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Remember, when YouTube was founded in the U.S., America

Remember, when YouTube was founded in the U.S., America’s Funniest Home Videos had been around for a long time. In China, the history of TV as well as user-generated video is very, very short. So, we’ve actually had to do a lot of things to motivate that.
There are 1,000 videos available, which can help you learn different types of workout. If nothing, then you can just take a walk in your vicinity, go for a jog or even take the stairs instead of lifts and escalators.
I know how to make myself hot. I can drop my own music. I can shoot my own videos.
I stopped making videos and commercials for a few months before I started films just to reset my clock because so much narrative filmmaking is a sense of tempo and rhythm.
Mark Romanek
We noticed that the most popular videos at YouTube showed people making things.
The production value of YouTube videos is not there.
I miss the videos that are short films, back when MTV played videos all day.
Videos are more like photography. It’s not as much about trying to tell a story as it is creating images.
Tatyana Ali
Music videos are notoriously long, not fun, grueling. You are known there as a dancer and it’s kind of sad because dancers, in a lot of ways, are under-appreciated and kind of under-respected when it come to that so they don’t necessarily treat you in a nice way when you do a music video.
In an age of social media and content being key, it’s important to change the mold where you have $100,000 to $150,000 for one video. I hired some guys that are young, just out of college, and we used some new, far-less-expensive cameras and technology to make videos.
Before we had Fergie, it was me,, and apl, and we were showcasing our dance moves in our videos.
The Beastie Boys are guys I loved before I met them, and when I got to know them, we started a magazine together, and we started making videos together, and a lot of it came out of us just cracking ourselves up, like going to the fake mustache store and buying fake mustaches.
I respect people that are die-hard film people, but I started on video. I started on Hi8 video and mini-DV, and I made skate videos. So, I love film, and I love the way it looks, but I also love the way crappy video looks, or VHS. I’ve always been a fan of whatever the look is that’s appropriate for what the feeling is.
I think videos are really hard. I’m yet to be happy with a video. It’s very weird watching yourself on camera, which I guess I’m going to have to get used to. I love the thought of being in them, but it’s one thing to say that and another to actually do it.
Conrad Sewell
Google, as usual, is one step ahead of everyone and provided the means where all videos on YouTube can be automatically captioned through voice-recognition technology without having to be told that it’s the responsible thing to do.
I was getting gig offers from neighbouring countries, but no one knew me in India. Just when I was about to accept an offer, one of my videos went viral in India.
So I do make a real effort that all of my videos are things that, if I had kids, I wouldn’t mind them watching.
Adam does most of the work when it comes to videos and he basically does the same as I do with the lyrics. The videos are his visual interpretations of our music.
When you’ve got videos up on Web sites that are literally shot the same day, the whole skate community knows right away when new tricks are invented or new techniques are available.
I learned how to make videos, I learned how to make music, I learned English from the Internet. It’s such a great platform, too, to release your stuff.
My record company had to beg me to stop filmin’ music videos in the projects. No matter what the song was about, I had ’em out there.
I was never seen with one girl in a video, right? My videos always had many girls.
I think music videos in particular and film in general – it’s really good at communicating tone and feeling.
I had a strong interest in free online education, and I was interested in what videos and formats would work for it. A lot of education workers were very sceptical about what computer scientists were doing. It was only after the first visible success of MOOCs that they started to take it seriously.
My friends and I often film videos when we get together and hang out, and they’re usually just silly situational videos just for our own amusement.
Ed Oxenbould
I’ve only ever played ‘God of War’ while we were shooting it. I’ve seen a lot of the videos, but while we were shooting ‘God of War,’ they had a green room for the actors to hang out in, and they always had the newest game on the big screen. So we’d sit there playing ‘God of War’ to get us into the mood.
Joseph Gatt
I had started in the comedy world in a more traditional way. I was auditioning for TV, film, and commercials while I was making these Web videos from my house.
So many people have been so supportive of my music, my music videos, everything all around.
When I started out the videos, I was dealing with depression, and I wanted to make inspiring videos for others, which would end up inspiring me in turn. I wanted to show the world that it was possible to make a positive switch in life and start over.
Coming out of the Northwest and that environment to shoot hip-hop videos, it’s a little atypical of a place to be, you know.
Some parents are ambivalent about vaccination after reading misinformed pieces and watching misleading videos on a popular mobile chat application. By electing to avoid vaccinating their child, they are denying their child’s right to be protected against these severe diseases.
I do disagree with the way videos of my songs have been

I do disagree with the way videos of my songs have been made. ‘Afreen Afreen’ is a very powerful song; it did not require such a video. The emphasis should be on the song. Again, I have told my recording company, and in the future, they will screen the video only after my approval.
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
I have a group of like, 15, 20, 30 friends, and they help me day in and day out with all the videos.
I watched a million coming-out videos, and that was kind of how I accepted it myself.
People think we choreograph. We dance four years in clubs. We watch videos every day. We do a step, it ends up a sensation, and for us it was just a copy maybe of a Gene Kelly video.
I love music videos, I really do. I think it’s kind of sad that it’s a dying art form.
With music videos becoming a popular form of content these days, I am thankful that Is Qadar has also found a place in the hearts of the viewers as well as on the top chartbusters.
I make commercials and funny videos and T.V. shows or whatever, film projects that people will watch for ten minutes and go ‘Heh’ and get on with their day. I essentially… make comic books.
Gavin McInnes
I learned from making a few of these low-budget videos early on that the best way to go about doing it is just to keep it honest and real.
I constantly ask why one of my kids has the tantrums that he does, and it’s not because he sees videos of me acting like that onstage but because we’re bound by blood.
But I really like our experimental, performance and monologue videos, where there’s barely jokes in the video, where it’s almost a joke in itself that the monologue is even being recorded.
I started out making skateboard videos. Soon, it dawned on me I just wasn’t that great at skateboarding. So I put down the skateboard and just kept going with the camera.
If a hit came along, I wouldn’t be unhappy about that. But I’m a bit too old for that now-doing videos and all those types of TV shows. I’ve kind of done all that, in the ’70s.
Nick Lowe
I think being Shaquille O’Neal would be the most amazing thing. There’s nothing I would have done differently in his life. Everything he’s done I think is pretty spot on, even, like, the bad rap videos, the shoes, the movies, everything.
Zidane the player made me dream and still makes me dream when I watch videos of him. The coach is completely different, he is a great coach who has quickly achieved results and continues to develop.
The whole thing for me is that I did ‘Full House’ and ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos,’ and I look like a dentist, and I’m a dad. Being known as a dirty comedian turned into this weird thing. It’s people’s image of me.
It’s always helpful to pick our fans’ brains to see what their favorite videos are and to figure out what the momentum of our channel is. Not just based on views or likes or dislikes, but anecdotally.
Charles Lincoln Neal
I started casting. I cast music videos, but I kept getting fired from jobs because I was iconoclastic in my ways of casting.
I have pretty unsophisticated tastes; I enjoy the videos on ‘You’ve Been Framed‘ a lot – I don’t think there’s much that’s funnier than people falling over. I prefer that to Bill Hicks.
I just like to make fun videos, I guess.
I never enjoyed making videos, even though the ‘Total Eclipse‘ video was nominated for a Grammy along with the song. We lost out to the ‘Billie Jean‘ video.
No matter what somebody thinks about your videos or whatever, everyone can agree how much work it is.
I was hoping that I could one day get a job at Quik or Billabong working on their videos. So I made ‘Momentum’ on a shoestring budget for fun and sort of a resume to work for others.
Raj Kundra kept telling me that Shilpa Shetty liked my videos and photos. This gave me more motivation to work on such videos. When you are motivated by people like Shilpa Shetty, you don’t understand what’s right and wrong. When I was praised for making such videos, it gave me a push to do more.
I’m just so used to music videos or live TV, so to really see something that’s scripted and you have to do it over and over again to get every angle – it’s fascinating to me. I would love to do a little acting.
I wouldn’t be posting videos of me in drag or doing a remake of Zoolander’s orange mocha frappuccino scene if I didn’t still like attention.
Shooting videos is the most intense, full-body experience.
A film album has these big stars – like a Shah Rukh Khan or a Salman Khan. Independent music videos don’t have that luxury, and you cannot feature big stars in all the songs of your album.
I always say that when I first started, my videos were very veered towards Indian people.
I have dreamed of Brazil all my life. As a child, I had videos of Brazil, of their World Cup wins, of Pele, and of all the big players.
Remember, MTV would only show white videos for a long time. Can you imagine that? That was the ’80s when that happened. It’s hard to even think of that now, you know?
I’ve been studying, playing, living, breathing poker for eight to nine hours a day. Every day! When I’m between events and in New York, I’m reading, watching videos or live-streaming very good players.
I love YouTube. You can find me there watching cat vide

I love YouTube. You can find me there watching cat videos. I even like to watch other people play video games. I know it’s a bit creepy, but it’s my thing.
My kids don’t watch any TV, but they watch videos and films. I’m sure they watch it at friends’ houses.
When I was a kid, I used to make skateboarding videos, and I would pretend to be in a band and make rock videos that I’d edit with two VCRs.
The belief is more and more as we use iCloud services for documents and our photos and videos and music that perhaps the most price-conscious customers are able to live in an environment where they don’t need gobs of local storage because these services are lightening the load.
I do enjoy making videos, even though they are long days and very hard work.
The biggest idea of a good time for me is making the Batman videos that we did. That is my ideal day. That is exactly what I want to be doing… I like doing cartoons. I like writing things.
There’s always another press conference, another training session and more videos to watch.
I don’t want to make silly videos.
I usually just watch YouTube videos or reruns on Netflix of older TV shows like ‘Family Guy’ and stuff. But I still really want to start watching more TV.
It feels like Gangstarr is the purest group in hip-hop. They was shooting videos on the beach in the winter when the water was ice. Razor-blade music.
All true artists in the world from all countries and all genres are influenced by Michael Jackson. There were music videos before Michael Jackson, and there were music videos after Michael Jackson. He brought such a huge change in the marketing and positioning of the music video.
As far as employees are concerned, clearly I like to communicate with them, since we are more than 40,000 people. I like to communicate either through e-mail or through video conferencing, which we do very often, and stream out videos and interviews. But more than that, I believe in traveling to my branches.
Honestly, I was posting videos just to have something to do.
I didn’t take a lot of the videos seriously; making videos was one of the most tedious things that you can imagine.
I love doing hair and makeup and making ‘Video Star’ videos with my friend, Kendall. I also love to draw. But my life is dance, dance and more dance. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
I think I like attention, but because of the way we are – because we don’t have a lead singer and all the videos have so many different people in them – I think people aren’t really that sure about who’s in the band.
It’s just weird because videos games let you be something that you’re not; so does acting, but it puts you in, like, a real-situation-type thing or something totally different.
Ty Simpkins
I know why Migos are popular – they’re good, and they make great videos, and they’re funny.
Raj Kundra was my mentor. He had misguided me, saying whatever I was shooting was for glamour. He even told me that Shilpa Shetty likes my videos and photos.
I won’t stop making videos and exercising my freedom of speech.
If you think about YouTube, YouTube is a ‘searching the world’s videos’ problem, right? They all have to be there, but how do you find them? What I guess I’m trying to say is that search is still the killer app.
The whole format of entertainment that I did seems to be fading away. The music business of today is completely different when you see the videos and the music.
Bringing exercise bands, ankle weights, and a jump rope is a great way to work out while you’re traveling. You can find amazing workout videos online to help with your training.
When I’m panicked about my love handles, I go to the YMCA and get obsessed with Kid Rock videos as I’m on the running machine.
To be honest with you, I just loved making videos.
I think with the ‘Fred‘ videos online, I prefer doing it by myself. I mean it’s YouTube. You want to have all the creative control because that’s the only place in the world where you get that.
David Fincher is a longtime friend. As a director, my wife had worked with him as a makeup artist when he would do Madonna videos years before, and his child and my oldest child were in preschool together, so we’re kind of dad-friends through that, too.
Instagram‘ is great if you want to share photos, but you’re not that technical. Or, if you’re not interested in sharing publicly, ‘Instagram’ becomes a place where you can not only consume photos and videos from musicians, or whoever, but send them directly to your friends.
There were a lot of times people would do my makeup, and it would be awful, and I would be orange. Nothing matched. So then you learn how to do your own makeup. I watched a lot of YouTube videos when I was little and taught myself.
Facebook has gone from a nice-and-boring social network to becoming an identity layer of the web. It is where nearly a billion people are depositing the artifacts of civilization in the 21st century – photos, videos, and birthday wishes.
Now everybody‘s got a video camera, so go make videos with your friends or see if you can get a part in a film school thing that’s being done.
On my posts, I would tell people, 'If you like this, gi

