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I've been around long enough now and have learned to be

I’ve been around long enough now and have learned to be flexible enough to know that every movie isn’t going to be ‘Apocalypse Now,’ and every director doesn’t have to be Stanley Kubrick.
Stanley Tucci is a classy actor, and Ian Holm is very short but equally classy – and both are also amazing.
I wanted to be Paul Stanley or Gene Simmons.
I started playing bluegrass with my family, so there were the G, C and D chords. I was playing a Martin acoustic because that’s what Carter Stanley of the Stanley Brothers played. Then I got into the really raw blues of Hound Dog Taylor and started on electric guitar.
I was going to school thinking I was going to do something entirely different, thought acting was just a hobby at that point, met Stanley Kubrick and was like, ‘Whoa, this can be an art form, and you can really move people the way you do simply by acting.’
Vinessa Shaw
That’s what they hired me to do in Washington, change a little bit of the culture, try to win a Stanley Cup.
The Beatles once approached Stanley Kubrick to do ‘The Lord Of The Rings.’ This was before Tolkien sold the rights. They approached him, and he said, ‘No.’
Thanks to a deal finalized in 2008, Chicago‘s parking meters will be operated for the next 75 years by a group of investors put together by Morgan Stanley, including the sovereign wealth fund of Abu Dhabi.
I have always been a huge fan of Ridley Scott and certainly when I was a kid. ‘Alien‘, ‘Blade Runner‘ just blew me away because they created these extraordinary worlds that were just completely immersive. I was also an enormous Stanley Kubrick fan for similar reasons.
I adore Stanley Kubrick, all of his films were different, not just in subject but tonally.
I had watched ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ and wanted to be a part of Gupte’s kind of cinema. As an actor, I am hungry for diverse roles and my sole aim is to learn as much I can from him.
I’ve never been short of putting high expectations on myself; I’ve never been short of saying I want to win a Stanley Cup.
Certainly, I’ve loved musicals for a while, so I did some short films in college that had musical numbers and things like that, so I’ve kind of been obsessed with Fred and Ginger and Vincente Minnelli and Stanley Donen and Jaques Demy forever.
Once when I went over my work with my Washington University professor, the late great Stanley Elkin, he pointed to a passage of mine and said: ‘Stop vamping.’ It has remained a caution.
Adam Ross
My father took me and my about-to-be-traumatized friends to Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001’ for my 10th birthday party.
As a kid, you dream of winning the Stanley Cup. As you get older, you understand the importance of winning the Olympics.
Joe Sakic
The best conversation with Stanley Kubrick is a silent one: you sit in a theatre and watch his films and you learn so much.
Peter Weir
Stanley Kramer? Spencer Tracy? No one turns down being in a movie with them.
Phil Silvers
I used to hold Stanley Kubrick film festivals at my house in high school. These are not cool things.
I’ve seen 48 Stanley Cups in my life. I was about six or seven when I started going to games with my dad.
I say the Islanders were the best team I ever covered because they had more so many stars who delivered with CanadianSwedish-suburban modesty. And they won four straight Stanley Cups from 1980 through 1983.
We’ve got lots of time. We’re not winning the Stanley Cup in the first exhibition game.
Growing up in Canada, most kids from Canada dream of playing in the NHL, and they also hope one day to be on a Stanley Cup team. That was a big goal.
My big running discovery was around Stanley Park in Vancouver. Miss it. That’s a six-mile loop. Now I smile when I get four miles done. Age is a beast.
Every now and then, they ask me to come in and improvise with Stanley Tucci for an afternoon. They fly me off to America, I improvise for an afternoon – it’s not the hardest, most taxing job.
Certain Stanley Cup traditions remain intact, including the handshake line between players who had been belting one another for a couple of weeks.
Stanley Kubrick was a big inspiration. People accuse me of never using my own material. But when did Kubrick? You look at his films and they are completely unique… completely separate entities.
Frank Darabont
I think to compare any time you win a Stanley Cup would be unfair to all the players from all the teams.
Months after I retired, the Kings won the Stanley Cup and I was there for that game… I happened to be there with a buddy of mine and I was like, ‘Oh, I miss this.’
I always admired Stanley Kubrick for the fact that he managed to beat the system somehow. I think he kind of had it all figured out.
Stanley didn’t shy away from true humanity or from the ugliness that all people are capable of.
Matthew Modine
I was a go-go dancer at the Dom on East 10th Street in

