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We all like all of that, from 'Rubber Soul' to 'The Whi

We all like all of that, from ‘Rubber Soul’ to ‘The White Album‘ and all of that, but even before, we were into that theatrical element of things. We didn’t want to do a ‘Sgt. Pepper‘s’ thing.
The first time I ever met Stephen King, he came up to me, and we went to shake hands, and he had, like, this fake rubber rat that he kind of, you know, shook at me. You know, and I said, ‘No, this is a cliche – this can’t be. Stephen King is trying to scare me with a fake rat?’ It was just really weird.
I’m disappointed that Senator DeWine once again chose to go along with his party leaders and their big corporate lobbyist supporters. Ohio deserves a Senator who will be more than a rubber stamp.
With their souls of patent leather, they come down the road. Hunched and nocturnal, where they breathe they impose, silence of dark rubber, and fear of fine sand.
Federico Garcia Lorca
On ‘Sullivan,’ you sang live. Not only that, you sang with a 40-piece band. So you had instruments that weren’t even on the original record! So this was when the rubber met the road – when you had to really learn how to perform. And it was for 10 or 12 million people. So that was a challenge.
The second time I was pregnant friends would give me rubber bands to gnaw, because the first time, I had chewed things like a rubber bit that fell off the dishwasher. I remember driving once in the rain and the smell of my rubber-soled shoes in the damp caused me to pull over and start chomping on the rubber mat.
The only thing I keep from the races I’ve won are the handle bar grips from the bike, the rubber bits.
Usually the science-fiction fan has some indication they’re a sci-fi fan and, therefore, a ‘Stargate‘ fan. In other words, they could be wearing a rubber head or some kind of costume or just a T-shirt that gives them away.
There is surprisingly low penetration still of synthetic rubber gloves in the medical field. People are allergic to natural rubber, but the industry has been slow to switch to synthetic gloves.
Quite often, little germs of ideas have come from something that I’ve observed or someone‘s told me. The process of it becoming fiction is expanding and extending it: stretching the rubber band of reality.
In the context of general relativity, space almost is a substance. It can bend and twist and stretch, and probably the best way to think about space is to just kind of imagine a big piece of rubber that you can pull and twist and bend.
Advice and consent does not mean rubber stamp in the Senate.
I’m all about simple, elegant, and effective, and when I wear the rubber boot on my head, it draws a lot of attention.
Before you could actually have face-lifts, they would pull your skin around the back of your head with rubber bands, where they would tape it. And then you’d have to wear a wig over it to hide the rubber bands. It was not the most comfortable.
First I got a yo-yo. I got good and then I got bored. Next I got one of those wooden paddles with a rubber ball at the end of an elastic band. I got good and then I got bored. Then I tried bubbles. I got good but I never got bored.
I used to burn rubber at every light, mean mugging everything there was, cause that was my attitude.
I was practising with wet rubber balls just to get my reaction right, my hand-eye co-ordination right. Because sometimes wickets are softer, two-paced wickets, it helps to practise with a tennis ball.
I bought myself a rubber brain, familiarized myself with its many parts, listened intently, and read more. In fact, I read obsessively, as my husband has told me repeatedly. He has even suggested that my rapacious reading resembles an addiction.
So often at home in the West Village, I’m like, ‘Why aren’t I allowed a horse?’ I would keep a horse in a stable in my apartment, and I would fit him with rubber shoes, and we’d just roll him out. If I needed to go to a meeting somewhere, I’d just get on my horse and go across town.
If I ever complain about my job, hit me with a rubber hose.
AAP’s Punjab Convener is not a rubber stamp.
My top video is probably the wake up machine. And that one was the first one that started going really viral. It’s an alarm clock that slaps you in the face with a rubber arm.
I love horses, and when the SPCA tells me off I get real mad because I know more about horses than they do. They say you can’t rear a horse up backwards, but I do it so they fall into foam rubber and don’t get hurt at all.
There are people working in Mahoning Valley in steel, in Findlay, Ohio, in rubber, in many other places because we’ve enforced trade deals.
False stories can be promulgated more easily when the people trying to tell true stories have been discredited – or when they are battered by rubber bullets.