On my posts, I would tell people, ‘If you like this, give it a share.’ If you go online and look at my videos, you might see where I have 80,000 likes, but 525,000 shares. That’s where you gain more people as followers coming in. It took me a second to learn it all, but now that I have, it’s been a blessing and a curse.
It’s very important for singers to feature in their videos because when we do playback for Bollywood, we tend to become the voice of the character – whether it’s the actor or a situation that we are singing for.
I don’t think I’ll be doing daily videos forever.
You know how I learned to shoot? I watched white people. Just regular white people. They really put their elbow in and finish up top. You can find videos of them online.
I’d always loved watching YouTube videos, and that’s what inspired me to make them myself. Initially I was drawn to makeup tutorials – I learned everything I know about makeup from YouTube.
The contrast of ISIL’s videos – which proclaim a fully-functioning and prosperous state – with those of RBSS, which captured the dysfunction and violence of everyday life, is shocking. In a sense, it’s a war of ideas, a war of propaganda, a war being waged with cameras and computers, not just guns.
My photography changed from being more documentary-like to arranging things more, and that came into being partly because I started doing music videos, and I incorporated some things from the music videos into my photography again, by arranging things more.
My goal is to make the process of taking and watching videos as easy as it is for photos.
Dance has been a driving force in my life for 25 years. From music videos and hip hop, to jazz and musical theater, to ballet and classic modern dance, I have had extensive exposure to a variety of techniques that inspire my own electric style.
My video has a lot to do with the inside of a woman. Usually, exercise videos refer to exteriors only. They never talk to a woman where she lives – in her heart and soul. I do that at the beginning and end of mine.
I was the first South Asian female to do comedy videos on YouTube. But at the same time, all races face their barriers, and I’ve learned through YouTube, if it’s not race, it will be sexism, if it’s not sexism, it will be homophobia. It will always be something, and all voices should be heard.
On YouTube, there’s a right-wing extremism funnel. You start by watching a college student ranting about how dumb feminism is. It’s wrong, but it’s not especially sinister. And then, three suggested videos later, you’re hearing about why we need a white ethno-state to save the race from a third-world invasion.
Music videos are like tools that young artists use to earn respect from their peers, to ‘represent.’
On my YouTube channel, I put up 3-4 videos a week, and I spend a lot of money to maintain that content. When I travel, I travel with a videographer and a photographer no matter what.
Basically, I frittered away the Nineties making pop videos and being pretty self-indulgent.
When I film my music videos, I always try to fulfill a part of my dream of being a filmmaker.
I love music videos, and I think maybe it’s my favorite format.
We’re seeing how the videos translate to the live shows and how the technology is really reaching kids.
I have 60-plus videos on YouTube and over 30 million views. Of those 60, only three or four are branded videos. I built that audience by telling stories the way I like to tell them.
I breeze through Twitter – I look at the mentions, the pictures, the videos.
Whenever I go to a new country, I always plan in advance. Before visiting the country, I have a look at a few videos: what works over there, what the home team does over there.
My own personal aesthetic is all to do with real actors and real locations and a kind of almost hyper reality and actuality to things. But the digital world, I explore that through other mediums, with music videos and commercials. Even ‘The Road’ was a real learning curve for me with digital effects.
Videos are a very difficult medium to be good at and also a difficult medium to consume quickly.
When I sit down and make videos, my No. 1 thought is that I want to make a video that I want to watch.
There’s an underlying sense with ‘Tongue‘ that… it’s really… it’s real. I mean that in the sense that now I’m not afraid to touch on relationships and on my sexuality in my videos.
With a film, you can get into it and love it. With music, you can listen to over and over again, but with music videos, they’re like this short little stab.
I’ve always wanted to be a director; it’s just how my mind has always worked. If I hear music, I see music videos and all the shots and setups to edit it all together. If I interact with a person, I’m seeing a whole scene come to life.
I don’t really put cars in my videos because I’m always flying or on a tour bus.
I’m sitting there for hours editing the vids myself. But I have a PR company and a management company. I use some editors for some of the cooking videos because they can be so long.
As far as tech videos go, we try to present things as realistically as possible.
My community grew on social media because I don’t exclude anybody from any walk of life. The videos that I create are seen throughout the world and are funny no matter what language you speak.
I was doing these music videos online for a couple year

I was doing these music videos online for a couple years, and they’d be doing well to varying degrees. And I released an album, and with the album, I released three new music videos, and one of them was featured on Jezebel.
All of my old videos and the things I did on MTV, my old public access show – it was sort of all made for the Web, even though they were made before the Internet was broadcasting video.
Music videos, to me, are like an extension of a song.
Even if I hadn’t won ‘Drag Race,’ even if I’d never been on, I’d still be working my tail off, creating live shows, magazines, videos, anything I possibly could!
The videos have given us a younger audience. You know, our audience grew up with us until the videos, and they were beginning to get a little long in the tooth. Then the videos came along, and now we’ve recaptured the 16-year-old girls. The 16-year-old girls!
During my long study sessions in the library, I found myself watching YouTube videos during study breaks.
A Red camera is the best. When I started shooting videos, I had to pay ten thousand dollars just to rent one. I was like, ‘I do all these music videos, and I still don’t own a Red camera?’ So I spent about a hundred thousand dollars to buy one. My own bread. Boom!
Young singers are much better educated musically, much better informed, through discs and videos, than I was.
I’m obsessed with music videos, and I just go on marathons of watching a ton of music videos.
The visual elements of the videos, the makeup and the costumes… these things have nothing to do with justice and truth, but nonetheless, it really changes the experience of the video.
I have my website, The Ruckus, which is an Internet site, similar to the Funny or Die format, where people post funny videos. I get a chance to rate their videos; they get a chance to blog and kick it with me.
I really grew my own fan base. I started posting videos on YouTube with the help of my parents.
How it works: it’s like I have a tour, so there’s, you know, some income from that. We have merchandise. There’s income from that. Then on YouTube, there’s ad revenue… so, you know, YouTube puts ads on the videos, and we need a little bit of that.
Even though I hate acting, I love doing videos for my songs.
Prayrit Seth, my director, has worked with me on most of my songs and videos. It’s a very organic process for him and me to conceptualize and brainstorm on how to present our work.
It was very hard breaking into the film industry in Britain. I had been to art school, and I was painting and doing commercials. And I did some of the very first rock videos.
I’ve directed all my videos throughout my whole career, ’cause that’s leeway. I was granted that opportunity to be able to do that.
I really would not be where I am today if I hadn’t done those PUP videos. It just showed me so much. It taught me so much about music and acting and being your own boss.
I’m quite nostalgic. I like looking back over the papers and watching videos.
I was very pleased to find that once I had records out music videos were starting to happen, so I directed some of my own music videos and got to experiment in other areas of expression.
Thomas Dolby
I’m looking to produce more stuff: TV shows, commercials, music videos and short films. I’m building my catalog so I can have some fun in between the times that I get to a movie.
Larenz Tate
I know what I’m doing off the court. Everybody just sees pictures or videos of me, and if it looks out of shape, they just assume that I’m fat or I’m not working.
In making YouTube videos, you can’t just be an actor, you have to also know the shots and how to write.
I need to keep reminding myself that I don’t need a million people to watch my videos, all I need is one. If one person reaches out to me and says, ‘This is great, I love it, let’s be friends,’ I am just as content.
Me and my friends had BMX magazines and skate magazines, and I was a photographer who made skate videos.
I started watching YouTube videos and singing, and it became something that I was obsessed with.
The show is called ‘Todrick,’ and the show follows my life and the friends that I’ve gathered over the past few years making YouTube videos. Every week, we’re taking a brand new concept – a brand new original song, brand new hair, makeup, choreography, and making a video come to life on our shoestring budget.
When filming videos you spend hours getting ready and hours waiting around.
I’d do an exercise video because there are so many gay men with these perfect abs and they do exercise videos. So I did an exercise video where my stomach looked like my water’s about to break.
You have to do all kinds of things like voice-overs, corporate gigs, and edit videos to support yourself.
I see fighters make funny videos about me and stick them on Facebook and get 20 likes. When I make a video, I sell it to Fox and make seven figures. That’s the difference.
These days there's so much technology and ways you can

