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Photography has become so fundamental to the way we see

Photography has become so fundamental to the way we see that ‘photography‘ and ‘seeing‘ are becoming more and more synonymous. The ubiquity of photography is, perhaps ironically, a challenge to curators, practitioners, and critics.
Ironically, fashion trends, be it denim or polka dots, have a tendency to perpetuate the contrary.
I’m generous. I give good tips. It’s just – the way I live my life, ironically enough, is: I don’t want anything. I’m not a consumer. I don’t crave objects.
Ironically, it is only when disaster strikes that the shuttle makes the headlines. Its routine flights attracted less media interest than unmanned probes to the planets or the images from the Hubble Telescope. The fate of Columbia (like that of Challenger in 1986) reminded us that space is still a hazardous environment.
Ironically India is the hub of animation outsourcing, but our own productions have been anything but fabulous.
Ironically, the success I’ve experienced at country radio has left me ostracized from pop and other formats of radio.
‘The Good Wife‘ has actually been something, ironically, that I’ve watched since episode one, season one in the U.K. because it came up when I was in drama school. I always watched it. It was kind of like an actor‘s show.
However, ironically, I was baptized Presbyterian, and went to a Quaker school for twelve years.
Ironically, I wouldn’t say I’m a massive horror fan. I love thrillers.
Ironically, tendency to ignore inconvenient facts and unwelcome evidence is actually President Reagan‘s true legacy, as I noted in ‘The Nation’ back in 2000, before the current right-wing mania for President Reagan gained its full force.
Ironically, the pursuit of happiness can lead us into the eternal trap of chasing unhappiness.
Ironically, if only because over the years I’ve known so many – from college deans to studio executives to European expats – who come to Los Angeles aspiring to nothing other than living in Topanga, I wound up there by accident.
Ironically, the more deliberate we are in our work – cranking through our inboxes, clearing our to-do lists – the more myopic we become.
At one point, I actually, ironically, thought I might go into criminology and work with the FBI.
Ironically, it is exactly because we are a city that embraces freedom, that welcomes everyone and encourages their dreams, that New York remains on the front lines in the war on terror.
What passes for political realism may make for lively academic debates. But it often functions, ironically, as a tool of social control, rendering us passive with an analysis that overwhelms and paralyzes us.
Ironically, it is when we identify with our spirits rather than our bodies that we are most powerful on the material plane. Our overidentification with the world does not give us power within the world so much as it diminishes our power here. It makes us frightened and nervous and full of anxiety.
Ironically, women who acquire power are more likely to be criticized for it than are the men who have always had it.
Carolyn Gold Heilbrun
Ironically, while many of us spend hours every day using small mobile devices to increase our productivity and efficiency, interacting with these objects, even for short periods of time, might do just the opposite, reducing our assertiveness and undermining our productivity.
Ironically, the more intensive and far-reaching a historian‘s research, the greater the difficulty of citation. As the mountain of material grows, so does the possibility of error.
Ironically, for a few million people in the Far East, I did become an English teacher through my music.
Pat Boone
Ironically, I don’t like having cameras in my face.
I love the road. The closest thing to home, for me, is being on a tour bus, ironically.
Ironically, it’s easier to raise the money to make the film than it is to have the film find wide distribution.
One of the things that separates a good genre movie from a bad genre movie, I always think, ironically, is when you care about the people. The dime a dozen ones are where you don’t have any awareness of the character.
Ironically, Latin American countries, in their instability, give writers and intellectuals the hope that they are needed.
Ironically, ‘The Bachelor‘ and ‘Bachelorette’ have always provided that. We’ve created this community that people feel like they’re really a part of and ‘Listen to Your Heart‘ is gonna be an extension of that… It’s something you can feel a part of.
Ironically, from our perspective, Russia finds Iran a stabilizing force. This is because Iran provides a counterweight to all of the Sunni Muslim powers in the region, being predominantly Shia. And Putin actually sees, and the rest of the Russian leadership, sees Iran very much as a rational actor.
I am a futurist, projecting trends in science into the next decades and century, but ironically my two daughters – one is a neuroscientist and the other is a pastry cheftell me that my taste in music is positively prehistoric.
I was told by so many people that I wouldn’t succeed because I was too different. Ironically, the very reason that people watch my channel and travel thousands of miles to see a show… is because it’s different. God didn’t send us to Earth to just blend in. We are here to share what makes us unique.
Ironically, I’m a really crap liar, even though I do it for a living. I give away too much, somehow. I can’t lie!
When I write, I try to represent the ordinary person in

