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My instinct and gut guide me very strongly.

My instinct and gut guide me very strongly.
I strongly suspect that there would be a positive economic advantage to the U.K. in leaving the single market.
One thing that I feel very, very strongly is that we talk about Islamic countries, Islamic people, Islamic leaders, as either moderates or extremists. It’s almost like there are only two categories of Muslims. And actually, that doesn’t show respect. It shows lack of understanding of the diversity of Muslim thought.
Temptation, if it is not to conquer, must not fall like a bomb against another bomb of instantaneous moral explosions, but against the strong walls of an impregnable fortress strongly built up, stone by stone, beginning at that distant day when the foundations were first laid.
The goal of this Nation, I so strongly believe, is to be a preeminent world power. We have to understand what comes with that: The responsibility to be strong.
Whatever you may think of Mrs. Clinton as a character, I think she believes quite strongly in public service.
The thing is helicopters are different from airplanes An airplane by it’s nature wants to fly, and if not interfered with too strongly by unusual events or incompetent piloting, it will fly.
Harry Reasoner
The fact is popular art dates. It grows quaint. How many people feel strongly about Gilbert and Sullivan today compared to those who felt strongly in 1890?
My decision to come to Bell Telephone Laboratories immediately after obtaining my Ph.D. in 1936 was strongly influenced by the fact that my supervisor would be C. J. Davisson.
William Shockley
The issue I have always felt most strongly about is hunger in America, in particular the children.
I strongly believe that missionaries make better products. They care more. For a missionary, it’s not just about the business. There has to be a business, and the business has to make sense, but that’s not why you do it. You do it because you have something meaningful that motivates you.
Sometimes a faint voice based on instinct resonates far more strongly than overpowering logic.
I have been known for some time as a person who speaks the truth and speaks it strongly. I have always called a liar a liar and a hypocrite a hypocrite.
There are all kinds of ways in which women, together, change the world. And I don’t mean that in a cheesy way. I’m not somebody who believes all women should support each other. I believe very strongly in women critiquing each other, just not critiquing each other more intensely because they’re women.
There are few circumstances which so strongly distinguish the philosopher, as the calmness with which he can reply to criticisms he may think undeservedly severe.
Human reason needs only to will more strongly than fate, and she is fate.
I have been a scientist for more than 40 years, having studied at Cambridge and Harvard. I researched and taught at Cambridge University, was a research fellow of the Royal Society, and have more than 80 publications in peer-reviewed journals. I am strongly pro-science.
I was strongly encouraged by a science teacher who took an interest in me and presented me with a key to the laboratory to allow me to work whenever I wanted.
Frederick Reines
I’m proud to be a Democrat, and I feel pretty strongly that the country would be better off with Democrats in charge.
When your parents divorce, it makes you grow up fast. I’d urge parents to strongly consider working things out. I’d work things out and I’d definitely stay put.
If you strongly believe something is wrong, you must speak up and stand by what you say.
Preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is one of the most important objectives of our national security policy, and I strongly advocated for and supported the economic sanctions that brought Iran to the negotiating table.
Massachusetts women as a rule adhere too strongly to old-time conventions.
Julia Ward Howe
Hand-drawn animation is something that I feel really strongly about. A Pixar movie may be really great, but it looks like it was drawn by a machine.
I strongly disagree that you can’t have a happy family life and a child as well as rock n’ roll.
I am strongly committed to pursuing the dual goals that Congress has assigned us: maximum employment and price stability.
The logic of collective security is flawless, provided it can be made to work under the conditions prevailing on the international scene… The odds, however, are strongly against such a possibility.
I think what people respond to, and what they’re responding to so strongly, is I’m very myself on stage. What you see in person is very much who I am on stage.
Being a young actor in the industry, I had a lot of people who strongly advised me to stay quiet. That was hard to live with. But I’ve never played a gay role before, and I didn’t want to be limited by some strange perception.
A war between Saudi Arabia and Iran is the beginning of a major catastrophe in the region, and it will reflect very strongly on the rest of the world. For sure, we will not allow any such thing.
If I feel strongly about something, I don’t bother what will people say, especially when it is about the country and the Army. But my cricketer friends are all politically correct when they tweet.
Yes, I do bring something of my own to the plate. But I

Yes, I do bring something of my own to the plate. But I strongly believe that a film is a director and writer’s vision.
I strongly endorse Donald Trump because we need a president that will put our veterans in front of the line rather than watch them die while in line.
My mantra in life is ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained,’ and I very strongly stick by it.
I never ever aspired for anything in life. I don’t believe in planning or yearning for something very strongly. If something has to happen, it will happen.
India and Egypt have been strongly influencing each other’s culture, arts and architecture since ancient times.
I strongly believe that besides having good action, action-oriented films need to have a good baseline for the script.
Standing in front of our hallway mirror, I am practising a few poses – one leg artfully bent, the opposite shoulder up – when the man of the house strides in and decides to share: a) I look like I have dislocated my shoulder and b) Has anyone ever told me I strongly resemble Tom Cruise?
Being unapologetic about my body, my sexuality, my life‘s decisions is a political belief that, as a feminist, I strongly espouse.
The data strongly suggest that very good years in the U.S. stock market are followed by more good years.
A Catholic understanding of priesthood is so strongly rooted in the historic actions of Jesus and in all their antecedents in the place of sacrifice in life. And those things… they are rooted to the role of the man.
That friend a great man‘s ruin strongly checks, who rails into his belief all his defects.
John Webster
The center line of science literacy – which not many people tell you, but I feel this strongly, and I will go to my grave making this point – is how you think.
I opposed the NMP scheme very, very strongly and I stated my case in Parliament, objected to it and voted against it. That has been my stand.
I know it’s cheesy, but if you listen to the universe, it gives you pointers. I strongly believe if you keep your ears open and eyes open, your path will become clear. You just have to make sure you don’t ignore it.
Matthew James Thomas
A lot of executives simply told me that my sound was dated and wouldn’t work, kind of telling me essentially to go away, that my music would never work in that ‘bro-country’ world. It broke my heart at times, but I also believed strongly in the music.
My father said writing was a nice hobby. He strongly encouraged my brother and me to become doctors.
Much of a poet‘s experience takes place in imagination only; the life he tells is oftenest the life that he strongly desires to live, and the power, the purity and height of his utterance may not seldom be the greater because experience here uses the voices of desire.
Sincere friendship towards God, in all who believe him to be properly an intelligent, willing being, does most apparently, directly, and strongly incline to prayer; and it no less disposes the heart strongly to desire to have our infinitely glorious.
Jonathan Edwards
The thing I like most about flying in space is not the view. The thing I like about it is doing something I feel very, very strongly about.
It’s not a coincidence that the Bible starts with Genesis. Most people really want to know where we came from and where everything around us came from. I like to strongly push the scientific answer. We have evidence. We no longer have to rely on stories we were told when we were young.
We all have our own purpose in life and I feel very strongly that I have a bigger purpose than giving to just my immediate family and friends.
You know, we have our differences, everybody does, honest, real differences, but I do believe strongly that we as neighbors are drawn together far more than we’re driven apart.
Dan Miller
I strongly believe that through dedication and perseverance, one can overcome adversity to achieve success. It is a privilege to accept membership in the Horatio Alger Association, an organization which promotes this principle.
As artists, we’d all love to not be commercial – to not sell out to the full extent that we are able. But you do what you have to do to pay New York rent and continue to do what you feel strongly about.
In the past, kids didn’t tell their parents they were gay, so there were never the bust-ups. Some parents react so strongly to the news that their children are gay that the reaction is, ‘Get out of our house.’ There’s a residue of old prejudices that are going to die hard.
It might be perception of a few people, but I strongly believe that there is no shortcoming in Bihar’s law and order in Nitish regime.
You’ve got to have a good public education system so small-business owners, when they locate to an area, are confident their kids are getting the best education possible. I feel strongly about local control in school districts.
I feel very strongly we need to do a better job with the rainy day fund.
Drawing a line between work and home is something I strongly advocate for. Only by keeping that balance in check can you continue to be inspired at work and at peace at home.
Roots‘ was a massive responsibility because it is this foundational text in the States and it also resonates fairly strongly with pretty much any black community globally.
In America, interracial dating or marriage is not something that is as accepted. Certain people feel strongly against it, in both communities. I felt it from the black community. It is so complicated. I don’t want to give it too much energy.
Writing can flow out when I'm feeling something strongl

