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In all intellectual debates, both sides tend to be corr

In all intellectual debates, both sides tend to be correct in what they affirm, and wrong in what they deny.
I like the opportunity to play characters who have these dark sides but make the audience empathize with them. You want them to think there is some kind of sweeter, softer side to it.
Julian McMahon
It might be a very human thing across the board, but we, in America, love a story – we need a story to get involved in. But then everything becomes more about how the story protects a certain perception as we pick sides.
First, I think more Americans need to declare their independence from partisan politics on both sides. The more that Americans declare their independence, the more the parties will have to compete for their votes using reason rather than the hateful appeals.
John Avlon
My hubby makes a mean salmon steak at the grill, but he leaves all the sides up to me. I love to grill and roast vegetables. I also experiment with baking instead of frying some things, like onion rings. I even make biscuits with coconut oil these days.
Is it better to go indie and make bigger profits on each book, or stick with a print publisher‘s 6%-10% royalties? Since I never could figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up, I’m hedging my bets and working both sides of the street.
I don’t like the termspositive‘ or ‘negative,’ as I think every person has good and bad in them. It’s high time that we explore all these sides on television as humans.
The owners of the Premier League sides are like in the NBA, they’re not millionaires, they’re billionaires.
I want to show all sides of myself. I mean, I don’t want to howl at the moon my whole life, you know?
There is a history of gay people pretending to be straight. I want to balance the sides. I’m a straight person pretending to be gay. I’ve had a lot of people to imitate. It’s easy when you’re British; we’re camp by nature, anyway.
I don’t think fairness means that you give equal time to every point of view no matter how marginal. You weigh the sides, you do some truth-testing, you apply judgment to them.
England Women regularly play against Under-15 and U-17 county men’s sides, which is great for the girls to take them out of their comfort zones. It’s important to find a balance, though, because the way in which women’s cricket is played is still very different.
My personality has two sides: a very social side and a reclusive side. I love writing fiction, although I can’t imagine ever being locked up in a room writing all the time.
John Searles
As an actress, the joy of being able to play the three sides of any woman, which are the glamour, the pragmatic and the one not to be messed with, is pretty glorious.
Victoria Smurfit
I’ve always been into super upbeat, cute, uplifting progressions, but at the same time, I’m also a very dark person. I really like both sides, and I feel like I’m always trying to find some middle ground with music or style or anything that I do.
The vast sums of money that are coming in at the top end of the game are stretching the rest of the sides to try to get as much benefit out of what finance they’ve got and get the best players they can find for that finance.
I was involved with the Batman. There are two sides to every story. Now you’ve heard my side.
Bob Kane
Trump and Bernie Sanders are different sides of the same coin.
And then ’74 as I mentioned and then the 1990 world cup was our team was the team of the reunification you know, so we were the team for both sides of Germany so now, you know throughout the last 16 years, we’ve melted together. And now comes the next milestone.
Jurgen Klinsmann
SOLO’ is a fun, self-loving song. Through it, I wanted to show different sides of me.
Exploring Castro’s pawns in Cuba and exposing anything negative also makes you a pawn to all his enemies 90 miles away. Both sides don’t have much of a track record for nuance of opinion.
I do abs every day: regular, weighted crunches and sit-ups every other day, then my obliques and my sides on the alternating day. So I’m working my core every day.
Christopher Gorham
I completely remember the horror I felt when my pits started getting hairy. I would walk with my arms pressed against my sides.
Lisi Harrison
If you have a lesion in the hippocampus in both sides, you have short term memory, but you can convert that short term memory into long term memory.
My parents separated before I was born, but they remained friends, so I was close to both sides of my family, with siblings and cousins and godparents. I’ve had the same best friend since grade six.
Comedy and tragedy are two sides of the same coin. A talent in one area might also lead to a predisposition in the other.
Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors. Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths, and encourage the arts and commerce.
I used to ask my mom to try and shave my head on the sides to give me a receding hairline because Adam Ant had one.
Both sides of the game, defensively and offensively, are important.
Partisanship is our great curse. We too readily assume that everything has two sides and that it is our duty to be on one or the other.
James Harvey Robinson
The common agenda both sides seem to share is: Whatever works.
A good story, a story resonant and remarkable, can be r

A good story, a story resonant and remarkable, can be remade endlessly to tell new sides of itself for new generations of readers.
I’m the daughter of one of the most long-standing senators in politics, and I have been given every opportunity that anyone could possibly dream of. I was given those opportunities as a result of the hard work from both sides of my family.
Everyone sees me as a defensive-minded guy, but both sides of the court are important. If you want to win, you have to be good on both sides.
Contract things are kind of tough to come up with, especially with both sides and kind of how the economics and all those things work.
I see myself as a bridge-builder who can understand both sides.
Ray Sefo was a fighter and now he’s a promoter and this is good. Ray Sefo knows two sides, this is amazing.
In ‘Ratatouille,’ there are two different themes that express the two sides of Remy’s personality: the creative side: the chef, and the ‘thief‘ side: his nature as a mouse.
A European army must protect the continent from two sides, from the east and from the south, in terms of protecting against terrorism and migration.
Like most Americans, I hope and wish is that there is a peaceful resolution to the Middle East conflict. Unfortunately, there are extremists on both sides who oppose a peaceful resolution and instead choose violence.
The best strategy for making people care about what happens is if they empathize with both sides. If you just have a Villain with a capital V, it becomes very two-dimensional.
All too often, we see politicians on both sides desperately twisting themselves into partisan-hack pretzels, for the sole purpose of defending their own ‘team’ or attacking the other, without any thought to principles or values whatsoever.
I met some friends in the end of 10th, beginning of 11th, who were in the popular group so I finished off high school in that group and got to see both sides.
Shane West
The theatre always seems to be in trouble but always thriving. It’s deeply comical to me that we agonize about our crap football teams and indifferent Test sides when in front of our noses is a great world success story that no one’s interested in apart from those who work in it.
You can’t choose up sides on a round world.
I get to see the different sides of skating now which involves not only competing, but entertainment.
My family, although they’re very large on both my parents‘ sides, they don’t know much about their family tree. Occasionally, they try to dig, but they can’t get very far, and it’s baffling. In Dublin, it seems that so many public records were wiped out; it’s proven to be very difficult, so I know very little.
Whatever else anyone says he was, he may have been. But Tupac really was a great American artist. The passage of time allows us to see things as they really are: We see the poetry; we see the personality; we see different sides.
If it’s not messy and it doesn’t drip over the sides, it’s not a holiday hot chocolate -it’s just an average hot chocolate.
I think the teenage sides of myself have informed my adult self.
You can’t take sides when you know the earth is round.
Patricia Sun
Turkey is fine, but if I don’t have the sides, forget about it. And cornbread stuffing is at the center of my plate. I will have about six sides and then a little bit of turkey and gravy.
Carla Hall
It’s OK for two sides to disagree. It’s perfectly fine. It’s normal.
The story of the Alamo has touched many more people than one would think. So, I would like to pay my respects to those men on both sides of the walls in those months of February and March 1836.
Being a black woman, there’s so many different sides of us. We are funny, silly, romantic, professional, smart, and we have good jobs.
It is important for people to be able to read all sides of every question; for a feeling of national unity does not come from one-sided or inadequate information, but from a sense of freedom impartially secured and of opportunity equalized by a just government.
Jeannette Rankin
I think people appreciate a songwriter who shows different sides. The whole angst thing is cool, but if that’s all you’ve got, it’s just boring. Everything I write, whether it’s happy or sad, has a sense of humor to it.
We have all had, on all sides of the House – some truly appalling things said about us. I’ve been called a race traitor, a coconut, a sell out. It’s horrible and it’s never the kind of thing that should be normalised or accepted.
The real hippie is trying to create something inclusive, something holistic, something loving and healthy which isn’t in perpetual conflict with authority and actually knows that the only way to disarm the entire game is to step aside and not take any sides.
The Iraq war fueled distrust of the press from both sides.
Everybody tries to take a tragedy and turn it to their own political purposes, and it’s both sides.
I’m crazy, but I’m serious. I’m sentimental, but I’m, like, really hard, too. I just want people to understand that I have all these sides inside me.
As an amateur, I trained in some real hard schools of k

