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We all know what it feels like to be an outcast or a lo

We all know what it feels like to be an outcast or a loner or to fall between the cracks. To be the target of gossip or people talking about you, or girls are ganging up on you. One minute, they’re your best friend; the next, they call you on three-way.
The Spirit is a kind of postmodern loner hero. He comes from nowhere; he has no real relationship to anything.
David Newman
As far as ‘Venom,’ we took some license with this because I don’t think we know a lot about him from his days on planet Klyntar in the comic. But in our movie we thought maybe he could also be somebody who‘s a little bit of a loser, a loner, and doesn’t love being subordinate.
I was always regarded as being better than ninety percent of the kids in school, but I was also something of a loner.
Yeah, I like being on my own. I do. I tend to be a loner, so I’m okay. I’m not okay when I have to be around everyone all the time.
I’m a loner and always have been.
For a variety of reasons, I have always felt myself an outsider. I don’t know how to classify myself in economics. I am a loner. I do not like groupthink, which, if anything, has become more important in economics. In addition, a lot of the values I hold are not the mainstream values in the profession.
I became a loner. I became a mountain man. A lot of those things are very good qualities and they help you do your work, help you be singular and keep the artistic integrity of your work intact, but they don’t make it very easy to live your life.
John Milius
I accepted the face that as much as I want to lead others, and love to be around other people, in some essential way, I am something of a loner.
Arthur Ashe
I’m kind of a loner type of dude when it comes to basketball.
I don’t like travelling in groups. I like doing my own thing. I am quite a loner, actually.
Unlike my previous roles, which portrayed girls who are supportive and loving, Hye-jung is a cold loner who doesn’t know how to love.
I was a loner and never hung out with anyone. I never had any friends.
I’ve always been kind of a loner.
I think I’m a bit of a loner, and actually quite enjoy alone time; friends become people you want to actually spend time with rather than people who are just in your life. I think it’s a nice place to be.
I was a loner in high school. I keep to myself, but I love life.
Clea Duvall
I’m not a big family person. I’m more of a loner.
Megan Fox
I’m a loner, so independent it’s awful. It’s one of the main reasons for the failures of my marriages.
Even when I was coming through school, I was a loner and I used to study music and play it and play it, and I was in bands.
Billy West
I was very, very quiet. I was always a loner, hardly spoke, and I was quite a nerd in school. So I was an outsider always.
Shahzia Sikander
When I married Marjorie, along with her, I got this very large family and a bunch of family friends. It’s a dynamic I’ve never been around. I’ve always been kind of a loner, and my attempts at domestic life failed miserably. So the family dynamic is a great thing.
I’m a loner. I like to be alone. I’m socially awkward.
In high school, I was kind of a loner because I had moved to a new school.
I am essentially a loner.
I’ve been a loner all my life, so it didn’t bother me that Hungarian was my first language and that I had to learn English. I had a pretty heavy accent in junior high school and would say things like ‘wolume controlinstead of ‘volume control.’
As a fair skinned blonde, I disappeared into the background. I’ve always been a loner, so I suppose dyeing my hair red was a way to say, ‘I’m here, I exist, I’m a human being and you can’t just push me aside.’
Deborah Ann Woll
I used to consider myself a loner.
I don’t have many friends; I’m very much a loner. As a child I was very isolated, and I’ve never been really close to anyone.
The Secret Service once watched for people who fit the popular profile of dangerousness: the lunatic, the loner, the threatener, the hater.
My real self, the self I have always been from a child, is a loner and nerd, slightly overweight, with a very heavy fringe. That is who I was as a kid. I don’t think I will ever be anything other than that.
I am very slow to warm. I’ve always been sort of a loner. I didn’t play team sports. I am better one-on-one than in big groups.
I like peace and quiet. It's like I'm a loner.

