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Writing 'Monitor Mix' was a very edifying and inspiring

Writing ‘Monitor Mix‘ was a very edifying and inspiring few years.
My dad has dementia, so I monitor my own memory in a way that other people may not. As an atheist, I don’t believe in an afterlife so I feel I need to fit in as much as I can while I’m here.
Deep-frying properly requires you to keep the oil at a precise temperature range depending on the food. If you’re frying in more than an inch of oil you really should invest in a deep-fat thermometer so you can monitor the temperature and know when to adjust the heat.
Film has a magical process to it. The dailies, and the thing you see on your little film monitor, that’s not the same thing that’s going to be projected.
I’m not here to judge Mike Tyson. I’m not here to judge nobody. I’m not here to monitor no other fighters. I respect him for what he did in the sport of boxing. He was an entertainer.
We must keep our eye on the ball to monitor our waterways and ensure that all North Carolinians can have full confidence in the water they drink.
It’s near impossible to always be right when you’re innovating. It’s easy to get emotionally invested in it, but you need to monitor its impact like a hawk and react if you don’t like what you see. And if/when you pull it back, you want to do that communication with transparency and humility.
Jeff Jordan
Let me be very clear: We monitor the risks of violent extremism taking root here in the United States. We don’t have the luxury of focusing our efforts on one group; we must protect the country from terrorism whether foreign or homegrown, and regardless of the ideology that motivates its violence.
We monitor close to 50 companies globally that can be potential investment opportunities. I’d like to see DST as a significant global investment company in the Internet arena.
We’re going to be able to ask our computers to monitor things for us, and when certain conditions happen, are triggered, the computers will take certain actions and inform us after the fact.
I did tons of gigs where I didn’t move around very much because I couldn’t. There’s a pole over here and wires and a monitor there.
Parents are working more than ever before and unable to monitor what kids are eating at home, and schools are selling astronomical amounts of junk food in order to supplement shrinking budgets. It’s a ticking time bomb, and America’s children are exploding.
Parents can’t monitor what you are doing on Snapchat.
I will always be possessive about creative independencewhy is why I can’t work with stars. I don’t even let actors come to the monitor and see the shot.
Luv Ranjan
As digital equipment replaces the jobs of routine workers and lower-level professionals, technicians are needed to install, monitor, repair, test, and upgrade all the equipment.
I have an ear monitor to block outside noise when I’m performing. It makes it easier. But sometimes I like to take the ear monitor off and listen to the craziness going on.
Well, for over a year now at my desk, a prototype program of Luigi and Mario has been running on my monitor. We’ve been thinking about the game, and it may be something that could work on a completely new game system.
People know my lyrics; they know the stuff I’ve written, and it’s all about life, love, happiness, and these big euphoric moments. It would always bug me when I’d go to a club, and they’re playing some chick on a stripper pole on the monitor behind me. I’m like, ‘So that’s not what I do – that’s the other guy.’
You don’t tell a player you can’t monitor your investments for a month. There’s no way you’re going to have a billion-dollar investment and never fail to monitor it for a period of time.
Even as our unwitting alterations to Earth‘s carbon and hydrological cycles slowly make storms more damaging, our ability to monitor our planet from space and make reliable short-term forecasts have equipped us enormously to withstand them.
Unless you work in HR, it’s not your responsibility to necessarily police and monitor workplace conversation.
I know there are people who can direct sitting down away from it all at a video monitor. But I can’t do that.
I’m not a role model. I say parents should parent and monitor their kids.
Yul Vazquez
We also have the option of scanning in an image from outside the computer… a photo, or a sketch done with traditional tools; and we can then paint, manipulate, process, change, and further develop the image within the computer, watching our progress on the monitor.
By using big data, it will also be possible to predict adverse weather conditions, rerouting ships to avoid delays, and monitor fuel data, thereby allowing companies to optimize their supply chains and the way they drive their business.
I wear a continuous glucose monitor when I’m racing.
U.S. intelligence has the legal right to monitor foreign communications as they go through to U.S. service providers. However, even though something is legal doesn’t make it right. I’m not American; I don’t really care about what data is being collected about American citizens. I’m worried about us, the foreigners.
The ideal engine of a 3-D game is an intricate and elegant construct of code that allows players to speed through solidly built virtual worlds. The engine allows every picture on a monitor to be drawn there quickly enough to convince hand and eye that it is instantaneous.
Marc Laidlaw
As a rule, governments monitor people.
Women in sports television are allowed to read headlines, patrols sidelines, and generally facilitate conversation for their male colleagues. Sometimes, they even let us monitor the Internet from a couch.
The amount of control you have over somebody if you can monitor internet activity is amazing.
Because SBI is so large, serving customers in India's b

