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I think my dad is this great, wonderful... man with a l

I think my dad is this great, wonderful… man with a lot of integrity, who is fighting for things he believes in and is serious in what he wants to see happen and serious in helping people.
Vanessa Kerry
The debt-ceiling vote isn’t about what will be done in the future; it is about the integrity of America’s commitment to support the bonds we issue. Elected officials have an obligation to maintain that integrity, regardless of whether they voted for the programs that required the borrowing in the first place.
To preserve our sovereign integrity, we must prove to them nobody need tell us how to hold a clean and democratic election.
Americans are rightly concerned about the security and the integrity of the nation’s borders because the system is broken. Some are concerned about the possibility of terrorists crossing our borders and coming into our cities.
Chris Cannon
As an academic, what do you have? You have the quality of your work and the integrity with which you do it.
It is an honor for me to accept the position of men’s artistic director for Louis Vuitton. I find the heritage and creative integrity of the house are key inspirations and will look to reference them both while drawing parallels to modern times.
It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to work with so many dedicated SEC staff who strive every day to protect investors and ensure our markets operate with integrity.
Mary Schapiro
Cyborg represents not just people who are differently abled: he is also a representation of the black community and people of colour within the Justice League. Being able to don both those mantles with the integrity which that character would need to be portrayed and was adhered to was something that was very important.
I believe we need to focus first and foremost – as Donald Trump has done with such force and such passion – on border integrity and building the wall.
I believe that economics is based on scarcity of markets. And it’s possible to monetize your art without compromising the integrity of it for commerce.
One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.
If love means that one person absorbs the other, then no real relationship exists any more. Love evaporates; there is nothing left to love. The integrity of self is gone.
Ann Oakley
I had walked away from the music industry because I had a certain integrity and all that.
My mother was a secretary that elevated herself to having her own international company, my father elevated himself to an NBA player and perennial all-star. So I learned from my parents that it’s about hard work, about both of them getting their education, putting people first and leading a life of integrity.
Hillary Clinton is a non-starter and lacks the integrity to lead this nation, but Trump has a long way to go to earn the support of many – me included.
I’m not Mary Poppins, but I think I functioned with integrity.
A fish is more valuable swimming in the sea maintaining the integrity of oceanic eco-systems than it is on anyone’s plate.
There are actually very few US politicians who have integrity and vision.
We are determined to build a society defined by decency and integrity that does not tolerate the plunder of public resources nor the theft by corporate criminals of the hard-earned savings of ordinary people.
I think it is better when people with their own businesses and means of income join politics as there is some degree of honesty and integrity.
Vijay Mallya
I think it’s a lack of journalistic integrity to print things with anonymous sources.
My father and mother had tremendous integrity, and obviously that affected me.
David Green
You can’t have integrity for breakfast, but try and keep it because it is perhaps the single most important word that defines not just writers but all human beings.
If the rules aren’t going to protect the integrity of the game, then they’re wrong.
You have to have integrity.
I live by honor. I live by integrity. I live by ‘never quit.’ It’s not a cool T-shirt phrase for me.
The strongest thing that any human being has going is their own integrity and their own heart. As soon as you start veering away from that, the solidity that you need in order to be able to stand up for what you believe in and deliver what’s really inside, it’s just not going to be there.
My challenge to members on both sides of the aisle is to stand up and have the integrity to say that we have a dead U.S. agent; we have a Department of Justice that lied to Congress.
Public confidence in the integrity of the Government is indispensable to faith in democracy; and when we lose faith in the system, we have lost faith in everything we fight and spend for.
I trust the integrity of the British government and the British soldiers.
It seems to me that if God calls us to anything it’s to a life of integrity.
We should be in constant evolution and adapt to the new

We should be in constant evolution and adapt to the new without ever losing our essence or our integrity.
Pedro Capo
I hold no economic interest in any company in this industry; however, I do hold and use digital currency for my personal use. I strive to keep myself non-biased and work with the highest integrity.
Most software today is very much like an Egyptian pyramid with millions of bricks piled on top of each other, with no structural integrity, but just done by brute force and thousands of slaves.
I think that communalism is the cancer of our society, and if we have to protect the humanity and the unity and integrity of this country, then we will have to fight the communal forces.
Whatever you perceive, you always make a story with yourself as the main character, and that dictates your life. Then when you read ‘The Four Agreements’, you hear another voice beneath the story, the voice that comes from your integrity, your spirit.
The good name of the United Nations is one of its most valuable assets – but also one of its most vulnerable. The Charter calls on staff to uphold the highest levels of efficiency, competence and integrity, and I will seek to ensure to build a solid reputation for living up to that standard.
We managed to prepare a cell-free system which was active when suitably supplemented, and this was a novel result since the process of oxidation was believed to require the integrity of the cells.
Luis Federico Leloir
Every man has the right to life, to bodily integrity.
Pope John XXIII
The security and integrity of our election system remains paramount.
When you’ve got good writing, you can kind of give up all the research, in a way, and start just following the emotional integrity of the journey of your character.
Adopting big-business practices is one thing, and adopting agribusiness practices that would dilute the meaning oforganic‘ is another. On the whole, I think we’re doing a pretty good job of preserving the integrity of organic foods.
Parents have no greater responsibility in this world than the bringing up of their children in the right way, and they will have no greater satisfaction as the years pass than to see those children grow in integrity and honesty and make something of their lives.
I’m a man who makes his own decisions and sticks with them; I think there’s a lot of integrity in that.
If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.
Tom Perez has brought integrity, passion, and tenacity to every job he’s ever had.
The time has come to return integrity, performance and dignity to New York and make it the Empire State once again.
All musicians start out with ideals but hanging on to them in the face of media scrutiny takes real integrity. Tougher still is to live up to the ideals of your dedicated fans.
Know what’s important and what isn’t. Have the wisdom to know the right thing to do, the integrity to do it, the character to stand up to those who don’t, and the courage to stop those who won’t.
If you make that decision, that you’ll always follow that rule, then your commitment to do it sinks into your heart, and when you realize the benefits of having integrity time after time, it really changes your heart, not just your head.
Now that we have a true leader who stands for family and has a loving relationship with his wife, maybe black men and women will follow their example. We have a lot of faith and trust in President Obama because his integrity thus far has shown us a new level of manhood, fatherhood and husbandhood.
The most important thing about my life is this integrity, and you can’t lie to yourself.
Man is a being of a mixed nature; and, as there is no integrity without its flaws, so is there no man so knavish but that in some things he may be trusted.
With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity, you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt.
Joe Gibbs helped define what the Washington Redskins stand for – integrity, hard work, determination, winning and championships.
Daniel Snyder
Just because I believe in the identity and integrity of my country doesn’t make a xenophobe or a nationalist.
You have to make your choices however you see fit and just keep your integrity as best you can.
I thank God that I left office the same way I came in: with integrity.
Najib Mikati
I’m not paralyzed with fear, but I realize it is important to live as if there’s no tomorrow, always trying to maintain your integrity and have no regrets.
Integrity is a very important and an almost indispensable virtue that all leaders must possess. This is especially true in the Philippine context because we Filipinos really respond to leadership by example.
I think there’s so much honor and integrity and beauty in being able to be who you are.
Although it may be true that the notion of teaching virtues such as honesty or integrity arouses little controversy, it is also true that vague consensus on the goodness of these virtues conceals a great deal of actual disagreement over their definitions.
It's easy to maintain your integrity when no one is off