These days there’s so much technology and ways you can learn. There are videos and CD roms.
Making YouTube videos while I was in school, I was fortunate enough not to really have any negative repercussions from it. I had a lot of positive feedback from my friends, who thought they were great and thought they were funny and that what I was doing was really cool.
I think visually, and music videos spark my creativity.
Jay Park
My ambition was always to bag a lead role in a film, and hence, I refrained from doing any ads, TV serials, music videos, as I felt that a fresh face always works much better. It was a gamble, and I took that gamble telling myself that I will give it my all to bag a lead role.
I know one of the reasons I first started making Youtube videos was because no one looks like me.
I always would dream of making music videos. Whenever I make music, I always have a visual in my mind. I always see things.
My son is 14. He watches these ‘let’s play’ videos, people playing other in video games. At first, I was bothered by it, I didn’t get it, but at the end of the day, if you go back when I was a kid, I watched much worse. These videos are more entertaining and more interesting than the bad ’80s TV.
There is so much to do inside the house, make creative videos, cook, exercise, act.
I am not so secretly a comedian. I write a lot of my own material if you’ve seen videos I’ve done. I write jokes.
Baking has always been one of my many hobbies. After I uploaded my first baking tutorial video, I got a really positive response from the online community, and they started to demand more videos like that.
For many people, when they come to Twitter, the language is opaque. We need to push the scaffolding to the background and bring the content forward. The media, the photos, the videos.
I have a ton of videos on MySpace and YouTube.
Owen Benjamin
Music videos may seem old hat now, but let me tell you, in the summer of 1981, MTV was indubitably the coolest thing ever invented. And the people who were in the videos… coolest people ever. No question.
Julia Quinn
The thing is, I am addicted to social media. I can while away hours scrolling through posts and pictures, wallowing in the details of other people’s lives, catching up on news, giggling at funny videos, all the while oblivious to a sunny afternoon or the washing up.
I’m not a big fan of any video, especially my own. In a word, I hated the Hall & Oates videos.
I was acting long before I began making videos on YouTube. But without the platform, would people have paid attention to what I had to offer in quite the same way? I don’t think they would have and I think what we pay attention to now has been shaped by social media.
I was obsessed with films as a kid and so recorded as many as I could. I spent all my pocket money and any money earned by doing extra chores on blank videos for my burgeoning cinema.
We’ve created these Protected Voices videos to showcase the methods these adversaries might use, and to help campaigns practice good cyber hygiene, because the foundation of election security is cybersecurity.
Use photos and videos often. The best startups post lots of imagery and videos. The worst ones? Text only.
I think going on tour, having lots of songs and music videos would be super cool.
Many of the short videos on Vine feel as though they belong to an ever-evolving, completely new genre of modern folk art.
I have an office full of product from brands trying to be in videos and an inbox full of songs from artists, but at the end of the day if the artist doesn’t support the brand or it doesn’t make sense for the song, then it will never work. What we do is try to pair them up so that both sides are happy.
Adam Kluger
I was on Tumblr when I was 12 or 13. I was on YouTube, too. I had a channel and made music videos. It had 50,000 subscribers.
Sometimes videos make a bad song very tight.
I’m obsessed with the power of music and image together. There’s also something about music videos that are incredibly glamorous – there’s a fetishistic aesthetic to them that you don’t really see in movies in the same way.
By packaging a full album into a bundle of music with ringtones, videos and other combinations and variations, we found products that consumers demonstrably valued and were willing to purchase at premium prices. And guess what? We’ve sold tons of them.
Edgar Bronfman, Jr.
All the money that’s donated to the Trevor Project provides resources that directly affect the youth that actually watch my videos. It’s a cool thing to see them basically provide resources for each other.
I watched videos of great players. I was inspired by what they did, then I used to try things out in training.
Before an interview, I’ll go down a rabbit hole of research – it’s amazing how many little nuggets you can pick up from watching YouTube videos.
All I do is watch dance videos. I love Ricky Ubeda, who is a contemporary dancer, and I also love Madison Cubbage. They inspire me to work harder every day.
With my own videos, I definitely have more control over what I want to put out there and what I want to say. With the TV show, I’m not the editor. There’s always things that I wanted to put in there. My dad has the final say in everything on YouTube, but I can be more expressive.
Conspiracy theories themselves are big business, of cou

Conspiracy theories themselves are big business, of course, selling books, videos, conferences, and all kinds of merch. Then there is the economy that promotes conspiracy theories to sell goods such as supplements, survival gear, and yes, bunkers.
Inspiration for my ‘Nerdy Nummies’ videos comes from all over. Many of the ideas originate from the games, comics or movies I’m excited about. My family is really creative as well and are constantly sending me their thoughts.
I’m a really nostalgic person. I love taking photos and video and having memories. I remember all my childhood videos that my dad used to take. I think that’s really what life is about – especially when you start a family of your own.
I was in two Duran Duran videos. My kids are thoroughly unimpressed.
When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies at all. And actually, one of the genesis points for ‘Mandy’ and ‘Black Rainbow‘ was this memory I have of being in video stores, reading the backs of videos and looking at the art, imagining some kind of non-existent imaginary film based on that.
Make an account, start uploading videos, and then be yourself; it’s very cliche, but no one else can do it.
Liza Koshy
I dropped out of school at 17 and joined the Irish band The Frames, getting my first glimpse into the world of professional film making while shooting of a number of rock videos.
John Carney
As soon as I starting making YouTube videos, I received so much positive feedback from the online community and a demand for more content. As time went on, my filming schedule became more consistent, and it made sense to hire some help and upgrade my equipment.
I don’t take my clothes off in my videos.
Gavin DeGraw
My favorite thing to pass the time in the makeup chair is YouTube videos of talking cats. I don’t know why, but they make me laugh.
In college, I interned at a production company and spent a lot of time on sets. I love music videos and felt I could be experimental and hone my craft in that genre, so I started there.
I literally post swing videos. Like, how is that interesting? But I’ve created such a following, and they’re loyal fans. It’s really cool to create a community around something I love, and that they love, too.
I must say that I am rather partial to funny dog videos.
When I was 17 I decided to go to makeup school to learn some of the technical, basic knowledge that sometimes you step over. Then, when I was 18, someone at YouTube reached out to me and asked if I wanted to monetize my videos.
If my mother was taking pictures, I never wanted her to take the camera off me, ever. When I look at my videos from when I was even just two, I would be playing ballerina.
When I first started, I wasn’t trying to go viral. I just liked making funny videos, content that people would enjoy.
When we first started making videos, we didn’t have a boom mic, so we had to talk really loud. And then we got a boom mic and were like, ‘Wow, we’re shouting,’ and had to learn to bring it back.
Anthony Padilla
No matter how many great things you say about Jacques Pepin, there’s always more. Through his books and videos, he taught me the importance of technique in the kitchen, but, more significantly, he showed me what it means to be a great teacher and educator.
I don’t think we should see the world of books as fundamentally separate from the world of the Internet. Yes, the Internet contains a lot of videos of squirrels riding skateboards, but it can also be a place that facilitates big conversations about books.
I just block out the demons. I sing. I block them away. I put my pain into my music. I paint. I make my own videos. I direct myself. No one directs me anymore. I am in charge of my destiny.
I wasn’t aware of social media fame, it was more just making videos with my friends.
Loren Gray
As a kid, I’d watch MTV and think how great it would be to have my own music videos on those shows. Now I turn on MTV and, along the bottom of the screen, it often reads, ‘Coming next… Pixie Lott.’ That’s so strange that I can’t even begin to make sense of it.
You can watch videos and hit off the tee, stuff like that, but at the same time, it’s you against the pitcher. I just need one swing or one pitch to click, and you can find your swing.
Nelson Cruz
When I was 18 or 19, I realized that everything I was doing was connected to music – writing, doing videos, making my clothes. It all centered around being an artist. So I released a mixtape that I made in my bedroom, and it ended up getting a lot more attention than I expected.
I started watching videos of Shane Warne sir, and that’s where I realized what leg-spin is. He was my idol, and I wanted to be like him, bowl like him.
Because I grew up listening to and watching loads of pop/pop rock videos, I’m very influenced by the 1990s.
I want to make videos that, if I didn’t know myself, I’d want to watch. As long as I’m making myself laugh, I’m usually having a good time. That’s how I know I’ve made a video that I’m proud of: I’ve made myself laugh.
I have a music-video background, and I feel like the responsibility of a music-video director is to do something that hasn’t been done before in a really cool visual way. So much innovation has come in filmmaking through music videos.
I guess the dream would be to do movies, and keep people updated with my videos.
My sister and I were not allowed expensive clothes. We so badly wanted these Fila sneakers as kids, but my mother took us down to the flea market and got imitation ones. Look at the early Destiny’s Child videos. You’ll see.
I always have one foot in the street, so I know not everyone wants to dress like the women they see in music videos.
The way Nolan looks at things is just amazing. It can b

The way Nolan looks at things is just amazing. It can be easily seen in all his films. I was just watching his videos on how he came up with the screenplay of ‘Memento,’ and it’s just extraordinary. It just opens up your mind.
All my records were dance-oriented, and all the hassle with major labels about changing my records, release dates, videos – everything was out of my hands. I always had to deal with somebody else, and I had a different perspective on a lot of things.
I’ve done quite a few adverts. I’ve also done some presenting and acting work in Spain. I did a lot of Spanish education videos for people wanting to learn English.
Christopher Parker
I turned on VH1 this morning just to get a little warm-up before I came over here, and I think it’s just terrific. There’s so much great stuff: diverse and wonderful music, good performances, great looking girls, great videos, the whole thing.
Appropriation is the idea that ate the art world. Go to any Chelsea gallery or international biennial and you’ll find it. It’s there in paintings of photographs, photographs of advertising, sculpture with ready-made objects, videos using already-existing film.
I’m not the guy trying to be all up in the videos and be a celebrity. I feel like I’m going to lose a certain amount of my privacy if I do that.
Prior to 2015, I had kind of approached every year like, ‘Let’s hope for the best.’ I always made these year-end videos with 100 things I did, and it would kind of build itself up throughout the year. When this year started, it was like I knew the 100 things before I even got to do them.
When I see someone wearing fur, I just want to sit them down in front of one of PETA’s videos and show them just how badly animals suffer for this supposed fabric that no one needs.
I hate YouTube sometimes because people put up things of mine that were never meant for consumption and also because of some of the comments people write about my videos.
The first videos I uploaded on my own personal channel were videos of dogs.
The best videos were the ones where I became friends with the artists first.
I don’t want to talk about negative, dark things. The only thing I’ve got against stuff like Marilyn Manson is, they make unbelievable videos and unbelievable images.
I took a film course in grade ten that made me want to direct, and I’ve always been making short films and home videos with my friends, so it’s definitely something I wanna pursue as well.
Devon Bostick
I just make videos and stuff. There’s not much more to it than that. I’m a musician trying to express myself.
Music videos are really expensive, and if I mess it up, it’s like, ‘Oh, there goes 15,000 dollars,’ you know?
Jay Park
As smartphones have allowed us to have our computers, emails, social media feeds, and a full surveillance system in our pockets at all times, stories of the law enforcement‘s unease with that have been popping up in the press. And of course, the ones that become viral videos aren’t exactly flattering for law enforcement.
Music videos were an outlet. They were the jobs most easily available to me, but creatively, they’re also so free form; there are no rules whatsoever.
I think my selfies are the main reason for my fan following on social networking sites. These photos and videos are liked and shared by the followers, and consequently, they go viral.
I am a musician who also does love to explore the world in many ways, so my approaching with my songs, videos, and haikus is: ‘Make It Real.’
Flula Borg
I have looked at videos of many great champions like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Joe Frazier, who each had special qualities. I never say one particular fighter is the best ever because each has a special unique style of fighting.
The most difficult thing about music videos is that a lot of young filmmakers come into the medium, and they have so many different ideas, but they need to understand what the musician wants.
I’m just picky about certain things in the videos, so I’m always switching out things that look or sound better.
I’m in so many videos. There was a period of about two years where I danced for everyone: Kylie Minogue, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Taio Cruz. It got to the point where my fees were double the other girls’, and I wouldn’t even have to audition. They’d call my agent directly and say, ‘We want twigs to come in.’
I’ve just always been making videos. And then I just put them online and, luckily, they all took off.
For me, Miranda has always been a much deeper character than the three-minute videos I put online.
I would watch all of the videos that came on on BET and MTV. I was infatuated with the hip-hop culture.
There’s things that I see that I did on videos when I was younger that I be like, ‘Damn, I was bugging.’ Champagne Dame, that dude, he was bugging. I don’t even know that guy.
I direct a lot of TV commercials and music videos.
I am so inspired by the people watching my videos and responding to them. I have learned so much from my community over the years and always love reading their feedback and their own personal stories that they share with me.
On the videos for ‘1234’ and ‘My Moon My Man’ I wanted to make the songs visible. And, really, what way can you make sound visible other than good old naive dancing? I was working with a choreographer, but I’m not a dancer. Any notion of elegance is impossible with me.
Miranda is extremely tacky. I personally want to edit my videos well, but I have to keep Miranda’s character in mind, so there are bad angles, flashy cuts, and sparkles everywhere.
There's different reasons to be proud of different proj