Writing can flow out when I’m feeling something strongly, whether that’s joy, pain, fear, desire or anything else. The challenge is actually later, in the second or third or 100th draft of the music, when it can be so easy to cover up the original sentiments by making the music more ornate or cloaked.
I feel strongly about HIV/AIDS and children because I’m a famous singer, a public figure, and I’m a female and a mother. I have the responsibility and the passion to help out and do whatever I can.
Peng Liyuan
You have to believe in something strongly enough that you would lose your seat over it.
I’d always felt very strongly in the power of vocation.
I guess you could say I devoted myself so strongly to my music that for awhile I forgot about my family. But I only get one set of parents, and I think I forgot about that for a little while.
I strongly believe that education is a human right and that it’s extremely valuable, no matter where you live in the world.
With my social media posts on fairness creams, I felt really strongly that I needed to speak up about it because I think we can take baby steps. Colour and caste is engrained in our culture, but I don’t think it should be applauded or packaged and sold.
As a company powered by technology and digital innovation, believes strongly in ensuring equal access and opportunity for all within the technology sector.
Having children, entering the realm of parents and parenthood, changes our relationship to the world in ways we could not have anticipated and might not have signed up for. Before I had children, for example, I believed strongly in the nobility of suffering.
I’ve been strongly opposed to racial discrimination and anything like that my whole life. Maybe it’s thanks to my parents and where I grew up and that sort of thing, but particularly with gay and lesbian citizens, I’ve seen that people can be cruel, and it’s very distressing.
I feel very strongly that young women have regressed a little bit. But I do get all preachy about it.
Eden Sher
Honduras is strongly anti-Communist, maintains no diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, and has provided vital support for United States-backed rebels fighting to overthrow the Sandinistas in neighboring Nicaragua.
I feel strongly that degrees are really valuable to people, and having MOOCs allow for credit down the line will increase the number of students with the confidence and wherewithal to complete degrees.
Daphne Koller
I strongly feel that there has to be a dialogue process internally as well as externally, with Pakistan.
Chinese experts noted that the U.S. economy has rebounded from the 2008 crash more strongly than some analysts here had expected, while China‘s own growth is slowing after several decades of rocket-ship acceleration.
If you are part of a religion that very strongly insists that you believe then to decide not to do that is quite a big hurdle to jump over. You never forget the thought process you went through. It becomes part of your whole intellectual picture.
Marriage counselors in particular all strongly recommend divorcees try to understand their role in a divorce before re-marrying. Statistics show if you re-marry before you’ve clearly seen things from the biter’s point of view – you’re re-bounded to fail again!
I’m not afraid to use my platform. I don’t want to preach to people; I just want to put my opinions across about things I feel strongly about.
I would like to try harder to establish my thought and philosophy strongly and to go back to the universe with my love.
What I feel most strongly here being in Congress is kind of the burden – the good burden – of representing all of our military.
Duncan D. Hunter
All human discoveries seem to be made only for the purpose of confirming more strongly the truths come from on high, and contained in the sacred writings.
William Herschel
At this point I was strongly advised that I was too young socially to go to college so I took a second senior year at Andover, another boarding school.
William Standish Knowles
For the good of our environment, the good of the economy, and the good of the Nation, I strongly urge support of the upper Mississippi locks and dams project.
I overcame all the casting couches and stood out strongly as an independent woman.
People make mistakesthey say things they shouldn’t have or didn’t necessarily mean. But I strongly believe in consequences. If there are none, someone might feel like they’ve gotten away with something, or that what they said couldn’t have been that bad.
The American middle class‘s faith in personal comfort as an end in itself is, in essence, a denial of life. And it has been imposed upon American writers and playwrights strongly enough to cut them off from their deeper sources.
I’m not representing any organization. I represent the people of Ohio, and a lot of people in Ohio feel very strongly about their Second Amendment rights.
I’m not a fighter. If there’s something going on that I really feel strongly about, I’ll certainly stand up but I pick my battles.
Analeigh Tipton
My own experience is that the best outcomes are reached when opposing viewpoints are clearly and strongly presented before decisions are made.
I believe that we have been doing this not primarily to achieve riches or even honour, but rather because we were interested in the work, enjoyed doing it and felt very strongly that it was worthwhile.
Frederick Sanger
Only the tone-deaf doubt the power of music, though some feel it more strongly than others.
My mother believed strongly that every life matters. Sh

My mother believed strongly that every life matters. She demonstrated on a daily basis, particularly through her humanitarian work as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, her strong belief in the value of every life.
Confiscatory taxation enforced by threat of imprisonment is ‘stealing,’ a practice strongly frowned upon by our Creator.
I see writing and acting as different parts of the same continuum. Writing is better for intense emotion. If you’re very angry about something, you shouldn’t present it as strongly when you’re acting. But if you’re really angry and writing about it, that’s the best way to get it out and across.
I prefer to write books for children instead of reading them. But I do strongly believe in childhood and in respecting childhood innocence. I don’t like books for children that deal with adult themes.
In my career, there have been many things I am fortunate enough to be proud of. Yet one of the things I feel most strongly about is the culture we created during the ten years I was at Aetna, and its enduring impact.
Finding pleasure in revision is the thing I would most strongly advise to people. It’s not something I did as a younger writer; I learned it over time.
All of us at some point have been coached by a male cricketer. I strongly believe that they get a lot of intensity into the training sessions. They are very hard taskmasters.
The aging of the U.S. population is a theme that we believe strongly in and the health care sector is really right in the bulls eye of this particular theme.
John Zimmerman
We do have a two against one rule. If two sisters feel very strongly about a design or trend we want to try, we go for it.
The money I have made and will be making means nothing to me compared to the fact that about half of the black people I meet – ranging from the most sophisticated to the least sophisticated – say to me, ‘I’m proud of you.’ I feel strongly about always earning that and never letting black people down.
I strongly favour attractive football.
As generations of my family have lived in Ramannagudem, I strongly associate myself with Telangana.
At the end the day because I believe so strongly in leadership, what I look for first, what I try to assess, is integrity.
I bring to the table core Democratic values and can articulate them very strongly. I’m not someone who tries to claim the middle.
Cynthia Dill
I’m an avid reader so I can go on and on about my recommendation for books but the one book that I would strongly recommend is ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Dr Brian Weiss. This book has really helped me change my perspective towards a lot of things and also get a better understanding of life.
I believe so strongly that you always need to leave things better than you found it.
I don’t know what makes a guy want to write songs and sing, but if you’ve got a message, you want to get it across. When I come up with an idea about the way I feel, I can really state it strongly in a song.
I am strongly pro-life, and I am not pro-gay marriage. I believe the issue of marriage must be decided by the states and by the people in the states – not by judges and not even by legislators, but by the people themselves.
Liz Cheney
I grew up very strongly with this sense of time being circular: that it constantly returned upon itself.
I strongly oppose the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. We must stand for the right of every American to practice their faith according to the dictates of their conscience, whether it be in the public square or in the workplace.
Having my son on drums has made a huge difference. I can’t stress this strongly enough, in terms of the groove space and style that Joachim gave me to instinctively play what I felt in a more free way, rather than feeling constricted. That’s true on record and on stage.
Of course I worry about whitewashing, and I feel very strongly that whitewashing was, is, and continues to be a problem in entertainment.
What is important is to believe in something so strongly that you’re never discouraged.
Avon invented the concept of direct marketing and direct selling beauty. And that’s still very valid to us. We’ll have a firm that will be around for another 114 years as strongly as it was the first 114.
At the close of my visit, my Hawaiian friends urged me strongly to publish my impressions and experiences, on the ground that the best books already existing, besides being old, treat chiefly of aboriginal customs and habits now extinct, and of the introduction of Christianity and subsequent historical events.
‘Jism’ is what it is because of my feminine gaze… And I believe strongly that my female audiences deserve eye candy as much as my male audiences do!
At Pixar, we believe strongly that filmmakers should develop ideas they are passionate about. This may sound like a no-brainer, but in fact in Hollywood, the big movie studios have whole departments devoted to acquiring and developing projects that will only later be paired with a director-for-hire.
I feel the Godrej brand has generally come to signify trust to most consumers. 400 million Indians use one or the other Godrej product on a daily basis, and they have come to accept it. We will, thus, continue positioning Godrej strongly on the trust platform.
The forefathers, including James Madison, felt very strongly that the duties that we owe to God were outside of government’s prerogative, that government had no business interfering with the way we worship God.
Roy Moore
I need to react to a script, to feel strongly about it in some way. And I need it to be a complex character for sure. And also, I think a lot about what kind of audience there is for the film, what they’re looking for and ways to connect with them in the playing of a character.
Only so far as a man believes strongly, mightily, can he act cheerfully, or do anything that is worth doing.
Frederick William Robertson
One of the things I believe strongly in is developing i