When gasoline and rubber are rationed, electric power and transport facilities are becoming increasingly scarce, and manpower shortages are developing, it is difficult for people to understand their increased use for other than the most vital needs of war.
I really hate rubber ducks, actually.
Florentijn Hofman
Every man prefers to look at a well-shaped woman instead of a rubber ball.
At a time when our moral standing in the world has been weakened by a rubber stamp Justice Department that placed the Bush Administration above the law, we now need someone who is objective and independent. And, make no mistake, Eric Holder is independent.
I’m not a rubber stamp, and people know that. If you can convince me of the merits, you will have my vote every time.
I did 'Slither,' so I've done seven hours in the makeup

I did ‘Slither,’ so I’ve done seven hours in the makeup chair. So two hours for zombie makeup is like nothing. That’s a walk in the park for me. When you do seven-hour makeup and then eight hours of work, you’re thinking, ‘Oh God, what did this do to me?’ You’re under that rubber forever. It’s crazy.
Kids in Spandex battling rubber monsters? It sounds beautiful. It does.
When I was around 9 years old, I was watching TV one day. I was looking at this commercial, with a kid in the bathtub playing with a rubber ducky or something, and I said, ‘Where do those kids come from? How come they get to be on TV? I could do that stuff.’
Kristy Swanson
Imagine if a mob of Black people wanted to go in the White House. Imagine what’d happen. It’d be tear gas. It’d be rubber bullets. It’d be the whole nine yards.
How many soaps does P&G make? In a sense, they’re all the same. Can you tell me the difference between trading soybeans, cotton and rubber? They’re all soaps to us.
Whitney MacMillan
I am ready and prepared to work with the President, but I will not be a rubber stamp for any president.
Daniel Inouye
I used to get a lot of rubber ducks on my birthdays as presents because, you know, I make rubber ducks. But then I get the ugliest ones with a neck, ugly colors, and devil ears. I don’t like those.
Florentijn Hofman
In string theory, all particles are vibrations on a tiny rubber band; physics is the harmonies on the string; chemistry is the melodies we play on vibrating strings; the universe is a symphony of strings, and the ‘Mind of God’ is cosmic music resonating in 11-dimensional hyperspace.
A boy cannot begin playing ball too early. I might almost say that while he is still creeping on all fours he should have a bouncing rubber ball.
Christy Mathewson
Well… I had braces and I had to wear headgear! I loved my braces, actually. For me, they were like a piece of jewelry! Instead of the silver or pewter I had gold braces. It was so much fun, I loved them. I got to change the colors and stuff and I had the rubber bands.
I know I’ve got a degree. Why does that mean I have to spend my life with intellectuals? I’ve got a lifesaving certificate but I don’t spend my evenings diving for a rubber brick with my pyjamas on.
Victoria Wood
Rubber looks different to skin and it’s very, very hard to make a prosthetic on a human look convincing if you don’t light them correctly.
I started playing the guitar when we started filming the pilot to ‘Lost in Space,’ which was way back in December of 1964, and there’s a little bit in the pilot that was used in the first season where Will Robinson is sitting around some bad foam rubber rock playing and singing ‘Greensleeves.’
A pencil and rubber are of more use to thought than a battalion of assistants. To happiness the same applies as to truth: one does not have it, but is in it.
People have said I belong in a rubber room because I look for wrecks, and when I find them, I just do a survey. I don’t look for treasure or artifacts.
My body is like a rubber gum, I will transform as the character demands, but at the same time I would like to say that we should indulge in sports and be physically active to stay fit.
In Holland, we have a saying: ‘A knife cuts on two sides.’ With the rubber duck, I’m trying to show people what they haven‘t been seeing in their public space. When the rubber duck is there and when it’s gone, you know.
Florentijn Hofman
The only problem I’ve had with my Vox wah is its tendency to move around on the floor. So now it sits on a rubber mat that says in big letters, ‘Kirk’s Wah-Wah Rug.’
The Beatles, they brought a whole new dimension to pop music. Of course, the psychedelic period is much more interesting to me, starting with ‘Rubber Soul’ and on to the ‘White Album.’ Great, great records. I was such a Beatles fan. I was very sad when they broke up.
