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An early editor characterized my books as 'romantic com

An early editor characterized my books as ‘romantic comedy for intelligent adults.’ I think people see them as funny but kind. I don’t set out to write either funny or kind, but it’s a voice they like, quirky like me… And you know, people like happy endings.
Elinor Lipman
We can continue to learn generation after generation and now is time to begin to learn how to love in a non-discriminatory way because we are intelligent enough, but we are not loving enough as a species.
I was taught never to compromise: to never sing a cheap song. I never look down at the audience and think that they are ignorant or think that I’m more intelligent than they are. To think otherwise is totally incorrect and runs contrary to everything I was raised to believe.
It’s important to debunk the myths of Africa being this benighted continent civilized only when white people arrived. In fact, Africans had been creators of culture for thousands of years before. These were very intelligent, subtle and sophisticated people, with organized societies and great art.
Anybody intelligent enough to realize what America is, is not going to sit around and do nothing about it. They’re going to be the same way that I am. They’re going to be the same way our fans are. They’re going to be pissed.
Pep is a modern coach, he’s intelligent, brave, likes football and always has the players on his side. He knows a lot about football, but Mourinho’s success in all countries where he has been confirms him as the best.
A lot of people look down on people who are successful, but Conor McGregor is successful because he runs his mouth and he knows how to put on a show. I mean, look at his press conferences. I mean, come on. People show up just to see him just act nuts. Hats off to that guy, he’s a very intelligent, very smart guy.
Without question, intelligent technologies will continue to disrupt the world as we know it. There will be profound implications, both positive and negative.
The most important question in 21st-century economics may well be, ‘What should we do with all the superfluous people, once we have highly intelligent non-conscious algorithms that can do almost everything better than humans?’
The people of Egypt are an intelligent people with a glorious history who left their mark on civilization.
The enemy resembles us. Therefore, he needs to be approached not as an assembly of ‘targets‘ to be destroyed one by one; but as a living, intelligent entity capable of acting and reacting.
Martin Van Creveld
A researcher has to be able to identify key points and suggest intelligent questions.
I’ve always hated modeling. It’s superficial and fake, and I hate to have to care about what I look like. I get a pimple and freak. The whole business is all about selling beautiful girls’ faces and bodies, so how can there be anything intelligent or nice about that except for the girl who makes money?
I’ve thought for the last decade or so, the only actual place raw truth was seeping through in newspapers was on the Comics Pages. They were able to pull off intelligent social comment, pure truths not found elsewhere in the news pages, and had the ability to make it all funny, entertaining, and pertinent.
You may be able to read Bernard Shaw’s plays, you may be able to quote Shakespeare or Voltaire or some new philosopher; but if you in yourself are not intelligent, if you are not creative, what is the point of this education?
In life, if you’re not learning from every experience, even the bad ones, you’re really messing up. That’s the marker of a smart, intelligent individual.
In our show you have to pay attention and know what happened before. I think it’s very intelligent entertainment. It makes demands of viewers that a lot of shows don’t.
The intelligent ruler makes the law select men and makes no arbitrary appointment himself; he makes the law measure merits and makes no arbitrary judgment himself.
I believe I am more intelligent than the average person.
I’m used to promoting books, but a movie is a very different thing. You have to go to film festivals and wear fancy clothes and try and look glamorous and intelligent when you’re just terrified and you want to go home!
Tatiana de Rosnay
Any intelligent woman who reads the marriage contract, and then goes into it, deserves all the consequences.
Isadora Duncan
You know, I think Chris Nolan is an incredibly intelligent filmmaker, and I think Leonardo DiCaprio is an incredibly talented actor.
Sophie is so free-spirited, open-minded, and intelligent. She brings the sensuality. The soft connection. She can look people in the eye and make them feel something.
Tucker Halpern
A person must have a certain amount of intelligent ignorance to get anywhere.
Sarah is very strong. She’s really intelligent and she‘s very physically capable. I like to put that into my own life as well.
I sometimes look on YouTube and see people label videos ‘Anthony Yarde sparring his trainer Ade’ but that is not sparring, that’s just practice. We practice getting attacked, countering and attacking your opponent back, in intelligent ways.
Nobody‘s perfect, but my dream gal would be intelligent. That’s really sexy to me. And kindness is also really, really important. And spontaneity – being open to whatever comes.
When God calls a man to be upright and pure and generous, he also calls him to be intelligent and skillful, and strong and brave.
All of us need to talk to someone who’s interesting, intelligent, knows us well, and is on our side – and that’s us. We’re probably the most interesting person we know.
I don’t have a type. I am more of a sapiosexual person. The girl has to be intelligent.
We had a certain kind of really big prestige among, I s

We had a certain kind of really big prestige among, I suppose not just intellectual folk, but a sort of nice middle class intelligent folk of a very urban nature.
Adolph Green
Energy consumption has to be managed by an intelligent grid when it comes to highly populated areas. Smart-grid technologies allow for the integration of renewable energy into the grid as well as energy from distributed sources.
There are only two races on this planet – the intelligent and the stupid.
John Fowles
I never craved having people leave a show saying, ‘He’s really intelligent, isn’t he?’ I didn’t watch Tommy Cooper and think, ‘Oh, he’s so bright.’ He just made me laugh.
I have produced my first film titled ‘BMW.’ It is a thriller, which has been made keeping in mind the international audience and Indian as well. It is an intelligent thriller and well-made, which will hopefully be appreciated in the international circuit.
My dad was very intelligent, had a very strong personality. I was amazed with my father.
I consider myself a reasonably intelligent guy. Made straight A’s in high school (except for driver‘s ed and typing).
I think if you want to be seen as an intelligent woman, you can’t be someone who feels empowered and sexy. I just don’t understand who makes these rules, and frankly, I’m not interested in them.
It seems hopelessly improbable that any particular rules accidentally led to the miracle of intelligent life. Nevertheless, this is exactly what most physicists have believed: intelligent life is a purely serendipitous consequence of physical principles that have nothing to do with our own existence.
I love the fact that so many of my readers are intelligent, exceptional, accomplished people with an open-minded love of diversity.
Suzanne Brockmann
Actors are intelligent. Yet, many of them do not communicate well. That’s what makes it so hard to have a relationship with one.
What if life is not carbon-based? Can life exist as a gas or a plasma? Could planets or stars in some sense be alive? What about an interstellar cloud? Could life exist on such a small or large scale, or move so fast or so slowly that we wouldn’t recognize it? Could you have an intelligent virus?
Why would the moneyed be granted higher education and an intelligent student be deprived because his father has no money? This is, after all, a democracy.
Mourinho is very intelligent; he knows what he’s doing. He has the right to act like he wants to act, and he’s very successful with it, so who am I to criticise him?
The intelligent defense of free speech should not rest on the notion that we must tolerate every form of speech, no matter how offensive. It’s that we should lean toward greater tolerance for speech we dislike, and reserve our harshest penalties only for the worst offenders.
I really like this trend of songwriting that is honest and intelligent and serious and longing.
I don’t think that an artificially intelligent system that has superhuman intelligence will be violent. I do think that it will disrupt our culture.
Every intelligent person whose life has been passed in a slaveholding State, and who has carefully observed the character and capacity of the African race, will see that a general and sudden emancipation would be absolute ruin to the Negroes, as well as to the white population.
Roger B. Taney
Steve Martin is one of the most intelligent, well-read human beings that I’ve ever come across. He is equally as funny off screen as he is on. But he also has a very intellectual side, and he’s a really nice human being. We actually become good friends.
Anthony LaPaglia
I’ve been honoured to portray such intelligent and sophisticated roles.
You don’t have to be a man to fight for freedom. All you have to do is to be an intelligent human being.
Malcolm X
I envision a world where our smartphone is central to our lives in a non-obtrusive and intelligent way.
I think people love the character of Iris West. I think a lot of fans are also excited that Iris West is now African-American. They want to see her be strong and intelligent and a love interest – and so people come out in full force to defend that and honor that. And I think that’s cool.
I’d love to hear what confident, intelligent women in the industry have to say: Rachel McAdams, Carey Mulligan, Angelina Jolie, Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey. I would stand in line all day for that panel.
I like intelligent comedies.
It’s crazy when you think about the ‘Apes’ franchise and how dark all of the endings are and how dark the movies are, and yet there’s something very pleasurable about these movies. It really comes down to the potency of this idea, of seeing intelligent apes.
I saw this documentary he did years ago called ‘Fade to Black.’ I was always a Jay Z fan – I liked Jay Z – but after I saw that documentary, I loved Jay Z. I realized how intelligent he was.
The orphan in children‘s literature allows the child protagonist to move the story forward themselves. I think that, however happy a family, every intelligent child thinks: ‘How did I come to be born to these parents?’ – it is about finding your place in the world.
I was intelligent enough to make up my own mind. I not only had freedom of choice, I had freedom of expression.
Nobody loves a woman because she is handsome or ugly, stupid or intelligent. We love because we love.
I liked ‘Robocop’ because of the director, and it was an intelligent, big-action studio movie.
The clever men at Oxford, know all that there is to be