One of the things I believe strongly in is developing institutionslegal, press, bureaucracies, academies – that are rooted in the pursuit of impartial truth. That aren’t simply just bent to partisan ends or are corrupted for the powerful or for other ulterior motives.
When one shows up in jeans and a T-shirt, I strongly feel that the audience reacts in a very different way than when you show up in a sport coat and a tie.
I’m very selfish. I make music that I love because I only live once, and I’m an artist. I don’t try to revolt against anybody, and I don’t try to please anybody. I feel very strongly that I if love it, someone else will love it – not everybody, though.
My father certainly believed that one could make a living outside of an office, as he did. And that if I didn’t want to work for other people, there wasn’t any reason why I had to. He conveyed that very strongly to my sister and I – that smart people can make their own livings.
In London, the weather would affect me negatively. I react strongly to light. If it is cloudy and raining, there are clouds and rain in my soul.
I do strongly identify with being Jewish. I was raised Orthodox and had a childhood complicated by the fact that my father was deeply religious and my mother was not.
Since I am first of all a character writer, that character’s emotions are as vivid to me as my own. I always begin with an emotion after I have established a character in my mind. I feel what they feel. I guess that is why it comes across so strongly.
I believe strongly in inspiration, inspiration literally meaning ‘full of the spirit.’ I do believe that it comes to you.
Jimmy Webb
Growing up, I was watched by my parents and strongly critiqued. Instead of saying they loved me or showing physical attention, they would joke that I had a Roman nose – that it was roamin’ all over my face. Teasing was their way of showing love, but then you are young, sometimes you can’t tell the difference.
We strongly believe that individual advocates play an important role in developing a civil society.
I’m very concerned about the nuclear weapons development for Iran and the destabilizing influence it has and they have in that part of the world. And I strongly endorse continued pressure, diplomatically, financially, economically.
The 9/11 Commission strongly recommends that the National Intelligence Director be fully in control of the budget, from developing it to implementing it, to ensuring that the National Intelligence Director has the clout to make decisions.
I strongly believe that we as a nation can be both secure and free.
Jon Corzine
I feel very strongly that you can’t just beat people up anymore; you have to work hand in hand and find ways to compromise, and get big business involved, because it won’t happen otherwise.
I found it liberating of necessity to devise my own style and my own tactics and to look for a voice on the instrument because there weren’t really any that impacted strongly on me.
Steve Swallow
Kids feel so strongly about what’s going on today and what’s happening to the world, and that’s very inspiring. I feel more hopeful than ever before about the future.
As obvious as it sounds, I strongly recommend shopping at a specialty bike store. They are the experts, and they will be able to help you decide which bike is best for you.
Breast cancer deaths in America have been declining for more than a decade. Much of that success is due to early detection and better treatments for women. I strongly encourage women to get a mammogram.
Larry Craig
Whether you are pro-choice or strongly pro-life, as I am, there should be common ground that abortion ceases to be an option when a baby can live outside the mother’s womb or experience excruciating pain from a procedure.
If I feel strongly, I say it. I know I can do more good by being vocal than by staying quiet. I’d have a whole lot more money if I lied, but I wouldn’t enjoy spending it.
I feel too strongly about rearranging reality in a movie. It gives me peace.
I love a good harsh horror movie, when it’s done well. But there are times when it feels cynical. You can tell when a filmmaker loves the genre, and you can tell when someone’s just cashing in a paycheck. Then it becomes a dumbing down – a fetishisation of violence that I react very strongly against.
Hillary Clinton is not strongly identified with reforming the industrial food system. The Clintons were involved with Walmart and Tyson in Arkansas. Though as a senator, Hillary was pretty good at reaching out to the small farmers in Upstate New York.
I try to keep the topics trendy. If it’s a rant, it’s something I feel strongly about, and people will watch it because they either agree or disagree.
I’ve always felt very strongly about human rights for blacks, women, and gays. Our Constitution is about equality for all – that’s got to mean something to all of us.
I think that Benjamin Franklin felt very strongly in foreign policy in this world, that you needed to at least show some humility, especially when you were strong.
I strongly believe in the apprenticeship model because we see in a lot of countries the local education system is not providing talent that businesses need. So it is important that there is an alignment between what the companies need and the education system, so the education system can build the right programmes.
I feel a big obligation to the audience, almost in a moral sense, to say something useful. If I’m going to spend a year of my life on these things, I want something that I feel that strongly about.
The sitting prime minister, Jose Aznar, who had strongly backed the U.S.-led Iraq War, was unseated by a challenger who then pulled Spanish troops out of Iraq. The Madrid terrorist attacks are generally regarded as being the key to why Aznar, who had been leading in the polls, was defeated.
Among the various vernaculars that are spoken in different parts of India, there is one that stands out strongly from the rest, as that which is most widely known. It is Hindi. A man who knows Hindi can travel over India and find everywhere Hindi-speaking people.
But on those occasions when I do strongly disagree with the Democrats and I don’t say anything, I think I forfeit my right to have people pay attention to me when I say the things that I don’t like about what Republicans are saying.
I feel very strongly that the country needs dedicated p

I feel very strongly that the country needs dedicated people who have passion… rather than those who are in politics only for a career.
I strongly support an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy policy that includes additional development of wind, clean coal, and bio-fuels.
Anything to make a difference and to seek consensus on an issue is something that I feel strongly about.
I strongly believe in ‘if it catches my eye, it’s something I’d buy.’
I strongly believe that those of us who are privileged to have wealth should contribute significantly to try and create a better world for the millions who are far less privileged.
One of the many misconceptions about Trump’s victory in 2016 was that he won only because people disliked Hillary Clinton. While she was strongly disliked, so was he. The differences in policy should not be overlooked.
You can sometimes get your own feelings across more strongly if you pretend that you’re singing it from someone else’s angle. But it’s always from me. It’s just a new way of framing it.
My narrative style centers around intimate, highly subjective depictions of personal experience and internal landscapes. In ‘March,’ everything fell into place as soon as I began identifying strongly with John Lewis as a young boy and saw how we shared the same kind of gravity and intensity as youngsters.
Nate Powell
I strongly support tax relief for the middle class.
Rick Larsen
No matter what age you are, your voice should be heard, and you can develop a passion for something and be an activist in your own right, in your own field, for something you feel strongly about.
In almost every case, whenever a tariff or quota is imposed on imports, that tax is strongly supported by the domestic industry getting the protective shield from lower-priced foreign competition. The sugar industry supports sugar tariffs; textile mills lobby for tariffs on foreign clothing.
Hispanic values are conservative values. Hispanics are highly religious, they’re very strongly pro-traditional family… not only pro-family, but also pro-life. They are highly patriotic.
Rafael Cruz
I’m a woman who likes to be courted – strongly.
Those of us who actually were working in the region at the time will point out how strongly committed we were to supporting the democratic process and encouraging elections, in spite of the fact that a war was going on in several of these countries.
John Negroponte
I do think that narrative is very important – I think that we use narrative to organize the world around us, and so it does matter a lot what kinds of narratives we have in our inventories and which ones are reinforced so often and so strongly that we habitually reach for them without thinking.
If a work of art is rich and vital and complete, those who have artistic instincts will see its beauty, and those to whom ethics appeal more strongly than aesthetics will see its moral lesson. It will fill the cowardly with terror, and the unclean will see in it their own shame.
There is nothing more useless than an album that you don’t feel strongly about, out in the world.
I don’t feel that I’m particularly political. I’m interested in politics; I’ll express my view if I feel strongly about something, but humanitarian issues, I think, are slightly different.
I feel very strongly that ‘curves‘ are natural, womanly and real.
I know a lot of artists say this, but it’s hard to put myself in a box. I just write songs that I strongly believe in and that are coming form a special place. There’s no tricks.
I’m the type of person that if I feel strongly about something and if I really want to do something, I’m just gonna do it. And if it works out, amazing, and it’s like ‘I told you so,’ but if it doesn’t work out, that’s fine.
I believe very strongly that in this world you have to have values and you have to stand up for your interests and if you don’t do those things you’re not going to get anywhere.
Affliction is the wholesome soil of virtue, where patience, honor, sweet humility, and calm fortitude, take root and strongly flourish.
David Mallet
When even the most strictly logical mind looks round and investigates the phenomena attending its own existence, perhaps the first fact to attract attention by its strongly marked prominence is the remarkable loneliness of man. He stands alone.
My father believed strongly, and taught me, that you can’t let yourself get too high on a success or too low on a failure. In this volatile business, that’s useful to know.
Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.
My past as a player is strongly linked to the red, white and blue France shirt.
When have you ever heard of a cantor or any artist turning anyone down when he is strongly urged to perform?
More generally, I strongly believe in the importance of fiscal responsibility.
Rishi Sunak
I strongly believe that love as an emotion is sufficient for a girl and a boy to be together, and these societal norms like caste, creed or religion are all man-made.
I strongly believe that the Second Amendment creates an individual right to possess and use guns for purposes of both hunting and self-defense.
I strongly believe that your hair plays a significant and impactful role in helping you change your look or make a style statement.
I would strongly recommend any young man to stay away f

