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Christlike communications are expressed in tones of lov

Christlike communications are expressed in tones of love rather than loudness. They are intended to be helpful rather than hurtful. They tend to bind us together rather than to drive us apart. They tend to build rather than to belittle.
Basically, coming up, listening to Cash Money and Master P, and my mother would listen to Sade and Erykah Badu, things like that. I didn’t like that music back then, but now, I guess, to look for soothing music or tones, you know, I would look to that, and I would love to do something with Sade or Erykah Badu.
The most important thing in imaging for me is the dynamic range. The dynamic range means the tones that you can capture from highlights to dark and the bits, the depth of color that you can capture.
Emmanuel Lubezki
Cantonese, which has up to nine tones as opposed to the five in Mandarin, is much more versatile and one of the richest dialects in Chinese.
When you are making a record and if you spend too much time over it, you have to record it a tone lower or cut the tones lower because you can’t reach some of the notes, I find this. But when you go on stage, you have to put the key up and it really changes the whole thing.
Ray Davies
I’m not really into cool tones personally.
If whiteness were of no particular advantage, then having a fuller color wheel of skin tones would be purely a matter of celebration. But whiteness – just a drop of it – does still carry privilege. You learn that very young in America.
I love all kinds of stories and movies, and I did work hard to get through to the creative community and studio executives that I could work in a number of different genres and tones.
I love the sun, but we don’t get on at all; it doesn’t agree with my Celtic tones. I also like nothing better than putting on a big ski jacket and feeling the wind in my face.
The fans always ask me, ‘Is Si that crazy in real life?’ and I said, ‘No, hey, he tones it down for television.’
And then, of course, most potters, they go in for earth tones and subdued things, and I like color.
Beatrice Wood
A lot of the struggle I had with movies is I really loved moments and tones and feelings in a scene, and I loved creating those, but I never really had great stories to string them together.
Ever since I was 18 or 19, I’ve wanted to question the sound, tones, and scale associated with the piano as an instrument symbolic of modern European music.
I personally wear a lot of earth tones – does that make me boring? I don’t know. I do like a pop of color, like red shoes or a bright orange jacket.
When I wroteSouthern Baptist Sissies,’ that was the first time that I really ventured out into pure drama with themes where there was not one laugh sometimes. But I’ve always gravitated organically to blending tones and usually get good reviews about that. That’s what life is about.
If Bill jumps into something that relies on a lot of cymbals, I’ll jump into something that relies on a lot of skin sounds; if he goes into metal tones, I’ll go into wood, and so on. I basically play in his holes.
Pat Mastelotto
Often, I can scarcely hear any one speaking to me; the tones yes, but not the actual words; yet as soon as any one shouts, it is unbearable. What will come of all this, heaven only knows!
I really like black. I love wearing black, different aesthetics and shades. I like earth tones. Those are my go-tos.
I love the tones of browns and grays – I love more neutral tones. That’s why I like going to the desert and working in the desert. I find that green trees and things like that have a tendency to lock us into a certain way of seeing.
I’m a big fan of spinning and yoga. To strengthen my core, kick-boxing is really effective. The resistance tones everything, and it’s a great stress reliever.
Katrina Bowden
A great drum record has to sound good; in fact, it should sound special. It should capture the richness and the actual tones of the drums themselves, regardless of who is playing.
Music is about depth. Music is about harmony. Music is about notes and tones.
I love Hailey Bieber and Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley’s style. I am a big fan of neutral tones and Rosie nails it, so chic, so classic.
At Bloomington, Indiana, I was invited to listen to music written in quarter tones for four harps and voices. I had to go out to be sick.
Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
In my family, depression is spoken of in hushed tones. As farmers we have always ploughed through our feelings.
When I was on the air a lot my throat and vocal chords got tired. If you don’t vary your tones you can’t get pretty tired of your own voice.
‘The Descent,’ ‘Dog Soldiers,’ those films, I’ve loved for years, and the tones of those.
Matt Ryan
I was born on the fairer side, but I’ve always been fascinated by dusky and dark tones. So, when the makers of my films asked me to go a few shades darker, I didn’t think twice. I am not doing anything extraordinary, but I want to break cinematic notions about outwardly appearances.
Our daily life is filled with electronic pianos, ring tones, the disembodied voice giving you your bank balance over the telephone. Even silence can be electronic, courtesy of sound-canceling headphones.
