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I like to always remind my dancers about ways to avoid

I like to always remind my dancers about ways to avoid injury. One of the basic ways to avoid injury is to always make sure to stretch and warm up your body. This will loosen up your muscles, which will help to avoid common strain injuries such as shin splints and ankle strains.
I want the ankle match with Kurt Angle… or I want Brock to see who is the best from MMA and pro wrestling.
I’d rather not, but if it will help the club, I’ll do it. My ankle injury still bothers me sometimes.
Bill Buckner
I remember doing this little physical gesture of holding up my foot and having my foot wave around while I held my ankle. It got a big laugh, and when people started laughing, it dumped some chemicals on my brain. It just felt so good.
I like to think of myself as somebody who heals fast and can play through pain, but I’m not going to rush it at the same time. A sprained ankle, those are things I can fight through.
You never want to see anybody get hurt… but if you‘ve ever played basketball before you’ve probably sprained your ankle so that stuff happens. It’s part of the game.
This is the analogy I use is: A lot of guys tape their ankles, a lot of guys use braces on their ankles. But that becomes something your body relies on. It actually weakens your ankle muscles. So if you were to ever not use the tape or brace, or do lifts, you may not be as strong.
I’m known as the ankle bully, and I’m the CEO of it because I’ve made a lot of people fall during my lifetime.
LaMelo Ball
Oh, gosh, okaywell, my biggest injury was probably a bone chip in my ankle that required surgery.
Trish Stratus
I’ve played with IVs before, during and after games. I’ve played with a broken hand, a sprained ankle, a torn shoulder, a fractured tooth, a severed lip, and a knee the size of a softball. I don’t miss 15 games because of a toe injury that everybody knows wasn’t that serious in the first place.
A sore ankle, a swollen knee or a bruise makes you feel alive.
No 13-year-old or over should ever be seen in trousers that finish above the ankle. It doesn’t matter how good your legs are, or if you’re on a beach in Bermuda where they invented the things.
If we get in an accident that’s strong enough to break bones, it’s going to break bones. What makes me a little bit higher risk is that if I break my right ankle again, I’ve got a bunch of screws and plates in there, and that would not be good.
Al Unser
I have been attacked by Rush Limbaugh on the air, an experience somewhat akin to being gummed by a newt. It doesn’t actually hurt, but it leaves you with slimy stuff on your ankle.
I was not allowed to take spherical trigonometry because I’d sprained my ankle. Because I’d sprained my ankle, I had an incomplete in gym, phys ed. And the rule was that if you had an incomplete in anything, you were not allowed to take an overload.
William Shockley
You just have to put in the work. Work really hard, get a good coach and a good gym. You have to have the right mindset to be a champion. Don’t make excuses on going to the gym like your ankle is sore or what.
There is something insouciant and boyish about the sockless ankle in summer.
Some tell me I’ll break my ankle on my high heels – but I live in them. I’m known for doing speed dashes and leaps and bounds in heels. No problem.
Kylie Bax
That’s what the sari is about. Everything is covered, yet a peep of an ankle can be a turn on for men.
It was my Old Trafford debut and it lasted about 60 minutes and my left leg and left ankle sort of gave way on me from a tackle from behind.
Dion Dublin
I have scars on my knee from an ACL surgery. I have a scar on my ankle from ankle surgery. I have a scar on my left hand from hand surgery.
Whenever I have a little time off, I try to go back to my farm in South Africa. I’ll spend time with my family and hunt antelope, kudu and springbok. During a 2010 hunting trip, I tore some ligaments in my ankle when I stepped in a hole.
Louis Oosthuizen
My personality, if I was healthy enough to play, I’m going to play! I felt that at 75, 80 percent, even if I had a sprained ankle, if I’m out there on the floor, I could be Deion Sanders.
I thought it was a little ankle sprain, but it was a little more than that. The road to recovery was tough, but I knew that I had to fight. I couldn’t be disappointed, I couldn’t be sad, I just had to get up and keep the smile on my face and get back. In the sport I play, injuries are part of it.
It was very difficult in 2007. I was out for a long time after an ankle operation in Antwerp, then when I returned, I was not at my best, of course.
If I feel my Achilles and my ankle are tight, I make sure I get it worked on before I practice because I don’t want to put myself in the situation of possibly getting hurt.
It’s like going to the gym everyday. It really is. I work hard on my craft, I sweat a little bit, I run a little bit, I might sprain an ankle every now and them, but it’s all good and the more you do it, the more in shape you are and it’s like a machine.
It was the force of the ball. It made my foot bone and ankle come together and cracked. I thought I had just twisted my ankle, but it was a clear fracture.
