Top 70 Freshman Year Quotes

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I was a really big R.E.M. fan when I was like, in my fr

I was a really big R.E.M. fan when I was like, in my freshman year of high school. I was a huge R.E.M. fan.
My mom didn’t believe in putting chemicals in hair. But when I got to college, we didn’t have A/C in our dorms freshman year. So after several days of waking up looking like a Chia Pet, I was like ‘OK, I’m gonna get a perm.’ And then my hair revolted and fell out. I was over that quick, fast and in a hurry.
I’ve done a good job putting some meat on my bones since my freshman year of college. It’s taken a lot of work. I was just under 200 pounds my freshman year; I was 6’8′ and 198 pounds.
My first introduction to computers and computer programming came during my freshman year of college. I majored in electrical engineering with a minor in computer science, so I learned during my required courses at Vanderbilt University.
When I got to college, my sister was starting work, and she realized she had two weeks of vacation a year, so she called me and said, ‘Go abroad.’ So right after my freshman year, I went and I studied in Guatemala, and I studied in Kenya, and I studied in Italy, and it was incredible.
My dad passed away before my freshman year, and it altered how I thought. I was depressed – I didn’t hang out with my friends. I worked through it by dancing.
Heather Morris
I’d never been on a plane until I went to the Peach Bowl my freshman year at Iowa.
I’ve been a Mac guy for almost my entire adult life. I wrote my first college papers on a typewriter, but by the end of my freshman year – almost 20 years ago – I was on an IBM PC. Then, in 1984, I found the Mac, and I never looked back.
During my freshman year at Cornell, I joined my dorm‘s intramural football team. At the first practice, upper classmen pointed out I was tall, so I should try playing QB. Well half an hour later, it was abundantly clear that I should not be the QB.
I really wanted to be a doctor, until my freshman year of college when I realized that while I was good at chemistry and biology, I really wasn’t feeling challenged by it.
In my freshman year in high school, I went to the only public high school in Boston with a theatre program.
My freshman year, I started working with a group called Touchdown for Kids.
I had been pulling my groins in college a lot and missed my whole freshman year of college because of groin pulls. It was chronic, and I couldn’t figure it out. I went to the doctor, and he told me I had hip dysplasia. So I knew my hockey days were sorta limited at that point.
The first place I ever performed was at CU Boulder. I went there my freshman year and discovered stand-up after my friends talked me into signing up for a showcase on campus.
Josh Gad was in my class. Katy Mixon. Griffin Matthews. Josh Groban – he ended up leaving to become a huge star, but he was in our class in freshman year. I remember Josh was this nerdy kid in a turtleneck with a voice from heaven.
I’ve been an actor now since freshman year of college, so it’s 11 or 12 years.
Gabriel Luna
My freshman year of high school was just awkwardness all around.
Molly Tarlov
I remember one day during my freshman year of high school, when as usual I was obsessively listening to a cast recording: it may have been ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.’ And I remember sitting there, totally absorbed, saying to myself, ‘I can do this.’
My freshman year, I was such an immature kid and I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know what I wanted or what I could do or what my abilities were off the court.
Growing up, I was a little hippie kid. I went to some good concertsAmnesty International with Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman… The best concert I ever went to was this one at the Cow Palace my freshman year in college on New Year‘s Eve. It was Pearl Jam opening for Nirvana opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers.
During my freshman year of college, it became undeniably clear that I didn’t want to be great again. I correlated greatness with misery.
I played basketball and soccer my freshman year in high school.
I’m probably not supposed to say this, but the truth is, there were so many times when I thought about quitting basketball, even when I was at Louisville. My freshman year, I shot 18 for 72 from three.
My whole freshman year at Duke, it was drilled into me that nothing was given to you, and you have to earn it, and this is a dog-eat-dog world, and blah blah blah, and blah blah blah. And you buy into it, 100 percent. You end up loving it. That’s the way it should be, right?
I remember when we had to pick our major freshman year, I chose comparative religion. It came to me out of the blue. I am amazed at how interested I still am in those ideas, especially the way spirituality is expressed in the world and in art.
Amy Brenneman
So in my freshman year at the University of Alabama, learning the literature on evolution, what was known about it biologically, just gradually transformed me by taking me out of literalism and increasingly into a more secular, scientific view of the world.
I thought my freshman year at the University of Miami, I was balling, I was looking forward to the NFL.
My freshman year, the hate was all directed toward Danny Ferry. And every year, there’s some new poor sucker at Duke who draws the ire of everybody.
If you watch my game, freshman year to sophomore year, I was a different player.
When I went to the University of Texas, my first day of freshman year in 1994, I took a student tour, and I asked about the tower shooting. I was told, ‘We’re really not supposed to talk about that.’ That was the official stance from the university.
I got kicked out of high school, went to 3 different high schools and summer school and extra night school just so I could maybe graduate and try to make it up, because I flunked pretty much my entire freshman year, mainly because I just never showed up.
My freshman year in college, I got a job working securi