There’s different reasons to be proud of different projects, so I’m more proud of certain videos because of what we were able to accomplish within them.
I’m just me, all the time. People think, ‘She must be an innocent little white girl when she’s not performing or making videos.’ But no, I’m me all year round, 24/7.
When Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattillo started ‘Achievement Hunter,’ we expanded heavily into ‘let’s play’-style gaming videos and have since expanded with a massive roster of gaming talent and multiple channels dedicated just to gaming videos.
Videos have to go hand in hand with your music, so that’s why, ultimately, they should be created by the artist. And if they’re not, it doesn’t really add up to me.
All American voices are important, and the FBI’s Protected Voices videos and resources will help all Americans protect themselves online.
I wasn’t surprised to find Samsung‘s OLED screen to be bright, vivid, and clear. It’s beautiful, although in viewing some photos and videos, I found, as I have in the past, that – to my eye, at least – Samsung tends to oversaturate colors.
At first, when I did everything myself, I’d set up a tripod, film and then press stop. That’s why all my shots are on a tripod and don’t move, and that’s why my videos are still filmed this way.
Li Ziqi
For all the power of video and film, I am not giving up my pen. I am just much more likely to try to link essays to webcasts or videos. The best way for these two media to move forward, to inform and make change, is in tandem; together they are more than the sum of their parts.
I’m really picky about stuff like videos or even pictures of the band, but at the same time, I don’t really know what it is I want; I just know what I don’t want.
First of all, you needed a budget to do the video. The record companies would pick and choose who got videos.
Nina Blackwood
I think you can make a gorgeous movie on any piece of equipment. Look at ‘Tangerine,’ which is a beautiful movie shot on an iPhone. You see so many movies that are impeccably shot but are vapid, and there’s no audience for that except for other cinematographers who just like to watch two-hour-long music videos.
I originally started GoPro with the sole purpose of helping surfers capture photos of themselves and their friends while they were surfing. I thought it was crazy that very few surfers had any photos or videos of themselves.
My first acting job – I used to do commercials, and I had done a couple music videos – but my first job job was ‘ATL’ with T.I. I auditioned for that, like, five times. I didn’t have an agent. And then, from there, my life changed.
I just bought a building in Los Angeles – on Sunset Boulevard. It’s a building that was owned by Charlie Chaplin. It’s going to be a sound- stage for videos; for full-scale productions.
I don’t want to make videos that come out looking like commercials or movie trailers.
The videos are definitely as important as the music.
I drop videos off the cuff… I don’t stop.
I was a rapper who was 13 or 14 years old at one point, and it was a dream. I used to see videos of other rappers around the world, and I used to hope that I could be like that one day.
There are tough elements of rural life of course, but I didn’t put them in my videos.
Li Ziqi
I did, like, a couple of sexier videos, because all of a sudden I went, ‘Wow, I have a body. I have this side of me that I haven‘t shown yet.’ And I started kind of playing around with that side of things.
Debbie Gibson
In selfie pictures, there is no human touch; it’s all about the pose. But selfie videos have sound, actions, and emotions.
I think kind of what you see in the videos is true to me, if not maybe a slightly heightened version of my real self.
Work hard, because it’s obviously not always going to be easy. It’s a really hard industry. Put yourself out there and put videos online, because that, honestly, is what changed my life.
Whenever I see a camera, I just want to perform for some reason. If I was getting paid for it or not, I would still be posting random videos of me on the Internet.
I studied directing prior to acting and I’ve done music videos and documentaries and things that were sort of well-received.
I don’t just shoot videos and post them. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.
When I make my own videos, I am the writer, the editor, the lighting person, everything – that’s why my videos are blurry.
I’m a commercial director; I do some very very commercial stuff in the commercial world. My music videos are always analyzed. I need to think about what the audience is going to think.
Like any other creative person, I would make home videos, and I would make sketches with my friends, and I would make my own movies, so I have some love for the creative process.
All I ever wanted was to perform, make music, make videos.
Cheryl Cole
Musically, I wear many hats. I’m the social media director. I conceptualise the videos, write the songs, do the press. I’m not a major label act.
A part of 'Happy New Year' is inspired by western pop c

A part of ‘Happy New Year‘ is inspired by western pop culture, the pop music videos of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Duran Duran in the ’80s.
I always thought I’d look corny in the type of rap video in the club with girls and all that type of stuff. I just didn’t think I could really pull that off. We always think it’s more fun and better just to go outside the box and to use our videos to show cool concepts.
As well as Pilates, I like doing little YouTube videos on my phone. Sometimes it can just be a five or 10 minute little workout.
Dianne Buswell
I started out as musician and recording artist but quite soon started to do my own videos. One thing led to another, and soon I was making videos for a living.
I’d wanted to be a director since I was five and had been making videos since I was a kid. Then YouTube came around during high school. I was making videos, and it was just a place to put them, like storage.
I graduated from UC San Diego, wanted to work in film to get my hands-on real experience, did music videos, TV, feature films, all kinds of stuff.
Ziad Doueiri
I did my own music videos, my own TV commercials.
I want people to get a better sense of who I am, whether they’ve seen every video or zero videos.
Rodney King is a progenitor of all these cell phone videos that we have. It was unusual that a person had a video camera to take a picture of the Rodney King beating. Now, of course, everybody has a phone, and that has been one of the key factors in all the new attention to the issue.
Hip hop has been an integral part of my life and my whole career. I started off doing videos with Ice Cube and Dre and Mary J. Blige and TLC.
I like when videos used to make you sit at home, and you’d watch it and be like in awe like, ‘I wish I was at that place, man. I wanna go on a vacation.’
2018 was an amazing year for me, and music has changed so much: the way you can release it and the ways you can create art around it, the videos, the ways fans can interact, tour in new places.
I think of music videos as commercials for songs.
Valerie Faris
The early days, when Vine was so special and innovative – I would wake up and immediately want to make videos. I loved it.
It’s difficult to see my daughters on television and in music videos, and then I get tweets or comments about crushes and, ‘Hey can I date? And hey, I’d be a good son-in-law type.’
I first went on YouTube aged 15, and people were saying, ‘Why not do this cover?’ Then they wanted to hear my own stuff live, and it escalated from there. Selena Gomez’s parents found my videos and manage me to this day.
I’m just like ‘mother, please,’ She always videos and the video is not of me, it’s of the sky or the ground because she’s always jumping around. Mum is not very good at videoing or cheering.
I have noticed that videos in general are receiving less reach than usual. It’s concerning because a lot of people depend on social media to showcase their work and reach new audiences.
Jessica Nigri
For me and MTV, it was always the MTV year-end countdowns. It was what I’d look forward to honestly every year just as much as Christmas. When Christmas was over, the top 100 videos of the year would lead up to the ball drop.
I make funny videos of me playing video games, and I share those moments.
The online thing has been really big for us: the YouTube videos, the MySpace.
Growing up, I was always creatively inclined, and when YouTube came about, it was like getting the perfect platform to showcase what I wanted. Personally, I was going through a dark phase in my life, and I decided to make videos and basically go by the adage, ‘If you want to cheer up yourself, go cheer up someone else.’
I would film one or two videos a weekend and upload those throughout the week. For a month and a half, I was just constantly filming. There was no downtime. There was always a camera in front of my face.
Our career path has tended to be the most perverse and contrary approach to the entertainment industry imaginable, while at the same time doing the kinds of things that you have to do, the videos, the photos and all that sort of stuff.
I’m not a model, I’m an artist. In one of my videos, I’m doing this shot of me with no make-up on where I’ve just woken up, and I don’t think a lot of people would be comfortable enough to do that. But that’s the way I look. This is who I am. Let’s enjoy it. Let’s just live life to the full while we’re all here.
Well, ever since I started helping out my husband with the management of the company, I have been involved with the making of music videos.
A lot of girls on YouTube want to show their personality, but they are afraid because they think people only want them to do beauty videos. That’s just not true.
I’ve always loved music videos – I used to make my own for bands like Pearl Jam. My favorite directors are Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, and Patrick Daughters.
Akiva Schaffer
I think the long-term effect of video on cinema is good in that what we are now getting up there on the screen is of superior quality. Videos are just so much more sensitive to the world.
I’m the perfect kind of personality for making YouTube videos. I deal in short attention span theater. I do wild things.
I’ve shown the players geese videos. I’ve shown them why geese fly in V formation, what everybody’s role is, how geese support each other and, most importantly, why you fly further together. That’s the bottom line. Geese wouldn’t be able to migrate to the sun without all traveling together. It’s the same for us.
I'm spending way too much time test running my Vine vid