I can’t really remember a time in my life when I didn’t know something about what we call the Holocaust. It was this dark topic that I would know more about when I got older, but which was spoken about in hushed tones.
Elliot Perlman
Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.
I love earth tones, jewel tones and everything that is

I love earth tones, jewel tones and everything that is natural. I also like natural materials like cottons, silks… I don’t like synthetic. Even the wood we use has to be authentic.
Landfill‘ by Daughter has calming, rich tones that are only improved upon by the gorgeous voice of Daughter.
My type, which I didn’t realize until somebody pointed out to me, apparently is brunettes with darker skin tones, but that is about it as far as aesthetically.
It’s wonderful that newer brands such as Fenty are making clear statements about being for all skin tones.
Ring tones are just irritating, aren’t they?
When somewhat at a distance, I cannot hear the high tones of instruments, voices. In speaking, it is not surprising that there are people who have never noticed it, for as a rule I am absent-minded, and they account for it in that way.
I attribute the black tones in my films to Stephen King, Tim Burton, Joe Hill and Richard Matheson. However, most of my writing is influenced by mental health. I’m incredibly passionate about shedding light on the stigmas associated with mental illnesses.
Anna Akana
Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can. Of course, I could be wrong.
I want to see the guitar in a non-linear sense that encompasses tones, arrangements, songwriting, audio production, and everything else – you have to do it all.
For whatever reason, the films I gravitate towards do have these strange sort of tonal balances to them… I kind of realized on ’50/ 50′ why I liked these blending of tones, because I think it’s kind of what life is like: funny one minute, sad the next, scary the next.
I cannot write poetically, for I am no poet. I cannot make fine artistic phrases that cast light and shadow, for I am no painter. I can neither by signs nor by pantomime express my thoughts and feelings, for I am no dancer; but I can by tones, for I am a musician.
It was as if all of the happiness, all of the magic of this blissful hour had flowed together into these stirring, bittersweet tones and flowed away, becoming temporal and transitory once more.
One of the things I do well – I think, anyway – is combining different tones.
I’m trying to enlarge what I do with my voice, not through technique but just through the sounds. I think we all make noises, and particularly when we get involved or emotional about something, the colors and the tones of those noises change.
Dance is a great way to stay fit; it improves postures and tones the body. It’s also a good cardio workout.
Circuit training is doing repeated exercises on machines without rest. It tones the sagging skin when one starts to lose weight fast.
The last thing I do is go and listen to heavy rock music. But I love electronic music. The purity of the tones is inspiring, because it’s obviously much more controlled than a guitar tone.
Shadow is a colour as light is, but less brilliant; light and shadow are only the relation of two tones.
My favourite colour is red, but I also like jewel tones and monochrome, while my preferred shapes include A-line skirts and skinny trousers.
Tamzin Merchant
Everyone can write their melodies and chords and pianos and guitars, but what hasn’t been discovered yet are tones and textures, and that’s very exciting. Probably the No. 1 most important thing in my music is not to sound like anyone else.
I’m not good enough to be playin’ much acoustic guitar onstage. Man, you gotta get so right; I mean, the tones, the feel, the sound. Plus, acoustic blues guitar is just that much harder on the fingers.
Johnny Winter
In the corporate-owned media, men dressed like Ronald Reagan and women dressed like Rita Hayworth disseminate grotesque exaggerations and gossip in authoritative tones.
One of the color combos that I really love is the tones of technicolor, which older movies would have, these tones of blue and red in them.
In the ’70s, the newspaper guild managed to get people paid what they were worth, but the reporters suddenly became middle class. It’s much more respectable, more uptight, and everyone speaks in guarded tones. And the writing isn’t as good. We always had guys who were failed poets and failed novelists who did it to eat.
I really believe in the power of music – and I mean literally the power of musical tones – to rearrange the way you can think.
Michael Azerrad
Love in all eight tones and all five semitones of the word’s full octave.
While cardio prompts your body to burn calories while you are exercising, resistance training not only sculpts, tones, and strengthens your body, but it causes your body to burn more calories when you are at rest.
The beautiful thing about art is that there’s always somewhere to go. There’s always something new to explore and, as an artist, that’s just what I want to do. I wanna keep exploring new things with different directors with different producers and different styles and tones.
Don’t take anything too literally. When throwing a coastal theme dinner, don’t just put seashells on the table. Instead, think about the colors and tones of seashells, what they remind you of and go from there.