It’s easy to maintain your integrity when no one is offering to buy it out.
When people question your integrity, when people question who you are from afar, when they’ve never had a conversation with you, and don’t know the time and effort you’ve put into your communities, but then you’re kind of this thug, this out of control player, that makes no sense to me.
My father was very strong. I don’t agree with a lot of the ways he brought me up. I don’t agree with a lot of his values, but he did have a lot of integrity, and if he told us not to do something, he didn’t do it either.
I think that every enduring story that has expressions over multiple periods, that role of being the keeper of the integrity of the vision is a very important role.
In my heart of hearts, I know that whatever I do is going to have integrity, and I’m going to work really hard, and I know that fans are going to take to it.
Christy Romano
I know what martial arts have done for me. They’ve taught me integrity, self-control, perseverance and an indomitable spirit.
I’m concerned about the integrity of American elections.
You have to refresh yourself with anything that you do all the time and re-tweak it, so the level of integrity associated with what people have learned to love is still the same. And so we don’t get bored and fall asleep.
I’m convinced you can combine this with reporting integrity and accuracy.
Jack Brickhouse
Whatever you’ve been asked to do, whatever your role is today, do it really well, deliver results, and do it with integrity.
Don’t worry so much about your self-esteem. Worry more about your character. Integrity is its own reward.
I have always been drawn to strong and interesting women, people who have navigated that world before you and maintained their integrity and sense of self.
I’ve always been an artist who’s about being real and about telling the truth and making music with integrity and talking about something.
There’s a lot of integrity with musicians; you really still aspire to grow, and be great, to be the best version of yourself you can be.
Integrity means there is not a real-life you and an internet you. The two are one and the same. If you’re not kind on the Internet, you’re not kind.
Attending that Convention and talking with those people and many others convinced me that I should become a blogger in my efforts to reform the government and uphold the integrity of the Constitution and the laws made in furtherance thereof.
Coming through the fire and through the storm of life with a strong man, my fiance Ashanti, whom I’ve been dating for eight months and two wonderful children beside me, I’m just so happy that I have been able to maintain my integrity and get to where I am today with the right energy around me.
Anything I do has to have integrity, so if you just want to make music, it’s not difficult finding support. The hard part for a publicist or manager is making a star.
We got full artistic integrity and autonomy over what we were doing, and that was the main important thing that kept our band alive.
I had three intentions when I became a wrestler. One was to keep my integrity. Two was to give pro wrestling a more respectable image. And three was to be a role model to Jewish kids, who may not have thought they could do what I do.
No writer for the press, however humble, is free from the burden of keeping his purpose high and his integrity white.
The integrity of the federal procurement system needs to be protected so that the public has confidence in government contracts, and small businesses have every opportunity to compete.
I have very little respect for the integrity of the trading on the exchange in most stocks. And I have particular disdain for the fact that the SEC has failed to deal with high-frequency traders who are doing nothing more than taking advantage of inside information, a buy or a sell order, because of technology advantages.
Let’s not betray cinema with marketing inside the film. If it’s done outside, then it’s ok. That is essential to integrity.
Golf is a game of ego, but it is also a game of integrity: the most important thing is you do what is right when no one is looking.
When people say, ‘Who are you?’ I’m a sculptor and a painter. That’s how I define myself. The acting is fun, and I hope to leave behind a couple things in my life of dramatic integrity and art.
The young generation is willing to experiment more. Firstly, they are less motivated by money and compensation, unlike the previous two generations. Secondly, integrity and governance are very important issues for them.
What the world needs is people with integrity, people with genuine thoughts and intentions.
Dad had great people investing in his life at a young age. His mother, his stepfather, his Boy Scout leader, his football coach. That’s where integrity is planted, like seeds that are harvested later.
Steven Ford
I think it’s important to be with a guy who has a strong sense of integrity. That’s how I was raised, and that’s something I look for.
Emily VanCamp
I'm an actor so I approached my debut with as much hone

I’m an actor so I approached my debut with as much honesty and integrity towards the character that I was given to play.
Vishal Jethwa
I am humble enough to understand there are many people who know much more than I do on many subjects, so I listen to them. Integrity is also critical to leadership, so I believe there must always be alignment between what you think, say, and do.
A group is as healthy as its ‘social contract‘ is clear; a congregation as faithful as its covenant is mutually understood; a pastor as effective as the pastor’s and people’s commitment to trust and integrity is honored, guarded, and fulfilled.
David Augsburger
Engagement and integrity are the two most fundamental aspects of building trust; lead from the front by evolving your company strategy, then live your values every day.
There’s a clear distinction between activities that threaten the security and integrity of our election systems, and the broader threat from influence operations designed to influence voters.
It’s interesting going between small parts and then bigger roles where you carry the film. If the writing is good, and if the people involved have integrity, then you’ll do it, even if it’s only five minutes on screen.
I try to find the right director who won’t compromise his or anyone else‘s integrity, and yet be political enough to give the studio what they want, yet put up a fight to maintain that integrity.
I only believe in making movies with integrity.
It’s all about humanity, humility, and integrity.
Debra Wilson
One truth is the swing of the sentence, the beat and poise, but down deeper it’s the integrity of the writer as he matches with the language.
Once you realize that you’re in something that you’ve always wanted and you don’t want to lose it, you behave differently. And that means the integrity, the professionalism, and knowing what’s right from wrong and still making choices that you probably wouldn’t have made.
Paul Anka
We are ready and open to a dialogue with all sides, all parties and all countries that respect the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Belarus.
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya
Nothing so completely baffles one who is full of trick and duplicity himself, than straightforward and simple integrity in another.
If you don’t have integrity, don’t be in cinema.
Somebody like CM Punk, who stands up and says he’s completely sober – he doesn’t even take a drink of champagne in a toast because that’s just not him – he’s a man that’s completely full of integrity; you’ve got to respect that.
Hollywood is difficult to navigate if you have integrity, so I opted not to work if there wasn’t enough to do in a role, which doesn’t have to do with the role’s size.
In most cases, it’s slight and often unintentional gaps in integrity that hold leaders, their employees, and their companies back. Despite their potential, these leaders harm their employees and themselves.
The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.
Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.
Lots of countries, like Israel, live with terrorism every day, and it doesn’t impact their integrity. The big threat to America is the way we react to terrorism by throwing away what everybody values about our country – a commitment to human rights. America is a great nation because we are a good nation.
It must be said that it is challenging to balance uncompromising artistic integrity with commercial requirements, but I’ve also come to learn that couture clients are adventurous and particularly unpredictable in their taste.
Stephane Rolland
For me, my family and my faith have been what’s really been my anchor, and grounding me, and helping me navigate through a lot of the things that really destroy marriages in Hollywood, and in your own personal integrity.
All prizes have a role, if they are run with integrity and with a clear focus on reading and quality writing. I don’t think any of them is necessary, but they all play an incredibly important role in building a body of literature, in introducing new authors to new readers, and extending reading.
Kate Mosse
Attend with Diligence and strict Integrity to the Interest of your Correspondents and enter into no Engagements which you have not the almost certain Means of performing.
George Mason
I don’t believe in any Greatest Generation. I believe in great events. They sweep ordinary people up, expose them to extremes of human behavior and unimaginable tests of integrity and courage, and then deposit them back on the home front.
I never questioned the integrity of an umpire. Their eyesight, yes.
Leo Durocher
The strongest thing that any human being has going is their own integrity and their own heart. As soon as you start veering away from that, the solidity that you need in order to be able to stand up for what you believe in and deliver what’s really inside, it’s just not going to be there.
When I was attorney general, we had the strongest public integrity unit in the country.
The First Nations Financial Transparency Act insulted the integrity of the very people in our communities who guide our economic policy and act as our mediators with provincial and federal governments.
Eden Robinson
My father (like most fathers) always taught me that a man is someone who stands by his principles, someone who lives with integrity and puts his family before himself. That last one is important, because as a young boy, it’s your pops who provides you with security.
But my dad also was a remarkable man, a good person, a principled individual, a man of integrity.
Pervasive 'whites-only' policies and hateful narratives