The clever men at Oxford, know all that there is to be knowed. But they none of them know one half as much, as intelligent Mr. Toad.
Kenneth Grahame
The big lesson of Reagan is: To think that he was some sort of simple figurehead and didn’t do the thinking and simply read a script in front of him woefully underestimates him. Ronald Reagan was an extremely intelligent person with a real V8 engine under his hood.
I don’t think Romney is wacky at all, but religion makes intelligent people say and do wacky things, believe and affirm crazy things. Left on his own, Romney would never have said something like the Garden Of Eden was in Missouri, and will be again.
I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with the soul of a clown which forces me to blow it at the most important moments.
I played with Michy for Belgium. He is still young; he can finish and is very good. He just needs to adapt to English football, and he will. He is intelligent and a good player.
I shared so much with Massimo Oddo. He’s an intelligent and funny guy whose success speaks for him. He got a few slaps in the face from me for his pranks, as we had very different ideas on how to prepare for a game.
I do think that there is something about an intelligent, strong woman who also needs to be taken care of that will attract a certain kind of man sometimes. And that relationship is interesting on screen. Bad relationships are more interesting than good relationships to watch.
The universe is large and old, and the ingredients for life as we know it are everywhere, so there’s no reason to think that Earth would be unique in that regard. Whether of not the life became intelligent is a different question, and we’ll see if we find that.
I love men. They are intelligent and sensitive, but there’s also that hard-edged arrogant side, which is just so attractive.
Rachel Hunter
I believe that young people are looking for answers to the big questions just like everyone else, and that they respect intelligent comment to help guide them through tough times.
The scrupulous and the just, the noble, humane, and devoted natures; the unselfish and the intelligent may begin a movement – but it passes away from them. They are not the leaders of a revolution. They are its victims.
Every thoughtful and kind-hearted person must regard with interest any device or plan which promises to enable at least the more intelligent, enterprising, and determined part of those who are not capitalists to cease to labor for hire.
I think the female actors are far more intelligent than the male actors.
Oh, ‘Pandaemonium’, by Chris Brookmyre! Just fabulous – such a layered, beautifully structured, engaging, intelligent book. I love all Chris’s stuff, but this was remarkable.
Sharks are as tough as those football fans who take their shirts off during games in Chicago in January, only more intelligent.
When you write an article about anything, trolls use the comments to attack. They feel frustrated – but haters are losers. It’s not good to feed this aspect. It’s more intelligent to be constructive.
Personally, I’d never seen a graphic novel. I knew they existed because friends of mine like Jonathan Ross collect them and some very literate and intelligent people really rate the graphic novel as a form.
For some reason, we’re brainwashed to think if you’re not a thug or an idiot, you’re not black enough. If you go to school, make good grades, speak intelligent, and don’t break the law, you’re not a good black person.
Men and women are equally intelligent, but separate factors, such as the abilities to focus, be collaborative and take other people’s views into account, allow you to be successful.
The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.
You get the feeling that many of my guests feel that the French language gives them entry into a more cultivated, more intelligent world, more highly civilised too, with rules.
Bernard Pivot
Being able to elicit the feeling of the unfathomable in intelligent adults is like falling in love.
Drummond Money-Coutts
I’ve learned that football is a stupid sport for intelligent people because the simplest things are truly also the most difficult to get right.
No man ever got very high by pulling other people down. The intelligent merchant does not knock his competitors. The sensible worker does not knock those who work with him. Don’t knock your friends. Don’t knock your enemies. Don’t knock yourself.
Working on ‘Parks’ was like heaven because everyone there was just intimidatingly intelligent and funny, and we would have these hilarious debates about really tangential things. It was inspiring because I felt really challenged to be my best.
Many sophisticated, intelligent people lack wisdom and common sense.
The big AI dreams of making machines that could someday evolve to do intelligent things like humans could – I was turned off by that. I didn’t really think that was feasible when I first joined Stanford.
I’ve really been extremely lucky. Some people work just as hard, are just as intelligent, and they don’t get their breaks. I’ve just gotten the breaks. Maybe it’s good karma.
I wouldn’t dream of commenting on Hilary Mantel as a novelist, frankly I’d be grateful if she stayed off my patch as a historian. She is intelligent, she is bright, she is an admirable writer. I happen to find her Tudor novels unreadable, but that’s because I am a Tudor historian.
Will searching for distant messages work? Is there intelligent life out there? The SETI effort is worth continuing, but our common-sense beacons approach seems more likely to answer those questions.
I’m not a fan of any genre but am a fan of movies that are intelligent and/or funny. That goes across all genres: a horror movie, a zombie movie, alien invaders, chick flick, or raunchy comedy. If it’s well done, I’m a fan.
People see the 'Lil' Wayne' persona and think they know

People see the ‘Lil’ Wayne‘ persona and think they know who he really is. My son’s father is an intelligent, loving and lovable person who will always be a dear friend. That is all.
When I look at me, I think I’m a good catch. Why wouldn’t somebody like me for me? I’m a pleasant person. I’m an intelligent person. I’m a good person. I’m not bad looking. Why wouldn’t I be able to get somebody to like me?
Ibrahimovic is a very intelligent player and there are very few strikers like him in world football.
Seriously, I do not think that a marriage can be successful in which either the husband or the wife is far more intelligent than the other.
It does surprise me that intelligent people in the 21st century could claim that if you respond to the terrorists with force, you spawn terrorism, but if you appease them, you somehow tame them. This argument, as I said, is very interesting, and very surprising.
I remember becoming aware of women’s issues and inequality. It became glaringly clear to me when I was living in America that women are regarded as less intelligent than men.
I’ve never used Sybase in my life. How would I make an intelligent decision about this versus that with a Sybase extension?
Rasmus Lerdorf
And you can’t complain about kissing Emma Watson. Isn’t that what everyone in the world wants to do? I’ve known Emma for a few years. She’s this amazing capacity of young and vibrant and brilliant, but also a bright, intelligent old soul.
With the EU taking in ten more countries and adopting a new Constitution, organisations need more than ever intelligent professional help in engaging with the EU institutions.
We can’t have an intelligent foreign policy unless we have an intelligent public, because we’re a democracy.
Rosario Dawson is such a resourceful, intelligent actress that you can do anything with her.
In any competitive environment, whether you’re in sales or marketing or whatever it is, you have to know your competition, understand who they are, do intelligent analysis on them and then you have to know yourself – who you are and what you’re capable of doing.
If men can run the world, why can’t they stop wearing neckties? How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a little noose around your neck?
Linda Ellerbee
I believe sci-fi fans are incredibly intelligent.
Victor Webster
No intelligent idea can gain general acceptance unless some stupidity is mixed in with it.
Fernando Pessoa
It was easy to present figures demonstrating the contrast between lead work in the United States under conditions of neglect and ignorance, and comparable work in England and Germany, under intelligent control.
Alice Hamilton
I happen to be one of those rare actors that actually loves very intelligent and well-acted science fiction.
Richard Hatch
Perhaps, as some wit remarked, the best proof that there is Intelligent Life in Outer Space is the fact it hasn’t come here. Well, it can’t hide foreverone day we will overhear it.
I think there’s all kinds of life out there, including intelligent life, but the reason we haven‘t found each other is because of vast distances.
As a pop star, you don’t have to be that smart for people to think you’re intelligent.
‘Sherlock’ fans are, by and large, an intelligent breed, so they’ve gone through my back catalogue and got what I’ve done, why and how I’ve done it. There is some obsessive behaviour, but I worry for them rather than me.
I was aware that everybody said I was going to be a vast mega-flop, and that William Hague was just oh-so intelligent, and oh such a great parliamentarian, and therefore so different from me! So I thought, I must deprive them of the satisfaction of proving themselves right.
Harriet Harman
Women I know are smart, educated, intelligent, capable of doing anything that anybody else can do.
If some people think it shows a feminine side to be in the theater, I’ve never felt that. And I’ll openly say that an intelligent person who is a sensitive person will be and should be in touch with their inner female.
Anthony Warlow
Each atom of the Holy Spirit is intelligent, and like all other matter has solidity, form, and size, and occupies space.
I noticed that this defense attorney is a very, very intelligent man, and he’s very cool and he’s very knowledgeable, and I think that personally I’d like to have an attorney like him.
Tommy Bond
As nature discovered early on, vision is one of the most powerful secret weapons of an intelligent animal to navigate, survive, interact, and change the complex world it lives in.
Tamil people are generally considered very intelligent. But there, politics runs in a different way. Movie stars have a larger-than-life image in Tamil Nadu, and people vote for that image.
Actually, I’m for football. But I’m for intelligent football that enhances us rather than football that steals away who we are.
Bennet Omalu
When I see people with an interesting gap year, if they can explain it, if they can justify it, if they can show what they’ve learnt from it, it’s sometimes more profitable or more intelligent than having been through a traditional, continuous race from high school to the end of university.
Jean-Pascal Tricoire
It amazes me sometimes that even intelligent people will analyze a situation or make a judgement after only recognizing the standard or traditional structure of a piece.
I'm honored to have so many beautiful, intelligent, loy

