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I write what I like to read, and I enjoy love triangles

I write what I like to read, and I enjoy love triangles in YA and adult fiction – not to mention in other media like TV, opera, theatre, and even in video games! I relish when dark and compelling characters compete for our protagonist‘s heart. The doubts, the uncertainty – the jealousy! – can be breathtaking.
Kresley Cole
Opera is a very stimulating place to work, and I believe it offers the most intense theatrical experience possible.
I got into cello in the fourth grade, and I played that for years. I adored playing it. I got an opera coach when I was 12 because I really wanted to learn how to sing properly. The only proper way to sing, I thought at that age, was opera.
In high school, I did some musicals, but I never took acting until college. I was studying opera, classical voice, and a speech teacher asked me to audition for this play, and I got the lead.
Opera requires an enormous commitment. You must devote your whole life to producing that extraordinary sound.
Growing up as a classical musician, you‘re taught a lot about outreach and about how people aren’t being taught music in school. But you don’t have to study music to like it. And a lot of the music that people like – be it jazz or rock or opera – is stuff they haven‘t studied.
Macbeth‘ is one of the best operas ever, and doing it was a great experience. I added some things to the opera based from my experience on the movie – such as some of the special effects and bits of film – to make it new and interesting. It was a very good work and a very good experience.
The favorite thing I like to do is nothing. I’m such an expert at doing nothing. I have a boat. I make training films for the Coast Guard. I listen to a great deal of opera.
Charles Nelson Reilly
It never occurred to me that ‘Phantom of the Opera’ was the sort of subject that I’d want to do, because I just thought it was something that would be a bit jokey. ‘Til I read the book.
It’s quite a famous story that takes place on Christmas Eve, and the Germans, French, and Scottish are trying to make peace one night and they bury their dead and they play football. I play a German opera singer, in German, which I never have so I am really excited about that.
Every year I go to Broadway to see a musical – I like the music. I saw ‘Mamma Mia;’ I saw ‘Les Miserables;’ I saw ‘Phantom of the Opera’ like six, seven times.
I’ve had an extraordinary life as a dancer. You tour the world, you see all the great capitals of the world, the beautiful old opera houses all over Europe – you go everywhere. As a teenager, I would always say, ‘I can’t believe this is happening to little me,’ because it was always a dream to dance.
The point of opera is that people are moved by the emotions and music.
A lot of performers don’t want to leave the circuit, the European opera house circuit, partly because most singers don’t sing many concerts, or at least not while they are in their prime.
The Opera House guidelines have from time to time been amended, whether it’s for other sporting events or other causes. The guidelines have always been stretched in the part and the commercialisation of the Opera House has always been there.
My main object is to write, to keep learning. I always try to perfect my composition. But I do like writing film and opera music. I believe that it fulfills the needs of particular situations.
Carmine Coppola
When I do concerts and recitals, the two most common requests are spirituals and opera.
Kathleen Battle
‘Pelleas et Melisande’ is one of the saddest and most upsetting operas ever written. If you love the opera as I do, then you love it to pieces, obsessively.
You would be amazed at the pompadour that I was rocking in the first job I had on the soap opera called ‘Loving,’ my first contract job.
Before Bianca?? I don’t remember that far back! That would’ve been in my teens. I was working in local theater and opera, doing costumes, hair and makeup.
I seek out hard things. I tried to imitate other singers. It was a self-discovery for me to move from imitating others to me growing to sing in my own voice. The opera was difficult and it felt like a personal conquest.
Opera is where a guy gets stabbed in the back, and instead of dying, he sings.
Texting isn’t writing. It’s not like letter writing. Texting is short scriptwriting. It’s a collaborative soap opera where nothing happens.
We have such a great depth of human history in all of the arts, whether it’s opera or mathematics or painting or classical music or jazz. There’s so many things to study, new books to read, and certainly always ways to transform old ideas and to come up with new ones.
More people are listening to opera, and I’m happy – everybody must be given that opportunity.
An opera begins long before the curtain goes up and ends long after it has come down. It starts in my imagination, it becomes my life, and it stays part of my life long after I’ve left the opera house.
Maria Callas
I think it’s the responsibility of a major opera house not only to cultivate debate and get people thinking, but also to be interfaced with things that challenge them. To challenge its audience and not just deliver things that they know, even though some of those things are wonderful.
Wayne McGregor
At the Paris Opera Ballet, they were always making choices for me.
One of the most difficult things in opera is for people to suspend disbelief.
Think ‘Game of Thrones.’ In the old days, this sort of show might be considered bad writing. It doesn’t really seem to be moving toward a crisis or climax, it has no true protagonist, and it’s structured less like a TV show or a movie than a soap opera.
Opera is an exclusive art form, so it cannot be that popular. I just do what I love to do.
I had this exceptional classical music voice. If I'd fo

I had this exceptional classical music voice. If I’d followed a true path for my talent, I would have ended up being an opera singer.
A lot of people hated every moment of my ‘Ring.’ And a lot of people who had never been to an opera bought subscriptions to the next season.
‘Amores Perros’ is rock, ’21 Grams’ is jazz, ‘Babel‘ is an opera, and ‘Biutiful’ is a requiem.
We grew up listening to a variety of music, such as Gospel/Christian, R&B old/new school, jazz, blues, Mozart, Mary Poppins, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, just to name a few. I love opera, too – went to state in high school as a soloist.
To tell you the truth, I never listen to opera at home.
Lesley Garrett
If I can’t do an opera as well as most people, I won’t do it at all. I don’t want to touch Wagner because I think a lot of people do it a hell of a lot better than I could. I do the operas I think I can do, know something about.
Richard Bonynge
In opera, there is always too much singing.
Claude Debussy
When I was very little, I was sort of consumed by a love for opera. Weirdly enough, I went from being really enthusiastic about construction vehicles at the age of seven to being really passionate about ‘La Traviata’ by the time I was eight.
My mother was devoted to helping people – with my father’s money! – who had great voices but didn’t have the financial means to study music. He and my mum gave away dozens of music scholarships, and my mum opened a school in town, introduced opera to children and created fantastic programmes.
In my view, the operas of Carlisle Floyd will find a place in the permanent repertoire.
I’ll write three operas – one for Verdi, one for Puccini, and one for Bellini.
The opera in Los Angeles is excellent.
I was emotionally and physically punched in the stomach. This is not a place where you go and deliver the lines and then you come back. It’s kind of a life-changing experience. But it can’t get better than this for any actor – this is like an opera.
I love rock and opera, and I love musical theater, and I don’t want to lose any of that.
Lauren Worsham
Knowing constitutional law helps one at the opera. The trial in ‘Billy Budd,’ as example, invokes the fugitive slave clause of the U.S. Constitution.
Soap operas are such a great way to break-in to the industry. The diminishing landscape of daytime TV means it’s going to be harder for young talent to get discovered.
I auditioned for soap operas and commercials; I remember auditioning for Lays potato chips. It was a sort of ‘Mutiny on the Bountysketch, where Captain Bligh was torturing the crew by saying, ‘You can only have one Lays potato chip,’ and they all rise up.
The tradition of classical music and the opera is such that it used to be the place where social intercourse could take place between all parts of society: politicians, industrialists, artists, citizens, etc. That tradition, I think, still exists, but it’s much, much more diluted.
Now, all of a sudden, every college and every university has an opera theater. Every little city has its little group.
Music – opera particularly – is a process which is endurable or successful only if it is achieved by people who love to collaborate.
Sarah Caldwell
You can’t do opera when already from the 10th row you can only see little dolls on the stage. In such an enormous space you can’t put much faith in the personal presence of the individual singer, which is reflected in facial expressions, among other things.
Even in today‘s opera world, the position of the black tenor is problematic.
Bobby Short
On a soap opera, you’ll do an episode and a half a day, and in prime time television, you’re hustling to get an episode done in eight days. That’s a little bit frustrating sometimes. But there’s also something exhilarating about it. It’s kind of like live theater in a way, where you get one crack at it.
I saw a lot of operas from backstage and watched a lot of rehearsals – my parents were singers.
I love to conduct opera.
When my opera Plump Jack was performed in 1989, my first piano teacher sent me something that I’d composed when I was four. I remember I played it, and it still sounded like me. I’m the same composer I was then.
Gordon Getty
Theatre and opera were always the twin kingdoms that I felt I had to conquer, because they were my parents’ favorites.
People think top singers are overpaid, but opera houses have a top fee, which is a good thing. Of course concerts are different- everyone wants to make as much money as possible.
Bryn Terfel
Out of nowhere, I became a fairly well-known director with a penchant for opera, which I did for 10 years. Then I realized I was taking myself out the theater channel, and so I re-focused on theater.
Jack O’Brien
You listen to Handel operas, right? And there are a thousand of them, right? And they all sound alike. If I look back on my work, maybe it’s the same thing.
The opera is to music what a bawdy house is to a cathedral.
The opera always loses money. That's as it should be. O

