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I hate to sound jaded, but everything else has become r

I hate to sound jaded, but everything else has become routine and a business – that’s what the music industry has become to me – and I have to remind myself that creating is a privilege.
I’m trying everything I can not to be jaded ’cause I don’t like jaded musicians.
As far as guys who perform onstage, I love Chris Rock. I’m kind of jaded on everyone else.
I suppose there are a lot of reasons to be jaded or sarcastic or bitter in life, but I hang on to the reasons why life is beautiful.
The biggest thing people tell me is that I’ll be jaded real soon and that the allure of filmmaking will lose its magic. Not necessarily the fame, but that special thing you create onscreen.
Dayo Okeniyi
I went through some things that I shouldn’t have had to go through. But I came out on the other side. I’m not bitter. I’m not jaded.
Having grown up a trailer park kid on welfare and food stamps, becoming jaded is impossible, although now I make a good living, which I’m not ashamed of; when you’ve been poor, it never leaves you.
As a matter of fact I don’t like politics. I really don’t. I think it’s so jaded now and everybody has to follow the party line.
I would say that I am a jaded man beyond most expectations, but, like everyone else, I still have hope.
Sometimes you get too jaded, too seasoned. With Hellyeah, we’ve been having a lot of fun. From the minute we sat down in the studio, there was a lot of energy.
We always reference kids but very rarely ask their opinion. Our inexperience might be what gives us the ability to teach our elders something, due to the fact that we are not jaded or cynical.
Young people are fascinated with the idea of love, maybe because they haven‘t experienced it. The older you get, the more jaded you become with this, like, mystical love thing. It’s not as exciting because it’s not unknown.
I really admire artists who take the time to recharge their batteries and not continually call on it. I think you can spot tired and jaded artists quite quickly.
People often yearn back to more innocent times, but more and more, as I get older, I find myself hankering after more jaded days.
I have argued about the future of fiction with jaded novelists, far-seeing postmodernists, technologists, television critics. The argument that future generations will not know the pleasures of the novel has been a staple of book reviewing since at least 1960.
Making people laugh is so much more difficult than making them sad. Too much fiction defaults to the somber, the tragic. This is because sad endings are easy in comparisonhappy endings aren’t at all simple to earn, especially when writing to an audience jaded by them.
Ready‘ is dedicated to young people who are not yet jaded and worn down by the realities of this world.
I should not become redundant or jaded.
I’m quite jealous of my Scottish relations, in whose culture everyone, in a Jane Austen kind of way, got married very young, when you’re too young to be cynical or jaded and just started having children.
I went to high school in New York City. So, I grew up in New Jersey my whole life, and I was watching all the people and all the kids that I met there become so jaded.
I remain very much connected to my childhood… I have never been too jaded or too sophisticated.
If you do the same thing over and over again, then you will definitely get stale and jaded like most actors do.
When you work in TV long enough, you tend to get a little jaded with different things you have to deal with.
We want to make music, and we won‘t become jaded by the business aspect of what we do.
I’m a comedian. Comedians are supposed to be jaded, cynical, angry people. But I’m not: I’m a silly, silly fun boy.
I went to public school my whole life, graduated high school with my class. Growing up, I’d go to an audition, my friends would go to soccer practice and we’d all reconvene and hang out in our neighborhood. When I would book something, I would never tell my friends. Acting was just fun. I was a kid, I wasn’t jaded.
As a child, I didn’t see my dad that much because he was always working at the restaurant. He became pretty jaded after working at the restaurant for so long.
I’m sure most actors, after a while, get a bit jaded.
Ralph Ineson
My kids are jaded, spoiled, entitled as hell.
Sometimes you get so jaded, you don’t have those initial connections and emotions with music, because you are promoting your own.
David Nail
I hope people don’t compare 2D and 3D because 3D’s new, it’s unfair to compare to 2D which is really sophisticated, even when we’re jaded about it. 3D just began, give it a chance, let the equipment and projection system catch up and be better, let the price go down, let more filmmakers get a hold of it more easily.
When you're in Hollywood, you get sort of jaded about w