I would strongly recommend any young man to stay away from criminal law. It’s not a good place to be, unfortunately.
F. Lee Bailey
American oil companies – including Amoco, Unocal, Exxon, Pennzoil – have invested billions of dollars in Azerbaijan and plan to invest billions more. As a result, they have developed a strongly pro-Azerbaijan position.
I strongly believe in a free market, and it is great when companies make money and pay their people well.
Every writer has characters that they become attached to and that they feel very strongly about.
I do feel strongly that string theory is our best hope for making progress at unifying gravity and quantum mechanics.
I believe strongly in writing groups such as Romance Writers Of America that offer support, information and networking.
We’re strongly in favor of the U.N. plan for a solution to the Cyprus conflict. Hopefully a solution can be found before the end of this summit, but we cannot and will not let it block our decisions on enlargement.
Anders Fogh Rasmussen
As a small-business man myself, I believe strongly that improving the health of small businesses is the key to improving the economy, growing the middle class, and creating innovative products and services.
I love many realists but very strongly resist the notion that realism presents a less stylized, more authentic version of the world.
What having a Down’s syndrome child isn’t – and I feel very strongly about this – is a tragedy. All those pregnancy books you read when you are expecting refer to Down’s syndrome as if it were the worst possible outcome, and it’s not.
I come from people who dreamed of a free democratic system. I believe so strongly in the process and equal access.
My secondary schooling was at Marlborough College, Wiltshire, so I’m fond of that part of the world. It’s quintessentially English, with village greens, pubs and cricket pitches, and resonates strongly with me.
I don’t know how many people feel strongly about what I do.
Derek Fisher
I feel strongly that the state would not be well-served by having a governor and speaker of the House from the same family and have never planned to run for governor if that would be the case. With Speaker Madigan planning to continue in office, I will not run for governor.
There’s a direct relationship between how difficult it is to send a message and how strongly it is received.
I strongly believe that crossing the aisle for the good of the American people is more important than party politics.
I serve on a lot of charitable boards – the areas of mental health parity, services for those that are underserved, and certainly children’s rights are things that I believe in very, very strongly.
I guess I feel very strongly that I disagree with the notion of personalizing history and movements and big events.
Bernadine Dohrn
I believe very strongly in the value of having a diverse team around me that comes from very different backgrounds and different points of view.
I have no direct knowledge of this, but I suspect that Apple will launch a living room product that redefines people’s expectations really strongly, and the notion of a separate console platform will disappear concurrent with Apple’s announcement.
The U.K.’s climate change act was passed by a majority of 463 votes to three. That is really quite extraordinary. The will of parliament has rarely been expressed so strongly and unambiguously.
Chinese growth will either be strong or very strong. They have a voracious demand for energy that will only continue to grow. What they’re doing… is looking at all forms of energy. They’re going ahead very strongly with coal, nuclear, oil, natural gas.
What I’m talking about, what I strongly suggest to people, is that they should get closer to the people they’re with.
Stefan Molyneux
By the way, if you do your job on behalf of your country, you have meetings where you put your position forward strongly, and the other side does the same thing. And I’ve had plenty of meetings in my career that really were heated, people yelling at each other.
Our Founding Fathers believed strongly in gun rights for citizens.
I try to have a lot of influences, which is to say not to have one specific influence too strongly; that can end up badly.
President Bush says he is concerned about the Iraqi people, but if Iraqi people are dying in numbers, then American policy will be challenged very strongly.
Peter Arnett
I am very strongly paternal. My paternal instincts need to be acted upon. My love needs a release. I love everyone. I don’t express my love enough, but the love within me needs a platform as a parent.
I feel as if I was to strike on one thing that I was decent at was mentally where I prepared myself strongly.
NSS has strongly supported competition in both the NASA Commercial Re-supply Services program and the Commercial Crew program.
I think, as a skater, I started out really strongly, and as I have grown in the public eye, I have had my rough seasons that most people don’t get as much attention for.
If members of Congress believe so strongly that governm

If members of Congress believe so strongly that government-run health care is the best solution for hard working American families, I think it only fitting that Americans see them lead the way.
I strongly believe the Government are listening to everything we say.
I’m not anti-American. But I am very strongly anti American bacon – the worst bacon in the world.
The liberals in the House strongly resemble liberals I have known through the last two decades in the civil rights conflict. When it comes time to show on which side they will be counted, they excuse themselves.
I wouldn’t even go into the history of the last days of the Soviet Union, the withdrawal from Europe, and what promises were given at that time, because those were oral promises, and our leaders of that time strongly believe that, like in ancient Russia, a word given is better than any treaty.
I will continue to stand strongly with my fellow House Democrats, with immigration reform advocates and with millions of hard-working, law-abiding families who want simply to remain together and contribute to our great country.
My family’s dog, when I was growing up, was an adopted dog that I got in a shelter for my birthday. I’ve always felt really strongly about adopting animals and trying to save animals’ lives.
I do sometimes strongly hope that in a past life, my most recent life before this, I was absolutely horrible, evil, hideous. Because otherwise – well, hell, to even things up next time around, I’m going to have to pay for this one, am I not?
I strongly believe that literature can do something that nothing else can do, and that is embody the human spirit.
I have a traditional Catholic personal position, but I am very strongly supportive that women should make these decisions and government shouldn’t intrude. I’m a strong supporter of Roe v. Wade and women being able to make these decisions. In government, we have enough things to worry about.
I feel very strongly that where the facts exist, a historical novelist should use them if they’re writing about a person who really lived, because a lot of people come to history through historical novels. I did. And a lot of people want their history that way.
Alison Weir
I don’t think it’s a coincidence that comic books appeal so strongly to children. Not that it negates any of their power for adults, but there is something about comics that makes them a perfect storytelling system for children.
I believe that writers run out of material, I really do. I believe very strongly in the fact that when the natural time is up, writers actually do run out of material. To me it’s black and white. When there’s a song there’s a song, when there’s not there’s not.
As a player I was taught the importance of working four or five passes within your team and then stretching the play. That’s something I believe in strongly as a coach.
Especially during the hot weather, we have been so greatly hampered by infections despite our utmost care, and since we have lost so many dogs, I strongly desire more help to keep the place clean and gloves and gowns and a thorough fitting up of our operating room.
In my generation, thankfully, as somebody who served in the Afghanistan War, would have served in the Iraq War, if called to do so – was also strongly against the Iraq War, from the beginning – I’m so thankful that we live in a moment that we can honor the troops separately from policy.
In the same way that our school system feels strongly about requiring vaccinations and annual physicals, I feel strongly that it is essential to add a mental health component to that annual physical.
There is no moment where you can rest and think: ‘Wonderful, I have that job now. I’m going to spend five years here.’ There’s a constant judgment on your work that’s very strongly related to what you are.
Tender‘ is my most strongly autobiographical play.
I am a member of the Heads Up Football Advisory Committee, have participated in a Heads Up Football clinic, and strongly endorse the program. It’s a better, safer way to play the game.
I strongly believe that privacy is one of the biggest luxuries one can have in life – to have your own private world and not be invaded by the outside.
I’ve always felt writing is an art. Publishing is a business. I felt strongly if I was going to write, I would write what I wanted to, and if the ‘market’ didn’t respond, there was nothing I could really do about it.
Red is a colour I’ve felt very strongly about. Maybe red is a very Indian colour, maybe it’s one of those things that I grew up with and recognise at some other level.
I super strongly identify with marginalized communities. I’m not at all religious, but I feel super, super Jewish. I can’t even describe the feeling, but it actually feels really similar to being gay, the kind of kinship that you feel with the LGBTQ people. That same sense of community is there with Judaism.
There are Latino people in our world who believe strongly that if you are Latino you should speak the language, you should eat the food, you should listen to the music, you should be proud. And when you don’t do those things, some people will look at it as if you’re neglecting who you are.
Selenis Leyva
I’m an emotional sort of person in general and I have a vivid imagination, so I feel the whole spectrum of emotion strongly when I write.
City came in strongly for me, put their cards on the table, and what I have found out since is that every game in England is a privilege – the atmosphere, the fans, the interest that surrounds it. Every time I go out on the pitch, I know I’ve made the right decision.
If I feel strongly about anything, I get overwhelmed with emotion.
I strongly believe being mayor is the public post in which you have the greatest opportunity to change peoples’ lives for the better. People live in cities, not states or nations. As a mayor, you are connected directly to citizens.
It’s always inspiring when people all come together and be strong as a group. This is why I feel so strongly to put the message to people that we need to stand together in tough times.
I do think of myself very strongly as a New Zealander, but when I moved out to the States, I was aware that I didn’t want to just live in a satellite community of only other New Zealanders.
Gray space is fertile ground for fiction. When I can se