As an amateur, I trained in some real hard schools of knocks. In Cuba, they would have judges on three sides of the ring just for sparring sessions. They train under exactly the same conditions as they fight, and it was a great experience.
We want the U.S. to have constructive and stable relations with China. That makes it much easier for us. Then we don’t have to choose sides.
When you write, you take the ball and you hold it up to the light and you turn it slowly, and let people draw their own conclusions. And try to bring empathy to all sides of the equation.
Our trademark asymmetrical hairstyle came about by accident. My sister was trying to get her beautician’s licence, and I was her guinea pig. She permed my hair and didn’t wash out one of the sides properly, so the whole right side of my hair was eaten out. After she washed it, I was half bald.
I’m proud to be on the CBC and to see the management here represents both sides of every story. This is what’s unique about the new CBC: you get a Kevin O’Leary on it when five years ago you wouldn’t.
I’ve coached in Holland, Portugal and Spain and not only won trophies each time, but taken sides to the latter stages of the Champions League.
On the floor I am more at ease. I feel nearer, more part of the painting, since this way I can walk around it, work from the four sides and literally be in the painting.
Jackson Pollock
Though Suparna is a Malayali, she has spent a large part of her life in Mumbai. She’s a Mumbai girl. In fact, I saw the real Mumbai through Suparna’s eyes. Of course, I knew Mumbai before I got to know Suparna. But it was Suparna who showed me sides to Mumbai I had never seen.
I’ve been playing both sides of the law my entire career. It’s not really surprising for me to be doing opposing sides simultaneously. I would argue that even though my character on ‘Hawaii Five-0′ originated on the wrong side of the law, I’d say he’s worked his way over to the good side.
I have yet to see someone attack Obama over his report card. A lot of people I talk to from both sides of the fence are like, ‘Well, what about this economy? What about these incidents?’ There are still no answers except time, but time is the answer for everything.
I feel it’s important to show different sides of my character, and I never take myself too seriously.
To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.
Any Westerner can now buy a Koran for a dollar and burn it, while any Muslim with a platform can transform that act into a fighting offense. As passions rise on both sides of the divide, Western provocateurs and Islamist hotheads have found each other, as confrontations occur with increasing frequency.
Daniel Pipes
Once you see the entertainment world from both sides, you really get a greater understanding of how it all operates. As an actor going into screenwriting, I was able to understand what type of dialogue feels natural and what an actor could actually say.
John Francis Daley
To be able to win one game at Old Trafford or at one of the other strong sides in the country you have to be strong as a squad. You have to have the personality and the character to not fear and to be yourselves.
I’m not anti-American. I was raised to love both sides.
I get to act out two roles on ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea,’ including one as a con man, and so I’ll be able to show many diverse sides to me.
Although he’s regularly asked to do so, God does not take sides in American politics.
I have been hit from all sides, and I’m only human. They have ended up talking about the way I look, and it hurts. I have a family, and they suffer, too. It has gone over the limit, and I am tired of it. I have a wife and child, too, and I am not prepared to go on putting up with it English journalists.
I wouldn’t have any fears about coming to England because I have played against English sides in the Champions League and studied the English game.
Yet there is clearly something about bold, neurodivergent women and girls that prompts powerful men to scrape the sides of their own putrid barrels of opinion to attack this ‘terrifying‘ otherness.
I have three favorite politicians: Reagan, Truman, and Bobby Kennedy – Bobby for showing remarkable political courage despite being loathed by many on both sides.
People do see me as sweet and innocent. Not to say that I am not those things. But I have other sides to me.
Cross-strait engagement must be consistent and guided by a stable policy with respect for past interaction and agreements signed by the two sides.
I’ve driven a stick on both sides of the road, I’ve had cars where the shift patterns reverse like weird Russian cars where the shifter tree is in the wrong direction. I think I’ve driven every weirdo stick that’s out there.
I’m known on the Hill for having respect, I think, on all sides of the House of Commons because I don’t buy into treating people poorly.
I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to advance policies that level the playing field for American workers and incentivize investing in jobs here at home.
Certain people want to see me solely as a pop act, but there are many different sides to Christina Aguilera besides the pop girl.
Youth theatre isn’t just about a precocious child that wants to sing and dance in front of people. It’s for everyone; it’s about a community, it’s about being supported by your peer group. You learn skills – not just acting but all the other sides – working in the TV, film, and theatre industry.
I’ve been lucky enough to play for the Spanish national team and Barcelona, two sides who’ve shown that you can play good, attractive possession football and win major titles.
Carles Puyol
Our job every single night is to call out hypocrisy on both sides to make sure we’re holding Republicans accountable and Democrats accountable, that we’re holding the president accountable for promises made.
I felt huge after I gained weight as I was never this b

I felt huge after I gained weight as I was never this big before. My thighs started to rub against each other and my arms brushed my sides while I walked. I started walking with my legs apart.
Giving back to those in need is something that everyone on all sides of the political aisle can relate to, and it is beautiful to see people come together, especially during the holiday season.
We need to come out and assert ourselves on both sides of the court.
Boxing traditionally was received very well and accepted on both sides.
Barry McGuigan
When you have a wonderful mother-in-law who takes sides with you in squabbles with her own daughter – that’s something.
Lou Gehrig
Flanked on both sides, organized forces on the Left and the Right have made every effort to topple Trump, but these efforts have only served to embolden him and broaden his support.
We have to struggle against the conservatives from all sides, not only the right-wingers, but also the left-wing conservatives who don’t want to change anything.
I have good friends who are politicians on both sides.
The waltz can be sad and at the same time uplifting. You have to see life from both sides, and the waltz encapsulates that. If you’re in my audience you give yourself to me and the waltz will grab you.
The violence had broken out in both sides, but our philosophy as a party was very, very clear.
I hear from people all the time from all sides of the aisle, and I hear from people strangely enough who say, ‘I don’t agree with you politically… But I love your videos. They make me laugh.’
There are elements of comedy that can be competitive and back stab-y, but one of the underreported sides is that we love each other and help each other, kind of like a messed up extended family.
There are two sides to being pigeonholed. There’s, ‘Oh, no, I’m going to be Chandler for the rest of my life,’ but there’s also the fact that getting to play Chandler opened up doors to me. It’s now my job to find things that shake it up a little bit.
I supported Barack Obama. I wasn’t very quiet about my support. I thought he was going to be a refreshing change to George Bush. But what has happened is that we have an election that’s become a single-issue election, and that issue is Barack Obama. And he’s an icon to both sides.
Secrecy is one of the shadier sides of private and public life.
Joe Dugan, who was my roommate on the Yankees, was an honorary pallbearer, too. He was standing next to me as they were carrying the Babe down the steps of St. Pat’s Cathedral here in New York. There must have been 5,000 people standing around on the sides of the street, and it was tremendous.
Waite Hoyt
I read the paper every day and the Bible every day; that way I know what both sides are up to.
We are ready and open to a dialogue with all sides, all parties and all countries that respect the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Belarus.
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya
With health care, somebody at some point decided that there was a bright line and that you had to pick sides. Well, I reject that view.
I understand I’m supposed to be feminine and dainty, but I’m not. There are two sides to the coin. People are more impressed with things that I do because they almost treat you as if you’re handicapped if you’re a woman… people can be impressed that I can play a few chords on the guitar.
There’d be days I was in the locker room with my dad doing media, and there’d be other days that I’d be with my mom in the press box and just kind of looking at stuff from that point of view. I’d see guys writing stories after the game and stuff like that. So it was cool to me to see both sides.
There is no ‘stop’ – there’s always ‘go’ on both sides: always keep writing, always keep recording. I don’t find them to be segmented processes.
The stream of civilisation flows on like a river: it is rapid in mid- current, slow at the sides, and has its backwaters. At best, civilisation advances by spirals.
In the Senate, where 60 votes are required to do anything important, you have to work with your colleagues on both sides of the aisle.
To live for some future goal is shallow. It’s the sides of the mountain that sustain life, not the top.
There is very little hope that the United States or anyone else can do much to stabilize Iraq, Libya, Syria or Egypt. Stabilizing Iran, and bringing it back into the family of nations, is much more possible. That would be a ‘win’ for both sides.
Myself, I don’t think you will ever get security in the Mideast until you have what on the surface appears to be fair to both sides. You have to have leaders committed to peace, on both sides. One side can’t impose a solution.
Bobby Ray Inman
I think a lot of people fail to work on their sight, even though it’s probably one of the most important sides to tennis. It’s also about reactions and concentration and focus, and I think it’s all very closely related.
I know that, as a bisexual, sometimes people who are gay or lesbian look down upon the bisexual community as well and assume that people who are bisexual just don’t know what they want or are just playing both sides of the fence, and that’s not the case, either.
I wrote somewhere during the Cold War that I sometimes wish the Iron Curtain were much taller than it is, so that you could see whether the development of science with no communication was parallel on the two sides. In this case it certainly wasn’t.
Thomas Gold
I’ve known that about myself, that I’ve had two sides: one that’s pretty tactical, down to earth, aware. There’s also a really spacey side. But I realized they’re kinda the same thing.
Germany must be a country which generates political ide

Germany must be a country which generates political ideas and leadership, which is capable of compromise, which is sovereign and yet knows that it needs its partners on both sides of the Atlantic.
Horst Koehler
When I did the first ‘Oxygene’ in the vinyl days, I had a structure in mind divided in 2 parts fitting the A&B sides of an album.
I’m not embarrassed that I’m mixed. I’m not ashamed that I’m mixed. I very much embraced both sides.
Dinosaurs are built just like birds – they can squat down, they can get up. Mammals, when we lay down, we throw our legs out to the sides – birds cannot do that. Dinosaurs could not do that either.
If I’m in a gathering of filmmakers, I’m first and foremost a British Indian; if I’m in a gathering of British Indians, I’m a woman director. There are so many sides to who I am that I change all the time.
All of us have a lot of sides to ourselves, but the fun thing about being actor is you make one side predominant for the character you’re playing.
For many years I saw the world as two sides: east and west, two powers. And I was trying to search what is white, what is black. Both sides wanted me.
It’s really grinding to always play out of both sides of your mind and always be thinking what will offend people. Or what won’t. But I’m strong enough to deal with that. I own that I’m freakish in my way.
I love all sides of the work but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard.
Someone asked me who I would be if I were a character in the ‘Wizard of Oz.’ I would be the curtain. I would be the one who saw both sides that nobody noticed, that was pretty and there to be used and discarded when they were done.
It’s so easy to be polarised and yell from different sides of the room about certain subjects, but I think it’s so much better to walk into the middle and have a conversation to drive change forward.
Being mixed in the South, that’s a struggle that everybody deals with differently. Some people go careening to one side or the other, and some people try to walk a tightrope between the two. I grew up spending equal time with both sides of my family.
I’m grateful that the public think of me as a sweet guy, but there are times when I get worried that my behavior would disappoint the public. I’d like to show them that there are different sides of me.
Most people here agree that the rhetoric got overblown on both sides of the Atlantic before the Iraq war, and it was a disagreement among friends over the timing, not the substance, of the Iraq war.
John S. Tanner
I will make the greatest efforts to seek a way for Taiwan and mainland China to interact that is mutually acceptable to both sides. I will not be provocative; there will not be any surprises.
I try to find what is closest to me in the character. There’s many sides to personality, but it’s a matter of, do you entertain those specific areas of your personality, or are you afraid to entertain them?
I’ve had the opportunity to see both sides of the human spirit. I’ve seen those who will put you down, demean you, brand you, and have a one-track mind of destruction. But I’ve also seen people who uplift you. I’ve been on a journey unlike any others.
Madden‘ is all about speed, and the Falcons have it on both sides of the ball. I love playing sports games. I played my PlayStation so much, I pretty much wore it out.
Carl Crawford
I feel some of the sides are blessed when it comes to having allrounders.
Political professionals on all sides of the Ottawa aisle understand the same basic fact: given the electoral realities in this country, there is no path to victory without the support of urban centres and/or Quebec.
With our music, we don’t want to just do one thing. We want to show all these different sides of us and all the different influences that we have.
You can’t always see both sides of the story. Eventually, you have to pick a side and stick with it. No more equivocating. You have to commit.
Roja Dove – who, at 58, is a stock-straight six feet and handsome with lantern jaw, blue eyes, and impeccably combed silvering hair on the sides of an otherwise tanned bald head – may possess the finest nose in the world.
Both my father and mother were survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Nazi concentration camps. Apart from my parents, every family member on both sides was exterminated by the Nazis.
Don’t forget there are two sides to performing. Finding the truth, but you also have to be transparent enough for the audience to see it. How many times have you seen a performance and thought: ‘Well, it seems to be meaning a great deal to you but it ain’t coming across to me?’ It is to be shared.
The key to understanding the impact of the Human Rights Act in the U.K. is to appreciate that civil liberties and human rights are not two sides of the same coin.
Maybe if people stopped thinking of themselves, and started thinking of the other sides of things, people wouldn’t hurt each other.
Rachel Corrie
As an Egyptian-American, I want both sides of that hyphen to enjoy the forms of freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment, as I want both sides of that hyphen to move beyond the deceptive simplicity of the question, ‘Why do they hate us?’
Racism really, really makes me mad. I can see identical traits in people from other sides of the world and I can’t believe some people would treat other human beings like they weren’t even the same species.
I do tend to find when you’re playing characters, often – just for the time you’re playing them – there are sides of your personality that get stronger because you draw on them more.
As a person, I have a lot of different sides to me, and I genuinely just embrace them. I don’t think, ‘Oh, I gotta put on my cool face now!’
We now should hope and pray for a peace process. We've