The opera always loses money. That’s as it should be. Opera has no business making money.
Rudolf Bing
They’re getting me involved in intrigue again, and I think it follows a classic formula in a soap opera.
Michael Zaslow
I was at La Fenice opera house back in 1991 with friends, and we started talking about a conductor whom none of us liked. Somehow there was an escalation, and we started talking about how to kill him, where to kill him. This struck me as a good idea for a book.
Soap opera seems to be a dirty word, but actually they are the most popular shows we have. People want to know what happens next, people hate the villains and love the lovers. It’s good, fun TV. But I wouldn’t call ‘Downton’ a soap opera as such.
Philanthropy is no longer about writing a check for $10,000 to the opera.
I stay up nights and fiddle with my opera designs. It’s a bit obsessive. That’s why I can’t do it all the time.
I think every singer should be able to jump in for a singer who has been sick, for instance, and learn an opera in two days. I know people who can do it.
Bryn Terfel
Italians are fantastic people, really. They can work you over in an alley while singing an opera.
I think that baseball games are like soap operas. If you watch five in a row, you know enough to get hooked.
I’d go over to my grandmother‘s house, and she’d be playing opera. They loved opera. Not only did they play it on the radio, but they played it on their piano. Everybody learned how to read music and how to play.
I was always into classical music and opera because I played the piano as I went through school and was very interested in Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals and stuff like that. That changed into heavy metal at around the age of 14 or 13, and I dropped the piano and started to play the guitar.
I’m by no means an opera buff.
The Royal Opera House? I once had the immense privilege of appearing there and was awed by the air of refinement of those seemingly ethereal beings who floated about in the highest echelons of musical accomplishment, effortlessly producing virtuoso performances in several different languages.
If you approach an opera as though it were something that always went a certain way, that’s what you get. I approach an opera as though I didn’t know it.
Sarah Caldwell
Normally our season is seven weeks in the Drama Theatre and four weeks in the Opera Theater.
Graeme Murphy
Directing an opera is similar to directing a play. The singing must not get in the way of the drama.
Nothing will ever be as big as ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ for me.
One can’t judge Wagner’s opera Lohengrin after a first hearing, and I certainly don’t intend to hear it a second time.
Gioachino Rossini
I got last-minute rush seats to Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Boheme,’ and my favorite singer, Ekaterina Solovyeva, was playing Mimi that day. My face got burned off when she sang the aria ‘Donde Lieta Usci.’ The woman was technically sobbing and singing opera at the same time. I don’t know how you do that.
I’m from a small Irish family of 10, so there always was music in the house. Growing up, my older sisters had things like ‘South Pacific‘ and opera on.
If I got hit by a bus tomorrow, you’d get people going: ‘Oh, we should make ‘Mother’ into an opera, it’s what he would have wanted.’
If I can transport audiences for the three or four hours they’re at the opera, to make them forget all of their worries, the bills they have to pay and all that, then I’ve done my job. That, for me, is very gratifying.
I am under no illusion that I will ever be the greatest opera composer in the world, with Wagner and Verdi and Strauss before me. I think my work could fit very nicely into musicals, though.
I get people saying, ‘Opera is too large a canvas for me. I don’t love it. I love movies that feel almost like documentaries,’ in terms of artistic vocabularies of storytelling. I totally get that discussion; that makes sense to me.
Jeff Perry
People are wrong when they say opera is not what it used to be. It is what it used to be. That is what’s wrong with it.
Noel Coward
I have so much respect for the big opera singers that I never dare to say I’m a singer.
And whether or not you’re interested in opera or classical music or folk music or the theatre, I think that for a nation‘s health and well-being it’s very important that the arts scene is supported.
I’m a lover of all sorts of music, which makes me a chameleon when it comes to performing anything, whether it’s opera or whatever. As long as it’s good and it feels good, I’m going to cling to it.
To me, the appeal of opera lies in the fact that a myriad of singers and instruments, each possessed of different qualities of voice and sound, against the backdrop of a grand stage and beautiful costumes, come together in one complete and impressive drama.
Junichiro Koizumi
Growing up, my dad took me to the opera.
I used to listen to the soap operas with my grandmother

I used to listen to the soap operas with my grandmother.
My mom was a soap opera queen in Mexico and Latin America. I started acting because of her.
People have this idea that opera singers are overweight and sit at home eating bonbons. But I consider myself an athlete.
The activity of a singer that sings opera is similar to that of an athlete.
Old Americana vintage gangster stuff has a fantastical feel; it feels less dirty in a way. It feels like the opera of crime.
Every job you have, there are days that are more difficult than others. I worked on a daytime soap opera, where the volume at which you’re producing this medium is incredible.
When I was little, I had this old video camera, and I set it up, and I would pretend that I was on comedy shows and soap operas and things like that.
I began by listening to my mother’s collection of Amelita Galli-Curci and Lily Pons records, and then was taken (at age eight) to hear Pons at a Met performance of Lakme. It was at that moment that I decided to become an opera star. Not just an opera singer, but an opera star!
The problems I had with the Paris Opera Ballet are a thing of the past.
If you are going to take me a to a musical, you’d better give me three songs that I’m gonna like. Nobody goes to the opera for the recitative. They go for the aria.
My mom worked as a pharmacist, but she is one of the best storytellers I know. My sister is a gospel and opera singer and my brother, who passed away, was a writer.
Tunde Adebimpe
Wednesday a junior came to me, and told me I was to be hazed as I left the Opera House Friday night.
One of the problems with musicals and opera is you can’t ever hear all the words.
That’s the extraordinary thing about opera: it has the power to elicit a physical reaction. I don’t know if I’d have been any good or not, but I do know that I was never committed enough to find out.
Everybody is always in the middle of their own opera.
In my iPod, there are many operas, from A to Z. I have ‘Aida’ and ‘Boheme’ and ‘Butterfly‘ and ‘Cavalleria’. My passion is for opera, but when I’m in the car, I listen to everything.
A show like Knots or any other show that can be called a soap opera does terribly in syndication because if you’re a viewer and you miss a week you don’t know what’s going on.
I’m straight and always have been. When our family gets together, we joke about it or throw our hands up in desperation because there is very little we can do. If we make a big fuss about correcting these rumors, it just creates more attention and turns the whole thing into a soap opera.
A great opera house isn’t run by a director, but by a great administrator.
I wonder if games are maybe a terminus for ideas. Things can be books or movies or operas or plays, but once they’re a game, that’s where they should end. Things shouldn’t start as games and be taken to movies.
I’d want to play the Sydney Opera House.
I did grow up in France, and even though I didn’t go to the school or dance with the Paris Opera Ballet, I absorbed similar ideas in my training. I understand the scale of a big company. I danced for one for almost 20 years.
Benjamin Millepied
I live again the days and evenings of my long career. I dream at night of operas and concerts in which I have had my share of success. Now like the old Irish minstrel, I have hung up my harp because my songs are all sung.
John McCormack
Every time I go to a new place, more likely than not, I end up seeing an opera there. It’s ended up being a part of travel.
My mother was an opera singer and my grandmother a concert pianist, and they only liked classical music. If I put on a pop record, they would tell me to turn it off, so I only listen to classical.
Amanda Eliasch
I performed in Sydney some years ago for the Sydney Festival and I am just so pleased to be returning to the wonderful Sydney Opera House and also performing in Melbourne for the first time.
Lesley Garrett
In the early 1970s, I took singing lessons with John Hargreaves, a leading singer with English National Opera, when I was home from university.
I’ve always felt that the comic strip medium stands equally beside all the other story telling mediums: novels, movies, stage plays, opera, you know, you name it.
Opera is given so little attention in the national press.
In my teens, I saw a terrible production of ‘Die Walkuere.’ To a person of 15, it was just awful, and it put me off for many years. Eventually I became an opera-goer, if not an opera buff.
Like an opera singer, I am able to sing out my song in paint.
I took opera lessons. I can't read music to save my lif