Because SBI is so large, serving customers in India‘s big cities and small rural villages alike, it has a pressing need for better tools and technology to monitor lending risks.
We need to increase the transparency of shadow banking markets so that authorities can monitor for signs of excessive leverage and unstable maturity transformation outside regulated banks.
I have a very steadfast tendency to parent myself, to monitor my development into the person I want to be. I’ve tried to keep the corruption minimal.
I don’t want to monitor my audience too closely, as that can really drive you crazy.
We can no longer expect an Intelligence Community that is mostly male and mostly white to be able to monitor and infiltrate suspicious organizations or terrorist groups.
Jane Harman
The IIc was Apple‘s first crack at a ‘portable‘ computer, which it sort of was if you didn’t mind a 7.5 pound weight, plus monitor, external floppy drive, and all the cables.
Blogs are a great way to monitor and even participate in the chatter about your new site.
Mike Davidson
Consider one possible future that could occur soon, where autonomous trucks travel highways with a human ‘monitor’ in the cab who can assist with particularly challenging driving like navigating city centres and ensure goods are delivered safely.
Filmmaking these days is so technically advanced. When I started off, we had to wait for two to three months to see the rushes. But now you can see every scene on the monitor and you can see your work immediately.
You want to know if anyone‘s going to go see your film. You shouldn’t worry about it or get hung up on it. So yea, you kind of monitor it.
Parents should monitor their behavior, know who their friends are, and keep track of what they do.
John Walters
A single agency responsible for systemic risk would be accountable in a way that no regulator was in the run-up to the 2008 crisis. With access to all necessary information to monitor the markets, this regulator would have a better chance of identifying and limiting the impact of future speculative bubbles.
I bet Maurice Gibb’s heart monitor was singing the tune of Stayin’ Alive.
I’m horrified to have been alerted to anti-Semitism showing up in a Facebook group I’m associated with. As a busy mum I don’t have time to monitor everything.
Landing a million-dollar investment for your startup is exhilarating. But as big as that number sounds, it doesn’t go far. Many startups just getting off the ground won‘t have a CFO to monitor finances. It doesn’t take much for spending to spiral out of control.
If you do not wish your child to watch the WWF, change the channel. It’s not our place to put on a show that’s supposedly for your children. It’s your place as a parent to monitor what your children watch.
The amazing thing about love and attention and encouragement and grace and success and joy is that these things are infinite. We get a new supply every single morning, and so we can give it away all day. We never, ever have to monitor the supply of others or grab or hoard.
Exit checks are absolutely critical to monitor if those who come into the U.S. on visas actually do in fact leave the country when their visa is up.
I’ve been dealing with the Special Olympics since I was young. On Sundays I used to go help monitor little soccer practices.
The Gun Owner Privacy Act protects the right to keep and bear arms by preventing the Feds from collecting data to monitor and log gun ownership in America. This legislation will give Americans legal recourse and the ability to sue the Feds and collect damages for records illegally stored.
One thing, parents: you need to realize is you’ve got to stop letting artists raise your kids. You’re the parent. Why don’t you monitor what your child wears? Ariana Grande didn’t sign on to be a role model.
Every time I’m in training mode, I’ve had to monitor what I’m eating. I’ll break 210 and be around 215 pounds. I know what it takes to compete with the best guys at 205. I’ve trained with them.
The sound levels on stage were so loud with all that constant banging and smash, smash, smash; it did untold damage to the fine nerve endings in the inner ear, though it is worse in the left, which is the side of my snare drum and the monitor.
Drones photograph, prospect and advertise real estate from golf courses to skyscrapers; they also monitor construction in progress.
While satellite operators can dodge large pieces of debris and armour satellites to withstand the impact of smaller fragments, with the need for a growing number of satellites in orbit we must be able to monitor the space highways and to gradually clear it of obstructions.
The federal government has no business spending your hard-earned money on a project to monitor political speech on Twitter.
What constrains or enables the capacity of human beings to work in groups is not so much the technology, but rather the capacity of the human brain to have and monitor social interactions.
The only antidote to racism – and the Italians are anything but racist – is to return to a respect for laws and regulations and monitor who enters and who leaves this country.
Like Syria, the government of Bahrain employs aggressive tactics to censor and monitor its people’s online activity.
My workspace is a white room with a big computer monitor and a light box. It can be very messy. Sometimes I get into trouble with my husband for that. Then I run around like a lunatic cleaning up and creating the appearance of order.
Catherine Martin
I only worked theater jobs, but they were all really silly when I first graduated. I was a line monitor at ‘Spamalot,’ which means I got there at 8 A.M. and told people how much the tickets were for standing room. I was an NYU Medical School fake patient, to teach doctors how to talk to patients.
Lauren Worsham
The 'Mythbusters' crew, we monitor the Discovery boards

The ‘Mythbusters’ crew, we monitor the Discovery boards, we look for the new ideas that are being forwarded on those boards, and we keep track of what’s going on, we keep updated.
I was never, in my whole school career, given a job as a monitor, a form captain, or a prefect. I never won any kind of prize.
Agribusiness – with its wicked powerful lobby and its infiltration of top bureaucratic postsessentially runs roughshod over the government agencies that are supposed to monitor it. It’s the rich fox guarding the filthy, overcrowded henhouse.
Agriculture looks different today – our farmers are using GPS and you can monitor your irrigation systems over the Internet.
As consumers, we can pressure corporations both to monitor and improve workplace conditions overseas – when inspections reveal violations, these companies should address the gaps immediately.
Practically, systemic thinking can be used to identify problems, analyze their boundaries, design strategies and policy interventions, forecast and measure their expected impacts, implement them, and monitor and evaluate their successes and failures.
I’m very careful with my media intake. I try and monitor it pretty carefully.
If Saudi Aramco is listed, then it must announce its statements, and it will do that every quarter. It will be under the supervision of all Saudi banks, all analysts, all Saudi thinkers. Even more, all international banks and research and planning centres in the world will monitor it intensively.
I love working with the actors eye-to-eye. I think something gets lost in translation, not only through a monitor, but when you leave the area where the actual scene is taking place.
I have always felt that doing too much of homework makes the performance look plastic. I don’t even watch the monitor after I finish my scene because I can’t reprise it. I just go with the flow.
Windows never planned for a VR device. When you plug a HDMI cable into the computer, Windows thinks it’s a new monitor. The desktop blinks. It tries to rearrange windows and icons.
When I made ‘Real Steel,’ the director actually had the robots in the monitor, so he knew where everything was. So technically, there’s been advancements. But at the end of the day, movies are about story and characters, so all the other stuff is great, but unless you have those two elements, then you’ve got nothing.
Wearable technology is a big trend, and a lot of people have been trying to figure out how to take it from band or bracelet to clothing. We thought it’d be cool to make a shirt that can monitor your body measurements.