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Some of you guys are going to boo, but I'm going to say

Some of you guys are going to boo, but I’m going to say it anyway. I don’t like dogs.
When people boo you, they’re telling you, ‘We don’t like you.’ It’s not a good feeling to get that from the fans of an organization you respect so much.
When you’re the president, there’s tremendous respect, and everybody goes out of their way respecting you and honoring you… it can be a trap. Nobody says ‘Boo’ to you, and nobody tells you you’re wrong, hardly, if you have the wrong people around you.
Like it or not, we are all liars. Thank goodness. Imagine going through life where everyone is completely honest: ‘Those shoeslook like something out of an early Cyndi Lauper video.’ ‘Your daughterlooks like the spawn of Honey Boo Boo and Elmer Fudd.’
If you want to boo, I want you to boo me as loud as you can, because I think that’s a sign of respect: You don’t boo the bad players; you boo the really good ones.
I have had quite a few obsessive fans. They write to me and then they turn up at signings and look really sheepish. If I said ‘boo’ to them, they would run away. I think they maybe believe I could take over their lives and sort them out. If they saw the state of my kitchen they wouldn’t think that.
‘A Child Called It’ was a story about resilience, it was never about boo hoo hoo, it was about a kid that didn’t quit.
Dave Pelzer
That’s the beautiful thing about the WWE Universe: everybody has an opinion, and everybody can cheer and boo.
Chicago fans cheer and boo who they want. They’re great fans whether they like me or not. They show you how they feel. I don’t like crowds that sit on their hands.
Booing is not going to affect you. It’s not the worst thing I will hear. Boo. I’ve seen and heard worse things.
San Francisco has always been my favorite booing city. I don’t mean the people boo louder or longer, but there is a very special intimacy. When they boo you, you know they mean you. Music, that’s what it is to me. One time in Kezar Stadium they gave me a standing boo.
George Halas
You’ve got to have baddies that you can boo.
If you said ‘Boo’ to me, I wouldn’t sleep for two weeks! I don’t like scary movies.
A city is where you can sign a petition, boo the chief justice, fish off a pier, gaze at a hippopotamus, buy a flower at the corner, or get a good hamburger or a bad girl at 4 A.M. A city is where sirens make white streaks of sound in the sky and foghorns speak in dark grays. San Francisco is such a city.
Herb Caen
Of course I expect to be booed. People always have to find the bad guy, and for some reason, the look on my face or something, people just want to boo me. That’s fine.
If you look at everything I do – even in ‘Boo!’ there’s a message, and it’s always ‘faith, family, forgiveness.’ That’s the greatest gift that I’ve been given. I can get a message to the very people I grew up with, the millions who love what I do.
How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?
Jacques Plante
I consider it, the life of being a comedian – they have a right to boo me.
A boo is a lot louder than a cheer. If you have 10 people cheering and one person booing, all you hear is the booing.
One of my favorite memes is one with Steve Carell about workers, and another one I really like is from ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.’
Me, I never consider myself a bad guy. I consider myself a good guy. Now, the audience thinks differently. They love to boo me.
If young children boo me, that makes my day.
I’ve met Theresa May, and I think she‘s a good person. I’m not someone who goes, ‘Ooooh, boooo, the Tories,’ or ‘Ooooh, boo’ anyone, actually. You sit down and have a sensible conversation, and she is really, really capable of having a sensible conversation.
All the Arsenal fans boo me, and when I look back, I understand where everything went wrong, but there are certain things in life you cannot come back to anymore.
I don’t enjoy the boo scare when you’re watching a movie and then suddenly there’s a big shark on the screen. The only thing they’re doing is catching you off guard.
You can’t take away that Liz Lemon is my boo; you can’t take that away.
I understand people who boo us. It’s like going to Broadway show, you pay for your tickets and expect to be entertained. When you’re not, you have a right to complain.
Sparky Anderson
Dragon Ball”s villains were easy to draw: Piccolo, Freeza, Majin Boo.
I had to stop traveling alone because I missed so many planes. When somebody runs up to you in the airport and begins to tell you their life story, you can’t say, ‘Excuse me, boo,’ as they’re weeping on your bosom.
In Korea, if a player doesn’t play well, you would never criticise him, but in European countries fans criticise their own teams; sometimes they boo them off the pitch.
Every time a government minister or spokesman lauds Magna Carta, let us boo or hiss. Shame them. And let us celebrate what it really means to our history: the ability of an emerging class to make demands against the state for new liberties and rights.
People are willing to pay for the right to cheer or boo