When I write, I try to represent the ordinary person in the pew, which means that, ironically, I’m qualified to write about prayer by being unqualified!
President Jimmy Carter was a citizen soldier. Ironically, he was considered weak because he didn’t kill anybody and he didn’t get anyone killed.
What we need in medical schools is not to teach empathy, as much as to preserve it – the process of learning huge volumes of information about disease, of learning a specialized language, can ironically make one lose sight of the patient one came to serve; empathy can be replaced by cynicism.
Ironically, I grew up watching Indian movies as a kid in Russia. I am quite familiar with Bollywood. I grew up watching ‘Disco Dancer;’ I watched it some 20 times as a kid.
Ironically, it was because I was raised as a Muslim in the South, that I realised the value in being true to who you really are. I’ve just got so many things going on inside. I don’t know how to resolve all of them other than being true to who I am.
Noureen DeWulf
I’m suggesting that, ironically, the secret to becoming a world ‘hyperpower’ is tolerance. If you look at history, you see great powers being very tolerant in their rise to global dominance.
Every time I look at my mobile phone before bed it seems to say 22:22. I thought that has to mean something in the future. Ironically when it was happening I ended up scoring 22 goals for Coventry.
Callum Wilson
Most American films have now become mindless. The human element has been removed, so you are just left with the surrogate human, which is the robot, so coincidentally or, rather, ironically, they are making films about robots, without realising they are talking about themselves.
Most people don’t recognize me, but they know my name. TSA people rarely recognize my name, ironically, and they are the security people.
Actually – and ironically – people aren’t really interested in a new brand form or flavor as much as they are interested in how a brand can change, impact, or improve their lives. They want brands around them that make them feel special and provide some social cache or confidence.
Ironically, that was quite a bit of the appeal of Rumours. It’s equally interesting on a musical level and as a soap opera.
The beginning of my political career was not promising. I ran for junior class president at Shortridge High school and was runner up. I ran again in the senior year with the same result. But opportunity came ironically, or fortunately, when I returned to Indianapolis after serving in the Navy.
There’s a great documentary on Tupac called ‘Resurrection‘ about the last few years of Tupac’s life and how he transformed. And, ironically, how this East Coast rapper became this West Coast icon, back when all that Death Row/Sean Combs stuff was going on.
Ironically, xenophobic nationalists are utilizing the benefits of globalization.
Ironically, I find it harder to get a foothold in Australia than I do in the U.S. When I was in Australia, I struggled. It can be a bit of a closed shop; it can be hard for a newcomer to break in, whereas in the U.S., it has much more of an open-door policy, and they will give anyone a shot.
Tanc Sade
The sad part about our past is that religions, ironically enough, are responsible for creating the most destructive idea that has ever been visited upon the human race: the idea that there is such a thing as ‘better.’
Ironically, when I’ve asked my straight friends to join me in hanging a rainbow flag, they answer, ‘But someone might think we’re gay,’ not realizing that is exactly the point. To be mistaken for the oppressed is to momentarily become the oppressed.
Ironically, since Obama was elected, for the first time in my life I’m sometimes not proud of my country.
Being taken for granted is an unpleasant but sincere form of praise. Ironically, the more reliable you are, and the less you complain, the more likely you are to be taken for granted.
Marco Rubio is interesting because he checks so many boxes when you think about what a Republican nominee needs. He brings Florida, he’s young, he’s Hispanic, the Tea Party likes him. But that said, he’s got issues, actually surprisingly, ironically, with Mexican-American voters.
Black Mirror,’ now being on Netflix, can reach all kinds of different people all over the world – with the help of the Internet, rather ironically.
Ironically, one of the clearer threats to consumer privacy is the government‘s largely unchecked ability to collect your sensitive information without due process.
Ironically, when a bunch of very smart people are sitting around a table for hours trying to figure out whether they should do something, that tends to not necessarily lead to the best results.
Ironically, the first thing that appealed to me about Islam was its pluralism. The fact that the Koran praises all the great prophets of the past.
Ironically, parenting is a shame and judgment minefield precisely because most of us are wading through uncertainty and self-doubt when it comes to raising our children.
The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real.
When the Christian faith becomes defined by who we are and what we do and not by who Christ is and what he did for us, we miss the gospel – and we, ironically, become more disobedient.
My individual, psychological descent coincided, ironically, with my ascent into the public eye.
Ironically, my tastes aren’t that experimental, and I wouldn’t describe my music on the surface as being overtly experimental, either.
Even though we think we’re getting a lot done, ironically, multitasking makes us demonstrably less efficient.
We know Roger Ebert loved the ‘Sun-Times’ and his career as a newspaper columnist. But ironically, it was his illness and losing his voice that caused him to explore another venue.
Many developing countries continue to be burdened by hi

Many developing countries continue to be burdened by high percentages of their population living in poverty. Yet, instead of addressing this root cause of conflict, many states, ironically, increase their military might in order to control increasingly desperate populations.
Ironically, the original Detroit Stock Exchange once sat less than a thousand feet from StockX headquarters here in downtown Detroit. It is only fitting that we are going to build the next iteration of the world’s most efficient market invention almost in the same spot.
When I think of the things that Trump has done, ironically, everything is sort of – we care so much about Cuba and the Iran deal. I think pulling out of TPP is just devastating.
Curiosity and creating ideas ironically are both democratized; they cost no money, anyone can do them, and it’s up the individual and the force of their personality to give life to them.