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I'm just a sucker for a good script.

I’m just a sucker for a good script.
I’d love to work in the States; I’d love to work anywhere where you get a good script and a good part to play. But I do love British film as well.
There are definitely reasons to do certain things, but I like to stick to good director, good actor, good script.
I’m a filmmaker; I want to make films. I don’t want to sit in a hotel room waiting to make films, and I can control my thing in Denmark; I can make the film I want to make… of course, I have to write a good script, all that, but if I do my job, it will happen.
Tobias Lindholm
I wouldn’t know a good script if it bit me in the face.
A good writer takes time to go in-depth into a subject and then comes out with a good script. Then it’s the job of the actor and director to improvise with it and make it even better.
With a terrible script you hustle and try to make it better. But with a good script it can be trouble because you rest on your laurels, so to speak, you think it’s going to translate easily.
I feel I do not have script sense. Like Kartik Aaryan has a very good script sense.
I only sound intelligent when there’s a good script writer around.
You just have to take these opportunities when they come along. They’re not that frequent; you’ll get a really good script, oh, maybe once a year if you’re lucky.
You can have a million dollar, 20 million dollar budget or 60 million dollar budget, and if you don’t have a good script, it doesn’t mean a thing.
It’s hard for me to find a script that’s perfectly suited to me, so even if it’s a good script, I’ll still have to work on it with someone and shape it, making it the film that I want to make. So in that respect, I prefer to do the stuff that I’ve generated anyway.
Not all offers I get are exciting and inspiring. I would rather sit at home and not work than jump into mediocrity for the sake of just moving ahead. If it’s a good script, I would sacrifice my personal time and grab it.
Whenever I get a good script, I don’t care whether it’s telly or theatre or big screen – I’m not bothered.
Pete Postlethwaite
What is a good script without a good director or a good director without a good actor?
I was waiting for a good project in Malayalam. It is after a long gap that I will be seen in this industry and wanted it to be a good script.
If producers want to lure the few TV holdouts left, all they have to do is give them a good script and a guarantee of enough time to rehearse. They’d be surprised how fast those hard-to-gets would grab at the bait!
I need a producer who will look for a good script. I need a director whose purpose to make a film is not for his survival but because he loves making films.
I think that whenever there’s a good script we try to make that happen, but it’s all based off of a good story, a good script, but I don’t believe you should do it just because it’s African-American.
It is important to be financially savvy when you turn producer. As a director, you just need to have a good script in hand.
As soon as a good script comes my way, I waste no time in signing a project.
I’d love to see a good script of one of my books, in these years of animations and comic book sequels, and had so many written over the years, but none quite clicked.
Comedy films never die, all they need is a good script instead of merely relying on humour. That said, I would love to portray more characters like the one I play in ‘Perariyathavar.’
Suraj Venjaramood
When I was in New York, a lot of my friends were studying filmmaking and would bring their scripts to me, as I was a good script doctor. I would read their scripts and make corrections to them for $20 per script and was fascinated by films.
Love every role to be new, and I always like to bring a freshness to every character I play, but that comes down to the script. So, it’s important that it’s a good script with good, truthful characters and truthful subjects.
I am very into lyrics. I start with what the words are saying, what the storyline is saying, like a good script. It should really capture me, do something for me. If I don’t get it, it’s not going to move people, and if it’s not going to move people, it’s not going to happen.
I’ve been working on the screen right from childhood and am completely in love with my work. And this experience has taught me that ultimately, it’s a good script, good work that matters, whether in Bollywood or in the South.
I am bound to get carried away by anyone who approaches me with a good script.
I’m just a sucker for a good script and people that are passionate about it. I love independents.
Mikey Madison
My friends, we all improvise together usually. So we write what I think is a good script but always leave a lot of room to find stuff on the day; and we always do find something. That’s the advantage to having actors who are, in their own right, writers.
I love to be creative and to put flesh onto the ideas that are inside of me. And there are not that many great programs that are coming out through Hollywood, and I’m tired of waiting around for someone to hand me a good script, so I’m going to go and produce something.
Give me a good script, and I'll be a hundred times bett

Give me a good script, and I’ll be a hundred times better as a director.
George Cukor
I love TV, and I love a good script.
It’s great to imagine and visualise while reading a novel. It doesn’t always work for a film. ‘Pavithra’ had a good script executed badly.
If you do not have a good script, then no matter what the genre is, the film will not be a success.
When you have a good script you’re almost in more trouble than when you have a terrible script.
Finding one good script is a huge challenge. So I do a film whose script comes and grabs me. Once I finish that, I look forward to the next movie.
A good script and perfect casting, that’s 90 percent of the work.
Promoting a stock is like making a movie. You’ve got to have stars, props, and a good script.
Robert Friedland
Comedy is one genre that I really want to come my way because I was loved for my funny character in ‘Khiladi 786.’ So, if approached with a good script and good songs, I will certainly take it up.
There seems to be a pattern. I get one good script every two years.
It’s possible for me to make a bad movie out of a good script, but I can’t make a good movie from a bad script.
To find a good script is very important, because the chances and opportunities I would be getting will be very far and few.
Unlike Texas Rangers, we actors don’t have a stop date, so I don’t know about retiring. Sometimes I want to stop acting, but then you get a good script!
At the same time, reading an action script… It makes me wonder. Was The Matrix a good script? I don’t know.
Shane West
Send me a good script and I’ll be there.
Although I am a Telugu girl, I never felt that my debut in Telugu was delayed. I always wanted to be part of a good script, and I am pleased that ‘Goodachari’ hit the right notes.
I try to steer away from doing something that’s just commercial instead of sticking to a good script.
Generally, if a good script comes in I read it, and if it appeals to me, it appeals to me. And it doesn’t have to be anything – it doesn’t have to be the main character, it doesn’t have to be a huge part. It could be a nice cameo – anything that I think is good and surrounded by good, enthusiastic people.
Alison Doody
When you get a good script, and the director gives you proper lines, half your job is done.
‘ABCD – AnyBody Can Dance’ and ‘ABCD 2’ has succeeded not merely because of dance, but mainly because of its good script. Viewers have loved the story, and that’s why my movies have done well at the box office.
A good script can come from anywhere.
When you first start out as an actor, you’re just looking for a good part. As time goes on, if you’re being held responsible for the movies themselves, you’re looking for a good script all around.
Stories matter to me. I look for a good script, story, and a strong part.
I accept offers only when people approach me with a good script, and all those experiences have been great.