We now should hope and pray for a peace process. We’ve had good negotiations with both sides. Those are going to continue; those are going to be a commitment by the president and something that we’re going to work hard on. And we all hope, for the sake of Israeli children and Palestinian children, that we do have peace.
The heart of our relationship, this natural environment that has blessed us really all along the west coast of North America, on both sides of the border we’ve realized that this incredible natural wealth comes with a price.
Dan Miller
We see many sides of her, beyond the ‘Ballad of Mulan.’ We see her as a human being, as a girl, as a young woman. Everybody admires her as a warrior but is there a fragile side to her? Will she sometimes hesitate or be afraid, but still choose to carry on? Yes, and we see that.
I totally had OCD as a teenager. I used to have to touch all four sides of a picture frame when I got home from school and before I started to do my homework. It was time-consuming. But then I just outgrew it, though it sometimes comes back when I’m under a lot of stress.
I think an artist, in my definition of that word, would not be someone who takes sides with the emperor against his powerless subjects. That’s different from prescribing a way in which a writer should write.
My hope is that very young people in America who have experience with the streets, hip-hop, college, higher learning will fuse all that together. I just want to be the music that can relate to both sides, that stitch together their lives or represents their experiences.
Amnesty is as good for those who give it as for those who receive it. It has the admirable quality of bestowing mercy on both sides.
You could say that any book that takes a position is not fair, unless you keep saying, ‘On the one hand, on the other…’ and take a great deal of trouble to present both sides. That kind of journalism tends not to be very interesting.
Congress has an obligation to make controversial decisions on how to handle undocumented immigration. Lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle have refused to take the tough votes on the issue for decades. Whether it’s been to take advantage of cheap labor or for political purposes, both sides are guilty.
Satire also allows you to make fun of every different aspect. It allows you to make fun of both sides. It allows you to make fun of everything, really, so you can do it in a harmless way.
There are many sides of the urban life that I dislike, but there are many sides I am deeply in love with and attached to.
Many of the Iroquois and Huron houses were of similar construction, the partitions being at the sides only, leaving a wide passage down the middle of the house.
Francis Parkman
Internal and external obliques form your sides and waist. Your external obliques sit closest to the surface toward the front of your waist, with the internal obliques sitting deeper and closer to your back. Toning them shrinks your waistline and love handles.
I would love to see more diversity on all sides, and not just in terms of women; we need people from different walks of life making films.
I am interested in complex characters who are difficult and have numerous sides. But I would love to do a comedy role – something maybeMonty Python‘-esque.
Eugene Simon
Coming from a YouTube perspective, a lot of times you kind of limit yourself and think, ‘Oh, artists from the real world wouldn’t want to work with someone who’s made their career on YouTube.’ But more and more, I’m realizing that artists from both sides are learning that we can benefit from each other.
Gray means being open-minded. I always look at the world that way; I’m able to hear both sides of an argument. I don’t listen to opera, but I don’t think it’s good or bad; it’s just its own thing. I can completely appreciate it.
Behind a leader there must be followers, but they should always be on the lookout for the main chance and ready to change sides if the current leader doesn’t deliver.
I’m pleased to have the support of working men and women throughout the state of Wisconsin. And I found in the primary I did. Now the key is to get that turnout activated. And we know we can do that. Again, the temperature here is very, very high on both sides of the aisle.
Tom Barrett
I really am one of those people who are mixed on many issues and can see many legitimate sides.
With any band, there’s two sides – there’s the image, and there’s the music.
He hits from both sides of the plate. He’s amphibious.
Voter fraud happens on both sides of the aisle. And if nothing else, I’m glad Democrats are acknowledging that it exists.
War’s a profanity because, let’s face it, you’ve got two opposing sides trying to settle their differences by killing as many of each other as they can.
Nobody knows what either sleep or waking consciousness is, even though these two have long been seen as the two sides of being: part of life’s unvarying diurnal rhythm.
If any human being is to reach full maturity both the masculine and feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness.
M. Esther Harding
Lake Garda it’s very different. The northern part of the lake is very much Loch Ness, deep sides, but as soon as you get into the south it opens out. You walk around, you see shallow waters, and you see weeds that should feed a small fish. You think, ‘Ah, this is different’.
I think it’s very, very tough to compare postseason and in-season, just for the simple fact that there’s the heightened levels of energy on both sides of the ball.
My grandfathers on both sides were entrepreneurs.
We extend our hand towards peace. Our people are committed to peace. We know that peace entails painful compromise for both sides.
There are jobs to be created on both sides of the climate argument. Whether we are investing in oil or sun, coal or wind, gas or algae, the economy will be stimulated by the investment. The economy, unlike each of us, is not swayed by ideology.
You can't be a mod and a rocker. You have to choose sid

You can’t be a mod and a rocker. You have to choose sides.
Most of us know nothing about constitutional law, so it’s hardly surprising that we take sides in the Obamacare debate the way we root for the Red Sox or the Yankees. Loyalty to the team is what matters.
All of my relatives on both sides of my family are from Allentown.
Too many of the career politicians, the established politicians in Washington on both sides of the aisle, are representing their party more than the people. And no matter what the media says, the ballot box will determine what people truly believe.
You think of a criminal, and you already judge them for the crime, and you don’t really see the human side of them. We all have our sides that we’re not proud about.
Those darker sides, the things that we don’t want to admit about ourselves – that’s what excites me.
It takes two sides to make a deal, two sides to negotiate and two sides to make it go bad.
Part of the mystique of blogs is their protean quality: They work both sides of the divide between politics and media, further blurring the already fuzzy distinctions between reporter, pundit, political operative, activist, and citizen.
Everybody sees me as this sullen and insecure little thing. Those are just the sides of me that I feel it’s necessary to show because no one else seems to be showing them.
I’ve had support from all sides, from people who call themselves Irish, from Northern Irish, to the whole of the UK, to people in America, and it would be terrible for me to segregate myself from one of those groups that support me so much.
I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to restore dignity and humanity to our immigration policies and to respectfully uphold America’s legacy as a nation of immigrants.
Traditional technical interviews are terrible for everyone. They’re a bad way for companies to evaluate candidates. They’re a bad way for candidates to evaluate companies. They waste time and generate stress on both sides.
Jon Evans
Now the first step has to be taken, the step towards democracy. This step is full of risks, and requires trust on all sides. We don’t know where it will lead. But if we just stand still, we will have no chance of escaping the violence.
Lying at the root of the social agreements of 1980 are the courage, sense of responsibility, and the solidarity of the working people. Both sides have then recognized that an accord must be reached if bloodshed is to be prevented.
You have to spend a lot of money to build strong sides.
I often advocate that we look at many sides of an issue, walk in someone else’s shoes, and identify and reject false choices.
Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism. But in fact they are perpetually passing into one another. Fluid hardens to solid, solid rushes to fluid. There is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman.
People have debated both sides of the Liefeld influence, good and bad, and I maintain the sales and the results of that time bear out that people love that stuff.
I’m dedicated to healing the wounds between police and minority communities so both sides feel safe again.
Both sides in Syria are bad. One side is a brutal dictator, and the other includes Islamists and terrorists who are dangerous already and who would be brutal in power if given the chance.
One doesn’t go on television for the Manhattan crowd. You buy the sides of buses for that.
Mitch Leigh
I think you kind of facilitate civil conversation no matter how heated you think it could get by telling everybody and showing them that you mean what you say when you value all sides.
Since news breaks on digg very quickly, we face the same issues as newspapers which print a retraction for a story that was misreported. The difference with digg is that equal play can be given to both sides of a story, whereas with a newspaper, a retraction or correction is usually buried.
Kevin Rose
For those of us who make music together, I think it’s important to realize that generosity on both sides is actually going to produce the biggest possibility.
As a designer, you are not only a designer, you are also a celebrity, an entertainer, and a spokesperson that speaks on behalf of the company. So you need to realize that you have to embrace all those sides.
One of the common conditions on both sides of my families is diabetes.
No one questions the right of individuals to go to the Central Lobby to explain their views to their own Member of Parliament. It is important for those in power to hear arguments in favour of policies from all sides and ought to lead to better decision-making.
The best way to resolve any problem in the human world is for all sides to sit down and talk.
Everyone has different sides to them, and we’re constantly changing.
Bae Suzy
I’ve been fortunate most of the seven promotions I’ve won have been with sides I built from zero, so it is doubly rewarding. There is nothing to match being in the dressing room celebrating promotion after a long season with a group of lads you have put together.
History is history, and it has to be told, and with ‘Mudbound,’ it’s beautiful because you get to sit with both sides – the white and the black – and see where we meet each other at the end of the day and see where we tear each other apart.
Having lived in America and France, I've been on both s

