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Buyers of powerful cars place a high premium on the exh

Buyers of powerful cars place a high premium on the exhaust note, and manufacturers spend a lot of money getting it right. At the same time, high-end cars are expected to filter out the sounds of the mundane world.
When you buy me, you are buying a Ferrari. If you drive a Ferrari, you put premium petrol in the tank, you hit the motorway, and you step on the gas.
I looked into puttingDoctor‘ on my license. But the insurance premium is higher, so I don’t think I’ll bother.
Panna is focused on the intersection of premium video content and digital product to deliver great experiences. Given those are areas of focus for FYI, we are extremely excited to partner with Panna.
Virtually every pair of athletic shoes comes with wafer-thin, virtually non-existent insoles that have very little heel or arch support. This is where Superfeet Black Premium Insoles come in. With ergonomic support for heels and arches, they feel molded to my feet in ways that continue to astound me.
People think of Apple as a maker of excellent premium hardware. In fact, many reviewers regard Apple devices as the best you can buy.
If your heart‘s not pumping premium on WrestleMania Sunday, then I don’t understand what you’re doing at WrestleMania.
As an academic, a great deal of my time is spent writing, with very little in meetings. In government, the premium is placed on figuring things out through discussing them with other people.
In addition to transitioning to the cloud, our customers continue to invest in premium versions of our on-prem server products like Window Server, System Center and SQL Server.
Amy Hood
With the launch of Big Machine Premium Vodka, we are now offering a superior product that perfectly complements the music we take such great pride in.
One is taught by experience to put a premium on those few people who can appreciate you for what you are.
Gail Godwin
When I was filming ‘Premium Rush‘ in N.Y.C., I flew to L.A. to have a few general meetings. I sat down with Peter Cramer at Universal Studios and spoke about my life and career, and being that I’m such a goof, we spoke about how I really wanted to do a comedy next.
In the modern-day world, where time is premium and battle for subsistence is unimaginably tough, the hapless common man simply gives in and pays the bribe just to get on with life.
Shaffi Mather
I was told when I went for a life-insurance exam when I was 18 that I was not likely to live past 50, so I refused to pay the premium.
Jeffrey Tate
There is a premium on innovation and commercializing new ideas.
We don’t do laundry because that requires a lot of water, and water’s at a premium up here. Plus, it’d be pretty complicated, I think, to make a space washer, although I guess you could do it.
Yahoo! is committed to building the richest set of premium and personalized content experiences for our users.
Greatness is not manifested by unlimited pragmatism, which places such a high premium on the end justifying any means and any methods.
Margaret Chase Smith
If you’re going to ask people to pay a premium price, you have to deliver a premium product. Not enough 3D movies have delivered on that promise. People got tired of it, and that’s why they started to turn their back on 3D.
Basketball players, the good ones, are no one-shot specialisls. This is a game which puts a premium on your ability to hit that hoop consistently, and to excel in it you’ve got to have a variety of shots.
Because the competitive landscape of the web is such that the site which looks and works best gets the most traffic, developers and designers put a premium on the presentation of that content and let structural markup take a back seat.
Mike Davidson
Combining the premium content and reach of Yahoo! as the world’s leading digital media company with Facebook provides branded advertisers with unmatched opportunity.
New York apartments are notoriously small, and my cute little studio is no exception – space is at a premium, which is one of the reasons that I only have a mini-fridge. Great for leftovers, cheese, and chilling Diet Coke.
We don’t do laundry because that requires a lot of water, and water’s at a premium up here. Plus, it’d be pretty complicated, I think, to make a space washer, although I guess you could do it. So we generally throw our clothes out. I think I’ve been wearing this pair of pants for about two months.
One day we’re going to look back, and whatever this era will get called, it’s going to put a premium on math and science.
I think that in an increasingly virtual world, lovingly produced artefacts are at a premium.
Verizon’s vision is to provide customers with a premium digital experience based on a global multiscreen network platform.
Lowell McAdam
DivX Plus Streaming provides secure streaming delivery of a feature rich premium digital entertainment experience to connected devices including HDTVs, Blu-ray players, smartphones, game consoles, PCs, Max and cable set-top boxes.
Alfred Amoroso
Raise your auto and home deductibles to $1,000 or more, and your premium cost falls at least 10 percent.
Though the S8, like all premium Samsung phones, runs Android with the basic Google suite of apps, Samsung keeps trying to duplicate Android functions with its own software. It wants to be a software platform like its rival Apple, but it uses someone else‘s operating system and core apps. Awkward.
I haven't watched anything I've been in since I've done

