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I just loved Amy Winehouse. I would rather have managed

I just loved Amy Winehouse. I would rather have managed her than anybody in the world. To me, it was like the first time I saw Janis Joplin.
I think I’m always inspired by really, really funny, amazing women, but I’m also inspired by really funny, amazing men. I think there’s more of a feminist voice, like with Amy Schumer being out right now, whom I adore.
Well, I was such a huge fan of Amy Sherman-Palladino and of ‘Gilmore Girls.’
I’m obsessed with Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse, Etta James. I’m really into blues and R&B type of stuff, ’90s hip-hop; that’s my jam.
For Lennon and me, we grew up with Laverne and Shirley or Lucy and Ethel. For us, those are our inspirations. And I think Amy Poehler and Tina Fey led the way for us to be fearless in the way we kept shoving our message and our comedy voice down people‘s throats until they listened.
Chasing Amy’ was an amazing role, but then after that, I went and did ‘Big Daddy‘ and you‘re the girlfriend or you’re the best friend. I wasn’t getting the Nicole Kidman roles.
Joey Lauren Adams
Cole Archer’s Chillout Mix. That’s my son’s mix. He’s ten weeks old, and this is what he listens to: ‘Valerie’ by Amy Winehouse, ‘Everyday People‘ by Arrested Development, The Beatles‘ ‘Rocky Raccoon,’ and Bruce Springsteen‘s ‘Atlantic City.’
Did Amy Winehouse have a hit single from ‘Frank?’ I love ‘Frank,’ but people didn’t really pay attention to her until ‘Back to Black.’ So no, I haven‘t had a hit single. I personally am not bothered about that.
I’ve always dreamed of growing up to be Amy Poehler.
Even if you’re only wearing trainers and a vest, eyeliner will instantly transform you. People always look put-together when their make-up’s on and their eyes are popping – just ask Amy Winehouse!
Amy Adams is incredible and inspiringshe‘s amazing.
When my children say, ‘In the future, Mummy, will things get better or worse for humanity?’ I say: ‘Who knows, since Amy Winehouse died. It’s all in the air now. Eat your broccoli.’
I’m a huge fan of the programDemocracy Now,’ which is hosted by Amy Goodman, and I subscribe to the podcast.
Amy Adams is a lucky woman. Not only is she one of Hollywood‘s most talented actresses, with five Oscar nominations under her fashionable belt, she actually smells sexy.
I really like funny women. I’m drawn to women like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig, Amy Schumer. They’re writers, they’re producers, they’re actresses. They’re brilliant, funny, excellent women.
Doing the weekly shopping, I stock up on stir-fry kits, Amy’s meatless burgers, and armloads of onions and garlic. I put onions and garlic in everything.
I’m a big fan of Amy Sedaris, and one of her decorating mainstays is to put googly eyes on everything.
The first Amy Silver book was commissioned, and they were not books that came completely from me. They weren’t necessarily the sort of books I read, and although I enjoyed doing them very much, and they were great training, I never felt completely comfortable in that genre.
I had the opportunity to go up to New York and be on the ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ show with Michael Strahan and Vernon Davis and those guys. That was an opportunity that presented itself, and it was something different and fun. I had a great time. Those guys are really good dudes, and she’s obviously incredibly talented.
I think the medium of television is so great for women, especially right now, because I feel like with ‘Broad City’ and Amy Schumer and ‘Girls’, the creators are the stars, so their voice is totally pure.
I liked Amy Winehouse a lot. I liked the way she did what she wanted, and she wasn’t fazed about the press being on her back. I loved her songs so much.
I want to be host of ‘SNL.’ I want to work with Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, J.J. Abrams, Emma Stone and Tim Burton, Sean Penn, Cameron Crowe. I want to work with Adam Sandler – he is so funny – and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
David Mazouz
Not only do the Amy Schumers of the world and the gun control groups who support her fail to provide real gun safety lessons, they oppose them.