Pervasive ‘whites-only’ policies and hateful narratives could not be further from the values that underpin our Armed Forces: those of integrity, respect for others, and having the bravery to do the right thing.
I think vampires are different from human beings, but they’re sentenced to eternity on this planet. They have the same confusion about love and permanence, integrity, and denial. These qualities really are the same in vampire characters as in humans. I think they’re universal themes.
Our job as directors is to really give the audience a sense that all this exists in a universe somewhere. Even if it’s a slightly more stylized or comedic world than we live in, it’s still really important that it has an authenticity and integrity to it.
I have to say that one of the most important things Scientology has given me is the ability to keep my integrity together. I understand how people can get into unethical situations, and Scientology has always helped me keep my head clear and be in present time.
Danny Masterson
Generally what you see happen is these talented kids make a great album, but they don’t have a chance unless they have someone working with them who has integrity. They get thrown out by MTV and radio in six weeks, and they don’t get any time to grow.
Actors say they do their own stunts for the integrity of the film but I did them because they looked like a lot of fun.
The American people voted to restore integrity and honesty in Washington, D.C., and the Democrats intend to lead the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history.
I wanted to make sure that the man who found the genie would not take terrible advantage of her, so he needed to be a person of integrity and honor – which is why I made the male lead an astronaut. The rest, as they say, is history.
The Bush administration opened several lines of attack against the rule of law and the integrity of an independent Justice Department. The scandals are so famous that they’ve been reduced to shorthand: Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, NSA, Attorneygate.
Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.
It’s easy to assume that just because you make something in small volumes, not using many tools, that there is integrity and care – that is a false assumption.
Honesty and integrity are absolutely essential for success in life – all areas of life. The really good news is that anyone can develop both honesty and integrity.
I really think the most important thing I do is to protect the dignity and the integrity of the Office of the Surgeon General.
The Leadership Training Institute of America trains and equips young men and women to be leaders with high standards of personal morality and integrity.
Parents today are self-absorbed. They don’t care what anyone thinks or even what their children think. There is less focus on discipline, integrity, boundaries, fairness, honesty and spirituality.
It was a department where you had honesty and integrity stamped right on you when you came into the Los Angeles Police Department. If you violated that, or if you were a dishonest cop, you were terrible. We got rid of you as quickly as possible.
Daryl Gates
It’s really difficult to navigate attention and stardom and celebrity status and still try to maintain yourself and hold onto your intelligence and integrity. It’s really challenging.
Nothing more completely baffles one who is full of trick and duplicity, than straightforward and simple integrity in another.
I’ve been around a long time, and when I was at the top of the hill, I was very ahead of my time! Evidence of that is that my music is still current today – you know, rappers sample it all the time. So, rather than compromise my artistic integrity, I concentrated on movies.
Isaac Hayes
I was offered an opportunity to do the Sports Illustrated cover when they did the skin cover with Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey. That to me was compromising my integrity of who I was and everything that I stand for.
I will be vigilant to protect the independence and integrity of the Supreme Court, and I will work to ensure that it upholds the rule of law and safeguards those liberties that make this land one of endless possibilities for all Americans.
There are no clear boundary lines between what is physiological, what is psychological, and what is spiritual. Those are language domains that make sense and have integrity but overlap significantly.
The integrity of the game is the umpires. Nobody else. The entire integrity of the game is the umpires.
I kept thinking, I’m not going to do political journalism, because there’s no way to keep my principles and be a political journalist, so I’ll edit a popular science magazine. This will be my salvation, and I’ll emerge with my integrity intact. That didn’t even happen.
My father is a man of impeccable character who has worked tirelessly for the United Nations for many years. His integrity is beyond reproach.
Kojo Annan
Storytelling is based on the word, being an honorable person of integrity is based on your word.
We have also set up the national institute for ethics. This institute and also the implementation of the national integrity plan, that will certainly do the follow up that is necessary for this.
Secret courts require great faith that the Justice Department – and future Justice Departments – will act with integrity.
Try to find the path of least resistance and use it without harming others. Live with integrity and morality, not only with people but with all beings.
You have a person there in Senator McCain that has an integrity in him and will stand up for the political process.
It’s a big challenge for me to keep my integrity and some of my privacy intact.
I became a loner. I became a mountain man. A lot of tho

I became a loner. I became a mountain man. A lot of those things are very good qualities and they help you do your work, help you be singular and keep the artistic integrity of your work intact, but they don’t make it very easy to live your life.
John Milius
If I have taught my sons anything in life, it is to have integrity – to always tell the truth, and I believe they have.
Leonard N. Stern
I’m trying so hard to do something that means something and has integrity and cares about talent.
When somebody questions or insults my integrity and my credibility that’s not for sale.
I fought with integrity and heart and determination like no fighter has ever done.
As Minister for the Cabinet Office, working to maintain the integrity of our Union has been one of my most rewarding responsibilities.
Distributed ledger technologies have the potential to help governments to collect taxes, deliver benefits, issue passports, record land registries, assure the supply chain of goods, and generally ensure the integrity of government records and services.
The band has always stayed close to its fans and not sold out. That’s a very rare thing. I can see how rare that is having been outside of the band for eight years. Maiden has integrity. I think people appreciate that.
Adrian Smith
I think it’s very difficult, and it requires a tremendous amount of spiritual integrity and discipline, to not be a narcissist in a culture that encourages it every step of the way.
People’s lives and livelihoods are often in their hands, and it is critical that judges have integrity, honesty, compassion, and impartiality.
We Bosniaks would for sure fight for integrity of Bosnia.
When you live your life with honesty and integrity, there is nothing that anyone can ever take away from you.
We, as a league, must do a better job of protecting the integrity of the game and the safety of our players.
In the end, there is no absence of irony: the integrity of what is sacred to Native Americans will be determined by the government that has been responsible for doing everything in its power to destroy Native American cultures.
The most important thing is that you honor that musical integrity, whether you make music that sounds like ABBA or you make music that sounds like Void.
When I go home, I try to raise my children with honesty and integrity and teach them to take care of the world and of each other.
You must consider the bottom line, but make it integrity before profits.
That disturbs people when they know they didn’t have the guts or integrity to stick to their dreams.
Sandra Bernhard
This weird thing happens when you’re in a movie that has some level of success. People start offering you all kinds of things, and they just expect you to do them because they’ll be good for your career. It’s not about the project‘s integrity or anything like that.
Transparency is one of our core principles, We treat the food with integrity. We don’t commodify it beyond recognition.
I have no interest in interfering or involving myself in journalistic integrity or process.
I’m not getting to heaven on my integrity. I’m not getting to heaven on my goodness.
The league has to be sensitive about what crosses the line and what doesn’t. It’s tough to determine what is a legal hit and what isn’t a legal hit, and if someone was deliberately trying to hurt someone or not. A certain integrity, though, has to be maintained.
Integrity is about pursuing bigger goals that are beyond your personal success. If people see you only for yourself, they will not trust you. And, without trust, no growth and success are possible.
If you live a rebellious lifestyle, then you rebel against things because they go against your ideals and the integrity of who you are as a person.
Judges ought to be more leaned than witty, more reverent than plausible, and more advised than confident. Above all things, integrity is their portion and proper virtue.
I look forward to demonstrating the greatest integrity of fairness and independence that any arm of the city should have and does have.
I have never believed in the fallacy that the federal government can buy its way out of economic troubles through needless spending. For that reason, I am proud to opposestimuluspackages and endless corporate bailouts, which will do little but weaken the long-term integrity of the American economy.
To be in this business and have tremendous integrity and only make distinguished choices is very tough.
Work hard to achieve integrity in your work and your relationships with the people you work with.
Integrity is the distinctive Santoni trait. Their attention for the longevity of good product matches the widely-felt need for fashion that’s less superficial and volatile.
Marco Zanini
I want to say here and now, that I demand unshakable in

