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China is the big economic engine in Asia, so what happe

China is the big economic engine in Asia, so what happens is, as China growth expands, these countries in the periphery of China, whether it be Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, they end up growing with China because they become big exporters.
Justice is the most important thing. In a plural society like Malaysia, you cannot have two laws – one law for the Muslim, one law for the non-Muslim.
I particularly love the silk in Jakarta, the shoes in Tokyo and the amazing cloth from Thailand and Malaysia.
The sheer number of facts that are unknown about what happened when Malaysia 370 disappeared is quite staggering.
I got to go to Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Madrid, America.
I think, from the very beginning, I always knew that I needed to get out of Malaysia and do my thing somewhere else.
I became more interested in the idea of being an immigrant and particularly of being in a country you’re not familiar with. And so I began reading migrants’ stories. The fact that my father is Chinesehe emigrated from Malaysia when he was about 20 – may have had some bearing on my attraction to the subject.
I am an American citizen born in Kuwait of Egyptian parents. I grew up in Great Britain, Malaysia, and Egypt and have lived in the United States since 1965, when I was seventeen.
There are genuine concerns about the status of children to be sent to Malaysia and also there are genuine concerns about the human rights record in Malaysia.
In Malaysia, we have a lot of divas, like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey singers. And they were all so so talented, just very talented. For example, there’s this one jazz singer, her name is Sheila Majid, and I was always singing her songs.
As far as Malaysia is concerned, Singapore is a foreign country.
I was doing quite well in Malaysia… Everyone was so excited about my music, and they started accepting me as an artist.
The working environment in L.A. is really refreshing, really good. Because in Malaysia, it’s a small country – you end up working with the same people that you like and that you know.
We can transform the government and the economy, as well as democracy, in Malaysia.
All these boundariesAfrica, Asia, Malaysia, America – are set by men. But you don’t have to look at boundaries when you are looking at a man – at the character of a man. The question is: What do you stand for? Are you a follower, or are you a leader?
Hakeem Olajuwon
Be careful about Burma. Most people cannot remember whether it was Siam and has become Thailand, or whether it is now part of Malaysia and should be called Sri Lanka.
Alexander Cockburn
My dad played in the National Soccer League in Australia and also played football in Malaysia.
Indonesia is rich in natural resources. Indonesia is rich in manpower with its 103 million inhabitants – not like Malaysia with its 10 million.
The amount of love I get from India, from Pakistan, from Asia, from Persia, Malaysia – people are just like, ‘Brown boy doing it, brown boy doing it!’
Utkarsh Ambudkar
I have spent quite some time in Malaysia, as my mother is from there. And shooting there was a great experience.
Eating wantan mee in Malaysia is my earliest memory. The street sellers there have a whole cooking set-up on the front of their bikes.
Quite a few people who are in the media and in control of the big money seem to want to see these Southeast Asian countries – and, in particular, Malaysia – stop trying to catch up with their superiors and to know their place.
As the leader of Southeast Asia‘s oldest democracy, I am always keen to share our experiences. In the half-century since independence, we have found that steady reform is the best way to secure lasting stability. It is a process that continues in Malaysia to this day.
I was focused on my career, so my father, brothers and sister went to places like Korea, Thailand, Malaysia.
I just work a lot. I just remember recording in a hotel room in Malaysia. I work on planes, I work on buses. A lot of times when I’m backstage in the hotel or on the bus, I would have new ideas.
Malaysia Airlines is a robust airline – it’s been around for many years. It has an excellent reputation, both for service and for safety.
I have been lucky enough to go to all sorts of places – diving in Malaysia, snorkelling with wild turtles in Cuba and dolphin-spotting in Kenya.
In Malaysia, with my dad, the only time I really spent time with him was when we had dinner back at the hotel, in the room, just me and him. That was good, to have him there, just before going to bed, to have a chat.
A lot of people think that because I’m from Malaysia, I’m driven by Malaysian sound, but actually, it’s mostly just my melodies.
There’s good economic progress in Malaysia. People have a lot to look forward to.
The only reason I left the salon was really to chase these dreams of either being an MTV host or a travel host. I loved the idea of doing something fun and interesting for a living, and that is what got me over to Malaysia.
I've got a place in Portugal, which I like very much, b

I’ve got a place in Portugal, which I like very much, but I’ve just been working in Malaysia for five weeks. My family had a chance to come over and we really loved it, particularly the island of Pangkor.
Ian Rush
Malaysia has got all the things in place to continue growth: the policies are there; the mechanisms are there. So, I think even when I am not around, Malaysia can do with other people who are converse with our policies.
Crush Malaysia! Indonesia may change its tactics, but our goal will remain the same.
As an adolescent I wrote comic books, because I read lots of them, and fantasy novels set in Malaysia and Central Africa.
Without doubt, Malaysia is the great economic star of the Muslim world.
My label understands that I am really attached to Malaysia, that I come home a lot.
Together we will act to bring about national reconciliation, secure Malaysia’s economic future, and build a stronger, more harmonious society.
Whether we live in Sri Lanka or Malaysia or India, the U.K. or the U.S., we face similar issues of understanding, remembering the past that has made us and seeing the future we want.
I’d love to go to Indonesia, Bali, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.
When my father was posted to Malaysia, we’d take bacon-and-egg sandwiches in our backpacks and go hiking in the jungle or make bamboo rafts to sail down rivers.
The 9/11 attack itself played out around the world, with planning meetings in Malaysia, operatives taking flight lessons in the United States, coordination by plot leaders based in Hamburg, and money transfers from Dubaiactivities overseen by al-Qaeda’s senior command from secure bases in Afghanistan.
Malaysia is particularly sensitive: we have three races here and 29 different tribes. If you allow people to say what they like, there will be violence, confrontations, and all that. We need stability.
Telegram‘s popularity is spread evenly across continents. We have a substantial user base in Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Germany. Also in Brazil, Mexico and Guatemala in Latin America, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Uzbekistan, across Asia.
I want to do feature films. I am flying to Malaysia to be in another feature film. We will be filming that in Malaysia, the Phillipines, and back in California.
Thuy Trang
In the eyes of the world, Malaysia has become a pariah state, a state where anyone can be hauled up and questioned by the police, detained, and charged through abusing laws of the country.
In Indonesia, Malaysia, wherever Muslims are living, they don’t want to live in harmony.
Well they’re very, very genuine concerns at present as to the status of the 800 people who are to be sent by Australia to Malaysia. There’s concern about the status of asylum seekers in Malaysia generally, but there’s concern about the status of the 800 to be sent.
I inherited them, so I got it like that. But I hear you can actually get dimples for a certain price if you really want them. I was getting my nails done once, and this lady asked me, ‘Are those real? In my country, they pay a lot of money for those.’ And I was like, ‘Really?’ I think she was from Malaysia.
Camille Guaty
We can work together to produce better footballers for both FK Sarajevo and maybe Cardiff City and maybe even to play for other clubs. We hope this will be well received by everybody and enhance good relations between Malaysia and Bosnia.
Vincent Tan