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In this post, you will find great Sectors Quotes from famous people, such as Anurag Thakur, Matt Mead, Chanda Kochhar, Sajid Javid, Louis Navellier. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

Some bold and structural reforms have been initiated su

Some bold and structural reforms have been initiated such as easing on limits on foreign direct investment in defence manufacturing, privatisation of six more airports and allowing private sector in commercial coal mining, which will open up investment in these sectors.
In terms of energy sectors, we need coal; we need oil; we need gas; we need uranium. And we need to have rules and regulations that allow those companies to stay in business.
I think we have to pick up some sectors where we can make India the global hub in the entire value chain, and the most important sector to pick up should be electronics.
Setting an immigration target reduced to the tens of thousands is one thing when unemployment is running at 8 per cent. Refusing to review it when the country nears full employment and sectors are reporting skills shortages is quite another.
Zeroing in on the best sectors or the best regions of the world is great, but zeroing in on the very best individual stocks is the key to making truly impressive profits.
Slack spread through businesses like wildfire, initially in the tech and media sectors, but now much more widely. At its public launch in February 2014, it had 17,000 users. As of April 1st, 2016, that number had rocketed to 2.7 million daily active users.
Afghanistan has the capacity to become an industrialized country because of its mining and agriculture sectors. We can also create jobs for educated men and women by investing in information technology.
We have a cadre of home-grown cyber-skilled professionals to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world, in the public and private sectors and in defence.
We should raise fierce flames of innovations in the vanguard sectors, basic industrial sectors, and all other sectors of the national economy.
If telecom are seen as a rightful infrastructure for the growth of many other sectors in the economy and the multiplier force, then I think it doesn’t deserve to be taxed so high.
The Paris Agreement makes it impossible for any country or any sector to say climate change isn’t their problem. It has created unprecedented momentum for all sectors in all countries to take action and be part of the solution.
When financial sectors are small and capital is mobile, floating exchange rates spell massive currency volatility. When a lot of foreign capital flows in, a freely floating exchange rate rises sharply, wreaking havoc for domestic banks and exporters alike.
We need to enact comprehensive immigration reform, to bring people out of the shadows and empower them to more fully and freely participate in their communities and the economy. And we need to invest in our nation‘s deteriorating infrastructure – investments that would create jobs and benefit all sectors of the economy.
The STEM fields play an increasingly important role in the U.S. economy, but women are still underrepresented in most STEM sectors.
I am interested in things happening around me, and I need to understand what’s going on in other artistic sectors like music and literature.
The president needs to be a figure that unites Singaporeans. In order to do that, he needs to be someone who not only understands the viewpoints held by the establishment, but those held by the other more divergent sectors of society.
The power and energy sectors are the biggest constituents of the infrastructure sector. If you ignore them, no development will happen.
I have all points of strength, and I have the opportunities to increase our non-oil revenues in many sectors, and I have a global economic network.
During the formulation of policies, we encourage discussion and listen. We should canvass opinions from all sectors of society – especially relevant stakeholders, those who work on the front line, and the youth – with a view to seeking consensus in society.
Our strategy should be based on indigenisation and import substitution. The government must provide opportunities for domestic companies to participate in sectors in which the country continues to depend on imports.
Many people think that the U.S. is ahead in the frontier technology sectors as a result of private sector entrepreneurship. It’s not. The U.S. federal government created all these sectors.
Predation is part of the everyday life of capitalism, in sectors as mainstream as pharmaceuticals, software and oil – where people’s money, their data, their time and their attention are routinely taken in fundamentally asymmetrical exchanges.
Only when God was said to have died did various leaders, professions and sectors risk pushing themselves forward as successors.
I have been worried about the future of Mumbai. It is the financial capital, an economic powerhouse that earlier had the highest air traffic, high port traffic, and strong industrial and manufacturing sectors.
Tourism is a very very important sector for us. Hospitality is an important sector for us. Civil Aviation is an important sector for us. In a country like India where they contribute to the GDP, not only GDP but millions of jobs have been provided through these sectors.
