Top 50 Tennis Player Quotes

In this post, you will find great Tennis Player Quotes from famous people, such as Howard Jacobson, Rod Laver, Garbine Muguruza, Johanna Konta, Matt Kuchar. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

I recall waking to the realisation that I was the best

I recall waking to the realisation that I was the best table tennis player under 17 in north Manchester and parts of Bury. The satisfaction lasted for half an hour before I saw into the nothingness of things.
There’s a lot of ingredients go into being a good tennis player.
I started in a very small tennis club in a South American country where I never thought about becoming the best tennis player.
I work differently. I enjoy creating a space around me and not getting too high or too low. But I am continuously looking to get better – not just as a tennis player but also as a person dealing with new experiences.
I’m a decent table tennis player, but if you were to put me up against any of the guys you see on television at the Olympics, I’d be lucky to get a couple of points.
There are a lot of pretty girls. I am a tennis player first of all, that is why I am here, and if wasn’t producing results no one would notice me.
I would love to have been a tennis player simply because of Serena Williams.
My dad was a professional basketball player, and my mom was a hell of a tennis player.
I enjoyed the position I was in as a tennis player. I was to blame when I lost. I was to blame when I won. And I really like that, because I played soccer a lot too, and I couldn’t stand it when I had to blame it on the goalkeeper.
I was a very good tennis player in Ottawa, Canada – nationally ranked when I was, like, 13. Then I moved to Los Angeles when I was 15, and everyone in L.A. just killed me. I was pretty great in Canada. Not so much in Los Angeles.
I’m very proud to be a professional tennis player. I’m really happy to be doing something that I love. With this comes responsibility, and I am honored when I am told that I have inspired someone to play tennis.
Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player of all time, the greatest female athlete of all time, the greatest athlete of all time.
In Hollywood people lie to each other and cheat each other and then go and play tennis. But I don’t want to be a tennis player.
David Geffen
I am happy with being a tennis player and the choice I took when I was 12. But clearly, if I wouldn’t have been a tennis player, I would have loved to be a soccer player. But again, I am happy with the choice I made.
The most challenging thing is people do see me as a tennis player, but I’ve had a lot of opportunities because I am a tennis player. And I don’t mind that.
I knew I was the second-best tennis player in the state of Florida and No. 8 in the United States of America when I was 12 years old and I couldn’t tell you what I was in baseball, but I liked my chances in tennis of getting a scholarship to college.
Jim Courier
As a tennis player, normally you lose almost every week.
Any quality player can adjust well to the different demands. It is like a good tennis player who is expected to adjust to the clay at the French Open, the grass at Wimbledon, the hard courts of the U.S. and the heat of the Australian Open. A professional is expected to do all that.
To win a gold medal at Olympic Games has long been my dream ever since I started my career as a table tennis player.
Ma Long
I think that everyone that grows up and aspires to be a tennis player dreams about being in the top 10 and pushing from there and going as far as you can.
If you look at tennis, the girls have become much more attractive; they wear makeup. In my generation, you were a tennis player. It wasn’t like you had to look a certain way.
I love an actor who comes in, ready to work. It’s like a good tennis player. They hit the ball where you don’t expect it, and it’s great.
I’m a good tennis player, and I’ve never done so good on grass.
I’m a decent tennis player. Good backhand.
As a kid, I wanted to be a pro tennis player. I was pretty good; at the tennis academies I attended, I always ‘played up’ against older age groups.
As a tennis player you can win and you can lose, and you have to be ready for both. I practised self-control as a kid. But as you get older they both – winning and losing – get easier.
I think in the lifetime of a tennis player there are many times where you feel that tremendous confidence.
My parents always taught me not to be a good tennis player or the best in what I’m doing, but to be polite.
My favorite tennis player, who I’m amazed by, is Roger Federer.
Doug Davidson
I was being groomed to be a tennis player for sure. My grandparents and parents realised I had a natural athletic ability and if I was forced to do it, I could probably do well. But all I wanted was to play pretend.
I know I’m not the best tennis player there’s ever been, but calling me a loser is just ignorance.
Because I was a tennis player, Billie Jean King was a h

Because I was a tennis player, Billie Jean King was a hero of mine.
That’s my contributionrunning a sound, healthy company that serves millions of customers well and employs hundreds of thousands of people. What else am I going to do? I’m not an artist. I’m not a writer. I’m not a musician. I’d love to be a tennis player or musician. I’m not.
I’m actually a pretty good tennis player!
I am a hero worshiper. I love the number one tennis player. I love the number one baseball player. I want to see those records broken.
No tennis player is perfect. Even if you’re world #1, I don’t think, you still have things to improve on, and I’m not even close to that. So I am going to have weaknesses in my game; I am going to have strengths in my game, but I still have time to develop a lot of things, hopefully, and we’ll see how it goes.
You want to try and win as many slams as possible in your career. As a tennis player, that’s what we always dream of as a kid, wanting to play slams, wanting to win them.
There is so much that goes in to being a good tennis player. It’s not just what you can do well on the court, it’s between the ears as well.
Lars Ulrich is not a jazz drummer, but he grew up listening to jazz. Why? Because his father, Torben – an incredible tennis player – loved jazz. Jazz musicians used to stay at their house.
My only wish would be to have 10 more lives to live on this planet. If that were possible, I’d spend one lifetime each in embryology, genetics, physics, astronomy and geology. The other lifetimes would be as a pianist, backwoodsman, tennis player, or writer for the ‘National Geographic.’
Joseph Murray
I was in a very multi-racial, multi-cultural schooling system. I had a really delightful childhood. I was a jock. I became a very competitive swimmer in Zimbabwe. I was a swimmer, a tennis player, a hockey player. Then, when I was 13, I joined a Children‘s Performing Arts workshop in Zimbabwe.
I actually wanted to be a tennis player.
Constance Jablonski
Team sports, there’s always some kind of sacrifice happening… A team, if we lose, if Michael Jordan has a bad night, you hang it on him a little bit… but if you lose as a tennis player, you have no one to blame but yourself, and that’s a different beast.
Marc Blucas
My audiences have given me lots of love as a tennis player. I hope they appreciate my passion for acting.
Leander Paes
When I told people that I wanted to grow up to be a tennis player, they laughed at me. My dad has always been supportive, but he was laughing, too.
As a child, I wanted to be an athlete, a professional tennis player or something like that.
Spending time in airports and planes is probably my least favourite part of being a tennis player.
When I fight for a cause and I know it, I fight for it. I’m not scared to say something. I think some tennis player, maybe they’re a bit scared, whatever is the reason. Definitely, some athletes, they fight for big cause. They speak it loud. I think it’s great. It’s great for sport. It’s great for life.
I think my family needs me more than anybody else, and tennis doesn’t need me anymore. I respect my wife a lot for taking all that in. She said, ‘I didn’t marry a tennis player; you’d retired.’ Now it’s time to do something else.
Thomas Muster
If they had rankings in baseball, maybe I would have been able to do the math and figure out my chances of being a professional baseball player versus a tennis player. But that was the decision-maker for me, I just thought I was better in tennis.
Jim Courier