I want to say here and now, that I demand unshakable integrity of every State employee.
Charles Edison
Whether it is a film, television serial or web series, there are three basic things that I consider when I give a nod for a project. Firstly, is the story bringing any effect on my mind. Secondly, the integrity of the makers, and how it will impact the society once the story goes on the public platform.
In many ways, the South can be very traditional and confining. And what is interesting to me is how women find their way around it. Those obstacles create an amazing sense of humor, of fun, and, ultimately, of integrity. The fiercest and savviest women I have ever known are the women I grew up with.
I used ribosomes from very, very robust bacteria under very, very active conditions and found a way – I actually took advantage of research done before me at the Weizmann, the same institute I am now – how to preserve their activity and their integrity while they crystallized.
Honor your commitments with integrity.
Some days I want to get the boob job, some days I want to get the eye lift. Then other days, I’m like, ‘Absolutely not! Have some integrity!’… But it’s all about what makes you happy.
It’s not just that individuals have lost faith in the integrity of their leaders, it’s that they no longer believe society’s most powerful institutions are acting in their interests.
We will graduate our players, and we will do it all with integrity and with class.
To restore and keep the public’s confidence in the integrity of their government, state government and its officials must be open, honest and transparent.
John Lynch
Like other countries in the world, China must uphold its own sovereignty, territorial integrity and development interests. At the same time, we are willing to properly handle differences and disagreements in state-to-state relations.
In building a management team, I look for integrity, loyalty, vision, and a willingness to think outside of the box, and challenge the status quo. I also look for people who have a good sense of humor and who value and empower their team.
Shari Redstone
I think maybe the most important thing that we have to say is that people don’t often talk about network executives being brave. You don’t talk about them as having integrity and a higher purpose, because it’s a job… except for Bob Greenblatt. He is a theatre person. He loves and understands it.
The statements of four witnesses of unquestioned integrity, traveling with me that day, attest that such comments were never made and confirm that it simply did not happen.
Paul Crouch
When I interview someone, I know in the first two minutes if I like them or not. I find that if it’s easy to talk to someone and I see an openness and honesty and integrity, then I usually hire them.
I believe family first. Blood is thicker than water. I grew up like that, and I want to continue to keep that goal in my heart. Just family first! Just honesty, integrity, and respect. All of that. I live by the code of those things. If you do that you’ll be fine.
A grateful world, nation and cadre of surgeons general who followed in his shadow are forever indebted to Surgeon General Koop’s wisdom, fortitude, integrity and selfless service.
The Adequate Protest demands far more than protests. It calls for Great and Daring Leaps of Integrity and Courage to See.
Mary Daly
We value integrity of information, we value processes, cyber- security. These are things important to the government.
Bob Harras’ personal and creative integrity is respected and renowned throughout the comic book industry. As an editor, he provides invaluable insight into storytelling and character.
Human beings exist that have integrity, that know how to keep their mouth shut, that know the bigger picture, that don’t sell out their friends.
For many decades now – and certainly during my adult life in academe – the Western intellectual world has not been convinced that theology is a pursuit that can be engaged in with intellectual honesty and integrity.
Arthur Peacocke
I glory in the fact that a human being has multiple talents and exercises them all with a degree of integrity and artistic proficiency. That’s what I do.
Film-makers should remain true to their principles and never compromise, there is a real revival in the British film industry but there is a danger that we will become colonial servants of Hollywood. We need to maintain our own integrity.
Integrity is the lifeblood of democracy. Deceit is a poison in its veins.
Edward Kennedy
Instead of taking a very high-paying type of law job or something that I might be able to do, I have been a legislator. That’s what I do. I think it’s an honorable profession – if you’re honest and have integrity and work hard.
I have refused money sometimes for a film. I have refused films when I felt that it was not for me. When it was just a job or just about making money, I said no. I wanted to make every film count, and when you are true to yourself, this gives you a certain integrity and a certain reputation.
There is no doubt that Republican control of the Senate is the only way to preserve the Constitutional integrity of our Supreme Court, realign our military‘s force structure, and ensure the basic freedoms and liberties that make ours the greatest country in the world.
I had a certain career as an actor that I think was quite personal as well, and had a lot of integrity, but I wasn’t writing my own things or directing my own movies.
Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will.
Oliver Cromwell
Golf, to its foundation, is a game of integrity and one that encourages us to give back, kind of be ambassadors, role models, I guess, for kids – whether they like golf or not.
My mom taught me to respect myself, and to question anyone who would ask me to sacrifice my integrity.
Working hard to fulfill a dream or instinct and learnin

Working hard to fulfill a dream or instinct and learning over time it doesn’t work, doesn’t mean a career is over and a reputation killed. When a reputation is killed, it’s when failure comes as a result of loss of integrity or judgementbreaking of laws.
Integrity matters. What our fans think matters.
It is critical that Democratic candidates, whether they are in New Jersey, or Virginia, or anywhere, emphasize the fact that we can be trusted, and can bring fiscal integrity to our state, local, and national government.
Mark Warner
Leadership flows from inner character and integrity of ambition, which inspires others to lend themselves to your organization‘s mission.
In managers, I look for people who can get things done through other people. The most important thing for a good manager is that the people on his team feel like he or she has integrity.
Sam Wyly
It is true that integrity alone won’t make you a leader, but without integrity you will never be one.
If you truly believe something, and it’s incorrect, that doesn’t mean you don’t have integrity.
I don’t feel like I’ve ever subscribed to the stereotypical notion of success. I’ve always equated success with having integrity, conducting yourself with compassion and honesty, and following your heart despite whether or not you ever make any money at it.
Judicial Watch has taken the lead nationwide in defending state voter ID laws and other commonsense election integrity measures, filing amicus briefs in the Supreme Court and in several circuit courts of appeal and trial courts.
Never, never, will I accept, on issues of integrity, comparisons with the Liberal party.
I started from scratch but I have always acted with honesty and integrity.
Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you.
Policy proposals to ensure the integrity of ballots are routinely presented by Democrats as not just racist but as having no function other than racism.
I admire Bruce Springsteen because he’s a heroic person who has lots of integrity and has this incredible body of work that is so vital.
Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.
The number one thing I look for in a man is integrity. A man who does what he says he’s going to do.
Torture can destroy the social fabric of communities, degrade a society’s institutions, and undermine the integrity of its political systems.
We are tired of having our integrity impugned. We are tired of having our sincerity questioned. We are tired of having our intelligence insulted.
Terry Sanford
Black men of integrity cannot make a deal with a politician and leave out the poor of the nation, all God’s children.
I think copyright is moral, proper. I think a creator has the right to control the disposition of his or her works – I actually believe that the financial issue is less important than the integrity of the work, the attribution, that kind of stuff.
Integrity is critical to our lives – and to our dreams of achievement. We must remember that without integrity, nothing else matters and that with integrity, nothing else matters.
Integrity is integrity. I don’t push it to the side because I’m talking to Julia Roberts.
Maria Menounos
The integrity of our government, our Republic, fundamentally relies on the principle that no person, not even the president or the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, is above our laws.
Honor and integrity are at the heart of everything Marines do. It’s why I believe so strongly that Joe Biden is the president who can return honor and integrity to the Oval Office.
I use the lessons my father taught me every day. And I believe the simple value of integrity matters, even in a complicated place like Congress.
Hawley is one of the Republican elected officials who takes highly funded and highly coordinated Democrat efforts against vote integrity seriously, and that’s the main reason left-wing activists in and outside the media are opposed to him.
As a former NCAA basketball player, many of the skills I now rely on as a leader took root on the basketball court: teamwork, integrity, and resilience are just some of the traits I’ve carried over into my professional game.
Reliable numbers about the amount of dirty money around the world are difficult to come by. But according to an estimate by the nonprofit Global Financial Integrity group, $1 trillion vanishes from the developing world‘s economies every year.
I’m not in the advertising business, but I think it would be very nice if people went to see the film Hamlet, because it was made with love and integrity.
Integrity has no need of rules.
I would love to be looked at some day – and I’m not ever saying I’m at this level – but I’d love to be mentioned in the same breath as a Bowie or an Eno. Those are the people that I admire artistically, their career trajectory, the integrity throughout their career, the bravery of their career.
The time has come for all evangelists to practice full