Amy Winehouse affected my life tremendously. I think maybe she was the first sense of intimacy that I had with a complete stranger, musically speaking.
I am crushing so hard on Amy Schumer. Women like her who have chosen to stand up for themselves and face the bullies are being so embraced.
Sharp Objects‘ was scary, unknown territory for me. I wouldn’t pick this kind of material to direct if you just gave me the book. Amy Adams was the force that drove me in.
I like to watch movies – I just saw the documentary about Amy Winehouse, which was very good and emotional.
Jean-Marc Vallee is a talent, and working with Amy Adams was incredible.
I just wanted to be myself and that’s why I chose to do ‘Big Brother,’ because I wanted everyone to see the real Amy Childs.
Amy Childs
I’m a Virgo. That is me. To a tee. Me and Beyonce. And Amy Winehouse! Same birthday.
For me, ‘Amy’ is a very dark film about love.
I go to The Brit School, which is where Adele, Amy Wine

I go to The Brit School, which is where Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Jessie J went.
If Amy Winehouse was a beehive, then I guess I’m a blonde bob.
Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are so cool together.
When I listen to Amy Winehouse, I believe that her heart and soul is in the music, or if I listen to other British artists like Duffy or Estelle. The aesthetic of it is different, and it’s my point of view. It’s not anything formulaic.
My son William and my daughter Amy are both really into their hockey now and I can enjoy watching that.
I mean, look at her. Any idiot, you know, would quite taken with Amy.
I was named after my paternal grandmother, my dadi. She died before I was born, which is why my parents named me Amy.
As we got older, we grew comfortable in roles that met our parents’ expectations. Nora was the smart one. Delia, the comedian. I was the pretty, obedient one. And Amy was the adventurous mischief-maker.
Hallie Ephron
I was at all-white schools from kindergarten to twelfth grade, so I wanted to feel what it was like just to be me and not, like, Black Amy.
People who have theater or sketch-comedy backgrounds seem to be more, you know, our speed. Like Amy Poehler and Will Arnett – we double date.
Man, Amy Ryan. I have geeked out so hard for her – to her face! There aren’t a lot of people that can cross those lines of drama and comedy so seamlessly as Amy Ryan.
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, they made it cool to be funny and to be embarrassed and to look a thousand different ways and show a bunch of different areas of their lives.
I’ve been pitching a show of five female stand-up comedians through the generations, from Phyllis Diller to Amy Schumer, so when I got an e-mail asking me if I would participate in the Women in Comedy Festival, I was thrilled.
Amy Poehler and I once ambushed people and made them sing Christmas carols with us.
My older sister, Amy Jo, and I – we are the first generation of my family to stay on at school and do any exams at all.
I’m very fond of Amy Schumer. I think she’s terrific, an enormous talent.
I wanted it to be like Amy Grant, but it didn’t pan out that way. My label actually went bankrupt, and I was left without a home.
There’s a tendency to locate the cliche of the ‘strong woman‘ exclusively in the present day, as if those many women who endured such inconveniences as the Depression and the Second World War were porcelain compared to, say, Amy Schumer.
I listened to a lot of Amy Winehouse: her albums ‘Frank’ and ‘Back to Black’. She was such an incredible artist. She was just so raw and had her unique sound; she paired jazz with pop and was so soulful at the same time. So I pulled from her a lot in the beginning.
I’m really glad we have Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer and all these girls who are embracing all the different body types.
I didn’t know Kurt Cobain or Amy Winehouse, but I was affected by both of their deaths because I admired their work so much and mourned their youth and work they would never produce.
Amy Winehouse was not a person I ever met, and I can’t say that I am overly conversant in all of her music. I do have her albums, and years ago, when I first heard her sing, I thought she was extraordinary. The tone of her voice, her phrasing, her raw appearance – these qualities were extremely captivating to me.
Early influences included Lorrie Moore, Amy Hempel, Charles Baxter, Richard Ford, Alice Munro, Denis Johnson – writers who are important to me still and who I discovered through my teachers.