I took opera lessons. I can’t read music to save my life, but I would just copy and get away with it. I think that they thought I could read music, but I can’t. I would just listen.
Alex Winston
I love soap operas – the stories, the plots! And I love the game shows and the courtroom dramas and the detectivesJessica Fletcher, ‘Columbo,’ ‘Perry Mason,’ ‘L.A. Law.’ Any sense of guilt appeals to me in a television program – a sense of guilt, or a sense of making a lot of money.
There are two sighs of relief every night in the life of an opera manager. The first comes when the curtain goes up The second sigh of relief comes when the final curtain goes down without any disaster, and one realizes, gratefully, that the miracle has happened again.
Rudolf Bing
I wasn’t cut out to be an opera singer, but it was a nice fantasy for a teenager growing up in Hungary during the Stalinist era.
I love classical music and often listen to symphonies or opera in the morning.
William Mapother
The great opera composers were so good at their job, that the whole genre came to be built around the concept of the composer’s vision.
Stewart Copeland
Sleep is an excellent way of listening to an opera.
Despite the rigid classicism of the famous Paris Opera school and company, the French have done more than their share to unmoor la Danse from its traditions and standards.
If you can sell green toothpaste in this country, you can sell opera.
Sarah Caldwell
Writing opera off as intrinsically elitist is absurd.
It seems to me opera is just as relevant as an expressive art as anything else.
Evidence has been mounting for the key role that black holes play in the process of galaxy formation. But it now appears that they are likely the prima donnas of this space opera.
In no instance is there to be a musical or opera of Inherit the Wind because it doesn’t sing. It’s an intellectual play.
Jerome Lawrence
My mom says that she caught me one day in front of the TV watching opera. I was trying to sing back the opera. She saw that I really liked music, and so she put me in piano lessons when I was about three years old.
One of our books has been made into a musical, ‘The Great American Mousical,’ which I directed at the Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut. And another, ‘Simeon’s Gift,’ has been adapted for a symphony orchestra and five performers. I’m also a very proud member of the board of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.
Games get a bad press compared with, say, opera – even though they’re obviously better, because no opera has ever compelled an audience member to collect a giant mushroom and jump across some clouds.
I think my great-grandpa was an opera singer or something.
The first time I took a plane to dance in front of an audience outside France was when I was in the Paris Opera Ballet School, and we flew to Japan.
I really wanted to be an opera soprano.
After ‘Spelling Bee,’ I started landing more jobs… I got ‘Candide’ at New York City Opera.
Lauren Worsham
When I’ve seen my operas in Europe, they have always struck me as more American than when I hear them here. I can’t tell you what that phenomenon is.
In 2015, an opera opened about me and Justice Antonin Scalia. It’s called ‘Scalia/Ginsburg.’ The composer, Derrick Wang, has degrees in music from Harvard and Yale. Enrolled in law school, he was reading dueling opinions by me and Justice Scalia and decided he could compose an appealing comic opera from them.
Is there nothing the prodigiously talented Ann Patchett can’t do? She’s channeled the world of opera, Boston politics, magic, unwed motherhood, and race relations, creating scenarios so indelible, you swear they are right outside your door.
I love opera. I love jazz, especially Mingus. This makes me sound highbrow. I’m not.
My horizon on humanity is enlarged by reading the writers of poems, seeing a painting, listening to some music, some opera, which has nothing at all to do with a volatile human condition or struggle or whatever. It enriches me as a human being.
In the ’80s, everyone wanted to be in opera. It was groovy.
When we work on a new theatre piece, we improvise a lot. But it’s the opposite in opera, where everything is fixed.
I think of myself as a realistic writer, not a creator of soap opera or melodrama.
My first job was when I was eight. I did this opera, which was a Robert Wilson/Philip Glass opera, called ‘White Raven.’ That was a very confusing and trippy creation tale, and I was a kid who brought up the sun and rotated the earth. It was very empowering.
Premiering a new opera is probably one of the hardest things in the world to do, and opening nights of any opera are always pretty stressful.
I’ve always wanted to be on a soap opera.
The work that launched Snohetta into the architectural

The work that launched Snohetta into the architectural big leagues was their Oslo Opera House, which will certainly rank among the firm‘s highlights whatever else they may do. Although this is by any measure a triumph of city planning, the building itself is not quite a masterpiece, though very fine indeed.
In a time when directors did not fear composers with a strong voice, Morricone wrote scores like operas or symphonies, with passion, scope, bravura and intelligence.
I’m involved with a baroque opera company here in Italy. I write some of their booklet material, comments on operas. I also write for some baroque opera festivals because this music is my real passion.
I’d always had this hankering to try some opera.
I was like, ‘Welcome to the world of soap operas! Clothes off and in the bed!’ I thought that’s how it was going to become every day Everything just moved so fast so I really wasn’t seasoned to that.
If I knew how to operate a DVR, you’d find episodes of ‘The Tavis Smiley Show,’ ‘Democracy Now!’ and lots of stuff from TV Land. What you can find now on my Hulu account are Korean soap operas, ‘Grey‘s Anatomy‘ and films from the Criterion collection.
T’Keyah Crystal Keymah
‘Phantom of the Opera’ started in my little 100-seater converted church in Britain with a stage where we did what we did. But it was the score itself was what made it.
It’s much easier for me to be silly than it is to be serious on soap opera.
Doug Davidson
My sister is an opera singer. I grew up going to her recitals. This whole time, I’m like, ‘She’s the singer. I’m just strumming along and yelling.’
Benjamin Booker
Opera was the cinema of its time, so to bring back that popular appeal, you just need to unleash its visceral immediacy and excitement. Most productions don’t manage that – but when an opera does do it, you never forget it.
When the story is good enough, people can watch something three times the length of an opera.
Sometimes, going to see one opera is hard because you don’t know the genre. Good opera is like good wine. There are so many varieties, and it helps to inform you about what you like when you see a lot.
Susanna Phillips
Every life of a character is within a context. If I write detached from a social and political background, my story looks like a soap opera where everybody is indoors, not working and living off their emotions.
People who have passion for horror stories, their appreciation/my appreciation is looking at it as opera.
The Metropolitan Opera, of course, is the gold standard in opera. The Met experience includes the huge stage, the vast audience, the elaborate sets. Anyone who saw ‘Faust’ there – I did – knows exactly what hell is like, complete with fire, smoke and terror.
To be a famously successful opera singer. I wanted that since I was eight.
I’m moved by a lot of different kinds of music, whether it’s pop music or R&B or straight-ahead jazz or free or opera or music from all parts of the world.
People perceive opera and classical as elitist – I disagree. I’ve always tried to mix the two, make it more accessible.
I’m lucky because my repertoire is so specific, and theaters are interested in me singing my repertoire because it is not done so much. I’m pretty well settled in my repertoire. I like what I sing. My voice is high, and there is not much in baroque opera for higher tenor.
I’d better be on the road, or I’ll be going nuts. I’m not the kind of guy who sits around with a pipe and slippers watching soap operas.
In opera, everyone’s watching from a fixed viewpoint, and that really challenges you. Lighting, the sets, stage groupings, the music-but doesn’t relate too much to film.
We used to listen to all the marvelous operas on records. Music was a very important part of our lives.
Since I was eight years old. I didn’t have a TV, so comic books were definitely my television, my soap operas, and all that.
Method Man
That was more or less coincidental in the sense that my parents wanted me to come back to New York because that’s the center of musical activity still to this day, more or less, and so I auditioned for the Metropolitan Opera.
Gunther Schuller
Actually I do not listen to much opera music.
‘The Thing from Another World’ was the first movie that really scared me. But the one that made me want to make movies was ‘The Tales of Hoffman.’ That’s my favorite film of all time. It’s a fantasy film. It’s an opera. I never get tired of it.
The music of the most popular operas is so highly esteemed, it can stand endless revivals.
I think one of the great strengths of ‘The Flash‘ is just how close everyone is on the show. They tend not to have these raging conflicts, like what we keep giving everybody on ‘Arrow.’ That show is more of a soap opera, and I don’t say that derogatorily.
Andrew Kreisberg
I did ‘Doubt’ as a film, a play and an opera.
I actually think storyboards are great. I don’t draw well enough to do them myself. I’ve only used storyboards a couple of times. We used two storyboards in ‘Margaret‘: one for the bus accident and for the opera sequence at the end.
We’ve seen a million versions of the Peter Parker radioactive-spider origin story. We’ve seen Thomas and Martha Wayne at the opera… over and over again in movies and media, and I think we’re ready for something new.
I sing what I sing. And that's recitals and orchestra c