The time has come for all evangelists to practice full financial disclosure. The world is watching how we walk and how we talk. We must have the highest standards of morality, ethics and integrity if we are to continue to have influence.
Morality is a test of our conformity rather than our integrity.
Jane Rule
To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.
The one thing we have that the other parties do not have is a political integrity. No one thinks you join the Green party because you’re politically ambitious, or have your own agenda.
I’m pretty transparent and clear about things. The things I do and the way I act are no different than I would expect of others. Mostly it’s about being very clear about what we are trying to do and communicating a lot and showing absolute consistency and integrity about what I say and do.
My intent is not to inflame Muslims but to entertain readers of great thrillers. At the end of the day, I want people to see a good protagonist struggle against serious odds and do so with courage and honor and integrity.
The Microfinance segment is a challenging client servicing space and thus requires a great amount of dedication, integrity and teamwork.
Confounding people’s expectations was a way to maintain integrity.
I haven‘t changed my mind about modernism from the first day I ever did it… It means integrity; it means honesty; it means the absence of sentimentality and the absence of nostalgia; it means simplicity; it means clarity. That’s what modernism means to me.
I have supported civil rights activity in my state. I have done my job with integrity, equality, and fairness for all.
Perhaps the surest test of an individual’s integrity is his refusal to do or say anything that would damage his self-respect.
I’ve worked hard and tried to approach my career with as much honesty and integrity as possible. I’ve also had many blessings along the way and feel very fortunate to have a career that speaks so much to my soul.
The architecture profession has lost a lot of its integrity, especially in the USA. The general architect here has no scruples, no ambitions.
Nothing more completely baffles one who is full of trick and duplicity, than straightforward and simple integrity in another.
The U.S. needs legislation to protect the public’s right to free speech and a free press, to protect it from the actions of the executive branch, and to promote the integrity and transparency of the U.S. government.
Chelsea Manning
Ralph Miliband was a socialist intellectual of great integrity. He belonged to a generation of socialists formed by the Russian revolution and the Second World War, a generation that dominated left-wing politics for almost a century.
If art is singular expression, then by nature, the best art is controversial. But when art stirs debate for reasons besides its artistic integrity, that’s when things get bent.
We’re concerned how gambling and betting affects the NHL game and changes the perception of and challenges the integrity of the NHL game.
You definitely get different stereotypes and I’ve worked so hard, especially in the beginning, proving not that I was just more than a video girl but that you can do more than people expect you can and carry yourself a certain way and have some type of integrity or credibility.
We’ve got a daunting enough task to provide a definitive account of what happened in 9/11, without fear or favor, something that will last and will survive criticism over time. And we think we can do that with integrity in a bipartisan report.
If you don’t have integrity, you have nothing. You can’t buy it. You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not a moral and ethical person, you really have nothing.
The point never to lose sight of is to be guided by the correct thing, as you see it. It’s the only way to approach such profound matters and retain your integrity.
The NFL goes to great lengths to protect what it calls ‘the integrity of the game.’ The same should be said for us as individuals. Integrity, the truthful interaction of word and deed, not only creates leaders in the locker room who are worthy of being followed; it is also vital for success at home.
A lot of companies have nice-sounding cultural values like integrity, respect, and excellence, but if those values don’t map to specific behaviors, then they quickly get lost. Instead, we see what’s called a ‘halo effect’ where leaders tend to overvalue certain attributes and undervalue others.
Sometimes I feel like the best role models and the people you should look up to most are the people who make mistakes because they show you how to overcome them and walk through that mistake with integrity and grace.
I don’t have heroes, exactly, but I do have people I hold in high respect. Ronald Reagan, for example, stood for ideals that I value: integrity, patriotism and a fundamental belief in goodness and capabilities of mankind.
Diane Hendricks
Honesty, integrity, and accountability, the values, which should be the hallmark of this government, have instead been thrown under the bus by an arrogant majority, casualties in a misguided campaign to shield from accountability those who abuse this House.
This world is always working against a sense of honor, cleanliness, integrity.
If you feel very deeply about something, it’s not possible to sacrifice your integrity about that.
The Commission has five commissioners from each side, plus three alternates, so all together sixteen members, people who are independent from the two governments, who have a lot of integrity, professional competence, and who have credibility in their respective countries.
Jose Ramos-Horta
It doesn’t matter even if I am slow or fast as long as my films are honest and carries my integrity.
I'm a mom. I'm the wife of a Prime Minister. I'm Sophie

I’m a mom. I’m the wife of a Prime Minister. I’m Sophie. So yes, I try to express with integrity who I am through what I’m wearing.
I definitely gravitate toward characters that have a lot of integrity and it’s so important to be to be working on shows that tell great stories.
Mikey Madison
Learn to work with the integrity of your vision, not for how much money you can make and the big house.
The time you spend alone with God will transform your character and increase your devotion. Then your integrity and godly behavior in an unbelieving world will make others long to know the Lord.
I think people are very interested when a creator is really trying to do something new and do it with integrity and honesty, when it gives them something they can connect with and has an emotional core.
Roy Price
At the end the day because I believe so strongly in leadership, what I look for first, what I try to assess, is integrity.
I want to live my life moving forward with integrity and pride.
My goal is really to just make people laugh with integrity, like, with something that I still find funny.
Integrity is everything to me.
Local prosecutors must use the power and discretion afforded them to carry out sweeping reforms that will protect the public – especially Black communities – from police violence. Our system’s integrity depends on it.
Utmost integrity is key.
I will for ever, at all hazards, assert the dignity, independence, and integrity of the English bar; without which, impartial justice, the most valuable part of the English constitution, can have no existence.
Thomas Erskine
The main thing in measuring integrity is someone’s motive and intent, not how many records they sell. Our intent in Ministry was never to be big. We just wanted to make enough money to live and to buy a studio, which we have done in Austin.
This is the problem with politicians. They spend all their time making these speeches and pretending to have integrity but all they are doing is toeing a party line. It is so disgusting.
Angus Macfadyen
You can’t, in sound morals, condemn a man for taking care of his own integrity. It is his clear duty.
Right after 9-11, as far as I know, one newspaper in the United States had the integrity to investigate opinion in the Muslim world: the ‘Wall Street Journal.’
I know Kurt Volker definitely to be a man of integrity.
What we try to do at Disney and through Disney character voices is really maintain the integrity of our classic characters at all costs. So Ariel needs to be me for every project, and if there are any other Ariels floating around out there, it’s not necessarily Disney.
I am seeking to be positive, have integrity, and speak with grace.
A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.
Aldo Leopold
Every leader has the responsibility to hone his or her integrity. Many times, there are integrity traps that have a tendency to catch well-meaning leaders off guard.
When rock loses integrity it’s time for renewal.
We have to start processing what we’re really made of in America. American character is not dead. American integrity and honesty are not dead. When we’re backed up against the wall against the largest corporations in the history of corporations, it’s there.
Characters with no integrity are just as interesting as characters with lots of integrity.
I’ve had to take a lot of stick down the years but the one thing that really got to me was when someone questioned my integrity. It’s the one thing that really grates with you.
People that don’t know Owen Hart or just know his passing… what a great guy above anything – a family man, father, husband – but he had more integrity in his pinky than most people had in their entire body.
Let eternal vigilance be the price of liberty and integrity of the country hereafter.
President Truman made his name by looking into contracting. And that’s how integrity within the military procurement started in the United States.
I aspire to a poetry of great formal integrity, deep passion and high intellect, and I have many models for how to do that.
I have no interest in feeling like a trophy. Money itself has never been attractive to me; instead, I prefer ambition and integrity.
I have been public on this, and I firmly, firmly believe that this notion of accountability for what you promise as a leader is as important as your integrity.
Integrity delivers better lives.

