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My rise in WWE was kickstarted by my physical transform

My rise in WWE was kickstarted by my physical transformation.
I am not the typical WWE superstar.
To be allowed to come back to WWE is the greatest gift that’s ever been given to me. Back in the day, I never appreciated what WWE had given me, because I was in too much disarray and too confused about my own life. I let opportunities foolishly slip through my hands.
I have stupid neck. Look it up. You can look up ‘stupid neck,’ and it’ll probably be a picture of my neck. Just do me a favor. Look it up, and you‘ll realize that the WWE will never clear me to compete again.
Pro wrestling was there, and I was good at it, thank God. I started getting a lot of offers, but unfortunately, at WWE I was under a tight leash. I think it had a lot to do with The Rock making the transition, and me possibly being the next guy – you know, the company didn’t want to lose another top performer.
‘WWE Redefined’ has become my new catchphrase.
I think it’s fun to fantasize about the idea of NXT and ROH butting heads and seeing which one will do better, especially with WWE looking at ROH guys to hire.
I was three times AAU All-American World Champion and I had rough time. I was broke, no money and everything was bad for me until WWE.
I was in the independent scene for two years before I got the call from the WWE.
I went to WWE to prove something. I had to go through Steve Austin, the Undertaker, Edge; I had to go through all of those guys to prove myself.
I can’t tell you the amount of support I’m getting from WWE. They’re allowing me to express myself freely, they’re promoting me, and they’re letting me be me.
I missed the NFL by an inch. IRS problems… No money coming in, and not that many options left because I signed that stupid no-compete clause with WWE. I had no one to blame but myself.
We continue to hire women who seem to already be polished and who have already made it outside of WWE and whose whole goal was to get to WWE.
The life of a WWE superstar is awesome, but I want my kids to have a life balanced by more traditional ideas about what our life and our country used to be. And still can be if we want it to be.
You have to think about the WWE as soap operas.
I’ll tell you right now, man, if WWE was to call me and say, ‘Hey, Book, we want you to do a match with ‘Stone Cold‘ Steve Austin,’ I’d do it!
When I was around nine, my parents took me to my first live event, which was a WWE show with Ultimate Warrior. From then on, I loved it.
Austin’s a great wrestling town. There’s a lot of WWE fans when we get there, and they’re always really loud.
People dream to be in the WWE, but my dream is to be the best in the WWE. They can have the money and fame. My dream is to become known as the greatest wrestler of all time.
I started out thinking I was going to play in the NBA; now I travel the world as a WWE Superstar. Life changes.
WWE can say they don’t watch Impact and TNA but I know that’s a lie.
I was that 16-year-old who loved WWE, and I wanted to be a pro wrestler, but I didn’t understand why I had to be the bad guy. I wanted to be like Jeff Hardy – I wanted to be like Rey Mysterio – but I was told I had to be the guy who screamed terrible things about America and attack people from behind.
I want to be a larger-than-life superstar who is known worldwide, outside of the WWE.
The talk of the town has been Finn Balor. Finn Balor has been killing it down there in NXT, and the fans love him. He looks like one of those guys who could be ready to be up here in WWE, but who knows what’s going to happen?
Obviously, it was a dream to get signed by WWE, and that, by itself, was huge for me.
Buddy Murphy
It’s just a really cool deal to be a character in ‘WWE 2K17.’ Whether it’s competing on Nitro or Halloween Havoc, to have me as an available character… it’s a tribute.
I might be the only guy in WWE who isn’t acting ever.
I’m for big challenges and can face anybody, but I know they have legends in ‘WWE ’12,’ so I’d love to see myself against Andre the Giant.
Being born into the business, I had the connections. A lot of guys aspire to be professional wrestlers, but you need to get trained the right way. And then, once you’re trained, you need to get to that next level, and really, the WWE is the only place to do it.
When I first came into the WWE I enjoyed working with Candice Michelle, a girl who was a model and seemed to live a carefree life and worked really hard to become a WWE Diva.
I busted my tail for so long, I’m just glad it’s getting recognized now as part of the WWE. Because let’s face it, the WWE is the biggest company out there when it comes to wrestling. I’m just happy that I’m being recognized as somebody who works hard, I guess.
Joining WWE has always been a lifelong dream of mine.

Joining WWE has always been a lifelong dream of mine.
Coming to WWE, where they treat the talent a certain way, I really gravitated toward Bellator because you saw the trend in fighters wanting to go over there because they were getting better deals and getting more freedom with it.
That WWE Championship should be in the main event of every pay-per-view, and it upsets me when I see that it’s not.
WWE prepares you for so much other stuff in entertainment.
If you look back at my six-year run in the WWE, I never cursed on TV once, never cursed once.
The thing about the ‘Raw’ after Wrestlemania, the thing is they are the real hardcore, hardcore fans. It’s not your typical WWE audience.
Wrestling for WWE has definitely helped me a lot to get me to this platform where I’m able to do that, to be as busy as I am and travel the world.
There’s a huge fan base behind NXT, which is cool because that opens up the door to younger talent that maybe at one point thought that it was impossible to ever get into WWE, but now, there it is.
I lived in Calgary, and a lot of old WWE, WWF and WCW guys went through Calgary – whether to train or to work on the independent scene. When I lived there, I became immersed in all of this wrestling talk and it sparked my curiosity.
I think Sting would be denying his fans a great moment if Sting did not step into WWE competition at least once. I have always been a huge admirer of what Sting brings to the table and his relationship with his audience, and I would be dramatically disappointed if Sting does not wrestle a WWE match.
In a sense, I think the WWE Universe has become one of the greatest characters of the modern era.
Triple H really prepares everybody for WWE in everything we do in NXT, and everything we do in the performance center is to prepare us for WWE.
When I was 11 years old, I started watching WWE.
Cena, one-hundred percent, bleeds WWE, and he always will. I know that much about him.
I don’t think I could do the four or five days a week in the WWE. I feel bad for them.
Sometimes it’s hard to get people to take me seriously as an actor when they just see me as this WWE muscle head.
It took me 11 years to get a shot at the WWE championship; not just to win it, but just to get a shot, but luckily I was able to capitalize on that and become WWE champion, but if I had quit I wouldn’t have been in that position.
I know the WWE is popular, but it is extremely popular here in the Middle East and the U.A.E.
WWE and I have a long history, and I remember some very fun days back in the day.
I guess my mission statement is now to let the world know on a global scale that WWE certainly is a wonderful form of entertainment, but its superstars are more than just superstars inside the ring. They do so much more outside the ring and have so much more to offer.
WCW is a television company that produces a wrestling show. The WWE is a wrestling company that produces a television show.
Baseball is called ‘America’s Pastime,’ but you could argue WWE and wrestling is very similar. We’ve been around since the carnival days. People want to be entertained. It’s obviously two different sports, but everyone appreciates the athleticism of another sport.
That’s one of the reasons why I left WWE: not to feel tied up or pressured into fulfilling a certain number of work dates throughout the week or month – because of my injuries.
Being a WWE superstar is about giving, and I think there’s a few guys who get that.
My dad loved being a part of ‘Total Divas’ and sharing that special connection that we shared in having the same careers in WWE.
When WWE announced that the women’s division will be getting Tag Team Championships, I don’t think there was a girl in the locker room who wasn’t totally pumped.
Patience is key. You can’t get selfish, and that’s the number one thing I’ve learned at WWE. The world continues to go round, and I just knew – given the right opportunity and the right moment – that the world would know I was good, but now the world knows that I’m great.
WWE prepares you for everything in entertainment. It’s the truth. You need a host? Get a WWE Superstar. You need someone for an action movie, a comedy movie, a drama movie, you get a WWE Superstar. Because these guys are the most well-versed, well-trained, and hardest working guys out there.
WWE is something I’m looking at. Definitely have been throwing little feelers out there to get an opportunity. Because I have achieved everything that I have set out to do in every organization except the WWE. I didn’t get the world title. I got everything else but that.
I’m 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, which is average size in WWE, but in the world of television and movies, it’s huge.
I think that a lot of people forget they’re in WWE and get complacent.
Hopefully, one day - I want to make this big goal and b

Hopefully, one day – I want to make this big goal and be in the WWE Hall of Fame one day.
I love fashion. Actually, funny story, I used to give the ‘Esquire Big Black Book’ to young wrestlers when they would join the WWE, because they needed to know how to dress.
The biggest thing here in WWE is that if they see some really valuable qualities in you, they’re really going to do their best to maximize them and put you into the scenarios and into the situations where that’s going to make the most impact. For me, they’ve definitely done that.
What I think ECW presented was a big opportunity for a lot of WWE superstars. Definitely me. It revitalized my entire career when I moved to ECW.
Samoa Joe is an opponent that I really wanted to face in the ring. There was a time when you never thought that you will able to see Samoa Joe in a WWE setting but that has changed and this can be considered to be one of my fantasy bookings.
I have an open door with WWE as far as wrestling goes.
Do not try doing the things that we do one TV in WWE. We’re the entertainers, we’re the professionals.
I’ve had people say to me, ‘How dare you have a Twitter,’ you know, with my gimmick, I guess, and I just say, ‘It’s 2017.’ It’d be hard to find someone in America who doesn’t have a phone that has Twitter capabilities. So as a WWE Superstar, I think it’s OK that I have a Twitter, people.
For a long time when I was working to get a job and in OVW to create an image to get hired by WWE, they kept saying, ‘we’re looking for the next Trish Stratus. We want that look – that beautiful, feminine fitness model that kicks butt, and you just don’t fit the mold.’ That was holding me back for so long.
Just knowing the history of WWE, I know there haven‘t been a lot of African Americans that have come through and been successful. But there are women who have done amazing and inspired me.
Anyone who’s been in the WWE for an extended period of time has to be able to do different things. Eventually, a character gimmick is going to get old and stale. And, when it does, if that’s all you can do, you’re done.
If you’re really good in the ring, there’s no limits to what you can do in the WWE as a woman!
Whether it’s NASCAR or whether it’s football, or whether it’s the NBA, any time something spills over to the point where somebody makes a WWE reference, I always think it’s a good thing.
I love wrestling, and of course WWE is the main stage, but I’m happy to be with TNA.
For some reasons, I have WWE wrestlers tweeting me all the time. Like, my biggest fans. Why they can connect with my love for Meryl Streep, I don’t know.
Of course I will always be an ambassador for the WWE, so definitely anytime they need me for something, I’m only a phone call away.
When I became a part of Be a STAR and now with Do Something coming together with WWE, we have a much further range and bigger reach to get the message of anti-bullying and the effects of bullying out there.
I wasn’t featured in NXT. I never had a TakeOver match. I never held a title. I wasn’t a featured athlete. I knew, going in to SmackDown Live, I had to kick down the door and take every opportunity for what it was, and sometimes in WWE – and in life – those opportunities don’t come back.
I’ve got my eye on Big Cass and Enzo Amore. I think they ooze everything that it takes to be a WWE superstar. They have so much energy. Those guys and the Vaudevillains are the guys I’ve been tipping my cap to on the viewership side.
I am performing on a nightly basis for WWE. I’m doing it in front of tens of thousands of people at the live events then millions on ‘Monday Night Raw.’
When I came into WWE after Monday Night Wars, it wasn’t my greatest time in the business… but they kept bringing me back.
It’s been a long road for me coming from NXT. I’ve been with NXT for almost four years, and just getting to WWE, and now being able to travel with them, I kind of have to make new friends and get hotel rooms and travel in different cities every single night. It’s very different, but it’s so much fun.
You wouldn’t have thought Paul Heyman and CM Punk would have been so effective with the WWE Title, but we were because we understood our roles to each and the audience.
WWE is home; it’s a family. I’ll always be a part of this as long as I can contribute in some positive way. But I know there’s a time when the sun sets on everything.
One of my first heroes was Jim Robson, the hall-of-fame broadcaster with the Canucks and Hockey Night in Canada, and Jim Ross with the WWE and Howard Cosell was a big influence on me.
A good friend of mine, Maria Menounos, she‘s kind of like a mentor to me. She dabbled in WWE and pro wrestling, and she said ‘This is the perfect opportunity for you.’ Once I started doing my research about the competition and the company, I fell in love with WWE even more.
Regardless of what people think of the WWE, we’re great at storylines; we’re great at drawing money. We’re great at causing controversy, and when the other sports do it, they usually do better. It keeps it interesting and makes it fun for the fans.
WWE dropped the ball with ‘Tough Enough.’
Jonathan and Joshua Fatu, they are pretty much well secured there in WWE. I taught my kids everything they need to know in the industry, but I think they have nothing else to prove in WWE.
It was acting, and WWE is the longest-running weekly episodic program in television. Sure, there are story lines that are better than others.
When I was in Cleveland, Ohio, if you asked me what I’d be doing in 10 years, I’d probably say, ‘I’ll own my own Mr. Hero, living in Cleveland, married with three kids.’ Now I can say I’ve literally traveled the world with WWE.
My experience with video games is a far cry from 'WWE 2

