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Just because you work in the fashion industry, it doesn

Just because you work in the fashion industry, it doesn’t mean you live your life in fashion.
Phillip Lim
Confidence and belief in yourself and your vision is absolutely paramount. The fashion industry is tough – be prepared to take advice and criticism along the way, but have unwavering belief in your vision.
That is something that my mother instilled in me at a very young age – to know my self-worth. And I have had times again and again in the fashion industry where all of that was tested and I rose to the occasion because I was told that I am worthy and I should be able to walk away from something that is not worthy of me.
We have captured a luxury and richness with our fur-free fur, which is proof to the fashion industry that killing animals for the sake of fashion is unnecessary.
Anna Wintour is the most powerful woman in the global fashion industry, the first lady of fashion. She’s a politician; I’m a stylist. They are two very different jobs.
We’re getting to this amazing place where the average size in America is a 14-16, and we’re starting to see that represented in the fashion industry, and it’s becoming more accepted.
There are a bunch of different ways to look at the fashion industry. Is it shallow to work in fashion? Yes, it can be. But does fashion transform a woman who might feel like nothing and unimportant to glamorous and gorgeous? Yes, it does. Does it employ a huge sector of America? Yes, it does.
Kelly Cutrone
I care about how I look, but I don’t care about the fashion industry.
It would be disrespectful to take my stardom and bully my way into the fashion industry.
I’ve grown up with a lot of my family in the fashion industry, so I’ve wanted to be part of it for as long as I can remember.
I think it’s just that the fashion industry can only accept one thing at a time. It’s like, ‘OK, well, if we’re going to add plus, then let’s keep it hourglass and white.’
I came from modelling industry so I am part of fashion industry. It is not that I hated being part of glamorous film.
For so long, the fashion industry has designed almost exclusively for a particular woman with particular measurements, and they’ve never really been challenged on it. We’re all consumers, yet we’re rarely given a voice within this industry that dictates what we wear.
People have told me about organized crime in the fashion industry, but I can’t talk about that. I’m looking to stay alive.
I’ve been thinking a lot about the speed and spectacle in today‘s fashion industry, because they seem to mirror stresses in other creative fields.
I am 176 centimeters tall, which is considered average for models. If I were taller, I would’ve been active in the high-end fashion industry and if I were shorter, I would be a popular commercial model appearing on magazine and TV shows.
Social media forced us to look at the bigger picture. More people are standing up saying, ‘Hey, wait, this is beautiful, too,’ and the fashion industry is listening.
The fashion industry may persist to label me as ‘plus-size,’ but I like to think of it as ‘my size.’
The fashion industry has done itself in by neglecting the 60- to 80-year-old market. They have the time and the economic resources. They want to go shopping.
Society has a hyper emphasis on thin, and that trend comes from the consumers – it does not come from the fashion industry. The fashion industry needs to make money; that’s what we do. If people said, ‘We want a 300 pound purple person,’ the first industry to do it would be fashion.
Kelly Cutrone
Because I would be around so many people in the fashion industry, there’s this kind of dialogue. People would always say, ‘Oh your daughter is so beautiful. Is she a model?’ And it was so strange for me to hear because I felt so not beautiful inside.
Amplifying body-image issues, profiting from anxiety, and employing virtual slaves in sweatshops are bad enough, but the fashion industry is also actively hastening the destruction of the very Earth we walk on. It insists on launching fresh collections each season, declaring yesterday‘s range obsolete on a whim.
Digital has really made the fashion industry a lot more transparent. So people can see and understand how the industry really works, and participate in an industry that was very inaccessible to people. The only thing that people used to see before was the end product. Anyone can participate in it now.
There isn’t that disconnect between the fashion industry and people now – you can be a trendsetter even if you don’t go to shows. The industry isn’t as snobbish as it used to be.
‘The September Issue’ is really a film about Anna Wintour’s relationship with long timeVogue‘ Creative Director Grace Coddington. The two of them have been working together for two decades, and the extraordinary symbiosis between them has left an indelible mark on the fashion industry.
It’s very exciting to have this great opportunity to interview designers for PopSugar. This is certainly my first step toward making my debut in the fashion industry.
Men are taught they are going to make a lot less in the fashion industry, so they don’t bank their entire lives on it. They’re very supportive. Women, on the other hand, are more competitive. They always assume I’m trans and say, ‘How did they make clothing in your size?’
Modeling for a year taught me a lot. I got very involved in the fashion industry and met a bunch of people who I admired.
MTV in general is involved with so many artistsmusicians, actors, people in the fashion industry, and art world.
When I first started modeling, I realised I was very different from many of my colleagues, but I welcomed the opportunities my career in fashion offered me and the support from many inspiring individuals in the fashion industry.
The fashion industry, like others, is constantly changing.
Isabeli Fontana
At no point in my thirty years have I ever felt truly r

