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For the Modi government, the calls for a 'Naya Kashmir'

For the Modi government, the calls for a ‘Naya Kashmir’ has paradoxically led them right back to old established political parties after a failed experiment at propping up an ‘alternativeregime in the form of the Apni Party and other such flirtations.
Jammu and Kashmir has a scenic beauty and I feel that the film industry rather than going abroad in countries like Switzerland and Australia, should visit Kashmir – which is the only Heaven on Earth for the shoots.
I’m not an expert on India-Pakistan relations, but, Pakistan is big enough without Kashmir and India too is big enough without Kashmir.
I had said impunity of APSPA should be removed in order to win the hearts of the people of Kashmir.
Kashmiri people are fighting the war for freedom. And India cannot stop this freedom movement through atrocities, as Kashmir dispute is a problem of humanity, human rights, and freedom.
I was born there and I moved away in 1990 when I was seven years old. After that my family moved away from there to Delhi and Mumbai. Now, only a handful of relatives live in Kashmir and we are constantly worried about them. It pains me to see that my birth-place is not a safe place to be in anymore.
Kashmir is ours, Kashmiris are ours, and Kashmiriyat is also ours.
In India, there are lots of places that I love, but my favourite is Kashmir.
When I came to Bombay, as it was called in my time, it was filled with people from everywhere, Kashmir to Kerala.
The people of Kashmir are our people, and we will do everything to ensure they are a part of the process of making India an economic superpower.
As colleagues, Shammi ji was my first co-actor and the hero of my debut film ‘Junglee’ in 1961. I met him for the first time at Kashmir’s Shalimar Bagh where we were filming the song ‘Kashmir ki kali hoon main.’ I was an excited teenager, fresh out of London College, and had pursued films against my mother‘s wishes.
I keep surprising myself with films like ‘Mission Kashmir,’ ‘Albela,’ ‘Farz,’ and ‘Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai.’ All the roles are very different.
Kashmir aligned with India under certain conditions. Article 35A is part and parcel of this relationship.
Kashmir is an integral part of India, and nobody can take it away from us.
During my time in Pakistan, I was asked to lead an expedition to Azad Kashmir following a devastating earthquake in 2005 that claimed the lives of 80,000 people.
Let Jammu and Kashmir lead the way in the building of a new future for India. Let it set an example to the rest of India and the world by showing how the entire region can be transformed into a zone of peace, stability and prosperity.
If you look at Indian movies, every time they wanted an exotic locale, they would have a dance number in Kashmir. Kashmir was India’s fairyland. Indians went there because in a hot country you go to a cold place. People would be entranced by the sight of snow.
Vallabhbhai Patel was known as the Iron Man of India, and it is said that if he was the Prime Minister then the issue of Kashmir wouldn’t have come about. And if Savarkar was the Prime Minister, Pakistan wouldn’t have come into existence.
The issue of Kashmir is both political and emotional in nature. Any pragmatic and lasting solution needs India and Pakistan sitting together on a table and discussing a solution that addresses the aspirations of Kashmiris and does not compromise the territorial integrity of either India or Pakistan.
I don’t think that the fundamental issue between India and Pakistan is Kashmir, OK.
Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
But I must confess that Kashmir is one place that made me reach out for the camera. Such is the setting that no matter in which direction one looks, you get a gorgeous frame.
Rakshit Shetty
I am from Jammu and Kashmir.
The Aam Aadmi party is of the view that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Needless to say that I share this view.
The Kashmir problem is a very old one and has been a major challenge for all governments.
My dad was a Punjabi from Amritsar, and my mom is a Punjabi from Kashmir. My dad was a soldier in the Indian Army.
Most Pakistani politics is conducted within a narrow spectrum. Politicians spend much time debating the best ways to fight India, or take Kashmir, or dominate Afghanistan, or punish the United States for its real and imagined sins.
The alliance in Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most important developments on the contemporary political scene.