My experience with video games is a far cry from ‘WWE 2K17.’ Did I ever aspire to be that character? Man, I just wanted to be a hero to kids. Whether it’s a character in a video game, a movie or a TV series, it’s an accolade that I’m greatly appreciative of.
That’s one thing I found out about myself when I left WWE: I’m that guy that needs to be pushed full throttle. That’s when you’re gonna get the best out of me.
Wherever we go, NXT fans are extremely loud, and it’s not like a normal WWE live event.
I think what limited my role when I was WWE commissioner in 2000 was my reluctance to get back in the ring every now and then.
I’ve spent 7 Christmases in Iraq and Afghanistan with WWE.
If you come from WWE, you have a thick skin because you’re hated on all day, every day.
The truth is, pro wrestling is such an incredibly vast, incredibly surreal world. There’s no telling how many words could be written about the subject – especially when the subject involves WWE.
In my opinion, WWE, to me, is the top of the food chain. So I’m concerned with being at the top of that food chain, which is the top, top of the food chain.
I love wrestling. I love WWE. I love being a part of something special every single night we go out there.
I want to take that top spot in WWE, and I’m gunning for number one.
When I first got to WWE, the head of talent relations was John Laurinaitis, who is now my father-in-law, and the first thing I thought when I saw everything that he had to do is, I thought, ‘I would never, in a million years, ever want that job. You could not pay me enough money to have that job.’
The style is getting faster and faster. The athletes are getting better and better. The future is pretty bright for WWE.
WWE has a very strong affiliation with Make-A-Wish, and we can provide a great experience. It’s extremely flattering that for one wish, a family would like to hang out with you. There’s nothing more flattering than that.
Someone like me who has been a fan of the WWE my whole life, to be a part of SummerSlam every year makes it even more special.
We have so many different lives outside of the WWE, it’s cool that people get to see all the different lifestyles and struggles we all have.
I believe that the Kane/Undertaker story, if you look at epic storytelling like Greek mythology, that is what it is. It is the best piece of epic storytelling that the WWE has ever done.
I have nothing but positive things to say for anyone who wants to come to the WWE because it is not an easy place to get into and not an easy place to get through, so if you feel like you can make it here and get through, I say welcome.
I don’t know why ESPN asked me to host the ESPYs. I think that they realize we, over at WWE, can engage a live audience. We certainly have an enormous following.
There is only one Dwayne Johnson. What Dwayne has done is absolutely fantastic. He had a vision when he was here at WWE. He promotes like a mad man. We’ll see how I do with John Cena before I can be mentioned in the company of Dwayne Johnson.
I’ve never dealt with really anything negative in the WWE as a whole, in the locker room, anything.
In OVW, it was like a different world, pretty much. They had the talent ready to stay around for a while, with guys who weren’t over yet and guys who weren’t retiring yet. With FCW, WWE were a bit more hands-on with the writers.
To portray something that you’re really not, it’s like a little escape, and I love to act and to be dramatic. I feel like the wrestling ring in WWE is the perfect platform to do that. It’s totally acceptable.
I can promise you this: I will be the greatest woman to ever enter WWE, and I will leave the greatest legacy that WWE has ever seen.
Nobody thought Finn Balor would be in the WWE. Here I am.
As a writer for six years, I wrote my own TV, which, I was the only person in the WWE that could probably honestly say, since day one in NXT, they wrote their own material.
I kept doing tryouts, and finally, after five years I got signed by WWE.
In WWE, a lot of people took my passion as me thinking I was better or knew more.
When you’re in WWE and you’re in front of 16,000 screaming fans booing you or cheering you, you only have one take.
As for regret, more than anything else, my regret lies in that the WWE Universe never really got the real Austin Aries. Outside of commentary, they missed out on the chance to hear and see me be me, and do what I do best.
WWE was looking for an opponent for The Undertaker. They needed someone for an upcoming pay-per-view. I was supposed to be just one and done.
I’m a fan first and foremost. I get caught up in the drama, the emotion of what is happening, whether it’s a boxing match, an MMA fight, a kickboxing contest, or a WWE matchup. I want to tell the story and paint more pictures.
WWE, in the back of my mind, was always the dream job,

WWE, in the back of my mind, was always the dream job, and most people don’t get their dream jobs.
Undertaker, for almost as long as many of us have been watching WWE, he’s been part of it.
When I first arrived in WWE after having a somewhat high profile on-air role in WCW, it was WrestleMania season. In a way, I was perceived to be the voice of WCW after the Ted Turner/TBS buyout of Jim Crockett Promotions. That ‘claim to fame’ did not endear me to many WWE personnel.
WWE, time-wise, is so strict.
Everybody that’s employed by ‘WWE’ – the biggest wrestling company in the world – should be good wrestlers able to tell good stories.
I’ve got nothing but love for Justin Roberts, nothing but great things to say about him. It’s a cliched thing to say you wish him well in his future endeavours, but I really do. I hope the best for him. He was involved in a lot of huge main events over the years. One thing about Justin was that he really loved WWE.
The WWE also embraced more of a reality-based approach to wrestling a year or two after I established it. I knew, deep down inside, were it came from. The WWE did it better than I did, and they’re still here, and I’m not, but nonetheless – I knew where it came from.
Believe it or not, I like the ‘Rumble.’ It’s extremely unpredictable and over-the-top. Everyone in the WWE universe looks forward to it. It becomes that one event each year where people center around.
I don’t think I’d be in WWE, and I wouldn’t be in NXT, if it wasn’t for my time in EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA and things like that.
I have no ill will towards WWE, my boyfriend works there.
Britt Baker
That generic outlook of what a ‘WWE champion’ should be is a joke to me. The casual fan walks in and expects to see a guy in short trunks with abs and a shaven body. I do not believe in that.
A lot of people always say, ‘Oh, people down there in NXT’ or ‘Down there’ as if it’s… yeah, it’s like a farming system for WWE, but they’ve done such a great job over the years making their own brand.
Wrestling is more of a creative outlet, and especially for somebody like me, I view it as my creative outlet. Not all WWE superstars and not all wrestlers view it that way, but that’s how I view it, and that’s one of the ways my mind works creatively.
That is one of the coolest things about WWE and wrestling in general. The fans have this very unique voice and this very unique power, and in no other sport and no other form of entertainment can the fans make their voices heard and it effect change.
I’m really encouraged by the progress I’ve seen with what they’re doing with the women in WWE, but I feel like there’s a lot more than can be done.
WWE is the 8,000 pound gorilla in the room, and the market share they have is north of 90 percent.
I became one of the top wrestlers outside of WWE in the world, and it all happened because I started giving it my everything.
That’s the great thing with the WWE. They want you to be like John Cena, they want you to be like The Rock, and they definitely give you that platform.
In the grand spectrum of things in WWE, you are wrestling for that camera and that camera and that camera – and all the cameras they have – and you have to make things work that way because, through that camera, there’s a million people watching.
I think I’ll always have a home in WWE.
The WWE universe is unlike any other group of people.
When I joined the WWE, Dave ‘Fit’ Finley was our first agent that we worked with all the time and he brought in another form of aggression in me.
My dad’s father would take me to WWE shows when I was younger, and my other grandfather, my mom’s dad, would watch wrestling with me at the house. They just really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, they both passed away before I signed with WWE.
As long as I can remember, I was a WWE fan. I wanted to grow up and be a WWE superstar just like my favorites.
The great thing about WWE is the fact they are branching out and doing more brands. Having this just creates more opportunities for everybody, and I just want them all to get a chance. Especially in England. I know we have a lot of British superstars, but it’s still a lot harder for Brits to come over here in America.
I would have never thought that somebody like me from the small country of Bulgaria could make it in WWE.
The creative autonomy in ‘Lucha Underground‘ is more than I felt in WWE. There is more willingness from the creative and production team to listen to input from the wrestlers in ‘Lucha Underground.’
I’ve been a Rusev Day fan since before there was a Rusev Day. I feel like I was the forerunner of it all. I saw something in him before the WWE universe saw it in him, back when they were booing us for being patriotic to our countries.
Nobody has a scientific formula to being the most over superstar in all of WWE.
For many years prior to landing my big break with WWE, I learned a lot about uphill battles. I had to scratch and claw day after day for a really big dream that, at many times, seemed totally impossible.
I am a ballroom dancer on WWE programming and in my personal life I am no dancer at all.
Doing these movies I've done with WWE, it's a different