I’m spending way too much time test running my Vine videos. I’ll go into a room and close the door and be in there for an hour workshopping a Vine video that I never even post. So that’s probably a huge time suck.
To be honest, my videos are for myself. I didn’t look at social media as a vehicle for my comeback.
Film was something that I didn’t see as a step up from music videos, though obviously, music videos, the fact that you work with a crew and a film camera, are the closest to film I’ve ever been. That is the only schooling I’ve ever had.
These people that watch our MTV shows, they’re not music fans. They’re people that are lazy on their couch and want to watch funny videos or whatever.
YouTube was always a secret space for me. I’d randomly post videos of me singing with guitar, or sometimes I’d post some half-finished film projects I’d made.
I sometimes look on YouTube and see people label videos ‘Anthony Yarde sparring his trainer Ade’ but that is not sparring, that’s just practice. We practice getting attacked, countering and attacking your opponent back, in intelligent ways.
I usually just go on Google and spend my hours just Googling Jennifer Beals. I think it’s possible that I have a slightly unordinary obsession with her. YouTube videos. Interviews with her. Pictures I put on my desktop and my phone.
Adhir Kalyan
When I started making Minecraft videos, there was already a ton of them out there. But when I started introducing the storytelling element, which no one had done before, that’s when my Minecraft traffic started picking up.
Make movies. Don’t make videos. Videos are evil.
During the ’90s or the first half of the zeros, whatever you want to call them, I was just doing a lot of videos, and that was my only thing. I was super-focused on that.
The days I’m not doing videos, I always have random stuff. We do production meeting stuff. Those are so stupid. Everyone’s like, ‘We like you; we don’t know what to do with you.’ I’m like, ‘Cool.’
Jenna Marbles
I remember making a ‘thank you‘ video when one of my videos got to 50 views!
With most of the songs and music that I’ve composed, irrespective of the myriad videos made, I was always careful not to overly define the experience, leaving room for people to internalize things for themselves, making their experience more integral.
I love recording and I love everything – videos, everything like that – but playing live is what does it for me.
Just make videos about things you love, and people who love the things you love making videos about will find you.
Most of my videos are 60 seconds long. They can only fit about 200 words. There are a lot of things that I wanted to discuss about a given topic – my feelings behind it, how I ended up making a video, what happened before and after – that I couldn’t because I had this 60-second limit.
Ben Smith‘s quick-hit campaign ‘scoops’ are about as viral as cat videos. That fits with Buzzfeed.
I was very unfamiliar with YouTube; I thought it was the place for dog and cat videos.
My first projects were mostly European commercials and music videos.
Bonnie Aarons
My biggest thing is I really want to be able to travel and make videos.
If you want to put out a million CDs and sell them and get them played on the radio, and even videos, or whatever, if that still exists, that kind of muscle can only come from a label like Columbia.
At 3 A.M., I’m still up watching videos of jazz heroes I never saw live. It’s so thrilling. And not just the music. The Internet is changing the future of fund-raising. I’m thrilled by the potential.
When we’re obsessed with someone, it’s never about them. It’s about us hating ourselves. And that’s generally the tone of a lot of my videos, which is this desperate character who’s overcompensating with being super happy. But she’s broken.
One of the most positive takeaways I’ve had from ‘SNL‘ is when we’d make videos back in the day: we’d just write material as we were inspired, and so, in a given year, we’d only put out two or three videos.
When I was a kid, I watched Hugo Sanchez videos. The backflip I sometimes do when I score is actually an homage to him.
As a mother, I love the Leapster handheld because it really delivers on educating children while they play. My daughter enjoys it because it’s fun and touches on all of the activities she is interested in – videos, books and art.
I listen to archival and historic recordings. I love watching singers. I learned a lot from watching videos.
I think all my videos suck.
I’ve written all of my songs, I directed all my videos. Every part of what I’ve done for music, from the visuals to the business, I did it. And I’m really proud of that.
Tasha Steelz, I’ve watched a few of her training videos, and she is super athletic.
People go to YouTube to laugh, and as a YouTuber, your job is to figure out a niche and feed people what they want to see. Now that I know what kind of stuff people want to see, then I will keep going down that road and creating videos that are going to make people laugh.
People love me when I do selfie videos, so I know they

People love me when I do selfie videos, so I know they like me in music videos as well. Otherwise, I would have just been a playback singer.
These days, it’s not enough for models to just do shows and photo shoots anyway, you have to be making videos and finding ways to create other content – that’s what I think.
In creating my YouTube videos, I don’t want to speak for my audience and the people I represent; I want to amplify their voices.
If you watch Justin‘s early videos, I never let him say, ‘My name is Justin Bieber,’ and then start singing – he always just sang. And the reason I did that was I wanted you to feel like you were in the room. Or maybe you were seeing something you weren’t supposed to see.
Yeah, I’ve been in booty magazines and did music videos but guess what? I can be on Nickelodeon too if I want to!
People who make videos bashing other people are like people who run into a public square and scream into a pillow. They’ll get attention, but they won’t change anything.
Scott Cawthon
I love MTV. I watched ‘Beavis and Butthead,’ ‘Wayne‘s World,’ ‘Yo! MTV Raps.’ And they used to have music videos on there. When I got the chance to be on MTV, I took the first opportunity.
I’m a writer first and a singer second. And then I started editing my own videos when I was 17, so it’s a process I’ve been doing since I was younger.
I don’t like the lip-syncing-type videos. I like for people to listen to the words and see the visual.
Phone screens are too small to properly appreciate YouTube videos.
The first time I saw Pearl Jam, I thought Eddie Vedder had seen too many Jim Morrison videos, and I didn’t like the music very much. But by the third album, I really liked them after all.
I was making videos on my Mom’s phones since I was eight years old.
I wanted to be an Ailey dancer. I would watch Alvin Ailey videos over and over, and I’d picture myself doing that. I was obsessed with it.
Robert Battle
I produce some of my music videos on a $200 budget. But I produce most of my videos on zero budget. I have a studio in my apartment – which is actually just a green screen I have tacked on my wall and some lamps to light everything.
Our users were one step ahead of us. They began using YouTube to share videos of all kinds. Their dogs, vacations, anything. We found this very interesting. We said, ‘Why not let the users define what YouTube is all about?’
Jawed Karim
The USA marketing team are geniuses at what they do. They do the right kind of thing for every medium. They’re very active on social media; they’re releasing videos every day up to the premiere.
If it wasn’t for 2 Live Crew videos wouldn’t look like they do and rappers wouldn’t sound like they do.
Luther Campbell
I’ve always worked from images that already exist in our culture, and I just tweak them – I photograph my vision/interpretation of things that already exist, and I take it to the extreme. And then I make paintings or videos.
I don’t really follow the rules of like – not traditional, but how everyone does YouTube. And it’s kind of made me more cautious and conscious of what I put into my videos.
I wanted to be a pro wrestler, but my mom didn’t let me. I used to make videos and stuff in the backyard. I had a buddy named Daniel Decker, and we used to have a tag team called the ‘Deck Garra Era.’ We used to make video after video. We were the tag team champions, but then we turned on each other.
Michael Jackson loved epic symbols. In his shows and his videos, he always destroyed or salvaged worlds; he was the hero of parables about street violence, sexual combat, war and natural disaster. It was always apocalypse or apotheosis now.
I always felt really alone because no one wanted to talk about the things that I enjoyed, and that was really rap music and hip-hop as a culture. You know, having the shoes, using the words, buying the magazines, seeing the videos. And I had nobody to share it with, so I feel like I lived a lot online.
The beauty of the space station, and of human spaceflight, is that it is now at a level of maturity where you can invite people on-board, which is what I worked so hard to do on social media and all the videos I made.
Unfortunately, often found next to things that are true are an enormous number of things that are not – in websites, videos, books and on social media.
I make videos about people’s stories in a way that is human.
We can watch videos of our whole journey – from old tours to doing the AMAs (American Music Awards) in 2013 and through the ‘Star Wars‘ medley or when we sang with Stevie Wonder on the Grammys. I just sit back and say, ‘I can’t believe we did all this!’
Robots already perform many functions, from making cars to defusing bombs – or, more menacingly, firing missiles. Children and adults play with toy robots, while vacuum-cleaning robots are sucking up dirt in a growing number of homes and – as evidenced by YouTube videos – entertaining cats.
It’s insanely difficult to ask an audience to go somewhere other than YouTube to watch videos.
I’ve been a fan of Dave Meyers and his music videos.
When I was in N.Y. bartending, I was in a billion music videos. I was in Madonna, George Michael, Salt-n-Pepa – it goes on and on.
Before I started my modeling career at 20, I used to replay fashion show videos on-line and study how famous models walk and pose on runways.
Kim Woo-bin
Every dollar I made from DJing, I put into my videos, p

Every dollar I made from DJing, I put into my videos, promotion – everything.
I love making videos for my music, you can literally do anything. It’s like you can write a song about anything; you can also write a video that is the weirdest thing you can relate to the song, and I find that quite cool.
I don’t think music videos are as important as they used to be.
I’m pretty strict with videos, at least the imagery stuff.
I just feel like people would watch me do anything. I could make two hour videos of me putting bracelets together and people would watch that.
At 13, I loved how so many of my peers sang and played acoustic guitar, so I started recording videos with covers of famous songs and posting them online.
I used to prepare in advance on how the bowler is going to bowl, whether is he going to bowl an outswinger or an inswinger? I used to watch the videos of the bowler and used to prepare in advance.
We want people on the Internet to go to Imgur for their viral image fix. And what’s so awesome about images vs. videos is that instant gratification.
The stereoscopic panoramic videos that we’re showing on Samsung VR are getting a lot of positive traction. It’s exciting when you see creative types – whether from the music, film, or video industries – look at this stuff. The gears are turning in their head almost immediately about how they can use it as a new medium.
I’m not saying that I don’t like the stuff I put out into the world, because I genuinely enjoy my videos and think they are funny. What I’m saying is that I embrace the fact that I have a punchable face, and that if I could punch myself without feeling it, I would.
You know, when I first started making online videos, there were a lot of filmmakers I befriended who were doing it too.
Music videos are not as glamorous as they seem. They are very tiring.
Jade Thirlwall
I just liked making funny videos, content that people would enjoy. The likes and retweets – that was, like, a plus.
YouTube videos and practice have taught me all I know.
I do videos on things that excite me… things that are new to me.
I watched a lot of Alessandro Nesta videos, as he had similar characteristics, studied carefully and applied myself.
Michael Jackson was one of popular culture‘s greatest artists. Nobody danced better. Few sang more compellingly. No one understood more about stage spectacles or music videos. He was an innovator. His reach was global.
I’ve made my records and I’ve done all the interviews. I’ve done lots of long tours. I’ve made stupid videos. I’ve done all that stuff and learned all the lingo and gone to radio stations and shmoozed with DJs on the air and met retail people.
When I was younger, I had a lot of Harry Enfield and Chums stuff – audiobooks and books and videos – so it was amazing to work with him.
Hugh Skinner
I have made multiple videos telling fans not to come to our house. I feel like a zoo animal.
When my YouTube videos started to get really big, I was like, ‘Man, this is pretty sweet.’ It started as my hobby, and then I started traveling and learning how to play different instruments, and then it just kind of became my life.
I’m all the way hands-on when it comes to my videos.
Compared to a lot of artists, I’m usually quite covered up in videos and photo shoots.
An album is a whole universe, and the recording studio is a three-dimensional kind of art space that I can fill with sound. Just as the album art and videos are ways of adding more dimensions to the words and music. I like to be involved in all of it because it’s all of a piece.
I always prioritize dark-skinned women when I’m casting my music videos. I just believe that we deserve to be front and center. I never like to make the girls I choose look like backup.
My true memory has been tainted by old home videos of my sister and I, ages 3 and 5 respectively, singing karaoke to Britney Spears’ ‘Lucky’ in our living room, and tape recordings of my parents trying to elicit songs out of our throats at a similar or younger age.
With videos, I find I’m better off if I’m playing a role inside of it. The more you do it, the more you understand it.
In my videos, I always want to be a powerful woman. That’s my mission.
You have to remember, videos were on the rise back when we did ‘Take On Me.’
I just feel like you’ve got to leave the viewer wanting more, and that’s what those kinds of videos from the early 2000s made me want.
Each holiday season, as family members arrive and couches are unfolded, my household settles into a palpable nostalgia. Poorly designed photo albums are pulled from the shelves. Home videos of prepubescent siblings in matching pajamas dance across the television screen.
I had this one producer who sent me tracks because he s

