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The second part of the Mueller report lays out a very c

The second part of the Mueller report lays out a very clear case against Donald Trump for obstruction of justice. The facts are very strong.
There is fear of impoverishment as a narrowly based ideological government, infused with medieval religious rectitude, lays waste to the Egyptian economy, which, given the economy’s precariousness, is a clear and present danger to the daily life of millions of Egyptians.
I think anyone who lays a long trail of creative work over the years can’t help but look back and wonder, ‘What was I thinking?’
The best feeling in the world is when you child just comes up to you and lays their head in your lap, for no other reason but just because.
Constitutional‘ is just a real pip of a word. Positively rolls off the tongue. In fact, it’s downright fun to say. ‘Con-stit-too-shun-al.’ It’s the verbal equivalent of skipping down the street with an ice cream cone in your hand. It’s like a semantic bag of Lays potato chips. You simply can’t just say it once.
Trump lays bare a lot of things already wrong with our society. But he also accelerates the process of it becoming worse, when it could be getting better.
When you’re the cash cow that lays the golden goose egg, people are always going to cheer you on, whatever.
The blame for the 9/11 attacks lays squarely and exclusively with the Al-Qaeda network.
Kay Granger
Television is a golden goose that lays scrambled eggs; and it is futile and probably fatal to beat it for not laying caviar. Anyway, more people like scrambled eggs than caviar.
Lee Loevinger
There’s every other guitar player and then there’s Chet. He transcended musical boundaries for more than fifty years. God only lays Chet Atkins on you once in a lifetime.
I auditioned for soap operas and commercials; I remember auditioning for Lays potato chips. It was a sort of ‘Mutiny on the Bountysketch, where Captain Bligh was torturing the crew by saying, ‘You can only have one Lays potato chip,’ and they all rise up.
I felt like the country lays out like a pretty beautiful story itself, heading from the East Coast to West.
Sam Jaeger
Poetry is not only dream and vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives. It lays the foundations for a future of change, a bridge across our fears of what has never been before.
I like crunchy things like Baked Lays.
A mind which really lays hold of a subject is not easily detached from it.
Ida Tarbell
I think a lot of people have the Frank Lloyd Wright model in their brains. The architect comes in with this act of creation and lays it down, and that’s it. But that’s not me.
Having written both comedy and drama, comedy’s harder because the fear of failure‘s so much stronger. When you write a scene and you see it cut together, and it doesn’t make you laugh, it hurts in a way that failed drama doesn’t. Failed drama, it’s all, ‘That’s not that compelling,’ but failed comedy just lays there.
You see, without hard work and responsibility, there is no American Dream. Hard work lays the foundation. Our solidarity makes work pay – for all of us. For the greater good. That’s what our vision of shared prosperity is all about.
Richard Trumka
A brick layer, lays bricks… I’m an Actor, that’s what I do.
Michael Chiklis
Acceptance of the power of God in one’s life lays the groundwork for personal commitment to both science and Christianity, which so often have been in conflict.
Religion which lays so many restraints upon us, is a troublesome companion to those who will lay no restraints upon themselves.
Running is a simple, primitive act, and therein lays its power. For it is one of the few commonalities left between us as a human race.
This kind of forgetting does not erase memory, it lays the emotion surrounding the memory to rest.
Most importantly, the meaning of spirituality lays the seeds for our destiny and the path we must follow.
Dennis Banks
If any demonstrator ever lays down in front of my car, it’ll be the last car he’ll ever lay down in front of.
It may be the cock that crows, but it is the hen that lays the eggs.
This fact lays on us – so long as the maintenance of good relations with Russia seems to us worth an effort – the duty of satisfying Russia that she has no need to fear any invasion of her sphere of interests on Germany‘s part.
Bernhard von Bulow
I have always identified with Joan Didion’s depiction of Los Angeles and Southern California, ever since reading ‘Play It As It Lays,’ ‘Slouching Towards Bethlehem‘ and ‘The White Album.’
The goose that lays the golden eggs likes to lay where there are eggs already.
My mother‘s father taught English literature. When I was about ten or eleven, I could recite Macaulay’s ‘Lays of Ancient Rome.’ While other kids were playing pedestrian war games, I’d be Horatius keeping the bridge.
Bernie Taupin
Whosoever counts these Lays as fable, may be assured that I am not of his mind.
Marie de France
In a long meter hymn, a singer - they call it 'lays out

In a long meter hymn, a singer – they call it ‘lays out a line.’ And then the whole church joins in in repeating that line. And they form a wall of harmony so tight, you can’t wedge a pin between it.
Never envy a man his lady. Behind it all lays a living hell.
Susie Lynn, the producer of those segments, goes in and lays all the voices over the video.
It is necessary for him who lays out a state and arranges laws for it to presuppose that all men are evil and that they are always going to act according to the wickedness of their spirits whenever they have free scope.
The Book of Mormon exposes the enemies of Christ. It confounds false doctrines and lays down contention.
Our kind of research might be one of the first projects to go. Our work is not urgent; it’s not the cure for cancer or Alzheimer‘s. But we have a way of understanding human life that you can’t get anywhere else, and it lays the foundation for important, actionable things.
I write all year, and at the end of the year I put an album out. And if sucks, it sucks, and if it’s good, it’s good. I just let it lay where it lays. It doesn’t stop from doing another one next year.
I’ve tried my hardest to bribe my chef, but my team have been clever and hired someone who not only is not bribeable but who chases me round the house and makes sure I eat what he’s cooked, and he lays out my vitamin pills and supplements in front of me so I can’t ‘forget’ to take them.
Education lays a strong foundation. I was keen on films, but my mother insisted on me finding all about the line I was planning to take. I am into films but I know my Plan B is ready, just in case.
It’s the WWE; it’s Vince McMahon‘s show. He lays out what he wants from you. It’s not always going to be what I want.
The work of art is always unfaithful to its creator… Art lays at a higher level; it says something more, and almost always, it says something different from what the artist wanted to say.
The Sistine Chapel is an extraordinary work of education – it lays out all the early books of the Bible.
The masses will reject any theory, however reasonable it may be, if it lays a restriction upon the appetite.
The Lord never lays more on us, in the way of chastisement, than our state of heart makes needful; so that whilst He smites with the one hand, He supports with the other.