Doing these movies I’ve done with WWE, it’s a different pace. It’s a lot of hurry up and wait, a lot of sitting around and like the day of the pay-per-view, when you’re thinking about what you can do, and then you get the payoff, the reward, that night. It’s just a different animal.
When I was with WWE before, I was a big guy throwing people around – power moves. Then after that, when I left WWE, I was like, ‘I still enjoy professional wrestling,’ but some of the smaller guys look up at me and say, ‘I don’t wanna wrestle him. I don’t wanna get thrown around by that guy.’
I still feel like I am in my introductory period in terms of making my name in WWE so want to keep my head down and work hard. I would also love to have a match with Daniel Bryan.
I was the first WWE developmental talent. When I moved to Connecticut to start training, I had no idea what wrestling was other than what I saw as a fan.
I don’t think anyone in the WWE really knew that I did parkour. I mean, some of the guys have seen me doing it backstage in arenas before and have always asked about it, but the office didn’t know.
When I got to WWE developmental, that pedigree did not help you at all. It was against you. You were an enemy of the state when you walked in, when you had an independent background.
I’ve said it before, that I think if we can have any woman from any other background to come into the WWE, it makes it better for the performers.
I’ve always loved music. I’ve worked on music and written music, but, it wasn’t until I was actually on the road full time with WWE that I put my first album out.
When you get a record attendance for What Culture Pro Wrestling – or just recently with Matt Cross, we did a record attendance for Next Gen in Tennessee. These are various brands. They’re not rinky-dink. They’re small – they’re not WWE – but their soul is there.
WWE is my home, and I will always stay with the WWE in some part, whether it’s an ambassador, or maybe one day you’ll see Nikki Bella as a GM, and no one can touch me.
The challenge with WWE was keeping up with the schedule and trying to stay healthy and uninjured during that time. Now, with motherhood, the biggest responsibility is trying to protect this little baby and care for her and her needs.
The one Hall of Fame that I refuse to go in is the WWE Hall of Fame because do you know where it’s at? Where is it?
It’s amazing the footprint WWE has around the globe. When you look at the scope of the amount of live events they run, it’s mind-boggling.
I love the WrestleMania, and I love my family WWE. The WWE know I am the legend forever.
I grew up on WWE. Eddie Guerrero is my everything. He’s my hero, as are Shawn Michaels and Tiger Mask. I tried to model myself after them.
Videogames tell stories on good and evil, and so does the WWE, so that’s the core of both things.
I’m not a ‘Yes Man,’ and I’ve always preferred to go back and forth and find something we both agree on so I can do it to the best of my ability. That was taken in WWE as trying to do what was best for me. In reality, I was trying to be different.
A lot of the work I did with WWE had very strong comic book ties that were more than just a wink at the audience. There was a period of time when I had a clear protective face mask and a hood over my head that correlated with Doctor Doom.
My MMA background, I think, only enhances my experience on ‘Tough Enough’ or in the WWE in general.
Even before I became a WWE Superstar, I was told I was never going to make it because I wasn’t big enough. You know what I mean? I wasn’t strong enough, I wasn’t 6 foot 8.
I think that being able to do a WWE studios film gives you confidence to say that I was able to go out there and accomplish something.
When my job isn’t performing in a WWE ring, my job is to get back performing in that ring. When I’m hurt, all I have to do all day is get strong and get better. I’m a very dedicated physical therapy patient, and that helps a lot.
WWE is like showbiz boot camp.
Anyone that’s been with WWE, there’s frustrations of feeling like you can only do so much. The women are told not to punch or to kick, to do power bombs and the power moves, and none of that exists in ‘Lucha Underground.’
Some of the most well-known women in the history of WWE have learned to shine on the brightest stage of them all because of Fit Finlay.
The Dream didn’t need to struggle. He’s homegrown talent, straight from the WWE Performance Center, trained by the best coaches in the world: Norman Smiley, who’s known from coast-to-coast, Matt Bloom, head trainer, and I am protege of the one-and-only The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.
Velveteen Dream
There is no ‘off’ being John Cena: it’s always on. In a way, I think that has helped me, because over the years I have been able to be humble. I have been able to be humiliated in front of the WWE universe in a good way.
I always had watched pro wrestling. I happened to be watching the WWE Network one day and started watching differently: I wasn’t watching it as a fan, but instead I was watching it as something that I could possibly be a part of.
I was never let go from that company – it was my decision to leave WWE. I had enough.
I’m glad I didn’t get to WWE until I did because I was more complete at 32 than I was at 25. It all happens for a reason.
You’ve got some very unique individuals in the WWE, and it’s a completely different nexus on ‘SmackDown’ than it is on ‘Raw.’
When I started wrestling, I never wanted to go to WWE.

When I started wrestling, I never wanted to go to WWE. It was the Japanese life for me.
The AAF offered me a commentating spot for their league, and it was literally the day after I signed my deal with the WWE.
Obviously, I was fortunate enough in my first WWE experience was to be at WrestleMania in Dallas. That itself was pretty incredible, just to meet everybody and to get familiar with the NXT guys.
The strategy is obviously a business decision to have limited advertising on the WWE Network. We want subscribers to know that there won’t be commercial breaks during scheduled programming, so your shows won’t be interrupted.
I obviously wanted to keep wrestling and stay in the business. The opportunity came up with WWE, and it’s been an incredible experience.
That’s what we do in the WWE: we tell stories; we’re characters. We go into the ring, and my character is telling a story in the ring against another character.
There are wrestlers in Japan. I think they think they can move to WWE, but it’s not so easy.
If you’re in the WWE, it’s like show business boot camp. You learn a little bit about everything as far as show business is involved.
With WWE, it’s a massive machine, and you will air in 120 countries and have action figures and towels.
For a long time, the women of WWE have been waiting for moments to break down barriers.
I have a really strong opponent in Randy Orton. A former multi-time world champion. He’s held just about every title under the sun. And he’s done it all in a major way. He’s basically wreaked havoc and ran roughshod over the WWE for quite some time. Some people might forget that.
I like having titles. I feel like when I walk out and I don’t have a title, it’s strange. Even in the independent scene before I got to WWE, I was a champion in most of the companies I wrestled for. Being a champion is just what I do.
I started traveling around the world by myself by the time I got to 14. I worked really hard because I knew what my goal was, which was to be in WWE.
Luckily, here in WWE, they have a mega-awesome medical group. They’re there at every show. If something is hurting even slightly, they’re gonna ice it or something. They take care of us so well.
Most wrestling fans in WWE heard about Bulgaria after I showed up on the scene.
I grew up a huge fan of the WWE.
Out in the WWE ring, we have to play so much bad guy, good guy, don’t talk to your competitors, but backstage, you’ll see that we’re all really close, and it affects us.
Everything changes from week to week in WWE, and that’s what’s cool about it. All it takes is one minute you’re smiling and the next minute you can be a savage.
For me to be the first African-born WWE Champion is incredible because now, people who look like myself can look at TV and see on WWE television that anything is possible because I’m doing it.
I was really confident when I left WWE. I was confident that I would have a good time, and I was confident that I could wrestle differently than perhaps people saw me in the last few years with WWE, but I definitely wasn’t prepared for this level of everything.
If my parents didn’t come to Canada in the ’70s, I probably wouldn’t be living my dream to be a WWE superstar.
You just can’t compare the WWE to anything else when it comes to sports entertainment. There is nothing like the WWE, nothing like this machine I am working for and I’m proud to work for.
For the longest time, Cena would be, and still is, filibustered by half the WWE universe.
I was at an ESPN event in the United States, the awards ceremony, and I got approached by the WWE. I had just retired, and, it’s a form of competition, but of course, it’s also scripted, so I don’t know if I’d be willing to relive that. Perhaps for a special event, so I could taste it.
I think one of the things that really endeared me to people was that people got to view more aspects of my personality than most because of the different things that I did within WWE.
All my life I wanted to be WWE champion, so when I won that, that was great.
When you are in WWE, you’re really strapped down by their rules and writing.
I always really enjoyed Edge’s entrance theme. Also Stone Cold. WWE once asked me in an interview, if I had to change my entrance music, whose would I choose, and I said Edge. So they created a video of me using that song, and I was like, ‘I’m in love.’
To WWE and to everyone who owns WWE, it’s a business, and if you become something to the people, you’re going to become something to the company. It’s just that simple now.
I’m already the face of the UFC, plus the face of boxing, WWE, and Hollywood.
Growing up in Cleveland, the first time I went to a WWE event, Cleveland didn’t even have an arena. The Cavaliers were playing at the Richfield Coliseum. I would go out there.
I've done so much for the WWE. Everything I've done, an