I sing what I sing. And that’s recitals and orchestra concerts. To appease – no, that’s not the right word – let’s say to satisfy – any opera urgings that my public has, I’ll put in an aria.
Kathleen Battle
I feel opera is an expression of artistic excellence. To do it is expensive, as there’s a requirement for an orchestra, good voices, excellent sets, and the fact that productions generally have only short runs. But I believe it’s something we ought to achieve as a nation.
Reality TV has totally destroyed soap operas. They’re gone. They used to be the biggest thing in the world – they’re gone.
Rather than opera, football is more like ballet or a chess game. You can really see it in a team like Arsenal, especially when Dennis Bergkamp was playing. He seemed to be able to read the game like a chessboard and knew where a player would be several seconds later and put the ball there for him.
Later, I even appeared in a Rock Opera with Richard Gere.
Barry Bostwick
Too often, it is presumed that young people will only like art that they can immediately relate to. Working-class students may be steered towards popular culture like hip-hop, new media and film on the basis that they will find older art forms such as opera or ballet irrelevant.
I’ve never had any feeling of disconnection between the classical theater, or the contemporary theater, or musical theater, or the thing that we call opera.
I became a set designer for opera. I’m a great opera buff, I love classical music, and I needed a time-out.
I started performing opera when I was 10 years old. I didn’t perform as Zola Jesus until I was probably 18.
Zola Jesus
I like soap opera acting. If it’s done really well, there’s nothing better. It’s old school. It’s like what those melodramas in the ’30s and ’40s were like.
I had been warned by other directors that opera is hell. The singers don’t want to do what you want.
Dumb luck brought on the move from business to acting. I had moved to New York when I was 23, in the year 2000. On a lark, I went to audition for a soap opera.
Teddy Sears
The real exertion in the case of an opera singer lies not so much in her singing as in her acting of a role, for nearly every modern opera makes great dramatic and physical demands.
Maria Jeritza
I’d really been interested in opera when I was about 16, and I really like staging them.
I had been nominated for an Academy Award for my performance as Sandy Lester, Dustin Hoffman’s neurotic, struggling actress girlfriend, in ‘Tootsie.’ Under Sydney Pollack’s direction, ‘Tootsie’ had been a runaway hit starring Dustin as an unemployed actor who pretends to be a woman in order to land a role in a soap opera.
My dad became a soap opera actor, and I was an extra in a skating rink scene on the soap. I didn’t audition. It was nepotism all the way.
Opera needs a major makeover; the large opera houses are too in thrall to their conservative patrons.
I felt frustrated by the limitations of rock and the lifestyle of touring around on a bus and playing the same songs over and over. So I went back to school to study music, and one of the things I got into was the Italian opera composer Puccini.
Gray means being open-minded. I always look at the world that way; I’m able to hear both sides of an argument. I don’t listen to opera, but I don’t think it’s good or bad; it’s just its own thing. I can completely appreciate it.
Grand opera is the most powerful of stage appeals and that almost entirely through the beauty of music.
Opera happens because a large number of things amazingly fail to go wrong.
If you love epic space opera, you shouldn’t miss ‘Interstellar’.
The word ‘theatrical’ makes me cringe, because it suggests a performance is staged, put on, rehearsed. And while all this is true for an opera, I believe the act of singing and performing should always be honest, raw, guttural.
Zola Jesus
Advertising is a business of words, but advertising agencies are infested with men and women who cannot write. They cannot write advertisements, and they cannot write plans. They are helpless as deaf mutes on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera.
Ballet costumes are easier that opera because they are designed for movement.
I auditioned for soap operas and commercials; I remember auditioning for Lays potato chips. It was a sort of ‘Mutiny on the Bountysketch, where Captain Bligh was torturing the crew by saying, ‘You can only have one Lays potato chip,’ and they all rise up.
My soap operas have been seen by a billion people all around the world.
I love opera, I love writing for the voice, I love telling stories with music.
Anthony Davis
Ironically, that was quite a bit of the appeal of Rumours. It’s equally interesting on a musical level and as a soap opera.
My parents were opera singers and voice teachers, so growing up, I admired musicians and dancers.
The Opera is obviously the first draft of a fine spectacle; it suggests the idea of one.
Unfortunately, opera engagements tend to be made five y

Unfortunately, opera engagements tend to be made five years in advance, and I don’t really agree with that.
I was born in a world of opera, theatre, films, poetry, art, and therefore, out of the wire, I made a stage. That’s why they call me a high wire artist.
I used to work in the cotton fields a lot when I was young. There were a lot of African Americans working out there. A lot of Mexicans – the blacks and the whites and the Mexicans, all out there singing, and it was like an opera in the cotton fields, and I can still hear it in the music that I write and play today.
In Montreal, when I grew up, I’d go to the Notre-Dame Basilica, a gorgeous cathedral in town. I’d listen to huge symphony orchestras, Pavarotti singing operas; that was absolutely marvelous. I like that aspect of the cathedral, the spectacle.
I love musicals; I love the ballet, opera, the circus. It’s all performance to me.
Dumb luck brought on the move from business to acting. I had moved to New York when I was 23, in the year 2000. On a lark, I went to audition for a soap opera. I thought, ‘Hey, this will be a really fun story to tell my grandkids one day, that I auditioned for a soap!’
Teddy Sears
Once, the arts were opera, ballet, classical music, and everything else deemed highbrow.
I like the idea of people coming to opera for the first time and finding it an enjoyable experience. I don’t like the fact that opera is seen as elitist and all black ties and that stuff.
I never wanted to be an opera singer. I wanted to be an actress, maybe a rock singer.
Kristine Opolais
I love opera so much. I would never go back to doing it, but I love to listen – I’m grateful for it.
I always thought of ‘Lost‘ as a psychotic opera. Because there were so many characters, it was important for me to track them with themes.
Writers and books are cheap dates, especially when you compare the cost of a book with a ticket to the opera – or an NHL game.
I had no sense of having reached some goal because I was an etoile at the Paris Opera. My ambition, if you can call it that, was to discover and learn and be excited by what I was doing. If I didn’t have that, I would find it elsewhere.
For a while, I couldn’t decide whether or not I should pursue singing in the opera or acting. And I’m glad that I chose the latter because I wasn’t a very good singer.
After I left college, I went to work at the Royal Opera House in London, which became a real catalyst for me because it made me realize that I was interested in cinema and in the way life is thrust at you. So I started making films.
I decided I was going to be an opera star. I was about 12.
The difference between me and, say, the opera critic is that I’m charged with thinking about the world beyond opera. I could go see ‘Die Fledermaus’, for instance. I’ve never done any of this, by the way. I’ve never written about one opera since I’ve had this job.
I always believed ‘The Fly’ to be a classic opera story. It’s a tale of love and death, true love surviving in the face of physical decay and ultimate sacrifice.
Because we’re in a small town and somewhat isolated from the fast lane of high tech, we’ve been able to grow and concentrate on our work instead of being distracted by the competition and getting caught up in the soap opera of Silicon Valley.
In Peru, there is no theatre that produces an annual opera season, and though there is one orchestra in Lima, it’s always struggling to survive. We shouldn’t have just one orchestra, we should have 15, we should have 50! And you should start to build this from the children.
When the music and the characters are flawlessly synchronized, the opera develops an emotional force that movies and plays cannot match.
If you decide to work with the opera world, chances are there are going to be people who resist that.
My father’s an opera nut, and my stepmother used to work at the Metropolitan Opera, so I had a lot of opera immersion. I like the grandness and pretention of it.
I was a regular on ‘Holby City,’ and I did daytime; that’s how I started off. Off in Hong Kong doing stuntman stuff, then coming back to England doing daytime soap operas.
It would be nice to wake up and be able to walk to the bathroom. But even when I was 20 and at the Paris Opera, I had to crawl down the stairs; it is only when I start to work and stretch that my body begins to recover again.
And my singing, I don’t think I could sing Wagner or opera, but I could probably carry a tune. I was in a musical once, but it was never performed.
Daytime soap operas, which I used to adore, have been declining in quality and importance for over a decade, and I gradually stopped monitoring them.
It was the late ’70s when my parents met. My dad was a lighting director for a soap opera, and my mom was a temp at the studio. They moved into a house in The Valley in L.A., to a neighborhood that was leafy and affordable.
I perform in opera houses in the centres of big cities. We live in 20 acres of forest. You need that space to recover and renew.
In Hamburg, there are three major orchestras, an opera house, and one of the great concert-hall acoustics in Europe at the Laeiszhalle, in a town a fifth the size of London. And that’s not unusual. In Germany, there are dozens of towns with two or three orchestras. The connection with music goes very, very deep.
Jeffrey Tate
My parents were both opera singers, and they also were both heavily into religious and church music.
It's better to be on a soap opera to renew your career

