Top 88 No Secret Quotes

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It's no secret that I think that MLS is a top five, top

It’s no secret that I think that MLS is a top five, top six league in the world but they’re not the top league.
The young comedians always ask me, ‘What’s the secret for staying around?’ I tell them, ‘There is no secret – just stay around. Longevity is the most important thing.’
It’s no secret that I love dancing and music.
I’ve made it no secret that one of my idols is Vanessa L. Williams, the first Black woman to be crowned Miss America. She is a friend, mentor, and inspiration not only for me, but for millions of women around the world.
When I get married, it’ll be no secret.
I used to think weight loss happens quickly, but it has taken a lot of time. There is no secret to it.
It is no secret that I have read ‘The Da Vinci Code’ several times. I genuinely believe that ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels And Demons‘ are, by far, Brown‘s best works.
I’ve got some kids out there; it’s no secret. I’ve never been late on payments. I’ve handled it as best as I possibly can. There’s no lawsuits. I try to stay on top of it.
It’s no secret that my audience have always been interested in the fat loss side of what I do, but truth be told, I fell in love with training when I started weight lifting.
There’s no secret crazy backstory. I actually suck at writing. It takes me forever to write a song.
Brad Paisley has always been really great to me, and that’s no secret.
I’m a huge fur fan; it’s no secret to anyone anymore.
It is no secret that Washington, D.C., is a tempest of people and institutions relentlessly seeking power over the lives of everyday Americans.
There is no secret orchard where ideas grow. Oh my, do I wish there were.
I’m a laugh tart. I make no secret of that fact.
We all grew up with Black Sabbath. I mean, there’s no secret there. Any of us, any of the members of any band I’ve ever been in, or anyone I’ve ever worked with.
Of course I knew that writing was terrifically hard work and that there was no secret code, as in a video game, that would unlock Tolstoy-mode, enabling me to crank out canon-worthy novellas before lunch.
It’s no secret that there are people who would like to narrow our discussions on climate change to a debate about pipelines alone in an attempt to divide Canadians – to pit workers against environmentalists.
It’s no secret that in the NFL playoffs, the pressure‘s on. The guys who can rise above that pressure and play mistake-free when it counts the most build legends for themselves: Think Joe Montana, Tom Brady, or Adam Vinatieri.
People say, ‘What’s the secret to a marriage?’ There’s no secret – I think you get lucky.
It is no secret that the Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, wants to replace the U.S. as the world’s top power.
It’s no secret that in our society, and many before, people are trend followers. For some reason, they feel better about themselves if they are dressed in the latest fashion or have the newest tech gadget.
It’s no secret the benefits of yoga include but are not limited to a healthy body, calm mind, reduced stress, feeling of connectivity with self and the world, increased awareness and sensitivity, and an overall feeling of awesomeness.
After I won in Beijing I chatted with a lot of Indian athletes and they were interested and keen to know what I did. They all thought that I had some sort of secret for success, but I just wanted them to understand and realize that the biggest secret is: there is no secret.
I love England – it’s no secret.
It’s no secret the Premier League is an interesting league.
It’s no secret that I love to talk, but the real secret is I love to listen, too.
Kathie Lee Gifford
It’s no secret that in my books I’m trying to make the comic and the serious rub up against each other just as closely and uncomfortably as I can.
I’ve taken classes most of my life, and it’s no secret among my friends I want to be in a movie about dance. MaybeStep Up 2,’ with the delightful Channing Tatum.
Marsha Thomason
It is no secret that the fruits of language study are in no sort of relation to the labour spent on teaching and learning them.
There is no secret to success except hard work and getting something indefinable which we call ‘the breaks.’ In order for a writer to succeed, I suggest three things – read and write – and wait.
Countee Cullen
There's no secret about my ambition, I do not want to g

