why I don’t audition for leading roles at all and why I say no to some of the supporting roles that I do get offered.
What happens if you’re the guy who’s been on the show ten years and is highly paid but they have nothing for you to do is that they bring in other people, and you become a supporting character to those people.
Ted Shackelford
Clothes are unique sculptures, dependent on a supporting human form and created to move.
Life is constantly supporting us and giving us gifts. It’s a matter of opening ourselves to that.
Dan Millman
With supporting roles, you just want really good actors

With supporting roles, you just want really good actors that can make it bigger than what’s there.
I can’t see myself leaving the club I grew up supporting… it’s one of those things, the money’s great but I still get paid reasonably well from the Lions and at the end of the day I think job satisfaction is the No.1 priority and I just love it up here.
Jonathan Brown
I am only looking forward to good film script. It doesn’t matter if the role is a supporting or a standalone role.
Women are systematically degraded by receiving the trivial attentions which men think it manly to pay to the sex, when, in fact, men are insultingly supporting their own superiority.
Through the 1990s, ‘Reason’ was a voice of ‘dissident feminism,’ upholding the equal dignity of both sexes and supporting the rights of individuals against a government that had gone mad over sexual harassment.
Def Jam, they’ve shown nothing but love as far as supporting my records. We haven’t missed yet, radio-wise, and every song that they’ve actually tried to support has been No. 1.
There is a certain security in having a great supporting cast.
Aside from introducing and supporting legislation to help close the gender gap in STEM, I believe that shining the spotlight on female role models is one of the best ways we can break the gender stereotype.
My view is that I would love to see people united and loving one another, working with one another, supporting one another. I think that’s a beautiful vision, so anybody trying to bring that about, I’m all for it. However, I would hate to see people pretending to unite people just for the sake of relocating them.
I have nothing against wealth; I believe that government has a role to play in creating it by supporting pro-growth policies. However, success comes with responsibility.
Let’s be very clear, if you check the F.E.C. records you will see I am supporting George W. Bush.
Ironically, the Canadian naval vessels, aircraft and personnel in the Persian Gulf I mentioned earlier who are fighting terrorism will provide more support indirectly to this war in Iraq than most of the 46 countries that are fully supporting our efforts there.
I’m a big Justin Bieber fan. I’ve been a Justin Bieber fan. I’ve been listening to his music. OG, you know. That’s also my friend, too, so, you know. It’s just one of those things. We’ve been supporting each other’s music for a long, long, long time.
Sadly, I’ve seen a lot of bands hit that sort of peak and then eventually start supporting again, you know, which we will never do. We always put a lot of thought into the way that we are going to go, and we always change.
Glenn Tipton
For the Navy, developing alternatives to fossil fuels isn’t just about fighting climate change – though that’s an important side benefit. Biofuels will also play a much more practical role in the Navy’s fuel mix, boosting our energy security and supporting the U.S. economy.
Supporting American technology companies is one of the most patriotic things you can do – the technology industry is the reason our country has such a high-standard of living and why we can afford to spread the democracy virus around the globe.
African Americans and all people of color can benefit greatly by supporting the Clean Power Plan, which will help reduce the impacts of climate change and expand the use of clean, renewable energy from the wind and sun.
Our goals and what we hope to achieve by moving to food assistance is even in supporting the crisis needs of the most vulnerable people, we provide them with the capacity to be more resilient to the next shock.
Ertharin Cousin
I’ve tried to be inclusive in my ‘2B’ series. Over the course of three books, I wrote African-American characters, a paraplegic character, gay and lesbian characters, a bisexual, Jewish heroine, a multiracial hero, Korean and Chinese-American characters, and a multiracial supporting character.
Ann Aguirre
I think the federal government really should be supporting Louisiana and ensuring that every person from that area has an opportunity to vote on what will occur in the area.
Stephanie Tubbs Jones
All that running around in my underwear put money in my pockets. I can focus on working in interesting movies without having to worry about supporting myself.
I don’t care about being a star. I can do a supporting role; I don’t have to be a lead.
Our daily habits of driving, drilling, buying and supporting all of the economic benefits a free economy demands has cost us dearly, but none more so than for the people of Shishmaref.
Amy J. Berg
My parents are no more but I am sure they are up there smiling and supporting me.
We don’t have enough Latinos on TV just getting cast in supporting roles; the idea of having your own show named after you seemed like such a long shot.
I am incredibly passionate about craft but am just as passionate about supporting local craft companies.
When you play at Chinnaswamy Stadium, it is very loud and the crowd is always supporting you.
It is really quite amazing that all of the folks supporting privatization, from the president on down, keep invoking the name of my grandfather, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
James Roosevelt
I was born in Islington and grew up in Islington, so Arsenal was all around me, and supporting them was kind of unavoidable. The first season I started going to watch them was when we did the Double in 1971, so my first heroes were Charlie George, Ray Kennedy, and John Radford.
If someone busted into your house and robbed you, would you then forgive them if you found out they were a veteran? Of course not. So why are we forgiving McCain for selling out his country by supporting the Bush agenda?
Supporting the people in our businesses is what we need

Supporting the people in our businesses is what we need to be thinking about. It’s a no-brainer. It improves leadership. It improves productivity. It cultivates this entrepreneurship concept and improves retention.
QVB have a long history of supporting Australian talent.
I am very excited to be supporting one of the world’s most visionary efforts to seek basic answers to some of the fundamental question about our universe and what other civilisations may exist elsewhere.
Some artists imagine they’ve got a hold on this apparatus, which in fact has got a hold of them. As a result, they end up supporting a cultural prison that is out of their control.
I don’t mind playing a supporting character if it has some substance.
It’s time to update our workplace policies to reflect the realities of the 21st-century labor force and to support modern working families. It’s time to continue our nation’s long commitment to supporting unemployed workers by extending emergency unemployment compensation.