It’s better to be on a soap opera to renew your career and following than to be on any other medium.
Joan Fontaine
In my shows, I always try to incorporate music because it’s the most natural way to set a tone. So if I want to do a show about depression, I use the opera. If I want to do a show about greed, I use spoken word. If I want to do a show about the injustice that’s taking place in the world, I might play Sam Cooke.
I have the greatest fans. I have fans that come from soap opera world. I have fans that come from superhero world, which are a whole different section of fans. They’re so cool. When people are fanatical about something, it’s contagious.
My first time on camera was ‘One Life to Live.’ I mourn for actors coming up that the daytime soap opera is becoming extinct. It’s theater onscreen.
Star Wars‘ is a grand soap opera, and ‘Star Trek‘ is about technology, they tried to explain the reality of it, as far-fetched as it might be. And that’s why I’ve always liked the science behind the fiction.
Opera is too obsessed with buildings.
I know that my passion is for opera, but sometimes I like also to sing songs, because there are many beautiful melodies.
Styx was always a theatrical band. In fact, we played City Center in 1983 with a rock opera, ‘Kilroy Was Here.’
I’ve never been to the opera; I’ve only seen opera on DVD.
I’d like to direct more operas.
My grandma did opera singing for the better part of her life; she used to sing all over the place. My grandpa was a sax player, and he used to travel all over the place, too.
To sing opera, one needs two things: the voice and the passion – and above all, the passion.
I can go from one extreme to another, from playing at the Sydney Opera House on the Songbook tour to shows with Soundgarden at Voodoo Fest, all in a week.
I would have loved to sing opera, but I have no voice. I used to sing along with records.
‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is the biggest thing I’ve ever done, bigger even than ‘Cats‘ which, in itself, I never thought we’d top.
‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is about love. It’s as simple as that.
I started working in front of the camera for the first time when I was 15 years old. I joined a soap opera. We filmed in Brooklyn, and I would skip class to shoot my scenes.
A practical way to travel between the stars is a must-have for space opera, and a sine qua non for our frequently vaunted future as a galactic society.
I used to think that, given enough goodwill, anybody would be able to ‘get’ any music, no matter how distant the culture from which it came. And then I heard Chinese opera.
Going to the opera, like getting drunk, is a sin that carries its own punishment with it.
Hannah More
Italians are fantastic people, really. They can work you over in an alley while singing an opera.
I have the absolute utmost respect for soap opera actors now. They work harder than any actor I know in any other medium. And they don’t get very much approbation for it.
I couldn’t stand the politics in opera.
In a film score, the last thing you want to do is take people out of the movie. The music is secondary. In opera, the music is the main event.
Stewart Copeland
I guess I am running the risk of becoming the Hans Christian Andersen of opera.
The Opera was a very cold film, a hopeless and dark film, no hope, no love.
I was attracted to opera when I was 15 or 16. A very rich man in England bankrupted himself to put on a lot of opera during the war, but he converted a lot of people, myself included, in the process.
I wasn’t the best in my class at the Royal Academy. There was a really good soprano and baritone who were technically better and are doing really well in opera now. But I was definitely the best mezzo-soprano in my class, because I was the only one of those!
You can’t tell the story of a 13-year-old boy who knows every lyric to ‘Phantom of the Opera’ without also referencing how much teasing he gets at school.
Tim Federle
I feel like it’s a real shame that my generation doesn’t make an appearance at the opera.
I didn’t know I was going to go into musical theater necessarily. It was never planned. I just kind of fell into it because I knew I wanted to act, and yet I had this opera training… I knew I had a voice.
Opera should be a place for art forms to meet. I've wor

Opera should be a place for art forms to meet. I’ve worked a lot with Peter Gabriel; his music isn’t operatic, but he creates big, popular gatherings to which architecture, dance, and music are all invited.
I grew up with singers. My father’s mother sang opera. My dad was a big band singer. I can’t remember a time there wasn’t music in the house, so I grew up listening to great songwritersGeorge Gershwin, Cole Porter – and my grandma was playing opera for me before I was 3.
I was not exposed to a lot of culture. The shows we saw in high school, like ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Miss Saigon,’ were thrilling. But my love affair with theater started with seeing a production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors‘ that my sister was in.
If time were the wicked sheriff in a horse opera, I’d pay for riding lessons and take his gun away.
My degree was in opera.
Soap opera seems to be a dirty word, but actually they are the most popular shows we have.
In how many lives does love really play a dominant part? The average taxpayer is no more capable of a ‘grand passion’ than of a grand opera.
Israel Zangwill
It’s the perfect environment for prayer. Chanting in Greek… is like a beautiful opera, but way better.
When you conduct opera, you control the stage. But with a film, the film controls you.
Carmine Coppola
Opera? Just what the world needs: more fat women screaming.
Peter Boyle
To play opera, to play Wagner, it’s a great joy.
Any subject is good for opera if the composer feels it so intently he must sing it out.
I know I’m an opera singer, but we’re actors, too.
I have always felt an excellent rapport ever since my very first concert in Britain at Hampton Court. I have always felt understood. The British understand opera very well.
The fact that I could secure an opera engagement made me realize I had within me the making of an artist, if I would really labor for such an end. When I became thoroughly convinced of this, I was transformed from an amateur into a professional in a single day.
Enrico Caruso
I think what we’ve been able to do with ‘Longmire’ is balance this procedural with a bit of a soap opera, and it’s a character study of this character, Walt Longmire, and the people around him.
Until the Eighties, Oslo was a rather boring town, but it’s changed a lot, and is now much more cosmopolitan. If I go downtown, I visit the harbour to see the tall ships and the ferries, and to admire the modern architecture such as the Opera House or the new Astrup Fearnley Museum on the water‘s edge.
In the Broadway world, I’ve always wanted to play Valjean in ‘Les Mis’, since I’ve already played Gavroche. I’d also like to play the Phantom of the Opera, but I haven’t really thought about any film characters. You’ve got to have a whole lot of training for the Phantom role, vocally.
Gaten Matarazzo
Do you think Duke Ellington didn’t listen to Debussy? Louis Armstrong loved opera, did you know that? Name me a jazz pianist who wasn’t influenced by European music!
It used to take us six days to film an hour of ‘Gunsmoke.’ But I didn’t mind the fast pace of soap opera work. It was nice being able to shoot scenes in sequence. We couldn’t do that on ‘Gunsmoke.’
I wonder anybody does anything at Oxford but dream and remember, the place is so beautiful. One almost expects the people to sing instead of speaking. It is all like an opera.
Opera is credible drama now, and it costs less than going to a football match. What have you got to lose?
Lesley Garrett
I wish there was more for minorities than sitcoms. I’d like to see a soap opera about blacks. People don’t live in isolation anymore.
Roxie Roker
I’ve always gravitated towards opera, and the Royal Opera House is quite possibly the greatest opera house on earth.
For better or worse, I’ve always been curious musically. Whether it’s opera or Judy Garland or pop, I’ve deliberately sought those things out. I’ve never wanted to do the same things over and over. Some think I’ve accomplished what I set out to do, and others consider me a dilettante.
I never dreamed of writing for concert or opera. I always dreamed, if I was a composer, to write music for films.
I think Mozart’s operas ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ and ‘Don Giovanni’ are the two most perfect ever written. The music is magical.
I want to carve out a serious period of time to focus on the next opera without any distractions. And to do that you need money.
I sang opera, I sang show tunes. I got into a rock band for a while. I’ve sung a lot of different things.
Tom Wopat
Opera combines pretty basic theater and poetry, but the storyline itself is actually quite poetic and, after some digital research, taking that actual content and seeing it as undeniably poetic.
When I am on the opera stage, I am playing someone else. In recitals, I even have the chance to talk to the audience, which is something you don’t get to do in opera.
Opera - above and beyond anything else - is about the m

