Top 66 Fueled Quotes

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Fighting in the ring or cage is very much different fro

Fighting in the ring or cage is very much different from fighting in the street. Fighting in the street is very much fueled by anger, pride, and male dominance and ego.
Fueled by the kindness and generosity of strangers, ‘Food for the Poorbuilds houses for people.
The nomads’ egalitarian lifestyle astonished the Greeks, who kept their own women indoors weaving and minding children. The exotic Scythian lifestyle fueled the Greek imagination and led to an outpouring of myths about fierce Amazons, ‘the equals of men.’
Amsterdam is a breeding ground for new creative pursuits in many areas fueled by a tolerance and openness to ideas unlike any world city I’ve been to. There is something for everyone here, especially when you dare to go off the beaten path.
There are individuals who are working very hard to promote fear and antagonism towards Islam and Muslims in this country. It’s fueled, in part, by the first African-American president that we have. Obama‘s father was a Muslim and people have used this to arouse hostility against him.
Culinary tradition is not always based on fact. Sometimes it’s based on history, on habits that come out of a time when kitchens were fueled by charcoal.
Consider this: alms aside, Wikipedia is fueled by competitive pedantry and emo-ness. How great is that?
It’s okay to take time for yourself. We give so much of ourselves to others and we need to be fueled both physically and mentally. If we are in balance, it helps us in all our interactions.
A lot of my writer friends – some of whom are brilliantwork when the Muse calls them, for lack of a better description. You know, days of nothing, then this creative burst where they write for 36 hours straight fueled by caffeine and idealism.
This anti-cop sentiment from this hateful ideology called Black Lives Matter has fueled this rage against the American police officer.
The real movement of history, it turns out, is fueled not by matter but by spirit, by the will to freedom.
Gertrude Himmelfarb
The institutions of college athletics exist primarily as unreality fueled by deceit. The unreality is that universities should be in the business of providing large spectacles of mass entertainment. The fundamental absurdity of that notion requires the promulgation of the various deceits necessary to carry it out.
By the end of the 1950s, American cars were so reliable that their reliability went without saying even in car ads. Thousands of them bear testimony to this today, still running on the roads of Cuba though fueled with nationalized Venezuelan gasoline and maintained with spit and haywire.
In the 1880s and 1890s, extremists in the Republican party also threatened the future of the US. Just when it seemed the extremists’ control of the government was complete, their political machinations, propaganda, and demonization of their opposition fueled a dramatic backlash.
I can’t actually pinpoint anything that made me want to be an actor – I just did. And then anything after that just fueled it.
America cannot function if we are a society fueled by riots.
The Russian Revolution mobilized a popular passion across the world based on Marxism-Leninism, fueled by messianic zeal. It was, perhaps, after the three Abrahamic religions, the greatest millenarian rapture of human history.
I don’t think it is just in the world of politics. The lack of civility in society as a whole, some of it, I believe, is very much fueled by social media and frankly, it’s fueled by the fact that journalism is not journalism any more.
Bringing back something akin to Glass-Steagall would clearly help limit risk in the system. And that’s a very good and worthy goal. Letting banks sell securities and insurance products and services allowed them to grow too big too fast and fueled a culture that put profit and pay over prudence.
Having a day job again I found really kind of fueled my fiction, because it became almost this forbidden thing where I had to sneak off and do it in private.
I’m keeping my acerbic wit completely fueled.
The 2011 riots in England, which left five dead and caused more than $300 million in property damage, were fueled by a generation of young Brits who grew up without ever hearing the word ‘No.’
All the difficulties surrounding the making of ‘Mars et Avril’ actually fueled its creativity and contributed to its international success!
Martin Villeneuve
The only way people are going to change their car buying habits, and the only way government will get behind alternatively fueled vehicles, is if gasoline prices continue to go up.
Alexandra Paul
After ‘American Idol,’ I got a lot of ‘stuck up’ rumors that just fueled the never-ending flames of high school drama. Thankfully, my real friends always stood up for me and knew I wasn’t like that.
Many nights, I would begin the evening fueled by caffeine and nicotine, which I needed to propel me out of torpor and hopelessness – only to overshoot into quaking, quivering anxiety.
The first record we put out on Fueled by Ramon, ‘The Papercut Chronicles,’ we had no idea what the termproducermeant. It was just us writing songs, and we are trying to go back to that – singing in a room and vibing off each other.
Internet companies created the social-media tools that fueled the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street insurgencies, and that have helped political candidates rally grass-roots support.
It’s really easy to slide into a depression fueled by the pointlessness of existence.
The partisan warfare fueled by modern technology does not fairly reflect the grace and dignity of the American people.
Rod Rosenstein
Some of the greatest moments in human history were fuel