Shoes? I have loved them all: ’60s pumps; white Courreges ankle boots; platform soles from the first time around, in the ’70s; more boots – ankle, calf, and knee-high; 1980s sneakers; pin heels and wedges; Mary Janes and stilettos.
I had that small injury on my ankle, but I know that I am not playing like I used to play and like I have to play. So I have to keep working and try to play much better.
I broke my ankle ten years ago so high heels are not an option unless I’m literally going door to door for a function.
I have a healthy lifestyle, but there's nothing you can

I have a healthy lifestyle, but there’s nothing you can really do to prevent from rolling an ankle or something like that.
Of course ankle length socks are cheaper, but they don’t cover the lower leg as hosiery should.
I began sports as a Basketball player but got into lifting weights after a recurring ankle problem that stopped me from competing in basketball despite having surgeries.
I got a third-degree ankle sprain practicing long jump. I never fully recovered. That was my first heartbreak. I thought track was going to be something that was going to happen in my life. It never went in the direction I wanted it to, no matter how hard I tried.
My fibula was cracked in half to where it was a clean break, and it was poking at the skin, to where it could have been a compound fracture. My Achilles tendon was crushed like a soda can, the whole top of my foot was ripped off the bone, and the ankle was lodged up into my shin, on both sides.
The funny thing is, I’ve never really hurt myself in an action movie. I’ve done ‘Wanted,’ ‘X-Men,’ ‘Welcome To The Punch,’ even ‘Trance‘ to a certain extent has little bits of action and stuff, but I’ve never really hurt myself at all – not even like a sprained ankle.
I had a MRSA infection on my ankle. At the time, I had never heard of MRSA. I didn’t really know a whole lot about it. It really scared me.
Grant Hill
I was jogging in the grass while on a warm-up and there was a sprinkler hole. I rolled my ankle, and it was really bad.
If it wasn’t for my trainer – who comes looking for me three times a week before 7 A.M. – I wouldn’t get my butt out of bed and into the gym. There are many mornings when I think about faking a sprained ankle, but I just put it out of my head and make myself go.
Even now with the operation, with the damage done, my ankle probably is never going to be back to 100 per cent.
Casey Stoner
It would be absurd for me to diagnose Sarah Palin with a sprained ankle, let alone any sort of mental illness.
I had small injuries that everybody else has. A little strain, you’re out one week. Twist your ankle, out two weeks.
Traditionally, skaters tend to tie their skates very tightly. I tend to just tie my foot down, then in the ankle area, I tend to keep it loose. It gives me better mobility. But also, you’re relying on your own strength as opposed to resting on the boot.
If I can make someone tap out with my ankle lock it would be Sasha Banks.
I had to think about ankle torsion, where the screws are on the ski, how that affects the forces going into the ski and how the ski bends, your leverage points. It was a challenge. I was having the greatest time, making the mistakes, crashing.
I hurt my toe on turf and I hurt my ankle. I never got hurt on grass.
I’ve jumped off pianos, I stopped climbing up curtains when the screws popped once and I fell to the floor like a Looney Tunes cartoon character, and ended up off for six months because of a broken ankle.
I will play until my knee, my ankle or my back say ‘stop.’
I have a microphone on one ankle and an ankle bracelet on the other, so I’m well balanced today.
I have a ladybug on my wrist that I got when I was doing ‘John Tucker Must Die,’ and I have a tattoo on my ankle that’s in Sanskrit that saysFearless.’
Most ankle strap shoes are seriously unattractive, cutting the line of the leg as well as cutting off the circulation! Try dancing in them – your feet will look like a pair of overdone hotdogs afterwards.
I broke my back, I broke my ankle. I didn’t cry then.
I don’t even remember how many times I’ve sprained my ankle. I’ve had stress fractures galore and torn my PCL. You just take a little time off if you have the time, and if not, you keep training until you can take the time off.
On a 60-mile trek with a 200-kg. bergen on my back, I felt my ankle break. Some might have given up. I broke my other ankle to even up the pain. And carried on.
When in doubt, put on a floral dress and ankle boots – that is always a great and easy go-to outfit.
Until Charlie broke his ankle in Toronto, we were as good a unit as anybody.
Marcel Dionne
While performing, I can’t wear anything that I’m not going to be able to dance in or heels that don’t have ankle support.
I dance in a three-and-a-half-inch stiletto heel – but it took me a while to get to that level. You really have to be careful not to break your ankle or twist your ankle.
All the pain I had, it was not worth it. My ankle created so many problems, it affected my day-to-day living. But at that time football was my whole life. Now I am older, I have had a life without football. You can still have a good life – there is more than football.