I’m honored to have so many beautiful, intelligent, loyal, and wonderful fans.
I think the people of Victoria are smart, intelligent people.
Animals are sentient, intelligent, perceptive, funny and entertaining. We owe them a duty of care as we do to children.
My mother‘s father, Hobart Cromwell, was a bacteriologist with Abbott Laboratories in suburban Chicago. I never got to know him well, as he died very young, but he was always a heroic figure in our family, wise and gentle and intelligent by reputation, with the courage to fight against the McCarthyites.
‘Smart’, in American usage, is slicker and sharper than ‘intelligent’; faster off the mark and quicker on its feet than deep thought.
When you are intelligent and beautiful you face a lot of problems. If you are beautiful and stupid then it’s easy.
Iowa voters are intelligent enough to make up their minds.
Terry Branstad
The New York Quarterly is an amazing, intelligent, crazy, creative, strange, and indispensable magazine.
James Dickey
I like intelligent women. When you go out, it shouldn’t be a staring contest.
One should be able to control and manipulate experiences with an informed and intelligent mind.
I’m such a huge advocate for strong, intelligent representation of women in the media.
Emma Ishta
Jane Lynch is incredibly quick-witted, very intelligent, and extremely humorous. Also, on top of that all, just a very wonderful, warm, kind person. She’s definitely someone to look up to.
Women would all be better off if we realized we didn’t have to choose between being an intelligent being and a sexual being.
I don’t think I would be an actor if I was that intelligent.
Peter Boyle
My mother said I must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy. That some people, unable to go to school, were more educated and more intelligent than college professors.
I have four and nine-year-old sons, and the world that they are navigating is vastly different to the one I grew up in. So ‘The Hunting,’ and the conversations it will inevitably ignite are really necessary, for us to stay on the front foot and to raise emotionally intelligent, respectful human beings.
The sign of an intelligent people is their ability to control their emotions by the application of reason.
Marya Mannes
Several paranoid suspicions occurred to me, the worst of which was that my whole identity was merely a patched-together set of behaviors designed to keep my parents joined to each other – the repertoire of tricks of a small but intelligent dog.
I’d rather speak less because I don’t consider myself a very intelligent person.
It is said that Mahatma Gandhi, when asked about Western civilization, remarked, ‘I think it would be a good idea.’ That’s how I feel about intelligent life on Earth, especially when I think about the question of what truly intelligent life might look like elsewhere in the universe.
I am averse to incompetency. I need mentally stimulating people and intelligent conversations.
Normally, architects render a service. They implement what other people want. This is not what I do. I like to develop the use of the building together with the client, in a process, so that as we go along we become more intelligent.
War is a way of shattering to piecesmaterials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable and… too intelligent.
Good science fiction is intelligent. It asks big questions that are on people’s minds. It’s not impossible. It has some sort of root in the abstract.
All intelligent thoughts have already been thought; what is necessary is only to try to think them again.
Elephants love to play around. They are very intelligent animals. They have a strong bond, at times stretching to several decades, with their mahouts.
Mark Shand
The benefits and consequences of globalization have a great deal to do with whether we’re intelligent and thoughtful about how we approach globalization, or whether we’re blindly accepting… or blindly resistant.
I think we are slowly killing liberty, creativity, intelligent thinking; it’s as if we are being led into a world that is like a huge shopping centre, with a sort of anaesthesia about everything except the choice of goods in front of us.
Reasonable, even intelligent people can, and frequently do, disagree on how best to achieve peace in the Middle East, but, peace must be the goal of our foreign policy tools, whether they be by the stick or by the carrot.
Audiences want to see intelligent movies.
Harvey Weinstein
I think that if you are a serious writer, you are almost obligated to provide the intelligent average reader with something that they can relate to and care about. If you are writing only for a tiny elite, then that surely should sound alarm bells.
I look at the kids coming out of Yale. They are so inte

I look at the kids coming out of Yale. They are so intelligent with their careers. I wish I had that.
These machines are going to reflect our species and our evolutionary process. Everything we are will end up in these artificially intelligent machines no matter what we do.
I was actually quite surprised how many more mythologies there are about mermaids than the ones our society knows. I was so pleasantly surprised for ‘Siren‘ to add quite an original idea to that: One that is a predator. One that is very intelligent but still has to survive in the ocean with all of its challenges.
Eline Powell
The intelligent man finds almost everything ridiculous, the sensible man hardly anything.
Neanderthals might think differently than we do. They could even be more intelligent than us. When the time comes to deal with an epidemic or getting off the planet, it’s conceivable that their way of thinking could be beneficial.
A political event was that I met Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary. He is a young, intelligent guy, very sure of himself and extraordinarily audacious; I think we hit it off well.
I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses.
Johannes Kepler
I come from New York originally, but Californians have been wonderful about animals. These animals are so nice and so good and so sweet and intelligent. It’s a crime not to help them.
The road to freedom lies not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of natural forces and laws.
Ernest Holmes
Amitabh Bachchan is an intelligent actor.
Perhaps what distinguishes my characters is their courage and spirit and a certain stubbornness which enables them to keep going even when facing a setback. I think this developed organically as I wrote, but also it came out of a desire to portray women as powerful and intelligent forces in the world.
While a case can be made for intelligent design, I can’t figure out why some Christians are so thrilled about that possibility. First of all, it doesn’t prove there’s a God. If anything, intelligent design lends support to some form of pantheism that defines God as immanent within nature.
It was my first straight dramatic role, and the most adult, intelligent one I have ever played.
June Allyson
Proponents of intelligent design don’t accept that some of the very complex nanomachines that we have inside ourselves could have come about solely on the basis of natural selection.
No intelligent man believes that anybody ever willingly errs or willingly does base and evil deeds; they are well aware that all who do base and evil things do them unwillingly.
There are three schoolmasters for everybody that will employ them – the senses, intelligent companions, and books.
The art works of women, who are intelligent and creative, need to be showcased and understanding their thoughts through art can definitely urge us to support them better.
I’ve tried to become a more emotionally intelligent person through therapy and meditation, but I can’t control the fact that some of the things written about me aren’t true.
Lindsay Shookus
You can consider me stubborn, but I think I’m really intelligent.
When you hear a politician say ‘fair share,’ you are talking about hypocritical political propaganda. You are not talking about an intelligent discussion of who is paying what and who isn’t paying taxes.
Intelligent people should learn from their experiences. With people on the street, the bad experience has beaten them.
I believe there’s other forms of intelligence in the universe. I’ve seen and heard some pretty convincing UFO stuff. Besides, if we’re the most intelligent things in the universe… well, that’s just depressing.
Rekha Sharma
Women wish to be loved without a why or a wherefore; not because they are pretty, or good, or well-bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves.
For me, the game would be to assume a very intelligent reader who can extrapolate a lot from a little. And that’s become my definition of art; to get that pitch just right, where I can put a hint on page three, and the reader’s ears go up a bit, as opposed to dropping it all on the first page.
Hogs and pigs are very intelligent.
Jack Hanna
Give us detailed, testable, mechanistic accounts for the origin of life, the origin of the genetic code, the origin of ubiquitous bio macromolecules and assemblages like the ribosome, and the origin of molecular machines like the bacterial flagellum, and intelligent design will die a quick and painless death.
I want to find someone on the earth so intelligent that he welcomes opinions which he condemns.
John Jay Chapman
Before the Kennedys were elected, there had been older Presidents. Then here was this devastatingly attractive young couple with two beautiful children. They were so intelligent, graceful, gracious and funny. They enjoyed life so much. That’s what caught America’s eye.
It would seem to me that by the time a race has achieved deep space capability it would have matured to a point where it would have no thought of dominating another intelligent species.
Clifford D. Simak
People tend to become more emotionally intelligent as they age and mature.
There are hundreds of fine journalists who regularly inform us of what is happening in the world around us; and innumerable commentators who provide intelligent and objective insight on public policy matters.
Waka is really intelligent. A lot of people don't know