Having lived in America and France, I’ve been on both sides of the picky-eating divide.
Surfing and music have always been two separate sides of my life. I’m quite a fun-loving person most of the time, but I feel like I always get the serious side out when I’m playing music, and then I have fun the rest of the time when I get in the sea.
A poet‘s work is to name the unnamable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world, and stop it going to sleep.
You watch some teams these days and you wonder if they just met on the playground and decided to choose up sides.
My father and all my uncles on both sides served in the military in World War II and Korea.
When I was little, I would always try and look into the television screen along the sides. I kept thinking if you looked in there, you could see what was happening off camera.
Frank Castle knows only two sides: Good and Evil. There is no grey zone for him.
It felt like dancing was my only way of expressing myself until I got into writing, and then I realized that there were two sides of my brain that I needed to work all the time.
Both sides should demand a speedy trial.
Immigration in America is a highly polarized issue and there are passionate views on both sides.
I don’t think it’s in any way harmful, this marriage of media and politicians. I think it enhances the communications process considerably and makes it possible for the public to be far more aware, far more up-to-date on issues and the opposite sides of the issues.
Danny Ferry did a very good job when he was here and put the franchise up to a certain level, as did Mike Brown, and his contract had ended after five years, and, ultimately, both sides decided they wanted to do other things. No hard feelings at all there.
Unfortunately, I have two facets to my makeup, and that is both scientific and artistic. By doing medicine, I was only answering one of those sides.
Jonathan LaPaglia
The history of Germany is not the history of a nation, but of a race. It has little unity, therefore; it is complicated, broken, and attached on all sides to the histories of other countries.
Unless both sides win, no agreement can be permanent.
There’s two sides to the sword. It’s like, for as many people that love you, there’s all the people out there who hate you.
A poet’s work is to name the unnameable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world, and stop it going to sleep.
Personally, one of the down sides of founding a company is that there is always too much work to do, and sadly I find I don’t have much time to code any more.
Eric Allman
I think Bellator gets it, they want to build a character around each and every guy on the roster. They want to build up the names and let people see the real sides of them and they can build that up.
It is wrong to say the U.S. should ‘not take sides’ in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.
Howard Berman
Modern managers have a lot of demands on them, and many feel, with justification, that they do not have the time to commit to watching the junior sides.
As I got older, I had more experience with borders. Some literalliving in the dramatically blue misty mountains on the line between North Carolina and Tennessee, and living in California – home to expats, transplants, and refugees from both sides of innumerable borders.
Tim Pratt
Pick up a sunflower and count the florets running into its centre, or count the spiral scales of a pine cone or a pineapple, running from its bottom up its sides to the top, and you will find an extraordinary truth: recurring numbers, ratios and proportions.
A ‘first meeting’ is, by definition, a one-time opportunity, and there’s no going back. Over the course of my career, I’ve been on both sides of inspiring first meetings that energized me for the next stage of a partnership and disappointing first meetings that left me uncertain about next steps.
Actors do have good and bad sides. It’s because the passage down the birth canal distorts the face. People born by caesarean section are more symmetrical.
We had a court in our backyard, and I would mess around with the players on my dad’s team. I hit with two hands on both sides, which I didn’t stop doing until I was about 8.
I’ve always felt at home in America. Obviously, there’s down sides to everywhere – the politics of America can be hard to take but it’s not great here either. I really love the country’s landscape and I’ve travelled it many times.
I feel my job as an actor is to explore all sides of humanity.
I turned atheist in the ’90s when India went through troubled times – communal riots, bomb blasts… Mumbai, where I live, was badly affected. I blamed religion; also, extremists on both sides – right and left.
I think the most interesting characters are those in which you can see both sides.
I don’t accept the idea that there are two sides to any issue. I think that the middle ground is to be found within most of us.
Krista Tippett
I want to play a character that is cold. I think there

I want to play a character that is cold. I think there are sides of me that are like that. I’m a fan of the actor Edward Norton, and if you see his early works, he plays a lot of those roles.
A manager has to have all different sides covered.
What I call a mimetic crisis is a situation of conflict so intense that on both sides people act the same way and talk the same way even though, or because, they are more and more hostile to each other.
We handle it from both sides of the coin: from the sport aspect and the entertainment aspect. You gotta have both because we’re if not doing solid ratings, we’re not going to be on TV.
Tarots tell different sides of the various personalities that exist in all of us. I find it fascinating how they combine names, images, and numbers. You don’t need to be able to read them, or know their real meaning, to be charmed.
Throughout my time in Congress, I’ve made it my priority to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, to look past partisanship and to help pass commonsense legislation so we can help working families in Nevada and across our country.
It gets kinda monotonous, but that’s television. There are plus sides and down sides. The positive side is that you have steady work for nine months of the year for however many years your show is on TV,.
From the ground, I’m pretty solid from both sides. My form really helps me a lot and my backend complements it.
There’s two sides to the game, and you have to do the ugly side as well. If you’re getting beat, and you’re conceding the goals that we’re getting beaten by, then it’s because you’re not defending and shutting people down well enough.
Lee Cattermole
Right-wing media and politicians are looking for any opportunity to be critical of the reporters who are here. Some reporters make judgments, but that is not my style. I present both sides and report what I see with my own eyes.
Peter Arnett
Fantasy is an area where it is possible to talk about right and wrong, good and evil, with a straight face. In mainstream fiction and even in a good deal of mystery, these things are presented as simply two sides of the same coin. Never really more than a matter of where you happen to be standing.
Robert Jordan
Of all the depressing abuses of language in business, there is none that gets me so incensed as the rampant overuse of the word ‘passionate’ in company slogans, marketing blurbs, mission statements and on the sides of vans.
There are lots of different sides to Brooklyn. It has so much character.
The funny thing about nationalism is that there are two sides to it. Some parts of it are beautiful, but there’s an ugly side as well.
‘Free State of Jones’ went beyond that. It got into how the South wasn’t as homogenous as we thought it was – or even the North for that matter, where we like to assume everyone wanted to free the slaves and they were all abolitionists. It actually shows how complex these ideologies were on both sides.
We are bombarded on all sides by a vast number of messages we don’t want or need. More information is generated in a single day than we can absorb in a lifetime. To fully enjoy life, all of us must find our own breathing space and peace of mind.
For years I had my hair parted down the middle in a ponytail, tucked down around the sides… Well, I went and cut the bangs, and I’ve been wearing them ever since. They say it’s my trademark.
Bettie Page
I’m not so sure that people consider homelessness to be as important as, say, the Vietnam War. One should never even try to equate them because, of course, they’re tragedies on both sides of the coin.
I grew up in Rhode Island. Most of my family on both sides is from Rhode Island.
There are not two sides to a story when one side is a lie. Journalists – and the rest of us – must stop giving equal time to things that don’t have an opposing side.
I cast my bread on the waters long ago. Now it’s time for you to send it back to me – toasted and buttered on both sides.
Flying through a hurricane is the most fearsome shaking you will ever get. Everything has to be tied down in the airplane. And the IMAX camera has to be rock-steady through all this. We had to design special mounts on the left and right sides of the cabin and in the cockpit to hold the cameras.
Greg MacGillivray
If you call yourself a leader, then you have to be decisive. If you’re decisive, then you have the chance to be a leader. These are two sides to the same coin.
I always considered myself as a character actor. I always try to be versatile to show different sides of human experience.
By nature, I am someone who hews to the middle. I need to hear all sides of a story. Unless I am engaged in a tough round of dominoes or Scrabble, I think of myself as unreasonably reasonable.
Senator Kerry has been in Washington long enough to take both sides on just about every issue.
I feel like I’m trying to change basketball; being a center, being able to play both sides of the ball and being able to pass as well as I can, that’s a difference-maker on a team, especially at the center spot, so it’s respect at all levels.
I don’t know where people think I’m from, but I’m from Chicago. It’s really just that. People wanna romanticize it and say, ‘There’s two sides to it, and it’s a beautiful love/hate story of violence and music.’ But it’s really just a very scummy place where people don’t have respect for other people’s lives.
I grew up in Arizona. I love it. I’m a part of the desert. I feel like, really, I’m from the Sonoran Desert, which is – extends to both sides of the border. I’m really from that part of Mexico, also. And I hate that there’s a fence, you know, running through it.
I’m not the dude with the message. I’m a human being with different sides, different shades and different emotions, different feelings.
Adults get more confused by social worker jargon. Unlike children, they are also less likely to see two sides of an argument, and they no longer think they can make the world a better place. That can make them rather boring, I suppose.
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Take that off the t

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Take that off the table. Tell both sides to come together and say, ‘Okay, you decide how you want to split up Jerusalem. You decide if you’re going to create boundaries or borders there.’ And let them decide.
The abortion industry and their workers are under unique pressure and constantly in the spotlight because abortion is so controversial, and people on both sides are considerably passionate. This isn’t a typical nine-to-five job. It’s on a whole other level of intensity.
Apple is a unique company in that the art and the science sit together very nicely. There’s an appreciation for both sides of the brain.
I love acting. Acting is a true love of mine, acting and math. Although they are both creative, they use very different sides of your brain. And I love both. Acting is my first love, and that’s my main career, it really is.
Bipartisanship is really tough to achieve when everyone on both sides is left with a bad, bad taste in their mouths.
You’re not free unless you can show the good and the bad, all sides of them. So to me, when I play a character, it’s important that I can show every aspect of them.
The people who were against the Vietnam War thought I was attacking the Army. The guys in the Army thought I was representing their experiences. I was on both sides, and I survived.
There are many tough sides to being a jockey. Injury is something we all dread, but spending lengthy periods in the bath or the sauna just to shed a few pounds can be an exhausting and draining experience.
Elephants seek food elsewhere if their route is blocked, and raiding crops and grain stores brings them into conflict with people, often resulting in deaths on both sides.
Mark Shand
Humanity has both its beautiful and its ugly sides.
It’s almost impossible to have a constructive conversation about health-care reform in Arkansas without passions rising and folks taking sides.
So my mom’s folks are from one side of Greensboro – and, you know, outside of Greensboro. And my dad’s folks, the white side, is from another very small town outside of Greensboro. So both sides are coming from the country.
Conversion and zealotry, just like revelation and apostasy, are flip sides of the same coin, the currency of a political culture having more in common with religion than rational discourse.
It is admitted on all sides that we must equalize the revenue and expenditures. The scheme of borrowing to make up an increasing deficit must, in the end, if continued, prove ruinous.
He who has a task to perform must know how to take sides, or he is quite unworthy of it.
I usually float between the tech and the business sides of the office.
It is not just willy-nilly running around. I need to fill certain spaces and make sure we are covered on both sides of the ruck and the numbers are right.
A sign that negotiations were handled well on both sides is that everybody probably feels a little bit like they didn’t get what they wanted.
I recognized that a lot in my writing I’m trying to show both sides of the coin – the sour and sweet. Iron & Wine seemed to fit with that duality and I thought it would be more interesting to call the project that rather than use Sam Beam.
Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin.
The grand jury‘s job is not to weigh the evidence from both sides; it is only to decide whether there is enough evidence on one side to bring a person to trial.
I have been a director who has starred, participated on both sides of the filmmaking process.
There are two sides to me. One is the writer. That’s a savage person who looks at everything as a story and, you know, wants to use real life in his books. The other part is the Midwesterner, who, you know, wants to say nice things about people and be polite.
I simply wanted to state that during this little slice of history, this is what happened and these were the good sides of it, these were the more dangerous sides of it, and this was the result.
You heard on all sides that the brightest Jewish children were turned down if the examining officers did not like the turn of their noses.
Mary Antin
I read the script first to get the perspective on the whole story, the writing, and how the character I’m auditioning for is talked about by other people or relates to other people; from there, I go into the sides.
Rock and ambient music might as well reside on opposite sides of the galaxy, so it’s almost shocking when a band like Deerhunter melds the two so effectively.
I’ve been a single parent for a long time. It reminds me of being a waitress. As you walk back to the kitchen, requests come at you from all sides. You’re doing the job of two – you have to be highly organised.
My daughter makes great jewellery and my son wants to pursue engineering. They’ve both been indoctrinated by the school of Linley. People want to get back to painting, building, exploring what their creative sides can do – it’s something all human beings crave.
The great joy of doing ‘The Daily Show‘ for me is that I get to sit on the fence between cultures. I am commenting on the absurdity of both sides as an outsider and insider. Sometimes I’m playing the brown guy, and sometimes I’m not, but the best stuff I do always goes back to being a brown kid in a white world.
What is human warfare but just this; an effort to make the laws of God and nature take sides with one party.
Both sides were supposed to release all their prisoners