I’ve done so much for the WWE. Everything I’ve done, any movie I’ve done, any notoriety I have, it’s because of them.
I’ve tried repeatedly, but I just cannot sink my teeth into the WWE product.
One day, I happened to see a WWE match and thought I could easily do all of that.
It was not very difficult for me to adjust in WWE because of my previous experience. Stylistically, this company is quite different from other promotions, but adapting to it is part of the job.
I’d like to be a tag titleholder, I’d like to be the WWE champion, but more than anything, I want to make guys leaders.
One of my goals is definitely to motivate the youth towards sports. Whether it’s arts or academics, I just want to let them know that anything is possible. To think that I grew up as a WWE fan and now I’m a WWE champion proves that through hard work anything really is possible.
In order to succeed in WWE, you’re responsible. If you put in 100 percent, you get back 100 percent.
I never close the door on my company. WWE always there for the legend, and I love my boss the Mr. Vince Kennedy McMahon forever. He always show me that I am part of WWE family.
The problem with Deep South to me is that there was a group that were tight with the boss, and they would always go out and drink and have barbeques. Then, when WWE would say, ‘Who should we look at?’ Bill Demott would say, ‘Oh, look at this guy and this guy.’ Of course those were his buddies.
What people don’t realize here in WWE is, you can go out in any company, and you can have these crazy, five-star matches, and you can do all this stuff, and you don’t have chains on you. The trick in WWE is to do it within this confined little box.
Before I signed with WWE, I thought my athletic career was done. I was going into the finance industry and I just thought I couldn’t compete any more. But the mind is a really powerful thing and you can unlock your potential if you choose to ignore what your mind is telling you.
Every time I’ve partnered with WWE, we’ve managed to pull off something extraordinary, but to be a part of the Tribute to the Troops special is definitely the highlight.
I’m going to call WWE like I call everything. Yes, I’m going to be passionate. Yes, I’m going to be excited, but at the same time, I’m hoping to get better as a storyteller, and I’m hoping to complement the people I work with who have been doing this a lot longer than I have.
WWE has no issues with my stand-up. I do not miss work for any reason and will continue to work around my schedule because I’m a professional and do not allow complacency or laziness.
I was miserable in WCW. I knew I wasn’t going to go any higher there, and jumping to WWE hadn’t even crossed my mind. I couldn’t stop wondering, ‘Is this it? Is this what I worked my whole life for?’
Eddie Guerrero
If you go back and look at WWE Magazine, they asked me when I was going to win my first world championship and I told them WrestleMania XXVI, so I was only a couple days off.
When you leave WWE, like, when I left, I was thinking, ‘Maybe I’ll take, like, a year off, and in that year, I’ll probably do a Marvel movie, maybe a couple of movies. I don’t know.’ And, obviously, completely unrealistic.
No matter how much wrestling you have watched in your life, you know how big Wrestlemania and how momentous it is. My sister-in-law and her boyfriend aren’t die hard WWE fans, but they are fans of Wrestlemania just because of how huge the event is.
I remember seeing an action figure of The Rock and going, ‘You know what? I’m going to become a WWE Superstar.’
The WWE and World Heavyweight Titles are the ones everyone is aiming for, and if you’re not aiming for them, you are in the wrong business – and I like to think that when the time is right, I will get my shot.
Sometimes with the WWE, you can get a little bit stale. Your traveling is usually with the same group, and you’re generally working with the same person and the same type of match, and it’s the same environment backstage.
When I was first starting to achieve success in the WWE, I got to be surrounded by the last class of true greats, and they all had little tips and secrets. You learn a lot from watching somebody work.
I went through ups and downs in this business and in life, and when I was released by WWE in 2014, I knew I had a wealth of knowledge and an opportunity.
I’m going to be an ambassador for WWE.
When I was growing up, I thought there was only WWE. That’s it. One promotion in the world. And then, as I grew up, I found that there’s local wrestling. There’s WCW, there’s ECW. In Mexico, there are the luchadores. And then, finally, I realized there’s wrestling in Japan.
If you’re not in the WWE and bouncing around in the Indy shows, you’re not with the best.
Obviously, in WWE, everyone is on top of their game.
I will be the biggest WWE Superstar the WWE has ever seen. I will be the biggest movie star movies have ever seen. I will be the biggest TV star that TV has ever seen. I will be the biggest person in the world.
I have never even considered a future outside the walls of the WWE. However, sometimes life takes an unexpected turn, and while it is the most difficult decision I have ever made, it is time for me to move on.
Shane McMahon
Ziggler has been around a little longer than I have, but from 2010-12, he and I went at it almost every single week in pay-per-views, tv, live events. We know each other very well. We are two guys who are not your prototypical WWE superstars.
I grew up with WWE and New Japan, but when I started traveling to Germany, I had the chance to train with people like Christian Eckstein and Tony St. Clair. They were two of the cornerstones of the Germanbeer tent‘ wrestling era, when they’d have 30-day tournaments in the same town.
I think the WWE is a great place for professional athle

I think the WWE is a great place for professional athletes. Floyd Mayweather did it. Mike Tyson has done it. Even Donald Trump has appeared in the ring.
It’s been an amazing journey that I’ve had with WWE.
I wanted to be a part of WWE and part of NXT first, as, if I went to ‘Raw’ or ‘SmackDown’ right away, I would always wonder what NXT would have been like.
At the end of the day, if you look where The Shield was, where else are we going to go? Are we going to share the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? I don’t think so.
The WWE is the big company and the one the mainstream audience is watching, but I feel like if you were a hardcore wrestling fan, you were watching TNA.
I do think people see us on WWE so often as just characters. They forget we have real lives and we go through similar situations as the average person.
I had pretty much accepted the fact I was going to be a stay-at-home mom and do my other adventures in life. I thought coming back to the WWE was out of the cards for me.
The IIconics are a feisty Australian duo who have been a team since they came to WWE. They’re masters on the microphone, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to win!
If it wasn’t for the Internet, I might never have left WWE. Then again, if it wasn’t for the Internet, I probably wouldn’t have been brought back.
I’m going to do WWE until it stops being fun.
My whole ‘WWE’ career has been rebuilding myself and finding the confidence that I once had. It’s been one hell of a journey. There have been times I felt like the prodigal son because I left wrestling and abandoned this thing that I loved.
You know that if you come to WWE and want to maintain a certain level of success, you’re going to be busy and gone a lot. It’s part of the deal.
Back in the early days of WWE, I remember doing 20 interviews every Tuesday, one right after the other on different topics.
I was part of Evolve as they were beginning to make their name, and I was lucky enough to help it grow worldwide as WWE got involved.
I was into ‘Crash Bandicoot.’ ‘Croc.’ I loved ‘Twisted Metal.’ And as far as the WWE and wrestling games? All of them. I played ‘SmackDown! Just Bring It’ and ‘Smackdown vs. Raw.’
Of course, to be WWE world champion is definitely on my list. Anybody who is not reaching for that proverbial brass ring is doing something wrong if they’re in the WWE.
I can literally count on one and a half hands how many people in WWE treated me the same pre-Mark and post-Mark. Michelle McCool didn’t change, I’m still me. There were a ton of people that found out I was dating Mark and was like, ‘Oh, I better change my tune and be super nice.’
There was originally no plan in place for me to become WWE champion. It felt like I became the No. 1 contender out of nowhere. I call what I did forcing the results. I wasn’t happy with my position. I was putting in the work, but I wasn’t getting the results. I was going to force the result no matter what the cost.
I’ve been in WWE for 22 years, and that’s a long time, and I still think I perform at a high level.
Any comparison to a WWE legend or someone I’ve looked up to is really cool, but make no mistake about it, my ego is too big to want to be a really good replica of someone else!
A lot of people want me to say negative things about WWE, but I’m very grateful for my career there.
I had several decorated characters within the WWE that I was really proud of, coats of paint that changed that I could show a different side to the audience, because I’ve been in front of them since I was 20 years old, and none of them were necessarily the right one.
My No. 1 dream match is Brock Lesnar. And I want that to be a WrestleMania match. I don’t know if the WWE will ever let that happen, because they might be afraid he might legitimately hurt me pretty bad.
When I first went up to WWE in 2003, they asked me who I wanted to wrestle, and I said, ‘I wanna go against The Rock.’
From the moment I became a free agent, the WWE opportunity was the one I wanted. Obviously, there were strong plays made by some other companies, but in the end, when WWE offered me an opportunity, I could not turn it down.
I think Ronda’s biggest fear was losing to me, so if we were to do it in WWE, she would have to win. I don’t have such a big ego, but if we were to put on a show for the fans, something like that, no problem.
Really, Tanahashi belongs in the WWE. He can be the next Roman Reigns.
Music and the WWE go hand-in-hand.
I’m out here for opportunity and championship and a belt that spells my name, but on a bigger stage, my bigger goal, my mindset is to completely eliminate any doubt in some of the minds that, ‘Hey I don’t want to take my dream to WWE. Where I’m from, what I believe in, it could cause any trouble.’
I used to be a lot better looking before I joined WWE. Whatever happens in the ring is real, and for anyone to think any differently would be a big mistake.
Ever since I was 3 years old, I wanted to be WWE champion. I got that belt during WrestleMania 31, and I want it back. It’s what drives me.
I've been on the other side where I know that a bad day

I’ve been on the other side where I know that a bad day at WWE beats the best day at Staples.
It’s very cool to inspire other girls to be a WWE star.
I love representing WWE, like, with Make-A-Wish, Be a STAR, Special Olympics.
My dad was a wrestler back in the early ’90s, so it just brought everything full circle with my dad’s background and my love of performing and entertainment, and now here I am in the WWE.
It’s one thing to put out the opportunity, but it’s another to take it and run with it. People say to me, ‘Thank you for the opportunity,’ and I always respond with, ‘Thank you for taking it.’ We need to be able to see where, how, these changes can grow. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was WWE.
It’s the WWE; it’s Vince McMahon’s show. He lays out what he wants from you. It’s not always going to be what I want.
If you’re a wrestler in the WWE, then your goal is to be the headliner, main event of WrestleMania.
There is nothing like WWE live.
That’s what we do in WWE: we tell stories.
Hulk will always be a part of sports entertainment/professional wrestling history, and there’s nothing that’s gonna change that. His relationship with the WWE, whether it’s official or unofficial, is something that can’t really be erased.
When I won the United States Championship at Hell in a Cell, it was awesome. It was my first championship ever in WWE, so it’s a really cool moment for me.
I think when you come from a reality show, nobody really respects you from the movie industry or from the WWE industry.
Being single and being in the WWE, a lot of times I think that I can’t have a husband or a boyfriend or a relationship because there are so many things that I want to accomplish.
I was a big fan of wrestling growing up and of WWE.
I didn’t come over with a comfy sponsor that took care of my visa and paid me a good amount of money right away. I came over here with nothing, the little bit of money that I had saved up, and it was struggle and plight to get some recognition and then finally make it to the WWE.
You want to change Saudi Arabia? You send something like WWE.
Obviously, you know, when you talk about dream matches and you talk about the WWE, you can’t not mention John Cena.
It’s definitely a sensitive topic to discuss, but I have felt, since I signed with the WWE, I was in a unique position to reestablish how Arabs were perceived in the WWE and western media.
I went to my tryout in WWE, and I think within like six weeks, it was really fast for me, I was like down there, moved to Tampa, and the rest was history.
I jumped to the WWE, and the perceived notion was I became more successful. I got to touch more people‘s lives and influence more people and perform in front of more people, and that was a great thing.
I wrestled in Detroit many times before getting to WWE.
As a father and an ex-wrestler, it’s a dream come true. To be able to come back and be included in ‘WWE 2K17,’ it’s a huge honor.
When I was leaving WWE, I’d started becoming interested in applying parkour to the matches and using the ring environment in fun, new ways.
WWE is very good at doing things that are advantageous. If you have the ability to go out there and get on a mic and be captivating, then they’re going to do everything in their power to support that ability and make it even bigger and seem better.
In the old days, talent owned their costumes, their intellectual property, their gimmicks. They were not employees and could wrestle anywhere they wanted to, and that just is not case in today‘s WWE.
I had become complacent in WWE when I got released in 2014. I had become unmotivated. I wasn’t driven. I was out of shape and just not focussed.
With social media now, we kind of get that inside look at WWE Superstars’ lives.
WWE is basically scooping up all the talent and making it really difficult. They say they want competition and like competition, but I don’t believe that. They are trying to make this a monopoly.
Ever since I was a child I always wanted to be WWE Champion. I’ve been in love with sports-entertainment for my entire life, and I always wanted to do that.
David Otunga
I think WWE superstars and Divas are here to change lives. That’s why they do what they do. They want to make an impact on the world.
Ronda Rousey has done… she was a huge part of the women’s revolution all over the world and part of the WWE, and now she’s coming to WWE. It’s going to be absolutely amazing.
I'm not a patient person and sitting around the house w