The Kashmir Files‘ is based on the mass exodus of Kashmiri pandits from the valley in 1989-90 due to militancy.
Pakistan is keen to promote its trade with India, we want economic ties getting stronger with India. Our business community is keen to reach out to their Indian counterparts. And of course, we want to resolve the issue of Kashmir, which is a flash point in our relations.
But I would say my favorite Zeppelin song to play is ‘Kashmir.’ I have a great time playing that one.
In Britain, politicians who openly discuss their spirituality are about as welcome as Jehovah‘ s Witnesses on the doorstep, and the British associate the mixture of politics and religion as a heady cocktail best reserved for the mass irrationality of Northern Ireland, Iran, Kashmir, and the Middle East.
As far as Government of India is concerned, I want to m

As far as Government of India is concerned, I want to make it clear that we don’t just want need-based ties but to build an emotional relationship with Kashmir.
It is the Jammu and Kashmir government, which has to take an initiative of inviting actors and the film industry to the state.
Whenever you go to Kashmir, you find people who are very gentle and soft-spoken.
I feel proud when a player from Jammu and Kashmir plays for India. This shows cricket has reached all corners of the country.
I can claim with total honesty that no home minister has visited Kashmir as many times as I have.
The traveller who aspires to reach the highlands of Tibet from Kashmir cannot be borne along in a carriage or hill-cart. For much of the way, he is limited to a foot pace, and if he has regard to his horse, he walks down all rugged and steep descents, which are many, and dismounts at most bridges.
In Kashmir, you need utmost cooperation between all centres of authority.
I totally hate when somebody takes a classic and desecrates it. I like Jimmy Page and P. Diddy, but what they did to ‘Kashmir’ was a debacle.
Jammu is part of the state but the people of Jammu do not face the same kind of difficulties that we face in Kashmir.
Without resolving Kashmir dispute, lasting peace cannot be maintained in the region.
As a kid, since I was born in Kashmir, I have been to the Amarnath caves.
Kashmir belongs to the Kashmiris. Not to Indians. Not to Pakistanis.
Where most of the country is, well, hot – from the bone-baking dry heat of the desert to the flesh-melting humidity of Kerala in the south – Kashmir is cool: so cool, in fact, that in the winter, the temperatures can sink to sub-zero.
I respect the Indian government for the fact that there are no settlements in Kashmir.
I was never sent to Kashmir on any secret mission. I want to make that position clear.
The government of India and the government of Jammu and Kashmir are determined to ensure that every Kashmiri lives with dignity having equal rights and equal opportunities.
So many mouths can get fed, so many minds can be nourished, if India and Pakistan resolve the Kashmir issue through a Kashmiri-owned, Kashmiri-led peace process.
I was in Kashmir last weekend. Went to visit one of my sweaters.
I don’t know myself why directors are offering me negative roles, although I did ‘Yaddein’ after ‘Mission Kashmir’ in which I played a very positive character, but people don’t remember that.
Those who call Bharat Mata as ‘dayan,’ who does not acknowledge Kashmir as part of India and use foul language against our PM Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath, stands exposed before people. Their anger is visible when I meet them and they share their views.
I was watching the devastations of the Kashmir floods, and a reporter was asking a local, who had just lost her house and her son, how she was feeling. I was stunned at the insensitivity. I did a 10-15 second satire on it and put it up on Facebook.
It is time to end the western policy of malign neglect. It is in the interest of the whole world to help tackle the actual grievances in Palestine, Kashmir, and in central and southern Iraq, and to help the region out of its economic backwardness.
In army, I went to Kashmir and did well, which was a challenge. In sports, I went to Olympics at a time when no one believed that we can actually win. Coming into politics was also a challenge as I wanted to push the youth to achieve gold in various fields of life.
Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
The BJP promised that the end of Article 370 was going to be the close of business-as-usual in Kashmir. But if anything defines business-as-usual, it has been New Delhi’s attempts at political engineering in the Valley.