I haven‘t watched anything I’ve been in since I’ve done it. I have never put in a movie at home that I’ve been in. Why? I don’t know. I would feel like Norma Desmond. And I have a kid, so time is at a premium.
My problem is that my imagination won‘t turn off. I wake up so excited I can’t eat breakfast. I’ve never run out of energy. It’s not like OPEC oil; I don’t worry about a premium going on my energy. It’s just always been there. I got it from my mom.
Premium content matters.
California‘s university system is one of the premier higher education systems in the world, and we should require that non-resident students pay a premium to attend it. The revenue generated from these fees can be used to increase affordability and access for more Californians.
Someone once told me the one thread that runs through them all is a premium on personal courage – not intellectual courage, but just plain physical courage.
Walter Lord
Donald Trump is an archetypal grifter. Using the presidency to promote your golf courses, hotels, and real estate business is grifting. So is getting people to pay a premium for buildings with your name in big, gold letters. Licensing your name is what every grifter dreams about.
A Land Valuation Tax is a levy on the value of the land unimproved by buildings or other enhancement. The method is already used by insurance companies each year when they calculate your home insurance premium – they separate the cost of a total rebuild of the property from the value of the land itself.
The graduate earnings premium, used by the Tories to justify many of their regressive higher education policies, is fast becoming a myth.
By packaging a full album into a bundle of music with ringtones, videos and other combinations and variations, we found products that consumers demonstrably valued and were willing to purchase at premium prices. And guess what? We’ve sold tons of them.
Edgar Bronfman, Jr.
By creating a perception that the U.K. places a higher premium on striking commercial deals than it does on promoting and protecting human rights, our reputation in the world suffers.
I have families all the time in my district in southeast Louisiana sharing with me stories of double digit premium increases every single year.
Home Depot has never hired one human being for minimum wage, not one. We have always paid a premium over minimum wage.
Papa set a high premium on telling the truth, and I believed everything he said.
The premium single-cup segment is the fastest-growing business within the global coffee industry.
Fame obviously has become a premium in everybody‘s life. Everybody thinks they deserve it, everybody thinks they want it and most people really don’t enjoy it once they get it.
Many argue that graduates earn a ‘premium’ because of their education, and should have to pay their way. I agree, and that’s why I’ve always advocated a progressive taxation system – so if people do receive large salaries, they pay more income tax.
Spain is finding it very difficult to finance itself with sovereign debt risk premium so high.
Mariano Rajoy
From the very first days of AEG, my vision has been to tie together world class real estate development structured around entertainment venues with premium sports and live entertainment content.
The entertainment industry at large has pretty much given away high definition to consumers. They haven’t really charged a premium for it on television. That makes consumers more likely to buy Blu-ray but less likely to pay a premium for it.
Michael Lynton
People who are passionate about Warby Parker are passionate about creating a company that can scale, be profitable, and do good in the world – without charging a premium for it.
Video is crucial to the future of media: premium video in that respect.
A premium in the oil price of somewhere between 10 to 15 dollars a barrel reflects this heightened anxiety.
We’ve been paying for 100 percent of preventive care. But if you’re not getting annual physicals, then you’re not going to gain a financial incentive, so effectively your insurance premium with us will go up.
Steven Burd
If you were a medieval scholar reading a book, you knew that there was a reasonable likelihood you’d never see that particular text again, and so a high premium was placed on remembering what you read. You couldn’t just pull a book off the shelf to consult it for a quote or an idea.
I think there’s a real premium on skill at all positions on the court. I think that’s going to continue.
Justice is the insurance which we have on our lives and property. Obedience is the premium which we pay for it.
Dealers always like to sell chairs in sets of four, six, or eight. And they charge a premium for supplying the whole set. Individual chairs, though, go for much lower prices, and if you carry around a reference photo of the chairs you want, you may be able to build up a cut-price collection, chair by chair.
Judith Miller
Everyone‘s got talent at the level we’re at. But being a smart, tough football player – there’s a huge premium for that.
While a reverse mortgage can indeed be a viable way to generate income, it is very important to understand that after you take out a reverse mortgage, you will still be responsible for paying the property tax, the insurance premium, and all the maintenance costs for your home.
I would agree to some extent that on the Champions Tour that there is a greater premium on putting than the regular tour because of the course setups.
Fred Funk
Especially when it comes to national security, there is a premium on an administration speaking clearly, consistently and precisely, starting with the president.
People are paying a premium to see movies in 3-D, and t

People are paying a premium to see movies in 3-D, and that’s a very big deal. It’s never been done before that someone says you have to pay more to see ‘Spider-Man’ than a romantic comedy.
Michael Lynton
If things don’t come easy, there is no premium on effort. There should be joy in the chase, zest in the pursuit.
Branch Rickey
Schools receive 12% more per student for those doing media studies or psychology than they do for those doing maths. You could change that around, made a premium on doing maths.
In a world that places a growing premium on social skills, education systems need to do much better at fostering those skills systematically across the school curriculum.