People are willing to pay for the right to cheer or boo Roman Reigns. That is your job as a box office attraction. Your job and the manner in which you feed your family is not dependent upon whether the audience respects you or disrespects you. It’s dependent on the audience’s willingness to pay to see you.
For the past three or four years you know the crowd’s behind you, supporting you, and to then be given a bit of a boo is not a good feeling.
The fans want a nice game, and when not everything goes so well, they have every right to boo.
I didn’t know what a good technical wrestler was when I was little – it was people that made me scream or boo or cheer.
When they boo you, you know they mean you.
George Halas
I’m going to tell you right now, no one is harder on me than me. The fact that fans sit there and boo me, I’m booing myself when I’m walking in.
People want to boo me, let them boo me.
Seeing yourself in print is such an amazing concept: you can get so much attention without having to actually show up somewhere… You don’t have to dress up, for instance, and you can’t hear them boo you right away.
There is nothing worse than being in the middle, where fans just don’t care. So I hope more than anything that they form an opinion of me one way or the other because I don’t want to be the person they don’t care about. They can boo me, they can cheer me, as long as there’s some kind of reaction.
Britt Baker
I’ve never heard a crowd boo a homer, but I’ve heard plenty of boos after a strikeout.
George Herman
Nice to see your home fans boo you. That’s what loyal support is.
I was gonna throw the first pitch at a Mets game, but there was a rain delay. So I’m waiting for it to stop, and the team‘s manager, Willie Randolph, comes by. Now he’s already intimidating to begin with. But he comes over to me and says, ‘If you screw this up, they will boo you.’ And I said ‘Thanks.’
I used to watch ‘Top of the Pops‘ when I was a kid and say ‘Yeah!’ or ‘Boo!’ at every single song. So there was nothing in the middle. You brutally put it on one side or another.
Snooki and Honey Boo Boo. These are big celebrities in the U.S. You want to throw up.
Whether you love him or whether you hate him, Roman Reigns has earned his spot, and I’m hot at all these little crybabies out there going, ‘We just stand up and boo him because we really don’t like him.’ Oh, really?
Just, whenever you can, get up and sing at a gig or jam. If you have a chance, take it and keep on getting up. Keep going – but not If people boo, ’cause that’s just mean. I think that could be setting yourself for disappointment.
Sometimes I feel like if I’m not getting people to boo me, then I’m not doing my job right.
It is an outrage that Donald Trump can swear and scream on national television and no one says boo about how he presents himself.
I won‘t complain about touring, because I really do believe that a public-figure musician complaining about being a public-figure musician is just absurd. Like, ‘Boo hoo hoo! I have to stand on stage and people pay attention to me!’
When I hear people boo, that just makes me want to go out there and work harder.
They would not boo me in Culiacan.
I’m well aware that no matter how big of a jerk I am, some people will cheer me, and no matter what I do, some people will boo me, and that’s fine. I just need to elicit emotion. That’s all I care about.
I’m like, ‘Would you be the person in the room that would boo when Dylan went electric? I know I wouldn’t. Or are you the person that left The Beatles after ‘She Loves You,’ or ‘Drive My Car?’ You weren’t on board for ‘Revolution 9′ or ‘Day In The Life,’ were you?’
In the metal world, if you’re using a wireless mic… I was so scared to do that. I’m, like, ‘They’re gonna boo me in the beginning.’
But every time the crowd boo me I try to turn that negative into a positive and seem to have done that better. Sometimes it drives me to play better and concentrate more when theyre booing. Sometimes when theyre not on my back, I cant get in the zone.
When ‘Carmen’ premiered in 1875, it was panned by the critics. It survived 45 performances. It was called a musical and moral outrage. After Bizet died, at age 37, ‘Carmen’ became wildly popular. If you believe in your creation, and the rest of the world is laughing or yelling ‘Boo,’ don’t give up.
I’m all for a great fan environment to cheer us if we’re home and boo us if we’re the opposing team. But some fans are over the line with the stuff they say, the stuff they do.
I’ve been booed before. There have been times when I’ve wanted to boo myself. But a lot of ill feelings can be cured by winning.
It annoys me when people who don’t know what they’re talking about boo the referee.
Jonah Lomu
It’s fun, and a laugh for you… you can boo me and feel happy about yourself because you’re part of the crowd that did that. But deep down there were people in that crowd booing me because of my Aboriginality.
It is with a heavy heart that I learn of Joe Manganiello, a.k.a. my wolfy Twitter boo, is seeing one Ms. Sofia Vergara.
My career is playing the guys who go, 'Boo.' That's wha

My career is playing the guys who go, ‘Boo.’ That’s what I do.
Look at me – I was the boo boy for years and years. Did I ever think I would end up in Hollywood or the FA Cup final? No, I didn’t.
I spent 17 years inside an institution trying to effectively destroy it; can you imagine how popular I am in Brussels? I am the most hated figure that’s ever been in that place. Every time I get up to speak, hundreds of people boo and jeer.
You do not boo an Olympic Gold Medalist. I’m the best in the world. I came here for you. You don’t boo me.
Our job is to do two things – to defeat Donald Trump and to elect Hillary Clinton. It is easy to boo, but it is harder to look your kids in the face if we are living under a Trump presidency.
Some people call me arrogant and boo me but I love it, because at least they’re buying tickets. Meanwhile, other people are thinking, ‘wow, this guy’s different, I’ll come and see him again.’
I don’t need their love. If they want to boo, let them boo.
You can boo me all you want, but I just play better and better week in, week out.
So if you ask those people who say they’re standing up to boo Roman Reigns because, ‘We don’t like him,’ ‘Okay, would you pay to see Roman Reigns get beat?’ ‘Oh, absolutely! I’d love to see him get beat.’ He’s doing his job because people pay to see him.
It’s one thing to boo, but to actually pelt someone down below because you’re upset a sporting event went a certain way is just so bizarre to me.
The nice thing about working with BOOM! on ‘Irredeemable’ and ‘Incorruptible,’ man, was they let me have my head. No one said boo about anything.
Let’s be honest: I don’t want to walk out to boos. I always want to be cheered, like anyone, and I’ve been very lucky over the years to have a lot of support. Coming to America, I’m always the away guy, and so people thought their guy had to take me out, and they boo.
There will be days when I walk in an arena and people will cheer and then there might be days when I walk in an arena and people might boo, but it all sounds the same to me because it’s all just noise that lets me know that I’m relevant.