Top 77 Affecting Quotes

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It's funny to watch sometimes. You're walking through a

It’s funny to watch sometimes. You’re walking through a crowd of people or whether you‘re just out there for driver intros, the amount of reaction you get and the people you’re affecting is pretty funny.
Technology is growing in all possible ways. It is affecting our lifestyle also.
Sometimes you wonder if television is really affecting the culture.
Beethoven was a deeply political man in the broadest sense of the word. He was not interested in daily politics, but concerned with questions of moral behaviour and the larger questions of right and wrong affecting the entire society.
Part of high cholesterol is that you can look at yourself in the mirror, and you can feel great and think there’s no issues. But silently, they can be affecting your heart.
It’s quite something to see that what I was doing was affecting people in that respect: people jumping up and down on their couches, screaming, yelling, crying.
It’s in my own interest – it’s in everybody‘s interest – to have streets that are safe, children that are educated, and drug use that’s diminished, crimes that are not affecting us.
The main reason I quit was my lower back. I’ve had problems for a few years. It was affecting my movement and power. I had to have various injections and procedures.
I don’t want to bring my kid to a stadium and sit next to somebody who is shouting racist chants, because it’s going to make kids think that it’s okay to do it. It’s not only affecting players, but it is affecting kids that are growing up now, and are going to be bringing their kids in future.
We’re talking about the lawyers for the United States of America. And I think it’s very, very important that the lawyers be comfortable being very candid and open about their views on very sensitive issues affecting the United States.
When you have children is the most important choice affecting your life.
5G will have an impact similar to the introduction of electricity or the car, affecting entire economies and benefiting entire societies.
When through the power of sight we see white, that which comes about in the soul through the act of seeing is a modification. And on the basis of this modification, we are able to say that the white which is affecting us exists.
If you want to gamble, so be it, but when it gets to the stage where gambling is the only thing you are thinking of and it is affecting your life, that’s when you need to put a hold on it.
Arsene has most of the media in his pocket now and is almost – almost – affecting the officials so that you can’t tackle an Arsenal player. That’s something he’s very clever at working on and it’s almost working in his favour, you can see that.
At many points during our nation‘s history, there have been times – known in our history textbooks as ‘panics’ – when adverse conditions affecting the financial and economic sectors of the country have caused individuals to hoard more than they need.
We have to stop the cycle of violence affecting so many of our communities. We have to love each other.
I start every morning off with a green juice, because I think it’s really important to be alkalined, and then I work out. We teach people that you need to find that balance and that what you put into your body is directly affecting your health.
I’m always thinking about how what I’m doing is affecting the people around me. As a New Yorker, you have to be that way.
Music is such an incredibly affecting part of any movie-going experience, and it just… it shapes your whole experience.
It’s not like you have two sets of vocal cords. You only have one, and if you exhaust it from talking, then you’re also affecting your singing.
In light of the overall economic challenges that are affecting many, including our potential corporate sponsors, we have arrived at a most difficult decision to cancel Ebony Fashion Fair’s fall 2009 season.
I feel it’s important to talk about the complex issues affecting us.
Imagine how much capital a country like Argentina might attract – if instead of defaulting seriatim and affecting a pose of anger toward creditors, it borrowed responsibly and honored its obligations.
Probability is expectation founded upon partial knowledge. A perfect acquaintance with all the circumstances affecting the occurrence of an event would change expectation into certainty, and leave nether room nor demand for a theory of probabilities.
George Boole
Millions of men have lived to fight, build palaces and boundaries, shape destinies and societies; but the compelling force of all times has been the force of originality and creation profoundly affecting the roots of human spirit.
Emotions are continually affecting our thought processes and decisions, below the level of our awareness. And the most common emotion of them all is the desire for pleasure and the avoidance of pain.
It is my responsibility to always have my ear to the ground on issues affecting the people of our district, and whether it’s supporting the veterans of Michigan‘s 8th district or anyone else, I will always do my best to listen and follow through on the needs of folks here.
Virtual reality is already affecting people on an emotional level much more than any other media, and it has the potential to scale: all you need is an attachment for your cellphone, and you can have this experience.
I just think I have too much anxiety to listen to music. Sometimes it feels like noise, and sometimes it’s so affecting that I can’t recover from it.
I would love to approach, like, what are the lives of the people that actually play ‘Mythic Quest,’ because you have these devs that are affecting their lives.
We need to tackle extreme inequality because it is mora