I had this one producer who sent me tracks because he saw my YouTube videos that were popular and got a couple million views.
I’m a huge fan of Geffen records. Everything about them – their artists, their videos, their marketing.
Guy Oseary
I’m consistently recording and releasing stuff online or YouTube videos or whatever it is. I just don’t know if it’s going to be a full on, I’m the next Rihanna, or whatever. I’m not going for it to that level. But I love making music and I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to.
Drew Seeley
My guiltiest pleasure? ‘Untamed & Uncut’. Videos of people being attacked by animals. Yeah. I don’t know why. I just love seeing guys who say, ‘I’m gonna stick my hand in that crocodile‘s mouth and see what happens.’ And then it snaps down on them. There you go – that’s what you get! It’s a wild animal, my friend.
During the middle of sophomore year, my friends and I would get bored at lunch, so we would film videos on my computer webcam of us dancing in the gym to Christmas music.
I’m excited to launch ‘Waveform,’ which will explore everything from tech news and new products to the videos that surround them.
Once I got 13 or 14 years old, I started watching a lot of videos on YouTube and and I started following the NBA ball.
My life is nothing like my videos. I’m definitely not walking around with lots of hot women, as I am in my videos.
I watch a lot of YouTube videos. I like game play channels like the Game Grumps. But I mostly watch sketch comedy.
Videos of Antifa violence, some of them doctored, are regularly shared on conservative, pro-Trump and conspiracy theory-pushing websites, often with commentary that suggests the media purposefully ignores those events. These videos often do not often include wider context or numbers.
Of course I like to watch myself bat. After every innings, match, series, I do watch my own videos whenever I get the time.
As a kid, I looked up to Gazza, and to Wayne Rooney because he came through at Everton. Zidane has been one of my favourite players and I was always watching videos of him.
I couldn’t see my father‘s films because they were restricted and we didn’t have videos or DVDs back then.
My favorite show is America’s Funniest Home Videos. People will get hit on the head and I feel bad cause I’m laughing my head off!
Corbin Bleu
My videos are a one-woman show – it’s just me. I have my camera in front of me, and underneath my camera, I have a monitor. That’s where I see everything.
Our dynamic is different from other siblings. We’re always fighting but we know that we love each other and we get along. People don’t see that. If my sister didn’t want to be in my videos, she would’ve told me.
It’s been a very strange trajectory because I struggled for so many years. I mean, I was doing these videos, I was doing these live shows, I had a lot of fans in New York, the press would write about me, but I couldn’t get a paying job, and so my father and I were really like a team.
Vocally, I had never taken a lesson when I put out my videos. It was just a lot of fun. I had watched my dad play guitar, so I just sort of did the same thing.
I want to put some effort into a bunch of different types of videos. I don’t think I’m gonna do ‘Man On The Street’ messing with people, I don’t think I’m gonna do over-the-top wacky comedy.
Andy Milonakis
I can play guitar – but I can’t really. I wouldn’t say I’m talented at it. I just kind of watch videos on YouTube, and I follow the instructions… OK, yeah, my hidden talent: I’m good at following instructions!
When I think back on high school, I always tried to make silly videos with my friends.
Kimiko Glenn
Obviously, I wasn’t born when Pele was playing at World Cups, but I have watched plenty of videos, both of him and other great players.
When I’ve stopped doing workouts and YouTube videos, I want this content that I’ve created to be used in schools all around the world. This is what I want to be remembered for.
If one percent of the people who take iPad or iPhone videos of concerts watch them, I’d be very surprised.
I guess you could say the beginning of my career as an actress was when I started performing in music videos.
Sheri Moon Zombie
As a singer, I always try to keep my music videos clean.
I like watching anime or music videos and stuff like that, just to get my mind somewhere else, to make it feel like I’m not in the arena, not in the gym, so when I step on the court, I’m locked in.
I don’t work with Sia every day; it depends what we do, whether we do performances or music videos, so the schedule is weird, but when we’re off, we always try to see each other in between. We just hang out; we went to brunch one time, but for the most part I go to her house, and we eat and watch TV.
To shuck oysters, you’ll need an oyster knife, a handy tool with a sturdy handle and a short, rigid blade which you can pick up for about ten bucks in a kitchenware shop or fish market. A quick trip online will yield any number of videos and slide shows with step-by-step instructions on how to shuck an oyster.
I started making videos when I was, like, seven or eight.
Censorship no longer works by hiding information from you; censorship works by flooding you with immense amounts of misinformation, of irrelevant information, of funny cat videos, until you’re just unable to focus.
If you watch old Cars videos, they don't make any sense

If you watch old Cars videos, they don’t make any sense. They’re just fun to watch. There doesn’t need to be storyline, and you don’t need to know why anything is happening.
I enjoy doing these silly little videos, and a lot of stuff online is stuff I actually created for my live comedy shows.
Tom Lenk
I didn’t understand how difficult it would be to transition in the public eye and look back at pre-transition videos – it’s sort of humiliating and painful.
Creating content on YouTube played a huge role in helping define myself, as making videos was and still is a creative outlet for me – a way to express myself.
My first-ever social medium was actually MySpace. But my first video ever was on YouTube – that’s when I thought I was a fashion guru – posting fashion stuff. I deleted all of those videos. And I regret doing that today, because I want to look back and see how baduy I was in seventh grade!
All the violence in videos and movies, you can’t tell me that that wouldn’t influence a disturbed person.
Of course I watch videos of my father’s goals from time to time, while I also receive a lot of advice from him, but what you see on the pitch is the result of my own hard work.
I occasionally rapped along to some homegrown Korean rap. And then a friend introduced me to Wu-Tang and played me ‘Enter the 36th Chambers.’ It was very shocking. And then I started to look for different albums. This was pre-Internet, so it’s hard to find the music, and it was even harder to find music videos.
I didn’t make music videos in order to make a movie. Music videos were the goal for me, so it was never a step to something else. I approached it seriously.
I don’t have to be stressed about it. When people watch videos of teams, they might see a certain player and think, ‘If we kick him a little bit, maybe he’ll get angry, maybe he’ll get a booking.
I write my own blog every day. I do the Twitter every day and the Facebook. Without a gap. I do everything myself: I load my own photographs; I sometimes take my own videos and post them.
E-mails, phone calls, Web sites, videos. They’re still all letters, basically, and they’ve come to outnumber old-fashioned conversations. They are the conversation now.
All the information you could want is constantly streaming at you like a runaway truck – books, newspaper stories, Web sites, apps, how-to videos, this article you’re reading, even entire magazines devoted to single subjects like charcuterie or wedding cakes or pickles.
My creative process is a bit manic at times, to be honest. I wake up Monday and Thursday stressed because I don’t have a video. I usually – with the exception of maybe a handful of videos – wake up, write the video, shoot the video, edit the video, release the video all in the same day.
Maybe someday, if I work hard enough, entertainment will be a career for me, but right now making videos and uploading them to the Internet is just a hobby.
Videos come definitely after the music has been created, but I have always felt, and especially today, that videos are vital in the album process. I think that we live in a very visual era, and if you make a mistake with a video, those images will accompany the song forever.
I think it’s because all our music videos have chubby girls wearing crazy makeup and crazy gay dudes and trannies that are overly stylized and over-the-top. Being compared to John Waters and girl groups isn’t a bad thing, though.
Actually, it’s the beauty of independent music that the artist can feature in his own videos and be the face of it. It is unlike Bollywood movies, where one does playback singing.
I just feel like my audience is interested in anything that I do. Dare I say, even when I was making my science experiment videos, they lived for that.
My lifetime role model and hero is Freddie Mercury of Queen. His songwriting skills, I cannot even approach, but his showmanship, I learned it from videos.
I want to change things with everything I do, not for the sake of changing things, but for the sake of taking greater and greater risks, or how minimalist I might be able to be, or how I can involve elements or ingredients in music videos that are not musical, for instance.
Jonathan Glazer
People say they like my fashion-haul videos because it’s like you’ve been shopping with your friends, and you look back over what you have bought.
I love having the Olympic Channel app on my phone because I can watch old gymnastics videos any time.
I love ‘Robot Chicken,’ ‘The Boondocks’ and ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’ Then there’s this show called ‘The First 48.’ It’s a documentary about killings where they try and find murderers. They interrogate people and they tell on each other – it’s hilarious.
I’ve also directed, shot, and edited several music videos.
Are all my videos a hundred percent real? Absolutely not.
I’ve done four videos for older people under my new brand, Prime Time, and the missing link was yoga. I’m aiming it for older people – people who have never worked out or who are recovering from a surgery and have to start slow. It’s easy, you can’t get hurt, it’s very doable, and I’ve done it in ten-minute segments.
I actually don’t think we should ban Jihadi videos because I don’t think that is what causes the issue of Islamist violence. We have to confront these things beyond banning them.
Ever since I was a little kid, I got bored, so I learned to sing, and I started singing lessons. And then anytime I was bored, I would start writing and start messing around on my computer, making beats. Then I got bored and started making YouTube videos; that changed my life in a big way.
I was in a play called ‘Hood.’ I was an extra in ‘Passion of the Christ.’ I did corporate videos, commercials, little university short films. Just anything that I could be a part of, really.
But ya have to make videos in the States. Usually ours just look too serious. We haven’t got it together.
I've made a lot of crazy comedy videos and said a lot o

I’ve made a lot of crazy comedy videos and said a lot of crazy things. If it’s too offensive, I apologize and move on, but I do comedy.
If people want to watch music videos you can go to Youtube. But it would be great if there was still music on TV that people could check out and be visually excited by an artist.
In my case, my videos are zero-cost productions. I don’t spend a single penny on them. I take 15 to 16 days to come up with a video and do one or two videos a month. That’s a long time.
More exposure has give to me more discipline because I am seeing that more people are wanting to observe what I am making/filming/singing; this does motivate me to make videos for every week.
Flula Borg
I would come home after school and begin to create videos, because there was people waiting to see new content from me.
My tutorial videos are educational, but they’re goofy – I’m just being myself.
We’ve always wanted to control the video player for our videos. We really want to evolve how comments on videos work.
I was very inspired by the videos of the crowds at the Palin rallies.
Jill Sobule
My dad was a professional musician; my mom played, too, but just for fun. All my siblings played. The house was full of music books, videos, albums. I guess it’s not surprising that I ended up becoming a musician.
I’m inspired by a lot of things. I came from Indonesia. I grew up watching a lot of YouTube videos and was inspired by all these other things. I just love making music. I don’t think I’m trying to profit off anything. I just like creating stuff.
I like making little videos and little records. I’ve always loved video cameras and four-track cassette recorders, still cameras, anything.
I take the time to look at my videos after a fight to see not what I did right but what I did wrong, to learn from those mistakes.
My first camera job was filming workplace safety videos, which involved months of watching and videotaping people doing their jobs. I was hooked – from there, I wanted to know where they lived and the rest of their habits and desires.
Christina Grimie was one of my favorite people, not only because she was caring, she was humble, and she always felt like people mattered… but because the first thing she said when she met me was, ‘Oh em gee – your videos are really gross, but for some reason, I love you.’
I just made random videos with my mom’s camera, before YouTube even started. It was just my family and friends in a few spoofs of scary movies and mock talk shows. And then I found out about YouTube so I posted a ton of those videos on there.
Equally important to having the right content is providing the proper tools for the users so they can quickly find the images and videos they need.
I’m just like, a girl making videos, living her life.
I was spending my own money on videos, spending my own money on radio, doing all that.
I’ve loved Michael Jackson, his music, his music videos.
I’ve never watched any videos of my time on ‘Celebrity Big Brother‘. Honestly. It’s something I could save for when I’m an old man. It was a watershed, the catalyst to the end of my second marriage.
I’m known as a person who, like, steps out of the comfort zone. Who kind of breaks the rules and crosses the line in the sense of making YouTube videos.
I got into a competition with my brother over who could make better Vine videos.
I run all my social. I post everything, all the videos and stuff.
I used to watch a lot of motivational films and videos to remain positive.
I try to find happiness in almost anything… watching videos about new exercises, like ones you can do on a flight when you clench your buttocks.
I was doing well in TV as a freelance cameraman, but it wasn’t the direction I wanted to go in. I directed videos and tried to put something cinematic in every one. Dialogue, action sequences, helicopter, Steadicam.
I am fine if videos and pictures are clicked when there are legit events and interviews. If I am sitting and having a private dinner with my son, my family or my girlfriend, then I do not want it to be filmed.
We can talk and get feedback about our videos directly from some of our biggest fans. We can’t stress the importance of that connection enough.
I look at old performance videos now, and it’s really funny – I thought I was such a gangster!
When I first started making the videos, I didn’t tell anyone about it.
I always do my own makeup, hair, and styling, including in videos and on, like, album covers.
I grew up watching MTV, so it's very surreal to me to t