Waka is really intelligent. A lot of people don’t know that because he just gets people hyped up, but he’s a dynamic individual, and once you get to know him, you get to see a lot of that.
Building out a professional profile on LinkedIn certainly makes sense, and bolstering that CV with intelligent pieces of writing is also a great idea. But if you’re going to take the time to create content, you should also take the time to create a home for that content that is yours and yours alone.
I like thinking and being able to answer questions that are tough to answer. You have to try to figure out how to get a good answer and look intelligent.
No intelligent government can continue to ignore the urgent priority of giving support and practical encouragement to marriage and family stability as the first response to growing social needs.
Camacho’s a very fast and intelligent fighter but I don’t think he can handle the pressure I will put on him.
I taught myself to play the guitar by listening to Paul Simon records, working it out note by note. He is an incredibly intelligent musician. He’s not someone who has a natural outpouring of melody like McCartney or Dylan, who are just terribly prolific with musical ideas.
People confuse being full of words with being terribly intelligent and informed.
I’ve evolved, but I’m the same dude, I’m just in a different place. We all change, we all grow. I shouldn’t be in the same place that I was 30 years ago; I should be more intelligent, you know.
Have you ever noticed when you look in a mirror, unless you’re really depressed or something, the person in the mirror generally looks a little more competent, a little more curious, a little more intelligent than you actually feel yourself to be? They often look more interesting and more soulful.
A novelist should not be too intelligent either, although… he may be permitted to be an intellectual.
Anthony Burgess
The reason so many intelligent and creative people suffer from depression is that when you take the risk of being fully conscious, you open Pandora‘s box, and you can’t close it again.
Michael Redhill
A celebrity name is never enough for an intelligent mass market… truly successful businesses are born of passion and heartfelt interest.
From their breakout 2002 single, ‘Losing My Edge,’ LCD Soundsystem have offered a unique combination of geek knowledge, passion and intelligent, ironic distance.
Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.
Hip hop scholarship must strive to reflect the form it interrogates, offering the same features as the best hip hop: seductive rhythms, throbbing beats, intelligent lyrics, soulful samples, and a sense of joy that is never exhausted in one sitting.
I do intelligent roles. I don’t want to be labeled as doing silly movies. I’m more mature than kids my age because I’m constantly surrounded by adults.
They say Montenegrins are intelligent, and maybe that’s why I was pretty good in school.
All I can do is put out the good stuff, and people will make the decision on whether they like it. My fans are very intelligent people. They’re not stupid. They know what’s good.
You can do irrefutably impossible things with the right amount of planning and support from intelligent and hardworking people and pizza.
Scott M. Gimple
Atheistic evolution isn’t an intelligent belief, as atheists would have the black community believe.
Violent crime is a solved problem – all they have to do is repeal the laws that keep those intelligent, capable, and responsible men and women from arming themselves, and violent crime evaporates like dry ice on a hot summer day.
I really enjoyed Paul Sinha. He’s from ‘The Chase.’ As you imagine, he’s intelligent. But that doesn’t mean he’s got any common sense at all.
Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.
It’s fun to have wingers that cross the ball for you, but when two intelligent No. 9s play together, they understand each other better than with the wingers.
There is no method but to be very intelligent.
Women and men look at their life, and women say, ‘What do I need? Do I need more money, or do I need more time?’ And women are intelligent enough to say, ‘I need more time.’ And so, women lead balanced lives; men should be learning from women.
I believe alien life is quite common in the universe, although intelligent life is less so. Some say it has yet to appear on planet Earth.
I believe that there may be intelligent life on other planets.
Pat Buckley
No one could touch the home cooking of an Italian woman. French women, they are very intelligent, very sexy – but they don’t like to cook.
Sirio Maccioni
I’m not just a rapper; I’m an intelligent young man. But being able to give my mother everything she’s ever wanted, I could care less about being famous or the money; that’s my dream. That’s all that matters to me.
I don’t like talking about ‘solutions.’ I prefer talking about intelligent responses.
To the intelligent man with an interest in human nature

To the intelligent man with an interest in human nature it must often appear strange that so much of the energy of the scientific world has been spent on the study of the body and so little on the study of the mind.
I would say that Emma Stone and Emma Watson are two very talented young actresses who are very intelligent and have a great sense of humor and have learned to balance what they love with their acting career, and I think that’s really a great thing.
Kara Hayward
Live in the very soul of expectation of better things, in the conviction that something large, grand, and beautiful will await you if your efforts are intelligent, if your mind is kept in a creative condition and you struggle upward to your goal.
I really enjoy playing intelligent characters. I’m more interested in that than just emotional kind of Mum characters.
If there’s anyone out there that looks a bit like me, or just feels a little bit out of place just trying to get into performing, you are beautiful; embrace it. You are intelligent; embrace it. You are powerful; embrace it.
When we begin to desire a thing, to yearn for it with all our hearts, we begin to establish relationship with it in proportion to the strength and persistency of our longing and intelligent effort to realize it.
Sometimes, though only in my most unguarded moments, I can still think of Annette Winters as my first love. At fifteen, she was tall, slender, very dark: an intelligent, sly girl possessed of what I think of now, though I didn’t think of then, as a kind of debatable beauty.
My generation is so intelligent.
I’m not being really intelligent in my film choices; I’m just landing the opportunity when it comes.
My son is 7 years old. I am 54. It has taken me a great many years to reach that age. I am more respected in the community, I am stronger, I am more intelligent and I think I am better than he is. I don’t want to be a pal, I want to be a father.
Clifton Fadiman
Indeed, eventually, random outcomes all revert to the mean, meaning that streaks eventually end. Understanding this is a key part of intelligent and rational investing.
I have two dream roles: One would be a biopic of someone I admire and respect and the other one would be some sort of action drama film similar to a ‘Bourne Identity.’ I just really want to do an intelligent action drama film.
I love Stephen Fry. His tweets are witty, poignant, and intelligent.
John Lennon was very irreverent and very intelligent.
Brenda Lee
I have four strikes against me. I’m black, I’m short, I’m intelligent, and I have a medical condition.
Gary Coleman
I kinda liked ol’ Shakespeare and them guys, you know. I went back and got my master‘s just in case. I thought, if I ever needed it, I’d have the sheepskin to show people no matter how dumb I looked, actually I was about half intelligent. I got the degree to let ’em know I wasn’t as dumb as I acted.
If college cut-offs are above 90 per cent in a particular class, then where would mediocre students with 60 per cent or 70 per cent go? Students who secure 60-70 per cent marks are also intelligent, but they could not get admission in courses of their choice for scoring lower marks than the toppers.
I think if a person plays ‘Quantum Conundrum’ and they walk away feeling really intelligent and skilled, that’s what I want. That’s my only goal.
Kim Swift
I think it’s intelligent, emotional, character-rich storytelling – at the core, I think those are the most important elements, and I think they can be found across all of our dayparts. That’s what, for me, ABC really stands for.
Some of the most intelligent people I’ve met in my life are priests and pastors; now, a lot of them aren’t that, though. Some of the most sanctimonious and hypocritical people I’ve met are priests and pastors, also.
If you’re into a leather-jacketed crime fighter and his artificially intelligent robotic supercar, tune into ‘The Good Wife.’ If, on the other hand, you prefer the misadventures of a freelance itinerant trucker and his simian sidekick, check out ‘The Walking Dead.’ Or DVR them both and go talk to your family.
Kaka is fantastic and has so much ability. He is strong, intelligent, and fast.
If two smart, intelligent, clever guys sit together on a table, and you both want the same, where can be the problem? We all want to be successful.
I play Dr. Karen Boyer in ‘Spies Like Us.’ She’s strong, intelligent and dedicated and just happens to be beautiful.
Donna Dixon
I think of myself as intelligent and strong and principled.
Anybody who has played with Mesut will tell you how intelligent he is as a player. His vision is probably the best I have ever seen and that is why it is so important to have the right striker ahead of him.
Ian McKellen is brilliant with research. I paid really close attention to the sources he goes to. He’s a very, very intelligent man.
Thinking is the place where intelligent actions begin. We pause long enough to look more carefully at a situation, to see more of its character, to think about why it’s happening, to notice how it’s affecting us and others.
When I started wrestling and then turned into the Evil Queen, I created this character who I needed in my personal life. This woman who is strong, intelligent, confident, empowering. That’s what I needed in my personal life.
Isis want to destroy the knowledge that Islam is a beautiful, scientific and intelligent culture, and we are way ahead of them.
I am fortunate in having this bone structure because I have a tremendously prominent temple. I like to think that’s it’s because I’m so intelligent. People say: ‘You haven’t got a line on your forehead.’ I do. It’s just the bones are holding them all out, and the cheekbones are holding my face up.
'How do you know so much about everything?' was asked o