Opera – above and beyond anything else – is about the music, and it should be about the music.
In Europe, it is not so unusual for directors to move between opera, theatre, and film, and I have at least three girlfriends I can think of who have directed in all three genres.
No good opera plot can be sensible, for people do not sing when they are feeling sensible.
Space opera was the sort of story on which I grew up. When I was younger, I read heavily in pulp magazines. They were readily available in the stores.
I enjoy listening to opera at home, occasionally, but I would much rather see it than just listen to it.
Sam Waterston
My stepfather was quite into opera, but he’d play it when he was in a bad mood, so you’d hear this boom through the floor, Wagner, and you’d feel nervous.
Opera is a beautiful and important diversion for me.
Luciano Pavarotti
I’m enamored with the art world. Anytime you look at anything that’s considered artistic, there’s a commercial world around it: the ballet, opera, any kind of music. It can’t exist without it.
I’d love to have the time to learn to sing opera properly rather than bellowing half-formed fragments of melody in exuberant moments.
Mostly what I listen to when I turn on my little iPod is opera.
We used to have front-row seats for the Grand Opera House pantomime every year, and once the dame May McFettridge got me up on-stage.
I got to talk about global warming on the No. 1 soap opera in the country.
When you come to my show, I want it to feel like opera, like a theatre.
I was one of the lucky people who found what I loved at a really young age. When I was 16, I got my first job in a Portuguese soap opera, and I realized how much I really loved it.
It was hard to make a living as an actor in New York if you did not do soap operas or commercials.
The jewellery I wear on stage in the opera house is not real, but the bling-bling I wear in concerts? Those are real!
People who have not done their research on me do not know that I am European, born in Copenhagen, Denmark to an Italian father from Napoli and a mother from Alabama who was singing opera and went to Europe, met my dad, fell in love, and then moved back to Rome, where I was raised, between Rome and Hamburg.
Burton Cummings joining the Guess Who in January 1966 changed my life forever. It’s been a rocky affiliation, no doubt. One journalist once described our relationship as the longest running soap opera in Canadian history. That may be a bit oversimplified.
Lots of opera singers are just boring.
I was 6, and I was in the opera ‘Carmen.’ My dad sang opera and got me into the children’s chorus. I was super fat at the time and didn’t make eye contact with anyone. I knew I loved acting ever since.
Owen Benjamin
I think ‘Empire‘ is entertaining. It’s a soap opera. Does it touch on stereotypes? Sure, it does… I don’t know if that’s necessarily good or bad.
The theatre only knows what it’s doing next week, not like the opera, where they say: What are we going to do in five years’ time? A completely different attitude.
Harrison Birtwistle
We tend to forget that in those days before the Internet and HBO and Imax and 3-D cinema, opera was the thing. Opera and theatre. If you were a man of the world and you mingled among the happy few, you would be at the opera.
Sergio Leone has this weird western opera thing.
If I do a play, it’s my vision, and everybody else is working on the production to support that. If I do an opera, I feel like part of my job is to support that composer, to try and create something that allows the composer to do his or her best work. In movies, it’s usually the director.
I have pretty ecumenical tastes. I’m interested in a lot of different kinds of music, so I don’t listen with a jaundiced ear to music because it’s in a certain category, whether it’s country or opera or hip-hop or bebop or whatever it is.
Let us be clear: I take ten times more money for a concert than for an opera performance.
The soap opera was so long ago – the thing about soap operas, and there’s something to be said for doing it, but you do a script a day. I don’t want to say it’s a training ground; it really isn’t, but what it does teach you is discipline.
I am a person. I am not a soap opera.
Regular church-goers are substantially more likely than non-attenders to read, to take newspapers and magazines, to listen to classical music, to attend symphony concerts, operas, and stage plays.
College football, acting, opera singing – I approached them all in the same obsessive way.
Because comedy is cheap to put on: if you've got a play

Because comedy is cheap to put on: if you’ve got a play or an opera, there’s a whole load of people and a set, but comedy is just one man or woman. And because TV has learned to love comics – there’s so many more around now than when I started out.
I sang opera for over four years when I was younger.
The most widely criticised singers in the history of opera, Maria Callas and Franco Corelli, happen also to be the best singers. I am honoured for being part of their group.
I sing a mixture of everything from opera, folk music, Broadway. It’s a mix of things.
One of the most wonderful memories in my life was when I sang at the Opera House in Sydney. I will never forget that. It is one of the most beautiful Houses I have ever sung in my life.
Nana Mouskouri
Of all the noises known to man, opera is the most expensive.
For me, a diva is like the great opera singer, the great film star – out of reach, in their own world, with a real gift for invention: attention-demanding performance artists with a flamboyant, compelling sense of their own importance so special and inimitable it verges on the alien.
I had a year at 3 when I wanted to be a conductor in the opera.
Since I was a child I’ve loved going to the opera, theatre and ballet.
Christian Lacroix
I was a dancer for many years. I was a premier dancer with ‘Porgy and Bess,’ the opera. And I taught dance some, in different places.
My mom was a folk singer and Celtic harpist. My dad was in a barbershop quartet and my great grandma was an opera singer. As I grew up, I discovered pop music and Top 40 radio, but it was in the ’90s, so music was very different then – it was really lyrical.
Before, there were only four pay per views throughout the whole year. Guys who were doing soap opera storylines could build them up week after week. We had longevity, and that is one of the main reasons why people remember.
I do other sorts of things. I act in other people’s movies. I direct operas. I write books.
The whole point here, and the seed that JJ Abrams laid in my mind is, is the power of curiosity enough? What happens next? That dramatic construct is what has driven soap operas and serialised novels over the course of history.
I used to conduct the last opera in Berlin on Sunday, get on a plane on Monday to Chicago, and start a rehearsal that same night, if it was a performance week.
I find the opera part in ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ challenging.
My worry is that opera will become an historic art form as opposed to a living, breathing thing.
WWE is a company that produces fiction. It’s a soap opera that runs 52 weeks a year without reruns.
When I was in school, I was always writing scripts and dressing up as characters. I’d constantly be that guy who’d get up on stage. I used to write imaginary TV shows, like soap operas, for fun.
I wanted to be an opera singer since I was a very little girl.
‘iCarly’ gives me the luxury of addressing the fans directly. It was a sort of loving nudge to the fans saying, ‘We’re just a fun little sitcom to make you laugh.’ This isn’t a heavy-duty soap opera.
I have also just finished three weeks on a soap opera in England. The soap opera is a rather famous one called Crossroads. It was first on television 25 years ago, and it has recently been brought back. I play the part of a businessman called David Wheeler.
Jeremy Bulloch
I’ve been studying voice for quite a while, especially opera, for at least seven or eight years.
Shelly Burch
I would just like to say that opera is no longer about fat people in breastplates shattering wine glasses.
Lesley Garrett
I think if you study people in the street today, you do sometimes feel that they have taken their behavior and their language from things that they have seen rather than read – from soap operas and movies and so on.
I’ve always loved opera; it never occurred to me that I would write a proper libretto.
I had a schoolmaster who was a supernumerary at Glyndebourne Opera, and through ,I got a job as a walk-on in Peter Hall’s production of ‘Don Giovanni’ there in 1975 or 1976.
We got to see Sondheim shows, ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ ‘Cats’ and all sorts of stuff. When you’re 10 or 11 years old, it’s just magnificent. The story-telling, the music – it lifts you out of your seat.
Professionally, I did a couple of operas when I was in school, when I was 18.
Lucy Griffiths
I conclude that the Wagnerian operas which are already in the repertoire, and other masterworks as well, stand in no further need of my services.
When I come to reflect on the subject, in no country have I received such honors or been so esteemed as in Italy, and nothing contributes more to a man’s fame than to have written Italian operas, and especially for Naples.
So, I lived at the Beijing Opera, I ate there, I learne