Integrity delivers better lives.
You just couldn’t be in George Romney‘s presence without some of his goodness and integrity wearing off on you.
Tagg Romney
However, I do firmly believe in maintaining the integrity of the animal.
Janine Turner
For better or worse, I’ve always tried to march to my own drum and tell it like it is, while preserving some integrity and style. God, I’m fabulous!
Michael Musto
Ray had so much love of life and the music. He had so much integrity. He treated the music with so much dignity and respect. I spent four and a half years as a sideman with Ray Brown‘s trio. Music was his life, more so than anyone I could mention.
I’d like to introduce someone who has just come into my life. I’ve admired him for 35 years. He’s someone who represents integrity, honesty, art, and on top of that stuff I’m actually sleeping with him.
I want to be remembered as somebody that tried to respect her integrity as an artist and as a person. And I don’t want to be in any box. I don’t want to be one thing.
When done with heart, commitment, and integrity, every job is equally important.
I would say to you, have faith in yourself – believe in what you are doing, and, most important, be a person of integrity. It is totally up to you, and no one else, how your life evolves.
It is often in the name of cultural integrity as well as social stability and national security that democratic reforms based on human rights are resisted by authoritarian governments.
I want to be an artist, an actress with integrity, and that includes all kinds of parts.
Pretending that voter fraud does not exist puts the integrity of our voting process at risk.
There’s no place for Depeche Mode and the Sisters of Mercy in the music I make with my band. If I was a fan, I wouldn’t want to hear that on a Black Veil Brides record. It was important for me and for the integrity of the band not to tarnish it.
I’m big on integrity.
There is no higher claim to journalistic integrity than going to jail to protect a source.
I have this sort of heuristic view that journalism, we possibly offer hope because the world is clearly run by total nincompoops more than ever… Not that journalism is always wonderful – it’s not – but at least we offer some way out, some integrity.
Requiring valid, photographic identification is a common sense step to ensure voter integrity and sound elections.
I’d like my man to be very simple yet highly ambitious, one who chooses to live with real integrity and humanity.
I don’t mind being the voice of the New Oakland to maintain the integrity and edge of it. Old Oakland and New Oakland is one and the same. It’s connected. I aspire to be the bridge between both.
Let me define a leader. He must have vision and passion and not be afraid of any problem. Instead, he should know how to defeat it. Most importantly, he must work with integrity.
Within the confines of the lecture hall, no other virtue exists but plain intellectual integrity.
Abe Krok was a man of integrity who made a unique contribution to Mamelodi Sundowns and to South African football.
Patrice Motsepe
Our armed forces, not our parliament of dunces, are our pride. Doubting our armed forces’ integrity and honesty is a disgraceful travesty.
It’s all about the fruit. A crumble should maintain the integrity of the fruit.
Our commitment to integrity, our commitment to diversity and inclusion, to respecting our teammates – that’s what makes this business work.
I just try to make as much money as possible. However I can do it. With as much integrity as I can have.
If everyone were clothed with integrity, if every heart were just, frank, kindly, the other virtues would be well-nigh useless.
The main rule to me is to honor God with your life. To life a life of integrity. Not be selfish. You know, help others. But that’s really the essence of the Christian faith.
A faithful woman can become a devoted daughter of God – more concerned with being righteous than with being selfish, more anxious to exercise compassion than to exercise dominion, more committed to integrity than to notoriety. And she knows of her own infinite worth.
Integrity is the essence of everything successful.
Tension is the great integrity.
Our country is fortunate to have Bill Barr, a man of in

Our country is fortunate to have Bill Barr, a man of integrity who has served two U.S. Presidents, as our Attorney General.
I want people to have learned from me. When you watch movies that we grew up on, they teach you life lessons about friendship, brotherhood, integrity, but it’s still funny and something you can watch as a family. I want to bring that back to our culture in general.
I was lucky enough to be raised by a man of great integrity and rectitude. That said, he was also human and had his secret sins, as we all do.
The G7 – and earlier, the G8 – were a group of countries that shared the same values with regard to freedom and democracy, and through the annexation of Crimea, Russia made it clear at a certain point that these values of keeping the peace, integrity of the borders of a country were not being respected.
I find it hard to not like music if it has passion behind it and good integrity. Only if it’s made for the wrong reasons and shows a lack of respect for its audience will I find something to dislike.
I wish to reiterate solemnly China’s continued firm support to Pakistan in its efforts to uphold independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.
It is extremely hard to have your integrity questioned when you value it so much.
I have to say that the most important thing Scientology has given me is the ability to keep my integrity together.
Christopher Gorham
The future may be made up of many factors but where it truly lies is in the hearts and minds of men. Your dedication should not be confined for your own gain, but unleashes your passion for our beloved country as well as for the integrity and humanity of mankind.
Li Ka-shing
I think that ‘Straw Dogs‘ as a story is eminently re-makable. It can be modernized and Americanized without a problem and without giving up any artistic integrity.
Brains, integrity, and force may be all very well, but what you need today is Charm. Go ahead and work on your economic programs if you want to, I’ll develop my radio personality.
Gracie Allen
I do want to make clear that I am personally committed to the integrity of the Department of Justice. Since becoming acting attorney general, I have run the department to the best of my ability, with fidelity to the law and to the Constitution.
I’m looking for the best person irregardless of political party, of race or religion, or color of their skin. Those things don’t matter to me. I want someone who’s qualified, who has a qualification to character and the integrity to do the things that have to be done to save this world.
Integrity means that you are the same in public as you are in private.
Many companies claim they have core values, but typically what they’re referring to are generic beliefs: having integrity, making a profit, responding to customers and so on. These values only have meaning when they’re defined in terms of how people behave and are ranked to set priorities.
I think that if Hollywood has a problem, it constantly underestimates the intelligence and integrity of fans.
Matthew Davis
Calamity is the test of integrity.
There’s a very fundamental basic value system that I think America was built upon, and that’s mutual respect, honor, integrity and concern for our environment and the right to clean water. And we have moved away from it.
If someone called and the role was good and there was dignity and integrity in the piece, I’d be up for it, of course I would. It’s so hard for older women in acting so when you hear of an older woman having a renaissance in their career, I really applaud it.
Some persons are likeable in spite of their unswerving integrity.
Everyone knows Aamir to be a perfectionist. But only those who have worked with him can vouch for his integrity. I had the privilege of doing one of my most important films, ‘Mangal Pandey: The Rising’ with Aamir.
I have friends and family that are filled with massive amounts of integrity. And it shouldn’t be an oddity.
Everything sells. Like integrity. Like democracy. Like truth. Like deeds.
I was probably unusually close to my parents, so I do what I can now to preserve the integrity of their memory. The Holocaust deserves to be remembered.
Muscles are fleeting. Bodies give out. But integrity, honor? The confidence to be oneself, to follow one’s heart? The compassionate drive to help others, even at great risk? That’s strength.
The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.
I don’t have stylistic loyalty. That’s why people perceive me changing all the time. But there is a real continuity in my subject matter. As an artist of artifice, I do believe I have more integrity than any one of my contemporaries.
The president, it seems to me, stands out as the one person in our system who is in a unique position where the checks on any lack of integrity there are more important than for anyone else in the system of government.
Charles T. Canady
I think that the campaign that Fox Searchlight has thrown for ‘Sound of My Voice’ honors the film’s roots and the film’s integrity, and I don’t think it overwhelms the film at all.
Integrity, a firm adherence to the highest moral and ethical standards, is essential to the life of a true Latter-day Saint.
You gotta do it with class and integrity. If not, you’re gonna drag yourself through the mud.
Solomon Burke
I've long since stopped worrying about how I'm portraye