‘How do you know so much about everything?’ was asked of a very wise and intelligent man; and the answer was ‘By never being afraid or ashamed to ask questions as to anything of which I was ignorant.’
John Abbott
In the Everybody-Give-Me-A-Hug victim culture in which we live, the obese want a spot at the table along with those who face discrimination based on the way that God or Nature or our Intelligent Designer created us.
I personally love watching greats like Matt Lauer, Scott Pelly, Howard Cossell, Bryant Gumble and others that can stimulate an intelligent, thoughtful, moving conversation or interview.
That was sort of the ‘Second City‘ approach, which was try to be intelligent and assume your audience is intelligent. We were influenced by ‘Monty Python,’ too, which would have philosophers in a wrestling match.
Joe Flaherty
The capacity of computers is doubling every eight months. It’s exponential development. I think it’s a real threat, actually, that a computer one day will be more intelligent than us.
Bill Powell is the only intelligent actor I’ve ever met.
Carole Lombard
If you do not have an absolutely clear vision of something, where you can follow the light to the end of the tunnel, then it doesn’t matter whether you’re bold or cowardly, or whether you’re stupid or intelligent. Doesn’t get you anywhere.
I’m an intelligent man but I don’t feel I articulate or get that across nearly enough, especially in social situations.
On the red carpet, I need to be protected. When I wear a Chanel dress, I feel like I’ve earned the right to be there. And Karl Lagerfeld is so poetic, such an intelligent man. I like the way he has the power to draw attention.
Rinko Kikuchi
Transgender folks have been part of the push for LGBT equality from the beginning, and we’ve spoken with loud and intelligent voices and have found political and personal success and advancement all over the world.
Chelsea Manning
It’s remarkable how much long-term advantage people like us have gotten by trying to be consistently not stupid, instead of trying to be very intelligent.
I wonder why I keep playing such intelligent people?
John Glover
Sometimes you see beautiful people with no brains. Sometimes you have ugly people who are intelligent, like scientists.
Many well-meaning intelligent people have argued since the May 17, 1954, decision of the United States Supreme Court outlawing segregation in the public schools that communication between the races has broken down.
Benjamin E. Mays
The woman who thinks she is intelligent demands equal rights with men. A woman who is intelligent does not.
My sister is dyslexic, and she’s so smart, so intelligent in all of the ways that matter.
Young people are more intelligent and sophisticated.
I respect that my husband makes decisions he feels are sensible and intelligent… It’s not my place to give him political advice.
Bill Gallagher’s new version of ‘The Prisoner‘ is an enthralling commentary on modern culture. It is witty, intelligent and disturbing. I am very excited to be involved.
The argument for intelligent design basically depends on saying, ‘You haven’t answered every question with evolution,’… Well, guess what? Science can’t answer every question.
I have been told too much – to talk less, to keep my opinions to myself, to not sound intelligent – all this was told to me so that I could fit in. But I never thought I fit in anyway. So if you don’t fit in, at least stand out.
Over tens and hundreds of thousands of years, we evolved to find certain things stimulating, and as very intelligent, civilized beings, we’re enormously stimulated by problem solving and learning.
Trust in the great American ingenuity. We can derive more intelligent, more brain-friendly ways we can play football.
Bennet Omalu
Steve Van Zandt is a very intelligent, smart guy. He’s a historian, he knows a lot about rock n’ roll, a lot about music.
I have never met an intelligent optimist. That is not to say I think pessimism makes you intelligent, but I have always felt like an Old Testament Jeremiah or Cassandra from ancient Greece. I want to run down the streets warning people.
Romney is a good, intelligent, extraordinarily generous man who put on a great fight. But he didn’t understand the country or the people he sought to lead, and that is why he lost.
My parents were intelligent and encouraging, but at the same time, they were displeased at me becoming a wandering troubadour and wire walker.
I would rather be stupid than pretend to be intelligent.
Is an intelligent human being likely to be much more than a large-scale manufacturer of misunderstanding?
I’m convinced that promoting sport is an intelligent way of educating our children.
I am not too intelligent.
Gravity may put the planets into motion, but without th

Gravity may put the planets into motion, but without the divine Power, it could never put them into such a circulating motion as they have about the Sun; and therefore, for this as well as other reasons, I am compelled to ascribe the frame of this System to an intelligent Agent.
I think I was maybe a ned. I don’t know. I had a trakkie, a cap and got into trouble when I was younger and I don’t remember other neds round about me, so I suppose I must have been one. But a thinking ned, an intelligent ned.
I just want to say what a tremendous honor it is to be on a show like ‘The Newsroom.’ I’ve always dreamed of being on something this important and being on a show that really resonates with a lot of very, very intelligent people in the world, and I’ve gained such a loyal fan base.
The intelligent man is one who has successfully fulfilled many accomplishments, and is yet willing to learn more.
Ed Parker
Both my mom and my dad have always included me in intelligent conversations about people, about characters, about how people work. My dad and my mom still read all scripts that I find interesting. I send them an e-mail, and I’m like, ‘Okay, I have my eye on this,’ or whatever.
I feel like, for me, I’ve become smarter. I’ve become a more intelligent wrestler. I’ve become a more intelligent performer, and I think that shows.
I love women in all their different incarnations. My friends are practically all women. They are much more intelligent than men.
The real point of me isn’t that I’m good looking. It’s that I’m clever. I’ve got a brain! I would rather be called a highly intelligent historian than a gorgeous pouting one.
Playing with Kaka is easy, as is Raul. They are very intelligent and they know what to do at each moment. With these types of players, with such quality, it is easy to get in tune with.
Kids today are so intelligent and computer savvy, so pairing an interactive computer world with something cuddly seems like a natural fit.
Ty Warner
I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments.
McGregor is a great fighter, and he is doing his job very well. He is very intelligent; he knows exactly what he is doing.
There is nothing more boring for an intelligent woman than to spend endless amounts of time with small children.
Dick Durbin’s a worthy opponent on any debate. He’s very intelligent, quick. Knows his facts and puts them forward well.
I was quite disruptive and out there. Then I found myself in a load of remedial classes being told how to use a ruler. But when they tested my IQ, they found out I was quite intelligent.
Actors go into it because it gives us the chance to play people a great deal more interesting than we are, and to say things infinitely wittier and more intelligent than anything we could think of.
All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.
Adolf Hitler
Minimalism seems closest to the sophisticated storytelling of movies. Movies have really educated contemporary audiences to be the most intelligent, sophisticated audiences in history. We don’t any longer need to have the relationship between one scene and the next explained. We will figure it out ourselves.
Every educated and intelligent person glories in the freedom of women in Western societies to exercise their talents to the full and their freedom to walk safely in the streets of our great cities.
Proust is a hero of mine. I read ‘A la recherche’ in one go, and I’m a very slow reader. It had an astonishing impact, reading it on my own and being my main company. I think Proust is the most intelligent person to ever have written a novel.
Edward St Aubyn
Fifteen- to 30-year-olds are interested in all kinds of intelligent movies – it doesn’t have to be a broad comedy or an action adventure for them to go see it.
The Clinton paradox: How could a president so intelligent, so compassionate, so public-spirited and so conscious of his place in history act in such a stupid, selfish and self-destructive manner?
George Stephanopoulos
My scratching I don’t really think communicates to intelligent life forms. Anyone with more than one brain cell would think Kid Koala music is completely retarded.
Eric San
For eight years, it did not matter how balanced President Obama was. It did not matter how educated he was or how intelligent he was. Nothing was ever good enough for his opponents. It was clear that he could not win. It was clear that, no matter what he did, in their eyes, he could not win.
Chelsea Manning
It would have been more comfortable for us as a society if Anita Hill wasn’t as intelligent, poised, and credible as she was.
Because, I figured that, because I was a successful man, I was wealthy, I was, you know, seemingly intelligent – even that I am not intelligent enough to ask for help.
Indeed, I am sometimes inclined to doubt whether some men consider youth as rational and intelligent beings, with minds capable of expansion, and talents formed for usefulness.
I think people will always like intelligent TV.
We’ve no use for intellectuals in this outfit. What we need is chimpanzees. Let me give you a word of advice: never say a word to us about being intelligent. We will think for you, my friend. Don’t forget it.
Louis-Ferdinand Celine
Women are very intelligent and not appreciated. We try to pretend that we are not clever, and it’s such a pity that we can’t show how clever we are.
Birdman is probably one of the most intelligent music moguls out there.
I've always loved pigs: the shape of them, the look of