So, I lived at the Beijing Opera, I ate there, I learned a craft. And the money we made went into the company.
John Lone
I have turned down soaps operas. I want to be outside, and I want to have the gun. It is cowboys and Indians to me.
I got my first professional job at Harvard, at the Loeb Drama Center, and I remember sitting on campus one day under a tree – I was doing ‘Threepenny Opera.’ I was reading a book, and the light caught me, and I thought, ‘I want to be in the movies.’
All of our lives are enriched by our culture, from blockbuster films, best-selling video games, independent music, and internationally-renowned museums and art collections, to theatre, opera, ballet, literary festivals and performance poetry.
I’m an obsessive musical theatre person, so some of the most formative albums for me were, you know, the ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ soundtrack or ‘Into The Woods.’
It’s necessary to track characters all the way through an opera. If you’re dealing with more than one or two characters, it’s very easy to forget that the others have lives of their own that feed into the story.
I really don’t understand because I love opera, because I respect the Michelangelos and da Vincis, that it should be shocking because I am a wrestler. Because I am a wrestler does it mean that I am some kind of a robot who only knows to go into the squared circle and pound on somebody?
Operas elucidate, in a way sometimes absent in other theatrical productions, the very human fact that in every hero, there is a thread of duplicity. In every villain, there is another side to consider: We don’t have to like him or her, but we are compelled to think about motivation.
To be able to make a good living in a challenging medium like soap operas is great. The best is that I get to act and am rewarded for it. And the people I work with are great. Funny, intelligent, hard working. They’re all great to be around.
David Canary
I want tap to be something danced in arenas. Sort of like a rock group. Other art forms happen every night. Take theater, opera; there’s always opera happening every night.
I have nothing but admiration for the actors on soap operas. It is unbelievably challenging to put out an hour show in one day.
My mom was an opera singer, and she gave up her career to raise a family. But she also taught my sisters how to sing.
While writing ‘The Orientalist,’ I played a soundtrack that alternated between ragtime and Azeri mugams, Russian operas and German and Italian pop songs from the 1920s and 30s. When I finally finished, I gorged on all my music from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.
I watched a lot of soap operas, when I was growing up, and a lot of those great serialized soap dramas.
I remember watching the Three Tenors at the World Cup in 1990, and it was amazing. They made opera accessible to the man in the street.
Opera is really fun.
I’d hate this to get out but I really like opera.
Ford Frick
But I won’t deprive myself of singing opera as long as my voice follows.
A cabaret song has got to be written – for the middle voice, ideally – because you’ve got to hear the wit of the words. And a cabaret song gives the singer room to act, more even than an opera singer.
There is a lot of propaganda about opera singers not being able to act. That’s not necessarily true and hasn’t been true for a very long time. And certainly there were those instances when singers were told they need to fit into a certain size dress. Of course, women. Men? They just make the costume bigger.
I grew up with singers. My father’s mother sang opera. My dad was a big band singer. I can’t remember a time there wasn’t music in the house, so I grew up listening to great songwritersGeorge Gershwin, Cole Porter – and my grandma was playing opera for me before I was 3.
Gordon Brown is a character from a tragic opera, twisted by ambition and a Presbyterian sense of fateful destiny. He has waited 13 years, mostly in Tony Blair‘s shadow, for this poisoned chalice and has a pessimist‘s luck.
Dance stories, unlike those in opera, are usually simple.
My parents were opera singers. I didn’t want to play opera because I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t want to play their music; I wanted to play the music that I wanted to play, and I’m so lucky that today I get to play that music, even though I don’t like every song I write.
I was on the soap opera ‘Days of our Lives.’
My mother sent me to dance and drama classes when I was young, and then I got a stage role in ‘Set To Partners‘ when I was 12, followed by Benjamin Britten’s ‘Let’s Make An Opera.’
Shirley Eaton
An operetta is simply a small and gay opera.
This is not a rock opera. This is not Tommy. I can write songs that emote, and that’s it.
I wanted to be Whitney Houston at first, and when I started taking voice lessons, my voice teacher kind of geared me more towards opera.
Opera in English is, in the main, just about as sensible as baseball in Italian.
Having now been on three different soap operas was more than I could have hoped for. Then going on to doing a movie and being on prime time TV, to my own show on Netflix – I couldn’t have dreamed of what this has snowballed into.
I don't know, a lot of people go crazy about 'Breaking

I don’t know, a lot of people go crazy about ‘Breaking Bad,’ but I don’t like the soap opera aspect of it and only following one character. I like the context to all of it, all the pieces, like ‘The Wire.’ It’s more about the state of things; it’s not about the narrative of a person.
In the modern operas that ‘Miss Saigon’ and ‘Les Miz’ are, nobody breaks out into song from conventional book dialogue. Everything is sung from beginning to end, including the recitative.
I like folk songs, but ten horses couldn’t bring me to a concert or an opera.
Fritz Lang
I want to write theater pieces, opera, or some kind of amalgamation where there is singing, music and theater.
David Newman
I’ve just written a very gritty, non-magical take on the King Arthur legend, ‘Here Lies Arthur,’ and I’m currently toying with some other historical ideas, as well as working with the illustrator David Wyatt on some sequels to my Victorian space opera ‘Larklight.’
Philip Reeve
Having the games on TV, I’ve always believed it’s like watching a soap opera – fans can’t wait for the next episode.
Rocky Wirtz
Opera is for a lifetime, not just a minute.
Kiri Te Kanawa
Everyone in my family is an artist. Both my parents are painters and my mom’s an opera singer. I was never shown any other way to process life.
Aleksa Palladino
I started performing with the Boston Children’s Opera when I was 5, and I stayed working with that group until I was about 12 or 13, so that was a huge part of my life. It was, weirdly, an extremely professional environment geared towards kids.
I am rooted in flamenco. At 13, I fell in love with it, but I couldn’t sing it. To sing flamenco is like being a kind of opera singer. You have to learn how.
People may have thought that we changed a lot. I don’t think we came in with that intention. Certain things I can’t stomach. But I tried to be as collegial as possible. When you sign that contract, you’re tied to that opera house to try your best. But every different team will play with a different intensity.
Bryn Terfel
I don’t know how much of a market there is for space opera. Just because it’s in the movies doesn’t mean magazines are buying it.
I only use my sick days for hang-overs and soap opera weddings.
Kate O’Brien
Well, opera began with an intent to resuscitate Greek drama, that is, modern opera as we know it.
John Eaton
I can’t distract myself enough here, for sketches to a new opera are constantly buzzing around in my head, to the extent that I need all my strength to wrest myself from them.
I was 11 and watching soap operas with my mom, and I thought it would be cool to be an actor. I thought soap operas was going to be the dream at the time – it’s obviously now not the dream, but I think soap operas are really cool. Maybe I’ll go back to that.
Crazy as it sounds, I’m a believer in destiny and serendipity, and I have had cosmic experiences all my life. Something told me I was meant for greater stuff. And look, I’ve had a baby! And I’ve written an opera!
Writing an opera and premiering in England, you could say I was going right into the eye of the storm and I came out successfully. A little tattered and bruised, but so what, I made it.
I go to the opera. It’s mostly my wife that’s a bigger fan, I’d say, than I am. I like the big opera. I want a lot of people on stage, elephants and marching stuff, and the modern stuff I don’t care for.
To this day, I adore classical music, and I’m very interested in opera, which I found out later my father was also extremely fond of.
David Newman
I don’t mind what language an opera is sung in so long as it is a language I don’t understand.
Edward Appleton
I was the first movie star to plunge into night-time soap opera.
Dorothy Malone
I’m actually doing what I like doing, which is mixing opera music and classical music with soul and folk. And I was writing and talking about what I’ve actually experienced, and I don’t think that’s very common.
When the subsidies are going out there to fund arts, I’d like to see jazz given a better shake of the dice. It attracts as many people as opera does, but not the subsidies.
My operas usually come from musical ideas rather than ideas about subject matter.
Harrison Birtwistle
The English National Opera does have some terrific productions, which are accessible, and they’re not too ridiculously expensive.
One of the first things I created was music for the Paris opera’s ballet troupe. That was the first time that electronic music was played at the opera. I really like the relationship between the music and the choreography.
I don’t like reality shows and have never watched them, but I’m addicted to ‘Real Housewives‘ because it’s authentic old-time soap opera reborn!
You have to think about the WWE as soap operas.
I just started studying opera – very, very much as hobby – and for some reason I’ve been gravitating toward French composers, like a lot of Debussy and Faure. I find it a really sinuous and spooky language to sing in.
Soap operas were my first professional experiences, and I always knew I was eager to explore a lot more work in a lot more arenas.
Music and opera are a big part of my life.