I’ve long since stopped worrying about how I’m portrayed in the press because ultimately it’s not that important. Everyone who knows me knows I do what I do with the greatest integrity.
The issue is why Russia is being so successful in shaking American confidence in the integrity of our elections. And the reason is, it’s because Democrats keep perpetuating and accentuating and proliferating Russian propaganda for their political gain and for their political motivation against Donald Trump.
I don’t fear being outspoken. The only thing I fear is losing my sense of integrity or losing sight of the values on which I guide my life. So I don’t think it’s particularly brave or unusual for me to speak out.
I was baptised a Catholic and, although I’m not a churchgoer now, I do have a strong sense of the integrity of doing what you believe to be true.
I can assure you that during my tenure as his employee, Bob Ney was the hardest working man in Ohio and Washington. I can further assure you the work that he did and the decisions he made were done with integrity and the highest regard for his office and those he served.
As chief elections officer, it’s my job to protect the integrity of the ballot.
I ran the wrong kind of business, but I did it with integrity.
Sydney Biddle Barrows
I’m terrified of getting what I’m not deserving of, feeling that I’ve got something for nothing… at the expense of brilliant starving writers all over the world. But I have to hope these people who are helping me have integrity.
Nick McDonell
There are also always those burnt, hard kernels at the bottom that don’t pop. You know why they don’t pop? They don’t pop because they have integrity.
Soft playing destroys the integrity of the game of poker, and it’s wrong – flat out wrong.
When you walk among your own people and you know that they have a question about your integrity and everyone’s giving you the side-eye, the people that used to give you the love, that’s a very interesting feeling.
There is an integrity to INXS, in the music, that makes it worthwhile.
Michael Hutchence
Closer to home, the one person who I really admire and take inspiration from is a relatively unknown man in today’s day and age. He was the second Prime Minister of India – Lal Bahadur Shastri, a man of impeccable integrity, amongst other traits.
Love is union with somebody, or something, outside oneself, under the condition of retaining the separateness and integrity of one’s own self.
Anyone who thinks Peter Jackson would fall for market forces around him rather than artistic integrity doesn’t know the guy or the body of his work.
Arguments of convenience lack integrity and inevitably trip you up.
Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of an entrepreneur.
Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.
I instilled in my children the importance of good values in business: hard work, determination, integrity, and optimism.
No single solution or actor can deal with the complex and interrelated challenges to electoral integrity arising from manipulated data, hate speech, and fake news. These phenomena are not new; they have been part of electoral cycles since the advent of democracy.
Does that mean we should give up? Probably. But there are two issues worth considering. The first is – is it really true that drugs destroy the integrity of the game?
It’s easy to make a reality show that’s sensational but it’s more challenging to make a reality show that’s got a lot of heart and integrity and still keeps you enthralled and makes you want to keep watching.
If there’s anything that’s important to a reporter, it is integrity. It is credibility.
Not to name names, but a lot of pop female artists you see, they don’t write their own songs. Lot of top male artists and boy band artists, they don’t write their own songs. They’re just a product. They sell, they sell, they sell. They don’t care about musical integrity, any of that kind of stuff.
We don’t worry about the integrity of our game. I’m more focused on the atmosphere in the arena, and that’s something we’re comfortable with going forward.
The highest-ranked team in the world has the responsibility to ensure that the integrity of the game is upheld every single time they play. And that the spirit of cricket is with them every time they enter the field.
There’s an integrity and a strength to women who have been raised in rough country.
Brenda Strong
One way to test a picture’s integrity is to turn it upside down – a technique used not only by connoisseurs but also by artists trying to see their work with a fresh eye.
Whether or not your candidate wins, the crucial importance is the integrity of our voting system. You have to engage in the process in order to change it.
It is my intention to live an authentic life of compassion and integrity and action.
Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.
A good cult delivers on its promises. A good cult nouri

A good cult delivers on its promises. A good cult nourishes the needs of its members, has transparency and integrity, and creates provisions for challenging its leadership openly. A good cult expands the freedoms and well-being of its members rather than limits them.
We must do more to protect our neighborhoods and give integrity to our community plans.
Alan Autry
There used to be this real sense of community integrity in rock. It has really eroded. Everyone seems to be on their own now.
When you’re on a show that is so free with the body and nudity, you get a guest director every episode, and you want to make sure that they’re not trying to one-up each other. It will take away the integrity of our show and the character if you’re just gratuitously showing boobs.
The enemies of our people have chosen the moment when I am knocked off my feet with sickness to stab me in the back because they know what the territorial integrity, national unity and the dignity of this great Zaire mean to me. I have devoted my life to defending these sacred values.
Mobutu Sese Seko
Fashion moves so quickly that, unless you have a strong point of view, you can lose integrity.
I can sleep fine at night knowing that even though my honesty might not translate very diplomatically, the words I speak have good intent, and I live my life with great integrity.
If you have a federal government that’s not enforcing the law and does not preserve the integrity of its own borders, then naturally, states are going to take matters into their own hands.
Pat Toomey
Golf’s a gentleman‘s game. So it’s all about integrity and you cheer on other people, and it’s kind of different from other sports where you just want to beat everyone.
Being a Moon Child is about believing in integrity, love, and unity.
It’s a sad indication of where Washington has come, where policy differences almost necessarily become questions of integrity. I came to Washington in the late ’70s, and people had the ability in the past to have intense policy differences but didn’t feel the need to question the other person’s character.
If we were all to chase every squirrel that comes running along in the form of a personal dispute or a mischaracterization of someone, or someone’s integrity or intent, we’d be very busy doing that and not focusing on the government, on that which we need to reform internally.
A man should never pretend to be someone he’s not to impress a woman. There is nothing sexier than an authentic man with integrity. Be who you are from the start. No games.
Mikaela Hoover
In carrying out every aspect of our work, CIA officers are guided by a professional ethos that is the sum of our abiding principles, core values, and highest aspirations. These include service, integrity, excellence, courage, teamwork, and stewardship. Sacrifice, too, is an inescapable part of our mission.
Timelessdealt with the integrity of what drum’n’bass was about, but ‘Saturnz Return’ was the mischievous kid in me doing something completely the opposite.
Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen volunteer to protect and defend this country and all its citizens, and do so with honor, integrity and excellence. Our nation continually asks them to do more and more, with less and less.
As transparency campaigner for more than 10 years, I have long had a sense that something was not quite right about the E.U. referendum. I warned back in November 2017 that the leave campaign seemed to be awash with dark money that may have circumvented rules designed to uphold the integrity of our democratic process.
If somebody thinks I have an integrity problem, then the honest thing to do is to tell me what they think it is and let me address it.
I did very extensive diligence on Al Jazeera English, the network from which Al Jazeera America is going to be derived, and it’s really very clear that they have long since established a reputation for excellence and integrity and objectivity.
I look back and see the integrity my dad had, but I didn’t gravitate toward that. I don’t see how I didn’t.
The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.
We have now recently launched the national integrity plan.
My integrity is something I hold dear.
The very foundation of our democracy depends on the integrity of our elections.
With a wedding gown, I have to make sure that people fall in love with it and that the details are very specific and special. There has to be a big story behind it and a great deal of integrity when it comes to the design.
I think everyone must settle for what is in the parameter of their own rights. No one must have an evil intention toward the territorial benefit or integrity of other nations.
I look for kindness, honestly, integrity, intelligence, humor and good values, and of course, a fun, loving guy! And yes, I believe he exists!
I’m a good girl because I really believe in love, integrity, and respect.
I have learned a great deal in my life, and DeMolay helped me to learn that character and integrity should be cornerstones in your life. As a Senior DeMolay, as a father, the best advice I could ever give would be to take the high road in life, and you will be able to build trusting relationships.
Larry Wilcox
Lewis Booth and Derrick Kuzak represent the very best of Ford and our culture and built a legacy of leadership, integrity and commitment to excellence that will benefit us for years to come.
If something appeals, something appeals. I don’t think I’m particularly calculated about it. I know I have an alarm bell that goes off in my head where something feels like it has no creative integrity to it at all, and it’s just about making money.
Your main radio stations, the stations that get the mos