I like peace and quiet. It’s like I’m a loner.
Maybe ‘loner’ is too strong a word, but I’ve always enjoyed being on my own.
I was in enough to get along with people. I was never socially inarticulate. Not a loner. And that saved my life, saved my sanity. That and the writing. But to this day I distrust anybody who thought school was a good time. Anybody.
I’ve been a loner all the time throughout my life… I haven‘t been the best father… Many times… my children have accused me of not giving them enough attention. And, frankly, I never have been good at handling that.
I guess I am basically most comfortable when I’m alone. As a kid, I was very much a loner. I love long distance running and long distance biking. A director once pointed out that those are all very isolated exercises you do for hours at a time.
Kevin Conroy
I like silence; I’m a gregarious loner and without the solitude, I lose my gregariousness.
I’m not a loner at all.
I think I meant that, given the circumstances of my childhood, I had the illusion that it’s easier to be alone. To have your relationships be casual and also to pose as a solitary person, because it was more romantic. You know, I was raised on the idea of the ramblin’ man and the loner.
Oh, I never fit in anywhere. I’m a loner. I don’t even have many friends.
I do feel like a loner but I think it’s because I look at things differently than other people.
Loner heroes do appeal to that part of yourself that feels as though your genius hasn’t been recognised.
I think to be a writer, you have to enjoy being alone. I was a loner as a teenager and was always drawn to characters in books and films who were at the fringes.
I’m pretty much a loner. That’s not good, bad, or indifferent.
School was a very cruel environment, and I was a loner. But I learnt to get hurt, and I learnt to cope with it.
I understand the feelings of being the outcast and the loner.
It’s against type in the sense of my background, but it’s with type in the sense that I am a loner who’s new to this business and sceptical about a lot of it.
Ben McKenzie
I’m not a loner. I have to have a life partner.
The music that I will continue to make will certainly draw upon those experiences of being a loner, of being an emo goth kid, of being a New York City aficionado, of being a witch, a feminist, a brown radical woman.
I’ve always been somewhat of a loner. I seem to take more alone time that the average person.
What appealed to me about ‘The Loved Onesscript was that it had this really theatrical element to it. I thought that the scope of this character is so broad, and there is so much fun to be had playing a crazy teenage loner. It was a great way to explore the delusions a mind can create.
Robin McLeavy
I was a loner; I was never the crazy party girl.
I am a loner, I suppose.
Yes, I guess you could say I am a loner, but I feel more lonely in a crowed room with boring people than I feel on my own.
I live on my own, happily, and I’ve never wanted children, but it did occur to me one day that there’s part of me in ‘Torak’ – he’s a loner, I’m a loner – as there’s part of me in ‘Renn,’ who’s quite waspish. I think, in some senses, ‘Torak’ is the son I never had.
It’s the journey of self, I guess. You start with this kind of loner, outside guy, which a lot of people can relate to, and he goes out into the world.
To have your parents get divorced at a young age, there’s a lot of turbulence. We all grew up together, in some way. It was not idyllic. It was intense, vibrant, sometimes oppressive. I felt I was very much in a world of my own. I didn’t meld much in school. I was kind of a loner.
I’m an only child, so I’m pretty much a loner.
I have been a loner… even when I was working, you would hardly see me at any partiesunless once a year, if I have to attend some big function.
I was a real loner in high school, even though people assume I was the head cheerleader.
I was quiet, a loner. I was one of those children where, if you put me in a room and gave me some crayons and a pencils, you wouldn’t hear from me for nine straight hours. And I was always drawing racing cars and rockets and spaceships and planes, things that were very fast that would take me away.
I was kind of a loner growing up.
I was a high-school dropout; I was a loner.

I was a high-school dropout; I was a loner.
I appreciate all of the attention I get in my career. I am a loner and live a rather secluded life so sometimes I do get overwhelmed, but I am always very appreciative of everything, and honored.
Kim Elizabeth
I lived in a neighborhood where there weren’t many kids. I had a couple sisters, but I was very much a loner. Whatever film I had seen that day or that week, I would completely find myself in that world.
I was a loner; I spent the first half of high school alone.
I was sort of a loner as a kid, so radio was where I turned for companionship. I loved the music and how the DJs talked about the artists and used words to paint pictures to evoke emotion.
I was a loner and would constantly find ways to drift away from crowd at social gatherings.
I’m a loner. I like to hide a lot.
Kay Lenz
Despite the persistent image of the architect as a heroic loner erecting monumental edifices through sheer force of will, the building art has always been a highly cooperative enterprise.
For a woman who’s a widow and pretty much a loner, I can walk out, and I’m surrounded by NYU kids. The energy jumps off the sidewalks, and I never feel sad or bored.
Nixon was kind of a loner, he had a cold personality.
Earl Butz
I’m pretty much a loner and I’ve lived under the radar.
As is said about most writers, on the one hand, all I ever did from when I was a child was read, and I was a loner, which was furthered by my parents and my upbringing. On the other hand, the more I read, the more I felt this well-known fissure between me and the world.
I’m a bit of a loner, you know? I’m more quiet by nature. And coming from, you know, hillbilly country, I’m probably more reserved.
I was quite the quiet teenager. I was a bit of a loner, a little bit of an outsider.
I’ve always had to be a survivor, kind of a loner.
I wasn’t some weird loner in school, but I definitely wasn’t invited to any of the cool parties.
I’ve always been a bit of a loner.
I’m a loner. I kind of like to be alone and do my work and, you know, be focused on my own things.