Music and opera are a big part of my life.
Ailyn Perez
Poetry is all I write, whether for books or readings or for the National Theatre or for the opera house and concert hall or even for TV.
I never pictured myself as a telenovela galan – never imagined I’d be in a soap opera.
Jencarlos Canela
As a young man, I wooed, unsuccessfully, with Puccini. It’s important to get your operas right.
My mom was on a soap opera for 40 years, so I know about love and romance.
I want to reach as many people as possible with the message of music, of wonderful opera.
Luciano Pavarotti
As far as I was concerned the important thing was that the music was getting the attention as well as me so it was always a great way to get more of the public to connect with classical music, and opera particularly.
Lesley Garrett
‘Rigoletto’ has long been one of my favorite operas, and it was on my short list way back when I first talked to Peter Gelb. I started thinking about what I could bring to this masterpiece, which has been seen all over the world for so many years.
Michael Mayer
You can make a debut in 25 operas. But to make a debut at the Metropolitan Opera is huge.
Kristine Opolais
My mom was an opera singer. She did all the classical music, and I heard it. I know every opera. I know every classical piece of music.
My father was a welder on the second-highest sail, so the Opera House has a special place in my heart.
I’d been trained in choral, gospel, and a little bit of opera.
Opera became popular in Texas the same way it did in a lot of previously isolated regions of the nation. It started with money. In the case of Texas, it was oil money, and it made a lot of people very rich, very fast.
You can’t get down and dirty at the opera.
Julianne Moore and Michael Keaton began in 1980s soap operas and 1970s sitcoms, respectively, such ancient history by show business standards that you need carbon dating to measure their careers.
Misery loves company. This is a Hollywood soap opera, and I’m not going to be a star in another Bryant soap opera.
I think it was just an opera. Now, you go to opera, you expect to see and hear what the opera is. So, it was Catfish Row. It was singers. Marvelous voices. It didn’t make no difference what color they were.
Cab Calloway
To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of American soap operas. I grew up Spanish, so I grew up watching a lot of novellas.
Julie Gonzalo
Politically it’s easy to salve one’s conscience, no matter that salving it rarely makes the problem go away. You join the Labour Party, write articles attacking the privileged, give the money you spend on opera tickets to homeless charities, and vow never to go to anything that can be considered elitist again.
I think sometimes when you speak about something like ‘Indian classical music’ and ‘ragas,’ and all of that’s new to people, it can be quite intimidating, in the same way that I have sometimes found opera and Wagner intimidating – one doesn’t know where to begin sometimes.
Opera is the original marriage of words and music, and there’s a theatre element, a dramatic element. It’s right up my alley.
Shane Koyczan
You can be born with the talent to be an opera star, but you’ve got to work and practice it.
I remember vividly seeing ‘Tarzan‘ and Fred Astaire, the Chaplin films, Fred Astaire musicals, MGM, because of my mother. She was just interested in everything and she took me to opera and ballet, and then ballet got me hooked.
I love the way Monteverdi’s opera embodies the triumph of evil love in such a luscious way. The closing love duet is just pure amoral, liquid passion. The Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment sound great in the Albert Hall, and the Glyndebourne cast is fabulous.
I’m not glamorous, I don’t have a look, I don’t know anything about opera, I have no Italian, and I’m too old.
As a piano player, if 10 is concert level, I’d put myself at a 5 or a 6, but in a completely different genre than classical or opera. In terms of classical and opera, playing accompaniment, I’d say I was a 3.
There’s no half-singing in the shower, you’re either a rock star or an opera diva.
As a child, I was always making sound; it was a compulsion. I loved to scream and yell and sing; it freed me from all the thoughts in my head. I begged for opera lessons because opera singing is the most formidable, most emotional way to use your voice.
Zola Jesus
It is so important for people at a young age to be invited to embrace classical music and opera.
Luciano Pavarotti
I think the power of opera has been shifted from the music to the director, because this is a very visual age that we live in.
The thing about Wagner is we’re always wrong about him, because he always embraces opposites. There are things in his operas which viewed one way are naturalistic, and viewed another way are symbolic, but the problem is you can’t represent both views on stage at once.
One year, I was a patron of a new opera. It was, to put

One year, I was a patron of a new opera. It was, to put it kindly, unpleasant to the ear. The friends I went with hated it. Keeping quiet about my contribution, I was outed when one of them, reading the program at the restaurant during dinner, saw my name.
It’s a fundamental, social attitude that the 1% supports symphonies and operas and doesn’t support Johnny learning to program hip-hop beats. When I put it like that, it sounds like, ‘Well, yeah,’ but you start to think, ‘Why not, though?’ What makes one more valuable than another?
The only thing I daydreamed about was being an opera singer. But I was so skinny and so pathetic that that sort of wasn’t going to happen.
The voice muscle doesn’t last forever. I have a lot of friends who are classical and opera singers. My friend Beverly Sills stopped singing in her 50s, so I’m careful with mine. But I’ll keep going as long as it lets me.
If I can do concert recitals, adapting the repertoire to my needs, then no problem, that’s good enough. But with operas, unless the right circumstances come up, my career is done.
If work isn’t rooted in comedy, people will turn from it, or they’ll use it like soap opera.
It’s very much like opera singers. They do the same thing. The first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, the thing they think about is their voice and how to take care of it.
The first job where I actually made money was on ‘Guiding Light,’ the soap opera. And I played a maid. My name was Ginger, and I had a Brooklyn accent – a really bad one, if I remember correctly.
I think the composer and production staff of an opera have a real responsibility to use visual elements of all kinds to make clear to the American audience, at any rate, exactly what is going on.
John Eaton
Every year I go to Broadway to see a musical – I like the music. I saw ‘Mamma Mia;’ I saw ‘Les Miserables;’ I saw ‘Phantom of the Opera’ like six, seven times.
I don’t rehearse films as much as opera or theatre. When I began directing films I thought a long rehearsal was a good idea. Experience showed me that the best performance was often left in a rehearsal room.
I was playing this role on ‘Ugly Betty,’ the sweetest, nicest guy. He was a fun character to play, but I was in a Latin soap opera – where are you gonna go with a nice guy in a Latin soap opera?
I love to play. I love, opera, hiking and museums. The one thing I don’t do is sit. I have a tremendous amount of energy.
The Opera is obviously the first draft of a fine spectacle; it suggests the idea of one.
I never learned music. I’m quite uneducated, and usually I sat in front of the TV, with soap operas on, in England. It was very inspiring for me, I’d done all this traveling around, I came back living with my parents, everyone around me was like they’re living in a soap opera.
Graham Parker
I was very young, and I was on vacation with my family, and there was a retrospective of old films, and one of them was ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ with Claude Rains that was in color. It was something very important for my career because I began to follow these stories that were morbid.
For me, few things are more compelling than watching a great opera.
You don’t have to make a grand, exaggerated sound to sing opera.
I was into opera as a kid – I’d play ‘Carmen’ and sing and dance. My mom signed me up for a theater group before preschool, and I never looked back.
My sister and I used to act as maids and waitresses at my great aunt and uncle‘s cocktail parties, which were very much sort of retired, minor stars of the Yiddish theater and the Yiddish opera.
Theatre is different. We can spend two weeks around a table talking about subtext. In opera, there is a score, and people already know their parts. And they move differently. I find all this liberating.
I listen to lots of music, especially Bach, opera (all periods), German lieder, chamber music, and rock, old and new. I can’t listen to music while I write. It’s too absorbing.
Cheryl Mendelson
‘Friends’ played in this territory of being funny, and then also just grabbing your heart. And not afraid of that. It was a comedic soap opera. Not being afraid to have an audience feel something, laugh and cry, was quite extraordinary and quite wonderful.
I just figured, ‘I don’t want to go to university anymore,’ so I went to Stockholm. I went into this teaching school and after one year I got a part in a soap opera in Stockholm. It’s called ‘Rederiet.’
Mostly what I listen to when I turn on my little iPod is opera.