I’ve always loved pigs: the shape of them, the look of them, and the fact that they are so intelligent.
It’s been wonderful to hear so many excited and intelligent responses to ‘Beautiful Children,’ not only from reviewers but also from the people coming out to my readings.
We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
You have to be highly intelligent to get away with a dumb joke. That takes a pretty smart fella.
I didn’t feel like I was allowed to be a songwriter. I thought I had to be a really intelligent lyricist, like a poet.
Modern audiences are so intelligent. They work at such a fast pace that if you don’t give enough stimulus at a breakneck speed, they will become disinterested.
You know, I’m fairly intelligent, but I don’t think my grades reflected that.
There is too much negativity on Twitter, and I want to stay from it. I don’t have anything intelligent to say. Whatever I want to say, I will say it through my movies and interviews.
In some instances, I don’t care what people think. In other instances, I do – especially because of the stereotype. People take a look at me and say, ‘She’s cute. She’s blond. She’s an actress. She’s a bimbo.’ You know? So I take great pains to show I’m intelligent, to show I’m not a twinkie.
Teri Polo
I think our leadership is now seized of the fact that we have a problem with the youth vote and it might be an idea to get into an intelligent place, both in policy making and in terms of the presentation of our values around freedom and responsibility.
For me, consciousness is the most interesting unsolved problem of science, and, in fact, we may never know what it is about a particular arrangement of neurons that gives rise to consciousness. Our consciousness, like the air we breathe or like the passage of time, is central to our existence as intelligent beings.
I’ve always scribbled, and I still do it. I’ve written numerous scripts for films for which I think I’d be perfect as the complex, intelligent and, yes, modern heroine. Embarrassingly bad, all of them. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I’m not a writer.
Ranbir is a very intelligent actor and he is one of my favorite actor in the present generation. He is very good and he is very intense. He is doing a wonderful job and his choice of films is very good.
I believed in realism, as summarized by John McCarthy‘s comment to the effect that if we worked really hard, we’d have an intelligent system in from four to four hundred years.
Intelligent, successful, attractive people can be intimidating. They force us to hold a mirror to ourselves; we can be disappointed, jealous or inspired toward personal growth.
Ian K. Smith
There is an immediate payoff to intelligent design: it destroys the atheistic legacy of Darwinian evolution. Intelligent design makes it impossible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.
I was a very intelligent kid. I used my intelligence to support my passions. When it came to comic books, I became enthralled in the whole universe. I had to know all the facts and timelines. The whole fictional universe was real to me.
I also wanted to do something that I hadn’t really seen in almost any black novels, which was a complex love story in which both people were extremely intelligent and talented and understood a lot of things and were still at odds getting it together.
Why have a model on the front of your magazine when you can have Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett or Hilary Swank? Because those girls are intelligent and talented, people are interested.
My dad didn’t have a formal education, but he had a wonderful vocabulary. So in ‘Harvest,’ I wanted my main character to be an innately intelligent man who would have the vocabulary to say whatever he wanted in the same way as lots of working-class people can.
They who assert that a blind fatality produced the various effects we behold in this world talk very absurdly; for can anything be more unreasonable than to pretend that a blind fatality could be productive of intelligent beings?
Cynical realism is the intelligent man’s best excuse for doing nothing in an intolerable situation.
I always read that men don’t like intelligent girls, but I’ve always found the reverse.
We have built many of our systems with maps as the foundation. We are seeing that a lot of intelligent businesses are doing the same.
I met a 13-year-old black child, Raymond, who had never been to school and had never learnt any words, yet it seemed to me that he was intelligent. It became apparent after a short period that Raymond thought in terms of visual signs and movements.
If you think about some of the things that are being talked about by thoughtful, intelligent scientists, you realize that in 100 years the human race won’t even be recognizable.
Cormac McCarthy
There is nothing funny about a well-adjusted, intelligent person making the right choices.
The problem I have with making an intelligent statement is that some people then think it’s not an isolated occurrence.
Simon Travaglia
Almost all the fans I meet are pretty cool people. They’re intelligent and tend to think about things a bit more than your average rock’n’roll fans: sensible people I wouldn’t mind having a drink with.
Peter Buck
If the nose has become a deeply disillusioned and grief-stricken organ in the modern world, then what of the ear? The poor little ear – such an innocent, intelligent and sensitive creature; in these times of such flagrant sonic brutality, the sense within the ear has much to contend with.
As intelligent and responsible filmmakers, working in a free society, we have a duty to ensure that our chosen medium is a force for good. Especially in this ever-more complex and difficult world.
David Puttnam
The human race may be the only intelligent beings in th

The human race may be the only intelligent beings in the galaxy.
I never wanted to make a graphic novel. As soon as you become a ‘writer,’ you have to be intelligent all the time… I like the fact that I have the right once in a while to say silly things.
I’m very opinionated, very intelligent and not afraid to show that.
I try to do more intelligent roles, unusual roles, and stronger women, and that’s helped me a little bit with my casting opportunities.
For me personally, I just don’t have anything to prove anymore. I know exactly who I am, I know that I’m intelligent and acting dumb or acting like whatever. If that’s funny to me because I know it’s false then so be it.
I never thought that I was very intelligent.
Marion Zimmer Bradley
My mum is incredibly intelligent.
The real war is not between the West and the East. The real war is between intelligent and stupid people.
Wilfried is a very good striker who is strong and intelligent – he talks to me all the time and advises me. We sit together in the dressing room and he’s like a big brother to me.
I think very early on, my sisters and I understood the value of nature and what it can do for us, and that we are part of nature. Even if we are all seemingly intelligent beings and we’re at the top of the food chain, that doesn’t mean that we have to remove ourselves from nature.
There are exciting, intelligent, fat people – and exciting, intelligent, thin people.
How can an act done under compulsion have any moral element in it, seeing that what is moral is the free act of an intelligent being?
Auberon Herbert
A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That’s why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet.
Truman Capote
Pep is highly intelligent.
This idea that clumsy, stumbling people are real bright is ridiculous, because intelligence is related to neurologic function, and really intelligent people are very well-coordinated.
Robert Jarvik
Let’s be honest: Everyone has got their opinion. It doesn’t mean their opinion is an intelligent one.
You usually find me writing what I like to think of as intelligent summer action and genre films.
Max Landis
I yearn to make a really good, intelligent movie before I die: I don’t completely rule out the possibility, but in Hollywood, I’m not bankable.
One of the things that first attracted me to chess is that it brings you into contact with intelligent, civilized people – men of the stature of Garry Kasparov, the former world champion, who was my part-time coach.
In the fantasy, sci-fi world, the fans are so discerning and they’re so tough and they’re so intelligent, and they’re so critical.
We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet.
I am not very tall but I am intelligent as a soccer player.
Sebastian Giovinco
Worry is spiritual short sight. Its cure is intelligent faith.
Paul Brunton
Being smarter gives you a tailwind throughout life. People who are more intelligent earn more, live longer, get divorced less, are less likely to get addicted to alcohol and tobacco, and their children live longer.
The people who run a university are far more qualified and intelligent in handling people than someone who inherited his money and used it to buy a pro team.
Hayden Fry
Sergei Magnitsky was an incredibly intelligent, principled and idealistic man who was this sort of positive face of the new Russia. He was in jail, really, as my proxy, and so it was impossible for me to sleep. I felt guilty taking a shower because I knew he couldn’t.
Responsible employers who pursue bold growth agendas must embrace intelligent technologies.
Tamilians, I believe, are the most intelligent people.
Well, you have to keep your faith in the fact that there are a lot of intelligent people who are actively looking for something interesting, people who have been disappointed so many times.
The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.
If in the script there is an argument about gun control, the most precious document you could produce at ‘The West Wing’ that week is a passionate, intelligent case against gun control. We know how to do the other one.
My reputation for writing quickly and effortlessly notw

My reputation for writing quickly and effortlessly notwithstanding, I am strongly in favor of intelligent, even fastidious revision, which is, or certainly should be, an art in itself.
A woman has to be intelligent, have charm, a sense of humor, and be kind. It’s the same qualities I require from a man.
I think there’s still an appetite among a certain audience to see intelligent movies that have real emotion in them.
Brits are far more intelligent and civilised than Americans. I love the fact that you can hail a taxi and just pick up your pram and put in the back of the cab without having to collapse it. I love the parks and places I go for dinner and my friends.
The motions which the planets now have could not spring from any natural cause alone, but were impressed by an intelligent Agent.
Logical activity is not the whole of intelligence. One can be intelligent without being particularly logical.
I think Maura’is funnier than I am, wittier than I am, more intelligent than I am, and I think she’s just floating me at this point.
In investing, you get what you don’t pay for. Costs matter. So intelligent investors will use low-cost index funds to build a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds, and they will stay the course. And they won’t be foolish enough to think that they can consistently outsmart the market.
Wrestling is like any form of drama or pretty much any form of entertainment – some people understand this about forms of entertainment really intuitively when they’re younger, and others would have to be really not very intelligent for a long time until we realize that every human mood is an art.
I’m not making music for intelligent people or dumb people. I’m just making music for people.
I was raised to be a very intelligent housewife.
When your entire brain is active, that means you are taking everything in through all sense perception. Your entire memory bank and your instincts are in play, so you make much quicker and more intelligent choices.
I married up. He’s an intelligent and kind soul.
Femme people exist, and they are layered and they are complex and they are intelligent.
A lot of my work is intelligent, a lot of the work is beautiful, but I make ugly things, too.
I don’t know whether the universe contains any evidence of intelligent design, but I can assure you that thousands of everyday products do not.
Any great director is also someone who is incredibly intelligent about whom they hire around them.
I am often fond of saying the Trekkers are passionate about a hobby, their hobby is ‘Star Trek.’ They are by and large very imaginative, very intelligent people, and they certainly have been more than generous to me.
Kate Mulgrew
How often do we see a Muslim woman who is intelligent and independent, and has a voice of her own and is career-driven, on American TV?
Mel is a great director because he’s not just a director, he’s an actor, so he knows how to direct actors. I loved working with him. He’s great as a director. He’s so intelligent. He’s generous. I really loved him.
Most of our fans seem to be very intelligent people who don’t stand out too much, but they’re still total freaks. I like that – they’re smart and sadistic, which I think is a reflection at us.
Gene Ween
It has always seemed to me that a love of natural objects, and the depth, as well as exuberance and refinement of mind, produced by an intelligent delight in scenery, are elements of the first importance in the education of the young.
Frederick William Faber
I’ve gotten to go wonderful places, meet interesting and intelligent people, and I started of course in the theatre and continue to work in the theatre where there is some intelligence involved in it.
The difference between ignorant and educated people is that the latter know more facts. But that has nothing to do with whether they are stupid or intelligent.
Neal Stephenson
There have been instances when people have told me that I look too intelligent to be an actress.
People with accents exist and just because they have an accent doesn’t mean they’re less intelligent or what-have-you.
I think the Clintons are brilliant. I’ve never met a person as intelligent as Bill, and I think Hillary is right up there with him. They’re too smart for Washington.
My man has to be more intelligent than I am, which is difficult to find. He should definitely be more successful than me, which is not so difficult to find. I’d be a fool to expect a better looking man than me, which is impossible to find.
Kangana Ran
What we expect to find, certainly in our own solar system, are probably simple single or multiple-cell forms of life. To get to intelligent life takes stability of conditions over huge, long periods of time.
Intelligent policies will be largely self-regulating in the sense that the system of incentives and standards makes it absolutely ludicrous to not move towards clean, internalized systems of cost and production.
I’m an incredibly intelligent, insightful human being.
A. J. Bowen
The Queen has well-informed opinions of many of her bis