Gray space is fertile ground for fiction. When I can see both sides of an argument and feel strongly in both directions, then there’s a story there, then I can write real characters that I care about and believe in and champion on both sides.
I am strongly of the opinion that chronology is very important. The great arc of time is what children are wired for.
Molly Shannon and I used to always talk about that we really felt strongly that we were comedic actors, that we weren’t comedians. You just played things real and the comedy came out of the context.
If you look at the success rate of Punjabi film industry, we stand strongly ahead of Bollywood even.
Everyone is aware that most of the built environment today lacks a natural order, an order which presents itself very strongly in places that were built centuries ago.
I believe very strongly in having melodic hooks, whether they’re short or intricate, that you really remember in a movie.
And I strongly believe people should rescue dogs, or, at the very least, listen to Bob Barker and have your pet spayed or neutered.
Justin Chambers
The music comes through me, and I let it come the way it comes, and it shapes itself. I just hold space for it. I don’t intend to write it for a purpose, but it comes as it comes and am proud of the way it can support change because I believe strongly in what I sing about.
I grew up in a strongly socialist family. While I was at school, I worked in party politics and with organizations like the Anti-Nazi League. Everywhere I saw it, I fought prejudice.
I strongly support the rights of transgender individuals. I will not denigrate or deny their struggles.
I feel very strongly as a writer and as a director it is not my job to crush the audience’s imagination.
I really strongly believe that we should be judged not by how we acted when we were ignorant, but how we responded when we were informed.
I love animals and feel very strongly that people should not be allowed to buy a pet if they are not able to look after it.
Kirsty Gallacher
The challenge is sort of capturing the issues that Oregonians feel strongly about and moving forward on those.
I still have a lot of military contacts, and friends and readers who’ve served or are serving, and they react really strongly to G.I. Joe. I’ve lost count of the number who’ve said, ‘Oh, I just loved it as a kid. I had all the figures; it really made me think.’
I am strongly opposed to any form of amnesty, including, especially, executive amnesty.
I believe very strongly – and I never brought this up as a player – but I put up, I feel, Hall of Fame numbers with diabetes. If I didn’t have diabetes – nobody realizes that, when I was diagnosed at 18, even the doctors didn’t know what to do about diabetes.
Ron Santo
I strongly support screening all visitors and potential immigrants thoroughly to prevent bad actors from entering the country.
As a member of Congress, I strongly believe I have a responsibility to be truthful, even if that means delivering difficult news.
I can be pretty persuasive if I believe in something strongly enough.
I’m not advocating spending less on the elderly, but I am strongly advocating spending more on kids while also putting the country on a sound, long-term fiscal trajectory. To do that, we have to reduce the rate of growth of entitlement-related expenditures and add more revenues.
But I really feel strongly that our kids do way too much homework. The research is on my side. It’s easy to make a fuss when you’re right. That can be the tagline of my life: ‘It’s Easy To Make A Fuss When You’re Right.’
I bridled strongly when Labour introduced their Right to Roam, fearing that it would be misused by the hard Left to stir up unnecessary trouble in the countryside. In fact, greater access to the uplands has been a very good thing.
Coming from Puerto Rico and having that be my musical universe for the majority of my life no doubt strongly impacts my music.
Pedro Capo
If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.
Luckily, many other people tell me how they have had a particular landscape photograph of mine in their office or bedroom for 15 years and it always speaks to them strongly whenever they see it.
I felt very strongly about the Ashley Madison thing. Of the 39 million people who signed up for Ashley Madison, only a tiny percentage of them actually had an affair. And I’d go a step further and say even if they did, it’s none of our business, frankly.
We strongly believe that the Philippines has huge potential in the tourism industry, given our beautiful islands, moderate weather conditions, good cuisine, and the flair of Filipinos for hospitality and entertainment.
We strongly believe the wind turbine business in China is strategically important for us.
I feel very strongly that clothes that fit well make a person feel better. It’s maybe half the value of the merchandise.
Jil Sander
I strongly believe film should create conversations around themes we are grappling with as a society.
I feel strongly that I need to try to make my shows as

I feel strongly that I need to try to make my shows as real as possible. What you see is what you get.
Neil Cavuto
I do disapprove very strongly of labelling children, especially young children, as something like ‘Catholic children’ or ‘Protestant children’ or ‘Islamic children.’
I just have this thing in my head that I want to do serious stories that are still just way too cute and drawn in a really cute, appealing, rounded, childish way, and it’s like, I don’t know if it makes sense – but it’s just something I’m really strongly compelled to do.
In theatre, previews are the first draft of a show. I strongly believe that. The only way we can truly tell whether that draft works is by having an audience present.
I strongly favor shortening the campaign season and putting more primaries and caucuses on the same day, preferably regionally.
My mother’s sympathies were strongly with the Union. She knew that war was bound to come, but so confident was she in the strength of the Federal Government that she devoutly believed that the struggle could not last longer than six months at the utmost.
Criticism, however strongly worded or teasingly expressed, comes with the job of being president.
You need to keep something for yourself. As a writer, I feel that even more strongly. I feel like I need to be able to freely observe the world. That’s the way I like to move through the world; I don’t need to be the focus of attention. If I am, it impairs my ability to write and to do what I do.
Whatever their motivations, lawmakers on both side of the aisle have certainly discovered that immigration is one of those issues that resonate strongly with the public.
The Craft was what it was. People who respond to that movie respond to it really strongly.
Robin Tunney
I strongly support the call to greatly expand our human intelligence capability to penetrate al Qaeda and gather critical intelligence to prevent terrorist attacks on our homeland.
India continues to be guided by the principles of being non-interfering, non-prescriptive, and non-judgemental. In other words, India remains ready to provide any support but strongly believes that it is for the Arab countries to decide their destiny without any external interference or diktats from outside.
I feel strongly about the need for diversity, and with good reason. I’m from a generation of women that found it exhilarating to shatter the glass ceiling. We viewed obstacles as opportunities and earned our seat at the leadership table.
I believe strongly that the word ‘protest’ is no excuse for bad work. The artist must create.
When I feel strongly about something, I’m not so quiet.
The people who feel the most strongly about something will turn on you the most vociferously if they feel you’ve let them down.
One of the things I believe in most strongly is the power of a second chance.
I strongly support the Bush Administration‘s clean diesel rules, which will reduce air pollution from diesel engines by more than 90 percent, and reduce the sulfur content of diesel fuel by more than 95 percent.
I have never in my life let a man disrespect me, verbally or physically, and that will never change. I feel very strongly about this because it’s something my mother instilled in me and that I have instilled in my daughters.
I just write songs that I strongly believe in and that are coming from inside. There’s no tricks. It’s honesty with big melodies.
I would suspect strongly that over a period of time, if we put our mind to going to Mars, it will be a consortium of several countries.
I argued strongly to the American publisher that ‘Reality Hunger’ should come out first. They thought that ‘The Thing About Life’ would have more appeal because it’s on a broader topic; it’s about mortality rather than art.
Believe that with your feelings and your work you are taking part in the greatest; the more strongly you cultivate this belief, the more will reality and the world go forth from it.
I am able to put aside personal beliefs and follow the law, even when I strongly disagree with it.
William H. Pryor
If a local market is supporting the team strongly, you’re not going to have a lot of support for a team leaving that market.
Instead of trying to police the entertainment industry we should strongly suggest that parents take a stronger role in what their kids get into.
I strongly feel about women’s rights because I have been working for menstrual hygiene across India.
You have to make films you feel strongly about. And then hope you can find the audience.
Grant Heslov
There are things that I do agree with in Christianity and things that I don’t agree with. I’m not a regular churchgoer, but I do think that I have my own beliefs that I feel strongly about.
I strongly believe cinema is popular culture. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s life.
I try to improve every day so that things go well. You must keep training strongly every day.
I feel very strongly that you shouldn't mix your emotio