There’s no secret about my ambition, I do not want to go into the House of Commons. My only real political interest is in London and if one day I’m in a position to run for mayor, then terrific.
Trevor Phillips
I think it’s no secret that I’ve tried to take chances in my career and also in my life, and I believe to not live in fear.
It’s no secret that in New York during the last 30 years there has been a tragic exodus from the churches into materialism, secularism and humanism.
Is there a secret to bowling at the Waca? In a way the secret is that there is no secret. Like any ground in the world, it’s all about feel.
It’s no secret that COVID-19 has impacted immigration detention centers at an alarming rate. We must establish accountability and transparency in reporting data to ensure detention centers are taking the necessary precautions to protect detained individuals.
It’s no secret I like to dress a bit sexy and body-conscious, and as soon as I was pregnant, it was like it was inappropriate to dress the way that I dress. And that really annoyed me. It’s a wrong message that dressing feminine and sexy and being a mother can’t go together.
People come up to me all the time and ask how I stay the way I am, and it’s no secret. The first lesson a chef needs to learn is how to handle a knife; the second is how to be around all that food.
Every time you go out there to do something, you wonder if you can do it. There’s no assured success. There’s no secret recipe for success. Every time you go out there, you go out there with the possibility of great failure.
The best thing an actor can bring to a role is himself – that’s no secret.
Dean Winters
I am an artsy girl. It’s no secret that I am artsy, you know.
I didn’t have the easiest time growing up; it’s no secret. We were just poor.
I know you want me to let you in on some big secret to success in the NBA. The secret is there is no secret. It’s just boring old habits.
It’s no secret that Cuba is a typical Latin American culture in that it has a fair amount of homophobia. Homosexuals have been notoriously persecuted under Fidel’s government.
I love women, I always liked women – no secret about that.
I’m passionate about running and staying fitboth mentally and physically – and it’s no secret that I love my Garmin watches.
It’s no secret that big institutional investors have a lot of advantages on Wall Street. They get the first chance to buy hot initial public offerings. They get to meet in person with companies‘ managements.
It’s no secret that I’m my dad‘s biggest fan.
Ed Stoppard
It’s no secret that I didn’t love ‘An Officer And A Gentleman‘ then, and I certainly don’t love it now, so at least no one could accuse me of being inconsistent.
For me, it’s, like, no secret that Serena is my favorite.
I am surprised people took so long to pick up on the fact that my contract expires at the end of this year. Eddie has to decide who he wants to drive, so there is no secret anywhere. I am not concerned. It does not sit with my objectives to be competitive.
It’s no secret that I’ve been influenced by Chyna.
I make no secret of the fact that writing She-Hulk can serve as an opportunity for me to sneak in some really cool characters that I personally love. Some will be obvious fits, but others will come out of left field – but that’s what’s fun about the Marvel U – the bench is deep.
It’s no secret – if you know me, have ever met me or have shared a meal with me – that I’m a passionate environmentalist.
It is no secret that Hillary Clinton and I disagree on a number of issues.
I’ve made no secret of the fact that I often wear wigs and have in fact launched my ownDynastyrange, named after various characters. I find this saves a ton of time – as well as my own hair.
It’s no secret that I love the Ultimate line.
Robert Kirkman
It’s no secret I was willing to commit to Minnesota for five years. I’m very happy with my contract. I’d love to be in Minnesota. But like anybody else, I want to win.
There’s no secret about it: Every team does things differently. Seattle runs their program one way. New England runs it another way. Philly runs it another way.
It’s no secret that women’s cricket needs India performing on the global stage, and any male support is welcome – with key voices like Sachin Tendulkar stating that women’s cricket is critical to the future of our game, hopefully people will listen.
It is no secret to anyone that we are going to rule in the most delicate circumstances Spain has faced in 30 years.
Mariano Rajoy
It’s certainly no secret that American students are taught less and less about the canonical literary masterpieces of the past, and there is no shortage of people who believe that what little they’re required to learn in school is still too much.
We then went through the audition process and picked a

We then went through the audition process and picked a guy named Richard Campbell and he is no secret to L.A. players as he was with Natalie Cole for years and Three Dog Night.
Gerry Beckley
There is no secret. It is all about doing the same things time and time again. It is all about doing the best every day.
There’s no secret to working with kids. They either charm you and you can work with them, or they don’t charm you and you feel you’re stuck with them.
Jerome Robbins
It’s no secret that me and New York got history. It’s no secret. This is no secret. It’s already known.
If you want a long-term relationship that doesn’t require a lot of work, I say, get a dog. They love you no matter what. But when it comes to humans, there’s no secret; you really have to appreciate the person every single day.
It’s no secret that beauty starts with water. It’s just a basic thing – you look better if you drink loads of water. When I’m working, that’s definitely the main thing I do.
President Trump has made no secret of his disdain for NATO and his willingness to consider leaving it.
It’s no secret that I’ve been reluctant to use my name for things.
It’s no secret that the media has fragmented in recent years, that audiences have been cut into slivers, and that more and more people get their news from ever narrower outlets.
It’s no secret – I love detective fiction. One of the reasons I love being in London is because I like to watch all the shows on TV. I watch them all. I like ‘Detective Frost.’
It is no secret that Louis van Gaal and I did not get along. But for me personally, the matter is closed and forgotten.
It’s no secret that I’ve become known for my strong political views.
Carl Karcher
There’s no secret I love professional wrestling. It’s not just the money all the time, I love wrestling, and I love fighting.
There is no secret, once we go to qualifying, we all seem to enjoy it. Qualifying is all about putting everything that you have and that the car has in one lap. It’s like a rush, I really enjoy that.
So many venues are owned by these various different ticketing and promoting people, and they’re all in bed with one another. It’s no secret over here.
There’s no secret. Just work hard.
Lucio Tan
It is no secret that many Islamic movements in the Middle East tend to be authoritarian, and some of the so-called ‘Islamic regimes‘ such as Saudi Arabia, Iran – and the worst case was the Taliban in Afghanistan – they are pretty authoritarian. No doubt about that.
Mustafa Akyol
It’s no secret – I’ve said this before – people have mistaken me for a P.A. on the set. On my own set.
I have dogs, and it’s no secret that I find reptiles interesting, but the thing about reptiles is that they really just wanna be left alone, and I understand them. It’s, ‘Don’t pick me up, stop holding me, don’t look at me, just leave me alone.’ I have to admit, sometimes I feel like that.
It’s no secret I was part of John Dingell’s whip team.
I’m afraid there are no magical tips. There is no secret. Writing is all about telling stories as well as you can.
Debi Gliori
I’ve been writing a lot of road songs. Writing a lot of homesick songs. But once you start playing them out, it all ain’t no secret anymore. Everyone knows how you feel.
It’s no secret that I’ve worked with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale and Helen Hunt. These women have more than just incredible physiques – they have an inner strength, grace ,and comfort in their own skin, no matter what life serves up.
You can tune your guitar funky, and something’s gonna come out. There’s no secret to it – either you got it, or you don’t.
I’ve made no secret that although I loved being a legislator, I particularly loved being a chief executive.
When Chrome launched, it was not a high point for Firefox. There’s no secret about that.