Your main radio stations, the stations that get the most listeners, don’t play anything that has any kind of integrity to it.
In the commercial theater, I’ve been pretty fortunate. The producers that I’ve worked with have allowed me to define the artistic integrity, the artistic limits of the work.
You can understand the integrity of the filmmaker from his camera angles. You can’t hide anything from it.
I think integrity is underrated.
I have nothing but unreserved praise for our armed forces, paramilitary and internal security forces. Their sacrifices to preserve the integrity and unity of our country present a saga of unparalleled courage and discipline.
With a sequel, you always worry for its integrity.
I don’t worry about the integrity of the game. Our players are professionals.
The role of business is to provide products and services that make people’s lives better – while using fewer resources – and to act lawfully and with integrity.
The attorney general of New York state has a special authority and responsibility to preserve the integrity of businesses and nonprofits in New York under the state’s own laws as well as under the U.S. Constitution.
We learned about honesty and integrity – that the truth matters… that you don’t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules… and success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square.
‘Last Resort,’ to me, is very much about finding truth and integrity in an extraordinary situation.
Jessy Schram
I am quite certain in my heart of hearts that modern music and modern art is not a conspiracy, but is a form of truth and integrity for those who practise it honestly, decently and with all their being.
Michael Tippett
I’m definitely someone who’s really picky about who I work with and how I want things to go, because I have a high standard of integrity for my music. I want it to be genuine.
We try to not write stories based on reaction. We try to write them based on character integrity as we understand it and observe it.
When I’m thinking of sports, when I’m thinking of a boy growing up and being a man, I’m thinking of three things – honor, integrity, and toughness.
America is an idea. And it’s the solemn responsibility of each ‘temporary‘ president to protect and nurture that noblest of all ideas – with integrity. This man, Mitt Romney, has shown – not through his experience, but through his actions and words – that he is unqualified to carry out that responsibility.
Having drive is a big part of success, along with integrity. You need to have a clear vision of what you want and take the steps to achieve it, even if that sometimes means playing gigs in tiny clubs.
My business is the enforcement of the tax laws and the integrity of the tax code and making sure that trustees of charitable giving are true trustees.
I believe in the power of intention to change the landscape of our society – and it is my intention to live an authentic life of compassion and integrity and action. Jamey Rodemeyer’s life changed mine.
We should be working for protecting unity and integrity of the country… We should all strive to maintain a conducive atmosphere among the different communities.
The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.
There needs to be somebody that looks out for what’s best for the game, not what’s best for the Big 10 or what’s best for the SEC or what’s best for Jim Harbaugh, but what’s best for the game of college football – the integrity of the game, the coaches, the players, and the people that play it.
We all have the right of freedom of speech under the First Amendment. We all don’t have to agree with one another on our opinions. Everyone in my circle, that I run around with, we all feel the same about God, country, integrity and character.
I never compromised my integrity by playing a character. I didn’t tweet anybody something crazy. I was just myself, kept winning and stayed ready. I didn’t sell my soul.
I know that I and my office acted with the highest integrity as an independent inspector general should act.
Gerald Walpin
Integrity is so perishable in the summer months of success.
Integrity is an ecosystem.
I was raised – professionally – in the Public Integrity Section. I started in 1976, stayed there for 12 years. It was formed after Watergate by then-head of the Criminal Division Dick Thornburgh, who ultimately became Attorney General.
My people. I have given them a sense of individuality, integrity. I have not made them slaves of any god or any religion. Nor of any holy book or any priest. I have certainly not replaced their god. They are all a part of what I call my traveling circus.
Perhaps there’s a lot of quality television that’s not right for the individual who needs questions answered in each episode, and perhaps reality television may be a better option. With the integrity of HBO and their drive to tell stories, it takes time to arrive at any sort of answers.
Amanda Warren
Character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades. A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude, and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful.
A mentor is someone with a willingness to help others,

A mentor is someone with a willingness to help others, who has a capacity to inspire, a determination to work hard, a clear sense of vision, an inspiring purpose, a deep sense of integrity and an appreciation for joy.
I’m a former prosecutor. And for me, the integrity of the justice system is all about the fact that these men and women go to work every day to be there for our country.
My dad was a tough man. I think that would be putting it mildly. Short on praise, short on communications. Long on leading by example. Lots of integrity, and lots of passion for things. But he was a tough guy.
The reason I did fashion was it was the only way to get paid to do anything creative. You couldn’t support yourself as an ‘artist’ – I hate that word. The only way you could be ‘arty’ was as a fashion photographer, because it still had a certain amount of integrity involved.
I have known Damian Green for over 20 years, since we were elected together in 1997. He stands out among us with the highest standards of public service, probity and integrity.
I’ve never met a person who has more integrity than my husband. I respect that. There’s his humor and intelligence, too, and he’s really cute, all those things – but if you don’t respect your partner, you’ll get sick of him.
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was indeed a vital instrument of democracy, ensuring the integrity and reliability of a democratic process that we as a Country hold so dear.
Most people who are successful don’t keep their money. One of the rarest things in the world is to maintain success and integrity – the kinds of things that seem so easy just starting out. But that’s the human predicament.
First Lady Michelle Obama – I admire her confidence, integrity, intelligence, compassion, and her overall vibe – she is such an inspiration.
I just wanted to be an artist. I didn’t care how or what; I just wanted to express my artistic integrity, and I wanted the world to have a vision of what I was seeing in my mind.
If you want to open a supermarket chain and put your face all around the globe, selling your baby and your dog, if it makes you happy, who am I to disagree, as the song goes. But it’s not for me. I’ve always tried to keep my integrity and keep my autonomy.
I mean, I’m married first of all to one of, if not the most wonderful women in the world. She is everything – funny, attractive, hard-working, she has integrity, she loves me to bits.
We have integrity.
Once you get rid of integrity the rest is a piece of cake.
While my season of ‘The Bachelorette’ was airing, people would call me awful, awful names. They’d question my integrity and character.
When executives allegedly lie to the investing public about their company’s performance and thereby harm the integrity of the market, they must be held accountable.
Audrey Strauss
If you speak your mind and if it is true what you’re saying, then I think the integrity of what you’re saying carries through.
Bill Cosby
I felt a responsibility to Simon and to our kids to be able to live with integrity and not have some strange split psychology of ‘This is who my dad is at home, and this is who he is to the public.’
Confidence in others’ honesty is no light testimony of one’s own integrity.
With the Voting Rights Act of Virginia, our Commonwealth is creating a model for how states can provide comprehensive voter protections that strengthen democracy and the integrity of our elections.
Theresa May and her advisers should understand that to rebuild faith in the competence and integrity of our government, transparency is vital. It shines light on the good as well as the bad. And it leads to better-informed decisions, therefore better outcomes.
They will look at my career as the guy who gave it all but at the same time did it with integrity. That’s what we all aim for – the respect of the game as well as the honesty that’s played a part of that game.
Lou Brock
My pet peeve and my goal in life is to somehow get an adjective for ‘integrity’ in the dictionary. ‘Truthful’ doesn’t really cover it, or ‘genuine.’ It should be like ‘integritus.’
The only thing you have in your life is your integrity.
There is no higher value in our society than integrity.
Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity set the expectations for behavior; they set a standard for our work. More than just a motto, for the men and women of the FBI, Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity is a way of life.
Can we have a serious conversation about improving the integrity of our poverty programs in this country?
History has shown that one cannot legislate a culture of integrity. And yet, one of the paramount responsibilities and challenges of corporate leadership is to ensure such a culture.
Preet Bharara
Meat consumption is a part of our evolutionary heritage; meat production has been a major component of modern food systems. Carnivory should remain, within limits, an important component of a civilization that finally must learn how to maintain the integrity of its only biosphere.