My freshman year in college, I got a job working security. This was a high-tech building in Santa Clara, engineers coming in and out all the time.
My freshman year, I ran for student class president and lost. The next year, I ran for student class vice president, and I won.
I remember my first camps when I was in high school, freshman year. I did a LeBron James camp, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever.
I really learned how to steal bases from my coaches my freshman year at NC State.
I ended up switching over to journalism in college. A few weeks into freshman year, I realized that business school wasn’t for me. And writing stories and reading and talking to people is something that I just enjoy doing, so I figured why not try to build up a post-basketball career with that.
My worst hairstyle was a bowl cut parted down the middle. It was the ’90s. It was what you did. I had that from 4th grade until freshman year in high school. I’m glad the pictures exist. I had great hair back then.
I know this sounds strange, but as a kid, I was really shy. Painfully shy. The turning point was freshman year, when I was the biggest geek alive. No one, I mean no one, even talked to me.
It was not until the end of my freshman year in high school that I thought I could really have a future in track and field. I definitely did not think I could make it to the Olympics back then, though; I was just focused on making it to the state finals!
I went to high school, and I started getting bullied because I was very weird. I mean, freshman year I went to school in a pirate suit – I just didn’t care. I’m not like the cool girls – I’m the other girl. The one that’s basically a nerd, but proud of that.
One of the first exercises we did in acting class my freshman year was to stand in two rows, two lines facing each other as a class, and just make sounds and move in some completely nonsensical way out into the center of the room. Sort of make an idiot out of yourself, essentially, but to be okay with that.
Chris Parnell
In my freshman year of high school, I don’t think I had a single date. I was really shy, really timid and quiet. I had my first real date when I was a sophomore, with a girl from church.
Eddie Guerrero
Moving gave me confidence. I was really reclusive when I first moved. I stayed home a lot or went to shows alone. But by the second semester of my freshman year, I started making friends.
I think one of the hardest times was when I almost won a tour event in 2016 after my freshman year. I lost in a playoff to Ollie Schniederjans and J.J. Spaun. I mean, who knows what could’ve happened if I’d won?
Freshman year of college, one of my coaches was out with family friends or whatever. Somebody said my name and kind of stuttered it or mumbled it. He was like, ‘What’d you say? Mr. Biscuit?’ instead of Mitchell Trubisky. It kind of stuck that week of practice, and that’s what all the boys started calling me.
I attended the University of Louisville my freshman year, transferred to what was then Western Kentucky State Teachers College for my sophomore and junior years, and then graduated from the University of Louisville in the summer of 1961.
Sue Grafton
I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 18 during my freshman year at UCLA. I refused to accept it – and I hid it from my coaches and teammates. But ignoring my problem didn’t make it go away.
Born and raised in St. Paul. I was a St. Paul Johnson Governor for the first quarter of my freshman year. Then I moved to Phoenix.
I’ve been No. 12 my entire career. My cousin Nikki Haerling was a good basketball player, she wore No. 12 in high school and college, and my dad, he was No. 12 as well. I actually just started wearing it when I got to high school my freshman year.
I was at Yale from 1953 to 1957, and I tried to commit suicide in my freshman year because I was gay, and I thought I was the only person in the school who was. I was just totally and utterly miserable.
Probably from, like, my freshman year of high school, I had this desire to perform and also be involved in the show business industry.
My VHS collection certainly contains videos that I’ve had since childhood, and also tapes that my mom had taped off of the Disney Channel or HBO – you know, blank tapes with the ‘Care Bearsmovie or whatever is on there – but I feel like that collection started for real my freshman year of college.
My freshman year of high school, I started wrestling, and I ended up loving it more than anything I’d ever done.
It was a hard adjustment my freshman year in college, I was so shy and nervous and had always been around only adults, and then had to be around kids my own age.
When I was in my freshman year at college I took some acting classes and found that I fell in love with it again.
I was born and grew up in Phoenix, and I left there when I was 17 to go to Interlochen Arts Academy – a boarding school in Michigan – for a year, and then I went to college for a year at The Boston Conservatory and landed the ‘Spring Awakening‘ tour midway through my freshman year, which was pretty cool.
Kimiko Glenn
I had a pretty bad injury the end of my freshman year in college, and that taught me just to be patient.
I failed every class up until I dropped out freshman year.
I really didn’t get obsessed with Bowie until my freshman year in high school. I remember listening to ‘Starman’ and thinking it sounded like it was a song for kids, like a lullaby. The Thin White Duke is my favorite look that he created.
My freshman year of college, ‘The Hunger Games‘ movie adaptation came out, and I was really excited about it. This was maybe 2011. I loved it, but there was a lot of hateful backlash against the black characters in the film.
I attended an extremely small liberal arts school. There were approximately 1,600 of us roaming our New England campus on a good day. My high school was bigger. My freshman year hourly calorie intake was bigger.
I spent freshman year trying straightness on for size and failing miserably.
Growing up as a kid, in elementary and middle school, I

Growing up as a kid, in elementary and middle school, I was always getting in trouble. Always getting suspended. I got suspended for 90 days for fighting beginning my freshman year, so I missed Homecoming, and that’s when I turned the page. I went on honor roll and had good grades after that. It was the changing point.
I was a mess my freshman year of college. I still had so much pain in my heart.
You think the end of my freshman year, from nobody really knowing who I was to skyrocketing onto the scene in the national championship game, there’s nothing but good things to say after that. Then you get into the spotlight and it turns to hate.
I changed high schools three times because my parents moved. I had one friend my freshman year named Miki Vukovich. Miki and I were the only skaters in our high school. He runs my foundation now.
I came to accept during my freshman year that many of the gaps in my knowledge and understanding were simply limits of class and cultural background, not lack of aptitude or application as I’d feared.
Now I love hoops. I’m a diehard UCLA fan, have been since my freshman year. But basketball is the ‘1812 Overture.’ Pomp and circumstance, fireworks and cannons, lots and lots of fun, and in the end, still Tchaikovsky.
My freshman year, I played third, and sophomore and junior, third.
Zero is the number of minutes people predicted I would play my freshman year at Arizona.