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While cats can be infuriating, little old women in fur

While cats can be infuriating, little old women in fur coats, they make me laugh. Of course, dogs, horses and my highly social chickens are dear to me, too.
In the final years of his life, when former Communist Party Chief Zhao Ziyang lived under house arrest, in Beijing, his aging friends resorted to donning white doctors‘ coats in order to slip past the guards stationed outside his home.
London‘s inspired my wardrobe 100 per cent. Layering and having cool coats. The Brits just do it right.
Honor wears different coats to different eyes.
Barbara W. Tuchman
I’ve always dreamed of being a ‘Burberry Girl’, but know it’ll never happen, because I’m not British. Still, you can’t stop a girl from dreaming. And owning way too many Burberry coats!
I have many pairs of long gloves because my wrists get cold as I also like coats with short sleeves – what Jackie O would have called bracelet-length sleeves.
We know but a few men, a great many coats and breeches.
You see in the streets of London, great and little boys running about in long blue coats, which, like robes, reach quite down to the feet, and little white bands, such as the clergy wear.
In a bid for change, we have to take off our coats, be prepared to lose our comfort and security, our jobs and positions of prestige, and our families… A struggle without casualties is no struggle.
I absolutely always buy in a bigger size. This is true for coats and also sweaters – I always take a bigger size because I think it looks far more chic if it’s loose-fitted rather than tight.
Survival is something I’ve always managed. To be fair, my parents did the first 16 years without any input from me. I ploughed through many a KitKat, but it was their insistence on vegetables and coats that kept me alive.
I really like structured coats and layered scarves, and I especially love cashmere sweaters.
Tamara Feldman
I went through this phase of Spandex, high heels, and fur coats when I was my late teens and early twenties; before then, I lived in overalls and baggy T-shirts.
I grew up feelingless than.’ I was the sad, shy child hiding in the hall closet beneath coats. I’d wait for my grandmother‘s voice to call, ‘Jewell, Jewell.’ I was lost, waiting to be found. I thought being found, I’d be happier, better. All the while, I read stories. Stories with both truth and lies.
I’m a comic book artist. So I think to myself, what do I like to draw? I like to draw hot chicks, fast cars and cool guys in trench coats. So that’s what I write about.
In Delhi or elsewhere, I love wearing overcoats, boots and fur coats. Fur is my favourite.
And Mary J. Blige, she‘s got all these fur coats and hats and stuff. She’s good; I like her.
Going to a party uninvited always has been a negative action. It never has been acceptable. At the very least, it upsets kitchen preparations, parking arrangements, and even details such as space for hanging coats and depositing dripping umbrellas.
I finish off my manicure with Dior‘s Gel Coat, which has a thicker consistency than most top coats. It dries quickly and leaves your nails really shiny.
Texas has a uniquely warm climate. So fabric weights and lengths of coats are always a concern.
We must boycott fur coats as well as all the accessories.
I always thought I was going to end up an old spinster, with my cats and fur coats.
Coats are my favorite thing, and it’s always cold in England. I’m comfortable spending a bit of money if you know you’re going to be wearing it 10 years later.
Max Irons
I’ve never been big on sports coats and pants. I’m a suit guy. It makes it clear who‘s in charge.
I love men’s coats, especially because they’re so large and they give plenty of room; the man‘s coat remains one of my favorite classics.
I’m definitely a lash girl. I feel they are my best feature. I have tried lots of mascaras. I was drawn to Lancome Doll Lashes recently. Not only because of the name, but it smells like roses! I usually add a few coats of it for a night out.
I like jeans, jumpers and coats – anything that is cosy.
I love winter fashion like woolly coats, hats and boots and being cosy by the fire. Autumn and early spring walks in the park are lovely, but rainy walks with our dog Potato every morning are just too much.
Scientists are not these guys in lab coats deep in the inner bowels of universities and hospitals with their Bunsen burners. They’re the people molding the culture that we live in, the future of our culture, and the technology we rely on every day.
‘Poundshop Kardashians’ is Newcastle on a Saturday night. Nobody wears coats – it’s all muscles and V-necks and fake tan.
I make M-rated games for adults, you know, with guys wearing sunglasses at night and trench coats.
All my heroes wore coats and ties to work. What happene

All my heroes wore coats and ties to work. What happened to men wearing hats? Maybe I should bring back hats.
I lived for two years with six girls in an apartment that was built for three people, and it had no heat. We would sleep in our coats and in sleeping bags. And it was great.
I saved everything, all my gear over the years: my trench coats and stuff that I have saved. It is all packed away nicely and neatly in vacuum-sealed bags and all that stuff.
Bill Mitchell said he really liked it. But when he asked the other four their opinions, we all took one look at ourselves in our raggedy long winter coats and cracked up. We knew we weren’t likely to tempt anyone or anything, but what the hell, it was as good a name as any.
Otis Williams
Given enough time, polar bears might migrate off the Arctic ice, evolve darker coats, find a different diet, and thrive in a new, warmer climate. But if the ice on which they depend disappears in a few decades, they are likely to die.
I’ve started ordering out of teen catalogues! T-shirts, little coats, and jackets for around $35 – they’re amazing. I’ve become a really big fan of Urban Outfitters, Alloy and Anthropologie. Because I’ll pay for quality, but I will not just pay for trend. Psychologically, I have trouble with that.
Let us say in the pocket of one of my old coats I find a movie ticket from many years ago. Once I see the ticket, not only do I remember that I saw this movie, but also scenes from this movie, which I think I have entirely forgotten, come back to me. Objects have this power, and I like it.
I’ve had my run-ins with department stores, like Harrods, which stopped selling fur coats, but I found some there with fur trim, which is just as disgusting. Foie gras production is appalling – there’s no excuse for selling it.
Science isn’t just for guys in lab coats, you know? It’s for anybody who wants to do a good job of understanding and investigating the world.
I have this coat that I got in a nefarious deal years ago. It’s a Johnny Carson coat, and I’ve had it remade three times. It’s mine all the time. Carson was a real man, and I thought, ‘Coats for real men by real men? I’m in.’
There is something about the name Berlin that evokes an image of men in hats and long coats standing under streetlamps on rainy nights.
Men have been buying my women’s coats for years.
To stay around any place you love, you have to have a job. In college at Georgetown in the fifties, I got my first theater job checking coats at the National, which was Washington‘s main theater.
Science has authority, not because of white coats, or titles, but because of precision and transparency: you explain your theory, set out your evidence, and reference the studies that support your case.
I have so many clothes, but really, I have the same variations of the same thing, usually black jeans, black jumpers, black double-breasted coats.
A woman‘s chastity consists, like an onion, of a series of coats.
Fantastic! Right in the middle of that long stretch between Christmas and Spring Break, your coats are getting dirty, everything’s dark, dingy – what a great time for a movie!
I had several decorated characters within the WWE that I was really proud of, coats of paint that changed that I could show a different side to the audience, because I’ve been in front of them since I was 20 years old, and none of them were necessarily the right one.
I’ve seen schools in Detroit where the windows are broken, where there’s no heat, and children are sitting with their coats on in class in the middle of a snowstorm. I’ve also seen schools in California with Olympic-sized swimming pools and cafeterias like five-star restaurants.