I was a go-go dancer at the Dom on East 10th Street in NYC. This was a glittering ballroom over Stanley’s Bar. 1965.
Fanny Howe
I’m competitive. I’d love another chance to be part of a Stanley Cup championship team. That’d be awesome.
Ed Belfour
In New Jersey, we won in ’95, but after that for four years we never had a sniff at it. The next thing you know we went on a run of three Stanley Cup Finals in four years in 2000, 2001 and 2003.
It’s obviously disappointing and surreal when you see someone else win the Stanley Cup.
Really, what I’m doing is an attempt to continue the best work of the people I adore: Francis Coppola and Scorsese and Robert Altman and Stanley Kubrick and those amazing directors whose work I grew up with and loved.
I was about 14, and I got hooked on the music of the Stanley Brothers.
The bravery of Stanley Kramer’s ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner‘ amounted to two Hollywood legends – Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy – telling the world that a black son-in-law is something they can live with, and so should you, especially if he looks like Sidney Poitier and has degrees.
Stanley Johnson‘s going to be a great player in this league.
‘Interstellar’ may never equal the blast of scientific speculation and cinematic revelation that was Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ but its un-Earthly vistas are spectral and spectacular.
I’m a big believer in volume. If I made three times as many movies as Stanley Kubrick, that must mean I’m three times as good.
I don’t listen to the radio too much, but usually I listen to Stanley Brothers and Ralph Stanley more than I do anybody!
Ralph Stanley
I’ve always dreamt of being on a Stanley Cup-winning team. That always stayed with me.
I’m sure I’ve all but lost friends by maintaining that, despite their love for it, I always saw Stanley Kramer’s ‘It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World’ as more of an exercise in anti-comedy than humor.
They let me put the Stanley Cup in my car. I got hookups.
I want a Stanley Cup.
It would be incredible to work with Stanley Kubrick and go back in time.
As far as being onstage, commanding presence, I’ve always looked up to people like Axl Rose and Freddie Mercury and Paul Stanley – the rock gods. I’ve always wanted to be able to achieve that level of commanding nature onstage and really leading people at a show.
Dedicating your life to something, dedicating time to something, ending up achieving it and maybe doing better than that. Me personally, that would be a Stanley Cup. That’s something I’ve dreamed of my whole life. I think that’s why every hockey player at this level plays.
Jack Hughes
It’s an honor to put on the Habs uniform and hopefully have the opportunity to play here a lot longer now. Now I can just focus on the goal of winning a Stanley Cup and I don’t have to worry about re-signing every other year, so I’m looking forward to working towards our goal.
War of attrition, war of wills. That’s what the Stanley Cup playoffs are – more intense, more physical and more prolonged than the playoffs of any other sport.
Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001’ was the door that opened up the possibility of science fiction for me. Everything else up to then was fine, but didn’t quite work for me.
I have done a lot of NFL games, a season-opening home games, playoff games, championship games, and of course Stanley Cup games, World Series, NBA championship games. But I have never done a Superbowl. It’s probably the only major sporting event I’ve never done and I would like to.
Growing up as a kid my father was British and a soccer player. His idol was a guy that passed the ball a lot, Stanley Matthews. Our family thought if you could be unselfish your teammates would always like you.
Adam Oates
In Filey, you eat early to prepare for the highlight of the evening: social intercourse of a kind one thought relegated to Stanley Holloway monologues.
People ask if I regret not winning a Stanley Cup, but winning the series against the Soviet Union was the best. It was the greatest experience of my hockey career by far.
Marcel Dionne
I love the Stanley Cup playoffs.
My sporting heroes were Ken Jones, Stanley Matthews, and Cliff Morgan.
I was doing the work I was capable of doing with my own native talent, but when I looked at actors like Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, Kim Stanley, and Geraldine Page, I knew that they knew something that I didn’t know. I wanted to find out what that was.
The only outlet in mainstream culture for classical and more experimental music to be heard is through movie soundtracks, and they’re such a wonderful display of emotion. I think the guy that did that best is Stanley Kubrick, working with Wendy Carlos who is an electronic composer.
It’s a Stanley Cup thing. The boys mangle one another for a series, performing all kinds of nasty tricks, then they make nice, shaking soggy hands as the teams shuffle in opposite directions.
I like David Lynch; I like Stanley Kubrick. I’m a big fan of Kubrick.
Olivier Megaton
'Love' has that Kubrick tonality to it, but this is not

‘Love’ has that Kubrick tonality to it, but this is not a Stanley Kubrick movie – there will never be another. At the same time, ‘Love’ has a modern feel. For example: In one scene, these astronauts go through a wormhole sequence, and you feel like you’re being slapped around inside your head by a sonic boom.
Anyone who plays in the NHL dreams to win the Stanley Cup and I dreamed as well to be one of them and raise the cup in Washington and bring it home to Moscow and celebrate with my friends and my parents.
It was a dream come true for me to play with the Montreal Canadiens, and the sad thing is that my promise to the city of bringing a Stanley Cup back and wanting to win one, I won’t be able to fulfill that promise.
I hate Stanley Clark, but I have to admit he’s playing Jazz whether I like it or not.
Stanley Kubrick made Shelly Duvall go crazy during ‘The Shining.’ It’s like one of the best performances ever. Maybe he shouldn’t have gone that far, but I love that movie.
We have never heard of laundering in Macau; money laundering is unheard of. Mind you, my casino, every bit of money – someone says Stanley Ho, you issue me a check of so much money – we don’t give that easy.
Stanley Ho
I started acting in junior high. I was in ‘Guys and Dolls.’ I was Stanley Kowalski. In my head, before coming to Hollywood, I thought, ‘I can play anything.’
I wanted to be Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick, David Cronenberg, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, and Hitchcock. I’d wanted to be a director since 13, and horror and the suspense thriller were the most powerful genres to me.
My favourite place in the world to run is Stanley Park in Vancouver. One loop around there is perfect.
It’s often the case with directors that they don’t like to share credit, which is the case of Stanley. He would prefer just A Film By Stanley Kubrick including music and everything.
Terry Southern
I enjoy where I am and I don’t have a problem with being Steve Buscemi, Stanley Tucci, Don Cheadle, or Jeffrey Wright. They’re not the lead of every movie they’re in, but every time you see them they’re really good.
Working on ‘2001’ was my film school. Stanley Kubrick was my mentor.
‘Not Another Happy Ending‘ is a romantic comedy starring Karen Gillan and Stanley Weber. It is about these two characters and their relationships.