Some of the greatest moments in human history were fueled by emotional intelligence.
Going to Catholic school was what fueled me into comedy. The nuns were so brutal so I used to try to make my friends laugh.
Julie Brown
Everything, for me, is fueled off telling my story through music, because I have a lot to say, and it’s some urgent things that I have to tell to the world, and help and heal. I know my part that I have to do through music.
From the 1920s into the 1940s, Britain‘s standard of living was supported by oil from Iran. British cars, trucks, and buses ran on cheap Iranian oil. Factories throughout Britain were fueled by oil from Iran. The Royal Navy, which projected British power all over the world, powered its ships with Iranian oil.
In recent years, breweries and brew pubs have flourished across the Nation. And, as the Representative from Oregon‘s fourth district, I have enjoyed seeing the diversity that craft brewery has fueled across the Nation.
Anyone can go online and write anything they want about people they don’t even know, and most of the time, that is fueled by hate. The sad part is that people actually believe what they read online.
Colton Haynes
Everyone has read about or knows someone who has gone through fertility treatments. It is an emotional nightmare, fueled by false hope and the promise of a treatment that will work.
Being the youngest of five, you’re adored, you’re fueled with confidence.
Obviously the imagination is fueled by emotions beyond the control of the conscious mind.
Private equity firms aren’t necessarily evil by definition. There are many stories of successful turnarounds fueled by private equity, often involving multiple floundering businesses that are rolled into a single entity, eliminating duplicative overhead.
There’s an abundance of hope in Hollywood, as if it’s fueled by the sun, and maybe it is.
Myself, there’s people saying, ‘He’ll never find himself in the halls of WWE.’ It’s a narrative that’s fueled more by secondhand fan myth than what people feel.
Spain is an example of how hard it is for a conservative party to campaign for elections if the suspicion is fueled that it wants to go into a coalition with the extreme right.
It is true that globalization has fueled greater income inequality. But much of this increase should be welcomed, not condemned. There is nothing inherently bad about inequality. Whether it is bad depends on how it comes about and what it does.
I get most of my athleticism from my mom. I know my dad cringes every single time I say that, but my competitive nature was always fueled by my dad.
Writing fueled me, and my task was to make it fit into my life. I practiced my trade as an attorney, and on weekends and holidays, I typed away. I assumed a nom de plume, Selena Montgomery, to separate my fiction from more academic publications.
Trump‘s rise to power, fueled by hatred and portending crisis, threatens to eviscerate our constitutional system of government.
The lack of societal and institutional safeguards provides fertile ground for populist movements fueled by fear.
The Iraq war fueled distrust of the press from both sides.
It’s impossible for me to be successful at what I love most, which is acting and making people laugh, without making sure my body is fueled in the right way.
The war against homosexuality in Uganda is fueled by the funds of American Christian missionary churches.
When a nanotech company matures and becomes a real business, it becomes something else. It becomes a biotech company or a cleantech company or a memory chip company. Nanotechnology has fueled the core innovations in electronics and energy.
You move to New York. You want to be the biggest, most fully realized version of yourself you can be. A lot of that is fueled by this desire to not feel small, and to make a name for myself and establish myself in a way that wasn’t expected of me.
Robin Lord Taylor
I said Donald Trump could never be elected, confidently fueled by the empirical data of professional polling, a certainty in the vital necessity of field operations, and the knowledge his own campaign team (even on the night of the election) was ratting out the shambolic train wreck his campaign had been. I was wrong.
What troubles me is the Internet and the electronic technology revolution. Shyness is fueled in part by so many people spending huge amounts of time alone, isolated on e-mail, in chat rooms, which reduces their face-to-face contact with other people.
I have a chip on my shoulder I pet every morning, a constant feeling like I have something to prove. Hearing that the canon can’t be diversified, there’s no room for more brown faces – that fueled my fire.
Whether an economic boom is fueled by the fashion industry or technology innovations, it needs a brick-and-mortar foundation. This is not only true in New York and San Francisco; wherever you live, you can find a local hotspot positioned to attract interest from businesses, consumers and investors.
David Lichtenstein
The ‘Night Train’ has already been a crazy ride for me. We flew around making TV appearances and stadium announcements all over the country, fueled by little more than coffee and adrenaline… so many fans jumped on board with us, and I couldn’t be more thankful.
I’m sure there have been a lot of boys I’ve chased over the years that has been fueled by alcohol and stupidity. But that’s kind of how things happensometimes you have to do something really stupid, and sometimes it works out, and sometimes you fall flat on your face.
When it’s all said and done, jazz with a capital J is where I’m coming from. Dexter Gordon, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk – that’s what I really studied when I was a teenager and what really fueled my passion.
Jose James
Exploring many different avenues, especially setting new challenges, has always fueled my passion for learning something new.
I think my father's skepticism fueled me to work harder

I think my father’s skepticism fueled me to work harder.
Human development thus far has been fueled and guided by the feeling that things could be, and are probably going to be, better.
The global boom in commodities fueled by a debt-financed infrastructure and real-estate bubble in China is over.
It was the British who defined religion to divide and rule. That is what created the heat. That is what created the cut. Partition happened because of the rulers, fueled by a few powerful families on both sides who stood to gain. It is the politicians that keep everyone fighting.