I’m not a patient person and sitting around the house waiting to get back to WWE does me no good.
There’s definitely no hard feelings with WWE. I’m very thankful to them for the opportunity that was given to me.
The fact that the WWE is so involved in anti-bullying, it’s really an honor to be involved with them.
I am the youngest of three brothers so was constantly trying to upstage them all the time growing up, so that’s why being a WWE Diva is so fitting for me.
You can call WWE whatever you want, but at the end of the day, it’s a fight and fighting is my specialty.
NXT is its own kind of animal, and you’re never quite sure how much of that transfers over into WWE and into Monday Night Raw.
WWE is a space where I thrived, and I loved, and I still do. I love connecting with an audience; that is the greatest thing about going back to WWE.
I started watching wrestling when I was eight, and I only watched the WWE as a kid.
Buddy Murphy
It was very spur of the moment. When I heard WWE was having tryouts… I would not let the opportunity pass me by. I hired someone to make my video, and I sent in the video, thinking nothing would come of it.
I’m the classiest superstar ever in the WWE.
Lacey Evans
I had a great run with WWE. WWE gave me great visibility. I met my wife there, and I got paid a lot of money; it was just my time to go. I sensed it. I was smart enough to leave. That’s the bottom line.
Actually, a person asked me if I was ever going to come back to WWE. I told them that if I came back, it probably wouldn’t be as WWE Superstar, because the young guys are really what it’s all about. Bringing me back as an announcer is a great position for me to actually go out and make the young guys bigger stars.
As soon as I found out there was a school you could go to to become a WWE superstar, I was immediately hooked.
Pop culture is a huge strategy for WWE: our storylines are reflective of what’s happening in the world and what’s popular.
I told my mom: I said, ‘Mom, I’m going to try out for WWE.’ Her response was, ‘The heck you are!’ She was like, ‘You are not doing that!’ So I had to try out without her knowing, but now she’s, like, the biggest supporter and so proud of me.
Instead of fantasizing about food, I’m fantasizing about the WWE championship.
It was a very real thing, not a storyline thing when Randy Orton didn’t want me to get to a certain point in WWE.
We’re here for the fans. At the end of the day, that’s what WWE is all about. If we can put a smile on their faces, we’ve done our job.
I came from a background where I had to share everything with seven other siblings. From hand-me-downs to sleeping in tents, we had to make what we had work. With WWE, they give you everything you need to perform at your best.
Lacey Evans
People can say what they want about WWE. Paul Levesque, Vince McMahon, Michael Cole – they all gave me another life by bringing me back to call NXT. That’s where I should have been in the beginning.
How many African American champions have there been over the course of WWE’s history? It’s something that was the elephant in the room. Nobody wanted to talk about it, but it was important for us to address it.
I’m not sure what the average career span of a WWE superstar is, but I’ve exceeded that by a long way.
We knew that AJ Styles might be the best in the world. We didn’t realize that until he got to WWE.
Eddie Guerrero is my number one. He is the reason I am in the WWE – I wanted to be the female version of him.
There is nothing more than the world to me than performing in front of the WWE Universe. So I would like to do it as long as I can. As long as they will have me.
When I started here, I didn’t really have prior plans. I just wanted to be part of WWE, to get the opportunity to show what I can do.
My business wouldn’t be doing as strong as it is without the support of WWE.
Obviously, The Glamazon has been covered in every wrestling magazine known to man, including WWE Magazine, however, I’ve always wanted to do a fitness magazine.
A lot of times, guys leave WWE or get fired by WWE, but there’s always that little bit of buzz right when they get out on the scene, but like all buzz, it fades. But I feel really flattered that, for whatever reason, it seems to be trending upwards.
Professional wrestling… is no different than a Broadway play except that in a Broadway play, actors are using dialogue to tell a story and establish their characters, while in WWE, they’re using a physical dialogue to tell their story and build their characters. That’s a very unique art; it really is.
I watch just as much WWE as almost anyone, but I love to. It’s something I enjoy doing. I don’t force myself to watch. I get excited for Mondays. I get excited to see the show.
As far as my overall grade or performance in WWE, I'd s

As far as my overall grade or performance in WWE, I’d say I did the best I could at the time.
WWE is something I’ve had my eye on.
I remember the first time I stepped into a WWE ring, and I got critiqued, and I was told I’d be gone in three months. Here I sit ten years later, and I’m the Intercontinental champion.
From the first day I got signed to WWE, being the champion was always my number one goal, and after years of consistent hard work both mentally and physically, ups and downs, I was finally in that moment I had dreamt and thought about so much!
I debuted in WWE right around the time when the ‘Attitude Era’ ended and WWE programming switched to Parental Guidance. Back then, we had one champion, and if you weren’t the champion or the challenger, securing television time was often challenging.
My biggest concern with the whole deal with ‘Total Divas’ and with WWE – and, you know, they want you to be engaged with social media and all this kind of stuff – I don’t want to live my life to entertain other people.
WWE is growing every day, every week, and every month.
I think ‘Raw’ is complacent in the fact that ‘Raw’s’ been the flagship of WWE. ‘Smackdown’ wants to be number one.
Even prior to WWE, when I was bartending and training MMA, I always had a sense of fulfillment because although not my dream job, I took pride in being the best bartender I could be.
I’ve tried to make it a thing where they, somebody in WWE, needs me or wants me there. And if I do my job well, it becomes a thing, and I just try to make it a reality, I guess. And I’m just trying not to get released.
I hate in-ring promos. I’ve never done a promo in WWE that I liked.
WWE, of course, has had some fantastic two out of three falls matches.
I started training at the Monster Factory, the ROH dojo, CZW, and I trained there. And eventually, I had a tryout with WWE.
The Royal Rumble is rich with history and one of the most popular events in WWE history.
Even though I’ve accomplished so much in WWE as well as having a franchise in ‘The Marine,’ it’s still not enough for me. I always want more.
What I do in WWE is essentially a lovable bad guy.
I don’t enjoy the road life or WWE’s really hectic schedule.
I moved from home in Scotland to home in WWE, and that was the first time being out on my own in my life.
My dad did some work for WWE in the early ’90s, so I grew up watching and being in and around it. I never, ever thought it was something that I could do.
Safety is always paramount at WWE.
I used to be around John Cena all the time in WWE, and I watched him and the way he worked. John is a guy who has been at the top longer than anyone else in history, and I’m lucky to have the opportunity to train at Cena’s gym and go to him for advice.
I was lucky to have been able to work so closely with Vince McMahon as he was able to see up-close what I could contribute to WWE, which lead to some amazing years not only at ringside, but also in the boardroom.
The WWE Championship is the greatest championship in the history of this sport. It has the most history of anything.
I watched WWE as a child. I was a fan.
I was the most hated wrestler in WWE, No. 1 company in the world.
When I came to WWE back in the day, I’d been working seven-and-a-half years, and I was very frustrated. I started getting some momentum, and my work was very vicious, and it was very believable.
To be clear, NXT is a great place to be at, you know what I mean? … Obviously, everybody aspires to be on Raw or Smackdown. That’s why they sign with WWE, because they want to be able to perform on that stage and at Wrestlemania and Summerslam.
I think every person that brings a beach ball into a WWE arena should get ejected for life.
For anyone to say that WWE is fake or anything like that, no sir! It’s very physical, and the injuries are real; the blood is real.
I have dreamed of being a champion in WWE, and there’s nothing I won’t do, no length I won’t go to, in order to keep it that way.
I hope that Ring Of Honor could one day sell out Madison Square Garden when WWE is not in town.
'Mean Gene,' as he was universally known, made every WW

‘Mean Gene,’ as he was universally known, made every WWE Superstar he interacted with appear larger than life. He had the gift of gab as one of WWE’s most tenured personalities.
Walking into the WWE I was brand new; I did not know how things worked. Deep down I wanted everyone to cheer and adore me but this is the WWE where it doesn’t work that way all the time.
Everything in the business is based around the idea of a World Championship. WWE, World Heavyweight Championship, Universal Title, the ROH Title, or the IWGP Title – they are all World Championships. The best of the best.
When I first started in the WWE, I had a really hard time because I didn’t look the part.
My wife loves to tell me that I love to tell people, ‘Oh, I never thought WWE would sign me. I never thought I’d be on TV. I never thought I’d be a champion. I never thought any of those things were remotely possible.’
I am all athlete, and that’s important, that my looks have nothing to do with what I do in the WWE.
I got catfished by WWE constantly. You’re 26 – 0, and then you run into the Big Show and then you’re 0 – 26.
Being a part of WWE Evolution, to me, is one of my greatest accomplishments.
The fans of the U.K. are tremendously supportive of the efforts of the WWE Superstars, which is why every wrestler I know loves to be a part of the tours to the U.K.
Vince McMahon is one of the greatest storytellers of all time, but WWE’s not striving for the kind of innovation it’s capable of.
You have to have the ability to adapt. That’s probably the single most important quality you need to have as a WWE Superstar.
You can’t dictate to a country or a religion about how they handle things, but having said that, WWE is at the forefront of a women’s evolution in the world, and what you can’t do is effect change anywhere by staying away from it.
WWE Network has been phenomenal for me. It’s an amazing directory for not only myself, but for anyone who’s into wrestling.
I would love to take the WWE championship back to India. Nobody has ever taken a WWE championship to India, so just to think about the power that I would have to motivate the youth and to inspire a tremendous amount of people there is amazing.
When I finally get the chance to say what I want, to talk about where we’re going from here on out, when my voice, my words, become the measuring stick for WWE, I think that’s the moment that’s going to reinvent our entire business.
Being a WWE Diva is all about women empowerment.
WWE doesn’t owe us anything.
A couple jobs that I would love to do are hosting a television show, sideline reporting for the NBA or NFL, on-camera hosting for an entertainment network, event planning for a PR company or resort and, of course, WWE Diva!
Growing up, my wildest dream was always to be part of the WWE, and I’d been in NXT by that time for two and a half years, so I felt very, very ready to go.
When I first got to WWE, people thought I was going to be fired within three months. No one liked me; no one wanted me there, whether it was the fans or the people backstage. I had to fight and fight and fight to earn my spot.
The WWE has failed in India.
I would like to see Jay Lethal and Dalton Castle join the company. Both have made their name in Ring of Honor, and their addition can make WWE a very exciting place.
‘Smallville’ gig was another one of those things I got through WWE. At that point, I had absolutely no aspirations to pursue acting.
I love the fact that ‘Total Divas’ reaches a different demographic than the normal fan base or audience that typically watches ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’ or ‘SmackDown.’
Once I got my groove in WCW in ’97, I’m pretty proud of the things I did there. By the time I got to WWE for DX, I may not have been as quick, but I was so far more well-rounded and a much more of a ring general.
Our WWE Universe is such a huge part of all the positive changes happening for the Women’s Evolution because they spoke up, and WWE heard their voices.
When I was younger, I didn’t want to come to WWE because I didn’t fit into the mold. I couldn’t identify myself with the term ‘diva.’ The divas brand was meant to put a spotlight on the women, but the term, to me, felt more glamorous than me.
The reason I wanted to be a WWE Superstar was because of The Rock. I used to watch him in The Attitude Era. There was no one more electrifying and no one more must-see than The Rock.
It was always one of my favorite things, the action figures, the video games, when I was with WWE, even though I’m not a gamer. I would literally go out and buy the games just so I could play myself.
WWE had years to develop and train their staff. WWE makes sure the production team got exactly what Vince McMahon was looking for and how he wanted it.
I had a lot of professional wrestling experience from around the world when I joined the company, but what NXT did was prepare me for WWE television, an environment that was alien to me at that point.
WWE really likes to keep its fans on the edge of their