I feel very strongly that you shouldn’t mix your emotions with business. When it comes to my emotions, I certainly don’t mix them with my business.
Gautam Singhania
I write about different things. Anything that has affected me. Anything that I have liked. Anything that I feel strongly about. Any experience.
We strongly condemn all forms of anti-Semitism as well as any form of downplaying or denial of the Holocaust.
I strongly believe that’players have to express themselves to their full potential, they must be able to make choices during the game.
It is a universal principle that you get more of what you think about, talk about, and feel strongly about.
When Matt LeBlanc had his show ‘Joey’, I strongly suggested to the producers that they should bring me on.
Maggie Wheeler
I can’t stress enough how strongly I am against any state intervention in a sovereign nation’s affairs.
I meditate a lot and pray for guidance. If, in a moment of self-contemplation or meditation, I were to feel very strongly that I shouldn’t be an entertainer anymore, that I should be doing something else, I would stop immediately.
I’d rather be strongly wrong than weakly right.
Tallulah Bankhead
I think the sense of fairness in humans is very strongly developed, and that’s why we react so strongly to all the bonuses received by Wall Street executives. We want to know why they deserve these benefits.
I am married to a writer, and this – writing – is an odd enterprise. It’s something we both support very strongly.
I rarely asks people for advice or permission when I’m planning on doing something I feel strongly about. That only opens the plan up to be crapped on.
When I come up with an idea about the way I feel, I can really state it strongly in a song.
I’m no Ripley. I had doubts that I could play her as strongly as she had to be played, but I must say that it was fun exploring that side of myself. Women don’t get to do that very often.
My family is not only not religious, but my parents are both – they’re secularists. My father is actually an atheist and feels very strongly about it.
I do feel strongly that we have got to do a little brand-positioning work. Wouldn’t it be great to have something that everybody could say: ‘Yep, that’s Chicago.’
At the same time women are putting on the headscarf, they are also going to work, to education, increasingly vocal in the media – and this is the confusing thing about Muslim women in the West,. They are becoming Westernized at the same time as they are adopting their religious identity more strongly.
My idea of art is, you write something that makes people feel so strongly that they get some conviction about who they want to be or what they want to do. It’s morally useful not in a political way, but it makes your heart bigger; it’s emotionally and spiritually empowering.
They are very personal, emotional songs – people react to them very strongly.
No one believes more strongly than I do that every Christian should be a theologian. In that sense, we all need to work it out. I want all Christians who can read, to read their Bibles and to read beyond the Bible – to read the history and theology.
D. A. Carson
Few political debates have been as divisive as the European one. I fought as hard as I could on the Remain side, but I believe strongly that as a democrat I should respect the result, and that as a politician it is my duty to make the Brexit settlement as good as possible.
I want to be completely clear that I strongly oppose ‘Audit the Fed.’
I strongly believe that many of the best decisions are made on gut instinct.
Mr. Trump has said he strongly supports immediate expensing of capital expenditures, which many economists agree would encourage growth.
I have always felt strongly about empowering women. I’m living proof that, with confidence and by believing in yourself, you can accomplish any goal.
I strongly believe in my own rights and wrongs and impose them on myself and my family.
I write about the things I feel strongly about.
Dido Armstrong
Being unemployed is not good for an actor. No, it isn’t, no matter how unsuccessful you are. Because you always remember getting fired from all the restaurants. You remember that stuff very, very strongly.
I feel very strongly that SpaceX would not have been able to get started, nor would we have made the progress that we have, without the help of NASA.
There are issues in this country that a lot of people feel strongly about.
In open source, we feel strongly that to really do something well, you have to get a lot of people involved.
My own field of paleontology has strongly challenged th

My own field of paleontology has strongly challenged the Darwinian premise that life’s major transformations can be explained by adding up, through the immensity of geological time, the successive tiny changes produced generation after generation by natural selection.
If there is no education, there will be poverty. I believe in it strongly and feel that through education we can address the issue effectively.
In order to guarantee security in Europe, we need to strongly confront our defense policy in Europe. And we need a solution to our migration policy to secure the inner security of the E.U.
There is a figure that is adored, but I’d question very strongly that it’s me.
I really feel strongly that we don’t need to dumb things down for children.
But professionally I’ve never felt as strongly about a project, with the exception of ‘The Bridges of Madison County‘, as ‘The Light in the Piazza’.
Steven Pasquale
I tend to arrive in the rehearsal process with very strongly developed ideas about what I want to do. But I don’t like those ideas to be things that are not subject to change, or subject to development, or subject to challenge.
Laika’s films aim to promote thought, feeling, and connectivity through art, inspired by our shared humanity. We’re deeply gratified that the spirit of our work has resonated so strongly with audiences around the world.
If you start thinking war is inevitable, then in your own times, you don’t resist it as strongly as you should.
There is talk that badminton may not make it as a sport in the 2020 Olympics. We must bear in mind that other sports are strongly lobbying to be included.
Taufik Hidayat
I’m tough in the sense that I believe as strongly in what I’m doing as anybody else believes in what they are doing.
While I recognize the great value and importance of prescription drugs and strongly support a continued U.S. focus on pharmaceutical research and development, our nation’s seniors cannot be asked to subsidize the drug costs of other wealthy industrialized nations any longer.
Indias rapid economic growth has mainly been due to the dismantling of government controls. An attempt to reintroduce monopolistic pricing must be strongly opposed.
I’m as deeply suspicious of big government as anyone. I’m strongly in favor of universal coverage but not single payer.
There are two qualities that I’ve noticed in good directors: One is that they have their vision very strongly in place; and two is that they listen to everyone’s opinion and still remember their vision.
The United States strongly seeks a lasting agreement for the discontinuance of nuclear weapons tests. We believe that this would be an important step toward reduction of international tensions and would open the way to further agreement on substantial measures of disarmament.
I strongly encourage listening to the radio to hear something you haven‘t heard before. It’s a very healthy thing to do. It’s strange: unless you reload your iPods every couple of weeks, you’re listening to and recycling the same music all of the time. I’m serious. Listen to your radio station.
I think that for every artist, it’s very important to have an output and to feel very strongly about the music you’re producing.
Jan Vogler
Never refuse an assignment except when there is a conflict of interest, a potential of danger to you or your family, or you hold a strongly biased attitude about the subject under focus.
I was strongly against Brexit. I speechified against Brexit.
My advantage as a woman and a human being has been in having a mother who believed strongly in women’s education. She was an early undergraduate at Oxford, and her own mother was a doctor.
Antonia Fraser
The Ebola epidemic was the most frightening outbreak I have witnessed in my lifetime, and I believe it was necessary to react globally as strongly as we did.
During the 2008 campaign, I strongly endorsed Barack Obama for president. I did so early, when many Democratic leaders – including many prominent African-American politicians – believed the safe bet was to back then-front-runner Hillary Clinton.
There the union of Church and State tends strongly to paralyze some of the members of the body of Christ. Here there is no such influence to destroy spiritual life and power.
One of the main reasons I come out so strongly for conservative values is not only because of my religious beliefs, but because it scares me to think how much divorce there is in America today, how many babies are aborted, how many broken families there are.
Brussels sprouts are unique creatures. When cooked poorly, they can give off a strongly sulfurous aroma that many find unpleasant. But if you can crack through that aroma and release the natural sweetness hiding underneath, then you’re rewarded with one of the most delicious vegetables around.
I feel incredibly honored to have been the very first Miss California USA titleholder to have been crowned with the Legacy Crown. I know all the titleholders feel strongly connected with one another because of it.
Nicole Johnson
To have strongly integrated managers who have a deep understanding of technology is a rare and difficult combination to build. You have to invest a lot in selecting and training these people.
I feel very strongly about my country and stronger still about people who abuse my country.
The United States strongly condemns the illegal disclosure of classified information. It puts people’s lives in danger, threatens our national security, and undermines our efforts to work with other countries to solve shared problems.
If you have the opportunity to do amazing things in your life, I strongly encourage you to invite someone to join you.
Because people with autism are also strongly obsessiona