I grew up watching MTV, so it’s very surreal to me to think that there might be someone out there watching MTV, looking at us the way I used to look at Davis Madonna and Duran Duran videos.
Yeah, I started on YouTube. I posted videos every Friday and wrote new songs every week. Back then, I was in a very vulnerable place with all my fans. Now in a pandemic, it feels like I’m going back to my roots and playing on my OG piano that I played when I first started.
You never, ever leave art school. It’s important to keep finding inspiration. I look at YouTube videos and think, ‘How would I do that?’ I like experimenting with things. For instance, drying paintings off too quickly in a microwave can look strangely beautiful.
I was just watching baby videos of me and I was obviously an exhibitionist.
There are people who want me to do a cologne. They want to call it ‘Patrick.’ I was offered a fortune to make exercise videos. Posters, all kinds of stuff – something like $10 million worth. It’s insanity. I’m not going to do any of it.
My two favorite parts of what I do are definitely writing the music and then writing and directing the videos to support each song. As well as doing my own makeup and styling for the videos.
Part of the reason I fell in love with dance so early was because of people like Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, and Britney Spears. When they would dance onstage and in their videos, that was huge for me. I lived for that.
Whenever I would go to Hrithik’s vanity van to chat or rehearse lines, I’d see him working out or watching inspirational videos. One thing that I’ve learnt from him is that, as an actor, you have to worship your body.
I always feel kind of awkward when I look at pictures of myself. Watching videos of myself is really uncomfortable.
Max Irons
I’m not the best trainer in the world. I’m not the most technical or scientific. But I consistently put videos out there, whether it’s for your grandma or a young toddler. And I’m relentless.
I would love to do something with space. I’m obsessed with it. I just can’t stop reading about it or watching videos about it or listening to TED Talks about it.
I went on YouTube and saw videos of Angelina Jolie on some talk show showing people switchblade tricks, and I was like, ‘That’s what I want to do.’
I come from music videos and commercials, where style is a big part of the whole world. I’ve always tried to add that to whatever I’m doing.
I started making music videos in my twenties and made my first feature, ‘Guncrazy,’ at 29. I then spent the greater part of my thirties directing features.
The invention of gas and electric heaters has not meant the end of fireplaces. Printing did not end penmanship, television did not kill radio, movies did not kill theatre, and home videos did not kill movie theaters, although all these things were falsely predicted.
Every day, three times per second, we produce the equivalent of the amount of data that the Library of Congress has in its entire print collection, right? But most of it is like cat videos on YouTube or 13-year-olds exchanging text messages about the next Twilight movie.
We get to wear a lot of pretty and fancy clothes for our performances and videos, so in my daily life, I like to be really comfortable.
If you get rid of music, images, videos, words and literature from the smartphone, you just have a simple phone that would be worth $50.
The things you do early on, people don’t know, but once they start studying videos and know what to plan, they know what to expect. So you have to keep on evolving, and according to situations, you have to adapt, because if you are just a one-trick pony, that won’t work for a long period of time.
In today’s society, many people feel stressed. So when they watch my videos at the end of a busy day, I want them to relax and experience something nice, to take away some of their anxiety and stress.
Li Ziqi
A whole new generation is looking at the videos, and going to the video shop and buying the re-release of the complete trilogy, which you can buy at a reasonable price.
Peter Mayhew
I have been directing ads and videos for quite some time. And I wanted to direct films.
My production style is all about imagination. I want my audience to use their imagination when they watch my videos. My goal is for my voice to be that little hope of encouragement in your head when you walk out your door.
Videos are all about making an impression in the moment. If you’re lucky, you make a classic that people talk about for years.
I make funny videos. I hate saying I’m a comedian because then people stick their finger in your face and demand you tell a joke. But the other thing people call me is ‘a YouTube sensation,’ which is even worse.
After studying the subject for years, watching countless YouTube videos of Scientology handlers filming critics and journalists, it felt amazing to be on the receiving end myself: I felt like I’d been blooded.
I was into skateboarding, so through skating I kind of got into hip hop by discovering it through skate videos.
When I used to put videos on MySpace, there’d always be someone posting something nasty. To those people, I’d send friend requests, and invariably, they accepted them.
If I get an iTunes check, I take the money out and say, ‘OK, with this money I’mma go shoot me this many videos, with this money I’m going to do this amount of studio sessions.’
The number one question I’m asked as a YouTuber every day is, ‘How can I get my videos out there; how can I make my videos go viral?’
I make YouTube viral videos all the time, and I made a video called ‘Beauty and the Beat,’ And as a strange, wacky coincidence, Justin Bieber dropped the song ‘Beauty and a Beat.’
When I'm 65 and still performing every week, I'd like p

When I’m 65 and still performing every week, I’d like people to say, ‘You know, when that guy was a kid, he made these weird, crazy videos?’ And they’ll have to go look for them – rather than it being the first thing they know about me.
Music is something I’ve always been interested in and incorporated into my videos.
Most writers like to maintain some sort of anonymity. For me, making videos was an assault.
Fraud is common when you give away billions. Fraud related to Hurricane Katrina spending is estimated to top $2 billion. In addition, debit cards provided to hurricane victims were used to pay for Caribbean vacations, NFL tickets, Dom Perignon champagne, ‘Girls Gone Wild’ videos, and at least one sex change operation.
Vast volumes of mixed media surround us, from music to games and videos. Yet almost all of our online actions still begin and end with writing: text messages, status updates, typed search queries, comments and responses, screens packed with verbal exchanges and, underpinning it all, countless billions of words.
I always say that there are manufactured coaches and natural coaches. I am one of the natural ones. I do not have to sit there and watch videos for hours. I look at what I have to watch, and in a quarter of an hour, I understand what I can understand.
For a businessman like me, smartphones are a lifeline. I use the device to watch promos of my films, songs, and videos. There are days when I end up spending as much as five hours on the phone.
I was working in commercials and music videos, always with the goal of working in feature films.
It’s really important to me to still spend time in the ends – I’m there all the time. I do my videos there, I still talk about it. It’s important for me to be an inspiration to the youth of the area and not just leave now I’ve blown up.
Apart from some of the videos and haircuts, I don’t think I’ve made any wrong moves, ha ha!
No matter what I do, I can’t help but feel that I’m under a microscope. Some of it is completely silly, and some of it is meant to be hurtful. For example, a website accumulated all of my music videos to point out perceived Illuminati images. I loved that one. Of course, it was all ridiculous but funny.
I work out most days, normally first thing, and then I just see where the day takes me. I recipe test most days, do lots of social media and emails, but nothing else is constant. Some days, I film YouTube videos; other days, I have lots of meetings, work on blog posts, brainstorm ideas, and work on upcoming projects.
Nowadays, you can be a fan of someone that’s not an actor or artist. You can be a fan of someone that makes YouTube videos.
My YouTube videos have literally millions of views… Yet I’m still airbrushed out of the BBC Stalinist revision of history; the chart shows have been instructed not to play my music!
Jonathan King
It’s embarrassing to tell you how much my friends make fun of me. Seriously, when you have a doll made of your face, it’s ridiculous how creative your friends can get… pictures, videos, little animated cartoons that they’ve made.
We travel a lot and don’t get enough time to spend with our family, and so we have to take our pictures, videos, also bother about things like which are the HD quality phones. So I’m very much a part of these typical things.
I love watching other beauty girls on YouTube, so I get a lot of ideas through their videos. I also get plenty of requests from viewers, which is great. I can never run out of ideas!
Growing up, I watched other teams, and I fell in love with Arsenal. I wasn’t really interested in posters, but I saw many, many videos. Players like Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira made me love the club, and I dreamt of going there.
Matteo Guendouzi
I was cast in commercials, music videos, and booked a lot of modeling jobs. But my acting career never took off because I was holding myself back. I was acting across from male partners who didn’t know that I am trans. I was being taught by teachers who didn’t know.
I was doing Facebook comedy videos; then I moved over to Instagram, and then I hopped on Twitter. That is where I really was a master. That was the first place where I could go viral.
My heroes are guys like Frank Capra and Elia Kazan and Coen brothers and Terry Gilliam, more so than a lot of bass players at this point in my life. So I’ve always been an old-film nut and have very much enjoyed doing videos over the years.
I write my own songs. I made my own videos. I pick my producers. Nothing goes out without my permission. It’s all authentic.
Even something as stupid as Vine videos makes you feel like you’re making things on your own.
I went with the flow. I never knew this could be a career option. But as a 21-year-old desperate for people to watch his content and hear his music, I could go to any extent. Creating four videos a week, only a man sitting empty can do it.
Yes, it’s true. I’m soon going to direct music videos for our company T-series.
You see the music videos and the bling and the cars, but all of that goes home at the end of the shoot. They make nothing because there’s less and less money in the music industry.
I went from basically filming in my bedroom by myself, filming some funny videos, and then overnight, I switched into filming in some studios and some warehouses and family homes. I started filming with directors and producers and editors, and there were so many people in the room, so it was definitely weird.
Now if you look at the London ‘Times,’ you’ll find that with quite a number of the photographs, you touch them, and they turn into videos. I think newspapers come alive that way. We talk about ‘papers.’ We should cut out the word ‘paper,’ you know? It’s ‘news organizations.’
I used to suffer from stage fright, which at times was an ordeal. I won’t perform live again. I’m going to do some TV shows and videos but nothing else… I don’t like to travel too much or do concerts. I’m more of a studio and home girl.
I think I have more fun making jokes online and making stupid Instagram videos than I do in my real life, on stage.
It is impossible to effectively monitor the huge volume of videos that are out there. It is often difficult to find out who owns the copyright on individual videos. Differing copyright laws in different countries also make the whole process harder.
I have a P.O. Box that I get about 50 letters a day tha