WWE really likes to keep its fans on the edge of their seats and on their toes.
‘Vikings’ is a very physical, tough show. If you see battle scenes, it’s us doing it. There are so many similar physical elements to WWE.
It’s truly a new day ever since we graced the WWE Universe with our presence. Every time we come out there, you see us being funny, having fun, entertaining people and, of course, preaching the power of positivity. That’s what New Day is all about.
If I had to explain what WrestleMania was to someone who’s never seen wrestling, never seen WWE, never heard of the concept of WrestleMania, I would show them a five second video clip of The Rock and Hulk Hogan standing motionless in the ring while 70,000 people are jumping up and down.
In all the years with WWE, I never really got to really establish the branding of The Showstopper as well as I would have liked to.
I really don’t feel like just going to WWE is the absolute end-all, be-all in wrestling.
I’m a huge WWE fan, ‘Monday Night RAW’ especially.
I do want to look my best – I do want to be at my best – ’cause I do want to be WWE Champion. I do want to be on top.
WWE has given me an out where, any days off that I have, they allow me to work on outside projects.
My dad and I had such a special connection being WWE Superstars. More than that, we always had each other’s backs.
When I came to WWE – I got signed when I was 23. When I was on ‘SmackDown’ roster, the main roster, I was 24. I wasn’t ready for those responsibilities. I wasn’t – I wasn’t seasoned enough as a wrestler, as an in-ring performer.
WWE is all about doing things that have never been done.
There were times that we’d be in the locker room there before everyone else, and a guy would walk in, say, ‘Is this the Kliq locker room?’ So we’d draw with a sharpie on the back of a program and write ‘Kliq locker room’. I can promise you that none of those signs were ever on WWE letterhead.
I know my way around the WWE. I know at least a little bit about everything and our business model, and I feel comfortable there, although I still learn every day.
Shinsuke – he is by far one of the best competitors in the world. It is no surprise to me that he found his way to WWE.
It’s really a dream come true being a WWE Superstar and being in ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.’ These are just larger-than-life franchises and great to be a part of.
We are a very tight-knit family at WWE. We are very protective of our family. When an outsider comes in, you want to make sure the outsider is worthy to step into the family.
I wouldn’t be in WWE without Michael Cole.
I don’t think Roman Reigns should for one moment of his life be worrying about earning the respect of the WWE audience. Because what he has is their willingness to pay to see Roman Reigns whether they respect him or not.
My first remit when I came to WWE was to help build up NXT as a global brand. It was a mission that I took on fully and was more than willing to attack, and lo and behold, here we are.
Vince and WWE, they’re not fresh. Yes, Vince does big business. They have the best talent in the world, but they have no fresh ideas. They should be selling out every arena.
My father, my grandfather, the wrestling business, the WWE in particular, has really given me everything. A lot of happiness, my kids are taken care of, my wife is happy, they get to travel. A lot of pluses come with it; the Hall Of Fame would just be the cherry on top.
Winning the WWE Championship has been my dream for a very long time. But what motivates me more is to inspire people to go out and follow their dreams.
When I got signed with WWE, I got to choose names, and I originally wanted Macey Evans, my real maiden name. And then I chose Macey Loretta because I love Loretta – it is different.
Lacey Evans
I considered wrestling at a young age, but I never could relate to any of the Divas. I have always been a bigger girl, and I did not think that WWE would want a girl my size, so I never expressed my dream to wrestle.
Even before I got to WWE, I studied Triple H. He was one of my favorite superstars; his wrestling was ruthless, and I think a lot of his style you can see in me a little bit.
That’s the most important thing is how we reach the WWE Universe and how we inspire people in their life. If I can do that and be given the chance to do it, it’s really the best thing we do.
Vince McMahon – he’s third generation, and his enormous empire, he ran it much like the territories. The buck stopped with him; he made the decisions. That’s how a company should be run. Feast or famine, right or wrong, the WWE is driven off his decision making and always has been.
The thing about WWE that is so awesome is the global reach.
Opportunities came because WWE built my name, and I’ve made the most of it.
I’d love to go into WWE and have a real knock and see what’s what.
I had a habit of watching classic wrestling pretty much

I had a habit of watching classic wrestling pretty much on repeat in the locker rooms. With the influx of talent at WWE, with guys like Kevin Owens, he was one of the first people to open my eyes up to the world that is PWG and BOLA.
When I wrestled Randy Orton, that was probably the biggest match of my career at that point, because that was when I had the other shot at the WWE championship.
I’ve been actively trying to extend my reach beyond WWE. I wanted to do some non-action related projects, stuff that will resonate with different audiences who might not know who I am.
To me, it’s what WWE is: the history, the legacy, all the women who come before this. From Mae Young onwards, their legacy lives forever.
When you think about a WWE Diva, you think of us girls in WWE, not, like, the girls that are in the indies, the girls in TNA or in other different companies. So yeah, the word ‘Diva’ means a lot to me.
My main reason for leaving WWE was to heal up my body – to give it a rest – and to spend time with my wife and my kids.
I think the way WWE Studios is going now – they’re going away from action, doing more drama, more comedy – it will open a lot of people’s eyes. Because a lot of people see big guy, big frame: action superstar. We’ve proven, especially with ‘Legendary,’ that that is not always the case.
The best incarnation of The Four Horsemen was undoubtedly the unit comprised of Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, along with talented manager JJ Dillon, which will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012.
Everything is so fresh in WWE, it’s hard to take it all in sometimes. I get moments when I’m riding the road late at night, and I get to reflect on my thoughts a little bit.
Braun Strowman
Who cares if the locker room would embrace Conor McGregor. If Conor McGregor can be a revenue driver for WWE, if he can sell network subscriptions, or if he can sell thousands and tens of thousands of tickets, if he can move millions of T-shirts, who cares if anybody in the locker room likes it or doesn’t like it.
About a year into my training, I got a call from WWE, and they signed me. I got signed right away to FCW, so my whole career has been pretty much in FCW and NXT.
Big Cass
William Regal is one of my mentors, and I had been talking with him the whole time I have been away from WWE.
I want to build a legacy at the WWE, but I definitely want to continue to grow the Bella Empire. I want it to go beyond the ring. I would love to be a motivational speaker.
WWE, I’m just full-on Paige, my in-ring character. ‘Total Divas’ is where I can completely be myself and be my lunatic, weird person.
In 1999, I had my back against the wall, and WWE had a ghostwriter working on an autobiography for me. He was halfway through, and it was awful, just boring. I took over as a way of trying to fix things, as I thought I could probably do a better job.
My family watches all the time. They actually love the WWE. They don’t just follow my matches: they watch it all.
The nerves with WWE performance is more the live television angles because we have time limits and have storylines we want to get through in that time. You’re going to forget a lot about the spots.
I do recall at one point being part of WWE and other guys taking the risk of stepping away, and a lot of guys don’t do it because of the fear that it’s not going to be the same.
I was the first woman in WWE to ever be in a WWE Studios movie and was honored to be trusted with such an opportunity.
I’m a competitor. I had that reputation in my time at the WWE. I would walk into a locker room, start wrestling with someone, and all I’d hear is, ‘There goes Swagger again.’
I was 21 years old when I first signed with WWE. I finished my university degree and came straight to America.
At 13, I knew where I wanted to be. I wanted to be in WWE.
That’s actually the main reason I decided to leave WWE: the brutal schedule that you have when you work for a company like WWE.
Anyone that watches WWE realizes a lot of times we do big stuff. We’re considered over the top.
The best angles and the best stories always hinge on reality. Throughout the history of WWE, all the best storylines have a little touch of what’s real behind them.
I will always be thankful to WWE for letting me be the voice of SmackDown Live and bring it to the USA Network.
The sky is truly the limit for WWE.
With wrestling, you can’t describe how that connection with an audience happens. I can’t teach anybody how that happens. The bad things that have happened to me in WWE have made that connection stronger.
I trained with a guy by the name of Scott Casey. He actually worked with WWE back in the day, but he didn’t become a big star. What I want to teach is what he taught me: that the smallest things are what people are really looking for.
I’m chomping at the bit for more movie roles as long as it doesn’t interfere with my WWE schedule.
I didn’t mind when Paul Wight came to me and said WWE offered him $1 million a year for ten years. I was like, ‘Dude, you need to take that. You need to go now. Lemme give you a ride to the airport.’
After match, in WWE, I do not drink alcohol. I just dri