We have sectors of the economy, aerospace is a good example, where Britain‘s probably the second country in the world, the automobile sector, where we’ve done extraordinarily well, an enormous amount of investment over the last couple of years, life sciences is another.
When we try to push the envelope, there are certain sectors of society that say this is a Zionist plot to sort of destabilize our country, or this is an American agenda.
Unlike traditional asset management firms, our analysts do not follow sectors. They follow technologies – the 14 different technologies that I mentioned, involved in these five major innovation platforms.
Cathie Wood
I spend way too much time watching television, going to sports games, going to movies. It struck me that there’s an awful lot of data in the public domain for these sectors. The movie industry publishes weekly sales numbers – not many industries do.
Medical care is one of the only sectors in which Americans are asked to make significant, long-term decisions without knowing the exact price of those decisions up front. Americans deserve to make informed decisions about their medical options.
China will stay firmly committed to the basic state policy of opening-up. We will actively and effectively use foreign investment, improve its structure, diversify its form and open up more channels and sectors so as to facilitate investment.
At the very end, what is going to happen is that immigr

At the very end, what is going to happen is that immigration will be reduced considerably. And how can we get to that stage? By agreements on sectors.
Donations from private sectors can be flexibly used and greatly appreciated, as they will give my research an outlook for a long period of time.
So far, Indian companies have focused more on customer application. This needs to shift to packaged software for sectors such as banking and financial services.
Every government has a fixed budget and demands of all sectors have to be fulfilled in that amount.
Manoj Tiwari
Invest in good, solid companies in good sectors.
Although the ICRC and the World Economic Forum have separate missions, they both are centred on collaboration across sectors and between various actors in order to improve the state of the world.
While in two very different sectors, both Skype and TransferWise were born out of frustration.
We need to stop all this over-puffiness of how wonderful everything is going to be when we leave the E.U. Because it’s not. It’s going to be very damaging for huge sectors of British industry. We’ve got to be realistic.
I’d stay away from investments in a variety of sectors that are capital intensive. Anyone who says we need $100 million before we know if what we’re doing makes sense and the customers want it – that’s not going to work.
One of the good things that’s happening in manufacturing in Mexico is that the old maquiladora that was relegated to just assembling things has changed in different sectors. One of these sectors is the aerospace industry and in how we attract workers that have been in technical school.
Effective cybersecurity policy will depend on active and continued collaboration between public and private sectors.
As you get a changing of the guard in Washington D.C., with different people from different sectors, you’ll start to break through the gridlock.
Home-health and personal-care work is one of the country’s fastest-growing occupational sectors. But it is one marked by low pay and meager benefits, a problem that might become more urgent as the U.S.’s population continues to age.
It would be easier to make money in other sectors, but since I was a kid, I liked cars.
There’s an awful lot of choices in the world as far as what one can do for a living. It’s best to be familiar with as many sectors of the working world as you can be so you’ll be better at your creative job anyway.
Oftentimes, when constituencies or sectors of opinion are distinct, when they are confronted with a situation where they’re going to have to make a serious compromise, they react very negatively publicly, but they also recognize when they step back that this is right.
There are three main pillars of China’s economy. One is export, which is limited by sluggish global demand. The second is investment. In many sectors, there is already too much investment and overcapacity. The third is consumption.
Lou Jiwei
When I became the CEO of Burberry in July 2006, luxury was one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world.
We must work together, across nations and sectors. Only then will we consign the hideous crime of slavery to the history books.
We’ve got to move beyond the idea that the public and private sectors are at odds. Government has to lay the groundwork for private equity to productively invest in things like education. It’s a partnership, not a battle.
Sebastian Pinera
When I was younger, I read a book by Frank Barnaby, this wonderful nuclear physicist – he said that media had a responsibility, that all sectors of society had a responsibility to try and progress things and move things forward. And that fascinated me, because I’d been messing around with a camera most of my life.
Jeremy Gilley
There are opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, so yes back home we are talking about investment opportunities in Morocco for various sectors of our economy and we will continue to do that.
There is much that public policy can do to support American entrepreneurs. Health insurance reform will make it easier for entrepreneurs to take a chance on a new business without putting their family‘s health at risk. Tort reform will make it easier to take prudent risks on new products in a number of sectors.
Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Leeds have successful financial services sectors. There are good universities there which provide great opportunities for local technological innovation. And there are strong multinational and family businesses.
So I’m definitely in favour of stimulating the dynamic wealth creation sectors of the economy.
Scotch beef, salmon and shellfish are recognised the world over for their excellence and Scottish provenance. People recognise the Scottish brand. They associate the country with quality food and drink, and clearly other Scottish sectors, such as dairy, can benefit from that, too.
Students at Kim Il Sung University are reserve hardcore talents who will become leading officials of the revolution responsible for the important sectors and posts in the building of a powerful socialist country, the backbone in the struggle for the victory of the Juche revolution.
If someone thinks that education, health, infrastructure all are different sectors and issues and they ought to be fought independently, then they are mistaken. There is an underlying pattern in the process. And that is bad governance.
Social incubators not only create economic impact but also have impact in other sectors, such as healthcare, education, and the environment. As the number of social incubation programs increase in the global incubation sector, there is a greater need to help programs improve and help others start.
Mexico is trapped by a dense network of rent-seekers and monopolies in sectors that are crucial for economic growth, including telecommunications, energy, transportation, and financial services.
Just as the PC bled back into industrial economy, I think the Internet is going to bleed back into our overall economy and have a transformative effect on major sectors that we don’t yet foresee.
I personally feel a responsibility to demonstrate to th

I personally feel a responsibility to demonstrate to that we girls have the power to not only gain equality for women but all sectors of society.
One reason I’m such a wayward prognosticator of rightwing trends is that I’m incapable of blacking out enough neural sectors to see the world through reptilian-brained eyes, a prerequisite for any true channeling of the mean resentments and implanted fears that drive hardcore conservatives.
Unequal pay exists across most job sectors of our economy, even in nursing.
2005 opens with the promise of a number of substantial direct private investments that can swiftly transform the economy and set all sectors on a pronounced upward curve.
Baldwin Spencer
Whether we work in the private, public, or nonprofit sectors, International Women’s Day is a time for us to think about how we can all step up and do everything in our power to help women make real economic progress.
I’m not scared of many sectors, so if you look at my investment portfolio, it is pretty wide. I’ve invested in anything from market research firms to fashion houses and textile companies.
We must harness the energy of the U.K. science and technology sectors, whether in the use of cutting-edge technology to transform the way we do development, in creating drought-resistant seeds to boost food production, or in vaccines to wipe out disease.
The public and private sectors in Afghanistan must work together to create an ICT-educated workforce.
We’re thinking of creating a board of experts across the sectors of industry, to identify successful programs and to make recommendations about programs that are working and aren’t working.
I think it’s weird that the news cedes so much ground to Wikipedia. That isn’t true in other informational sectors.
Ezra Klein
Globalisation means that for a high-wage, developed economy like Britain’s to compete we need to focus our efforts on the highly skilled, added-value sectors such as advanced manufacturing, creative industries, engineering and even financial services.
In the business world, we can point to instances when a lack of integrity has bankrupted entire companies – in sectors as different as finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and energy.
Digital companies can reach new customers immediately and at virtually zero marginal cost. They can compete in new sectors by collaborating with peers and competitors. They can massively improve quality and productivity by converging technologies and sources of data.
Social incubators not only create economic impact but also have impact across sectors, such as healthcare, education, and the environment. As the interest in social innovation increases, there is a greater need to help existing programs improve and build new programs.
I want to regain the trust of the Brazilian people and all the sectors of society.
The Hamirpur parliamentary segment stands tall with projects across sectors ranging from educational institutes, health facilities, roads and railway. My focus will be on ensuring their timely completion.
Look at Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. They have all entered many sectors, and actually, in many of those sectors, they weren’t as early as Tencent.
Ma Huateng
The challenge for Muslims in America is to respect the fears of ordinary people while resisting the exploitation of those fears by political parties, lobbies and sectors of the media. To meet this challenge, Muslims must reassess their own involvement, behavior and contributions in American society.