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If banks anticipate government will come to the rescue

If banks anticipate government will come to the rescue should the credit market go badly awry, they may make loans that would otherwise be imprudent, e.g. subprime loans with little prospect of repayment.
I feel more comfortable with gorillas than people. I can anticipate what a gorilla‘s going to do, and they’re purely motivated.
I was very insecure. I figured the only thing I can do is just work harder than everybody else and be useful. So I would anticipate when a client would need a cup of tea. I would anticipate when they wanted to rewind the tape. I would anticipate when they were going to do a vocal.
If you can, anticipate that life is going to be full of detours.
I’m not sure that I want to be without some lack of confidence. If you are too sure of yourself, you don’t grow. You may feel confident in some things, but other fields come up as a challenge. And if you don’t anticipate trouble, you will be in trouble.
With Evander Holyfield, I anticipate this being a hard fight. But each time out, you don’t want it to be a hard fight. Not to mention, you burn yourself out that way.
I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what the audience would want. That’s my job, is to anticipate ahead of the audience.
Shawn Ryan
I was fully aware of the challenges facing London before I was elected as mayor, but I didn’t anticipate the issue that is likely to define my time as mayor – Brexit.
There’s a confidence and sense of self that comes with age that I didn’t anticipate.
Gun owners are not buying firearms because they anticipate a confrontation with the government. Rather, we anticipate confrontations where the government isn’t there – or simply doesn’t show up in time.
What could be more lonely than to be enveloped in silence, to be the last of your people to speak your native tongue, to have no way to pass on the wisdom of the elders, to anticipate the promise of the children. This tragic fate is indeed the plight of someone somewhere roughly every two weeks.
Wade Davis
Often, you don’t want to know too much, because it does affect your performance. When you’re shooting a series for nine months out of the year, you don’t want to anticipate too much, because you’re going to work and you have to enjoy this thing too.
When I was doing something on someone else’s dime, I was inclined to try to anticipate what they wanted. I knew that wasn’t what an artist was supposed to do. In funding my own music, I found my voice.
Our long-range predictions – especially those which anticipate extreme-weather events – rely on an assumption that the future will be similar to the past. Lose that, and we lose the tools that have allowed us to prepare for such eventualities.
I’ve never had an actual haunting experience, in the way you might anticipate a ghost in a movie haunting someone, but I do feel presences around me all the time, and I do feel that memories haunt us the way ghosts haunt us or might haunt characters in a film.
There’s certainly harder things in the world and the country to do than being an actor, but it’s a particularly emotionally humiliating thing to do, that you don’t really anticipate when you choose to do it. You don’t really think that it’s going to be quite so soul-crushing at times.
For me, it’s important to anticipate where fashion is heading.
There’s a conventional reaction when you see a star: You anticipate he’ll be a part of a particular denouement down the road, so you don’t worry for that character.
My advice to authors would be to try to do something original rather than to try to anticipate what the market is looking for.
I’d say if you wanted to forestall bad events, the best thing to do is anticipate them and try to correct them before they get close.
I now announce myself as candidate for the Presidency. I anticipate criticism; but however unfavorable I trust that my sincerity will not be called into question.
I think that’s part of building your team is trying to anticipate where your team is going and to a certain extent where, especially defensively because you have to react to what they put on the field. Defensively you have to be able to defend those things.
In the 1930s, unemployed working people could anticipate that their jobs would come back.
Of all living things, only humans consciously anticipate death; the consequent need to choose how to behave in its face – to worry about how to diedistinguishes us from other animals. The need to manage death is the particular lot of humanity.
Give up the thought that you have control. You don’t. The best you can do is adapt, anticipate, be flexible, sense the environment and respond.
Humans are distinguished from other species by a massive brain that enables us to imagine a future and influence it by what we do in the present. By using experience, knowledge and insight, our ancestors recognized they could anticipate dangers and opportunities and take steps to exploit advantages and avoid hazards.
You’re got to be able to be smart enough to put yourself in position to make the play. You have to be able to anticipate and read what the offense is doing and be there beforehand.
The cultural value of ‘Gossip Girl‘ was this interesting question. Sure, it seemed to have been a worldwide, cultural phenomenon for some time. And, yes, anywhere I go, I do get recognized. At the same time, it also lacked the kind of importance that people might anticipate.
‘Portlandia’ is the most fun show. When I get a breakdown of what the arc of the story is going to be, I could never in my wildest dreams anticipate the direction.
Commerce, trade and exchange make other people more valuable alive than dead, and mean that people try to anticipate what the other guy needs and wants. It engages the mechanisms of reciprocal altruism, as the evolutionary biologists call it, as opposed to raw dominance.
I think most of my films all have a certain tone or intensity in them. They are tense, and you kind of anticipate some kind of catastrophe, but you’re not quite sure.
You do the best you can, looking at precedent, in tryin