After match, in WWE, I do not drink alcohol. I just drink a lot of water.
The Giant Swing is a throwback. I used it prior to WWE quite a bit. One of the days, I thought about bringing it back. It connected with the crowd. I’ve been doing it ever since.
If you would have asked me three or four years ago when I started wrestling whether I would have worked for any other company than WWE in the long-term, I would have told you no.
Britt Baker
A lot of people are successful in this business because of a catchphrase or athletic ability or charisma or wrestling; Ric Flair is the personification of all of those things, much like his daughter Charlotte, as she is already a multiple-time champion after only a few years in the WWE.
It’s always important for people to be able to watch WWE, especially because it’s a global product, it’s important for people all over the world to be able to look at the screen and see somebody who looks like them doing great things. And in turn, that inspires them to do great things.
We’re social media-driven now, the social media team is huge in WWE. It really helps expand our brand.
I’ve been in the ring with so many guys, and I’ve been in the ring quite a bit with Randy. The WWE live events are… a little bit different from what you see on TV. It seems to flow better; more matches, longer wrestling.
I would like to do commercials, or even work for WWE if they called me. I wouldn’t want to go back on the air or manage again, but I would like to be a spokesperson and do stuff like that.
Bobby Heenan
What we do in WWE is not a sacrifice. Being out on the road all the time, and all the bumps and bruises, that sort of thing is difficult but also a joy and a pleasure. It’s brought so much happiness into my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
To me, Roman Reigns was WWE’s version of Superman, and he was our locker room leader on ‘Raw.’
I feel like everything in WWE I earn the hard way.
There were many great moments in WWE, but the most special was to win the ‘Royal Rumble’ of 40 wrestlers.
I study entertainment and apply it to myself to one day become the greatest WWE superstar we have, and it’s a lot of work. So I write jokes and material every day… you have to keep people’s attention, one way or another.
I love wrestling, and I think there was something in me that needed to come out, and I was very fortunate to allow it to come out in the WWE and make a living doing that, and I enjoyed every second of that.
I had a friend named Vasil Rusev in my rowing classes. I’ve always liked that name. When I first started in WWE, I had the opportunity to choose a name, and I choose Rusev.
From day one, The Shield was a vehicle. It wasn’t, ‘This is what we’re doing for the rest of our lives.’ It was, ‘This is the vehicle we’ll use to bust into WWE, to ride to the top of it, and then we fight each other.’ That was always the plan.
I try to live under a rock when it comes to WWE, but you can’t avoid seeing your Twitter feed, people talking about Jinder Mahal wrestling Randy Orton at a pay-per-view.
I was very green when I started in WWE and felt very uncomfortable with talking.
I have a lot of respect for the folks over at WWE, and I have a ton of respect for what they’ve accomplished within the industry.
I knew I wanted to do a movie, an action movie, and when I left WWE in 2011, I didn’t specifically know. I didn’t leave to do ‘Boone: The Bounty Hunter.’
I built my business, and WWE brought my business in. I want to be successful in my business and, in turn, make WWE successful.
I feel as if I accomplished everything in Japan, so I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted something new, so I decided to come to WWE.
I look around and see guys that I’ve been on the road and traveled the world with in a WWE locker room, and we still think it’s surreal. At least once a week, one of us will look at the other and just say, ‘Can you believe we’re really all here?’
I was an unknown face before I joined the WWE.
Fortunately for me, I discovered Ring of Honor. And I saw guys who were much smaller in stature but were putting on these amazing matches that I had never seen in WWE before. So I thought, at the very least, I’d love the chance to be able to wrestle in a company like that someday.
I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and not everyone is going to approve of me being in WWE, but I guarantee every Thursday on ‘Smackdown’ you’re going to get the most prepared and the most passionate broadcast that I’m capable of giving you.
One of the only things that bothered me with WWE and being on every week was blowing off so many great storylines so fast, just out of necessity.
When I first won my WWE Championship, I just got to TV – I believe I was there five months. Everything just happened so fast; it was like a whirlwind.
Once you learn how to work inside the ring – once you learn how to tell a story – then you can come to a big company like the WWE and learn the extra stuff, like the video, the pyro, the music, and that adds to everything you can do.
I can’t say that I never will or would go back to the WWE. I honestly never intended on leaving until I retired. However we don’t choose our destiny. We just live it.
My uncle wrestled in the late ’80s to early ’90s, and I was too young to see his matches. However, he has always supported me in my journey, and I think that without his support, all this would not have been possible. He taught me a lot, and he is the reason that I’m a WWE wrestler.
I've been hit with kendo sticks and chairs; I've been t

I’ve been hit with kendo sticks and chairs; I’ve been thrown through tables, broke my ankle, broke my nose, and have had concussions in WWE, but nothing has hurt me more than when I stubbed my toe in ‘The Marine 3: Homefront.’
I think WWE is a great.
I just want to get out there and see what else is going on, but I will be back; obviously, the goal is to get back to WWE.
Big Cass
People who’ve never played a sport in their life come to WWE and can kick butt. On the other hand, people who’ve played football or some other professional sport can come here and get in the ring and not do what we do. It’s a different tango.
This sounds like I’m a loser, but when I’m feeling down, or I need a bit of motivation, I do watch old NXT matches because they have some of my favourite memories as a performer in WWE.
The WWE belt means nothing; it means absolutely nothing. They pass around that belt like a hot potato. I probably have a neighbor on my block who held that belt at one point. There is no prestige to that belt whatsoever.
I believe that I will be the WWE World Champion one day. I know that a lot of people say that; it’s easy to say. If I were to go away without accomplishing that task, I would feel unfulfilled, to be completely honest.
I’m here to leave my mark in WWE history.
If I wanted to do a fixed fight, I’d be doing WWE.
Since day one, my inception, when I came into the world – I had my eyes on power. The WWE championship is power.
If I can be a positive Arab figure on such a large platform such as the WWE, and become some sort of an inspiration to an Arab kid in Lebanon, Egypt, or Jordan, then that’s amazing.
WWE asked me to be in the Hall of Fame, and I turned it down. You know why? They put Pete Rose in the wrestling Hall of Fame. This guy can’t even get into his own Hall of Fame.
I’m the first-ever openly gay female in the WWE.
I’m very proud to represent Buffalo in the WWE.
Wrestling in Japan, obviously, the fans are a little bit different – very quiet, very respectful in New Japan – but here in the WWE, these fans are going nuts.
I think it’s just in my nature to irritate people and push things as far as I can. It’s really benefited me in WWE.
I was a writer before I was a wrestler when I was in the WWE.
My goal is to make the WWE championship as relevant and prestigious as it should be.
There’s such a wide demographic who watches the WWE. And everybody’s into something different.
WWE style is a much different platform than other wrestling companies. Each wrestler wrestles under strict rules that fans never know.
Personally, I am very glad that Jeremy Borash is here in WWE. He’s got a great mind – a very creative person, a good friend of mine – and he just deserves to work here.
The WWE machine is a lot stronger than it was when I was there. When you go to TV, it’s unbelievable the production that’s going on.
I think Conor McGregor is a promoter, and I’m not here to promote any of his fights. If he were here in WWE, that would be a different story, but until that happens, I don’t feel like I need to address it.
If a situation came about something that would offend someone culturally, I would definitely speak up. WWE would want us to speak up because negative press is not our goal.
When I left WWE, I had surgery on my foot. I had drop foot, where my foot was totally paralyzed. I had a tendon transfer and got nine screws in my foot.
It’s the most important prize in WWE, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. You’ll do anything and everything to keep it and to get it, and that includes putting your body on the line and doing whatever it takes.
I didn’t want to walk into WWE and be someone who just does bikini matches and played second fiddle to the guys. I wanted to stand out, make people excited to see women’s wrestling, and show them we can be better than the men.
I will never say anything negative about WWE.
I can look back now and say, ‘Aw, that was a little dumb taking huge bumps onto concrete before a couple of hundred fans,’ but if it wasn’t for that attitude and that type of work ethic, I never would have gotten to WWE.
Ronda Rousey proved that women can be a draw and an attraction, so WWE followed in those footsteps.
Myself, there’s people saying, ‘He’ll never find himself in the halls of WWE.’ It’s a narrative that’s fueled more by secondhand fan myth than what people feel.
The WWE is fine. They can afford to not only sign anybo

The WWE is fine. They can afford to not only sign anybody they really want, but they can also afford to sign people just to keep them out of the talent pool that everybody else has.
I am super happy and super proud that Candice LeRae is in the WWE Performance Center.
Without knocking Impact Wrestling, your contribution was largely limited to what you could do in the TV show. WWE is a bigger company with a bigger infrastructure and a lot more ways to make a contribution.
I can’t really pick a favorite match.I enjoy every opportunity the WWE gives me to wreak havoc on other human beings. I’ve done a lot of different stipulation matches, and there are still a few I haven’t done, but nothing I look forward to.
Braun Strowman
This isn’t a business that you can pick up in a few weeks. This takes years of commitment, dedication, passion, and hard work. With that is WWE’s road schedule that doesn’t provide for enough in-ring time for the divas to develop.
I once said that I never wanted to be a good guy or the ‘baby face,’ as we call it in the wrestling business. But you know, it is what it is, and I’ll be whatever they want me to be. At the end of the day, we work for the WWE fans.
As WWE Superstars, we want to have confidence and stand strong in the ring.
WWE is my domain, my yard.
WWE is a PG and a family product. Everybody can watch and enjoy WWE, whereas in the past, the parents were worried about what their kids were watching because of the blood, foul language, etc.
It was something I was dreaming about, to be in WCW or WWE. At that time, it was an escape for me, out of the norm from being a neighborhood kid.
I’ve been in WWE for 22 years and reached a point in my career where, within the locker room, I’m one of the people that guys come to if something needs to be discussed. I’m also one of the people that the WWE executives, if there is a problem in the locker room, I’m one people that is consulted about that.
When I signed with WWE I was really happy that they had the PG thing going on. I thought, ‘Yes! No more bra and panties matches, no bikini contests.’
In WWE, I focused more on Olympic lifting. I had to make sure that I was physically able to lift another human being at all times.
So many things come with your maturation process. I changed throughout my time with WWE from a kid in his 20s into a man.
I think around the time that he signed with WWE, no one had more of a buzz in wrestling than Kenta, as far as this guy is, pound for pound, the best in the world. That’s the kind of talk you heard about.
Earl Hebner should definitely be in the WWE Hall of Fame.
I think Edge has completely put himself on the map as a bona fide WWE superstar.
Whether I ever become WWE champion in my career, I’m proud of what I’ve done.
It was a big man’s sport at one time. Maybe I had something to do with breaking that barrier and having WWE open up their eyes so they can sign younger, lighter talent.
Two men that did treat me well from day one were Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon. Thanks to them being old pros and having the class of a pair of WWE Hall of Famers and true gentlemen, I was given a chance to prove myself to them as a human being.
WWE is such a universal form of entertainment. I believe that you can watch WWE in mute and still know what is going on.
I want the Intercontinental title to be seen as more than just a ‘mid-card belt.’ The Intercontinental Champion used to be seen as a threat to the WWE Champion. My goal is to return the Intercontinental Championship to that level of importance.
I was thinking, with the TV exposure I had with WWE – and it’s kind of hard to explain to people sometimes how many countless hours you are on television when you’ve been on the road with WWE – I was thinking that was going to open doors, get me auditions, and get me into a lot of high profile roles.
I’ve been doing this close to 19 years now, and I always dreamed of being in the WWE.
I came to WWE to be on ‘WrestleMania’ and to be in a ‘WrestleMania’ main event.
One day, when I’m unable to physically perform, would I want to pursue more of an acting career? Eh, maybe. But I think my home is with the WWE, being on the road and wrestling in front of a live audience.
With the likes of Rey Mysterio back in WWE, I find myself watching him and feeling inspired and that I need to get better and get to that next level.
I think the success of ‘Total Divas’ has opened people’s eyes to women in wrestling and to WWE divas.
Spending so much time on the road is the biggest challenge for me with WWE. I’ve missed weddings and births. I’ve spent a lot of time away from my friends and family for so many years. That part is really hard.
I’ve worked my entire career to try to broaden the perception of the WWE. A lot of folks think because we’re so entertaining and oftentimes have such wild and well-defined characters that it’s all we are. It has kind of been my life’s work to tell the public that’s not true.
I’ve been around in WWE for quite a while now and before that had – even in Florida – I’ve been all around the world and seen every type of style in opponent; the way I was trained and stuff, I got a lot more tricks up my sleeve.
I didn't have any pedigree or any last name that would

