Top 60 Knack Quotes

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I have a discipline that has served me very well in my

I have a discipline that has served me very well in my career and in my personal life… and that’s gotten stronger as I’ve gotten older. I’ve always felt if I don’t just have a natural knack for it, I will just out-discipline the competition if I have to – work harder than anybody else.
Working on ‘Drive‘, a lot of fun. This is Tim Minear whom I’ve worked with before on ‘Firefly’ of course. He called me up and said, ‘I’ve got a part for you that you will love,’ and I love Tim’s writing. I love his stories. I love his characters, his dialogue. He has a knack for reveals and he has a knack for moments.
I have the knack of easing scruples.
Actually, I do have a knack of pulling things off with a straight face, guess it runs in my family.
You know, I’ve always said, I’ve never felt I was a particularly good singer, but I’ve always thought I had a great knack for picking hit songs.
I don’t have the same knack for the business end that my old man did. Recruiting people has been tough. I don’t envy anyone in that spot, especially some of the great non-WWE promoters like ‘Evolves’ Gabe Sapolsky, Beyond Wrestling‘s Drew Cordeiro, or Markus Mac at All Pro Wrestling.
Humans have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are worst for them.
I’m certainly no Cleopatra. I have legs like a schoolgirl and I don’t know how I acquired the knack of attracting producers with very attractive offers for very attractive film roles.
Ever since I was a kid, I knew I could play in the NFL because I had a knack for the game. But I can’t play this game forever. When I’m finished, maybe I’ll become a motivational speaker, maybe a preacher. But children need to know that life may be hard, but you can always overcome.
I sangAmerican Pie‘ a lot in my stage set. It had a knack of uniting an audience in a sing-along. It’s a clever song about American history but wrapped in a fantastic tune.
Comedy is just to me, maybe it’s a natural knack, if I can see where the joke is in the writing and I can see where the setup is and I can tell this is the way to make it.
I have a knack for getting the ball and it’s something I take pride in.
Stupidity has a knack of getting its way.
Brook‘s always had a knack for putting the ball in the bucket, and I would have to go out there and try to stop him. That would be my thing.
Technology is the knack of so arranging the world that we don’t have to experience it.
Max Frisch
I guess nobody can teach you the knack, or whatever it is, that helps you come to life on stage.
I’m a mother myself, and sometimes mothers get a bad rap just because they’ve tried to do their job. Some people have more of a knack for it than others do, but almost all of it falls to, ‘My mother’s suffocating me.’ Whatever.
Annie Potts
Obviously fitness matters and at a certain age batsmen get the knack, batsmen get an idea how to get runs and I think he got the idea about 2-3 years ago how to get runs, what sort of shots to play and reading the situation.
My biggest learning while working with Priyanka was self-confidence. What sets her apart from the rest is her knack for looking out for people. She ensures that, along with her, everyone around her also grows while working on a project.
I think I had a knack for music, but I think what I was more sort of talented at more than anything, because I don’t think I’m a great singer, I think that I grew up imitating different voices that I heard.
Alex Dumas was a consummate warrior and a man of great conviction and moral courage. He was renowned for his strength, his swordsmanship, his bravery, and his knack for pulling victory out of the toughest situations. But he was known, too, for his profane back talk and his problems with authority.
Some guys are just great basketball players and they have the knack for scoring, so people just allow them to get by with that ability without teaching them anything new, without really coaching them.
I can’t go to a party and just smile at people and walk away. There are big actors, directors who come to a party and stay for not more than 20 minutes. They have a knack for making a quick exit but I have not been successful in doing that. So I try to avoid such gatherings.
Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done.
The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
We’re no good at holidays, the wife and I. We just don’t have the knack. We had one good one, early on, but that was a fluke. Everything since then has been a nightmare.
The knack is to find your own inspiration and take it on a journey to create work that is personal and revealing.
Throughout my career as a songwriter, I’ve had a knack for writing songs that were about me and my life experiences and observations.
There’s no point playing up front just because you want to be the one who scores the goals. Make sure you have a knack for it.
I came to the Unites States and realised I had a knack for coming up with rhymes and lyrics.
They are deceptively simple. I admit that. But for me, all my life I try to simplify things. As a child in school, things were very hard for me to understand often, and I developed a knack, I think. I developed a process to simplify things so I would understand them.
Eric Carle
I took two fiction-writing courses in college and major