Both sides were supposed to release all their prisoners, those were unconditional. There was some prisoner release that took place but it’s not been satisfactory.
All I watch is war movies. The stories be touching… just to see what they go through on both sides of the fence.
21 Savage
We are not frou-frou creative types. We have done both sides of the business and are constantly asking ourselves, ‘How are we going to pay for this?’ But the criteria is that it must fit with our world.
When you’re little, you’re open to things. It’s not like you get into this rehearsed zone when you’re a child. At first you play different sides of yourself. And I think it will be really exciting one day to have a character to go into that’s not anything like me whatsoever.
Italian sides will find it hard to attract the world’s top players while there is a salary cap.
We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.
Where typically the cops are generally the good guys, ‘The Red Road’ blurs the lines intelligently and shows corruption from all sides of the law. It provides unpredictable drama where the audience is kept guessing about how these characters will each choose to act.
England was full of words I’d never heard before – streaky bacon, short back and sides, Belisha beacon, serviettes, high tea, ice-cream cornet.
My ideal would be to hop both sides of the Atlantic to work, as I’m sure every actor would.
Historians have often censored civil rights activists‘ commitment to economic issues and misrepresented the labor and civil rights movements as two separate, sometimes adversarial efforts. But civil rights and workers’ rights are two sides of the same coin.
I understand that not everyone agrees with my perspective on Ray Kelly. But what you gotta look at here is somebody like Bill de Blasio talking out of both sides of his mouth and trying to have it both ways on a really critical issue like stop-and-frisk.
Fortune sides with him who dares.
I keep trying to bring a more professional approach to New Zealand cricket. It’s an uphill battle. I stay in the game because I find it intriguing and interesting. I’m not interested in coaching international sides. I don’t mind short-term coaching. I don’t want to get involved in the politics of teams.
Glenn Turner
I believe in singularity in relationships because you’ve got to have trust on both sides.
There are two sides always – when something works, it is hailed, but when something doesn’t, it is all criticism.
My mother’s a singer and my mother’s father is a singer, and everyone on both sides are all country-western bluegrass musicians.
I’ve now been doing this for ten years, and I actually got to skip a stage of going to casting directors, and now I meet with the directors, either for lunch or an audition room, and I still read sides; you’re never going to get around that, but I’m not the best person to go on an audition.
Carly Schroeder
When we lose hope that there is a possibility of reaching the other side – I don’t even like to say the ‘other side’ because there are so many sides, and breaking it down into us/them is oversimplifying – it allows us to treat people in a way that’s incredibly destructive.
As the 2016 presidential race kicks off, candidates on both sides of the aisle are promising to stand up for the middle class. Voters deserve to know that anyone who champions Obamacare cannot honestly say she or he is also a champion of middle-class Americans.
It cannot be so very surprising that I adopted a Communist viewpoint in the 1930s; so many of my contemporaries made the same choice. But many of those who made that choice in those days changed sides when some of the worst features of Stalinism became apparent. I stayed the course.
Kim Philby
Jury selection is strictly an emotional process. They’re looking for people they can manipulate. Both sides are.
Joseph Wambaugh
Also there’s two sides of it, I mean, a band like us, at our level and the way we have to promote ourselves and usually radio just completely turns their back on us, at the same time I think Mp3s help promote us somewhat, spreading the word about the album and stuff.
Kenny Hickey
Always deep fry in a nonreactive, heavy pot with high sides, like an enameled Dutch oven. A heavy pot ensures even heating which means more even cooking.
Now, I talk to athletes who answer questions with a ‘yeah‘. I realize I used to do that. Or they answer very quickly and you stand there trying to come up with another question to ask. I’ve seen both sides and it’s been very educational.
Evelyn Ashford
Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.
I think I can come in the game, bring a lot of energy on both sides of the ball. Just try to play my part and do anything to help the team win.
Like everybody I have many different sides.
We are pushing the limits on the chassis and the engine sides a lot in order to have a competitive car, and this is why we are winning races, but also, if you push the limits at a certain stage, you find them.
I’d gone to Oxford to do graduate studies in the history of the slave trade, but I came across Georgiana’s letters, gave up that thesis, and wrote one on her instead. When I learned that Georgiana’s great-nephews supported opposite sides in the American Civil War, I knew this would be the perfect sequel.
From the political angle, I’m trying to be apolitical if you will. I mean people say, ‘Are you a red state or blue state?’, I say, ‘I’m purple.’ I think there are great ideas on both sides of the aisle and neither side has cornered the market.
People forget we come from an embryo and we’re part sperm and part ovary. We have both sides in us.
I want to explore more sides of humanity and myself. Th

I want to explore more sides of humanity and myself. That’s what acting is about.
Noomi Rapace
That is one of the sides of Los Angeles that I really like as people may have their big careers but there is one side to Hollywood that is always open to taking risks – as long as it doesn’t include risking too much money.
I do have tatoos, and I do wear leather, but there are other sides of me, that my film express.
In recurring episodes over the next couple of decades, the minority view gradually won. A profusion of factors differentiates each case from the others, including naked partisanship on both sides, but the trend has been clear.
In the beginning, the cubists broke up form without even knowing they were doing it. Probably the compulsion to show multiple sides of an object forced us to break the object up – or, even better, to project a panorama that unfolded different facets of the same object.
Indian films do well in Pakistan. Pakistani artists do well in India. The signal has always been clear that people on both sides of the fence are not interested in the hatred.
I’m very comfortable being married to an extremely strong, opinionated, and driven woman. But I also sit at the head of the table. I have both of those sides to me.
The fashion industry certainly has its obscene sides. The cost of a coat can be obscene. So can the cost of a photo shoot if you’re working with a really good photographer.
I never give my real self. I have a hundred sides, and I turn first one way and then the other. I am playing a deep game. I have a number of strong cards up my sleeve. I have never been myself, excepting to two friends.
One of the negative sides of a really intense arc as a touring band is there are big gaps in your memory because you’re so exhausted.
I needed a way to have the platter continuously spinning while I’m moving the record back and forth. I went to a fabric store. When I touched this hairy stuff – felt – I found it. I rubbed spray starch on both sides and ironed it until it became a stiff wafer. After that, I was able to stop time.
The only thing that’s required of an actor for an audition is to memorize your sides with confident choices, and then the rest is not up to you. You’re either right for a part or you’re not.
There are two sides to being pregnant. There is the beautiful, wonderful blessing side. The second side – it sucks!
Tamar Braxton
My parents have very different tastes. They exposed me to so many different things. I represent both sides.
And you don’t have to be a preacher to carry on. That’s why I’ve gone into the theater, with my mother’s blessings, and someday I may write, produce and act in my own story of daddy‘s life. There are so many sides to his story. I hope that someday I could get that opportunity.
Whenever you can evoke a strong emotion and want somebody to tune in, whether it’s to see you win or get beat up – and I’ve been on both sides of that – it’s a win.
I grew up very poor in a fractured family that was dysfunctional on both sides, but I sort of put up these reflectors to most of the negative things that have occurred in my life. I don’t carry around much baggage.
Being on the ground in Mongolia and traveling with the horse culture and sleeping in yurts, I was able to pick up a lot of detail. But I brought in advisors to work with our horse master to make sure the fighting strategies both on the Chinese and Mongolian sides were very accurate.
It’s very important when you are young you don’t take sides; you look at everything fresh and see, what is the best thing we can do? For ourselves, for the society in which we live, the country in which we live, the world in which we live, what’s the best thing we can do?
The national debate on Social Security has been cheapened by demagoguery on all sides.
Bill Delahunt
I feel that my purpose is to shed light on some of the darker sides of our world, and to lend a hand and a voice to people struggling.
Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they’re in the game.
Paul Rodriguez
Public service and respect for ideas is a recurrent theme in both the American and Australian sides of my family.
Bill Drayton
Depression runs in my family on both sides, and I have to be wary.
When you play constantly for strong sides, then the pressure is always on you.
I embrace both my Vietnamese and American sides, 100 percent.
I definitely feel like, in America, even though race is a social construct… there’s still a line drawn in the sand; there still are sides. Politically, there’s a black side and a white side, and I stand unapologetically on the black side.
I don’t really go into labels or an in-depth discussion of different value systems because for me, it’s sort of the truth of the situation in D.C. Certainly, in my fictional depiction of it, there are decent, shameless people on both sides at every level.
In England and Germany, perhaps, there is more of a focus on the physical side of the game, in breaking down the opposition‘s play, especially against the lower placed sides.
WWE is the epitome of Sports Entertainment; it gets no bigger than this. So, whether you are on ‘Raw’ or on ‘SmackDown,’ the level of talent that we have on both sides is second to none.
As we know, one of the dark sides of social media is online harassment.
I was always bad with money, and I think most artistes