At no point in my thirty years have I ever felt truly represented by the fashion industry.
But if you are young and want to work in the fashion industry and are not naturally skinny – which most girls are not – then you are forced to be unhealthy.
Reinvention is the key to surviving this fashion industry. Madonna is the perfect example of reinvention. She has taken something that is so little and turned herself into a legend by simply never staying the same.
The fashion industry now has a direct relationship with its customers. Thanks to things like Twitter, ideas can be shared and circulated.
I didn’t know anything about the fashion industry until I met the stylist Simon Foxton on a Tube. I was 16, on my way to Kingsway College, and then my whole world opened up. Before that, like in every African family, you are meant to be a lawyer.
I’m regularly speaking at London Business School and Harvard Business School. They’re the next generation of leaders in the fashion industry.
No, I’m not the first or last model of my type in this industry. You can make up all the reasons you think I am where I am, but really, I’m a hard worker that’s confident in myself – one that came at a time where the fashion industry was ready for a change.
A lot of people, when they look at the whole trans thing, they think,’Oh, you’re transgender, and in the fashion industry, which is very pro-LGBT, so you don’t have any problems because it’s a progressive place.’ But that’s not the reality.
People on the outside and even some people in the fashion industry think that fashion people are maybe not the smartest. It’s a constant battle.
You do not need to go to journalism school if you want to work in the fashion industry. I think high schools condition you to think this way: If you want to be a fashion editor, go to fashion school. If you want to be a writer, you should study journalism. I think that the best school in life is experience.
I think the fashion industry has gotten to a place where it is embarrassing.
The fashion industry is an immense cultural and social blight that only gets a free pass because its would-be detractors are scared it’ll start criticising their haircut.
When I was first in the fashion industry, I would get hired for a day and be thankful that they wanted me back the following day. There was no long-term security.
But as an adult working in the fashion industry, I struggle with materialism. And I’m one of the least materialistic people that exist, because material possessions don’t mean much to me. They’re beautiful, I enjoy them, they can enhance your life to a certain degree, but they’re ultimately not important.
Fashion is an industry to make money. It plays into human psychology. We want to belong, we want to be loved. I’m not trying to demonize the fashion industry – I love the fashion industry – but style is about taking the control out of the industry’s hand and having you decide what works for you.
I dream of democratizing the fashion industry by giving everyone access to feeling their most beautiful and powerful every day and, at the same time, using technology to modernize how we get dressed.
I was very honoured to be awarded an OBE in 2016 for my services to diversity in the fashion industry.
The fashion industry isn’t merely content to encase my meaty flanks in skintight denim. Oh, no! That denim also has to be white, a color that attracts ketchup, wine, garlic aioli, and any other foodstuffs I might otherwise be able to enjoy if I wasn’t wearing ridiculously tight pants.
Obama was 200 percent advertising. I promote myself to sell my brands. Because now I am a kind of celeb. I am in a different world than the fashion industry. I am with Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Madonna. I build me as a celebrity.
Christian Audigier
My parents had a factory, so I was linked to the textile and fashion industry.
I don’t care what you call me. I’m glad to even have a place in this fashion industry. Plus-size, straight-size, in-betweenie – I don’t care regardless.
Listen, ‘realwomen are the reason the fashion industry exists.
I’ve always had an affinity for the fashion industry – I’ve always been drawn to it. But I grew up in Calgary in Canada, which, being a fairly isolated city, is not particularly known for having anything to do with fashion.
I have 18 tattoos. My tattoos have kind of become their own person. Everybody does stories on them. It is risky to be successful in the fashion industry and to tat your body up, but I figured, the way that I made my career and the way that I am successful is because I have always been myself.
As opposed to thinking about ourselves as disrupting the fashion industry, we’re thinking about ourselves more broadly – about disrupting the closet and how you get dressed.
Beverages have to be created. And they’re created by looking at what trend is in, say, the fashion industry – what color’s hot right now.
Even though I love fashion and the red carpet dresses are a great, fun, glorious thing, I don’t really have my finger on the pulse, as Phryne Fisher does, of the fashion industry.
A lot of self-importance goes on in the fashion industry. I’m not like that.
I did not label myself ‘plus size.’ The fashion industry did.
I’ve learned to put a big value on having a life outside of fashion, and I think that’s what’s saved me, because the fashion industry can suck you in.
To be honest, I used to hate shopping. I rarely left a store without crying, cursing my body, and swearing under my breath at the fashion industry.
One cabbie chastened me by saying that the fashion indu

One cabbie chastened me by saying that the fashion industry was doing harm to young people, who are trying to live up to an unrealistic ideal. It prompted me to make body image and diversity key issues on ‘The Business of Fashion.’
I invited a group of students to my studio to expose them to both the creative and business sides of the fashion industry. It was fun because the group was so bright and full of curiosity. They asked really challenging questions about all aspects of the business and absorbed so much information so quickly.
I don’t think there’s anyone who can be unaware of the relevance of Kate Moss, the effect that she’s had on the fashion industry.
I have a great support network – my family, my model agency Storm, and people I work with in the fashion industry. And, of course, there are all my followers on Twitter who stop me from feeling lonely; I love them all. They keep me grounded.
We are one and the same. Our hearts beat as one. If we put our hearts into it – the fashion industry, any industry – our lives will be changed in the process, and the world will be changed as well.
Jamie Brewer
Working in a salon, you look at trends all day long. You’re looking at color all the time, what new products are coming out. You’re a part of the fashion industry, especially if you’re working in a higher-end salon.
I used to get scouted outside of Topshop and stuff, and I was brought up in the fashion industry and did a few shoots when I was young, which was always fun to get dressed up.
My aunt and uncle, who bought me up, were big players in the fashion industry in London during the 60s. They were furriers and designers, and my aunt dressed some of the major windows on Oxford Street.
The corporateness of the fashion industry tends to take away or distort the freedom of creation.
Pretending that the fashion industry isn’t in part based on leather would be quite stupid of me, but at the same time, there is another way of doing things – even outside of leather. I don’t use PVC either, for example, because it is harmful.
I’m lucky that I’m inside the fashion industry and see clothes from a different perspective than the traditional consumer. Being able to curate, edit, and style product to make my own look is a privilege, but something I think men are becoming more aware of how to do.
Simon Spurr
The fashion industry has a responsibility to represent a healthy image of women, but to start weighing them and putting them against a wall and making them feel like animals? No.
The fashion industry certainly has its obscene sides. The cost of a coat can be obscene. So can the cost of a photo shoot if you’re working with a really good photographer.
Britain has the most creative, dynamic and nimble fashion industry in the world.
I’ve been a fella in the fashion industry for a very long time now, and the industry has been very good to me.