Top 50 Compulsive Quotes

In this post, you will find great Compulsive Quotes from famous people, such as Marion Ross, Harold Pinter, Astro Teller, Jeffrey Toobin, Gilbert O’Sullivan. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

I think in Mrs. C, I certainly played myself. A very co

I think in Mrs. C, I certainly played myself. A very compulsive, sweet person.
Marion Ross
Truth in drama is forever elusive. You never quite find it, but the search for it is compulsive. The search is clearly what drives the endeavour. The search is your task.
I’m a compulsive storyteller, an avid reader, and have always nurtured the secret goal of spending my life as a writer.
One of the main things I know about O.J. Simpson is that he is a compulsive talker. So if I were to ask him one question, I would get 45 minutes on the history of the case. It would be irrelevant what I would ask him – he would just start talking.
I’m very much a home bird. I sometimes think I should have been a domestic. I like sweeping up, getting everything tidy. I’m obsessive compulsive. I don’t mind admitting it.
Compulsive eating is an emotional problem, and we use an emotional approach to its solution.
Jean Nidetch
I became hugely overweight and then hated myself because it was a form of self-abuse, something over which I had no control. I think the thing compulsive over-eaters want to achieve is that stuffed-full Christmas afternoon feeling.
Every moment in life can be interpreted as a risk, depending on our outlook – and level of obsessive- compulsive disorder! I do my best to depend on my gut. If you sit with a decision long enough, your gut/soul will tell you what path to take.
I used to be a compulsive exerciser, but I’m over that.
Courtney Thorne-Smith
I’m a compulsive musician, but it’s also a bloody good way out of having to do anything else.
Alexis Korner
I am a compulsive worker. But I’m also a compulsive relaxer.
A. Scott Berg
I am a compulsive shopaholic.
Checking email every 45 seconds is not only compulsive, it’s presumptuous. It suggests a belief that anyone who sends us a message needs us to read it immediately, even if the message is from SkyMall telling us our Bigfoot Garden Yeti statue has shipped.
Who do you think I am, Pete Rose? I don’t bet. I come from a long line of compulsive gamblers. Gambling scares me.
Mario Cantone
I’m not a compulsive writer. I wish I could be compulsive about something. I have no regular writing routine.
Cynthia Voigt
I’m, like, a compulsive eater. I’m going to be so fat when I’m older, it’s ridiculous.
In ‘Winnie the Pooh,’ a lot of the characters have serious flaws: Pooh is sort of a food addict. Rabbit is OCD, and Owl is a compulsive liar.
Well, I used to be a compulsive exerciser, but I’m over that.
Courtney Thorne-Smith
Manchester United could have any goalkeeper in the world. I was a 23-year-old kid from New Jersey who, from an early age, had to cope with Tourette’s Syndrome, a brain disorder that can trigger speech and facial tics, vocal outbursts and obsessive compulsive behavior.
I’m very rigid about my schedule. I sit down at 8 A.M., and the Internet blocker goes on. My standard time is 120 minutes. I’m a compulsive writer, so it reminds me to stop writing… If I write more than that, I turn into an ogre for my kids.
Usually, I am a compulsive person, and I need – sometimes urgently – to paintPainting is close to poetry, is a kind of poetry expressed visually. It has to be spontaneous, rapid – at least in my case.
Etel Adnan
I am a compulsive and concise shopper.
The compulsive, obsessive, high-end, achieving people, those are the ones that keep pushing harder. I’ll name you the greatest players I ever coached, and every one of them have that same trait.
I’m quite compulsive about exercise. For two months, I’ll exercise every day, then for three months I’ll do nothing. I love food, so exercise is important for me.
Our compulsive hunger always to know first, speak first and decide first has only been amplified by the fact that we can now all participate instantly in a virtual version of a national cocktail-party conversation on Twitter, Facebook and blogs.
Writing became an obsessive compulsive habit but I had almost no money so I thought about being an urban firefighter and having lots of free time in which to write or becoming an English teacher and thinking about books and writers on a daily basis. That swayed me.
I’m a very compulsive person, so I spend most of my time drawing or writing my diary, patching things up and carving bits of wood – I’ve carved two of my guitars.
I am doomed to an eternity of compulsive work. No set goal achieved satisfies. Success only breeds a new goal. The golden apple devoured has seeds. It is endless.
A lot of musicians are good cooks, and a lot of cooks are musicians, but I think that may just be a result of the creative impulse finding several means of expression. Probably an equivalent number are visual artists, woodworkers or compulsive liars.
I was always biting the hand that fed me. It was compulsive. Kennedy was very good to me, and I attacked him as soon as he was elected. I attacked him before he was elected.
Mort Sahl
I do write about obsession, but I don’t think I have an obsession for writing. I’m not a compulsive writer. I like to watch obsession in other people, watch the way it makes them behave.
I have got this obsessive compulsive disorder where I h

I have got this obsessive compulsive disorder where I have to have everything in a straight line, or everything has to be in pairs.
All stories I write are compulsive. Anything I’ve ever written was because I don’t have a choice. I write stories because I can’t wait to tell it, I can’t wait to see how it ends.
Once I started to write, it was like all the lights came on. I was always making up stories in my head. I was a daydreamer. I didn’t start as a child, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. It was compulsive.
Technology is a compulsive and addictive way to live. Verbal communication cannot be lost because of a lack of skill. The ability to listen and learn is key to mastering the art of communication. If you don’t use your verbal skills and networking, it will disappear rapidly. Use technology wisely.
I come from a family of compulsive collectors, and my first memories are really all about collecting. I remember visiting flea markets with my mother or my grandmothershe goes to local ones around Varese, Italy, every Sunday when she’s at home.
I’ve have a number of violent tics. With Tourette syndrome, there’s not just compulsive actions, but compulsive thoughts as well. That used to scare my mother a lot.
I would say I work very emotionally: I have a very compulsive way of working, where I love something to the moment I am sick of it. I have no addiction outside of work, so my addiction is that process.
I’m so compulsive about stuff, I know if I had ever gotten pregnant, of course, that would have been my whole focus. But I didn’t choose to have children because I’m focused on my career. And I just don’t think, as compulsive as I am, that I could manage both.
You want to be a bit compulsive in your art or craft or whatever you do.
My roommate and my boyfriend, they both know I am compulsive and controlling.
I really respect Zakk Wylde’s guitar playing and his compulsive work ethic.
I’m a compulsive sneaker collector, mostly limited edition.
Jourdan Dunn
I don’t know if I have good habits, but I’m very devoted to writing. I’m very compulsive about having a project, at least one, and trying to follow the business as much as I can. I keep on top of all the entertainment business news.
I’m a workaholic. I also go to the gym a lot – it’s my new thing. Yes, I am a compulsive person.
I’ve been a compulsive reader for as long as I can remember.
I have a personality that tends to be somewhat compulsive, and I do tend to think in a circular way. I dwell on the same things over and over and I try to figure out different ways of looking at the same issue.
I think I have minor obsessive compulsive disorder. Everything has to be tidy and just right.
Bobby Davro
I’m a compulsive overeater. It’s something I need help to work on.
While my seemingly compulsive school-hopping has raised some eyebrows among my peers and caused my parents understandable consternation, I do not regret it.