I was always bad with money, and I think most artistes are like that. They don’t use both sides of the brain.
I think a lot of people in their average day actually imagine two sides of a conversation at one point or another. I think that the mental trick of holding two sides of a conversation in your head is actually something that we all do.
Working moms elevate themselves above stay-at-home moms, and stay-at-home moms try to put down working moms. It’s a war in which both sides are trying to put the other one down.
Leslie Morgan Steiner
Most students are presented only with the evolutionary belief system in their schools, and they are censored from hearing challenges to it. Let our young people understand science correctly and hear both sides of the origins issue and then evaluate them.
The truth of it is when you get an audience to laugh and camp along with you, it’s much easier to scare ’em again because they’re using two sides of their emotions. It’s much easier to set them up for a good cheap thrill scare again.
You try to – you want to fly on both sides of the political fence because that’s where the – where the comedy is.
When I got there, there were two sides: business and football. Business I understand. It was pretty obvious to me what we had to do. But the football side was like the Holy Grail.
I’ve always said I prefer playing on the right. But I can play at a top level on both sides so I’m happy to play wherever the manager thinks it will bringing the team success.
I think I was always subconsciously driven by an attempt to restate that faith and to show where it was properly grounded, how it grew out of what a great many young men on both sides felt and believed and were brave enough to do.
Bruce Catton
I had a faux-hawk for a while and I used to buzz the sides and design it. It was really bad.
I don’t mind finding these ugly sides to my personality and exaggerating them because that’s something you can write towards.
This marketplace where people can buy insurance who don’t have it today – a competitive marketplace: That’s an idea that both sides embrace.
I am aware of my film habits because I have for so long played guys who are darker or dealing with very complex issues, and they’re dealing with their darker sides.
I don’t engage in social media, which has its good and bad sides, I guess – but the good side is when people hate my guts, I’m kind of oblivious to it.
The great leaders of the second world war alliance, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, understood the twin sides of destruction and salvation. Their war aims were not only to defeat fascism, but to create a world of shared prosperity.
The military alone cannot end the conflict in Afghanistan. On that much nearly everyone can agree, offering a rare island of consensus among sides otherwise divided on the question of how and when America’s longest-ever war should wind down.
There’s a world out there, and you’ve got to look at both sides of the mountain in your lifetime.
Bill Janklow
I think with the right leadership on both sides and the right president, we can get a lot done.
White people think one thing and black people think another thing about the same event. And we automatically, before we really know what happened, kind of pick our sides.
I think I find a commonality between characters and the different sides of myself.
Bae Suzy
I saw both sides, I saw normality in Switzerland as a kid and later on I saw the insanity of it all in Italy, which almost becomes hard to live with.
Knowingly or unknowingly, every person has a particular role to play in their lives. When you are with your friends you are something else. When you are with your partner you are something else. When you are with your parents you are something else. So different sides of a personality come across.
I get a lot of attacks from conservative women as well. Equal hate from all sides for me!
I think that people on both sides of the aisle are rejecting what’s going on with Washington and the establishment.
My fibula was cracked in half to where it was a clean break, and it was poking at the skin, to where it could have been a compound fracture. My Achilles tendon was crushed like a soda can, the whole top of my foot was ripped off the bone, and the ankle was lodged up into my shin, on both sides.
Well, I don’t think most Americans are playing the super-PAC game. I think what you have is elites on both sides playing the super-PAC game.
Jack Abramoff
The plants are principally kept in large pots arranged in rows along the sides of narrow paved walks, with the houses of the gardeners at the entrance through which the visitors pass to the gardens.
As a professional, I get in a dilemma between sport and entertainment. There’s these two sides.
To reform means to shatter one form and to create another; but the two sides of this act are not always equally intended nor equally successful.
I feel like I’m more a fan of tennis rather than it being men’s or women’s. I enjoy watching doubles as well when it’s on. I think that there are certain players that I enjoy watching on the men’s and women’s side. There’s some players that I don’t enjoy watching on both sides.
Music can be healing, and with my history and my knowledge of both sides of what looks like a gigantic divide in the world, I feel I can point a way forward to our common humanity again.
Just as every Jewish couple gets married under a canopy

Just as every Jewish couple gets married under a canopy open on all four sides – a replica of the tent modeled for us by Abraham and Sarah – so must Jewish communities keep our tents open. This is the true source of our longevity and resilience.
Humor is the ability to see three sides to one coin.
Ned Rorem
Sometimes, if you really don’t know how you feel about a topic, reading how both sides argue it can help.
Losing control of your pick on stage sucks, so I scratch some deep X’s into both sides of my pick with something sharp, like a dart.
To engage all sides of Parliament in a common national cause is not unpatriotic.
Look, I think by the time my case was over and other ones, everybody on both sides of the aisle in Congress said we can’t run a government by this kind of process and they repealed the law and that’s good.
I’ve made a career writing about fictitious anti-heroes. To create these worlds, I’ve spent a lot of time with active members on both sides of the law. And if I had to pick the most interesting of the two, the choice is obvious – we all love the guys in black.
I’m proud of ‘Black Hawk Down’ because I think it told a provocative story and it was honest. It could have had more opportunity to tell both sides of the story, but I’m still proud of it.
It’s always interesting to see somebody struggling with two different sides of their personality.
Colin O’Donoghue
Reputation is the cornerstone of power. Through reputation alone you can intimidate and win; once it slips, however, you are vulnerable, and will be attacked on all sides. Make your reputation unassailable.
And if I want to get involved in choosing sides, I usually pick hockey or football.
I invited a group of students to my studio to expose them to both the creative and business sides of the fashion industry. It was fun because the group was so bright and full of curiosity. They asked really challenging questions about all aspects of the business and absorbed so much information so quickly.
Sometimes a song becomes rhetoric, but you have to really empathise. You also have to leave room for both sides of the argument: even if you’re not telling the other side, you have to put that part in parentheses and make sure it’s understood.
Nepotism and outsiders are two sides of the same coin that is Bollywood. They both have to co-exist. Both have their share of struggles.
A lot of my family on both sides have worked in education and nursing, and my grandmother was a nurse; my sister is a nurse, and her – my other sister’s daughter is going into nursing. There’s a lot of that in the family.
In true dialogue, both sides are willing to change.
My problem is not that I see all 17 sides of any issue, but I’m equally passionate about all 17 sides simultaneously.
I just got to be engaged on both sides of the floor.
I think the biggest mistake I made was this wretched ability to see both sides of an argument.
I always wanted to show different sides of me, and I’m very happy to have done so.
Kim Bum
Over the years, over the history of our country, liberals have stood on many of the right sides of the issues.
Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.
I’m on the sockless and un-sockless teams. I’m on both sides.
I have the comedic chops and intelligence to raise points and discuss both sides of whatever is on our mind as a society.
I’m interested in everything about people. Not just, ‘what do you do for a living?’ but I want to know about their fears and sadnesses and listen to their regrets, both sides of it, the happy and the sad.
So, I was in a segregated, all black, public elementary school until fourth grade, until my father died. And that’s when my mother transferred me to a private, predominantly white school and I saw both sides of the world at a very young age.
When the war ends, it will be found that there was an equal amount of ‘thuggery’ practiced on both sides, that terrible things were done to force the final victory.
Rufus Jones
My wife is cool enough to let me write about personal things, to be a songwriter exploring the shadowy sides of love.
Trans men and women have always been thrown to the sides, but… have always been the nurturers, especially trans women.
People are fascinated by the darker sides of human nature, and I think they’re also interested in seeing the ability that a particular detective or group of detectives might have to solve the crime and put the world right again.
It is my hope that I will be able to work with legislative leaders on both sides of the aisle and Gov. Hickenlooper to find a solution to fix our ailing pension system.
Walker Stapleton
I think of masculine and feminine energy like two sides