The Queen has well-informed opinions of many of her bishops and likes those who are straightforward and intelligent. Both she and Prince Philip believe Christianity is as much about forgiveness as morality.
Working with intelligent people is easy, but we should be careful with geniuses.
If we meet an honest and intelligent politician, a dozen, a hundred, we say they aren’t like politicians at all, and our category of politicians stays unchanged; we know what politicians are like.
Randall Jarrell
Everyone working on ‘Tyrant‘ wants to present the world and the issues in it in an intelligent, open, fair, non-reductive kind of way. For the actors, we have to try and make these stories as truthful and compelling as possible.
Adam Rayner
The Constitution was written by 55 educated and highly intelligent men in Philadelphia in 1787, but it was written so that it could be understood by people of limited education and modest intelligence.
I’ve worked with multiple directors throughout the ‘Saw’ series with a lot of conversations as they bring their particular installment to the screen. If I’ve been able to do anything throughout the course of these films, it’s been to help shape dialogue and to try to make things as delicate and as intelligent as I can.
Elvis Costello’s song writing is so peerless and individualistic. It’s storytelling and it’s deeply intelligent and clever.
Chip Esten
Locking people up without reducing the risk of them committing new crimes against new victims the minute they get out does not make for intelligent sentencing.
The difference between me and other Superstars is that I am more intelligent, possess a superior streetwise viciousness and am motivated by money.
I always believed that women have rights and that there are some women that are intelligent enough to claim those rights. There are some others that are stupid enough not to.
I had terrible ear problems and asthma and allergies. I spent quite a bit of time in hospital up to the age of eight so was not – am still not – extraordinarily intelligent.
Even good opinions are worth very little unless we hold them in the broad, intelligent, and spacious way.
John Morley
When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and the news was out that a lockdown would be imperative, Hrithik and I decided that staying together in the same home would be the more intelligent and soulful decision for our sons, and for us.
I like to make glamorously informed songs for glamorously intelligent people.
I’m what they call an intelligent hoodlum.
If we accept being talked to any kind of a way, then we are telling ourselves we are not quite worth the best. And if we have the effrontery to talk to anybody with less than courtesy, we tell ourselves and the world we are not very intelligent.
I have been in the most dangerous of places just in order to survive. An intelligent man would stay in a safe place to survive.
Everything is not serious. If you don’t like what I’m saying, change the channel – don’t look at me, don’t buy a ticket. You either get it or you don’t, and it’s fascinating because it’s usually intelligent people with a sense of humor who get it.
You can be far more challenging, articulate and intelligent writing for television than you can writing for the cinema.
I hate being asked how I met my husband and very personal questions like that. I don’t like that. People are too nosey. Intelligent questions I like, but sometimes people ask such silly, dopey ones.
Chuck Lorre and I had been talking about doing one of his shows for a while. I said I’d like to do ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ because I think it’s the best written, most intelligent show on television.
Why should I make films for some intelligent people?
I am small and sometimes I don’t go to the contact but the players need to be intelligent and know what they can and can’t do.
I’m intelligent enough to survive happily and be compassionate. If I were too smart, I would realize all the ills of the world.
Making a film confusing does not make it intelligent.
‘Housefull’ is not a ‘leave your brains behind‘ kind of a film. It has a very intelligent screenplay.
I want to be the strongest player, the most intelligent player, and the most skilled player on the court at all times.
In order to be truly intelligent, computers must understand – that is probably the critical word.
The intelligent man who is proud of his intelligence is like the condemned man who is proud of his large cell.
Adults should be intelligent enough to know what they want – if you don’t like it, then don’t consume it. A rating system for kids and teens is more important. Especially for violent shows.
I’m not intelligent. I’m not arrogant. I’m just like the people who read my books. I used to have a jazz club, and I made the cocktails and I made the sandwiches. I didn’t want to become a writer – it just happened.
While the President leads his potential adversaries in

While the President leads his potential adversaries in almost every state, his support is soft. He is seen as honest, sincere, just, and friendly but gets mediocre or relatively poor ratings being competent strong, intelligent, and a forceful leader.
It really sucks to be the number two intelligent species on this planet; you can just ask gorillas.
I was always impressed by Betty Ford and what she went through and how full of integrity she was, and how brave. I think Mrs. Reagan was a role model of my mother’s generation, intelligent, very supportive of her husband. I am very different from my mom, but I admired her devotion.
If human civilization were to be destroyed and its cities wiped off the map, there would be an easy way for future intelligent life-forms to know when the mid-20th century began: plastic.
The more socially intelligent you are, the happier and more robust and more enjoyable your relationships will be.
It’s a misconception that an intelligent person can’t act and I want people to discard such notions.
My favourite feature is my hair. It has always made me look different. It was so red when I was born that my mother thought I had blood on my head. When I was a teenager, I looked like a tomboy, but then I understood that I could be a woman who was an intelligent mix between a lady and my mannish side.
If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done.
Pence is far too conservative for me, but by all accounts, he’s an intelligent, experienced, decent man with no skeletons in his closet.
If I’ve ever regretted anything, it was putting all my eggs in one basket, holing up and kneeling at the altar of literature, instead of going out and at least reviewing, running around and trying to write for magazines. That would’ve been the intelligent thing to do, but I didn’t, and that was because of fanaticism.
Nowadays there’s the taping of the boobs. The tanning has become pretty intense with these young ladies. The hair extensions have become very serious… But I hate it when pageant girls get a bad rap, because they really are intelligent women. They’re ambitious women; they’re driven; they’re educated.
Precisely because intelligent design does not turn the study of biological origins into a Bible-science controversy, intelligent design is a position around which Christians of all stripes can unite.
I think network TV to a large extent has underestimated the intelligence of the American public for so many years now. It’s tried to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I think the average viewer is much more intelligent than that and crave a little more complexity and are willing to pay more attention.
Luck, bad if not good, will always be with us. But it has a way of favoring the intelligent and showing its back to the stupid.
John Dewey
As a player, you get to the stage where you realise that you are not 25 anymore – and can’t play the way you used to. The intelligent players adapt – and Steven Gerrard has the ability to do that. He is an excellent passer of the ball, possesses an intelligent football brain, and has great vision.
The British keep employing me, and that makes me like them. It also makes me think they’re very intelligent.
Many highly intelligent people are poor thinkers. Many people of average intelligence are skilled thinkers. The power of a car is separate from the way the car is driven.
The sun doesn’t always shine; the wind doesn’t always blow. This is why, if we want to rely on renewables, we need intelligent systems that integrate and coordinate different sources of energy at scale so that when one is scarce or unavailable, the others can automatically compensate.
We have to be able to adapt to new situation. It’s another form of the definition of intelligent behavior.
I enjoyed playing someone who is a professional, intelligent, defined by her work and not her role as a wife or mother.
I think Douglas was a real one-off. He was so clever and so intelligent and so well read in real science that he could make science fiction work as well as it did. And just such fun to have around, he was just such a lovely man.
Lalla Ward
The best critics do not worry about what the author might think. That would be like a detective worrying about what a suspect might think. Instead, they treat the reader as an intelligent friend, and describe the book as honestly, and as entertainingly, as possible.
The best audience is intelligent, well-educated and a little drunk.
Alben W. Barkley
There’s no point in doing an intelligent quiz with me sitting opposite Kerry Katona.
Lionel Messi is a wonderful player. Very skillful. Highly intelligent. He is not good in the air.
I was always very studious and intelligent.
I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.
We define ourselves as intelligent. That’s odd, because we’re doing the definition – We’re creating our own definition and saying, ‘We are intelligent!’
Everyone thinks of me as some weird swamp trash pro wrestler, and that’s okay – think what you want – but I’m an intelligent person, and I have my own views on the world.
When we have machines that are as intelligent – and then twice as intelligent – as we are, there is no reason why that relationship cannot be synergistic rather than antagonistic.
I think what’s really amazing is that given the scale of the web and getting the compute power we have today, we’re starting to see things that appear intelligent but actually aren’t semantically intelligent.
Two young actresses I admire are Emma Stone and Emma Wa