You do the best you can, looking at precedent, in trying to anticipate where the Supreme Court is going to draw the balance between the protection of civil liberties and protecting the national security, and in some cases, we guessed wrong.
I can’t anticipate what’s going to happen to me next, but I’d like to think that I’m going to lead a life that’s not really memoir-worthy, and that would be fine!
After a certain point I know my players so well, I can anticipate their reactions.
You can always hear a director saying, ‘Well I don’t really know what this piece is saying, so therefore, I reject it.’ There are any number of things you can anticipate going wrong, and sometimes they go right. But I think the things you like most are the things that get rejected first. That’s just how things work.
In 2014, Blackstone was the most profitable money manager in the world. I did not anticipate that.
When I’m about ready to press the cable release on the View camera, I’ve tried to anticipate some of the challenges I’m going to encounter in the darkroom.
The paradox is that when we model future designs on past successes, we are inviting failure down the line; when we take into account past failures and anticipate potential new ways in which failure can occur, we are more likely to produce successful designs.
When I saw ‘Shola Aur Shabnam’ and ‘Aankhen,’ I did not anticipate that they would become such hits. They looked like B-plus projects.
I would say that the best compliment I have gotten is from teachers who say they can tell that my kids come from a big family because they can see that they anticipate other people’s needs and they don’t think the world revolves around them.
Joseph Bazalgette created a sewer system which he originally sized for London’s needs of the time – he then doubled it to anticipate the future beyond. These are the qualities that I admire.
We usually get what we anticipate.
Claude M. Bristol
Part of the responsibility of the technology industry is to anticipate the challenges of the vast majority of its future users and proactively start thinking about them now and proactively build products that address those challenges.
You watch the great quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees and Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers. They all play so fast, but it’s under control because they know what the defense is presenting to them before it happens. It allows them to anticipate things a little quicker, and that makes all the difference in the world.
Much of the media failed to anticipate the potential Trump represented as a disruptive populist force, understand why his supporters trusted him, or offer honest reporting on the underlying trends that made his rise possible.
Tonya Verbeek is a rival of mine I always come up against in the semis or the final of the Olympics. We have been fighting each other for a long time, so she knew my wrestling, and I knew hers… I was thinking that the only thing I could do was somehow to deceive her, anticipate her and get in my tackles.
Saori Yoshida
As a country in the path of typhoons and in the Pacific Rim of Fire, we must be prepared as the latest technology permits to anticipate natural calamities when that is possible, to extend immediate and effective relief when it is not.
I tried to play ‘Barracuda’ on ‘Guitar Hero,’ and because you have to anticipate and push buttons, it’s really counterintuitive.
People like me and Aretha Franklin and Joe Tex, we had predicted that inside of five years disco would be all over, that it was just a fad. But we didn’t anticipate being knocked out of the pocket altogether.
So more than 8 million people lost their jobs. It’s going to take a significant push on our part and time before that comes down. I don’t anticipate it coming down rapidly.
People are afraid to ask musicians to be involved in projects because they anticipate being turned down. Young artists hesitate before contacting me. People in my position don’t get approached often enough.
David Sylvian
I went to Carnegie Mellon for a year and a month or two, and then I dropped out because I got a movie. I didn’t anticipate ever leaving school – I was a really serious drama student – and then that happened, and my life sort of took a turn.
Hale Appleman
I had a feelingStar Wars‘ might do well, but I didn’t anticipate just how well.
He’s extremely clever and I learn always so much when I fight with Lewis. He always knows exactly what you are going to do next with his experience, and that’s what makes him so good on track with the battles. He’s not very aggressive, always very correct, but always very good to anticipate what you are going to do.
Nowadays the audience has changed. No one can anticipate the audience.
Vincente Minnelli
Each system is trying to anticipate change in the environment.
I love being a judge, and I anticipate being a judge for the rest of my life.
Charles T. Canady
For me to become the highest paid player in the franchise, it was something I didn’t anticipate. But I’m glad. I like playing for Cincinnati.
What we anticipate seldom occurs: but what we least expect generally happens.
What I love about film is that everybody often connects to something so different, and things you couldn’t anticipate when you were making the film, so you just make it as honest as possible.
Businesses can’t afford to react to what their customers want; they need to anticipate their needs.
People spend their careers trying to figure out what makes a hit single. But I learned a long time ago that you can’t anticipate what people want, because it’s always going to change.
You can no longer just be a good sailor. You have to be

You can no longer just be a good sailor. You have to be an incredible athlete as well. Having said that, you can be a great athlete, the strongest guy in the world, but if you can’t anticipate and make decisions under stress and exhaustion and think ahead, then you won‘t be able to cut it, either.
James Spithill
One thing I would tell women is that they must take up the challenge. Very often, we anticipate a lot of problems, and therefore, we don’t take the lead. And I think that we are shortchanging ourselves if we don’t do that.
The more ambivalent you are and the more uncertain you are, then you can get something that you cannot anticipate.
It is to be feared that those who emigrate to New South Wales, generally anticipate too great facility in their future operations and certainty of success in conducting them; but they should recollect that competency cannot be obtained without labour.
Charles Sturt
I love hanging out with my kids, my family. That’s something you never really anticipate or understand it until you have a family.
I like to do everything you can possibly do before you go into rehearsal, because once we are in rehearsal or on the stage there will be a problem I didn’t anticipate. It’s really good to think we got it all nailed – of course you’ve never got it all nailed.
If we’re stuck with having expectations, there’s a very good reason to embrace positive ones: It’s that we often create what we anticipate.
This may be a bit of a broad statement, but I don’t think there’s anyone that I’ve met that I haven‘t created a bit of a deep relationship with. It’s a really lovely thing to create a relation with people that might not anticipate that closeness. And that’s kind of the light of my life, getting to be close to people.
Don’t try to anticipate or worry about something you can’t control.
When a stranger comes into our presence, then, first appearances are likely to enable us to anticipate his category and attributes, his ‘social identity‘ – to use a term that is better than ‘social status‘ because personal attributes such as ‘honesty‘ are involved, as well as structural ones, like ‘occupation.’
Erving Goffman
A scene, a day of shooting, can often make you feel kind of stupid and inept because your one job is to anticipate and react and know what to go for.
We are always looking ahead to anticipate what next, and our unique innovation architecture enables us to take an innovation-led approach to help our clients invent the future.
I’d like to help educate kids about the Major Leagues – what to anticipate, what to expect, what they’ll need to do to prepare themselves.
Barry Bonds
When we anticipate, we’re the happiest. Unless you’re on antidepressants. The reason you take antidepressants is because you can’t anticipate. You think everything’s going to be horrible, so it usually is.
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