When you’re in Hollywood, you get sort of jaded about what you think the sense of humor of Hollywood is supposed to be, so you can’t think outside the box.
Diedrich Bader
Sometimes, when you work with directors who have done it a lot and are established in the business and know the game, there are all these rules that they have. First-time directors will allow you to come in with choices. They’re not so jaded by actors that they’re like, ‘Ugh, just do your job, man.’
Where would heist movies be without the Big Score – that payoff so irresistible it can lure the most jaded desperado out of hiding?
When you work with filmmakers, and it’s their first film, there’s an exuberance and optimism, which is quite… There’s no room for being jaded. Thinking that you know it all.
Occasionally, I’ll want to cover something that’s outside of my audiencestastes or interests. Every week or so I have to try and cover at least one or two of those things to keep my sanity. If you’re only reviewing what is in the top album spots on Apple Music every week, you can get kind of jaded.
I’ve been to hundreds of conventions in my career. Sometimes I’m afraid I may get jaded by them. But then, I see a figure in bright colors walking up to me, and I smile. I thank them for reminding me of just how lucky I am to do what I get the honor to do every day of my life.
To me, everything is always new. People involved in my personal life make fun of me a lot for not being jaded.
I think of Chicago as a great entrepreneur city, a city that supports its own, that isn’t as jaded as New York and L.A.
The truth is, one of the best things about being 15 years old is that things like candy are still exciting. Once you get older, once you’ve been knocked down enough by this cruel thing we call life, that just won’t be the case anymore. Eventually, you’ll become jaded.
One day I’m lugging walls back and forth in Louisville, and the next day I’m at Cannes giving interviews next to Ben Kingsley. I’m nowhere near cynical or jaded enough not to be incredibly thrilled by that.
It’s not the coolest thing in the world to be walking around humming the Taylor Swift song. It’s not as cool to be singing along with the number one song in the country as it is to be the jaded, indifferent hipster who wants to turn you on to something that nobody else is talking about.
I don’t want to become a jaded person, and I don’t want to be complacent.
I did everything religion told me to do for a long time only to end up frustrated, beat down and jaded. I couldn’t keep up. No matter how hard I tried, it was never enough. So I decided to quit. And I did.
Often, ageing has more to do with your brain than your body. Some people become old and jaded at 25, and some, like my mother, have the curiosity of a child at the age of 94.
There are several occupational hazards for book reviewers, chief among them being the Curse of the Jaded Palate – that sinking feeling when you start reading a new book and begin to suspect that you’ve seen it all before.
Tony Bradman
Boy, oh, boy, people get jaded fast. I got nominated for an Emmy.
I always feel in movies, I don’t know if it’s because I’m jaded, but I always feel like we don’t go far enough.
I took my sister to an ITV event once and it was good to see everything through her eyes as I had perhaps become slightly jaded.
I’m a very jaded and cynical person.
Ed Helms
For a lot of artists in the entertainment industry, we can’t become too jaded with what’s going on with our personal lives and still not be connected with our people.
I’ve become a voice for young women who are growing up and uncomfortable being vulnerable, uncomfortable with changes, heartbreak – and becoming jaded.
We watch so many TV shows and movies about jaded or corrupt policemen, we forget people join the police force to do good, and they really care about that.
Enrico Colantoni
I was kind of burned out, a little jaded, and just sort of disillusioned by all the ‘Mighty Duck‘ movies and everything just being about making money and not really caring about scripts anymore.
There was a moment in my life when I really wanted to kill myself. And there was one other moment when I was close to that. But even in my most jaded times, I had some hope.
I have gained so much more from my experiences of being open and loving humanity rather than being jaded and being closed-off.
Who doesn’t like a good wedding? Even the most jaded, can be moved to enjoy the hopefulness of a young couple.
I really don’t feel anything for the jaded fans if they don’t feel anything for me. My fans who love me and care about me and support me – those are the ones I run for.
The last thing I want to appear is remotely jaded or bitter, which it could come across the wrong way.
The news appeals to the same jaded appetite that makes a child tire of a toy as soon as it becomes familiar and demand a new one in its place.
I’m not jaded yet. I’m still at the point where, if someone comes up to me with great energy, I’m happy to meet them.
New Yorkers are jaded.
Topaz Page-Green
Even some of the most jaded D.C. types are still impres

Even some of the most jaded D.C. types are still impressed when the leader of the free world enters the room.
Joel C. Rosenberg
You know a lot of times you’ll find girls in a club are jaded to the other girls in the club. There’s a nasty vibe between the chicks in the club. It’s like a pretty girl can’t look at another pretty girl and say Wow she‘s pretty.
Willa Ford
Vancouver is a coffee-lover’s paradise, capable of impressing even the most hyper-caffeinated and jaded New Yorkers, such as myself. The coffee is fantastic, whether I happened to be craving a world-class espresso served with monastic intensity or a single-origin pour-over at a vibrant all-day cafe.
By default, most of us have taken the dare to simply survive. Exist. Get through. For the most part, we live numb to life – we’ve grown weary and apathetic and jaded… and wounded.