Amy Winehouse asked me a while ago if I had written any new songs. I played her something, and when I had finished, she looked at me and said, ‘Is that it? Is that all you’ve got?’
I think Amy Sherman-Palladino has a very specific voice; it’s unlike anyone else on television.
We did the ‘L.A. to Miami‘ album, with the song ‘Miami, My Amy,’ which really saved my life as far as confidence goes. It gave me a hit. But it wasn’t really what I was about – and I think deep down inside I knew it, even if I didn’t want to face it.
I love Kristin Wigg. I love Amy Poelher.
Allyn Rachel
I did a movie called ‘Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day,’ which had Frances McDormand and Amy Adams in it. It was Focus Features, an American company, and I used that as my ticket into America.
It’s funny – almost every comedian that I started out with moved to L.A., except for my two friends Hannibal Buress and Amy Schumer. And my two friends that are doing the best in comedy, the most successful friends I have, are Hannibal Buress and Amy Schumer.
‘At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom‘ by Amy Hempel showed me the lean quality of prose.
Jeff Kwatinetz and Ice Cube and Amy Trask – all those people are real visionaries, and the league that they started has been phenomenal. And my job as commissioner now is to kind of help continue to build, improve the fan and the player experience.
I love Amy Adams. She is wonderful. Evan Rachel Wood is

I love Amy Adams. She is wonderful. Evan Rachel Wood is a blast. I am also really excited about Ari Graynor from ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’ and ‘American Crime.’ I think it is an exciting time for young women in this industry. I am excited to make my own path.
So many people that I’ve wanted to work with have died. I was so crazy in love with Amy Winehouse. When she died, I felt like I lost my sister all over again. I couldn’t stop crying for weeks and weeks! It was horrible! She was so wonderful and so talented.
In the ’80s, I can’t say that Amy and I were aware of an independent film community. We could only get a certain amount of money for our pictures, which made them low budget movies, but they were distributed through studios.
Griffin Dunne
I’m part of the generation that grew up with great rappers like 2Pac and Biggie and people like Amy Winehouse. We’ve seen a lot of different artists come and go. Even people who are still here, they seem consumed and blinded by fame. It may not have taken them out physically, but they have been taken out.
Some of these actresses or public personas who are very public about their disciplined diets, more power to them. I just don’t see the point. I’m just not going to be one of those people photographed in a bikini where people are like, ‘OMG, look at Amy!’ I mean, it might be OMG, but not for the reasons I want.
If you take my stuff apart, you’ll find my choruses of repetitions are picked up almost verbatim from Kurt Vonnegut, and my distanced fracture quality is all from Amy Hempel, who’s probably my favourite writer.
I was a massive fan of Amy Winehouse growing up. I decided it would be a good idea to become Amy Winehouse with the beehive and ballet shoes. Six months into that, I looked into the mirror and decided I’d better be Mia.
I wrote four novels under the name Amy Silver. The first one was commissioned, and I was given basically the whole plot and the characters. They told me what to do, and I went straight away and did it. After that, I continued, and I was coming up with more my own ideas, although they did steer me.
Oh, Amy Poehler. I just love her. I think she’s like a dream woman.
I walk fast. I have an aversion to wasting time. My sense of constant motion is one of the reasons that my eldest daughter, Amy, nicknamed me ‘the Tasmanian Devil‘ when she was in her teens.
Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph – when they speak, everyone listens. Because they’re freaking hilarious.
I started auditioning, and the first job I ever got was understudying Amy Ryan in ‘The Sisters Rosensweig’ on Broadway, directed by Daniel Sullivan. I was 18 years old.
I grew up watching Amy in ‘Enchanted‘; I was told that if you had to meet your first famous person you’d be lucky if it were Amy Adams.
‘Senna’ took five years, ‘Amy’ took three years. You try and say, ‘Look, there’s no deadline.’ That’s important. Just saying, ‘We’ve got to make the film. And once the film’s ready, it will be out there.’
Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls all had to change schools.
Susan Ford