I took two fiction-writing courses in college and majored in literature. I felt that I had a knack though I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a talent. But it scared me. I felt it was a childish thing wanting to write and that I would forget about it eventually.
Sports is just something I have a knack to figure out how to play.
I signed with Big Yellow Dog and have been with them for years. The president of the company is a woman named Carla Wallace, who is an amazing publisher who just has a knack for female artists.
Satish Kaushik has a knack of coming up with very good remakes.
The greatest manager has a knack for making ballplayers think they are better than they think they are.
When I started designing in school, I discovered that I had a knack for it. I fell completely in love with architecture, and I remain in love with it.
I seem to have a bit of a knack for accents; I can pick them up quick enough.
George MacKay
I would love to do a comedy, and I think physical comedy is something I probably have a knack on.
I have a knack – and still do – where I can look at a guy and tell you if he’s going to draw you money or not. That’s very difficult to do. I haven‘t met too many people who can do that.
I don’t actually have a lot of discipline. I’ve worked hard at music. But I feel like you know, I felt like kind of natural at it. I always had a knack for it.
You know, every country needs another country to mock, and Australians seem to be pretty good at impersonating American people. Maybe it’s because all the movies and music and TV you see there is from America, so we just have the knack for it.
I always had a pretty good knack for raising hell.
Brandon Lee
I’m very interested in music, but I was not born musical. I honestly do think some people have the knack. I can’t play an instrument. I’m a terrible singer. I’m not about to launch my album!
Ultra-aggressive players have a knack of making otherwise sound players commit huge stacks of chips with relatively weak hands, like A-Q.
If you’re an American reader, you can love short stories the way other Americans love baseball; this is our game, people! We have more than two hundred years of know-how and knack, of creativity.
I always had a knack for improvisation. I can write down the notes I play, but never really had a proper academic musical background. I suppose I’m blessed and cursed by the fact I have that freedom.
I’ve been told by the prosecutors and by my own attorneys I should go to law school. I guess I have a knack for it.
I think that if you have a knack for storytelling, and you work really hard at it, you’ll have a chance to tap into something deep. But the fact remains that good sentences are hard won. Any writer worth a lick knows constructing a sentence, a paragraph, or a chapter is hard work.
Adam Ross
The reason I was drawn to the Band Perry was because they have a knack for doing rollicking country music that can sound a little rock and a little pop.
In retrospect, I’m really shocked at how far I put my heart out there on the line with ‘Prima Donna’. I seem to have this knack for being able to accomplish that.
I just always had a knack for handling and passing the rock and making things happen.
I don’t think I think things through like regular people would. I could be a real hateful person, and I also don’t really care about my own well-being, I guess. I just kind of have that knack about me. I just don’t care.
I think I’m a good passer and can make plays, but there’s definitely a knack to putting the puck in the net.
From my first days in training, I had a knack for the nuts and bolts of my profession.
I have a knack for choosing the wrong people.
Kangana Ran
He just has the knack, the ability, to do something special and crucial. This is Messi.
I did have a knack for playing weirdos. There’s still sort of this perception of me out there as being this crazy guy.
I don’t attribute any ‘luck‘ to ‘Bol Bachchan”s success. It was an entertaining commercial film which was bound to do well, and I guess I have the knack of picking up such universally appealing, fun masala movies which turn to be successful.
There’s often a good, honest case to be made that a century-old company has not only a knack for growing and managing a P&L, but also, perhaps, a heart and soul.