Top 55 Divides Quotes

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There are always a few who stand up in times of communa

There are always a few who stand up in times of communal madness and have the courage to say that what unites us is greater than what divides us.
I’m convinced that there is more that unites us than divides us, and by talking with one another, we can learn from one another.
America’s a faith-based experiment as a country. We should celebrate and invite faith. And our motto is, ‘In God We Trust.’ This isn’t something that divides; this is something that pulls together and lifts us up.
Look, the Black community is diverse. We have generational divides. We have class divides. We have parts of the Black community that are fairly centrist, parts that are extremely activist.
‘The Secret Agentremains the most brilliant novelistic study of terrorism as viewed from the blood-spattered outside. But ‘Under Western Eyesdares to leap inside – not only into the terrorist mind, but also into the troubled zone that divides West from East, ‘the autocracy in mystic vestments.’
Sport allows people to come together, but politics divides people.
The way politics divides the world is into friend and enemy.
Francis Parker Yockey
I feel the wall that divides films screened online and in the cinema is becoming less and less significant.
Choi Woo-shik
In 1978, Elizabeth Blackburn, working with Joe Gall, identified the DNA sequence of telomeres. Every time a cell divides, it gets shorter. But telomeres usually don’t. So there must be something happening to the telomeres to keep their length in equilibrium.
Carol W. Greider
A hair divides what is false and true.
Omar Khayyam
The black community now in many ways divided itself the way the larger white community divides itself, over class issues. And that race is no longer the bond that it once was. That’s one of the prices you pay for progress.
Ed Smith
Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil.
Sensation is amphibious: at the same time it joins us to and divides us from things. It is the door through which we enter into things but also through which we come out of them and realize that we are not things.
The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope.
When I travel the country, I am often struck by how much we actually have in common. It’s much more powerful than how much there is that’s reported that divides us.
School divides life into two segments, which are increasingly of comparable length. As much as anything else, schooling implies custodial care for persons who are declared undesirable elsewhere by the simple fact that a school has been built to serve them.
So many of us have moved to another city, and it’s across strata, economic divides, educational status etc, but we have found ourselves in a new city with its new challenges. So there is something about ‘Dayashankar’ that people connect with.
London clubland divides itself between the St James‘s refuge for toffs, and the Conquest of Cool, for the arts and media.
I’m manifestly not the same as Alex Salmond. I’m a different gender, for example… I’m being flippant, but maybe this is a partly gender-driven difference: I’m very keen that we find a way of reaching out across party divides to find things we agree on, as well as the things we disagree on.
It’s an ancient idea that the leader of a democracy should not be the cleverest but the most average. That’s an arguable point, but the world has decided otherwiseexcept in America, where it still divides the country right down the middle.
I love men, not for what unites them, but for what divides them, and I want to know most of all what gnaws at their hearts.
Guillaume Apollinaire
My life divides into three parts. In the first I was wretched; in the second ill at ease; in the third hunting.
There is one taboo against meat-eating. It divides Hindus into vegetarians and flesh eaters. There is another taboo which is against beef eating. It divides Hindus into those who eat cow‘s flesh and those who do not.
A president can ask for reconciliation in the racial conflict that divides Americans. But reconciliation comes only from the hearts of people.
Divides between north and south, towns and cities, between urban and rural areas, cause people to experience a gulf in quality of life and future prospects.
The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they’ll go through the pain no matter what happens.
The way most people approach business – and the way they mostly teach in business schoolinvolves the analytical mind. It divides it up and looks at parts in isolation.
An imposing wall prominently divides the visions of President Obama and congressional Republicans when it comes to economic growth and creating jobs. Solyndra is on one side and the Keystone pipeline is on the other.
Why do we have to live with divides between different types of communication?
Lars Rasmussen
I believe that our national security lies not just in protecting our borders, but in bridging divides.
Too many prefer to cling to the thing that divides us, and precious few are willing to come together over the thing that unites us.
When we engage people across ideological divides, askin

When we engage people across ideological divides, asking questions helps us map the disconnect between our differing points of view.
Excessive stop-and-frisk divides communities. That’s why the New York City Police Department has moved away from it.
You never know what you’re going to end up with when you sit down to write something. At the end, if it holds, it can do this multifarious thing – which is to open things rather than close them, to make them bigger rather than smaller, to cross those divides which we live every day of our lives.
There shouldn’t be an announcement that divides our food between what tastes good and what is good for us.
Democracy divides people into workers and loafers. It makes no provision for those who have no time to work.
I don’t distinguish the music I listen to from great music – it’s just music. There shouldn’t be an announcement that divides our food between what tastes good and what is good for us.
I think one of the fundamental divides between progressivism and conservatism is conceit versus humility.
At Kilmarnock we are all inclusive, there are no divides.
Religion is the most important of all things: the great point of discrimination that divides the man from the brute. It is our special prerogative that we can converse with that which we cannot see and believe in that the existence of which is reported to us by none of our senses.
In a time where there are divides between cultures and races, I would love to use my position to show that we are all the same inside and working together is the key to moving forward.
‘3:10 to Yuma’ was one that I just kept on talking and thinking about after reading it. And I think the reason is because, like in most Westerns, you have the very clear-cut bad-guy/good-guy, however, as the movie progresses, you kind of see that it’s a very fine line that divides these two.
Music absolutely played a massive role in bridging many gaps in the racial divides I would encounter.
I’m not one who divides music, dance or art into various categories. Either something works, or it doesn’t.
When I was 26, I founded Peaceworks as a food company that brought together Israelis, Arabs, Turks, and others in conflict regions to make and sell various food products from the Middle East. That economic cooperation helped bridge divides and cultivate mutual understanding among neighbors.
Few escape our most deprived estates. Few young people with potential escape difficult upbringings. Fewer cross the social divides.
We want a world with both historians and novelists, don’t we? Not with one or the other. Every fiction writer crosses the line that divides artistry and documentation – or erases it.
Alan Cheuse
Beijing is preparing for an open-ended period of confrontation with the U.S. Washington should also be prepared. Leaders must work across partisan divides to understand the threat, speak about it openly, and take action to address it.
While we dance in the streets and pat ourselves on the back for being a nation great enough to reach beyond racial divides to elect our first African-American president, let us not forget that we remain a nation still proudly practicing prejudice.
It is hard to put aside partisanship. It is hard to give up the easy wisecracking jeer that divides and destroys. It is hard – very hard – to have worked sincerely and wholeheartedly for a cause and to have lost. Most of all, it is hard to put aside personal prejudices. And yet we must put these things aside.
Hunting really divides people in Britain. We keep pets, and we name our animals, but we’re not too worried about industrial hunting practices.
Remembrance and reflection how allied. What thin partitions divides sense from thought.
We must confront persecution faced by many Christian communities and the intolerance that plagues us. We must overcome anti-Semitism and the prejudice that divides us. We must defeat Islamophobia and the fears that weaken us.
Volunteering knows no divides and there is equal value in sorting food at the food bank, mentoring school children, and serving on a nonprofit board.
Many a doctrine is like a window pane. We see truth through it but it divides us from truth.