Almost everyone wears rubber on their feet these days, but there was a time when it was considered cheap. Luxury shoes had leather soles, which were rigid and heavy.
The condom has saved so many lives, and it’ll save so many more lives. We really owe a great deal to the rubber tree.
Mechai Viravaidya
The squiggly rubber Davy Jones face in ‘Pirates‘ with the tentacles, barnacles and goobers – that’s modeled on me.
The idea of an e-book has been around since the late 1970s, when researchers at Xerox PARC got on the case. Their prototype used millions of little magnetic particles, black on one side and white on the other, loosely embedded in the surface of a soft sheet of rubber.
It was close to like a 67- or 70-day shoot for ‘Tron’ on stage, in the suit. You can’t even sit down during the day because of all the cables that divide the foam rubber and all the electrical circuits. We had these stools that were tall with a bicycle seat on them and you’re just looking at a blue screen all day.
Topologists are not concerned with angles and lengths, which are clearly altered by stretching the rubber sheet, but they do care about more fundamental properties.
I’ve always said the rubber duck is a yellow catalyst.
Florentijn Hofman
I wanted to have no ribs. I wore what was called a waist-nipper in those days. My mother made it. It’s a piece of rubber band I wore around to hold my rib cage in. I don’t know why I always loved that. I guess I was a glutton for punishment. I think I was born one of those people who loved swords and fought in armor.
Our family room, where we live, is about togetherness and ease. Nothing in my house is too formal. There are no coasters on tables; the kids can eat Popsicles on the couch if they want to. I let them ride these little cycles we got for them when they were 3 that have rubber wheels and no pedals.
There is nothing romantic about teargas. Or smoke bombs or rubber bullets or sound cannons.
Do this rubber guard stuff and I’ll punch you in the nose.
I have this rubber band that I have all the time on my wrist, and sometimes when I get nervous or anxious, I’ll do this twiddle thing with my finger and I’ll snap the rubber band. A lot of people use rubber bands to cope with things like anxiety and depression and addiction.
It's incredible how much money you can make on a rubber

It’s incredible how much money you can make on a rubber toy.
Use a rubber spatula when you make eggs. Maybe a wooden spoon.
The worst thing I ever wore, really, was rubber pants, but I don’t think that was a cliche. They were just way too hot. Rubber doesn’t breathe. I look back on my photos, and I dig them. I think I look really cool.
We apply the catechism by opening Italy‘s doors to women and children who come here legally on aeroplanes, but no more men on rubber dinghies. We will help them grow up and work in their own countries. Let’s spend in Africa the money that needs to be spent.
Digital effects have progressed ten thousand yearsworth since we shot ‘ED 2,’ but practicals are still just the same: Blood pumps, rubber latex, glue, the works.
Ted Raimi
I love theatrical props: a cup filled with solid fake tea, say, or a collection of fake food, including a rubber turkey, which, during the holidays, I wrap in tinfoil so it appears to have just come out of the oven.
We had to pose with towels wrapped around us, holding rubber rings, that sort of thing. The turning point came when a photographer asked us to get on a fur rug and crawl like cats. We said no, because it was sexist and disrespectful.
Every time I toe the rubber, it’s no different for me than it was in the World Series.
It’s not so bad that I can’t touch my toes. But I’m not one of the most flexible guys. When you look at Novak Djokovic, you’d probably think he’s made of rubber.
Tomas Berdych
A rubber neck is a necessary part of equipment.
When I was a kid, I could make music out of anything, whether it be a rubber band, a tin can. Whatever it was I made music out of it and so that was my knack.
Some parents say it is toy guns that make boys warlike. But give a boy a rubber duck and he will seize its neck like the butt of a pistol and shoutBang!’
I think that an industrial process is not like a rubber stamp. Everything has to be put together and, as such, should have its own expression.
You know when you walk around in your shoes too much and get a hole in the sole? The rubber is split – it’s like your shoes are talking.
By itself, tofu is like wet foam rubber, but you’d no more eat it by itself and expect fine dining than you would stare at a blank canvas and expect to see fine art.