Two young actresses I admire are Emma Stone and Emma Watson, because they are intelligent, talented actresses and have a great sense of humor. They have learned to balance what they love in life – acting, school and everything else.
Kara Hayward
I want to prove you don’t need to have academic syntax to be intelligent.
I had intelligent, high-minded, liberal parents who wanted to make sure my values were just like theirs.
I’m a practical person. Most fashion people live in the clouds, and they’re full of it. I live like a human being – or, I try to – and I have to be intelligent; I have to be practical. I’m a great believer in common sense, and the older I get, I see that common sense is not that common.
I want to make clothes that are beautiful of course, but also clothes that are interesting and considered and intelligent and not out of place.
Having an intelligent secretary does not get rid of the need to read, write, and draw, etc. In a well functioning world, tools and agents are complementary.
I loved ‘Homeland‘ – it’s such an intriguing, intelligent piece of television, and I am fascinated by them making a hero and heroine that are so odd, so flawed and so complicated. It is a programme that really draws you in.
My family is certainly very vocal. They’re very Italian. A lot of our holidays end with people screaming at each other across the room. And everyone’s very opinionated and intelligent. A lot of my aunts and uncles are wildly educated, and their opinions reflect that. We’re all very liberal.
We are eternal beings. We lived as intelligent spirits before this mortal life. We are now living part of eternity. Our mortal birth was not the beginning; death, which faces all of us, is not the end.
For many centuries, humans have speculated that there might be planetary systems around other stars and that there could be extraterrestrial life there and even intelligent being. However, those were simply speculations, and now we have evidence for the first part of these ideas.
George Smoot
I defy anyone to watch interviews with Ted Bundy and not be taken by him. He was very handsome and charming and extremely intelligent and, you know, that can exist.
You have to talk about ‘The Terminator’ if you’re talking about artificial intelligence. I actually think that that’s way off. I don’t think that an artificially intelligent system that has superhuman intelligence will be violent. I do think that it will disrupt our culture.
I’m not much for cats. I’m terrified of mice. I’ve worked a lot with elephants, and they are extremely intelligent and sensitive, and thankfully, they seem to like me. You never want to get on the bad side of an elephant. And never trust a chimp.
Deep down, creationists realize they will never win factual arguments with science. This is why they have construed their own science-like universe, known as Intelligent Design, and eagerly jump on every tidbit of information that seems to go their way.
Sure, you’re an intelligent and highly capable individual, and you are learning a lot on the fly as you build your company. But you also need to come to terms with the fact that there are things you have chosen not to be an expert in.
Regardless of what the future holds, intelligent investment in common stocks offer a solid route for a reasonable return on investment going forward.
If there were some recipe that would make all of our children really sane and civic-minded and hugely intelligent, I think we’d probably all do it. But I don’t know that there is a recipe for creating that.
You count a man’s U.S. Amateur titles after he starts winning professional majors. That’s something any intelligent golf writer with a sense of history is supposed to know.
I started out with V Shantaram. But my favourite director has been Gulzar, with whom I did intelligent cinema in movies like ‘Khushboo,’ ‘Kinara’ and ‘Parichay.’
For all we know, we are the only shot the universe has at intelligent self-organization. Therefore, we need to take it seriously.
If you look at the movie ‘Belly,’ I identify with Sincere the most. I am a gangster. I love my lady to death. I’m not in the game for the wrong reasons. I’m not in the game for the glory. I’m in the game to survive so the people that I love could be straight. I’m a highly intelligent individual.
Bob was beloved by people, very intelligent people, for their entire lives, and he had tremendous loyalty from everyone. I know he has a reputation for being abusive, but he’s not.
Wearing a giant, over-sized scarf will make you look deeply intelligent in almost any situation, but especially a book club.
My mom was in education, and I remember reading in one of her books about multiple intelligences – this whole theory about how there are all these different ways you can be intelligent, like eight or 10 of them or something. And one of them is emotional.
Most people I’ve talked to are convinced that they’re not getting valuable information from news media anymore. I’m not talking about tinfoil-hatters either, these are intelligent people who believe their news media has failed them.
Drew Curtis
An intelligent person is never afraid or ashamed to find errors in his understanding of things.
Even though I am fantastic looking, I am still quite intelligent.
Mos Def is one of the most creative, intelligent human beings I’ve had the opportunity to work with. He is fun. The entire time, he would go in and out of different characters, just for the fun of it. Awesome energy.
Kate Middleton is intelligent, good looking, kind, and fun, and she is remarkably normal.
When you program a robot to be intelligent, you learn a number of things. You become very humble and develop enormous respect for natural intelligence because, even if you work day and night for several years, your robot isn’t that smart after all.
Money can make money if you’re intelligent about it and don’t waste it the wrong way.
Sunken gardens should be laid out under the supervision

Sunken gardens should be laid out under the supervision of an intelligent landscape architect; and even then should have a reason for being sunken other than a whim or increase in costliness.
People might find me attractive, but it’s also my job to prove that I can be intelligent.
I need to not be typecast as big, black, and dumb but be seen as an intelligent, witty, bold, and charismatic person.
Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.
Paul J. Meyer
Indeed, the whole company, although thin in flesh, and generally of slight forms, and limbs, especially, are as good looking and intelligent a body of men as we usually meet with.
Lewis Tappan
What I prefer is an audience who listen. And are intelligent. Which I try and assume every audience is. And that if something goes wrong, it’s generally my fault and not theirs.
I look at bands like the Beach Boys, Hall & Oates and Blur, and those are the bands I want to be in company with because their songwriting is intelligent, and yet you don’t need to be a musical genius to pick it up.
There’s an intelligent redneck in all of us somewhere.
I don’t know why so many people in America hate Hillary Clinton; I found her to be one of the most gracious, intelligent, perceptive, and, yes, classy women I have ever met.
For the first time in my career, I’m working in a fine-arts arena, so I’m finally getting some intelligent reviews.
I like going to museums and stuff, but I also like going out and doing lots of physical activity like camping and hiking. I like doing stuff that I’ve never done before. Curiosity is a big thing. Usually it means that people are intelligent and that they want to learn stuff about the world.
Francois Hollande is an intelligent man. I do not have a problem with him. The only thing is, he has never held office at the state level. Honestly, can you imagine Francois Hollande as president of France? Imagine it!
Nicolas Sarkozy
She sacrificed a lot for us. She was a wonderful role model for us. She’s probably the most intelligent person I know. And what’s really cool for me is I have a lot of friends who will tell me, ‘I was in your Mom’s math class. I loved having her as a teacher.’ That’s really special for me.
People have confused playing devil‘s advocate with being intelligent.
I hope that my daughter grows up empowered and doesn’t define herself by the way she looks but by qualities that make her a intelligent, strong and responsible woman.
Isaiah Mustafa
I will continue to be intelligent, I vowed, no matter how beautiful I become.
George W. Bush: a person who is the ultimate outcome of the American condition. Someone promoted above ability because of circumstance and organisation and empathy. You don’t have to be intelligent. A moron in a hurry could know that you don’t prevent war by having a war.
David Lange
You can go through life and actually speak your mind and do it in an articulate fashion and with a really intelligent point of view.
I remember I was up for the role of Jim in ‘Huck Finn,’ and because I went to Harvard and Yale, they didn’t think I would be able to play a slave. I said, ‘Oh, please.’ I had to go in there and prove to them that I wasn’t too intelligent to play a slave.
A lot of new artists, especially girl artists, feel pressure to be so ‘media perfect’ and ‘trained.’ I’m intelligent, but I don’t like hearing regurgitated answers in interviews that sound so rehearsed.
For me, men and women are different. A man is genetically gifted to pull more than a woman. But at the same time, I don’t consider women to be any less than men. In fact, I feel we are far more intelligent than them.
There used to be that you only had four or five critics that you would look to for intelligent conversation, but now there are millions of people who can just press ‘send,’ and everyone’s got an opinion even if no one cares what they say. It makes things a little bit tougher.
It’s always easier to play with players who are not only great but also intelligent.
All children are much more intelligent than they are told they are or the school thinks they are; they just have different intelligences.
As more intelligent computer assistance comes into being, it will amplify human progress.
When chefs like Wolfgang Puck became household names, that became a compelling reason for an intelligent young person to go into the cooking profession. There have been no waiters who have turned into household names. The service and hospitality aspects have clearly lagged behind the kitchen.
In my stories, whenever there’s somebody wonderful and charming and bright and intelligent, that’s me!
Once I should have been, if not satisfied, partially, at least, contented with suffrage for the intelligent and those who have been soldiers; now I am convinced that universal suffrage is demanded by sound policy and impartial justice.
Salmon P. Chase
If a film is being made by an intelligent director, they’re going to cast the right guy.
You have to assume that you’re talking to the most intelligent, tuned-in audience you could ever get. That’s the way you’re going to get the best out of people. Whether they know you or not shouldn’t matter for comedy. They should get to know you pretty quickly. and they should be having a good time pretty quickly.
The eurosceptics, many of whom are my friends and are highly intelligent people with strong views, they are entirely respectable in every way, I just don’t agree with them.
There is an unfortunate side effect of being a person o

There is an unfortunate side effect of being a person of few words: Sometimes people will assume you are less intelligent than you are.
Numeracy isn’t a sign of geekiness, but a basic requirement for intelligent discussions of public policy.
Sadio Mane is a world-class player. He is almost perfect. He moves very fast, controls the ball well and is very intelligent in his movements.