Because people with autism are also strongly obsessional, meaning that they pursue their current interest to extraordinary detail and lengths and in great depth, they can develop ‘tunnel vision‘ that prevents them from seeing the bigger picture, including the repercussions of their current actions.
Starting that union was something I believed in very strongly.
Ted Lindsay
I strongly believe in work ethics and when certain people do not follow the procedures, I’d rather step back and weigh my options.
I believe that it’s better to have a conviction, believe strongly in something, and then the convictions create a style that reflects your mentality.
I mean, Britain is a country of successful Muslim businesspeople, teachers and educators, journalists. So, we have to say very strongly that the two million plus Muslims in Britain, the vast bulk of them make a huge contribution to our society, and they actually make it the vibrant society it is.
People don’t value strongly enough how much time they spend in the office. Imagine you could work with people you love – wouldn’t work be great and staff turnover be lower? And your productivity higher?
Einstein was very attracted to Mozart. There’s a mathematical, classical structure to the music, and I think he identified with that very strongly. I think there also is a connection between being a genius and a polymath.
I strongly believe that one can’t plan one’s career. One should grasp an understanding of the direction in which things are moving and then leave it at that.
I believe honor thy mother and father is not just a good commandment to live by, it is good public policy to govern by. That is why I feel so strongly about Medicare.
If you’re a person of faith that is conservative, that’s pro-life, as I am, that believes strongly in traditional family values, as I do… then how we talk about them matters.
Kevin Cramer
I believe strongly in the power of arts education to engage and empower young people.
Heather Watts
We believe strongly that all meaningful change comes from entrepreneurs.
Men and women are custodians of this society, and we both decide what’s going to happen for our future. I feel that very, very strongly.
Not all Modern Orthodox Jews, at the present juncture, identify with what the Israeli government does. In Israel many religious Zionists strongly oppose the government because of the disengagement.
Norman Lamm
I will stand up for Mississippi like no one has done before. My voice will resonate most strongly in our struggling communities.
I felt I could still make a contribution with ideas. I didn’t know how, and it has taken me some time to work that out. There were things that mattered to me about the future of the country: inequality, what the post-financial crisis settlement would be. I still felt strongly about all that.
I was brought up as a Catholic, and I’m no longer a Catholic. I don’t talk about my beliefs too much in public probably because I feel very strongly that it’s something personal – more than personal, it’s private.
In July of 2004, I came out strongly against the war with Iraq because it was going to destabilize the Middle East.
Donald Trump
I am strongly committed to evidence-based policymaking across government.
I do believe – I very strongly believe that the Arab nations would be willing to put together an Arab NATO-like structure.
I’m a feminist, yes! Very strongly.
Bob Hoskins
If everyone worked with wide-angle lenses, I’d shoot all my films in 75mm, because I believe very strongly in the possibilities of the 75mm.
I feel like anything I’ve ever done, I’ve been strongly advised not to do.
I am a huge fan of proselytizing. I am a huge fan of speaking your mind. The only way we can share the universe… is by talking very strongly about what we believe.
I know we’re public figures, but I strongly believe my private life should remain private. What ultimately matters and concerns the world is the work we leave behind.
I recently declined to support a Conservative function because I’m so incensed about these wind turbines. Like all so-called climate-change doubters, I am very pro the environment, but I strongly believe that it is something that can only be cured locally. Some insane overall scheme isn’t going to cure all the problems.
The people standing up most strongly for our democracies should be celebrated, not prosecuted – be it those countless human rights defenders who defend all our rights or the brave whistle-blowers who expose tax dodging.
I guess I strongly feel that we cannot pretend that the Third World is not part of our world. We cannot say ‘OK, there’s that problem over there, let’s just close our eyes’ – we cannot do that.
Nothing has ever moulded our conscience so strongly as our knowledge of what is good and what is evil.
Bjornstjerne Bjornson
I strongly believe vengeance is not mine; it is for God to decide.
‘ER’ was so huge that whatever I did coming back to television, I’d have to feel as strongly about.
Editorials are, obviously, pieces of opinion journalism

Editorials are, obviously, pieces of opinion journalism. They are not intended to be dispassionate, balanced accountings of a news situation or issue. They present a strong and strongly argued position and do not necessarily present or even take into account the opposing position.
I believe strongly in ‘giving while living.’ I see little reason to delay giving when so much good can be achieved through supporting worthwhile causes today. Besides, it’s a lot more fun to give while you live than to give while you are dead.
Do I disagree that we need to ban all Muslims from entering the country? Yes, I disagree with that strongly.
If the works of Jesus were so much more wonderful than man could perform as to deserve to be called miracles, was it not nonsense to caution his disciples so strongly against being deluded by the works of others?
While sleep is clearly vital to emotional well-being, what is it, exactly, about sleep that is so necessary? As it turns out, mood disorders are strongly linked to abnormal patterns of dreaming.
My parents always encouraged us to speak our minds and to be respectful while doing so about issues that we thought strongly about and that was unconditional.
If someone is interested in medicine and also in physics and they like working with people and communicate well with others, I would strongly encourage them.
John Cameron
Crimes of Passion, which is one of the best films I’ve done, will live strongly in my resume, even though it didn’t do well.
This idea, as you know, that I have firm convictions that the idea of issues being a big deal where our mutual friend went back and he felt so strongly that the determining factor in electoral success should be a proven character.
We feel the pull of nature very strongly, relating – even unknowingly – feeling in ourselves to bulbs being stirred in frozen ground, or to the branches of dead trees. Perhaps this indivisibility from nature is an important thing to recognize as we go about our business in the world.
Money is a strange business. People who haven’t got it aim it strongly. People who have are full of troubles.
I never look at twists as a way to trick the audience. Obviously, I think a good story has surprises and unexpected turns, and you always want to do that with an audience. But it has nothing to do with conning them or making them believe so strongly in one thing and then kind of going the other way.
I’m personally a moderate and a registered independent, so I’m not strongly Democratic or strongly Republican.
Sometimes I read a script and it’s obvious from early on that it’s one where the suspension of disbelief has to develop strongly from page one. Some are more reality-based.
When it comes to politics, unless it’s an issue that’s really close to home and you feel strongly about, I just don’t think you should really talk about it.
My father, Kaneki, was a gifted research director of a chemical company, and his profession strongly influenced the path of my life.
Ryoji Noyori
Something I’ve always written about is social expectations: that the eyes of the community are on you all the time, expecting you to line up with certain social norms, certain behaviours. Whenever you forgot about them, they’d be strongly reiterated to you, in no uncertain terms.
I’ve always felt strongly that the Confederate flag and other symbols like that are not representative of Nascar, even though I respect anyone’s right, because it does mean different things to different people.
The Chicago Economics Department was in intellectual ferment, although the central issues of the 1930’s were very different from those in later times. I had never before encountered minds of that quality at close quarters and they influenced me strongly.
George Stigler
I strongly support extending current student loan interest rates and increasing the college tuition tax credit for students and their families.
Scott Howell
I hope people gravitate to me because I am a real person, and I strongly believe if you put out good energy, it will come back to you.
I’d always been a news junkie, always read lots of newspapers and watched the Sunday morning news shows on TV and felt strongly about issues of power, control, sexuality and race.
I think if I believe in something strongly enough, I’m pretty outspoken about it.
I grew up listening to a lot of Simon & Garfunkel and Peter, Paul and Mary. I know that sounds dorky, but I always responded strongly to that kind of lyric-driven folk music.
I strongly believe that Professor Longhair playing just instrumentals would be just as effective as stylized vocals; that’s how much I believe in his music.
The National Stock Exchange was strongly opposed by Bombay stockbrokers and captains of industry. I thought some competition is good. The exchange has given a very good account of itself.
You know, President Obama feels very strongly that the government has a responsibility to engage with the American people, as well as with the world community.
I do feel very strongly that this is one of the things which people need encouragement to sort out, because I have this very strong feeling that everybody is probably a genius at something, it’s just a question of finding this.
Diana Wynne Jones
I feel most strongly about Jerusalem, because architects ultimately have to address that city.
Ben Nicholson
The president strongly believes that marriage in this country ought to be between a man and a woman. He also believes it is something that ought to be decided by the people. He doesn’t believe that judges ought to impose their will on the people.
Ken Mehlman
I fear that the hearts of the vast majority of mankind would beat on strongly and steadily and without any quickening if the league were to perish altogether.
I have no doubt that my origin and ethnicity have stron