I think of masculine and feminine energy like two sides to a battery. There’s a plus side and a minus side, and in order to make something turn on, you need to have opposites touching. It’s the same in relationships.
Cause and effect are two sides of one fact.
There’s something that’s sexy about a guy who has the strength to kill somebody, but is also vulnerable enough to be in love. It’s just those two sides – like, I don’t know why, but women for some reason aren’t attracted to normal guys, like, guys who are in between.
Washington’s defeat in 1754 was followed by active military preparations on both sides.
I don’t feel real confident expressing myself except when I’m writing. I feel kind of scatterbrained. I can see everything from both sides and that makes it hard to reach conclusions. Writing enables me to clarify things.
I love giving you my opinion, but I don’t like taking sides.
We Liberal Democrats believe in dialogue. We believe in cooperation with both sides of industry and between both sides of industry. And we believe in the language of cooperation. We reject the language of confrontation.
I consider myself a businessman, not a celebrity or a music star. When I’m getting involved with something I need to executive produce it or be a part of putting it together as an investor. I want to play both sides. That’s more important to me than just being a celebrity.
There’s two sides to Trump’s character, at least his pre-presidential character. One was, ‘I’m the richest man you could possibly imagine, I live the life of Scrooge McDuck.’ The other side was, ‘I need your money. Give me money.’
There are two different sides of my personality, much like everyone has two different sides of their personality. I mean, it’s a profession… It’s something that I do. And I’m not Erika Jayne 24 hours a day.
There were two sides to David Lean: on the one side, he was kind of a rather stiff, disciplined Englishman. And then he had this kind of romantic side to him. I think being true to both sides of your nature is important.
John Boorman
On both sides of my family, my grandparents grew up in total poverty and came to California during the Great Depression. The only way they were able to work their way out of that was by joining the military, which is how they both went on to be able to go to college.
My plan is to shock people with what I can do, because I’ve got a few sides to me that I’ve never used on screen.
Lucy Lawless
When you make documentaries or short films, you have to have eyes and ears in the back of your head and on the sides and all around you. I like that in my films.
Bruce Weber
If the great American people will only keep their temper, on both sides of the line, the troubles will come to an end, and the question which now distracts the country will be settled just as surely as all other difficulties of like character which have originated in this government have been adjusted.
There are two sides, at least, to most political questions, and a politician’s impulse may be to believe that the same holds true for science. Certainly, there are disputes in science. But on the question of climate change, the divide is stark.
I know there are some good sides of social media but I am scared of getting addicted to the mobile screen.
Societies have debated the severity of punishment for vile acts over millennia, with complex moral arguments on both sides of the question. But citizens and society should pay more attention to the trend of over-criminalisation of common human failings and frailties.
You want to toe the line with tough investigations without falling into political grandstanding inherent in Washington on both sides of the aisle.
Putting is so difficult, so universally vexing, that the best the pros can do is tell us how to miss. ‘Miss it on the pro side,’ they say, meaning miss it above the hole. I can’t even do that consistently. I miss it on the pro side. I miss it on the amateur side. I miss it on both sides of the clown‘s mouth.
I remember ‘Virginia Plain’ being on Top of the Pops, and everyone was talking about it the next day. Eno was bald on top with shoulder-length hair at the sides, and he was wearing a feather boa and a silver catsuit.
My knowledge of Vancouver and Canada was limited to what I knew about Bob and Doug McKenzie. I thought they were funny, talking out of the sides of their mouths and saying ‘eh’ and wearing toques.
Peter DeLuise
I was born and raised in New York. My family has been in New York City since the Civil War. I have a ton of N.Y.C. in my DNA, from both sides of my family. I had a wonderful childhood in the city.
Every audition, I walk out the door and throw the sides away immediately. You did it, now go home. And to me, that’s kind of a baptism. If they call you, they call you. And if they don’t, it’s fine.
Michael Mosley
It is necessary to suppress any extremist actions, on all sides, regardless of their origin.
Vladimir Putin
We’ve seen, in Washington, both sides say they don’t want to give up much of anything.
Both sides of my family had come from Ireland in the 19th century for the same reason: There was nothing to eat over there. Since then, I’ve tried to make up for the potato famine by making the potato the only vegetable that passes these lips.
Art Donovan
The worst mistake of first contact, made throughout history by individuals on both sides of every new encounter, has been the unfortunate habit of making assumptions. It often proved fatal.
What distinguishes the campaign finance issue from just about every other one being debated these days is that the two sides do not divide along conventional liberal/ conservative lines.
Why are kids being inundated with food that is not good for them, when we’re suffering from an obesity crisis? Is the U.S. government talking out of both sides of its mouth, promoting bad food while telling us not to eat it?
I don’t like it when celebrities get voice work. But then again, if I was the producer, I wouldn’t want a bunch of no-names doing my show and have to worry about word-of-mouth. I see both sides of the story.
John DiMaggio
What we have seen the Russians do is attempt to manipul

What we have seen the Russians do is attempt to manipulate public confidence on both sides. So we’ve seen them encourage people go to a protest on one side; we’ve seen them simultaneously encourage people to go to that same protest on the other side.
There is but little room for doubt that Egypt led the way in the creation of the earliest known group of civilizations which arose on both sides of the land bridge between Africa and Eurasia in the fourth millennium B.C.
James Henry Breasted
I think Pakistan was always a destination where it was hard to come and win. I was the coach of the South African team which came here in 2007. We won the Test and one-day series and that was a massive win and achievement because not many sides had come and won in Pakistan.
The hostility between India and Pakistan has become a habit to which both the elites have become addicted. Any attempt towards a rational solution to real problems is denounced by chauvinists on both sides.
Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei and Assad are two sides of the same terror coin. Letting Assad continue to wield lethal power means that Tehran‘s terror network – from Hezbollah to the Houthis – will persist in threatening the West.
I think that Gollum is really the character who is a very human character, and he’s very flawed, like most humans are, and has good and bad sides.
We live in an increasingly sophisticated world that makes it difficult to make simple comments on stuff. There are too many people on both sides of the border who are taking advantage of circumstances and the situation.
I was growing up in Hyesan, right by the closest North Korea-China border. China was just across the river: you could see across. So I was curious. On the river, on both sides, you have houses, then mountains. I wanted to know what was on the other side of the Chinese mountains.
I should probably be careful admitting this, but sometimes, when my characters are having a disagreement, it’s a disagreement I’m having with myself. I can see both sides of the argument.
I’m interested in writing that explores all sides of human beings.
Two sides to a story exist when evidence exists on both sides of a position. Then, reasonable people may disagree about how to weigh that evidence and what conclusion to form from it. Everyone, of course, is entitled to their own opinion.
There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.
When President Jiang Zemin visited India in 1996, the two sides decided that they would jointly build a constructive partnership of cooperation oriented towards the 21st century.
There are all sorts of cries that the leaders of the Green Movement should submit themselves to the supreme leader, but that won’t take place. Both sides have to be prepared for a serious negotiation.
I like disagreement because it forces both sides to question their own opinions and why they feel that way.
Eric has pro athletes on both sides of his family – plus, I used to play sports – so I’m sure our son will develop athletic ability.
We are separated from God on two sides; the Fall separates us from Him, the Tree of Life separates Him from us.
Miami Beach is a completely interesting hybrid because it is, on the one hand, a resort and, on the other hand, a real city. This condition of city and water on two sides I think is really amazing. And in the heart of that city, it has put an enormous convention center, an enormous physical presence.
I can bring a lot. I play both sides of the ball. I defend. I have an offensive game. I rebound the ball. I get steals a lot.
I would say that of many, many difficult aspects of my job as speaker, presiding over a debate on a bill that has an emotional aspect to it on both sides is the most challenging thing that I can think of.
In the Bible, we first encounter God when he sides with a bunch of slaves against a powerful Pharaoh, an act of grace freely given.
There are two sides to every story, and sometimes three, four, and five.
Bill Cosby
We call upon all sides to stop hostilities and restart peace talks.
Nursultan Nazarbayev
The idea of God as a fatherly figure who looks down on us and worries about how we’re doing or takes sides when we have fights – it’s more irritating than Santa Claus. The world and the universe are far more wonderful if there’s not a puppet master.
I made my living in comedy, but I’m not a silly person. I’ve got all these sides to me. Even in my movies that I’ve written myself, the characters sometimes border on great anger or nutsiness or other kinds of behavior. I’m not just doing fart jokes for two hours.
Abortion politics have distracted all sides from what is really essential: a major aid campaign to improve midwifery, prenatal care and emergency obstetric services in poor countries.
I’m pretty calculating. I take stuff that I know appeals to people’s bad sides and match it up with stuff that appeals to their good sides.
When you look at territorial disputes, there are good arguments on any sides. I think it’s important that we don’t take sides on legitimacy.
From the day I was elected, I began focusing on governing the best way I know how – transparently, openly, and in a way that encourages debate, dialogue and discussion on all sides of an issue.
When businesses don’t spend and invest, they don’t hire and cannot offer better-paying jobs. Business investment and wages are two sides of the same mirror. If a company purchases five trucks rather than 10, there are five fewer trucking jobs.
I am fighting royalty. I have gypsy kings on both sides of the family.
Austerity and Brexit are two sides of the same coin, li

Austerity and Brexit are two sides of the same coin, like the Brexit party and the Tories.
There was a ton of fighting between my mother and father. The kids would be thrown into the middle, to choose sides.
Nick Carter
I demonstrate by means of philosophy that the earth is round, and is inhabited on all sides; that it is insignificantly small, and is borne through the stars.
Johannes Kepler
I never identified with anybody. I have always been very sensitive about my color, because everybody called me ‘yellow gal.’ I was caught in between both sides – nobody wanted me. I love that my audience is there, but I always feel as though I have to fend for myself.
You know what to expect when you play Championship sides. They’re very solid defensively, they’re not scared to put their foot or head in, and they defend very well.
Making changes in the fast food that makes up such a significant part of the American diet, even if the numbers aren’t impressive, will have important health up sides.
Music is my profession but learning more about racism on all sides of the tracks was my obsession.
There is such a stigma on both sides of being a working mother, and you can fall into the trap of what you think everyone else thinks you should be doing instead of what your instincts and standards say you should do.
My original interest in the Nazi holocaust was personal. Both my father and mother were survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Nazi concentration camps. Apart from my parents, every family member on both sides was exterminated by the Nazis.
Republicans and Democrats know Xavier Becerra to be a thoughtful leader who is always willing to listen to both sides.
The thing I have come to find astonishing is that people from all political sides routinely say that the Internet has to be the model of free speech and freedom.
If you listen to Donald Trump speak on almost any given issue, you will hear him take both sides of that issue – in the same sentence, sometimes. It’s very, very hard to pin him down in any specific way.
Maggie Haberman
I don’t want food all over the place, down the sides of the sofa… When I shared a flat before I got married, we would always eat around the telly, but not now!
I personally feel that no human is a hero or a villain. All of us have our grey sides, and that is why grey interests me: because it’s more human, more life-like.
John Kerry doesn’t think in terms of black-and-white. He’s all gray, and he looks at all sides of the issues. That makes people think he likes to be devil‘s advocate. Whatever you say, he’ll challenge you on.
Emotion is a broad spectrum and I just been to a lot of sides of my own emotions.
I left school early in my last year before I took my A-levels. I wasn’t expelled. It was just a mutual understanding. I wasn’t interested in going to school and they said, ‘You’re not turning up,’ so we severed ties. Both sides appreciated it.
All the tribes tell the same story. They are surrounded on all sides, the game is destroyed or driven away; they are left to starve, and there remains but one thing for them to do – fight while they can.
George Crook
I don’t believe there’s two sides to every story. It’s black and white. There’s right and wrong.
Sides are being divided now. It’s very obvious. So if you’re on the other side of the fence, you’re suddenly anti-American. It’s breeding fear of being on the wrong side.
I think if I have learned one thing from all of my family members, both sides of it – my mom’s side, my dad’s side and everyone else – it’s that every one of us has a responsibility to do what we can to contribute back and make our communities and our country a better place.
I actually have great respect for the professionals on both sides, journalism designers in the fashion industry, and I wanted to make a movie that celebrated what they did as much as poke fun at the challenges of their lives.
David Frankel
I’m not so interested in what movie a celebrity is promoting or what television show might be premiering. I’m more interested in, ‘Does Channing Tatum know how to do laundry?’ I guess the more simple, personal sides of people.
I like someone who’s suffered from both sides.
Some of the folks on both sides might be sincere, but it does seem as if it is only the opposition that cares about the Bill of Rights most of the time.
I knew from an early age that people didn’t see the different sides of me. I formulated a kind of bi-cultural identity quite early, and I was always very comfortable with it, but I knew people didn’t quite see that.
One hearty laugh together will bring enemies into a closer communion of heart than hours spent on both sides in inward wrestling with the mental demon of uncharitable feeling.
Often I choose characters who express not my best self, but the sides of me I haven‘t developed or haven’t expressed.
I’d like the audience to see different sides of me.
Son Ye-jin
I’m not talking about Russia in my music. I’ve never been to Russia. I’m not talking about Africa, Switzerland, China. I’m talking about me being American and growing up in a crazy world and helping to reflect all different sides of life.
The notion that the mind and body are actually different sides of the same coin goes all the way back to the origins of medicine. For most of its history, the practice was not separated from other aspects of human activity.
Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie o

Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.
I’m proud of both sides, and they are both really well known to be fighting heritages, so I tell everyone all the time – they say, ‘What are you’? – I say I’m Irish. I’m Puerto Rican. I guess I was born to fight.
When you see a crowd of people jumping up and down at a pop concert, all gloriously in the moment, I don’t think you’ll ever see a comedian there. They’ll all be standing at the sides, looking at how it all fits together.
One of the things that I really enjoyed playing with Ender was how he’s constantly struggling between his brother and his sister. It’s like he’s got two sides to him. And I’ve always wanted to play a darker character, and in this film and in the novel, Ender has his moments where he isn’t a glorified hero.
I always saw two sides of life. I saw the dudes who would be the gangsta, big-time guys on the block, but would also be dedicated fathers. It was kind of weird to see that dual story that everybody has.
Namely I’m a fan of sides like Lyon, Marseille, PSG, but there is no preference. All these clubs, as well as Bordeaux, have a great history.
Joint undertakings stand a better chance when they benefit both sides.
Being respected by people on both sides of the aisle is really important to me – even in an age when giving a hearing to ‘both sides’ is considered a smear in some corners.
Kasie Hunt
Both sides have been playing tremendous cricket over a couple of years and they’re both very good units.
Matthew Hayden
With impressive proof on all sides of magnificent progress, no one can rightly deny the fundamental correctness of our economic system.
I’m really into both sides of the industry – in front of the camera and behind the camera. I love the business side of it; I love all of the contracts and negotiating and the different connections that you can make.
The question of the family now divides our society so deeply that the opposing sides cannot even agree on a definition of the institution they are arguing about.
My dad sent me a clipping about the self-defence militias in Mexico. Immediately, when I read it, I knew I wanted to create a parallel story about vigilantes on both sides of the border.
Hopefully, I can play both sides of the fence. That’s probably what winning the Oscar gives me, the chance to do something with a studio and do other things that I really want to do.
Fixing health care and fixing the economy are two sides of the same coin.
Iraq… has also had contacts with al-Qaida. Their ties may be limited by divergent ideologies, but the two sides’ mutual antipathy toward the United States and the Saudi royal family suggests that tactical cooperation between them is possible.
George Tenet
It’s always good to win a Test match and if you win it comfortably, it can leave a few psychological marks on opposition sides.
Ricky Ponting
I feel like B sides are always better, no matter whose record it is.
Weakness on both sides is, as we know, the motto of all quarrels.
My house is surrounded on three sides by cornfields.
You want to get both sides of the story and it’s my role to try and bring that out of people.
In Afghanistan and Iraq we would often get cowardly fire and rounds hitting us from the sides but we just hunker down and keep going, we don’t turn the mission around.
My label, my genre, my everything is happy sad – I do a smiley face with eyes on both sides. So basically to me, it’s totally okay to be happy and sad at the same time, it’s totally okay just to be sad, it’s totally okay to be happy.
Well, you know, it’s been interesting because an album is just a snapshot of where you are at that time. Not all pictures of everybody are just in jeans and a ‘T’ shirt, or a ball gown. You have many different sides and this is a snapshot of where you are at that time.
Diana Krall
I didn’t know how to box so I would have looked like a complete street fighter actually, but what we did have to do was pick up some sides and then just memorize them within two days and go there and audition.
In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.
Every actor will tell you it’s so much more fun to play the bad guy because usually those characters are more complex and more broad and more interesting, and have more sides to them.
Michael Vartan
I really can’t believe what a state the Pyramids are in. I thought they had flat rendered sides, but when you get up close, you see how they are just giant boulders balanced on top of each other, like a massive game of Jenga that has got out of hand.
From my point of view, we have the two communities: the tech community on one side and the rather social-scientific, philosophical community on the other side. We have, from my impression, a disconnect between the two sides.
I worked at chemistry and developing a style of play on both sides of the ball and studied success and winning.
A few years ago, the city council of Monza, Italy, barred pet owners from keeping goldfish in curved bowls… saying that it is cruel to keep a fish in a bowl with curved sides because, gazing out, the fish would have a distorted view of reality. But how do we know we have the true, undistorted picture of reality?
For some reason, I grew up generally believing that Jap

For some reason, I grew up generally believing that Japan and Korea were quite friendly. I do know that there is some bad history and the extremists on both sides are unreasonable.
He who walks in the middle of the roads gets hit from both sides.
Solidarity and competitiveness are the two sides of a European coin.
When you play the top sides you cannot afford to be as open as 4-4-2 can leave you. Consequently teams adapt their formation.
Because trying to see all sides, such an instinct is particularly Jewish.
The alt-right believes that Western culture is currently imperiled and that the elites on both sides of the political divide are not doing enough to protect it. In that analysis, I think they’re right.
Politicians need to stop picking sides and come up with bold solutions where the safety and security of all citizens become a priority.
I feel quite confident that audiences on both sides of the Atlantic are growing ‘dumber,’ if what you really mean to say is ‘less culturally literate.’
I’m a Gemini. Know what that means? There are two very different sides to me.
Julia Roberts most definitely would play me in the film of my life. Not just because of the hair but because she has all sides to her personality come through in films that I could just imagine her playing my crazy self so well.
I guess maybe there is two sides of me – the nice guy and then the beast within.
Gray space is fertile ground for fiction. When I can see both sides of an argument and feel strongly in both directions, then there’s a story there, then I can write real characters that I care about and believe in and champion on both sides.
Every politician, every president gets votes by getting people that don’t like him to like him. That’s why politicians are slippery: because they talk out of both sides of their mouth.
I always feel safe with a woman photographer. I feel that no matter how they interpret something, they understand all sides of it because they are women, and women are complex creatures.
Many women have many sides to their personality.
Jamie Brewer
You know honestly I think there’s a Dracula, a Wolf Man, and a Frankenstein‘s Monster in all of us. They are sides of our own character so that’s why I think we can relate to them in terms of a ‘I know how that feels’ kind of thing.
Richard Roxburgh
In my period at Chelsea, I was sometimes the one who switched sides because we were playing with two left-footed guys on the wings with myself and Damian Duff.
Although both sides of my family were religious, I was never forced to practice the Jewish faith. I did not really rebel against it, but then, as today, I disliked organized religion. I have a strange inhibition about praying with others.
Georg Solti
With more than two million Taiwanese living on the mainland and some 400,000 mainland Chinese in Taiwan, plus several million mainlanders visiting Taiwan, the two sides must further boost their interactions and relations.
I am a typical Libran. I tend to see two sides of everything.
I think there are many faces to everyone. I also have my bad sides. Also I think everyone is trying to improve their shortcomings to become more wholesome.
Zhou Xun
We have demagogues on all sides of the political spectrum. It’s not helpful. It’s destructive. It’s harmful. So, I don’t like demagoguery whether it comes from the left, it comes from the right.
I ended up working on over 150 political campaigns in 42 states; over a third of those were for Republicans. I want to be clear about that. Approximately two-thirds were for Democrats, so, I worked on both sides of the aisle, across the United States.
There are few instances when American history offers us two clear sides of a moral line.
‘The Good Parts‘ is me telling as much as I can of the deeper sides of myself that I haven’t shared before. It’s like an onion that gets deeper every time you cut it.
I am open and willing to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle on a variety of appropriate measures we can take to prevent firearms from getting into the wrong hands and mitigate future tragedies.
Kurt Schrader
My beliefs encompass all religions. But I never show my religious inclination in my films. My characters have dark sides; they aren’t the god-fearing characters. It wasn’t a conscious decision. I’m a very lazy and emotional person who connects with the common man.
There are a lot of different sides to me. I don’t know if I’m always peaches-and-cream.
There are always two sides to a person. CL is me, and so is Chaelin.
Everybody has their good days and their bad days, there’s always two sides to a story.
If you exchange information internationally, you must strengthen data protection. Those are two sides of the same coin.
A remarkable feature of the humanitarian movement, on b

A remarkable feature of the humanitarian movement, on both its sentimental and utilitarian sides, has been its preoccupation with the lot of the masses.
On both sides of the Atlantic, politics has come to be dominated by vitriolic name-calling and pervasive dishonesty.
Documentary people have to know that, particularly nowadays, they have to be on a mission. And part of the mission is to – is to be like good journalists: search for the truth, have an open mind, listen to as much as you can of different sides of things.
If the triangles made a god, they would give him three sides.
If you are hardworking, talented, reasonably charming or good looking and determined, you have a chance to make it. There are pros and cons on both sides. In the end, the hard working and persistent ones are the ones that get ‘lucky’ – whether in or out of film families.
You’re either on team Republican or team Democrat, and it’s the idea that one of these sides has a perfect record of being correct and is worth supporting on 100% of the causes. I find that kind of thinking extremely dangerous and very intellectually dishonest.
Jonathan Hickman
Jorginho is really suitable to the way I like to play. He is a player that has many good sides to him. He wants to work hard, and he’s very fast in moving the ball, which is important for us, although there is also Cesc Fabregas, who has the same potential as Jorginho.
Everything has two sides – the outside that is ridiculous, and the inside that is solemn.
Olive Schreiner
I love the incredible variety of demands directing makes on you, from the entrepreneur to the hustler to the deal-maker to the writer; to directing actors and the camera and working with music, sound, marketing and promotion. It uses so many sides of your brain.
It’s cool to show different sides of myself and my character. I feel like not that many people get to do that.
In remembering the appalling suffering of war on both sides, we recognise how precious is the peace we have built in Europe since 1945.