We need to tackle extreme inequality because it is morally indefensible and socially corrosiveundermining our health, affecting our well-being, and undermining peaceful societies.
I just feel like, especially after ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ gentrification isn’t affecting art. I am actually more inspired by art now than ever.
From education to employment, housing to trust in the police, politicians from all parties must understand the different issues affecting individual communities.
Rishi Sunak
It’s all about the audience and the people who support your work and respond to it. So, anytime I hear that ‘Next to Normal’ is affecting people, it goes beyond my wildest dreams of what I set out to do when I started to write ‘Next to Normal.’
Of course team spirit and team’s strategy matters more than anything else as far as the team is concerned. As far as I am concerned, if the presence of one player is affecting the morale or the spirit of the team, then we might as well rest that player for a while.
With each of those projects I wasn’t thinking about how the layout would really affect the story I was working on – it wasn’t the content that was affecting the layout, it was, how I wanted to draw at that point in time.
On the stage he was natural, simple, affecting, ‘Twas only when he was off, he was acting.
When I graduated, I was my biggest ever: 15 stone, with a boyfriend – my first – of just 11 stone. I was 23 years old. It wasn’t just affecting my career: it was a health issue as well.
As a reader with next to no knowledge of classical mythology, I approached ‘The Aeneid’ just as I would a contemporary poem or novel – and, despite my ignorance, I was rewarded with a rich and affecting portrait of, among other things, the memorably doomed love affair between Aeneas and Dido.
I’m so sick of gay this, gay that. I could care less. It ain’t affecting my life at all.
In many patients, covid-19 causes a bilateral pneumonia affecting both lungs. Air sacs in the lungs become inflamed and filled with fluid, leading to breathing difficulties and low oxygen saturation. If the pneumonia becomes extremely severe, patients need to be intubated and put on a ventilator.
The joining of the whole congregation in prayer has something exceedingly solemn and affecting in it.
The topics just kind of come to me. If they are relevant, it’s because they’re happening in the world around me, and it’s affecting me. Poetry is my way of dealing with it.
If you focus on the very narrow, myopic interaction between students, their teachers, and the curriculum, you are ignoring 90 percent of what’s affecting that student‘s ability to learn and be ready to absorb that curriculum and perform well in school and reach their potential.
There are lots of things going on for teenagers, with exam stress, changing friendship groups, becoming independent, and all those hormone changes affecting you.
When you go to places like Gary and Detroit, you see the economic problem in this country and who it’s really affecting.
All comedy is really talking about social issues and things that are affecting our lives.
When you turn 18 in the United States, you should be automatically registered to vote. Ideally, this sensible reform would be a federal law affecting all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and American territories, but our federal government stopped being sensible a very long time ago.
Whether you do a play in front of 100 people or a movie that one billion people see, you’re still affecting people.
Whether it’s repro rights, violence against women, or just plain old vanilla sexism, most issues affecting women have one thing in common – they exist to keep women ‘in their place.’ To make sure that we’re acting ‘appropriately,’ whatever that means.
Issues affecting tribal communities have routinely been minimized and ignored.
I think we all change each other’s paths. I don’t know which law idea that is in physics, but I don’t think any of us can live without affecting one another.
I have to tell you, I’m proudest of my life off the court. There will always be great basketball players who bounce that little round ball, but my proudest moments are affecting people’s lives, effecting change, being a role model in the community.
The alternative scene, for a couple years now, has been taken seriously and that’s a cool thing. I don’t think it’s exploded or anything, but I think it’s pretty cool that it still exists, it’s still affecting people.
Unfortunately, it seems to me that when it comes to issues affecting the trans community, most people who are cisgender – a word describing those people whose gender identity is in alignment with the sex they were assigned at birth – focus too much on the administrative, legal, and medical aspects of trans identity.
Chelsea Manning
We will not play with inflation. We are living a delicate moment. President Obama spoke to me today about the high unemployment affecting the United States. In this crisis period, when the developed nations are not recovering, it’s prudent to maintain the established inflation target.
Dilma Rousseff
I have MS and am heat intolerant so it is tricky. It is affecting my spasms and affects my speech – which is annoying because I like talking.
There are thin girls with infertility issues, normal sized girls with infertility issues and overweight girls with infertility issues. Unless your doctor tells you your weight is affecting you in some way… once the doctor rules it out, that’s really not it.
Some people are money hungry and don’t stop to think of who they’re affecting and what really matters. There’s a lot of ugly.
Primarily affecting low-information voters and members of the mainstream media, Obama Worship Syndrome attributes impossible capabilities to Obama’s political opponents, finds excuses for every Obama failure in everyone around him and praises the president as the finest politician – nay, human being – of our time.
When I met Jay-Z and Beyonce I was in awe, stuttering like crazy. This guy grew up in the projects and he and Beyonce are a billionaire couple. The empires they’ve built, affecting so many lives, is unbelievable.
The economic importance of maintaining strong trade rel

The economic importance of maintaining strong trade relations with our two closest neighbors cannot be overstated. Any decision negatively affecting the free flow of trade from Missouri to Canada and Mexico would have undesirable economic consequences. Thousands of jobs and billions of dollars are at stake.
I used to always want to play the perfect match, and this meant not losing a point. The realisation came around the time I was 19 years old, in the French Open final in 2007. This was a key period in my career. I was told I was going for too many winners, which was affecting my game.
It’s also important for those who promote those issues within the white community – the somewhat privileged community – to talk about issues affecting people of color.
I think plot is very overrated. Plot is obviously necessary, but what I really care about is emotionally affecting the audience. Having a thought myself and then an emotional experience myself, somehow transferring that to the audience.
Housing the Bureau of Land Management Headquarters in Grand Junction has allowed local stakeholders to have a voice in important decisions affecting their livelihoods.
We need to vote people out of office that are perpetuating issues affecting young people, like gun violence.
People worry that gas prices are high and how they are affecting their pocket book. But they want to know about renewable energy. People are really starting to question things, and that’s made people look to the future in a positive way.
I’m drawn to projects where I play these really complicated characters, but also where I can have some type of influence on affecting what we see as societal norms.
Get into the habit of imagining an alternate scenario. By posing such ‘imagine if’ questions… we can distance ourselves from the frames, cues, anchors and rhetoric that might be affecting us.
It strains credulity to suggest that an agency charged with gathering intelligence affecting the national security does not have an ‘intelligence interest’ in drone strikes, even if that agency does not operate the drones itself.
Merrick Garland
Movies affecting music has caused me to collaborate a little bit better.
Climate change is real, it is being driven by human activity, and it is affecting the lives of people across the United States and around the world today.
Actually, climate change is really about the wellbeing of people. It is not a very vague concept or a vague problem that is out of our everyday lives. It is actually affecting our everyday lives, and this is the fundamental fact that everybody should keep in mind while working toward a low-carbon society.
When I first started writing, I used to listen to music all the time because it would make time pass more quickly. And then I started to wonder if the music wasn’t affecting my writing in ways that I didn’t necessarily intend.
Beauty in distress is much the most affecting beauty.