I have a P.O. Box that I get about 50 letters a day that my mom picks up, and a lot of weird gifts I like to show on my videos.
I grew up falling in love with music videos and those images: Hype Williams and Mark Romanek, David Fincher and Diane Martel and Paul Hunter, just from the video side. I grew up also watching a lot of independent films and foreign films.
The DC Universe Animated made for videos, which we do in cooperation with Warner Animation, are very intentionally scheduled at 3-4 a year, depending on whether or not there’s a theatrical tent pole release in a given year, in which case we may choose to do four of them a year.
Every Friday, my dad would rent three videos. Me and my brother would ask for something with guns or fighting, but my dad would say, ‘Come on, think about it.’ He’d choose more involving films like ‘Pulp Fiction,’ and at the end of the night, we’d agree that they were great.
God bless Skrillex. I love the kid, but he puts out a new video, what, every four weeks? I’m like the Dos Equis guy. I don’t normally do music videos, but when I do, I go big.
I’m going to be writing and directing my own videos, and performing in them too, and I’m super-excited about it.
Mikey Day
I really spent most of my childhood in my bedroom watching Barbra Streisand movies and musicals and making videos. That was kind of where it all started for me. I would go to the beach occasionally.
Some people draw a line between music videos and short films, looking down on music videos as a format, but there’s so much potential in music videos.
I’d love to be able to sing. I make videos in my car when I’m driving back and forward between Manchester and Essex, and I try my hardest to sing well but it just doesn’t work out.
We’re all going to eventually, even in the developed world, going to have to lose everything that we love. When you’re beginning to rot a little bit, all of the videos crammed into your head, all of the extensions that extend your various powers, are going to being to seem a little secondary.
Gregory Stock
I usually hate the whole process of pitching and making videos. I’ve had so many made and I only like about two of them.
Dropping the news to my parents that I was skipping my ‘dream education’ at Chalmers to sit at home recording videos while playing video games was not easy.
People have realized that it’s a waste of time and money to create eight songs and shooting videos of them all.
I don’t control my life; my videos control me. I still love it because it’s temporary, but I can’t do this forever.
There’s nothing anybody who watches my videos doesn’t know about me, unless it’s something genuinely sacred and private to me.
It’s not that Millennials don’t believe some things are serious. We’ll make ‘It Gets Better’ videos or perform comedy for disaster relief. But sum up our lives in a phrase? The Importance of Never Being Too Earnest.
We didn’t have music videos. You weren’t an overnight sensation. You had to work at it and learn your craft: how to take care of your voice, how to pace your concerts, all that trial and error.
I’m so obsessed with Cardi B. I do nothing but sit and watch her Instagram videos.
I’ve done my own videos, I do my own styling, so I feel like I’ve just always been a visual artist… I was one of those kids who wanted to make my own clothes and take pictures of everything. Everything inspired me, and everything felt like art around me.
I directed videos for System, I do stage production visuals for the band, so that’s important to me.
I love documenting. Having these videos forever is priceless to me, so I think I will be doing it forever, but who knows if YouTube is gonna be around forever.
‘Hometasking’ was genuinely a team effort. Because we were all in lockdown and didn’t have anything to do, the team watched lots of videos and passed them on to me. It was a really nice way to spend a few months and feel like you’re actually helping other people.
I love doing my music videos. I have grown up loving independent music and I am more of a performer than a playback singer and hence I want that if it’s my voice, then it should be my face too.
I think before, in the ’80s, it was more about fashion and music videos and a lot of radio: getting out there and the fans learning who you were and your music.
Back in college, I remember shooting stupid videos with my friends. It would be us going around town in capes pretending we were superheroes.
I’ve always written the storyboards for the music videos, and it’s been hard working with directors trying to get them to understand what I’m thinking.
For a while I had a little company and made corporate videos, did some little documentaries, almost, for court cases and mediations.
My daughter just graduated college and she’s a dance major. She’s done a couple of dance videos already and won Miss Massachusetts a couple of weeks ago. She’s going out for Miss United States the second week of July, out in Las Vegas. She will probably wind up going to New York and trying the Broadway thing.
I’ve filmed a lot of my videos in Compton, but filming a movie, we really can’t do it because the police will come and shut you down.
The Grime guys have kind of rewritten the blueprint for people as far as creativity, songwriting, ownership, doing your own videos… So they’re sending out a real positive message I think to people, that you can do it yourself in a punk way, and you can still potentially be successful and get to people.
The videos I put on YouTube have expanded my audience beyond what I could have done at just a Hamburger Mary’s. People saw the videos, started booking me, and literally 40-plus countries and thousands of gigs later I can basically say that YouTube has bought me a house.
When I was fifteen years old, my dad won a video camera

When I was fifteen years old, my dad won a video camera in a corporate golf tournament. I snatched it from his closet and began filming skateboard videos with my friends.
Freak’ was a fan favorite on the Dangerous Woman Tour, so I’m so excited to see everyone creating their own videos of the dance routine and showing their freaky side.
Victoria Monet
Pop music means everything to me. I’ve been listening to pop since I was kid, running home from school to watch Britney Spears and Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera music videos, and it felt like it was a world to escape to for me personally.
There was a time when country never used to do videos.
Crystal Gayle
Because the Internet’s there, I have access to a lot of the legends, like Fela Kuti. I used to watch a lot of Fela Kuti videos, just to see how he performed. He inspired me a lot, actually, because he was a man of many words, many good words.
We started about three years before YouTube existed, so we had to host all the videos on our own servers at a co-location facility. When we got so many hits on our first few videos, and we estimated our bandwidth bill was going to be about $12,000 a month, we knew that we had to establish a business model ASAP.
Raised on Bill Nye videos, LEGOs, and CD-ROMs of dinosaurs, I was a lump of nerdy clay waiting to be molded. ‘Mythbusters’ came to me at a critical time, and it transformed me into who I am today.
I sing a little bit in videos, at the end of vlogs. A lot of my fans started requesting that I do a song. They started planting this seed in me.
I have laughter dates with myself, where I find comics on YouTube and watch them. Louis C.K. was my first laughter date a couple years ago. I’ll also watch those videos of people doing idiotic things. That cracks me up.
Inga Muscio
A lot of people were getting million-dollar deals from music I felt was trash, because their videos were going viral. I wanted to put out music that had soul, because that’s what was missing.
Most of my music videos were made for under $200.
I’m not into just one thing; I always felt like I had to have my hand in everything revolving around what I do, whether it’s directing videos, making beats, making music, performing.
When I was 3, my mom sent in a video of me singing George Strait to ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’
I feel like once the song is done, you put it out there and if people want to do bizarre remixes, if people want to make strange videos, great. You know, like chaos theory applied to the music business.
I love performance, but I’m quite happy making videos as well, and I’m inordinately happy writing songs.
When we started doing sketch comedy – actually in ’91 in Chicago – making your own videos, which we did, took forever. It would take like, a year to make one video. It was just so difficult to edit and just do everything you had to do.
I think pop music, for me as a kid, I hated school and ran home to watch Britney Spears videos. I just felt like I could forget about the stuff I didn’t like about my life and listen to pop music and escape.
I feel like everybody that saw my videos was like, ‘Oh this dude’s about to rap.’ They just played my videos, and I feel like I shocked a lot of people.
‘Bad Boys’, which Bay made when he was just twenty-eight, having never made a movie before, having done a string of commercials and music videos with artists ranging from Donny Osmond to Meat Loaf, grossed more than $140 million worldwide.
I’ve got so many dance heroes, and it’s such a cliche, but how can I not say Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul – they are the people I remember when I was a little girl, watching their videos and trying to learn all the choreography.
I studied a lot of extreme sports videos, like where they put the cameras. With the light cameras now, with the Go-Pro versions of it, you can put them anywhere.
When I approach my music and my music videos, obviously all of the subjects and stories that I tell come from an honest, truthful place and the experiences that I’ve had.
My videos are meant to make people look at themselves at the end of the day. They all have a message.
Joyner Lucas
I have parents coming to the live show saying that they watch my videos with their kids. I have teachers saying they have used the videos with their students.
I don’t think any artist has really relied on music videos the way I do. It’s almost like my radio.
My videos went viral in Pakistan and Bangladesh, but, funnily enough, not in India. India took a lot of time to warm up to my videos!
I want to tell Miranda’s story more broadly than what I have been in these five-minute videos on the Internet. She can live in a longer format.
We actually make all of our own music videos. Often we come up with the visual concepts at the same time as writing the music.
The money I earn from a live show is divided into two parts. One section goes towards producing my music videos, and the other goes into my savings.
My guiltiest pleasure in life is ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’ I watch them all – old, new – I don’t care. Despite how bad the writing is on the show. The people getting hit and hurt, that’s hilarious.
Growing up with videos and YouTube, being able to see content from the ’90s – music and games – that really helped me stay connected with the time before me.
With my YouTube videos, I used to edit a lot of my own

With my YouTube videos, I used to edit a lot of my own videos, so I’ve gotten used to seeing myself on camera.
One of my first videos on VHS, unknowingly at the time, was a stop-motion of a cup moving across a countertop on its own. I was pretending that I was performing some kind of magic trick. It was my way of doing effects without understanding how to edit.
I think nowadays creating videos is a totally different industry and different career all together. Music videos are doing 100-plus, which is a lot.
I’ll never forget my mom coming into the room middle of the night with YouTube videos of hypnotizing people saying, ‘You’re happy, you’re going to be okay,’ and she just played it in my ear as I slept.
I work in a studio with lots of young people, most of whom are my former students. We delight in trading YouTube videos! We all stop working to watch them. I’m totally addicted to anything with kittens and puppies, but ‘Very Scared Kid’ is one of my favorites.
I started doing non-surf stuff like commercials, short films, and music videos and just started expanding my filmmaking that way. I started doing that more for a career: you know, it was paying the bills, and it was challenging. I was stimulated by it.
YouTube has a stigma about only kids watching it. That’s true. It is mostly kids and teenagers who watch it. But I’ve never made videos for teenagers. They should not be watching my videos.
Videos is the worst. Let me make it clear: Videos suck. It sucks making a video. It’s happy when it’s over and edited and online, but making it, it ain’t really too much fun.
I still direct my own videos.
I used to watch those rock videos where they would chainsaw the piano. And I thought, ‘That’s what I want to do.’ I thought classical music was corny.
I vividly remember my mom would put on this VHS of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits music videos. I’d watch that all the time.
People think that you upload a video, and it goes viral, and then you’re a YouTube star, and I’m like, ‘Nah, no.’ In total, with all of the channels I’ve done, I’ve uploaded anywhere from 400 to 1,000 videos to the Internet, and each one of those takes a whole day to make.
I only tend to use YouTube for learning difficult guitar things or music videos. I tend to just walk around London and take it all in; there are so many fashionable people.
I’m inspired by my surroundings. That’s why I create dresses or videos around simple everyday things! I also love playing with nostalgic things from my childhood like cartoons. I like my art to trigger some sort of memory from my viewers, something they can relate to.
Some of the apps I use are Google Maps, Amazon, Zomato and Facetime. I also use media player so that I can watch my batting videos and some movies.
I think people thought we were sort of right-wing or something, which we certainly are not. I think they got the wrong idea from the videos, that we were some kind of neo-fascist band. I heard a lot of that.