I didn’t have any pedigree or any last name that would get me an opportunity to get looked at by WWE.
I think the yearning for a different product is really strong. WWE hasn’t had any significant change since, what, 2001 in wrestling? WWE provides so much good content. Just good, wholesome content, but they’re still the only one.
I do feel pressure, but I put it on myself because I want to represent the LGBTQ community in a place where they’ve never really been represented that much, being the WWE and professional wrestling in general.
You’ll find that all WWE performers, when they go on to any television show or set of any kind, we’re more prepared that we get credit for. We don’t get enough credit.
Returning to WWE before retiring is not a question of whether they want to or I want to return. Neither I hope nor want to return, nor do they expect me to return or want me to return.
The hardest thing about the WWE is the travel.
In WWE, they’re real big on letting you sink or swim, and they let you go out there, and they’re going to give you the stick and a live mic in front of a packed house and millions watching at home, and if you’re not prepared for that moment, you’re going to go down in flames.
The truth is that the performative nature of social media can turn even the simplest conversations into a WWE style cage match with emojis and Internet slang taking the place of pratfalls and over the top costumes.
I’m starting to think they know that WWE stands for Walk With Elias more than any other abbreviation.
To some people, being in the business only starts when you’re in the WWE. So I guess for those people, I’m kind of an overnight sensation.
I’ll take all my matches against WWE’s best matches, I’ll put it up against Ring of Honor’s best matches, or whatever promotion you want, and I guarantee people will be more entertained with my matches than theirs.
I think a lot of people are excited that WWE was willing to give me a chance, and they want to see how far I can go with it.
For the majority of my career, I worked everywhere but the WWE.
I love WWE.
No man can knock me out. I’ve been hitting my head with steel chairs in the WWE. I’ve never been knocked out in my life. And nobody can knock me out.
Loving entertainment but having our athletic talent, WWE seemed like the perfect fit for us.
I’ll never forget the reaction the WWE Universe gave me at ‘WrestleMania 33’ and my return – it was truly one of the greatest moments of my career.
I feel that, in the WWE, everyone is given the same opportunities to succeed based on merit, and I think the crowd likes who they like. There are people that like us, and there are people that won’t like us.
Seeing myself as a champion in WWE is something I’ve seen from the first day I stepped into the Universe and the realm of the company.
I tried to imagine how I would have felt as a kid if Shawn Michaels or any WWE superstar would have come to my school and came to my assembly and had given a speech that we would have had to listen to I would have lost my mind.
When kids tune in and see Jordan Devlin, Trent Seven, Pete Dunne, Wolfgang on the WWE Network, and then they see a poster at the town hall for their local wrestling show, they’re gonna say, ‘Oh my God, that’s Pete Dunne. I wanna go see him.’
Every child has played video games growing up and played WWE games. To be part of a video game, it’s an unbelievable experience.
The difference between me and other talent that has left WWE is – I left the company. In most of the other situations, the company fired them or not wanting to do with business with them.
I was a 19 year old kid; I was 170 lbs soaking wet. I didn’t have an identity. I didn’t have a look. I didn’t have the proper gear. I was just a young guy trying to be a wrestler. So, to be honest, WWE didn’t even give me a second look.
The Ultimate Warrior character relative to professional wrestling or WWE, he’s definitely a Hall of Famer. He’s a Hall of Famer whether he gets into the Hall of Fame or not.
It was some great times and some great moments… I’m proud to be a WWE alumni. If it wasn’t for my time there, there’s no way I’d be excelling at Fox and acting.
We went through this month camp, learning how to bump and hit the ropes. I just fell in love with WWE and sports entertainment. It was the perfect world of the merge in sports, action, acting, and entertainment. I felt like I finally found my place.
One of my goals is to become a WWE Hall of Famer.
With WWE, I mean, as a kid, I was watching ‘WrestleMania,’ and that was my dream.
I think the thing with ‘Total Divas’ is that everyone truly got to see how different we were, which helped showcase singles careers in WWE, which is something we always wanted.
When I was 5 years old, I wanted to be a WWE superstar.
It's real easy to be in the WWE and let your passion or

It’s real easy to be in the WWE and let your passion or your pain or the schedule put you in a bad place.
I was having a lot of issues with just a lot of social media trolls: people would try to make fun of my size and my weight to the WWE and what not. I just decided to go out there and post a picture of me in a bathing suit. I said, ‘You know what? This is my body. I’m going to embrace it, and I’m going to show the world.’
WCW and WWE were two totally different environments. A lot of guys in WCW were making a lot of money, and the work schedule wasn’t that hard. You had to earn it in WWE.
Had the WWE fights were artificial and pre-scripted, there would have been no need for wrestlers like The Great Khali and The Undertaker. You cannot fool thousands of people crammed into a stadium and sitting four to five feet away from you in the ring.
I think the thing that stands out for me is that in the WWE, we were in a new city every night.
I don’t want to go back to WWE and burn out within four or five months, and having another run as TNA world champion would feel just as good.
I am so very proud to do whatever I can do in the fight against cancer with WWE.
Not many people get to say, ‘I’m a WWE champion.’ It’s pretty incredible just to hear those words coming out of my mouth.
I wish WWE had their own creative team for the girls. They could have an even stronger women’s division.
I can honestly say it was the greatest decision of my life coming to WWE.
My dream would be fighting against whoever the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was at WrestleMania.
When I was with WWE, people would have me sign merchandise that I didn’t even know existed.
It’s easy for a multi-billion company like WWE – it’s for a company like that to hire anyone. So I’m glad Bobby Lashley is back in action with that company, ’cause he’s a fantastic guy.
Anything I did with the WWE was not therapeutic by any stretch of the imagination. The reality is that nobody’s going to tell you that, because they have an umbilical cord hooked to Vince McMahon. I, ladies and gentlemen, do not.
I’ve always said that 205 Live is one of the best-kept secrets in WWE.
House Hardy – myself and Brother Nero – are pioneers. My style of booking during early independent bookings was very similar to what ‘Ring of Honor’ later became, which is what WWE later became.
John Cena’s match with me, the one that kind of got him hired with WWE, I remember they were there to look at John, obviously. He looked great – he was like the blue-chipper – and John was a good friend of mine, so I had no problem whatsoever helping him kind of highlight and do his thing.
It’s always been one of those dreams, to make it to the WWE.
Buddy Murphy
WWE is the epitome of Sports Entertainment; it gets no bigger than this. So, whether you are on ‘Raw’ or on ‘SmackDown,’ the level of talent that we have on both sides is second to none.
When I signed with WWE, a lot of people, even close friends, told me that this place was going to chew me up and spit me out, just because of the way my personality is. It’s been an adjustment for me as a human being.
When you’re by yourself and not with WWE, you are your own business. And I was very successful in that business because of all the lessons I learned.
The fact that I’m even in a video game blows me away, but ‘WWE 12’ is even more special to me because they have a whole storyline around Sheamus in the game. It’s really, really cool.
To me that’s what’s amazing about being a WWE Diva in that you get to be whatever character you want to be and for me being a bad girl is the easiest.
I think the locker room gives you tough skin and that can only help in every aspect of life, not just in WWE.
When you’re an independent wrestler, committing a lot of time and effort into honing your craft as much as possible in as many different places as possible will catch the WWE’s interest as far as the independent level goes.
A lot of people who’ve been athletes have come here and not been able to just pick it up right away. I hate using this example, and I love her to death, but Eva Marie. She was an amazing soccer player and athlete, but coming to WWE and getting in the ring was a whole different ball game for her.
I’m an example that, in the WWE, there are opportunities for people who work hard, improve constantly.
ECW was the most fun for me artistically. And then, WWE, it was also very fun, but that was part of it. It was also a very stressful, monotonous schedule. There was a lot of politics, adjusting to that, and I am not a politician, and I don’t play those games. So that was very frustrating for me as well.
I can tell you this, and I’m 100 percent sure: 90 percent of the people working for WWE have never been in a real fight in their lives.
Up until ‘WWE 2K15’ came out, I was primarily a ‘Call of Duty‘ guy. So a lot of ‘Call of Duty’and also a little bit of ‘Destiny’ as well. But I’ve always been a big fan of the COD franchise.
I love Nakamura, but it’s a transition for anybody who comes to WWE.
In the WWF, or the WWE as they call it now, the one thi

In the WWF, or the WWE as they call it now, the one thing that I was not able to capture was that heavyweight belt. I’m telling you, I want a chance to be able to go after that belt, but only if Brock Lesnar has it, or The Rock has it, or Kurt Angle has it.
Many people ask me about WWE and if I’d go to WWE in the future. They ask me if I’m going now. I will not go. I want to make New Japan Pro-Wrestling bigger.
I think I have faced pretty much everyone that is in the WWE.
Scott Armstrong got me my tryout at the WWE Performance Center. I went there and got my tryout and it was one of the most physically trying things in my life.
WWE has given me everything; it really has. My kids will go to college because of them, I don’t have to worry about finances because of them.
We really do have a lot of personality in WWE. You have to, to be in this job. You showcase a lot of personality.