I have no doubt that my origin and ethnicity have strongly influenced controversy over my invention of email.
I would say there are some foods that I strongly recommend that you do not eat. No. 1 on that list, I believe, is doughnuts. Comfort food. Zero value. Don’t eat them.
I have a very good family. I’m very fortunate to have a very good family. I believe very strongly in the family. It’s one of the things we have in our platform, is to talk about it.
Persecution is not an original feature in any religion; but it is always the strongly marked feature of all religions established by law.
While I personally believe strongly in the philosophy and ideology of the Free Software movement, you can’t win people over just on philosophy; you have to have a better product, too.
I’ve said this before – and I mean it strongly – an abstract concept or a moral issue has to be connected to feeling. If we don’t believe it somehow viscerally, we don’t really take it in.
Anne Michaels
You can feel very strongly that someone doesn’t like you. I think any model who didn’t have the same sort of upbringing as me would find that very difficult. But I absolutely knew I was entitled. I never thought I was ugly – it never crossed my mind.
Mankind are apt to be strongly prejudiced in favor of whatever is countenanced by antiquity, enforced by authority, and recommended by custom.
Robert Hall
I strongly believe in the saying that hard work always pays off.
You have to intervene really, really strongly with people who are habitual knife-carriers, that includes stop and search definitely, you have to keep them locked up.
Nothing more strongly arouses our disgust than cannibalism, yet we make the same impression on Buddhists and vegetarians, for we feed on babies, though not our own.
As a citizen, as a public scientist, I can tell you that Einstein essentially overturned a so strongly established paradigm of science, whereas Darwin didn’t really overturn a science paradigm.
As they work hard for our children, America’s teachers often reach into their own pockets to make sure they have the best classroom supplies. I feel strongly that the federal government should help make up for their personal financial burden.
John Warner
I strongly believe that music comes from the soul and no amount of technology can ‘manufacture’ that.
The rule of law should be upheld by all political parties. They should neither advise others to break the law, nor encourage others to do so even when they strongly disagree with the legislation put forward by the government of the day.
James Callaghan
I can strongly say with conviction that as far as being on a TV show that documents my love life of any kind, I’m done with.
I think what I reacted to so strongly when I first saw ‘Pinocchio‘ was that I identified with the character so strongly. The movie takes you on a whole journey, a rollercoaster of emotions, and that sometimes means some very scary places. But in the end, it comes out okay.
Chris Buck
Every person I killed I strongly believe that they were bad. When I do go face God there is going to be lots of things I will have to account for but killing any of those people is not one of them.
I very strongly dislike fear. I always say fear keeps us from living our lives and doing the things we want to do.
I am not anti-American. But I am strongly pro-Canadian.
John G. Diefenbaker
While most of my public service work centers on improving our schools and fixing our broken immigration system, I also strongly stand for personal freedom.
Like all Iranian kids, I grew up feeling strongly that the best part of dinner was tahdig, the crisp, golden crust that forms at the bottom of every pot of Persian rice – and sometimes other dishes, too.
While I may not agree with all of President Obama’s energy policies, I strongly supported his successful effort to double fuel economy standards for cars and trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.
I’m still strongly opposed to antismoking laws, strongly opposed to any law that regulates personal behavior.
At their core, Americans all want the same basic things: a quality education for their children, a good job so they can provide for their families, healthcare and affordable prescription drugs, security during retirement, a strongly equipped military and national security.
With any cover, I like to choose songs that affected me strongly already. So it’s tough sometimes to take a song that you love so much and put your own spin on it because you get such a strong feeling from the original.
People ask me what’s the most important function when you’re starting an organization or setting up the kind of culture and values that are going to endure. The discipline I believe so strongly in is H.R., and its the last discipline that gets funded.
I strongly believe that good books are the best home accessory.
I just felt being part of my peer group so strongly. I was immersed in teen culture, but not taken in by it.
There was a long stint during my childhood after I gave up on being a pro football player – we’re talking sixth grade here – that I strongly considered a future writing and drawing comic books. I have been making stuff up ever since.
Adam Ross
The only thing that I know for sure is that the people who invest in the U.K., those investors, believe strongly that the ramifications of a hard Brexit are very bad, and they believe that a recession will take place in the U.K., and that would clearly be negative for banks of the U.K.
I give celebrity my undivided indifference. Now that it

I give celebrity my undivided indifference. Now that it’s here, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. And people who complain about celebrity and any kind of privilege are, all of them, whinging morons, and they should keep their first-world problems to themselves. I feel very strongly about that.
The political Right is particularly vehement when it comes to compromise. Conservatives are now strongly swayed by the Tea Party movement, whose clarion call is a refusal to compromise regardless of the practical consequences.
Today, I will vote in support of the Marriage Protection Amendment. I shall do so because like President Bush, I strongly believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman.
It is inaccurate to say that I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible for public office.
Since joining the U.S. House of Representatives in November of 2006, I have strongly supported Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I have the utmost respect for her, and I believe the Democrats were able to accomplish a great deal under her leadership.
Albio Sires
The firmest of friendships have been formed in mutual adversity, as iron is most strongly united by the fiercest flame.
Yugoslavia was a kind of superpower. Great movies. Beautiful novels. Great rock-and-roll. We became a superpower in basketball. The problem is that people needed to identify more strongly with it after Tito and his awful, tricky way of leading the country.
Some of the screen’s best moments were realized because a director went against all reason, all logic. No matter how incredible a story seems, it can be made credible. If you feel an insane idea strongly enough, you’ve usually got something.
Rouben Mamoulian
The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender.
Emil Ludwig
I strongly believe that when two secure individuals come together, they nurture each other.
Al Qaeda and ISIS may have global aspirations, but their ability to penetrate a society is strongly influenced by local conditions.
Once I was in a cafe in Portland and the woman at the next table and I began chatting and in the course of our conversation she strongly recommend I visit this web site called ‘The Rumpus’ so I could read this advice column called ‘Dear Sugar.’ It was so painful not to tell her that in fact I was Sugar, but I didn’t.
Cheryl Strayed
When I was in my twenties, I strongly identified with Jane Austen‘s ‘Emma’ – her human failings mixed with a desire to do good.
I surrender to my directors. I do that because I respect them immensely. In fact, a director’s talent scares me. I admit that they’re more intelligent than me, and I submit to that, as an assistant director does. Even when I have suggestions to make, I don’t state them strongly.
I’m always in favor of Israel responding strongly when it’s threatened. At the same time, a response to a response doesn’t really solve anything. It just creates a perpetual-motion machine.
The intent of Slayer‘s musical and lyrical content has always been selfish. We feel very strongly about the importance of staying true to ourselves.
I started out as a musician. Although I always wanted to have a dual career, I fell into the TV and movie business more strongly and more quickly.
The vision that Islamabad United have for social issues, particularly with their Empowerment Programs is something that I feel strongly about, and look forward to contributing to.
The noblest spirit is most strongly attracted by the love of glory.
My biggest ambition is never to be bored. I’m not aggressive enough to strongly run after being an actress.
There was a very strong bipartisan coalition in Congress under President Bill Clinton that passed the Defense of Marriage Act. And you’ve had a majority of the states in this country that have strongly stated that marriage ought to be remain the union between one man and one woman.
In the past, I’ve been a bit diffident about my own albums, almost excusing them for some reason, even though deep down I felt strongly about them.
Jesse Harris
The moral equation strongly tells everyone who understands freedom, who understands morality, that Israel is engaging in a just war in defense of its people and its freedom.
Bridges and stations are very strongly related to the development of a city.
I strongly prefer to keep my hair loose and wavy, leaving it as natural as possible.
I believe strongly that the opportunity is here for us in America to finally have a healthcare system that we can really be proud of. But it’s got to be one where everybody is involved. Everybody: consumers, employers, providers, health-insurance companies, everybody.
I strongly believe in political activity that has to do with choices – and not consensus that sometimes covers problems and doesn’t resolve them.
Edi Rama
Like many of my friends and associates, I am a life-long Democrat. We have a rock-solid commitment to supporting the political party that we so strongly believe offers the most promising vision of America: one that recognizes the proper role of government, the importance of compassion, and the value of diversity.
I feel very strongly about contraception even though I know people say that, as a good Catholic girl, I shouldn’t. But I disagree because I think one of the keys to women’s progression in the 20th century is being able to control their fertility.
I challenge British Muslims to accept that as strongly as they feel about Iraq or counter-terrorism measures, poverty and inequality have the biggest impact on the lives of the majority of British Muslims and do the most to prevent potential being fulfilled.